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June 18, 2013

This post is a short look at DAY 31 at the AEG trial. David Berman, an expert for the Plaintiffs (Jacksons) testified the whole day and judging by the short tweets from ABC7 Court News and TeamMJ arrived at very important conclusions.

Here they are with some of my very short and very spontaneous comments. 

 Monday June 17, DAY 31


Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 31 of Jackson family vs AEG trial had plaintiff’s expert witness in the business testifying.


David Berman lasted all day in the stand. William Bloss, attorney for the Jacksons, did the questioning. Sabrina Strong for AEG crossed.


Katherine Jackson was not in court today. No word on when members of the family will return.


A seat in the trial is now more precious than ever. The Fire Marshal is restricting the number of reporters to 7 in the small courtroom.


The new seating arrangement is also more confined to the jurors. Some of the alternates had been sitting on chairs below the jury box.


The inspector said the jurors have to be on the same level. That means they were squeezed together in a tight platform.


Jurors chuckled as they settled in new seating. The thick leather chairs are gone replaced by narrower, sleeker chairs, lightly padded


Judge – Jurors before we get started you may noticed .. The Fire Marshal told us we had to change some things


We were told someone called the fire marshal complaining


Judge: if any of you have discomfort we wil get a cushion or try to do what we can


New witness: Plaintiffs’ retained expert David Berman (industry expert) on stand being questioned by attorney William Bloss.


Berman has been an executive in the music industry for 45 years. He has BA in Business Administration from University of Michigan and JD from Harvard


Berman represented artists, negotiated management agreements, worked with Beach Boys Temptations, A&M records, 20th Century Fox, the Doors.


Some of Berman’s work included contracts. He went to Warner Brothers, worked with Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, Prince.


Berman said he did acquisitions with other record companies. He explained the function of music lawyer is the “deal.”


Berman explained 60 to 70% of his practice involved contracts. He became president of Capitol Records, supervised running the record company


Berman worked with Bonnie Raittt, Beastie Boys, Queen, Paul McCartney; left Capitol Records in Sept 89; returned to law firm for the year


Berman then went to Geffen Records as senior executive in charge of business affairs. Became general counsel and supervised business affairs


Berman worked with Guns and Roses, Eagles, Peter Gabriel. In Feb 1998 went to Walt Disney to be in charge of Buena Vista Music group.


Berman has been engaged 38 times to testify in court as an expert witness, 60% of times for plaintiffs, 40% defendants.


Berman said he was contacted by plaintiffs attorneys in December of last year and a meeting was set up.


Bloss: What were you provided by attorneys?


Berman: An enormous amount of written material


Berman said he reviewed 26 depositions, declarations, extraordinary amount of email, pleadings, all that.


Bloss asked if getting paid $500/hr is standard amount. Berman said he knows some experts who charge more, others less.


AEG was major promoter, Berman said, explaining concert promoter promotes or markets the concert, secure the venue, ticket sales, tour merch

It will never cease to amaze me that for its obligations of a promoter (selling tickets, providing the venue and selling merchandise) AEG was charging 10% of the gross revenue. The tickets were sold within minutes, and if they brought $100 mln for example, AEG was getting $10 mln then and there even without moving their little finger.

Some artists need promotion as their tickets sell poorly, but in Michael’s case not a single effort was made. Considering that AEG spent zero money on promotion they could have relieved Michael of some other expenses, but instead they placed on him even more than Michael ever expected.

And why did they consider the rent for the O2 arena Michael’s responsibility too if it was their obligation to provide the venue?


The tour producer, Berman said, is in charge of physical production of the show, the staging, the lighting, the dancing, the choreography.


Bloss: Have you been a concert promoter or producer?


Bernam: No


Berman: The essential deal involves the relationship with the artist, what does a concert entity do for, to and with the artist.


The customer for concert promoter is not the ticket buyer, it is the artist, Berman explained.

We should remember it – the customer for the concert promoter AEG was Michael Jackson, and no one else but MICHAEL JACKSON.

And what do know about the customer? The customer is always right. Was it that way with Michael?

Are you kidding?


Bloss: Do you have opinion if tour producer should hire physician for the artist?


Berman: I believe it’s entire inappropriate highly unusual


I’ve never done it, I’ve never heard it being done Berman said about hiring doctor “It’s my understanding until this time AEG hadn’t done”


It creates an inherent conflict of interest, Berman opined. “The physician has obligation to the person treating and the entity paying him”


It is a more egregioius conflict given the factors in this case, Berman expressed.


Bloss showed Berman the ‘Trouble at the Front’ email Ortega sent to Phillips saying he didn’t think MJ was ready, his physical weakening.


The response to me is very telling Berman explained, saying Phillips was dismissive when he responded lets not become amateur psychiatrist


Phillips recognized the potential of the doctor not being ethical or unbiased, Berman highlighted.


It is my understanding AEG never did anything to check out Dr. Murray, Berman testified, “It shows they were aware of potential conflict


Bloss: Did you become involved in retaining a physician for any entity?


Berman: No


Bloss: Did you ever hear of a music company retaining a physician for an artist whether it was at artist’s request or not?


Berman: No


WB: How could conflict be avoided?


DB: By hiring a doctor with no relationship to AEG

Indeed, the conflict of interest could have been easily avoided. Even if Michael lacked funds to pay Murray AEG could have given him a bigger advance and then Michael would have paid Murray directly. No questions would have ever arisen to AEG in that case.

This is how their desire to control everything and everyone became their own ruin.


Bloss: Would it be a reasonable practice?


Berman: No


Defendants objected saying Berman has never been a producer, a tour manager or worked for a producer or manager.


Bloss: What is personal manager?


Berman: A personal manager is involved in every aspect of the artist’s career and the artist’s life


Berman said the fact Dr. Murray wanted $5 million to be engaged as MJ’s physician is some kind of red flag, even though it was turned down.


Berman: Even amount of $150k/month, as agreed, is an exorbitant amount. It’s more money than any individual in the tour was getting


The expert said AEG was aware of another physician, Dr. Finkelstein, had been willing to take the position as MJ’s doctor for $40k a month.


Berman: If there was an alternative to Dr. Murray at a fraction of the price, it seems to me that information should’ve been passed on to MJ

The information about the second physician was revealed during Gongaware’s testimony. Dr. Finkelstein was ready to go on a tour and was known to Michael very well as he had accompanied him before. The fee he was to charge was one fourth of Murray’s salary.

A quote from Gongaware’s testimony:

Q And you asked Dr. Finkelstein if he were the doctor, what would he charge, right?

A Yes, I did

Q And he told you about 40,000 a month, correct?

A He said 10,000 a week.

Q Is that 40,000 a month, approximately?

A Well, there’s 31 days, four weeks would be 28. It could be 45000, depending on the month.

Q Okay. What about in February? Don’t answer that.

Did Dr. Finkelstein express interest in being the tour doctor?

A I don’t recall specifically, but I — I knew he would want to.

Q My question was did Dr. Finkelstein express interest about being the tour doctor, sir?

A Specifically, I don’t recall.


Berman said he understands that Mr. Gongaware was the one dealing with Dr. Murray’s hiring on behalf of AEG Live.


Berman expressed AEG was in the process of negotiating and securing an agreement between themselves and Dr. Murray to be MJ’s physician.


Bloss showed the email where Paul Gongaware wrote “Done at $150k a month, per MJ.”


It’s indicative of fact that agreement had been reached on behalf of AEG Live that Dr. Murray, Berman explained.


Berman said he didn’t think this email alone proves AEG hired Dr. Murray.


Judge: to the jury, YOU will decide whether Dr. Murray was hired. All the testimony by hiring is made on assumption he was hired (or not)


Berman opined that emails between AEG and Dr. Murray offered more details of the terms of the engagement between AEG Live and Dr. Murray.


Berman said it was a three party agreement between AEG Live, Dr. Murray and MJ. Berman said emails about the agreement were never sent to MJ


Berman explained it is as if one party was being denied participation in the bind in the terms of the agreement.

Over here it is crucial to remember that by the time Murray’s contract was finally ready Michael already had a lawyer – John Branca.

Randy Phillips testified that Branca was hired on June 18th, and if earlier Phillips could use the pretext of “no lawyer and no real manager” for not showing Murray’s contract to Michael’s lawyer, after hiring Branca it was impossible to use that argument even as a pretext. So they simply did not want to ask Michael’s opinion of Murray’s contract or inform him of its terms.


Bloss showed Berman a tour budget dated May 16, 2009. Berman explained it included $300k for medical management.


Berman said the amount on budget is consistent with $150k for Dr. Murray for the months of May and June, 2009.


Dr. Murray acknowledged he’s in agreement with terms of May 8th email, Berman explained, saying he was performing services that day already


Berman noted Dr. Murray wrote “I have performed and continue to fulfill my services to the client in good faith” and  “as per our agreement”


I’ve never heard of it and, to my knowledge, AEG had not done it before, Berman said about retaining a doctor.


I think an artist is perfectly entitled to engage any physician he chooses, Berman said.


Berman testified it is not unusual for an artist to hire and bring his own doctor on tour.


However, Berman opined that AEG inserted themselves in the middle of the deal as an attempt to be in position to control MJ’s doctor.

Exactly. There was no other reason for AEG for going into a contract with Murray other than controlling him.  


Bloss: May agreements be oral in your industry?


Berman: Of course, it’s a common occurrence


Berman: agreements are commenced and performed by both parties by oral agreement and subsequently put in writing. It’s not uncommon at all


Bloss: When does the agreement start?


Berman: Generally speaking, when one party has commenced performing under the oral agreement


Berman said it is not unusual in the entertainment business at all to amend contracts without putting the changes in writing.


For instance, Berman said MJ’s agreement called for 31 shows, it was amended to 50; tour budget was $7.5 million, increased to $30 million

All this talk about oral contracts is a double-edged sword for AEG.

They say that only written contracts were to be executed and oral agreements like the one they had with Murray were not valid.

But then the same should go for Michael’s contract. Even if he did give an oral consent to cover all those millions of production expenses AEG should not have listened to him and should have demanded a written confirmation as they themselves say that “everything should be in writing”. But no such written confirmations exist (because he never gave them).

In short AEG should either accept that verbal agreements were valid in both cases – and then Murray’s contract was valid (so they hired him like everyone else and were obliged to pay him). Or verbal agreements were valid in neither of the cases – and then it means that Michael never agreed to pay those excess production costs.

A beautiful situation!  Beautiful and clear like a mathematical formula.


Berman said it’s common practice for outside counsel, Kathy Jorrie in this case, to send agreement they’re drafting to in house counsel.


Berman: The email shows that nobody from MJ’s camp received copy of the draft agreement AEG Live was putting together for Dr. Murray.


Berman thinks it’s unreasonable and inappropriate not to include one of the three parties of the agreement in the discussions of the deal.


Berman said he understands Dennis Hawk, Mr. Branca and Mr. Katz were MJ’s attorneys at this point in time.


Bloss showed email where Ms. Jorrie referred to as final contract between AEG and Dr. Murray.


As far as AEG is concerned, the contract is concluded and ready for execution, Berman explained the email meant in his opinion.


Berman said his understanding is that AEG Live had already secured housing in London for Dr. Murray and was included in the UK party tour,


Berman said that in addition to insurance, AEG requested that Dr. Murray be in control of MJ’s rehearsal schedule.

Yes, in accordance with Conrad Murray’s contract he was to perform the services requested of him by the Producer.

They asked him to take care of Michael’s medical records for the past 5 years as it was “a matter of utmost importance”, and Murray obediently kept running on their errands not paying attention to his patient which is why he did not even notice that Michael stopped breathing and died.

The other service Murray was to perform for the Producer was to make sure that Michael attended rehearsals and kept to their rehearsal schedule. And this despite that fact that he was not obliged to attend those damned rehearsals at all. The AEG bosses admit it now in complete unison (even Randy Phillips).


Berman: If contract terminated then agreement terminated with Conrad Murray, giving Dr. Murray even greater conflict.


He was in dire straits, he did need this gig. He ran the risk of losing further compensation, Berman opined.


Phillips said “We want to remind Dr Murray that it’s AEG, not MJ, who is paying his salary. We want him to understand what’s expected of him”


It is indicatative of the fact that they want to control the services of Dr. Murray, Berman opined.


Bloss: If Dr. Murray had been hired by MJ would this be necessary?


Berman: It would not have been factually accurate


Berman said AEG doesn’t have experience supervising physicians. “That’s not their area of expertise.”


The chain of email Trouble at the Front shows an attempt to exercise some degree of control, Berman said.


This is the first time I’m aware of them reaching out to various MJ advisors, filling them in with the problem they now see, Berman said.


Mr. Branca immediately responds saying he has a person he thinks can help, Berman said.


AEG rejects the proposition regarding the person Mr. Branca suggested and never answered the question of substance abuse, Berman opined.


Berman: It indicates that they were concerned and the email from Gongaware to Phillips appears to be attempt to exercise control.


Take the doctor with you mention is yet another attempt to control Dr. Murray, Berman said.

The above is just another example of Murray being in their full employment and forgetting his primary duty of caring for the patient.


Berman: They don’t know what the problem is, they don’t know Dr. Murray is the right doctor, they just don’t know what the problem is


Bloss asked if AEG should’ve entered into agreement with physician. Berman said no, they have no expertise or experience supervising a doctor


Bloss ended his question at this point. AEG’s Sabrina Strong did cross examination of plaintiff’s expert witness.


Berman said he’s inactive member of the CA Bar for 10 years, pay dues but can’t practice law until taking continuing education.


Strong asked if the reason he left Capitol Records was because he was fired. “I demanded to be fired, they accepted my request” Berman said.


Strong: Your primary job is working as expert witness since 2001, right?


Berman: Primary job is essentially inaccurate


Berman has been working with disputes in the industry for about 11 years. As expert witness, he’s paid by whomever hires him.


Berman gets $500/hour as payment, received about $25,000 from plaintiffs, $5,000 from defendants from when they deposed him.


That makes about 60 hours of work on this case, Berman said, recalling about six meeting with attorneys for the plaintiffs.


Strong asked if Berman has been disqualified previously from testifying. He said the judge disqualified the methodology he used.


Strong: Did you testify outside the area of your expertise?


Berman: No, it had to do with putting a value on starting record label


Berman explained he used real life experience, based value on quality, knowledge and expertise but judge wanted academic and economic method

Since the above point is interesting I looked up what TeamMichaelJackson’s tweets were saying about the same:

One case judge disqualified you? No she disqualified the methodology. It had to do with putting value on startup record TMJ
Which I  have done many times, I put value on company, distribution, co, etc, her concern was she wanted more economical TMJ
She didn’t feel you were an economist and not expert in that field? Yes. You testified about AEGLive? Yes, touring co? producer TMJ

ABC tweets continue:


AEG Live is primarily concert promoter, Berman explained.


Berman never worked with MJ in a tour. “I was at a party once that he attended, but I was not introduced to him,” Berman said.


Strong: You agree here that MJ chose Dr. Murray?


Berman: That’s my understanding


Strong asked if MJ was the one paying Dr. Murray. Berman said he disagrees with it.


Strong asked if Berman thinks it matters who Dr. Murray believes hired him.


Berman responded the critical factor with Dr. Murray regarding conflict is knowing in fact that he was to be compensated by AEG and not MJ


Berman: AEG Live had the ability to terminate the agreement with Dr. Murray should the concert be postponed.


I think Dr. Murray had the right to be concerned about the issue, Berman testified.


It was not his best interest to harm MJ, but his interest was also the tour didn’t get canceled or postponed, Berman said about Dr. Murray


Strong: Dr. Murray was under pressure because he might lose his job?


Berman: I feel he would be concerned about that, yes

Of course it was a conflict of interests – the one who pays the money is the one who orders the music.

But as regards cancellation of the tour one thing needs clarification. I think that over here Murray’s and AEG’s interests did not coincide.

AEG could cancel the tour any time and was not losing anything as all their losses were to be covered by Michael’s assets.

But Murray was interested in keeping the tour going as cancellation of it meant termination of his contract. And this financial interest of his was the biggest leverage AEG was applying to Murray – “if you do not send Michael to rehearsals, we will not be able to produce the show, and if we don’t produce the show it will be cancelled”.

For Murray a cancellation was the collapse of all his plans, so he was indeed ready to go every extreme for keepint the tour going, while for AEG a cancellation would be only half or even quarter of a problem – just a little headache.


Strong asked Berman if artists have the ability to not perform. He replied they have physical ability, but legal would be breach of contract

The point about Michael “being able to terminate his contract at any time” is often repeated by AEG people and is hypocrisy in its pure form. In theory yes, he could terminate, only no one ever explained that Michael would have to pay millions in damages for breaching the contract. David Berman is the first person ever to mention this crucial factor.


Berman: There were elements that Dr. Murray had no control whatsoever


Strong: It wouldn’t matter who canceled the tour, correct?


Berman opined that if the tour was canceled, it’s fair to say that AEG would not want to keep Dr. Murray under contract.


Berman said he’s aware Dr. Murray performed services for MJ, and maybe for his children, but doesn’t know the extent of services.


I don’t know what’d have happened with Dr. Murray if the show were canceled, I don’t have any way of knowing, Berman said.


Personal manager in CA cannot perform the functions of a booking agent; personal manager cannot perform function of attorney, Berman said


Berman said he thinks he knows enough to say that it is not unusual for masseuses to be brought along in a tour.


Strong asked if Berman knows that AEG Live negotiated contract with Karen Faye, make up artist. He said yes, and he had no problem with it.


Strong: Faye could’ve caused skin damage on MJ’s face?


((One of the jurors looked at Strong very puzzled!))


Berman: Anyone could’ve hurt MJ


Berman said it’s his understanding that Dr. Murray was MJ’s choice. He said he firmly believes producer should never hire doctor for artist


Strong rebutted: But you never produced a tour?


Berman: No


It is extremely unusual, it goes beyond unusual, Berman opined.


Berman said tour doctors are different from artist doctors.


Strong: You know The Stones tour with a doctor?


Berman: I know that Mr. Trell indicated that


I know that AEG never hired a doctor to go on tour with an artist, Berman testified.


Berman said is an unusual event for concert promoter to be the producer.


Producer shouldn’t be engaging the services of doctor, Berman opined, “even if doctor has been treating artist/children for long time.”


The contract is between AEG Live and Dr. Murray, Berman said, adding that MJ is a third party beneficiary.


Strong showed Berman Dr. Murray’s Contract Agreement, “Perform the services reasonably requested by Producer.”


Strong said it was a mistake


Producer did request Dr. Murray to perform services, Berman said. Shawn Trell, in the audience, shook his head no.


MJ did not sign it, Berman said about Dr. Murray’s contract. Neither AEG Live, Strong asked. That’s correct, Berman answered.

Shawn Trell should not be shaking his head – Murray was to perform the services requested of him by the Producer.  At Murray’s trial his colleague Kathy Jorrie explained that Murray wanted “Producer” to be replaced by “the Artist”, but she said that the wording remained in its original version. We need to find the respective part of her testimony at Murray’s trial.


Strong: How often do you pay $1.5 mil without a signed contract?


Berman: I have paid probably more than $1.5 mil without executed contract


Strong argued that Berman’s contract must not have included provision saying it had to be fully executed prior to payment.


Berman testified increasing shows from 31 to 50 wasn’t in writing, neither was production cost raised from $7.5 million to more than $30 mil


Strong: This contract doesn’t limit the spending to $7.5 million, correct?


Berman: Correct, I don’t have a problem with oral agreements


I know there are no written documents signed by MJ approving increase in production costs, Berman testified.


There’s one document signed by quote representative that I doubt he was a representative, Berman expressed.

Berman refers to the papers signed by Tohme and Frank Dileo after Michael’s death. There are two egregious violations here – first of all, none of them were authorized to represent Michael as they were lacking the respective papers, and second, after Michael’s death they could not sign off anything in his name at all. When a person dies all representation of him stops (as Sina explained to us in the comments).


Strong asked if Berman were to work for plaintiffs for 80 hours at rate of $500/hour, he would make $40k/week.


Berman responded: “With all due respect, I’m 69 years old, I’m not working 80 hours a week for anybody.”


Some jurors laughed.


Strong asked Berman if his testimony should not be believed because he’s being paid by the plaintiffs.


My salary as an expert witness is well in line with other experts, Berman responded, adding he knows several experts who charge much more.


Strong inquired if Berman was expert in doctor’s salaries. “I’m not an expert but I’m aware of another doctor willing to be paid $40k/month”


Strong: Do you know doctors make millions a year?


Berman: I know my does


Strong asked if Berman knew how much Kenny Ortega was going to make in the tour to say Dr. Murray was getting more money.


The red flag is $150,000 a month compared with another doctor asking $40,000, Berman explained.


It was not a problem that the doctor was going to make more, it’s an indicative something is out of whack, Berman testified.


Strong asked Berman about the request for MJ’s medical records for insurance purposes. He said it would benefit both AEG and MJ.


Strong asked if Berman was concerned MJ’s reps were kept out of the loop. “To the best of my understanding that’s what happened” Berman said


I’m aware that Mr. DiLeo was aware of Dr. Murray, but don’t know whether he was involved in the negotiation of the contract, Berman opined


Berman said Brigitte Seagal was an attorney in the UK working on housing arrangements. He doesn’t know if she had any relation with MJ.


Berman said that as President at Capitol Records, he was involved in hiring heads of departments, senior executives.


Strong: You never checked financial background of executives you hired in the music industry?


Berman: To the extent it would’ve been done, it was at the human resources level


Berman said he personally never checked financial background of anyone because it would not have reach his level it would’ve been done at RH


Strong played Berman’s depo where he said he couldn’t recall any credit check being done


No more questions from Strong, Bloss did re-direct


Berman said MJ’s contract required any modification to be done in writing. But addition of shows, budget increase was never written anywhere


Bloss: Did anybody considered that to be a problem?


Berman: Apparently not


As to the firing of Berman from Capitol Records he explained he was hired by chief executive whom he had immense respect, but ended up fired


However, Berman did not have same level of respect for the new global Chief Executive, he said.


It was pretty arrogant and naive of me, Berman said. “The word began to go around that the president was going to get fire.”


Berman said the morale was pretty bad for the company, no one wanted to sign with the company if the president was about to be booted.


Berman explained he went to his immediate boss and demanded full support of termination.


Then I’m fired, Berman said, he insisted in getting fired, it was the only way to get paid off. If he quit, he would’ve gotten nothing.


Berman said he believes the DiLeo letter was an attempt to get some MJ representative of some form to retroactively approve the budget.


Letter on May 2, 2009 :The purpose of this letter is to confirm that I’m appointing Frank DiLeo one of my new representatives & tour manager


Letter cont’d: Mr. DiLeo has my authorization to conduct business matters on on my behalf only when instructed. Signed by MJ


Berman said it was a weird letter and inconsistent with DiLeo’s declaration, which said he was MJ’s rep since March 2009.


I believe this document to be a written document confirming binding oral agreement, Berman said about Dr. Murray’s contract.


Strong asked in re-cross if Berman was aware that MJ directed Randy Phillips to deal with Frank DiLeo on his behalf. He said no.


As to DiLeo’s letter dated May 2, 2009, Strong asked if Berman knows when DiLeo was hired. He said no.


Berman was then excused, session adjourned later than normal days. Tomorrow’s session begins at 10 am PT.


Outside presence of jury, Alternate 6 said he may not be available after June 28. Judge/attorneys will discuss, indication he may be excused


Panish said he estimates to be done by the July 8th week, best estimate.


Witness for tomorrow: Kai Chase, MJ’s personal chef, and maybe Dr. Finkelstein after Chase via video deposition


Tentative for Wednesday is Tim Leiweke, probably via video depo, not live, Panish told judge. They might have a medical expert on Thursday


Attorneys ordered back at 9:30 am PT tomorrow


Friday: Possibly Karen Faye returns, only morning session


Panish said he wants to play the entire This Is It movie eventually, with explanation from when/where scenes was recorded.


That wraps up Day 31 of testimony. We hope to see you all tomorrow! Good night everybody!

Several more tweets from TMJ are adding to the picture.

About the conflict of interest for Murray:


Its inherent conflict, bc Dr was in financial stress, so did need the gig. He has to do what the promoter wants over what the patient needs


Do you know defense has hired a expert? Yes, he’s a tour manager. I have read the deposition


Plays depo of AEG Expert “have you ever seen tour promoter hire a Doctor for artist? NO” MJ should have hired his own doctor without any relations of AEG


I think critical factor for CM in terms of conflict was that he was going to be compensated by AEGLive not MJ ..


And it would be AEGLive that could fire CM, they controlled the money, CM had no way of knowing if it would be if tour was postponed


He just knew he was being paid by AEGLive, he desperately needed that money, Dr Murray had a right to be concerned,

About Michael’s so-called right to terminate the contract with AEG:


Could MJ have refused to perform? Oh but then MJ would’ve been in breach of his contract. But he could have refused? …..



About unusual things in this business:


Is it normal for artist in some cases be responsible for production cost? Yes, its unusual


The red flag for me was there was A cheaper doctor and how high that figure was. It’s indicative of something out of whack.


You say you had concerns bc MJ advisers didn’t know what was going on? Yes, in contract negotiations  its so unusual

Yes indeed, all of it is so unusual. And they called Michael weird?

*  * *

Below is the full transcript of Mr. Berman’s testimony provided by the great TeamMichaelJackson. Please help them to buy the transcripts and spread the truth. You can help here:

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  1. Linda permalink
    June 19, 2013 12:12 am

    How many times was this “red flag ” comment repeated here and wasn’t it Phillips that said Conrad was successful and didn’t need this gig? I’m too tired to do the math right now between these two Drs., but a big difference. I figure AEG chose the doctor that would be the easiest to control because of his need for money. Obviously, he was easy to manipulate.

    We already knew AEG was bad, but they’re looking worse every day. Three words keep coming into my mind lately. Organized crime, and mafia. I think Michael realized what he was dealing with, but too late. They had him by the balls and he had no one and nowhere to turn. Too bad the only way to hurt AEG right now is in their pocket book. This is only a civil suit so no one goes to prison. These people are as much responsible for Michael’s death as Conrad, or more, but they won’t pay the price. At least what we do get is their evil deeds will come out to the public, or what little will actually get out to the public. It will be a victory of a sort, but a little let down too because none of these guys will get what they deserve.

    Actually, I shouldn’t say that, because there’s always Karma. What goes around comes around, if not in this life, then the next. These people will all pay unless they truly repent and accept God’s forgiveness, which I pray they do.


  2. June 19, 2013 3:42 am

    How many times did we read “if MJ kept using propofol as sleep agent he was going die eventually”? We all go “eventually”.

    Just maybe if there had been a doctor who was used to Michael, worked for Michael exclusively and would keep his butt in the room when his patient was resting which seemed to have been the practice of others none of this would be necessary.

    I can believe Murray was under pressure as well. But his primary “duty” was to place his patient’s health before anything else. His primary “job” should have been, to be there in the event something went wrong. It was he, who said “he did not have proper equipment to monitor or resuscitate MJ”. This meant until he got AEG to provide proper equipment, he was to be alert for any problems and be on hand to respond to them immediately. His interview on NBC told us he was in the habit of leaving his patient after giving him the anesthetic. His tone suggested he was impatient at the thought of sitting in the room while MJ slept.

    Murray requested emergency equipment, but none of the AEG questioned what it was for? We know AEG intended to hand every bill over to Michael, but they had put themselves in the position of overseer and not a partner, so one of the men would have demanded answers. That being the case they knew of the administering of Propofol.


  3. June 19, 2013 6:06 am

    “How many times did we read “if MJ kept using propofol as sleep agent he was going die eventually”?” – Dialdancer

    The matter of propofol is now taking its proper place in the chain of these events – and it is the last one.

    1. It all started very well, with Michael being excited and absolutely determined to do the shows. He knew how to and was preparing in the best way he could. If they had left him alone and allowed him to do the shows the way he wanted them (10 shows without strenuous rehearsals) he would have surely made it. No doubt at all.

    2. But AEG’s CEO Randy Phillips thought that he knew better how to produce the show. They had never worked as producers before (with the exception of Prince who was also appalled by the way they treated him) and thought that concentration camp rules were all that was needed for success. They demanded of Michael to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

    3. To make him do it they bullied him, threatened to pull the plug, arranged all those riot meetings (even Murray stormed out of the room saying he could no longer take that shit) and as a result not only physically exhausted him before the tour but also created for him the atmopshere of sheer terror and fright.

    4. Michael’s sleep was always his most vulnerable point, but under so much pressure he lost his sleep altogether. The constant pressure he had to live under, the hard work-outs and lengthy rehearsals in combination with insomnia at night, when body and mind are supposed to relax, made a deadly mix and a recipe for disaster.

    5. So at some point propofol had to come in as the last straw that helped him to survive. Given that Murray was also under constant pressure from AEG, from then on it was only a matter of time before the disaster occurred. And it did occur.

    So if there had been no steps 2-4 there would have been no need for step 5 (propofol) and Michael would be perfectly alive now.

    If he could live under so much pressure for so many months and still perform so well on June 23d and 24th it means that under normal circumstances he would have done 10 concerts without any problem. AEG simply killed him with their own hands.


  4. Elaine permalink
    June 19, 2013 9:41 am

    Linda, I agree with you exactly when you mention the words “mafia” and “organised crime”. These are the same words that have been coming to my mind each time I think of, or see some of these characters. How on earth did poor MJ get mixed up with this dangerous, unscrupulous lot? He must have been in a bad emotional state to give them a foot in, and then having gotten a foot in, he could not get rid of them, and so they just kept tightening the screws. It must have been an absolute nightmare.So Helena I think you are spot on with your assessment of what happened.

    At first when I heard Latoya say that MJ thought his life was in danger, I wondered if emotion had gotten to her, but now reading all of this, I am totally convinced that he felt this way, and I can see why. He was just totally trapped. It’s also strange to me that two or more possible witnesses have died.

    I can’t stop grieving for MJ. We will never see another like him- he is just larger that life. I feel cheated of all the songs and the talent and the joy he could have given had his life not been cut short. But the good Lord knows best, so I just pray for wisdom, protection and happiness for his children.


  5. June 19, 2013 11:22 am

    “Take a look at a country that seems to celebrate all the wrong things even as so many of it´s citizens slowly drown”.From an article in the Time magazine.Sorry, I am at the library and can´t recall the author.His words stuck me.


  6. June 19, 2013 11:29 am

    Eleine and Linda I agree with you 100%.


  7. Lopsided man permalink
    June 19, 2013 5:36 pm

    I believe the Propofol was his alternative to the benzos. Despite what Dr. Klein has said, the only credible accounts of Michael going to rehab was for Demerol and benzos and NOT Propofol.

    The appeal of the Propofol for him was likely its metabolism rate and the lower “hangover effect”.

    Just watch Cherilynn Lee’s interviews. She was there in March April 2009, and she didn’t think Michael was an addict, but a insomniac.


  8. June 19, 2013 8:15 pm

    Very True Linda! Karma will have its way. God acts in silent and mysterious ways. He will avenge Michael’s wrongful death in his own unique way. This man was God’s Chosen One- a pure soul, whom the Creator has infused with divine talent and sheer magic. It is amazing in any case that all the wrong doings of AEG are out before the world. The AEG big bosses would never even in their wildest dreams have imagined that their ugly emails about Michael Jackson would be leaked in this way. AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.Let us leave this in God’s capable hands and it will get sorted.


  9. June 20, 2013 1:34 pm

    “Very True Linda! Karma will have its way. God acts in silent and mysterious ways. He will avenge Michael’s wrongful death in his own unique way.

    This man was God’s Chosen One – a pure soul, whom the Creator has infused with divine talent and sheer magic.

    It is amazing in any case that all the wrong doings of AEG are out before the world.

    The AEG big bosses would never even in their wildest dreams have imagined that their ugly emails about Michael Jackson would be leaked in this way.


    Let us leave this in God’s capable hands and it will get sorted.” – Suparna

    Girls, I subscribe to each of your words. You could not say it better.


  10. Truth Prevail permalink
    June 20, 2013 4:04 pm

    I don’t want to distract anyone from whats important right now but I thought I should let you guys know Mark Lester appeared on UK Television show “The Jeremy Kyle Show” and he said his usual garbage about being the father of MJ’s kids and he also said he is willing and prepared to take a DNA test.

    This WACKO has a disgusting unhealthy obsession with Michael seriously even his wife ex wife noticed it and was creeped out by it. He has been saying this SHIT since 2009 and now its 2013.

    Paris is going through a tough time right now the last thing she needs is some sicko obsessed has-been claiming to be her Dad.


  11. June 21, 2013 4:19 am

    “Mark Lester appeared on UK Television show “The Jeremy Kyle Show” and he said his usual garbage about being the father of MJ’s kids and he also said he is willing and prepared to take a DNA test.This WACKO has a disgusting unhealthy obsession with Michael seriously even his wife ex wife noticed it and was creeped out by it. Paris is going through a tough time right now the last thing she needs is some sicko obsessed has-been claiming to be her Dad.” – Truth Prevail

    Yes, in a condition Paris is now it is the last thing she needs. It seems that Paris is going into pieces and all of it is taking its toll on her. She is very vulnerable now, but what does it matter to those who are arranging all this?

    After a long period of silence Mark Lester resurfaced again on April 29th 2013, the first day of hearings at the AEG trial, and this cannot be a simple coincidence. And the fact that he was “confirming” Randy Phillips’ story about MJ being “drunk” on the press-conference day only proves the link between Lester and AEG. Later Phillips had to change his testimony at the trial but on the eve of the trial Lester was voicing the then AEG’s official version. He embellished the story by mentioning a doctor who was not even there and totally discredited himself this way.

    For those who have missed the spectacle here it is – Huffington Post of April 29, 2013:

    As to his claims about Paris here is an article where his former wife Jane calls Lester “completely nuts” and gives the timeline which explains that before 1991 Michael and Lester met only three times. Then there was no contact between them whatsoever until 2001 or even 2003 when Michael broke his ankle. Lester was an osteopath by then. And Paris was born in 1998.

    Is my ex-husband Mark Lester the father of Jacko’s children? No, he’s completely nuts

    UPDATED: 07:35 GMT, 16 August 2009

    After extraordinary claims by the former child star of Oliver, an explosive riposte from his scornful ex-wife…
    Jane Lester sighs heavily when you ask whether her former husband Mark, the child star made famous by Oliver!, could possibly have made a sperm donation to Michael Jackson in 1996 – and thus be the biological father of Michael’s eldest children, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson.

    Mark Lester said last weekend that he had secretly given the singer his sperm – telling nobody, not even Jane, who was then his wife.
    He said he was convinced that he has a ‘special affinity’ with Paris, who is his god-daughter, and claimed that his own daughter, Harriet, resembled her strongly.

    It’s certainly a startling story – but can it possibly be true? And what, you wonder, would prompt Lester, now living obscurely as a 51-year-old osteopath in Cheltenham, to tell such a story?
    According to Jane, the claims are not even faintly credible. And just three weeks ago, Lester himself was of the same mind.
    Speaking to Hello!, he ridiculed stories that Jacko was not the biological father of his children. What an about-turn between that interview and last weekend’s.

    Jane tells me that the friendship between her ex and Michael Jackson only truly blossomed after Paris’s birth. She describes Mark Lester as ‘completely nuts’ and says she found the association between her ex-husband and Jacko ‘frankly creepy’.

    Jane, whose parting from Lester was acrimonious, says the friendship with Jackson was one of the factors that destroyed her marriage. She believes this was behaviour largely driven by Lester’s ego, as well as his desire to cling to the limelight decades after he returned to obscurity. ‘As soon as he got a whiff of Jackson’s fame, he went ballistic,’ she says.

    For, although traces remain in his face of the cherubic little boy who asked for more, it must be said that the story of Mark Lester’s life fits the classic child-star trajectory of overwhelming fame, followed by disgrace and rejection.

    Born Mark Letzer – his father is Jewish – he was cast in Oliver! when he was only eight, and attended the Oscars aged ten.
    He travelled the world, stayed in grand hotels and hung out with the likes of Oliver Reed. ‘To me, it seemed perfectly natural for a boy of ten to be treated like royalty,’ Lester told an interviewer.

    But, as he later said: ‘By the time I realised I was a star, I no longer really was one.’ The success of Oliver! in 1968 was never repeated.
    In the early years his parents had kept him on 25p-a-week pocket money. But when he was 18 he came into his fortune of £180,000, over £1million in today’s money.

    Lester remembers his 18th well – it was for this birthday that Oliver Reed bought him a rather unusual present. He said: ‘On my 18th I was filming The Prince And The Pauper on location in Hungary. A huge party was planned for me, but it was a rather formal affair to be attended by my parents.
    ‘Oliver Reed, who I had known since appearing with him in Oliver!, was determined to liven things up a bit for me. So he arrived with a surprise birthday present for me – a young Hungarian prostitute.

    ‘I shall never forget the look of horror on my father’s face, as he looked at this girl and realised what was going on. The poor girl herself took one look at the famous guests and fled in horror.’

    Lester’s life became even more tawdry. Shockingly, he blew all of his money in just a couple of years in a display of out-of-control spending not unlike those favoured by his friend Michael Jackson.

    He bought a Ferrari and a house in London’s Belgravia. There were wild four-day parties for all his friends – he estimates he had around 30 hangers-on – and he would provide all the booze and drugs anyone desired.

    Lester thinks he spent around £20,000 on cocaine, but once told an interviewer casually it may have been more – he was too off his head to keep track.

    ‘I tried everything that was going – drink, dope, acid, whatever was on offer,’ he boasted.
    ‘Coke was selling at £60 a gram and I was buying it for myself and my house guests at the rate of four grams a day. I abused it mercilessly.’

    By the time he was 20, his fortune was gone and he had a ‘ghastly’ operation on his sinuses to save his nose after his drug abuse.
    You might think the experience of losing a fortune and of being washed up after early fame would have caused Lester to grow up.
    But, it seems, Lester – arguably like his friend Jacko – never really matured. ‘I’ve had a ball,’ he said when the money was gone. ‘Given the opportunity I’d probably do it all over again.’

    Lester says he had his first contact with Jackson in 1981. Jacko was touring the UK and his agent rang Lester and said Oliver! was Jacko’s favourite film. Could they meet for a coffee at the singer’s hotel?

    There was a bond between the odd pair – both felt they had been warped by their experience of child stardom. Then there was the mutual love of spending and the seemingly arrested emotional development.

    Mystery: Paris was born in 1998 – three years before Lester and Jackson reportedly renewed their friendship

    But while Jacko had prodigious musical talent, Lester was just another pretty actor. He gave up acting in the early Eighties because he wasn’t getting work.

    To what extent Lester and Jacko remained in touch over the following 15 years is a slightly open question – Lester’s claims of an intimate decades-long friendship are not quite what they seem.

    As Jackson claimed superstardom with Thriller, Lester was becoming paunchy and depressed, and was working in his father’s bar. He went on to work as an insurance salesman on £150 a week.

    There was no sign of any help from his world-famous friend and his interviews from this period don’t mention the singer.

    Eventually Lester became an osteopath. This was the fortunate chance that allowed him to rekindle his association with Jackson, who was by the early 1990s suffering from recurrent back and ankle pain.

    Lester met Jane – a radiographer – while training as an osteopath. They married in 1991 when she was pregnant with their eldest daughter Lucy.
    Two years later, they set up a healthcare business in Cheltenham. This was the year when the Jordy Chandler abuse allegations emerged. In a lengthy interview in 1993, Lester made no mention of his alleged friendship with Jacko.

    According to Jane, who is now living on a farm in the West Country, this is because the pair were not in touch at this time.
    Jane Lester is described by both her brother and by Mark Lester as an alcoholic. She herself concedes: ‘I do like a bottle of wine, that is my vice.’
    She does not have custody of her children with Lester, and tells me that out of the four, only Olivia, eight, still comes to visit her.

    That doesn’t mean, though, that her recall is necessarily inaccurate – she is impressively collected and precise when talking about why she is certain what Mark Lester says is untrue.

    ‘It makes no sense to me,’ she says. ‘Mark had only met Michael three times before we were married in 1991. From 1991 there was no contact with Michael Jackson for years.

    ‘The first real contact the family as a whole ever had was when Jackson came [to the UK] after he had broken his ankle [Jackson had an accident in rehearsals in 2003].

    ‘Michael only contacted Mark in 2001 and renewed the friendship. There is no way Mark could be Paris’s father, as she was born by then.’

    Indeed, the dates do not add up. Prince was born in 1997 and Paris in 1998. In Lester’s defence, he claims he offered to make the sperm donation in a telephone call to Jackson in 1996 and the whole thing had been arranged without meeting face-to-face.

    Lester says he made the donation in a Harley Street clinic. He presumes the sperm was frozen and taken to America to impregnate Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s ex-nurse and mother of his two eldest children.

    This is a big presumption. There are also claims that Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein gave the singer sperm donations.
    It is generally accepted that Jackson’s youngest son Blanket, seven, is the result of an anonymous donor egg and anonymous donor sperm carried by a surrogate mother.
    Who is to say that the same is not true of Prince and Paris?

    It is true Lester was close to Jackson during his final years. He was the godfather to Jackson’s children when they were baptised in 2003 and Jacko was the godfather of his. This, Jane readily confirms.

    Although, rather extraordinarily, she says Mark never allowed her to have any contact with his superstar friend.

    ‘I never went with him to see Michael. Mark just refused to bring me along, saying: “Oh no, Michael would hate you,” which was quite hurtful.
    ‘I was absolutely uneasy about the friendship and about Mark taking the children over there, for obvious reasons. But I felt that Michael would not be interested in the girls and Felix was only young. He was two or three when he went to Neverland for the first time. He loved it.

    ‘Mark liked to travel first-class and Michael would pay. Michael liked to have my son over there. Of course I was aware of the allegations, but, although I had my personal views, there was nothing I could do.’

    By 2003, the Lesters’ marriage was over. ‘Of course it contributed to the end of the marriage. I remember that after one visit from Michael, Mark announced: “I’m going to be Michael’s osteopath and I’m going to travel the world with him. I am leaving and will have a better life without you.” ‘
    Jane’s father, Jeff, 79, who lives in West Mersea, Essex, confirms her story, saying: ‘Mark wanted to go to the States but Jane didn’t want to drag young children across there.’

    Her brother Richard says he recalls Jane talking about Lester treating the singer for his back pain during visits. Lester was also travelling with him in Berlin when Jackson infamously dangled the infant Blanket off a hotel balcony.

    So why were the two so close? Jane says: ‘I think that all the fuss of being with Jackson appealed to Mark’s ego.

    ‘When I met Mark, we talked about his having been a child star. He told me it was behind him. He said: “I don’t want to be a star any more, I want to be an osteopath. I want nothing to do with that side of life.”

    ‘But as soon as he got a whiff of it, he went ballistic. I remember one day David Gest rang our house. I had never heard of him but when I called out to Mark, I was almost knocked over by him rushing to get to the phone.

    Lester and Jackson’s friendship was at its closest when Jackson was at his lowest ebb. The singer was tried for child molestation in 2005. After he was acquitted he fled to Bahrain with the children. As we discovered in a subsequent court case, he lived off the largesse of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Khalifa.

    In an interview this year Lester said: ‘When we spent Christmas with Michael in Bahrain, immediately after he was acquitted of child abuse, we returned with 22 crates of gifts including everything from iPods, phones, digital cameras, computers, laptops and PlayStations to trampolines and water slides for our garden.’

    Jane says Lester sold all the gifts, which upset the children. She adds: ‘I am not sure to what extent Mark was a part of the inner circle. He never met any of Jackson’s family for instance, but, yes, there were visits later on.’

    She is perturbed that Lester has sold this story – and by the pictures for which their daughter Harriet, 15, posed to prove the supposed similarities with Paris Jackson. Jane says, somewhat unkindly: ‘Harriet wants to be a famous model and is probably thrilled by the attention.’

    The Jackson family are also less than thrilled. Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, Londell McMillan, said: ‘These genetic lottery attempts aren’t going anywhere. They may seek five seconds of fame but the claims have no merit.’

    It’s not the response Lester was hoping for. He seems to have revealed the alleged sperm donation in a bid to regain contact with the Jackson children, after being abruptly cut off from them once the singer died.

    Jackson family lawyer Brian Oxman is on Lester’s side, telling me Lester is ‘not making anything up’. He calls him an ‘honest, straight and decent guy’.

    He adds: ‘Michael liked Mark a great deal. I think some of the closeness was a result of them both being child stars.

    ‘Mark has had opportunities over the years to profit financially from selling stories about Michael and to sell off mementoes. He never has. So I don’t believe that this is about money, or financial gain. Mark was a loyal and trusted friend.’

    There’s no chance of these claims being tested in law – under Californian law a child born to a man and a women is presumed to be the child of those two people.

    Anyone doubting this has two years from the birth to make their challenge, which has obviously long past.

    In the face of the Jackson family’s negative reaction, Lester is backtracking – now claiming he had donated sperm but has no proof it was used.
    ‘I’m sure, as far as I know, the children were all his,’ he told a television interviewer this week, looking crestfallen.

    He’s too late though – the Jackson clan now class Lester with the other fruitcakes, charlatans and crooks who they think took advantage of Michael.
    Now he’s been left out in the cold. ‘This isn’t what Michael would have wanted,’ Lester bleats. On that at least, they can all agree.


  12. June 21, 2013 4:30 am

    As regards Lester here ia an excellent study of his fantasies by lacienegasmiles:

    Et Tu, Brutus?
    If you stop telling lies about Michael Jackson, we will stop telling the truth about you.

    Mark Lester Michael Jackson Lies About His Paternity
    Posted on May 5, 2013 by lacienegasmiles

    1980 – Michael Jackson and Mark Lester speak. This is the only time they speak for a number of years.

    2002 Mark Lester and Michael Jackson meet up in person. Jackson already has all three of his biological children at this point.

    6 July 2009 Mark Lester sells a story to HELLO! magazine about Michael, where he “rubbishes” reports that Jackson is not the biological father of his children.

    16th August 2009 Mark Lester’s ex wife and the mother of his children who was married to him at the time he claims he was off donating sperm to superstars sells a counter story to Lester’s entitled “Is My Ex Husband Mark Lester The Father of Jackson’s Children? No, He’s Completely Nuts”; refuting the idea he was the father in any way of Jackson’s children and stating that he is simply fame hungry.
    Jane tells me that the friendship between her ex and Michael Jackson only truly blossomed after Paris’s birth. She describes Mark Lester as ‘completely nuts’ and says she found the association between her ex-husband and Jackson ‘frankly creepy’.
    Jane, whose parting from Lester was acrimonious, says the friendship with Jackson was one of the factors that destroyed her marriage. She believes this was behaviour largely driven by Lester’s ego, as well as his desire to cling to the limelight decades after he returned to obscurity. ‘As soon as he got a whiff of Jackson’s fame, he went ballistic,’ she says.
    ‘The first real contact the family as a whole ever had was when Jackson came [to the UK] after he had broken his ankle [Jackson had an accident in rehearsals in 2003].
    ‘Michael only contacted Mark in 2001 and renewed the friendship. There is no way Mark could be Paris’s father, as she was born by then.’

    5th May 2013 Mark Lester once again sells a story to The Mirror claiming he is now the father of all three of Michael Jackson’s children and that a DNA test will “prove it.”

    He gives an interesting interpretation of his previous claim, now saying that this event supposedly happened sometime in 1996:…

    The full story is here:


  13. June 21, 2013 5:02 am

    Just watched the Jeremy Kyle how on YouTube. Why does this keep happening to Michael? Why is it that people whom he embraced as friends almost always back stab him? Does the good attract the bad? If so why? Is it because the bad gets a sinister pleasure in destroying the good and especially when doing so and get them close to fame? Michael would inevitably attract shady figures all around him! We of course do not need any proof to side with Michael- if he said that he was the real dad to Paris and Prince then that is true. But for those who would be looking for proof regarding this- they should at first make use of their common sense. If this friend was a real true ‘friend’ as the media is portraying it to be, he would have never broken the story in public, and certainly NOT after Michael’s death. Don’t know what he meant by saying that the ‘story’ would have been leaked any way! By whom? He should have been grilled more on this point, but he just got away with the statement. Even if Michael’s opponents were to take Lester’s side, they would have to concede that just by giving birth to a baby does not make one a parent. That is just a biological process. It is the nurture and care that one provides that earns the individual the right to be called a parent. Just by showing a picture of Michael Jackson ‘dangling’ his baby does not take away from him the credit of having nurtured three young kids so well. That too single handedly. It was he who changed their diapers, fed them and loved them, day after day. He earned his right to be called a dad more than any other so called ‘biological’ father. And yes Lester looked far too happy even after his ‘beloved daughter’ tried killing herself. His body language says it all. Wish I could use some colourful language for him, but knowing Michael’s own aversion to it, will keep in black and white.


  14. June 21, 2013 5:16 am

    Thanks Helena.


  15. June 21, 2013 11:16 am

    “If this friend was a real true ‘friend’ as the media is portraying it to be, he would have never broken the story in public, and certainly NOT after Michael’s death…Even if Michael’s opponents were to take Lester’s side, they would have to concede that just by giving birth to a baby does not make one a parent. That is just a biological process. It is the nurture and care that one provides that earns the individual the right to be called a parent. .. It was he who changed their diapers, fed them and loved them, day after day. He earned his right to be called a dad more than any other so called ‘biological’ father. And yes Lester looked far too happy even after his ‘beloved daughter’ tried killing herself. His body language says it all. “

    Suparna, thank you. Great words of wisdom.

    I think that after many years of obscurity Lester is enjoying getting back into the limelight and is simply intoxicated by all this attention to himself. For those who tasted it once it must be something like a narcotic – and this is why many child stars go downhill if they no longer have it. Lester now is really “completely nuts” as his former wife described him – they interview him again, they take pictures of him, they invite him on TV again…

    And he is also smelling big money in all this. They are probably paying him for all these interviews and who knows how much he is getting from AEG for confirming all those stories about seeing Michael “drunk”. So it is two pleasures in one package – enjoying “fame” again and getting money out of it too.

    Lester feels that he has become a “celebrity” of some sort and is making the right “connections” in showbiz. He wants his eldest daughter Harriet to become a model. And what can be a better way to promote her career than say that she is a half-sister of Paris Jackson? Even if it is not true this rumor may be a way for Harriet to become known and make a career for herself.

    What a vanity fair we live in! Everything is sold and bought for the sake of ‘success’ and no one cares how many dead bodies they have to step over to reach it.

    Mark Lester’s daughter Harriet is a nice girl and is not responsible for her father’s insinuations. She does resemble Paris but then half of British girls resemble Paris too. And Harriet looks very much like young Debbie Rowe. I suggest that Debbie Rowe makes a counter claim that Harriet is her and MJ’s daughter and not Lester’s:


  16. Lopsided man permalink
    June 22, 2013 5:42 pm

    “Mark Lester’s daughter Harriet is a nice girl and is not responsible for her father’s insinuations. She does resemble Paris but then half of British girls resemble Paris too. And Harriet looks very much like young Debbie Rowe. I suggest that Debbie Rowe makes a counter claim that Harriet is her and MJ’s daughter and not Lester’s” – Helena

    Ha! Good point Helena!


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