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January 29, 2014

It always surprised me how quick and easy it is to tell a lie and how laborious it is to refute it. Look at this piece from the recent autopsy program on Channel 5 of British television, for example, and see how three big lies are crammed into so little a space:

– How did a 50-year old man with osteoarthritis, lupus, scarred lungs and an addiction to Demerol manage to turn it around? The clue is lying in Jackson’s body. He gets another narcotic.
– Extensive toxicological testing was performed on numerous samples taken from Jackson’s body. In the urine sample it was noted that a drug called ephedrine was present.

See how easy it is? People are told a pack of lies about Michael though he didn’t have an addiction to Demerol, Ephedrine is not a narcotic and Michael didn’t “get” but was given Ephedrine by another. However to prove all of it you need to do a long research and write a detailed post in several parts.

There wouldn’t be even a need for these posts if it weren’t for this autopsy program. But some people are absolutely adamant that Michael Jackson should never be left alone and this makes us do what they invite us to do – discuss Demerol (and Ephedrine), Dr. Klein’s medical records and whether MJ did or didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms from the Demerol injected by Klein during his cosmetic procedures. 


The invoice for Klein’s dermatological services to Michael was sent as a creditor’s claim to the Estate in October 2009. But when Michael was still alive a similar invoice was obviously sent to Michael Kane and AEG Live too as it was from there that Randy Phillips learned that Klein was shooting Michael up with something that “scared them to death”.

A quote from the ABS tweets from the AEG trial:

On Jun 23, Michael Kane wrote to DiLeo and Phillips: “Where does Arnold Klein stand on the list? “
“He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something”, Phillips wrote back.

Randy Phillips was talking of Demerol. Michael was at a rehab for Demerol dependency in 1993 right at the time when Paul Gongaware was Michael’s tour manager, so there is no question that the AEG bosses had first-hand knowledge of MJ’s earlier problems with Demerol, and this is why during rehearsals for This is it tour they were constanly on the look out for signs of Demerol use and heavily suspected Michael of an addiction to it.

A quote from Karen Faye’s tweet:

RP and Paul Gongaware were fully aware of Michael’s issues. They thought they could control the situation by controlling Murray.

When I looked at Dr. Klein’s invoice of medical procedures for the first time it scared me too –  it also seemed to me that Klein was giving Demerol too often and probably too much.

Murray's hidden bags in the closet contained 3 big bottles of 10mg Midazolam which were never supplied by Applied Pharmacy Services. By the way  Midazolam is never used in a home setting either

Murray’s hidden bags in the closet contained 3 big bottles of 10mg Midazolam which were never supplied by Applied Pharmacy Services. By the way Midazolam is never used in a home setting either

Moreover he was also injecting it in a combination with Midazolam (Versed) for which I have a complete idiosyncrasy since the time I learned of Murray’s experiments with it on Michael and the gigantic quantities he was ordering for the injections (for details please see this post).

A discovery made after the post showed  that 3 bottles of 10ml Midazolam were found in Murray’s bag though from Applied Pharmacy Services he got only 2mg bottles.

This introduced us to the fact that Murray had a second supplier of medications and could have injected MJ with a real lot of this drug. Midazolam by the way also requires close monitoring as it stops breathing as easily as Propofol does.

But as to Klein’s administration of Midazolam to MJ later on I realized that 1 or 2mg of it was given by Klein exactly for the purpose it is usually meant for – for beating Michael’s anxiety and fear during injections under his eyes and for conscious sedation which required Michael to be sedated but responsive during the process.

If Murray was giving Michael that little it was keeping MJ conscious at night (instead of sleepy) and if he was giving him more, this could result in a breathing arrest, and at the very least was making Michael groggy and lethargic the next day.

However let’s put Versed aside and look only into the Demerol administered to MJ by Klein in March-June 2009.

Below is a calendar showing the dates when Michael visited Klein and the amount of Demerol given to him on those days:

2009 printable calendarThe Demerol dosage of 100mg is marked gray, 200mg is marked green, 300mg is marked blue, 375mg (the maximum given on one day) is marked navy. The * sign (on June 4) means that though there was a visit there was no Demerol, and two more funny marks with arms and legs around the dates mean that on those days Demerol was accompanying Botox injections into MJ’s armpits and groin for excessive perspiration.

Please remember:

  • The maximum of Demerol allowed per day is 600mg (according to Dr. Waldman, expert witness at Murray’s trial) and 900mg (according to other sources).
  • Demerol was injected by Klein in the so-called RUQ and LUQ which mean Right Upper Quandrant and Left Upper Quandrant respectively, so the shots of the painkiller were made right into Michael’s face and not into his veins. This makes all those blurred pictures of Demerol injected into MJ’s veins in the recent Channel 5 program a little piece of fantasy on the part of its authors.

Below you will find a summary of Dr. Klein’s medical procedures based on his invoice of October 2009 and his handwritten medical records subpoenaed by court for Murray’s trial in 2011. The summary will be accompanied by occasional comments from the defense addiction expert Dr. Waldman and information about various medications and events being the background for Michael’s visits to Dr. Klein’s office.


On March 12 Klein injected 200mg and worked with Restylane on MJ’s cleft in his chin. Dr. Waldman said this dose showed Michael to be tolerant to Demerol as a starting dose for a Demerol-naive person would be 50mg. Of course Michael’s previous experience made him tolerant to this painkiller, so not to feel the pain his body required more of it, however I still have a suspicion that Klein overdid it and 100mg could have been just enough.

Michael left Klein’s office with a mask on his face evidently hiding the swelling from Restylane injections. 

March 12, 2009 Michael leaves the Beverly Hills clinic

March 12, 2009 Michael leaves the Beverly Hills clinic

Five days later, on March 17 another 200mg of Demerol preceded a series of Restylane shots. Dr. Waldman said that this dose would make the patient sleepy, lethargic, unresponsive. 

A WORD ABOUT RESTYLANE: Doctors say that in the areas except around eyes the Restylane filler is tolerated well though it may result in some swelling for up to 10 days:

Restylane is a very well tolerated filler if applied correctly.  There may be minor bruising and swelling after the injection.

Swelling typically last 7-10 days. When fillers are injected in the cheek area, particularly when close to the lower eyelid, swelling may persist longer than other areas of the face. You may have a resolving ecchymosis or bruise responsible for the asymmetry.

March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

Five days later, on March 23 Klein injected Botox under the eyes preceded by 200mg of Demerol. Michael looked fine and left Klein’s office with no mask but wearing black sunglasses. 

Nine days later, on April 2 the medical records noted that there was a bulge of skin under the right eye. 

No injections of Demerol were given and the visit was not even listed in the invoice. Appointment for Monday April 6 was made.

On April 6 and 9 Restylane was injected in the cheeks accompanied by 200mg of Demerol. Michael was seen going shopping on one of those days. 

Eight days later, on Friday April 17 three injections of Demerol preceded the shots of Botox made for excessive perspiration in the axilla area (axilla is a medical term for armpits, underarms). Botox was used in the amount big enough to cost $1500.

Klein's invoice for MJ - page 1 broken into dates 2nd variant

Part 1 of the invoice

This is where a discrepancy between the medical records and the invoice appears. 

The medical records say that the Botox was accompanied by a 300mg dose of Demerol.

However the invoice for April 21 forgets to mention the painkiller and puts it into the bill for April 23 (where no procedures were mentioned).

TMZ made a mountain out of a molehill and claimed that “Jacko” was going to Klein solely for Demerol, even without any procedures given to him.  

Klein April 21, groin

The 300mg of Demerol were given on April 21st and not 23rd as the invoice says. A clerical mistake

Walden interpreted the shift from 200mg to 300mg as a development of tolerance.

To me the amount of Demerol for a procedure worth $3000 and in so sensitive an area as the groin looks like being just right, if not even too little considering that the maximum a day may be 900mg.

The next day after the huge amount of Botox was injected, on April 22  Michael was given only some Fine Needle and Restylane procedures on the lips.

The invoice also mentioned the application of EMLA (a combination of local anesthetics to be rubbed into skin). It also stated the biggest injection of Demerol (375 mg) which showed that on that day the pain was bigger than before and we can even guess in what area it was.

This made me look into how well the Botox injections are tolerated by patients and what they actually feel like.


What people are writing about it produced on me a really strong impression. Only after reading their comments did I realize that Botox is actually a toxin. It is produced by bacterium which is also responsible for a life-threatening  poisoning called botulism.

Many people wished they had never tried Botox:

Klein's invoice for MJ - page 2 broken into dates

Part 2 of the invoice

I received Botox a week ago to the forehead. I have had a migraine and terrible back pain since the night I got it. Can’t sleep at night. Terrible muscle aches, almost flu like symptoms. Wish I would have never gone!

I went to a third Dr. today. Finally, a Dr who believes it was no doubt from the Botox that I have had 12 days of terrible headaches and flu like aches. Tomorrow will be 13 days since treatment. My back pain is better, but these headaches are rough! Almost went to ER yesterday, but got in today with a more Holistic Dr. He believes the toxins definitely are released throughout the body and can cause all kinds of problems. Praying this pain ends soon and for those that are not well due to this horrific toxin.

I have exactly all the symptoms you listed: Dizziness, nausea, chills, sweaty palms, heart racing, muscle weakness, I had to stop working I couldn’t stand on my feet, headaches, and now I’ve got a cold that doesn’t go away with severe cough and I’m never sick and don’t take any antibiotics, my usual cold last 1-2 day, this been for weeks already, and time to time I feel like passing out and its so scary, I feel so stupid for injecting that poison in my forehead. Its been 2,5 months since I had Botox, I hope it’ll go away soon..

Everyone is different regarding how long it takes. Some people are better in a couple of months…others a year…others a couple of years….and others it takes longer. For me…I am still severely sick at 39 months.

I just had botox yesterday July 11, 2013 for the second time. I. Woke up feeling awful, like flu symptoms, stiff neck, low fever, body ache. I never put together the two things (malaise + Botox). I have visited around ten different specialists, have spent like $10 000 dollars trying to figure out what is wrong with me. After reading all your comments finally got some light at the end of the tunnel. Now my question is since I had my injections yesterday, how long do I have to wait for all the symptoms to go away? Any answers out there?

Been dealing with this a year and 1 1/2. No fun. Never an easy day.

I had per lane injections and it has been pure hell. Flu like symptoms, change in voice, fuzzy vision, stiffness where I can’t bend like being paralyzed. I ache constantly. I also at times run a low grade fever.

Prednisone does help, I have lowered the dosage to 6 mgs and that is like nothing, NO HELP. I’m trying to wean off because it’s so bad for your bones and everything else. I was a totally healthy person before all this and it has screwed up my life forever I feel. What’s to live for now? PAIN? I went from totally being active, never sitting down in daytime, very energetic to a turtle in pain. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

In short a toxin is a toxin and this will settle our relations with Botox forever, won’t it? The patients’ comments were valuable also because they mentioned Prednisone as a remedy to relieve the effect of all that poisoning and the resulting suppression of  the immune system.

Interesting, but the table of medication from the MJ autopsy report also mentions Prednisone which was prescribed by Klein exactly at the moment when Michael received those massive doses of Botox for excessive perspiration.

The empty bottle of Prednisone was found in Michael’s house and the date of April 25, 2009 on it explains to us better than anything else that Michael was also going through the living hell of Botox side-effects.

autopsy report - Prednizone

a page from the autopsy report

So the two  massive Botox injections against perspiration were made on April 17 and 21, but almost ten days later Michael was evidently still in much suffering as on April 25 Prednisone was prescribed to him in no small quantity  of “6 tablets now, 4 tomorrow”.

Awful as Botox is, but for beating perspiration it was probably a necessary procedure which as far as I remember was also recommended by Karen Faye (she even asked Klein whether Botox injections were possible for Michael’s head to avoid excessive perspiration under the wig).

By now we come to realize that since Michael was supposed to “dance his ass off” (Randy Phillips’s expression) he HAD TO to go to all this sacrifice to be able to give his best performance and not to look soaked all over after each song and dance. 

This is the price he had to pay and this is the back side of his fantastic show which his fans and the public were never meant to see.

Sorry that we did…


After the  Botox procedures and Restylane injections were made into his lip and right cheek on April 22 Michael left Klein’s office with a veil on his face.

April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

For dates April 22-23 the medical records have an extensive but hardly comprehensible text in handwriting which contain words like  “eyes… direct… Restylane… Ultravate… Zyrtac 10mg … for faster relief of … upper lip slightly inflamed…  to continue use of Ultravate and to take Zyrtec 10gr”

Ultravate ointment is a topical corticosteroid. It works by reducing skin inflammation (redness, swelling, itching, and irritation) and is usually prescribed for psoriasis. This cream is also mentioned in the medication page of the autopsy report, at the bottom part of it among “Paraphernalia”. The prescription of Ultravate ointment on April 22-23 points to a serious problem with the skin.

Zyrtec sounds somewhat familiar as many use it for treating their allergies. Patients also mentioned it as a good relief from Restylane complications.

Though being a much safer filler than Botox Restylane also has its side-effects. These side-effects are much milder as Restylane is actually a natural acid generated by our body and even if injected under the skin in too big a portion it will eventually dissolve.

The injections last for 6 months and this is why MJ evidently wanted them right before the tour – if done earlier the effect would be lost by the time the tour ended.

However Restylane is recommended for lips only as under the eye it may lead to its own complications.

To avoid them Restylane is recommended to be injected deep into the muscle under the eye and this requires a skilled hand and an effective painkiller.

The answers of doctors to a question below will exhaust the subject:

Possible Complications of Having Restylane Injected to Get Rid of Under Eye Hollows?

Certain fillers, like hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm), can be used very effectively to correct under eye hollowness–or the tear trough. I would caution you to find a physician who is experienced with injecting fillers in this region. There is little room for error in this location because the thin eyelid skin won’t hide any lumpiness and the bruising can be much more obvious than in other parts of the face. Also, if the product is too close to the surface, a bluish tint can be seen occasionally. If this complication occurs or if there is just too much lumpiness, there is a product that can be injected into the area which will dissolve the filler and essentially wipe the slate clean. One way to minimize these risks is to inject a little more deeply (under the eyelid muscle). This does sometimes require slightly more product, however. I also believe that it is best to start conservatively and add more product as needed to achieve the desired result.

Any filler has side effects of swelling, bruising and lumpiness. The tear trough has more of this if fillers are injected under the skin and above the muscle. There is less of these effects when the filler is injected under the muscle. This takes experience to fill this area so make sure you see a doctor who does a lot of this. Generally a very safe treatment in the right hands.

Under eye filling to address the undereye hollows is considered an advanced technique.  This means that the nurse down the street is probably not a good choice for having this procedure.  Similarly if your dermatologist tells you that they are not comfortable injecting this area, you need to respect this. You might look for an oculoplastic surgeon in your area with a reputation for doing this treatment.

Regarding complications, the biggest complication is the risk of bruising.  Approximately 30% of individuals will have some degree of bruising.  Two out of one hundred will have a big black eye that can last up to 3 weeks.  Naturally everyone will think your significant other slugged you. Having a good story is helpful.  Bar fight usually works for guys. Hiding these with makeup is not so significant.  Avoiding things that can thin the blood is very helpful to reduce the risk of these.  It is important to remember that you are basically getting surgery, it just happens to be delivered by a syringe.

Lumps, bumps, and swelling are also to be expected after treatment.  Generally, I like to see my patients back within a week to seen if anything needs adjusting.  The genius of this treatment is that it is straight forward adjusting this material manually or with enzyme when needed.

Regarding the risk of some horrible event like blindness or being poked in the eye with a needle, it is critical that you seek treatment from injectors who are comfortable treating around the eye and know their anatomy forward and back.  I do midface surgery and know the surgical anatomy of the midface and lower eyelid like the back of my hand.  This is very important.  There are large blood vessel that must be avoided so that filler is not injected into a vein which might affect the circulation.  The choice of injector makes all the difference.

So just as Arnold Klein always said injections under the eye are no trifle matter and require that both the doctor and patient are not  jittery as the needle can poke in the eye. These injections are also made deep into the muscle, so you can imagine what it was like for Michael with his needle fobia!

If you listen to the patients’ side of the story you will also realize that Restylane is a painful procedure if done without a local anesthetic Lidocaine (the mix with Lidocaine is called Restylane-L).

However injecting the Restylane+Lidocaine mix may be somewhat misguiding as you never know how much Restylane will be left after Lidocaine goes away. And this is probably why Klein preferred to do it straight without Lidocaine but with Demerol instead.

Some of the patients’s comments are so informative that I simply could not make them any shorter:

I’ve been doing restylane for 8 years now and always request no lidocain because I feel it distorts how much of the product is really going into my face. Sure it’s painful, but I don’t want to pay all that money and walk away wondering. I’ve never experienced anything beyond temporary bruising.

Please only go to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist for all your injectables. Fillers are a medical procedure and need to be properly injected. Many doctors take weekend courses and are not experienced. It is not the filler that causes problems. It is the injector.

If I had to do it all over again (trust me, this makes me think twice), here are my suggestions for those who care: 1. Make your appointment when you don’t have to see one human for at least 3 days. That means no events, work, etc. If your face was as bad as mine was, you don’t want anyone to come anywhere close to you. Better if you were able to escape to another planet for one full week. 2. Seriously, no IB Profin, Aleve, Advil (the vowels!) prior to the treatment, for two weeks. I didn’t, but boy, this experience really made me get real serious about that real quick. 3. Take Arnica 2 days before the treatment. Get it at a local Vitamin store for under $10. Ice before the treatment. Ask questions (how much, how long, check the box for the product, etc.). Ask who to call in case there was a problem. I would come in with clean skin (no makeup) and make sure they clean you really well when they inject. Just one more variable to take out of the equation, if there is a problem. 4. Immediately after: Sit there and ice. For like 15 minutes. Wait a bit to apply makeup. Don’t work out for 24 hours. Ice every hour for 5 minutes, if you can. Benadryl and Tylenol following treatment. Keep head elevated when you sleep. Drink tons of water. Keep up on your Arnica cream, medicine, etc. throughout the night. 5. The next day was the worst for me swelling wise. Keep up your medicine. Don’t plan to exercise for another 24 hours. Ice all day if you can. Drink lots of water to flush things out. When you go to bed that night, elevate your head. For two days after treatment, don’t do any blood thinners (IB Profin, etc.) just try to relax. Oh! And no rubbing, no moving the product. Just let it rest. You can make it worse rubbing it all around. 6. This should be your full second day. Like I said, my swelling had gone down 50% by doing as much as I could of the above. Still took the arnica all day and Tylenol. Drank lots of water. By the evening, I worked out for about 45 minutes…lightly, to start everything moving around and try to get these fluids out of me (and not cause bruising or additional swelling). That is where I am at right now. I’m fairly confident I’m on the way back to normalcy. Please, if you have a similar experience, call your doc (you paid a lot of money for this, it’s worth the Followup), and try to keep calm. The swelling will go down. Every hour today it’s decreasing. I swear the Arnica is helping. I look slightly normal, but no smile with teeth (joker!). Don’t panic. It will get better. The doc said in two weeks, I will love the look, like I did before. Stay calm and carry on! I hoped this helped someone. I know it would have helped me!

This swelling is common. Basically, Restylane is not the best product around the eyes.

Yes people need to know the risks of any filler treatment. The eye hollows is very delicate, I had a horrible experience with Juvederm under the eye which was resolved with Wydaise and then re-filled with Restylane. It took 3 months for the bruising and swelling to reside. I also expereinced intermittent swelling from time to time. However, overall I loved how it looked. The filler lasted about 12 months under my eyes. Many Fillers and Botox are used “off label” in areas that are not FDA approved.

I spoke to a pharmacist at Midicis Aesthetics about Restylane and Restylane-L.The only difference is the L contains Lidocaine. The ingredients are: Hyaluronic acid is generated by Strep bacteria (Restylane contains gram positive bacterial proteins). The average 70 kg (154 lbs) person has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronan in the body, one-third of which is turned over (degraded and synthesized) every day.

Have you taken anything orally to reduce swelling? I’m not sure but I think Claritin is helping a bit, nothing significant. I keep reading of woman taking steroids and reducing swelling.Those are tough to take.

My experience was the same. The swelling started 2-3 months after the second injections. No, I haven’t tried steroids. I’ve been taking Zyrtec. Sometimes I think it helps, but I took one last night and woke up this morning with the puffiest eyes yet. Fortunately I wear glasses and can hide behind them when this happens. Thinking about getting tinted lenses.

It is amazing how much you can learn from other people’s experience. They say it’s better not to see a single human for at least 3 days after the procedure and not to do any exercise.

This makes me understand why Michael wanted most of those procedures before the rehearsals started, why their dates were set so close to each other (it is better to do them all at once considering the side-effects) and why he often hid his face behind a mask in that period.

We also find that without a painkiller Restylane is painful and after its application under the eye there is a swelling and bluish tint in the area which makes people wear sunglasses. This is probably why Klein mostly preferred to do Botox under the eyes, even despite it toxic effects.

This also reminds me that Michael always wore sunglasses during rehearsals and Ortega got terribly cross with him for it. I don’t know what Ortega suspected Michael of but he repeatedly demanded that Michael should take down his glasses as if it were some kind of an offense to Ortega.

It seems to me that they were simply tripping on him and were finding fault with everything he did.


The medical records show that Michael had every complication that he could possibly have. Klein prescribed Zyrtec to him

From the long text  on April 22-23 ,2009 you get that Michael had every complication he could possibly have. Klein prescribed anti-allergic Zyrtec  and Ultravate ointment (for skin inflammation)

From the patient’s comments we also learn that the treatment for Restylane swelling under the eyes is Zyrtec and to our amazement we find that this medication was also prescribed by Klein as the medical records show it.

It seems that Michael was having every complication he could possibly have.

Besides Zyrtec the other type of treatment taken in such cases is steroids described by patients as “tough to take”. I wonder if steroids will also have to be eventually used here?

From Michael’s further medical records  it becomes clear that the pain, swellings, inflammation and all other side-effects of Botox and Restylane apparently continued and grew only worse.

On April 25 Michael made a weekend call to Klein and this time the treatment provided to him was “intralesnl+7”.

The table with Prednizone mentioned above also relates to April 25, so evidently the situation went so much out of control that Klein had to be summoned in, deliver “intralesnl+7”  and prescribe “6 tablets of Prednizone now and 4 tablets tomorrow”.

What “intralesnl+7” means was difficult to find but after a long search I learned that it is an abbreviation standing for Intralesional steroid therapy. So the situation was that bad that they did have to resort to steroids?

However the main goal of  Intralesional steroid therapy is treating abnormal skin like scar tissue, keloids, acne, alopea areata (a form of hair loss), discoid lupus and inflammatory disorders.

Needless to say, Michael had ALL these conditions. That is why injections of those steroids into his scars and skin could be necessitated by some of Michael’s other disorders (like lupus, for example) and not only as treatment of the Restylane and Botox after-effects.

The patients already explained to us that steroid treatment is “tough to take” and that it also has its side effects:

Pain: the procedure is usually well-tolerated, although injections into certain parts of the body, such as the palms and soles, can be more uncomfortable.
Bleeding: spots of blood may occur at the injection sites.
Infection: occasionally infection can be introduced by the injections, and this may develop into an abscess, requiring antibiotic therapy.
Allergic reaction: this is very uncommon, but may occur to one of the constituents of the triamcinolone preparation.

With so much going on with Michael’s skin, pain and complications from prior and currect injections it absolutely did not surprise me that April 25 was actually a big crisis day and Klein had to give 4 injections of Demerol 100mg each according to his invoice.

Medical records for April 27, 2009 showed 14 dots with Botox made under the eyes

Medical records for April 27, 2009 showed 14 dots with Botox made under the eyes

April 27 was Monday. Restylane was used for the temples and above eye-brows. Botox was also injected – the drawing in the medical records showed 14 dots of Botox under the eyes.

This required 300mg of Demerol administered at 11:30 and 12:30. Michael left Klein’s office in a mask and a veil.

Wearing the green jacket he probably took from Klein, Michael and the children went shopping to the Ed Hardy store followed by a horde of fans and paparazzi. The mask and the veil were a necessity after all the mess his face was going through. And considering the inflammation and allergy he could also be afraid of an infection.

April 27, 2009

On April 27, 2009 at Ed Hardy store

On April 28, 30 and May 4 Botox fortunately stopped but Restylane and Intralesnl+7 continued. Each time it required 300mg of Demerol.

Waldman said that by this time Michael should have been dependent on Demerol and possibly addicted to it. He said: “Six weeks of Demerol use would make any of us dependent”.

However in May the doses of Demerol  began to decrease. May 5 was the last day when 300mg of Demerol were used.


The May 5 invoice shows a different type of treatment –Restylane for acne scars (which was the general term Klein used for all types of scars) was supplemented with 5 injections of Latanoprost and application of Latisse. Medical records say that at 10:30 am 200mg of Demerol + 1mg of Midazolam were used for the Right side of the face and at 12:30 pm 100mg of Demerol + Midazolam 1mg were used for the Left side of it.

Here is a short note on Latisse and Latanoprost:

  • Latisse is for growing eyebrows and eyelashes, and Latanoprost is mostly an eye-treatment. Wiki says this “ophthalmic solution is a topical medication used for controlling the progression of glaucoma or ocular hypertension by reducing intraocular pressure”. Its side effect is that it may cause thickening of the eyelashes (and this is why it is used in cosmetic industry as eyelash growth enhancers).

So Latanoprost could be used for its side effect of eyelash thickening, however its primary use is treatment of hypertension in the eyes? Well, hypertenstion in the eye could easily be the side-effect of all those Botox and Restylane injections around Michael’s eyes…

The theory that it was for the eyes and not for eye-lashes is somewhat confirmed by the fact that later Klein had to prescribe some drops for Michael’s eyes and that certain Bausch&Lomb eye-drops were found in Michael’s house.

Remember Murray’s affected surprise in his police interview that someone had treated Michael for the eye condition? In that conversation with policemen he also said that Michael had a very poor eyesight:

Dr.  Murray: He has — he has a magnification glass. His eyesight was very, very bad. So I did figure out he could be legally blind. His eyes was also very red. I ask him about glaucoma to see — because I’m trying to take care of him in general. And he says no, he don’t have any glaucoma.

And even I spoke to him at that time. He never told me he was seeing a doctor that had given him any substance like that for the eyes.

Just last week I got this doctor from U.C.L.A. to see him. Last Sunday, they were going to open their clinic to do a complete dilation, look in the back of his eyes, check his fundus and see what was happening, and see if they were going to give him any monocular vision or contacts, because I was worried that when he was in England, if you’re not seeing on the stage and all the bright lights, maybe you can fall and hurt yourself. So I encouraged him to have the eye examination. That examination was hopefully scheduled for last Monday.

Detective Martinez:  So he had agreed to it?

Dr.  Murray: He agreed to do it. But it never happened. I still have e-mail from the doctor asking me to call and reschedule it. And one thing or the other, it led to that being put off. But his team, his production team, agreed that, you know, it’s something that he should have done. So I was trying to find out issues with Mr. Jackson and trying to address them in a gradual way overall to help him. And that was one of the things I discovered. So that medication is a surprise.

And to me it is a surprise that Murray had to settle with “his production team” that this or that kind of treatment could or could not be provided to Michael. So this was the degree of AEG’s involvement in Michael’s medical affairs! They could allow or refuse that  “something should be done” to Michael though this matter should have been decided solely by his doctor!

Murray doesn’t even understand what a bomb he is dropping.


Kenny Ortega joined the company at the beginning of May 2009

Kenny Ortega joined the company at the beginning of May 2009

To give you an insight into what else was going on in Michael’s life at that period of time let me say that at the beginning of May the company was joined by Ortega (prior to that he had been busy with another project) and when the casting for dancers was over the dancers began training.

Michael was training at home with Travis Payne for several hours a day, at least 4 times a week:

TRAVIS PAYNE:  He and I would start about noon or 1:00 at his home. We’d dance a few hours and stretch.

On May 12 the LA Times reported that Michael was taken to Burbanks 4 times a week and stayed there for 6 hours. The only correction I would make to this information is that when in Burbanks Michael was training separately from the other dancers. He worked with Travis Payne in a smaller studio:

May 12, 2009|Harriet Ryan and Chris Lee

Four mornings a week, an SUV with darkened windows bears Michael Jackson through the gates outside a nondescript building near the Burbank airport. He spends the next six hours on a soundstage in the company of 10 dancers and pop music’s best-known choreographer.

The other person with whom Michael was working out was Lou Ferrigno. Lou says he saw Michael up to four times a week. Michael looked energetic and alert. He danced well and looked fantastic though Ferrigno noticed that Michael was under much stress.

Someone doesn’t want us to know when was the last time Ferrigno saw Michael. The reports vary and by some accounts the final meeting between Ferrigno and Michael was at the end of May:

“When I saw him, he was not frail,” said Lou Ferrigno on Monday’s “Larry King Live,” recalling his final meeting with Jackson at the end of May.He seemed fine, alert, no pain at all. The workout wasn’t any heavy resistance. A lot of stretching and a light walk on the treadmill,” Ferrigno said. “Being 50, his body went through a lot of stress getting ready for the tour, but he was awesome.”

By other accounts Ferrigno still worked with Michael in the first week of June, for example according to this article dated June 30:

Mr Ferrigno, 57, had been going to Jackson’s rented home in Los Angeles up to four times a week and had his final training session three weeks ago. He said he saw no signs of drug use.

“I don’t know anything about his personal life but at the time I was with him he seemed fine to work, no pain at all. He did a lot of stretching and when you have a lot of pain you can’t stretch. When I saw him he looked fantastic. I have never seen him look better.

“He might have been a little thin because he was under a lot of stress training for the tour. But when I put him through the routine and everything, it was just fine, very energetic.

He was dancing as good as anyone. And, you know, I’m an expert. And I was with Michael. If I didn’t feel Michael could’ve pulled this off, I would’ve told him. I think he was going to give the greatest tour in his entire life.”

He said Jackson used exercise balls and did training to strengthen his core body muscles. He didn’t use weights and focused on being flexible so he could perform complicated dance moves. He also ran on a treadmill.

Mr Ferrigno, a former Mr Universe, said. “He only ate once a day. But I just told him the proper supplements to take. The most important thing was the attitude, the mind because he really wanted to be in his best shape.

So whether it was the end of May or beginning of June Ferrigno says that Michael was in a fine condition (and this despite all Demerol and Midazolam given to him by Klein).


After May 5 Klein’s invoices show a decrease in the use of Demerol. 

On May 6 Restylane was used again but Demerol was reduced to 200mg.

Klein's invoice for MJ - page 3 broken into dates

Part 3 of the invoice

Nine days later, on May 15 Michael was treated by another doctor (Dr. Reyter) and was injected 100mg of Demerol.

This was the time when Dr. Klein and his partner Jason Pfeiffer went on a vacation.

If we are to believe Dr. Waldman that Michael had already developed a dependency and even addiction to Demerol by that time, within 10 hours at the latest from the last injection he would have felt very bad and would have had withdrawal symptoms including nausea, sweating, diarrhea, insomnia and anxiety.

Dr. Waldman said about it:

Demerol has a short half-life. Three, four, six. Maybe, maybe eight hours. The metabolite accumulates, so that might have some effect as well. So I would expect that eight to ten hours after a Demerol dose he would probably not feel well.

May 12, 2009 Michael is caught by paparazzi arriving at Burbanks for a rehearsal

May 12, 2009 Michael is caught by paparazzi arriving at Burbanks for a rehearsal

However Michael went without Demerol for nine whole days between May 6 and May 15 and there were absolutely no reports of him being in any kind of trouble.

He attended rehearsals, was involved in the dancers’ casting, was training at home and at Burbanks and was working out with Lou Ferrigno who said that Michael was energetic and he never noticed any signs of drugs.

Another four days passed since the visit on May 15 and according to Klein’s invoice on May 19 and 20 Michael received Intralesnl, Restylane, Sunscreen and some cleansing from Klein’s colleagues Dr. Reyter and Dr. Rish.

On both days the invoice says that Michael was given only one injection of Demerol per visit (100mg). However the medical records claim it was 200mg per visit.

What does this discrepancy mean? On this point we can only speculate. Was someone stealing Demerol in Klein’s office and writing it off as if given to MJ? Or was it just a clerical mistake? Out of the two documents I tend to believe the official invoice rather than the hardly readable handwritten notes  – the financial documents are usually more accurate.

Another proof that the invoice is more credible is that the invoice lists the visit on May 15 (with 100mg of Demerol) while the medical records do not.

May 15, 2009 What a sad glance!

May 15, 2009  Sadness

As the cosmetic treatment was subsiding the pictures taken in mid-May 2009 showed Michael leaving Klein’s office without any mask and even sunglasses – and this is when we are finally able to see his eyes and notice how deeply sad they are.

And I’m afraid that Michael had valid reasons for feeling that way.


At that time Michael was in the midst of various conflicts.

Besides his ongoing conflict with AEG over 50 concerts to be done with only one day between the shows, he had other problems to worry about – for example, the auction arranged by Tohme.

By then it had been called off but Michael was still to cover the auctioneers’ losses. Tohme was fired and his place was taken by Frank Dileo.

Rundall Sullivan describes the May period as follows:

Frank Dileo had a letter dated May 2, 2009, and signed (apparently) by Michael Jackson that appointed him as “one of my representatives and tour manager.”  According to Patrick Allocco, “Michael stopped all contact with Dr. Tohme”.

Tohme himself insisted that,“ Michael and I were still close. There is still love between us. I am still his manager.” What almost everyone else observed, though, was that by the middle of May 2009, Tohme, the man who described his job as “ protecting Michael Jackson from everyone and everything that can hurt him,” was largely out of the picture.

<>Even with Dileo in position, though, the question of Michael Jackson’s commitment to the O2 shows continued to concern Randy Phillips and the other executives at AEG. None of them was happy to learn that on the evening of May 14, Michael had arrived with his children at the Indian restaurant Chakra in Beverly Hills to join a celebration dinner marking Joe and Katherine Jackson’s sixtieth wedding anniversary, which, strangely, was being held six months before their actual anniversary in November.

May 15, 2009 Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips accompany Michael to a meeting

May 15, 2009 Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips accompany Michael to a meeting with Joe Jackson and  Leonard Rowe

<> That evening at Chakra <> Michael had allowed Katherine to convince him to join her the next day for a lunch meeting with Joe and Rowe at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

<> When Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware learned of the scheduled meeting, they insisted upon joining it.

On the afternoon of May 15, at a table in the Polo Lounge, Phillips and Gongaware listened glumly as Joe Jackson explained that AllGood Entertainment had agreed to schedule the “Jackson Family Reunion Concert” at the Dallas Cowboys’ football stadium on July 3, which would give Michael plenty of time to get to London and prepare for the O2 shows.

Patrick Allocco was ready to guarantee the family a fee of $30 million. His brothers really needed their piece of that money, and “I do, too,” Joe told his son. Leonard Rowe pointed out that Michael would be much better paid, on an hourly basis, for that one AllGood concert than he would be for fifty shows at the O2 Arena.

Flanked by Phillips and Gongaware, Michael explained that the deal he had signed with AEG Live was an exclusive one. He couldn’t perform anywhere else until he had finished the concerts in London.”

Actually we have a picture of Michael on May 15 followed by a whole crowd of people including Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware. Was it for that very meeting with Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe that all of them were heading?

The medical records for May 19 and 20 have a drawing of the areas on which the dermatologists at Klein’s office were working on those days.

Klein - May 19-20

Though according to the invoice on those two days Michael was given only 100mg of Demerol he looked somewhat  “off” which is no surprising considering the stress he was under and evidently very little sleep he had. 

May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009

The fans look sad – they and the media were thinking the worst about Michael.

Michael’s detractors were happy to announce that Michael was seen leaving Klein’s office with what they thought to be the signs of a heavy sedation – while in reality he had nearly none of it.

All those problems were evidently wearing him so thin that even as little as 100mg of Demerol was now able to knock him off his feet.

On Thursday, May 21 Klein’s invoice and medical records say that Michael was given Botox on the forehead and one injection of 100mg of Demerol + 1mg of Midazolam.

For the next eleven days nothing happened – there were no visits and no medication.

On June 1, Monday Klein was back and was again giving Michael Restylane and 200mg of Demerol (it seems that he had a tendency to give a bigger amount of painkillers than his colleagues).  

On June 3, Wednesday at 5:30 and 6:50 Klein gave Michael “Intralesl” and Restylane in the upper lip, cheek, cheekbone accompanied by 200mg of Demerol in the Left and Right Upper Quadrants.

Klein's invoice for MJ - page 4 broken into dates

Part 4 of the inovice

I don’t know the exact day for it but it looks like the same day June 3 Kenny Ortega had a serious conversation with Michael. 

They called it a “private” meeting with Michael Jackson.

And Conrad Murray acted as a mediator between Ortega and MJ.

So they did arrange another meeting for Michael at the beginning of June and Conrad Murray was an active participant in it. It was the first out of several ‘riot’ meetings they had for Michael.


If we compare this news with the testimony of Kai Chase it seems that the early June meeting in Michael’s home was the one when a vase was broken.

Kai Chase had to clean up and overheard a heated discussion between the participants. Michael was the first to leave the scene. He was followed by Murray who left the meeting through a kitchen door muttering “I can’t take this shit any more”. All the others remained in the room even when Kai Chase’s working day was over and continued debating.

June 2, 2009

June 3, 2009

You will ask me how we know about this meeting between Ortega and Michael in early June?

Well, we naturally know about it not only from the picture of them together dated June 3rd by MJJ, but from a very special and even precious Rolling stone article which is uniquely open about what was happening between Michael and his partners at the beginning of  June:

Although Jackson was playing a central role in shaping the comeback tour, taking the stage to prepare was another matter entirely.

While the crew logged long hours at CenterStaging, Jackson preferred to work from home most days. Those around him were getting nervous.

According to Phillips, AEG’s initial budget of $12 million for preproduction had more than doubled. But when the promoter pressed Jackson on the $150,000 a month he had agreed to pay Dr Murray, Michael rebuffed him sternly. “Look,” Jackson said, “my body is the mechanism that fuels this entire business. Like President Obama, I need my own personal physician attending to me 24/7.”

Others began to press Jackson to rehearse more. “I had my concerns if he was ready, and I questioned him,” says Ortega. “There were days when I was like, ‘Are you going to show up? Are you really going to be here? You need to do this.’ ” Citing the need for more setup time in London, Ortega asked for the opening show to be pushed back five days, to July 13.

In early June, Dr Murray mediated a meeting at Michael’s home between Jackson and Ortega, who felt the star needed to come to rehearsals more often. Jackson listened quietly to the tour director, but he didn’t seem alarmed. “I know my schedule,” he said calmly. “Just trust me.”

But after that, Jackson started coming to rehearsals all day, every day. To those around him, he seemed focused and attentive to every detail. “I like to refer to Michael as a gamer,” says DiLeo. “He’s the quarterback. He’s the star of the team, and in practise, quarterbacks are easygoing. But game day, he’s turning it on.”

CNN also confirms that there was a “private” meeting between Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray and Randy Phillips. If it was the broken vase meeting discussed at the AEG trial then Frank Dileo and Gongaware were also among those present:

Kenny Ortega, the director for This Is It, called a private meeting at Jackson’s home. AEG CEO Randy Phillips attended the meeting.

PHILLIPS: Kenny was concerned that he wasn’t coming to enough rehearsals, that he was taking it a little too nonchalantly. And Michael explained that he needed Kenny to build the house and then he would come in and paint the front door.

The USA Today makes it clear that the period we are talking of was indeed early June and the meeting was triggered off by Michael’s visits to Klein after which they felt he was “woozy”. So it was their concern about Klein’s injections that led to a meeting in Carolwood.

Several witnesses said Jackson would arrive at some This Is It rehearsals woozy after seeing Klein. He missed some rehearsals in early June. Director Kenny Ortega worried that “Michael wasn’t as engaged as he had to be, as focused as he had to be, on a production of this magnitude,” Phillips testified. Phillips said Jackson was not eating and was losing weight.

The concern led to a meeting at Carolwood. Murray promised the producers he would watch Jackson’s diet. Jackson reassured Ortega that he was working at home with choreographer Travis Payne and was up on his dance moves.

So the demands from Ortega and Phillips to do this and do that were in full swing in early June, and Conrad Murray was a full participant in this process. Michael explained that he knew his schedule and asked Ortega to first build the house and then he would come and paint the front door, and this was absolutely correct.

But even though Michael didn’t agree, after that meeting in early June he still began to attend each and every rehearsal.


From the various testimonies at the AEG trial we also know that Michael attended almost every rehearsal. He was at the Forum on June 4, Thursday (when Billie Jean was recorded), June 5-6 (Friday-Saturday), and then on June 8 -11 (Monday-Thursday).

On June 12 (Friday) he “didn’t have a good rehearsal” as everyone later recalled and for June 13 (Saturday) Murray gave Michael a sick leave which was cancelled due to Gongaware’s interference (“I want to remind him who is paying his salary”). Not later than Tuesday June 16 Michael reappeared at a rehearsal again looking frightened but stoic according to Karen Faye and then attended every rehearsal up to June 18.

Here is Karen Faye’s tweet:

CONTRARY to Kenny Ortega’s testimony, Michael was at rehearsals on the 16,17,18, and 19. And before that Michael was working at Culver City on the short film. He was trying very hard to be at rehearsals.

Indeed, at the beginning of June Michael went to Culver studios every day where he sang, danced and took part in shooting the videos for the so-called Dome Project. Knowing that he was to be recorded there it was evidently very important for him to look presentable in the video and this was probably one of the ideas of all those cosmetic procedures.

The Dome Project would consist of seven works: Smooth Criminal (Jackson inserted into classic 2D black-and-white film noir chase sequence); Thriller (3-D movie starting in a haunted house with a ghostly image of Vincent Price, then moving into a graveyard where the dead awaken); Earth Song (3D short film featuring little girl who wanders through rain forest, takes a nap and dreams of the splendor of nature, and awakens to find the natural world has been devastated); They Don’t Care About Us (a/k/a Drill, 2D film in which a sea of soldiers march in unison; 10 male dancers replicated hundreds of times); MJ Air (3-D movie in which a 707 jet pulls into the frame; hole was to open in screen for Michael Jackson to enter; jet flies away); The Final Message (3-D movie of little girl from rain forest embracing the earth); and The Way You Make Me Feel (2D theatrical background featuring male dancers fashioned as historical construction workers).

Yes, Michael missed some rehearsals in early June but there was nothing tragic about it. He indeed knew his schedule and was waiting for Ortega to build the house so that he could come and paint the front door. Ortega’s and Phillips’ complaints that Michael “wasn’t working hard enough” were completely groundless and their demands that he should attend rehearsals by all means were unforgivable.

It is essential to remember Michael was not obliged to attend rehearsals  and everyone admitted it including Randy Phillips himself:

Phillips said he does not remember ever seeing a contract where the artist is required to rehearse. The only requirement an artist had is to deliver a class act show, Phillips explained.
“Enrique Iglesias never showed up to rehearsals in the last tour Phillips did”, the exec said. “I thought it was odd, but Enrique Iglesias showed up in Boston, did an amazing show, got great reviews”.

There is no word to describe Randy Phillips’ hypocrisy when he pretends he didn’t slap Michael or yell at him “so that the walls shook”. In a free and civilized society even the boss, not to mention anyone else is not allowed to slap people and this is what real freedom is all about. However Randy Phillips is paying only lip service to these basic human rights:

Putnam: Can AEG Live force an artist to perform on a show?
Phillips: No, the artist has the ultimate veto power. We live in a free society, they are not my slaves. If the artist doesn’t want to perform, there’s nothing we can do.

Look at the other wild discrepancies between what the AEG bosses say and do:

Panish: You said no one could make MJ go to rehearsals?
Shawn Trell: Yes, that’s up to the artist.

However the email from Tim Woolley to Bob Taylor insurance broker 23 June reads: “Randy Phillips & Conrad Murray are responsible for making sure MJ attends rehearsal”.

And please note the sad fact that Michael Jackson knew that his partners were crossing the line but was helpless to change it:

Panish:”And MJ could say I don’t want to go to rehearsal, it’s not my thing, I don’t have to rehearse?”
Phillips: He did say that.

No wonder Michael would constantly repeat: “Why can’t I choose?”

Even the tour dancers noticed that he was taken advantage of  and was not allowed to take his own decisions:

Kriyss Grant: I thought he was being taken advantage of in the beginning because he was older. … And you could tell he had something to say, but he wouldn’t say it.

“I just felt like sometimes they questioned Michael about stuff and I didn’t understand that because Michael is the artist,” he explains. “I felt like anything Michael says about entertainment, we should all just listen and follow his feelings. If he doesn’t feel right about something or if something’s not right, I felt like it should just go. He should just have that right to do that.

For me it was just questionable… I’m trying to find the right way to say it… If they really were pushing him to do this or if he knew what was supposed to be done. I just felt like at the bottom line, as an artist, you should have your say. If you don’t feel right about anything you shouldn’t do it.

At the AEG trial Gongaware said that he never required Michael to rehearse because it was not part of the deal and he knew Michael’s nature and method – once the lights went up he would show up:

Gongaware explained MJ didn’t have to attend rehearsals, since it was not part of his deal. He said they never required an artist to rehearse. “I didn’t have any expectation”, Gongaware said regarding MJ rehearsing. He said that during the HIStory tour, MJ didn’t rehearse, nailed it.

“When it was game time, he would show up”, Gongaware explained. As to the email Gongaware wrote about calling MJ lazy, he said he used unfortunate choices of words, Michael didn’t like to rehearse.

Putnam: Why weren’t you concerned?
Gongaware: When the house lights would go up, he would show up.

Whatever Gongaware’s expectations were, he himself sent an email dated May 27, 2009 where he confirmed that the “kid” was healthy and rehearsing every day. The ABC tweets say:

Gongaware’s email on May 27, 2009: The Kid is healthy and rehearsing every day. He was still there at dance rehearsals at 9pm last night when I left.

Gongaware on June 5, 2009 in response to Sunday Mirror Query: “We can only make this work, of course, if MJ puts on the best show of his life. I’m here to tell you that he will. I have seen it for myselfLast night (June 4th) he ran 9 songs with full band, singers and dancers”.

On June 15, 2009: “MJ didn’t have a good day Friday, didn’t show up Saturday…” [Kenny Ortega to Paul Gongaware]. Gongaware: “This was just Kenny wanting MJ to be on top of his show”. Paul Gongaware says Kenny can be a drama queen sometimes.

Yes, Kenny Ortega can be a drama queen as his performance at This is it showed and I wish AEG had danced not around Ortega and his whims but around Michael Jackson and his interests.

If they had they would have probably realized that Michael didn’t have a good day on Friday June 12 simply because he was tired after working 6 days a week.  Travis Payne said that all of them were very tired.

So what kind of a production organization was it if everyone was dead tired even before the tour started? And how did they expect these people to do a first class show during the tour then?

Travis Payne said:

“He seemed very tired, we all were”.

If you count how many rehearsals Michael attended in May-June 2009 and how many of them he missed you will have to  agree with Travis Payne that Michael missed no more than five rehearsals:

Q How many times did Mr. Jackson miss rehearsals?
A Not many.
Q Less the five times?
A Maybe about five.
Q Were these times in June or through the entire period of This Is It rehearsals?
A Not many more then 5 times during the company rehearsals with the whole group. April, May and June.

But if only five rehearsals were missed why would Ortega and Phillips trip on Michael Jackson then? And if the company was still behind schedule despite Michael being present at almost every rehearsal who was to blame for the unsuccessful production of the show then?

No, it was absolutely not Michael Jackson’s fault. They are simply trying to turn him into a scapegoat for their own ineptitude, hectic production organization and greediness that prompted them to cut the period of rehearsals by at least two weeks at the expense of the tour time which they extended to sell more tickets.


As to Michael’s attendance of Klein’s office in June 2009 there is very little left to tell.

Klein's invoice for MJ - page 5 broken into dates

Part 5 of the invoice

According to the invoice the next time Michael went to Klein’s office was on June 4. The medical records don’t mention this visit, but the procedures done to Michael on that day were Latisse, a lot of cleansing and Sunscreen. There were no injections of Demerol.

June 9 was Tuesday. The medical records show that Michael was given 200mg Demerol for acne surgery and Botox under the eyes. Klein prescribed Michael eye drops. In the invoice the same visit is marked as June 10th.

Seven days later on June 16 there was an unscheduled visit to Klein.  The medical records for that day register some work on his acne scars and hollows under the eyes (?) in the Right Upper Quadrant. The visit was at 1:00 pm. Only one injection of 100mg of Demerol was given.

Innocent as it was this visit to Klein did not go unnoticed by Michael’s partners.  The same day, on June 16th they arranged another meeting for Michael which was attended by Randy Phillips, Ortega, Frank Dileo and Murray. This meeting went into history as an “intervention” meeting.

At the meeting they evidently demanded that Michael should never see Klein again and Randy Phillips surely yelled at him (as he usually did) after which he nominated himself and Conrad Murray responsible for Michael’s attendance of rehearsals.

The ABC tweets from the AEG trial place the meeting on June 16th as they mention Phillips’ email to Tohme Tohme dated June 17 which in its turn refers to an intervention meeting held the previous day (June 16th):

Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme: Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I have an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday. Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show.

Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.

Of course it had to do with those non-existent “drugs” as this intervention was directly connected with Michael’s unscheduled visit to Klein!

Murray or someone else reported Michael’s “misbehavior” to AEG which immediately reacted with an “intervention” – though there was absolutely nothing to intervene about.  It was evidently then that they decided to play tough love on Jackson, and pull the plug on the show in case he didn’t follow their rules. Otherwise he was to lose everything, even his kids.

Karen Faye’s text messages to her boyfriend on June 19th confirm the fact of an “intervention” meeting and that Michael was threatened there with the worst that he could ever imagine:

“Didn’t get home until 2:30. KENNY WAS MAD” (all in caps).

“He and Randy Phillips and the doctor held a sort of intervention. MJ didn’t show till 9:30 p.m. Kenny told me AEG, (Randy Phillips) is funding his entire life right now. His house, food, kids, school, everything.”



On Monday, June 22 Michael made his last visit to Klein’s office. It was a routine visit with Restylane used for his scars in the Right Upper Quandrant.  Only 100mg of Demerol was used and the visit would have been unremarkable if Klein and his employees had not had a strange feeling that they were seeing Michael for the last time. 

Klein said: “He was not in terrible pain when I saw him. He danced in the office, and he danced for my patients”. However he and Jason Pfeiffer added: “He was saying goodbyes the week before passing. Everyone was creeped out by it”.

Lou Ferrigno also had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen. According to TMZ Ferrigno’s last meeting took place two weeks before Michael’s death:

Lou says he had been training Michael 2 to 3 times a week for the tour … and aside from seeming “very stressed out,” he appeared in good health.

And this is eerie … Lou says as he left Michael’s house the last time — two weeks before MJ’s death — Jackson said, “Take care of yourself.” Lou said, “I’m going to see you next week.” Michael just repeated, “Take care of yourself.” Lou feels Michael knew something bad was about to happen.

Of course people who were close to Michael could tell that something was terribly wrong even from the look on his face. This wrong was the unbearable, unjust and unforgivable pressure put on Michael by his partners.

Each time someone from AEG called Michael cried and once he even said to his son: “They are going to kill me”.

This heavy thought was the burden Michael was living with in the last weeks and days of his life and it was the reflection of that thought that people saw on his face.

Actually a week before his death Michael even asked someone a direct question: “You aren’t going to kill the artist, are you?”, only the lawyers, media and everybody else quickly swept that question under the rug so that no one even remembers it by now.

And this is why I am reminding you of it.

‘You aren’t going to kill the artist, are you?’ the King of Pop purportedly asked producers during his ‘This Is It’ tour.



* * *


In a supplement to this post Klein explains how the invoice for his medical services to Michael Jackson came into TMZ possession as early as October 2009.

The handwritten medical records were not obtained until 2011 when they were subpoenaed by court for Murray’s trail.

By Arnold W. Klein on 28 October 2011
Arnold W. Klein, MD
Professor of Medicine and Dermatology
Klein Chair in Dermatology UCLA
Consultant to the General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel of the FDA
“The Most Innovative & Famous Cosmetic Dermatologist in the World”
BevHills Times Magazine
Subject: Hipaa Violation Report
I am Dr. Arnold Klein of 9615 Brighton Way Ste M-110 Beverly Hills, CA90210.  I am filing this report of a HIPAA violation regarding the records of my former patient, Mr. Michael Jackson.

Doctors frequently use medical software systems both for records and insurance billing these doctors input billing data, the patient’s name, billing amount, type of treatment, diagnosis, type of drugs prescribed and administered, and the date of service. This is essentially the record system in my office.  On October 27, 2009, without my permission my lawyers Richard Charnley and Brad Boyer of the law firm of Ropers, Majeski, Kohn and Bentley of 515 Flower Street Ste 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90011 in collusion with my former employee Jason Pfeiffer and former accountant Muhammad Kihilji essentially released Michael Jackson’s medical records in court supposedly to get me paid by the Jackson estate.

I did find out until recently that this was the manner in which the mass media got hold of my records. They released the software bills showing line by line the treatment details of each visit that was unpaid at the time of Michael’s untimely death. Mr. Charnley and Mr. Khilji then went on to release the entire patient chart of Michael Jackson including my notes written on the patient file to various individuals on the Internet. I recently found a copy on the office computer from Mr. Khilji.

This unauthorized release of Michael Jackson’s records has caused my practice untold damage and has spurned a media circus. It has given tabloids and trashy media free access to Mr. Jackson’s private medical information.  Mr. Jason Pfeiffer has tried to capitalize on the hype and has gone on television to publicly discuss the records and my treatments on television.  It should be noted that Jason Pfeiffer, Muhammad Khilji with the assistance of Richard Charnley have embezzled over 12 million dollars from me leaving me in bankruptcy court. The have made illegal loans, stolen my identity, written checks, taken out loans, open and closed bank accounts, and depleted my retirement fund.

These individuals did this without my permission but I have reason to believe the concert promoter’s AEG is involved in that they have been in contact with Charnely.

Once released my records have been totally misinterpreted. They have been used by TMZ, The Beast, Anderson Cooper and various other media sources to obscure the real facts and individuals responsible for Mr. Michael Jackson’s death. First these records are not simply my records but that of three physicians treating Mr. Jackson: Myself, David Rish and Ilya Reyder. Michael was treated by me to rebuild his face for the “This is It  Tour.”

Injection sessions to rebuild his face from the consequences of faulty plastic surgery took 3-4 hours and he was given Demerol for pain relief during these procedures. Please note the entire month of May I was out of the country so injections he received during that time were not mine. Addiction requires the frequency and dose of medication to increase. As my treatments with Michael became less lengthily the dose of Demerol that was used and the frequency of visits was greatly reduced. The figures that have been erroneously quoted to the public indicate a grossly increased frequency of visits and size of dose than that actually used.

Being a recognized authority on addiction and Mr. Jackson’s physician I was well aware of his long-standing problem with Propothol created by a plastic surgeon that Mr. Jackson subsequently discharged and was placed in a mental institution. Please understand what you have experienced and I have suffered is an attempt by the greedy parties responsible for Michael Jackson’s death to use me as a scapegoat. They have defamed my name and attempted to destroy me. My relationship with Mr. Jackson taught me many things one of which was the ability to survive. Now it is my turn to take action against the media and finally reveal the greedy and disgusting people who were truly responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.

I’m afraid that Klein was indeed turned into a scapegoat after Michael’s death. Everything under the sun was done at that time to distract attention from the real culprits and focus it on Arnold Klein.

But I’m not sure that it was only Klein’s lawyer Richard Charnley who disclosed his invoice of MJ medical procedures to the public. By now we know that the invoice was in Michael Kane’s possession when Michael was still alive and from the emails presented at the AEG trial it is clear that Kane and Phillips were freely discussing its entries as early as June 2009.

Apparently Phillips had access to them and this is why he answered Michael Kane that Klein “scared them to death because he was shooting him up with something”. The invoice did not say it was Demerol and just stated “I.M.injections” (intramuscular injections),  but coupled with their knowledge of Michael’s previous use of Demerol this was enough for AEG to be mad with Klein and regard him as the main villain versus their good doctor Conrad Murray.

At the AEG trial the fact that Randy Phillips had access to that invoice was not even disputed:

Promoter’s e-mail: Michael Jackson’s dermatologist ‘scares us to death’

By Alan Duke, CNN

June 12, 2013 — Updated 1040 GMT (1840 HKT)

Los Angeles (CNN) — AEG Live’s CEO wrote two days before Michael Jackson died that a doctor Jackson was seeing “scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something,” court testimony shows.

Randy Phillips’ e-mail could contradict his earlier testimony that he had no idea Jackson was getting prescription drugs while he was preparing for his comeback concerts.

On Monday, Panish confronted Phillips about an e-mail exchange that he had two days before Jackson’s death in which Phillips was asked if Dr. Arnold Klein was “on the list of doctors that will help get us from today to the opening night.”

“He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something,” Phillips replied.

Michael Kane, who was Jackson’s business manager, shared with Phillips that Klein’s office sent him a $48,000 bill for Jackson’s frequent visits to his Beverly Hills dermatology clinic in the months before his death.

Klein’s invoice said Jackson had been treated with Restalyne, Botox and unidentified drug injections, Kane wrote to Phillips.

“There were a lot of bills for injections, I didn’t know what it was,” Phillips said in his deposition before the trial.

Klein or his staff injected Jackson with 6,500 milligrams of Demerol during the last three months of his life, according to documents and testimony at Murray’s criminal trial.

“Since we owe him $48K and he wants payment, maybe I should stop paying him so he would stop shooting him up,” Kane told Phillips. “I have the details of what he is doing.”

It was unclear why Kane would share Jackson’s medical records with an AEG Live executive since the company’s lawyers insist they were not involved with and did not pry into Jackson’s health care.

I don’t think that it would be a too big stretch of imagination to assume that AEG had access to Klein’s medical records and that it was probably them who disclosed to the media Dr.Klein’s invoice, especially since they indeed were in contact with Klein’s lawyer.

Bad publicity about Michael could never hurt AEG and Conrad Murray needed this information to build his defense strategy at the future trial. After the invoice was made public Murray’s lawyers indeed claimed that Demerol was the core of the whole problem. Murray’s trial overturned this theory however now the media is starting it all over again as the recent UK Channel 5 program shows it.

Part 2 of this post will have a transcript of DDA David Walgren’s discussion of Klein’s medical records with Dr. Waldman. In his cross-examination the defense addiction expert witness will finally have to admit that Michael was “probably” not addicted to Demerol and that the symptoms Michael was displaying at the end of June could not be connected to this drug.

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  1. November 23, 2015 2:41 pm

    “I chanced upon a few links which shed some (or, more!) truth on the TII rehearsals. Perhaps you guys are already familiar with the above… Really sorry if they are old news to you and VMJ readers!” – pinkpumps

    Pinkpumps, thank you. Even if some of us read this information before, it is still worth repeating it.

    The episode Michael Bearden and Jonathan Moffett refer to must be the one where Michael Bearden is telling MJ something like “You should be here to tell us which sound you want” and Michael answering him “I want it to be exactly the way I wrote it”.

    That moment struck me in “This is it” as unnecessarily aggressive on the part of Michael Bearden and MJ being very patient with him. Indeed they should have first learned their part and made it impeccable and only then ask for his participation. Michael said the same to Kenny Ortega, “Build the house and then I’ll come and paint the front door”.

    At the initial stage his presence was totally unnecessary, and his dancing and singing at rehearsals was even harmful as he was only exhausting himself at the whim of the producer – AEG and their Randy Phillips.

    “kudos to the minority who had the balls to speak some truth about him, during his last months/days”

    Those people were absolutely terrorized by AEG and couldn’t tell the truth or even say a word to anyone without AEG’s authorization. All of them were bound by extremely strict confidentiality agreements with the producer.

    It’s enough to look at the respective clause in Conrad Murray’s contract with AEG to see what it was like – Michael Jackson’s confidential agreement with the Chandlers, for example, is no comparison to Murray’s with AEG in terms of its secrecy. Michael’s agreement was shutting off the media only but allowed the Chandlers to speak to law enforcement, while Murray’s contract does not allow to utter a single word without the permission of AEG.

    Murray’s contract said:

    “ …all such confidential and proprietary information shall remain and be kept in strictest confidence and shall not be disclosed to or used by any person or entity without the prior written consent of Producer, which consent may be withheld by Producer in its sole and absolute discretion. The obligation to maintain confidentiality provided herein shall survive any termination or expiration of the Term of his Agreement and may be enforced [..] without proving that Producer would suffer irreparable harm as a result of a violation of such confidentiality obligation”. see page 123 of this document for the text of it:

    Now that I mentioned it I realize that even though the contract was not signed by AEG, Murray is still strictly adhering to its terms as we never hear him talk about AEG, but at the same time he allowed himself to tell a lot of lies and scurrilous stories about Michael. This alone shows who Murray’s real master was.

    As to writing a second part to this post – of course I will after more urgent matters are attended to. At the moment the 2005 court documents seem a priority to me and this is what I need to go on with.

    (Note: if the message has several links it may be suspended by a spam filter and this is what happened to your comment).


  2. pinkpumps permalink
    November 23, 2015 6:36 am

    Hi Helena / VMJ Team

    I chanced upon a few links which shed some (or, more!) truth on the TII rehearsals, and thought that part of them corresponds with the account from ”Mrfuture@Kop Board”.

    • On a TII dancer’s comment that MJ was ”taken advantage of” –

    • Some of another TII dancer’s tweets during the CM trial –

    • Perspective of TII’s musical director – Michael Bearden – I am not sure how to describe that moment in TII objectively, so I’m just going to include the portion of that interview here:

    Valmai: Michael Jackson knew every element, instruments, notes and chords in his music. He knew when something wasn’t right and we see this in the film with his song “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Was this the only time you and he didn’t see eye to eye with a musical arrangement?

    Michael: Many people seem to think me and MJ didn’t agree in that moment. Not true. We we’re having a “creative joust” as we called it. MJ had a strong opinion and so did I. We laughed and hugged at the end of it and you can see the mutual respect and love in the film. I have never been one to just be a sycophant and bow down to everything the artists say. Why else would you hire a musical director? Just hire a person to execute what you want to have happen and go with that? MJ was brilliant in that he always wanted to grow and push boundaries. He would always tell me to push him so that’s what I did. I have no problem doing that with any artist I work with. That’s the way it was with MJ and me and that’s the way it is. We saw eye-to-eye and then pushed our vision even further. The results are always better with that approach. It was all done in love.


    • Perspective of TII’s drummer – Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett – on the same moment:

    Valmai: Michael was a master at synchronizing his dancers and musicians so that they flowed together in a seamless and perfect harmony. Can you give us a glimpse into his creative genius? Is there a story that you could tell us that we don’t already know?

    Jonathan: Well, that question is a testimony and demonstration to how much he knows his music. To direct everybody, to know when something is missing, one single note in a chord, he knows it. He points it out, “Something’s wrong with that chord. What’s wrong with that chord? There’s a note missing.” Then he will actually hum the note; sing it out aloud, “daaaaaaaaa”…“Where’s that note? That note’s supposed to be there.” I’ve seen him time and time and time again do that. The same thing with the guitar parts. He’ll describe it; he knows that, he knows everything.

    When we didn’t have percussions, we’d have the percussion parts in the computer that we would play to, and if a certain rhythm or pattern, (we had so many rhythms and patterns overlapping each other) if a certain element wasn’t there, he felt it. He feels everything, and his emotions tell him there’s something missing. He’ll think about this and he knows exactly what part is not there, what rhythm is not happening that doesn’t make the machine run smoothly. It’s like an engine. If one of the valves is out it stutters, it splutters you know, and he can feel that it’s not running smoothly. Michael knows all his music like that, and when all the valves are timed and running right and firing properly, Michael knows when it’s right because he feels it emotionally. He has the knowledge of how the music was put together. So I think that’s remarkable and it really answers that question. His band is so tight because he knows when something is missing.

    We do all the homework and learn it; we’re supposed to learn it and come to rehearsal. That’s what we are getting paid for, and I make sure, that’s why Michael likes me there because he knows I do that with no excuses. He just trusts me totally because I have the same mentality. It’s got to be perfect, it’s got to be right, it’s got to be what the artist wants because that’s what I am getting paid to do. He never checked me once to make it right for him so he can get his best show. I gotta get my best show just so he can get his best show. He’s counting on me, and the whole show is counting on me. How can I let them down? I can’t. That’s my mentality, there’s no way.

    So he trusts that everybody will be that way, and that’s why he hires you; the people that are capable of delivering that. If you’re with him on stage or in rehearsals, it’s because he trusts that you’re on the same level for focus and concentration and desire to be your best. Now sometimes some people fall short, you know, get a little lazy or don’t learn anything right or don’t perform it right, that’s when, like in the movie, he got on the keyboard player. He was the Music Director and Michael had to kind of teach him again. So sometimes that happens unfortunately, but for the most part we all get there and we do what we’re supposed to do. Michael refines it. He’s the chef so he’s putting more seasoning in here and there, “Change this and change that. Play that with maybe a little more attitude right here.” He refines it and mixes all the ingredients together. It’s a recipe, and he makes sure it’s a good dish to serve to the public so that they enjoy the meal of music.


    In summary, just really shows the denial (PR crap) TII folks had to portray about MJ, especially those who directly upped their careers because of TII and MJ and yet until today, have never said the truth about what really went on, in whatever small capacity, and kudos to the minority who had the balls to speak some truth about him, during his last months/days.

    Perhaps you guys are already familiar with the above… Really sorry if they are old news to you and VMJ readers!

    P.S. I hope a part 2 of the post, or at least another post on TII will be written. Looking forward! : )


  3. October 23, 2015 4:29 pm

    Dr. Klein died today at age 70. He suffered from multiple sclerosis and is said to have died ‘from natural causes’.

    I feel very sorry for him. Most of what tabloids said about Klein after Michael’s death was untrue and was instigated by AEG Live who were distracting public attention from themselves and were putting their own guilt on his shoulders.

    AEG thought that Klein was a problem while the problem was the extreme stress, humiliation and unnecessary hard work they subjected Michael to.

    And though Dr. Klein could have easily lied that it was Michael who requested Demerol, he never, ever said that and always insisted that Demerol was the painkiller of his choice when he was giving Michael his cosmetic procedures.

    This article ( says that though Dr. Klein was accused of contributing to Jackson’s medication problems “he was cleared by federal agents”.

    The media naturally never informed us about it until Dr. Klein’s death.

    All other media is repeating the old lies, but I hope time will put everything in its true place.

    P.S. The subject of Demerol was addressed in this post, but due to a big break in time needs to be revisited and continued.


  4. February 23, 2015 2:01 pm

    “I look forward to the part 2 of this post, thank you” – suisui2503

    Good you reminded me of it. It was practically ready at the time but something more urgent took me away from it and since then I’ve never had time to return to it. I don’t promise it in the near future but one day will hopefully make it. You can’t imagine how many posts I still owe to my readers. Terribly sorry for that.


  5. February 16, 2015 11:37 pm

    I look forward to the part 2 of this post, thank you


  6. April 19, 2014 5:52 am

    Due to ♥ MJ’s popular presence, the King Michael Jackson’s magnificent spirit I wish you dear Helena, you entire Michael’s family and to everyone a Happy Easter!
    We all owe Michael’s gratitude, eternal love, whereas he is the glue of knowing, of closeness, of respect between all beings of the world! Forever we love, respect you King ♥ Michael and we miss you So Much!!!
    May this Easter Sunday to inspire you a new hope, happiness, prosperity and abundance, all received through God’s divine grace.
    Have you all humans a Blessed Easter! Celebrate Easter Day remembering you about the huge Michael’s love, music and dance.
    May this love, peace, harmony between every people to last forevermore! Yours, Barbra


  7. February 4, 2014 3:43 pm

    “Terry Anderson, Michael’s bodyguard, told some insider information, and hsaid that if Michael hadn’t had resources like the fans, his 3 lawyers and God, they – the accusers and the media – would have killed him. He told how Michael always read the Scripture and needed the power of prayer to survive.” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, thanks a lot. You answered the question about the main Michael’s difference.


  8. February 4, 2014 3:28 pm

    “I listened to Catherine Gross‘ radio show yesterday with filmmakers Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw and wish to make you aware of their film about the behavior of the media and the treatment of the fans during the 2005 trial. It can be purchased at Amazon, but there are only 100 copies available: Susannerb

    Susannerb, thank you very much for detailed information about the film. I’ve looked it up on Amazon and it says that 2 copies are available now. As regards its quality the comments left on the Amazon site say that it is MUST SEE:

    This film is a “must see” for anyone who harbors doubts about the Media’s power to manipulate and control public perception. The film makers turned their cameras on certain well known “journalists” reporting from Michael Jackson’s 2005 Santa Maria, CA trial, as said “journalists” attempted to interview Michael’s fans and supporters for the sole purpose of sensationalizing and depicting the fans as fanatical and obsessed.

    With no televised coverage of the 2005 trial, the only information received by the public was from “journalists” and reporters who had access to the courtroom, most of whom were only too eager to report the prosecution side of the case while saying little if anything about Tom Mesereau’s decimation of prosecutor Sneddon’s witnesses and slim evidence. This, combined with their wholly inaccurate depiction of Michael’s “crazed fans”, leaves little doubt in my mind why, to this day, there remain so many individuals who believe Michael Jackson, a man totally vindicated by acquittal, was just another guilty celebrity who escaped prison.

    To those who hold that erroneous belief, I urge you to view this excellent film, conduct your own research, read all available court transcripts, and then open your eyes to the manipulative power of an out-of-control, greed driven media to shape public opinion and perception. Hopefully, the film makers will create a “Part II”!

    * * *

    If you are a fan or even if you’re not, this is a MUST for all. This made me sad, mad, frustrated all at the same time. What the media did and are still doing to Michael JACKSON is sickening. Watch this and you will see exactly how the media does things and how they change stories to make it appear worse than it appears. The media has gotten worse over the years. Today is no different. Please, buy this!! You’ll see what I mean. I’m sorry Michael that they did this to you.


  9. February 2, 2014 3:32 pm

    Michael had that nasty fall in the bathtub 2005 and was hospitalised. Naturally he was given painkillers.Most painkillers are not from the opiod group,but a good dose of those can make you woozy too.Can´t remember the name of what Evan C. gave him, by injection.That was not an opipiod,Tramadol,though here it states it has some euphorisant qualities. but still affected Michael to the extent they had to place him in bed.Once he fell in the bath tub and hurt his back.
    The above incident was the cause for the pyjama incident. He had a prior injury from a fall during a performance.You might have seen the pic on this blog not long ago..Then there are many non euphorisant painmeds; Ibuprofen one most commonly used,naproxen,dichlofenaksodium ie voltaren, indometrzine and many more.They are not habit forming, but many people with severe and chronic pain are in danger of developing stomach ulcers and are indeed between a rock and a hard Place.The mortality in longterm use is not neglible.Also kidneys and the liver can be effected.Used briefly at adviced dose they are safe for most people, but do often cause temporary wooziness.I dont think Michael could have performed while under the influence of these kind of ordinary painkillers if he needed a full dose.


  10. Mariam permalink
    February 2, 2014 12:16 pm

    W, at AGE trail Karen Fay said something about MJ using too much of painkiller during 2005 trial and she suspected Grace (nannie) may be feeding him something like that, I will look at it again, I am not clear about her statement very much but I am not also sure if she is just suspicious or if she is sure, however as you do, I will stick/rely on Mr.Thomas Mesereau and Dr. Treacey’s word that he was not on drug in that time of period 2004-2007, because I trust Tom Mesereau.


  11. jolie permalink
    February 2, 2014 11:56 am

    Hi Everyone, This is off topic. Just an fyi…

    I found that Jackson’s two bodyguards (Las Vegas) Whitfield and Beard (two of three) are finally getting out their book. Looks like June 2014 is the date: Looks like it is on pre-order at Amazon. Again fyi…

    Thank you Helena for all your excellent work.


  12. February 2, 2014 10:31 am

    Only 4 years inbetween these 2 unbelievably horrendous events.And in between he did manage some good time in Ireland. His Doctor there Dr. Treacey also states he saw nothing indicative of drug use. Despite the good time there Dr.Treacey remarked:”There was a certain sadness about him”.–No wonder having cared for a child witha serious cancer,whom Michael had to carry as he couln´t walk, and then arrainging for a blood drive as the child had an unusual bloodgroup.Here there is a saying:”Thanklessness are the wages of this world.-Anyway good to hear that something positive comes out in the film mentioned..


  13. February 2, 2014 10:18 am

    Only 4 yers ago.How could he have forgotten or recovered.In 2005 Michael was in constant contact with his defence lawyer Mr.Thomas Mesereau who is adamant that Michae was not on drugs, Michaels intelligence and logic did not suffer.Ofcourse he responded to this enourmous stress with sleeplessness and poor appetite followed By weightloss.He did not even attend the celebration of his aquittal. I believe he spent the first 24 hrs in a hospital for dehydration..


  14. Christy permalink
    February 2, 2014 9:44 am

    When I see the whole picture of his last time of his life, it broke my heart knowing he had no one to care, it hurts really. That is what I think is tragedy not the way he died.-Mariam
    You hit the nail on the coffin with this-makes me wish I could have been his friend and for the longest time I had trouble forgiving myself that I didn’t try hard to find a way.


  15. susannerb permalink
    February 2, 2014 7:40 am

    Guys, I listened to Catherine Gross‘ radio show yesterday with filmmakers Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw and wish to make you aware of their film about the behavior of the media and the treatment of the fans during the 2005 trial. It can be purchased at Amazon, but there are only 100 copies available:
    Participating in the conversation were also Gregory Son, a fan who was in Santa Maria in 2005 and helps to promote the film, and Kerry Anderson, a bodyguard of Michael who was part of his security team at that time.

    What struck me most and what establishes a connection to our current discussion about Michael’s time with AEG before his death is the words that were used at one point: That the hardest thing they watched during the trial was how Michael deteriorated in front of their eyes (though he was strong in the beginning). And that the trial was killing him.
    These were the same words that were used by people who saw Michael during the preparations for the concert series in 2009, only 4 years later. So the same thing happened again and it was not the first time Michael’s life was threatened. It reminded me again that with all the research about AEG, Murray and MJ’s final weeks we must not forget what happened only 4 years prior and that we have to see everything within the whole context and on the whole scale of Michael’s life.
    And from all this it becomes very clear that his life several times was threatened by people – not by diseases, not by accidents, not by drugs and medication, but by people who decided to harass, accuse, chase and take advantage of him.

    Terry Anderson, Michael’s bodyguard, told some insider information, for example about the death threats they received, and he said that if Michael hadn’t had resources like the fans, his 3 lawyers and God, they – the accusers and the media – would have killed him. He told how Michael always read the Scripture and needed the power of prayer to survive. He told how a few people called Michael to show their support, like Whitney Houston who called Michael in the car on the way to the court, and how this gave Michael strength.

    Also, the filmmakers I think are very reliable people because they told in no uncertain terms what they think about the media and what was going on in Santa Maria, that balanced journalism does no longer exist and that we can no longer trust in news reports. They also were in the courtroom on a few days and for example observed reporters like Nancy Grace sleeping in the courtroom and not paying attention to the testimonies and then creating “an alternative verdict”. They also observed how fans were physically assaulted by Michael’s haters, who were throwing eggs for example, and that grown men with bicycles ran over girls who supported Michael. And Dana said that this was only possible because “the media made it okay”!
    Though I didn’t see the film, I think it can be highly recommended. The filmmakers are very adamant that the media does not tell the truth and that they reported only the prosecution side in 2005. Dana clearly said that people who turn to TMZ for information will not buy their film and will not understand what it is about.

    It would be great if someone who had seen the film would tell us more about it.


  16. Mariam permalink
    February 1, 2014 5:05 pm

    Thank you Susannerb and Helena for your correction, you helping me to revise some of info from 1999 -2005.

    This is what I found on the internet and I tried to fit MJ with one of this drug thing based on what we know about MJ now and what experts said.
    “Terms like opioid abuse, drug abuse, drug dependence, and drug addiction are often used interchangeably, but experts define them as follows:
    • Drug abuse, including opioid abuse, is the deliberate use of a medicine beyond a doctor’s prescription. In the case of opiates, the intention is generally to get high or to relieve anxiety.

    This is not a case at all for MJ, because first of all, he was using it for legitimate reason for his on-going pain problem throughout his life, second, as per Dabee Rose and most of the doctors testimony (Dr. David, Dr. Farshchian , Dr. Saunders) who was treating him for reasonable time period, said he never use drug to get high, instead they said he was trying to avoid it (Demrol) . So MJ absolutely does not fit in this class.

    • Dependence occurs when the body develops tolerance to the drug, meaning higher doses are needed for the same effect. In addition, stopping the drug produces drug withdrawal symptoms.

    I believe based on his own word 1993, he had dependency and he overcomes that for long time. he might start using painkiller again after his accident for his back pains, and relapse again but he was fighting (with Dr, Farshchian help) and he became sober again “7/2/03 — patient returned for another implant, sober for almost 9 months, good with 12 step program”.

    However, there is evidence according to his medical record (thank God for Helena’s research make it very clear ) and again from peoples testimony which confirmed, in 2009 he had no drug dependency problem, moreover, the autopsy result did prove that Demerol not found in his system.

    This is a fine line and a turning point for the people who tried to convince the world as MJ was drug addict/has dependency or he died because of his drug addiction. To me based on what I learn about addiction/dependency and based on what I know about MJ history using painkiller drugs, he was not either an addict or has dependency on drug when he died. Whether they believe it or not he wasn’t. period.

    Even though he was given Demerol by his Dr.Klein’s for his cosmetics procedure in 2009, the frequency and the amount (An increase in usage- which is one of a sign of an addiction) he was given at the end tell us he has no dependency of drug and he doesn’t sound as a person who has it.

    One week after MJ arrested the end of November probably, 27th or28/ 2003, Dr. Farshchian said he saw him and Putnam asked him “How was he doing?” Dr. Farshchian: “Not too good” Putnam: Was he using drugs again? Dr. Farshchian: No” based on this testimony he was sober at list until the end of 2003.

    But I have no solid info how he was doing between 2004 -2007 I am sure there is, but during the trial he was not looking good on his court appearance and he was obviously stressed and under tremendous pressure, his insomnia and back pain, so there is a suspicion. Generally, 1999 – 2005 was very difficult time of his life, there was a lot of thing going on in his life (physically, emotionally and financially, socially and all accept of his life was under attack). As many people said and I also think, after 2005 accusation he did not recover fully.

    Helen-Marie, I am also believe, that he was not in good health both in body and mind in his final days. That makes me cry.

    In this situation usually peoples committed suicide or being depressed and be under medication, but the man got up again, tried to get back to work and stand again for his value and his mission in life (speaking up behalf of disadvantage children, caring about our planate, fighting for equality and freedom, being humanitarian, after all this he was still humble and compassion) and continue being a great father is extraordinary to me. It is just amazing.

    Unfortunately, he did not get support from friends/fellow musician and even from family that he needed and deserved. Instead, as Helen-Marie said, he become targeted and surrounded by wolves who does not had best interest for him in heart.

    People said, he was tough, fighter and resilient man, indeed he was, I agree with that 100%. That teach me a lesson, not to lose your value and moral and goal you have in life no matter what.

    I remember, around that time 1999, also he broke up with his first wife Lisa Marie and I can imagine how emotionally difficult it was to him the broke up itself. Imagine the person you love very much and you dreamed her all your life and finally you married her, your wife not wanting to have children from you that you want in life most is hard to take it, additional that what she was saying about him in public was hard to deal with. Knowing how much he loved her and him how desperate to have children, it broke my heart too.
    However, Immediately, after I learned how AEG and all those people around him (particularly between 1999 -2005) how badly treated him and when I see how brutally they took advantage of his vulnerability, and when I think his last days, his fear and loneliness, I wished if he had LM beside him or a wife who loved him for him not for his fame or money, who can just accepting the whole package (Michael Jackson), who is strong and smart women, I think, he would never be treated and even his dependency wouldn’t be a problem and he wouldn’t die.

    If he had someone who really cares about him, do you think Murray could do what he did? (experimenting and giving him all those drugs, recording him e.t.c who knows what else he did) Do you think RP slapped him, steal from him, confusing him to sing a contract for 50 shows? When I see the whole picture of his last time of his life, it broke my heart knowing he had no one to care, it hurts really. That is what I think is tragedy not the way he died.

    • Drug addiction occurs when the person has drug dependence, but also displays psychological effects. These include compulsive behavior to get the drug; craving for the drug; and continued use despite negative consequences, like legal problems or losing a job. “

    Again MJ behaviour does not fit for this classes too, MJ did not crave and ask anybody to get drugs in fact he was trying to avoid it as much as he can. Also I never heard MJ had illegal problem other than the people accusing him the crime he didn’t comit (it makes me laugh when I think the evidence they list to picture him as criminal 2005 when I compare it to the real one) to get his money, if I am not mistaken, I never heard even him charged DUI or assault or abused his wife or anybody or did shoplift or charged for buying or for sale drugs.

    So MJ’s behavior is not the same as other typical/real drug addict behavior and should not be considered as he is an addict and it is not faire destroying his legacy as result of that, and is not also faire for his kids/ family and also for his fans. As per the information we have and as autopsy report confirmed, MJ was not an addict/has no dependency of prescribed drugs, at list for all 2009 until he died, also even though he has prescription drug history before , the autopsy prove that he was not a long time user or has no serious drug dependency problem. That all clear and that is all we know now about MJ at this point.

    MJ life is open book now thanks for AEG trail; anybody can just simply take a little time and read a book (his life) and can judge him/herself. There is no secret about MJ life anymore, everything about him is out there, unfortunately.
    His life is invaded so badly than any other celebrity who died for drug overdose or died for any other reason. Only MJ, would say everything in that aspect, he is absolutely a victim, may be a little bit exaggerated, but for some reason I feel he is the only one treated worse
    than anybody when it comes privacy. I never see anybody dead body reviled like that and brought up on TV for show or for profit. Never heard any dead celebrity’s privet life brought up on media that detail to that extent. May be I messed it? I don’t know, if so, pls forgive me for that.

    Sorry for my long comment, I promised I will make it short for next time.


  17. February 1, 2014 3:50 pm

    susannerb & helena “what we learned from the trial”.It would be of interest to know all the questions from the trial to which witnesses answered ” I don´t recall, or remember” or other evasive answers.That would bring about a rather cohesive picture of what was going on.
    All that which was disregarded as result of the jury instructions.and other goings on that was noted.
    Many people knew Michaels talent, how many knew what a good man he was.


  18. February 1, 2014 12:41 pm

    “This letter is in accordance with a lot what we found out ourselves and what we learned from the trial, it replenishes our research and puts the pieces together. It would be worth to contrast it with events, testimonies, statements. There are definitely a lot of details to substantiate this letter and vice versa.” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, this will have to be done by all means in the future, when we pick up all the traces. It will be the reconstruction of real events and writing the true history of This is it. In the meantime let me just make an outline.

    1) Michael did indeed talk to his fans. This was on May 29th (the last day at the Forum). One of the fans who was present (Talitha) recorded their conversation as follows:

    The first indication I got that he wasn’t entirely happy with the tour was on 29 May, which was his last day of rehearsal at CenterStaging. He spoke with a European fan who told him that we were unable to buy tickets to all the This Is It shows, firstly because everyone was limited to buying only four tickets per credit card and also because all the best tickets had been sold to a secondary ticketing site called Viagogo, which was selling them for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

    Normally the biggest fans are at the front because they arrive first and wait the longest, not because they fork out the most money. But the only tickets we could buy at face value, of £50 to £75, were for seats that were the furthest from the stage. (Note that artists usually get a percentage of the FACE VALUE of tickets sold so Michael might have gotten £20 for a ticket that sold for £1,000!)

    After speaking with this fan about the tickets, Michael called the other nine of us into the studio. This is the conversation that took place, as I wrote it down that evening:

    MJ: I love you, I love you, I love you. I wanted to tell you that I didn’t know that the concerts were seated. I didn’t know about that and I’m going to do something about it. They did that without my consent. They just did it for obvious reasons.
    All of us: To make money, we know. We know it’s not your fault.
    Jill: We know how complex this is and how many people are involved.
    MJ: They did the schedule wrong too. It was supposed to be show, day off, show, day off, show, day off.
    Jill: We are worried we won’t be able to keep up with you.
    MJ: (laughs) I put everything I have into the shows. I work so hard. But I’m only one person. There is only so much I can do. (sounding emotional)
    Me: Michael, please don’t push yourself too hard. Please look after your health. You are more important than anything. You don’t have to do all 50 shows. If it’s too much, just cancel them. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. Only do what you want to do. It’s YOU who we love.
    MJ: Oh thank you, you’re so sweet, thank you. Bless you all. I also wanted to say that I’m sorry that we don’t put the window down sometimes but it’s for security reasons. I know you all wait for me and I love you so much.
    All of us: Don’t worry, we understand Michael. We love you. We love you more.
    MJ: Thank you for your love and thank you for your loyalty.
    He clasped his hands together, bowed his head, and stood there in silence for a while. We could feel his energy reaching out towards us, filling the room.

    Unfortunately someone betrayed Michael by selling him out to a British tabloid, which reported some of the things he had said to us (and I believe to this other fan) the next day. AEG were quick to issue a statement denying the validity of the story.

    When I reread this piece today I realized that though the media presented as if the talk was about Michael not wanting to do 50 shows, the conversation was actually more about “scalping” (selling the best seats through agents at exorbitant prices) which Leonard Rowe also spoke about.

    Michael could try to raise this problem with Randy Phillips after he learned of it from his fans but we can imagine what yelling he got in reply.

    2) Also in his conversation with fans Michael says they “They did the schedule wrong too. It was supposed to be show, day off, show, day off, show, day off”, which makes us think that by that time he thought that the schedule had been successfully changed. However it was not, but Michael evidently didn’t know it.

    To Leonard Rowe he said he didn’t know “what his deal was” and it looks like he was indeed in the dark as to many of its points.

    3) After May 29th a media scandal followed. In the press Phillips denied that Michael didn’t want to do 50 shows. No word was said about scalping or the show/day off schedule. To Leonard Rowe Phillips said that he was NOT going to change the schedule.

    The insider didn’t know the details of what happened on May 29th but noted that after that the atmosphere was very tense, Michael didn’t look happy at all, Phillips forbade people to talk to the media and instructed Michael’s bodyguards about something. We assumed that he cut short Michael’s further association with fans.

    4) And indeed, speaking about the events that followed Talitha said that after that conversation “things changed” and they had restricted access to Michael. In her blog of 2009 she called it “Darkness falling” and “Restricted access”:

    Darkness falling
    The same day that Michael called us into CenterStaging studios, on 29 May, he went to another building, a postproduction studio I think. When he left, we all got to pose for photos with him (see right). I slid into the car beside him and we held each other for a long time. This is my last truly fairytale-esque memory. After that, things started to change.

    Restricted access
    Firstly my friends and I no longer had the same access to him that we’d had over the previous months. … the powers that be didn’t want people around Michael who cared about him more than the tour and would encourage him to postpone or cancel if necessary.

    We still got to see him of course but our interactions were often cut short and our conversations reduced to a few words here and there. Still we were very grateful for every moment and used every opportunity to express our love, give him gifts and letters and ask him if he was OK – he always assured us that he was.

    5) It is possible that after the scandal Michael tried to keep away from Phillips and spent most of the time at Culver studios. But this did not work as on June 3rd Kenny Ortega and the rest of them arranged a “private” meeting for Michael where Murray acted as a mediator.

    They demanded that he should come to every rehearsal and Michael replied that they should please first “build the house and he would come and paint the front door” (see the USA Today and other newspaper clips in the post).

    At that time the house was far from built and according to the insider the house had not been built even by June 25th, so what was the point of demanding that Michael should attend every rehearsal at the beginning of June? No point at all – it was just a whim on the part of Randy Phillips. They were so slow that they didn’t have any stage props to begin and close the show with. No costumes ready for anyone.

    However Michael did start coming to every rehearsal. He attended them on June 4-12 (with the exception of Sundays). On June 13 he had a sick leave from Murray which was cancelled. The week after that he felt very bad.

    6) Fans had extremely little interaction with Michael but even they noticed Michael’s deterioration of health. They noticed it on June 16th and this was probably due to Michael’s visit to the outside world (to see Klein) where they finally saw him at the clinic door. Talitha says about that day:

    On 16 June, we started to see signs of deterioration in Michael’s health and wellbeing. Sometimes he seemed fine but at other times, he seemed stressed and exhausted. We never had a chance to talk to him properly anymore, which was very frustrating considering all the times we’d spoken to him at length (in previous months). Instead we put our words into letters, which we handed to him whenever we could.

    7) Now we know that also on June 16th Ortega and Phillips arranged an “intervention” meeting for Michael. They threatened they would pull the plug on the show. Tough love and a straight jacket policy were declared. Phillips yelled that he was paying for everything, threatened Michael with losing his kids and a Skid row (Wiki: “Skid Row is a shabby urban area with cheap taverns and dilapidated hotels frequented by lowlifes, alcoholics, and itinerants”).

    8) As regards Randy Phillips’ treatment of Michael the insider says that “Phillips was very arrogant way of dealing with Michael” . On occasions Ortega also had a nasty tone and “they felt he was too demanding”.

    Randy Phillips confirms this information himself. There are Youtube videos where he says he felt that “Michael didn’t work hard enough” and there are articles where he says that when Michael didn’t attend rehearsals he “called and yelled at him” and “they had a fight”.

    It was surely after one of such yelling that Michael cried and said to Prince that they were going to kill him.

    Let me tell you a story: Michael had missed two rehearsals … the cast and crew were waiting and he was really late. He hadn’t left his house yet. So I called and yelled at him. We had a fight. He finally got there and I got there a little later. He was sitting in a chair, going over notes. He walked around the table and walked past me. But he didn’t want to be rude so he stopped. Put his arm on my shoulder, tapped it, then walked on. He was mad but he still didn’t want to be impolite. That was Michael.

    This is the true story of “This is it”. It is neither the sweet picture of “everything fine” AEG presented in 2009 nor the version that “no one could ever tell Michael what to do”. They did tell him and very much so too.

    “Oh Jesus, I can’t tell you how this letter causes me stomach pains again when I visualize the situation Michael was in at that time. It really makes me shiver.” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, exactly. EXACTLY.


  19. susannerb permalink
    February 1, 2014 10:18 am

    Oh Jesus, I can’t tell you how this letter causes me stomach pains again when I visualize the situation Michael was in at that time. It really makes me shiver. In no way did they grant him a position where he could tell anyone what to do. No wonder he said again and again: “Why can’t I choose?” It makes me also furious, Helena. This was a dictatorship and the dictator was Randy Phillips. Of course they instructed his bodyguards to keep fans and everybody else from the outside away from him.
    Michael’s vulnerability was at its peak after the 2005 trial, Sneddon and his circles caused this situation, and the AEG bosses and their circles used this situation and completed Sneddon’s work. They all together brought Michael to an early grave.

    This letter is in accordance with a lot what we found out ourselves and what we learned from the trial, it replenishes our research and puts the pieces together. It would be worth to contrast it with events, testimonies, statements. There are definitely a lot of details to substantiate this letter and vice versa.


  20. February 1, 2014 8:52 am

    “It also demonstrates how scared many people, who sure knew the situation with Michael and his declining health, were scared of speaking up fearing their very own livelihood.” – W

    Right. No one was allowed to “leak” the information about Michael’s ill health let alone render him medical help. Remember Randy Phillips’ email to Ortega: “It’s critical that neither you, me, or anyone around this show become amateur psychiatists or physicians”?

    This is why the ideas like “Michael was an adult responsible for his life”, “No one could ever tell him what to do”, etc. voiced by many send me into a fury. People who say it don’t know the first thing about Michael and the situation he was in, but keep repeating these mantras crammed into their heads by AEG and the media.

    The reality is that Michael was not his own master to such a degree that he could not even speak to anyone. See this point from the letter:

    -The day after the news came out that some fans claimed Michael told them he did not want to do 50 concerts, everyone was instructed not to talk to anybody from the media, not to let in anyone who was not authorized to attend rehearsals, especially fans. When Michael came in that day, the atmosphere was tense and he did not look happy at all. Before working that day, Phillips and Ortega met with Michael and, interestingly, with his bodyguards.

    So no one in the company was to talk to anyone, the atmosphere was tense, Michael looked unhappy and Randy Phillips and Ortega spoke to Michael’s bodyguards? About what I wonder?

    In this context it could be only about shutting Michael away from the outside world and not allowing him to associate with anyone on the outside. So much for Randy Phillips “freedom”. Michael’s later visits to Klein were probably his only escape from this prison into a free world.


  21. February 1, 2014 8:13 am

    [this is W’s comment moved from a post about Rabbi Shmuley]

    This letter is indeed invauable. It also demonstrates how scared many people, who sure knew the situation with Michael and his declining health,,,were scared of speaking up fearing their very own livelihood. I have similar expierience from a very different setting, but with very similar dynamics. Everyone knew that the chief was engaging in some less ethical practises. Undoubtedly with the blessings of his immediate superiors.. But when it came to make a statement to the even more superior instances people started to withdraw.True enough none knew if even this would have been ” safe”.Then when one of these “workers”, all of them professinal of good repute was let go,”WE no longer need your services”, the others for sure kept their mouths shut and did not support the worker who left and did experience some economic hardship, luckily not for too long a time.There must have been numerous people who were too scared for their livelihood as AEG more or less dominated LA. This was well demonsrtated, in the AEG trial.
    Michael tried to train diligently, but at night he was given Versed that caused amnesia.


  22. February 1, 2014 8:01 am

    The letter of a witness to those events is so valuable a document that I would like to repeat it here in full. After learning so much in the past 4 and half years we now see that his description of what was happening is pretty accurate. And it also adds a lot to our understanding of what it was like:

    Yesterday I had the amazing chance to speak to someone who worked on This Is It. This person has worked with Michael in the past, I’ve seen him before on TV close to Michael, and I also saw him in the movie and his name appears at the end. He is here in Miami on vacation with family and a good friend of mine knows him. I begged him to let me meet him and he was the sweetest person, and he loved Michael.

    He gave me the ok to share with you what he told me, however with the condition that I would name provide his name. He is under contract with AEG/Sony and is only allowed to officially talk good about the movie and the concert. As he told me “hey, I also gotta pay my bills, so I have to do what they say.”

    However, at the same time he told me to “share with fans what I said, because it is important that some things are known.”
    He has great respect and admiration for Michael and has known him for over 20 years. Here’s the most important things he told me:

    – Michael has always been a very sweet, humble person, since the first time they met 20 years ago, however he noticed that during these rehearsals, he looked even more humble than usual, to the point that he actually felt Michael was incredibly insecure this time around, he saw him very vulnerable and everyone automatically tried to make him feel ok, everyone wanted to bring the spark in him that old Michael Jackson had. According to this person a combination of the 2005 trial and the long absence from the spotlight made Michael feel very insecure.

    Michael did not get along at all with Randy Phillips. Everyone knew it, even Phillips knew it. Phillips had a very arrogant way of dealing with Michael, he was terrified that Michael would not get ready for the shows and AEG would lose a lot of money. According to this person, Phillips made it clear to several people that these concerts had to happen, no matter what, because he “had to personally convince everyone at AEG that this was a good deal” therefore his job was at risk if anything went wrong. On many occasions Phillips would go to Michael’s house with Ortega and Travis Payne whenever Michael would not show up. At times they would come back with him, at times no. The official explanations to the crew was “Michael is not feeling well today,” “Michael rehearsed at home” or “Michael is rehearsing with his vocal coach.”
    At first the crew believed it, but after a few weeks everyone started realizing something was up because even though Ortega and Payne would say everything was fine, it was obvious that they were very frustrated and nervous, and there were several heated discussions between Ortega, Phillips and Payne, but what exactly was being discussed was not clear since they always made sure they would be far enough for anyone to hear. During these conversations one of them would always be on a cellphone, and then they would pass it around to themselves. This person believes they were talking to Michael.

    – Michael, and this is shown in the movie, did not want to wear the ear monitors. As this person told me, “look at any footage from Michael in concerts in the past, and you will never find him wearing ear monitors, he did not like them, did not need them.” According to him, Ortega got upset at one time at Michael, and in front of everyone told him “you have to understand that here you do not have an option, you have to wear them, this is going to be a closed arena, not an open stadium, and the sound is different.” He said his tone was very nasty and everyone was shocked, especially since Michael looked very upset, but mostly hurt, by it.

    Interestingly, yesterday Karen Faye wrote on her facebook that Michael always complained to her that he did not like ear monitors, and asked her to tell Ortega. According to her, she did and Ortega told her “well, he has to wear them!

    – This is very interesting. According to this person, there was absolutely no way the concert was going to be ready for opening night on July 13th, and everyone knew it. He asked me the following “when you saw the movie, you do realize right that they had to show the best scenes, the best performances, right ?” I said “yes, of course” to which he replied “so do you realize that what you have seen, most of it came from June 24th, 23rd and 22nd ? Based on what you saw, did it feel as if everything was going to be ready in 2 weeks ?” He said that Michael did not have his clothes ready, and that there was “pathetic” @#$%$ing around from different stylists that were trying to come up with ideas. But nothing was ready, no clothes, not even for the dancers. Michael wanted Michael Bush, but Travis Payne brought in that Zaldy guy, and AEG was behind Zaldy, rather than Michael Bush.

    The opening number for the concert was only done on the computer, just like we saw in the movie. It was never rehearsed, and the robot that Michael would have come out from was not ever ready. Also the closing of the show was just a concept.

    He also confirmed that they never had a full rehearsal. In other words, they never practiced the whole concert, it would always be a few songs on several days, but it was never put all together, therefore they were also very concerned that once everything was gonna put together, it would take much longer that the 2 hours originally planned. This was going to be a huge problem for AEG and the O2 arena, because of an agreement they had with time. Also, Michael did not want to have long shows, for obvious reasons.

    Also, they never rehearsed with implementing the videos for Smooth, Thriller and Earth as we saw in the movie, those were edited in the movie, but they never rehearsed using them, and it was still unclear how they would be used with the songs, especially Smooth Criminal.

    -For the most part, Michael looked well, however this person did unfortunately confirm to me that there were days that something was “wrong” and everybody knew it. He worked with Michael in the past and Michael never wore sunglasses while rehearsing the dark like that, especially since Michael in the past would always want to see how the lights looked and for that reason did not like using shades. But he said “don’t expect them to talk about it on tv of course, same with me, I won’t and I can’t.” He said that at first everybody thought Michael was just eccentric and stuff, especially the dancers, they were just excited to see him, but he said for those who knew him for many years, including him, started realizing alarming signs.

    However, he said, this just shows how vulnerable Michael was and he does not like how people associate this behavior with something negative. He said “he went through so much poor thing, I perfectly understand why this was happening.”

    Oh and btw, he said that some of the crew members started checking TMZ with their IPHONES to find out whether or not Michael had seen Dr. Klein during the day. It would usually warn them on what to expect when he showed up.

    – Michael had fun when performing, it appeared as if it was what he needed, however off stage Michael did not look happy, he rarely interacted with the crew, other than Karen Faye and at times with Michael Bush. According to this person, Michael stayed as far as he could from Ortega, Payne and Phillips off stage, because he always felt he was being chased by them to do more, perform more and give more.

    He said that the crew in general felt Ortega was being too demanding, especially when it was obvious nothing was ready on time. But they mostly felt Ortega was being pressured by Phillips, and that it was Phillips who was just going crazy because was in a position of losing everything with these shows.

    The day after the news came out that some fans claimed Michael told them he did not want to do 50 concerts, everyone was instructed not to talk to anybody from the media, not to let in anyone who was not authorized to attend rehearsals, especially fans. When Michael came in that day, the atmosphere was tense and he did not look happy at all. Before working that day, Phillips and Ortega met with Michael and, interestingly, with his bodyguards. They spoke for about 20 minutes, but once again this person could not hear what was being said. However everyone had the feeling Michael indeed did not want to do 50 shows and believed Michael did talk to those fans.

    This is pretty much it. This guy said that it is a shame that Michael died while being extremely stressed out.
    He said that a lot of pressure was put on Michael, but the truth is that the concerts were not going to be ready not because of him, but because there was simply not enough time to accomplish all they had planned.

    He said he is sure Michael would have been 100% ready by July 13th, because “he did those songs hundreds of times before during his career, he knew exactly what to do” but everything else around was not ready.

    He also says he personally felt Michael sometimes did not show up because he knew things were moving slowly and sort of felt disappointed. He was a perfectionist, and when things were obviously not going in the right direction, he would get frustrated and sort of lose interest, instead of becoming upset at someone.

    Yet they made him believe it was him, that things were moving slowly because of him. But this person told me that Michael had nothing to do with all the technical stuff, like lightings, fireworks etc, therefore it was not his fault, but he was the easy target.

    According to him, if the concerts were not going to be ready, it would have been easier for AEG to blame it on Michael, than blame themselves and their lack of timing skills.

    Once again, do not ask me for his name, I will never tell, not even via PM. He was brutally honest with me and I will honor his request.
    A lot of things make sense now, especially the concerts not being ready based on what we saw in the movie. No way in two weeks they were going to be ready. Also, he said, don’t forget that a lot of days would have been lost during the move to London and setting up the stage there and get adjusted to the arena.

    This is very sad, especially to think that Michael was somehow made feel responsible for this.
    Source : Mrfuture@Kop Board

    One day this letter will have to be analyzed in full seriousness because life itself has proven that there is a lot of truth here. I would like to point to two very small details which may be overlooked since they don’t look that important.

    First, it is obvious that TMZ was keeping guard on Michael at Klein’s door and some bosses in This is it team were in constant communication with TMZ (and vice versa) and this points to their close cooperation during (and after) the rehearsals.

    And the second point is that the insurance policy AEG was so desperate for allowed for only a 90 minutes concert while the actual show was growing into something much bigger. If they had set the beginning of the tour for July 26 as their “contract” said they would have had plenty of time to work everything out but setting it for July 8th (or even a later date of July 13th) was a tremendous and even fatal mistake.

    By the way running the full show and seeing how much it could take could be very well done with someone else playing MJ’s part – Travis Payne for example. No one needs the participation of the main star just to run the full show and find out how long it will last.


  23. February 1, 2014 8:00 am

    “Ortega’s tone struck me as totally inappropriate and the look on Michael’s face when Ortega’s replied “You will have to” was painful to see.”- Helena
    which part it appears? – Ana

    Ana, I remember watching the film several times and each time wincing at the moment when Michael had to explain himself about those ear-phones. Today I’ve rewatched the episode available on Youtube where Michael explains that the ear phones are like a fist shoved into his ear. True, Ortega did not say the above words at that particular moment – over there his tone just sounded like the decision was final and is not to be discussed, and this is evidently what produced the impression that made me wince.

    However the words about Michael having to do wear those ear pieces were said to Michael. This was recalled by Karen Faye at the testimony:

    Q. Where you ever told to get Michael on stage with his ear pieces in, even though he didn’t want that
    A. Yes

    And a much more detailed description of how Ortega talked to Michael came from the letter of a fan who spoke to an insider at This is it. This person very accurately (as we understand now) depicted the atmosphere of the rehearsals. He also quoted Ortega’s reply to Karen Faye:

    -Michael, and this is shown in the movie, did not want to wear the ear monitors. As this person told me, “look at any footage from Michael in concerts in the past, and you will never find him wearing ear monitors, he did not like them, did not need them.” According to him, Ortega got upset at one time at Michael, and in front of everyone told him “you have to understand that here you do not have an option, you have to wear them, this is going to be a closed arena, not an open stadium, and the sound is different.” He said his tone was very nasty and everyone was shocked, especially since Michael looked very upset, but mostly hurt, by it.

    Interestingly, yesterday Karen Faye wrote on her facebook that Michael always complained to her that he did not like ear monitors, and asked her to tell Ortega. According to her, she did and Ortega told her “well, he has to wear them!”

    However thank you for bringing this point to my attention, I will now add a correction to my comment.


  24. February 1, 2014 7:57 am

    [this is Ana Vasconcelos’s comment moved from the post about Rabbi Shmuley]

    “Ortega’s tone struck me as totally inappropriate and the look on Michael’s face when Ortega’s replied “You will have to” was painful to see.”

    which part it appears?


  25. January 31, 2014 4:01 pm

    “I didn’t know Terry Harvey was indeed a friend – or at least a business partner – of the Jacksons, I have never heard of him before.”- Susannerb

    Susannerb, but I also don’t rule out that he only says that he is a friend, though this Terry Harvey does seem to be Joe Jackson’s associate and is also said to be Tito Jackson’s producer.

    I am also absolutely appalled to find that Terry Harvey almost always comes in a tandem with this incredible liar James Desborough (who wrote about fictional FBI files).

    These two guys are really a match for each other whose lies have fused together and are happily married now. The media vulture was looking for someone ready to wag his tongue about anything Michael and Terry Harvey was always there for him – though he never really knew MJ. From what Desborough says Terry Harvey came into Michael’s life only together with the AllGoodEntertainment deal and not before that.

    It is ridiculous even to think that he could know Michael or be his “friend”. He was simply a promoter with whom Joe Jackson established a connection to make a deal. Joe seems to have a talent to find those who will not hesitate a single minute to drag his son Michael through the mud.

    This Terry Harvey is a cynical guy who is far from being an expert on human nature and psychology – his thinking is “one-dimensional” (as W. greatly defined it), so whatever he saw in Michael it was always “drugs” and nothing else. Joe Jackson, I’m afraid, is not much different and this is why he so easily believed the worst about Michael. Fortunately Katherine is not the same kind and never believed those stories.

    But on the other hand Terry Harvey is no fool and his observations of what was happening around Michael in spring 2009 were rather accurate. He is also a musical promoter and knows this business inside out so what he says about AEG is absolutely correct.

    Please look at the article below. It is another fruit of cooperation between James Desborough and Terry Harvey published on May 13, 2013. The article is a mish-mash of Harvey’s good business intuition and the worst of lies told about Michael’s “addiction”. There is not a single word of proof on the part of Harvey but this cynical guy doesn’t even feel the need for it. He simply presents as fact what he thinks of Michael.

    May 13, 2013 08:23
    By James Desborough, Christopher Bucktin


    …Harvey and partners AllGood Entertainment offered Jackson a Dallas 2009 comeback show, on the provision he went to rehab. But the singer chose AEG’s gigs in London.

    It prompted a lawsuit with AllGood which they lost in 2010. But today Harvey claims AllGood plan to refile their £200million lawsuit against AEG for stealing the Thriller star from their grasp.

    Harvey claims he spoke to Jackson in his last few weeks over the deal with AllGood.

    He said: “It was part of the contract for Michael to get clean. His mother Katherine and father Joe knew that, and we made it clear to everyone close to him.

    “For months we told Michael’s lawyer at the time Dennis Hawk, his managers Frank DiLeo and Dr Tohme Tohme he needed rehab.

    “I told Frank, ‘He needs to get clean first’, but he didn’t want to know. It was an open secret in close circles that Michael had addiction issues.”

    Harvey claims Jackson had agreed to do a one-off return gig in Dallas but was lured away by AEG execs.

    Harvey, 53, who lives in Oklahoma, said: “Michael’s comeback was tailor-made for one show. He didn’t need to slug it out for 50 nights. The This Is It sales figures prove our formula – they made $200million from a rehearsal, so we would have made more – and Michael would have taken the lion’s share.

    “There is a feeling that Michael’s death turned about to be a good business decision for AEG. It hurts me to say that, because people forget Michael was not just a commodity, but a troubled human being, with a lot still to offer, who was dedicated to his three kids. The only reason he did this was so that his kids could see him perform.”

    AllGood, who have worked with stars such as Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder, are set to refile their £200million law suit in the next few weeks.
    “We feel there is a strong case,” said Harvey. “The company were not given access to the emails that have come up in this case.

    “We have depositions from senior AEG executives, who insisted that Michael was healthy enough to do ‘100 shows’ in the days before the rehearsals. The emails in the Jackson case suggest they had knowledge of problems. People knew Michael had a long term drug condition.

    “His employees saw him unable to walk after visiting doctors – it was even on the news, but no one stepped in. I think AEG will lose to Katherine Jackson.”

    The Jackson family claim that as Jackson’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray was responsible for administering the fatal anaesthetic, AEG should be held responsible as they were his employer. AEG deny responsibility.

    Murray, paid £100,000 a month by Jackson, got four years jail for involuntary manslaughter.

    This is not the worst of what Terry Harvey is saying about MJ. Sorry I cannot comment on it now as I am dead tired at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow.


  26. January 31, 2014 8:50 am

    The pic. of Michael May 15th with Paris(?) and Sadness…written underneath gripped my heart.What anguish to fear for your life when you have minor children.That is why this blog has to persist. We cannot bring him back,but hopefully it serves as an antidote to all the viciousness aimed at him.


  27. Helen-Marie permalink
    January 31, 2014 5:39 am

    This is all we need to do in order to understand Michael – get correct information, find the right place for every single fact and then try and walk in his moccasins.
    This is when true understanding comes. -Helena

    I absolutely agree Helena, and along with understanding comes compassion. The trouble was, every friend, family member and journalist only ever wanted their 5 minutes of fame when it came to Michael and it didn’t matter how they got it. It still continues nearly 5 years after his departure.

    Michael was a fragile soul with a strong moral standing, but unfortunately he was in the minority and the hungry wolves surrounded the cave he sheltered in and tore down everything he stood for until there was nothing but a pile of untruths left surrounding him.

    As sad as it is, there will always be voices shouting against Michael and our battle to counteract them will continue forevermore. I do believe that people have been threatened, silenced and paid substantial sums of money to keep quiet, or shout complete fabrications from the rooftops.

    As for the use of Demerol Marsha summed it up nicely …

    “The painkiller Demerol can be summed up in just a few words: Highly addictive with a slew of side effects”

    …and I cannot reason with why, as a doctor, you would give this particular drug to a patient that had a history of addiction with it. I am not knowledgeable on the alternatives that could have been given in the US, but surely it should have been looked into. What about a localised anaesthetic cream on the skin, wouldn’t that have been a better alternative?

    Like others here, I am also under the opinion that Michael used Dr.Klein’s office as a refuge and meeting place and of course the wolves would not have suspected.

    I have no doubt that Michael felt isolated, lonely and was not of good health both in body and mind in his final days, no wonder he was overheard talking to god, it was the only existence in his life that had never failed him.

    Thank you for your relentless pursuit of the truth Helena, it is of comfort to us all.


  28. susannerb permalink
    January 30, 2014 3:13 pm

    Oh yes, Helena, now the origins of these intervention attempts by Michael’s family become clearer. I didn’t know Terry Harvey was indeed a friend – or at least a business partner – of the Jacksons, I have never heard of him before. I wonder why part of Michael’s family, especially Joe, time and again is in connection with people who create great damage for Michael’s reputation and in the end can be seen in the worst tabloid TV productions telling lies, like Terry Harvey in this autopsy program. Another one of these persons was Daphne Barack, the tabloid reporter Joe Jackson pressured Michael to do an interview with, and Michael finally fled from her in Las Vegas. She also told the most terrible lies about Michael after his death. Are they aware what they do by doing business with this kind of people?

    I agree it has no basis to say MJ was an addict just because his family was of this opinion. I always felt they knew very little of Michael in his final years. All of them even admit that they haven’t seen him or talked to him in years. So how can they know anything about an alleged addiction? And the way they pressured him with family concert ideas immediately when he came back from Ireland (also to be read in Rowe’s book) must have distanced him from them even more. Even if this was a lucrative offer, Michael didn’t want to be pressured and wanted to decide himself about his plans – and justifiably so. But then when he realized that AEG pressured him also and even tricked him, he was in need of the family’s support. It must have been an incredible dilemma for him and he certainly felt very alone.


  29. January 30, 2014 1:26 pm

    “My first feelings are that it is fantastic all the hard work and details you are putting into these blogs; I just wish the whole world could read it in the Press instead of the lies and biased trash they print. What can we do about it, I wonder?” – Nina Hamilton

    Nina, thank you. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but Michael is worth every minute of it.

    What can you do? Probably spread the truth everywhere you go and tell everyone about the findings you’ve learned of? Also drop a link to this place, please.

    The official media is practically hopeless. All their “documentaries” and “investigations” are a joke and are just for show.


  30. January 30, 2014 1:04 pm

    “This is also very important not only for other people who doubt MJ, it is also very important for fans who have trouble to believe that MJ was not addicted to Demerol.” – Mariam

    Yes, Mariam, this is important for the fans and supporters, and Michael’s own family in the first place, just because they are considered the main source of information in this respect. I will never forget Charles Thomson thinking Michael an addict because his family says so and the “family should know”.

    But this family doesn’t know a thing about Michael because what they saw they misinterpreted and they never looked further than what was on the surface and what they were told. Or they didn’t have a chance to learn more as they were kept at a distance and had to go by other people’s stories.

    Michael did have periods of grave dependency on Demerol – the first time he went to a rehab, and the second time he fought it with the help of Dr. Farshchian and it took him much longer to overcome it. But he finally made it while his family still thought that he was an addict.

    What reasons did they or this terrible Terry Harvey have to ever claim that MJ took drugs while in Ireland? The people who associated with him never saw him that way – even Paddy Dunning, the owner of the house where Michael stayed. And his wife cooked for Michael and children and they spent together whole days as Michael seldom went out from their farm.

    The person who has addiction problem does not pass one day without it, MJ did not have that for 10 or 11 days? How come a person who is suspected to have a Demerol dependency could have less and less finally not having at all? Is that typical for an addict?

    Absolutely not. Very good questions.

    Someone help me, I just don’t understand how it works or how effective it is, injecting Demerol on your face or having it through your vein.

    I’m not a medical person either but I definitely know the following:

    1) those injections of Demerol were intra-muscular. Dr. Waldman confirmed it and also the abbreviation “IM injection” stands for intramuscular while “IV injection” would be intravenous.
    2) intravenous injections are quicker in effect and stronger. When the drug is injected into the muscle or taken orally before it reaches the brain (where it finally works) part of it is gone as it is metabolized by the liver.

    Wiki says about the intravenous difference:

    Increased effect — Injecting a drug intravenously means that more of the drug will reach the brain more quickly. This means that the drug will have a very strong and rapid onset.

    More efficient usage — A smaller amount is enough as injection means that more of the drug will reach the brain than with other methods. This is because the body’s defenses and detoxifying mechanisms (such as first-pass metabolism in the liver with oral use) are bypassed. Injection increases a drug’s bioavailability. This means that it requires less drug to achieve the same effect.

    Increased chance of addiction — The heightened effect of administering drugs intravenously can make the chances of addiction more likely.

    Ortega was the biggest problem to MJ, to me he was bad as AEG.

    To me too. Those who were present at rehearsals said that Michael tried to avoid talking to Ortega. And we saw with our own eyes how rude Ortega was to Michael when he asked him for a permission to take off the ear-phones. Ortega’s tone struck me as totally inappropriate and the look on Michael’s face when Ortega’s replied “You will have to” was painful to see.

    [VMJ – Correction: Ortega’s tone did strike me as inappropriate when Michael explained to him the problem, but the words about him having to wear the ear pieces come not from from the film but from the accounts of the witnesses to this scene].

    By the way Murray said that Michael “hated” Ortega. Generally I don’t believe what Murray says and it is difficult to imagine Michael hating anyone, but when supported by all the evidence I think there is some truth here.

    Ortega wasn’t really thinking about Michael (at least until the last moment when he got scared). He was thinking only about his reputation. He laughed off Karen Faye’s worries that Michael would not be able to do shows with only day rest between the dates.

    What did those dates matter to Ortega? His job was to get the show done and after that he could not care less. He could drive all of them into a mad race so that they were dead tired by the start of the tour, while he himself could perfectly relax after that.

    Coaches are not allowed to do that to sportsmen but Ortega and AEG did exactly that.


  31. January 30, 2014 11:56 am

    “As to Michaels visits to Dr.Klein I have felt that Michael also went there for a bit of socialisation.” – W

    I felt it too – at least as regards the last two visits on June 16th and 22nd. It seems that at that moment there was no too much need for cosmetic procedures though a wrinkle or two can always be found to be corrected. But in the last two weeks of his life Michael was extremely shut off from the outside world – there was no communication with fans, relatives or friends. There isn’t even a single photo of him from that period.

    No one was allowed to communicate with MJ at that time as AEG and Ortega were paranoid about the “suppliers of drugs”. It was more like a prison and Conrad Murray was more like a policeman to Michael.

    This is why they created so big a row over that June 16th visit to Klein – it was a grave breach of the regime they imposed on Michael. And Michael probably wanted just to get out and talk to someone without all those eyes looking at him. And to demonstrate to AEG that he was still a free man despite them thinking otherwise.

    He probably told Klein much more about the situation with AEG and this is why after Michael’s death so tremendous – actually mammoth – effort went into presenting Klein as the worst of liars. I always felt that there was something unnatural about the force with which all media went after him (instead of Murray). They were compromising him, so that if he uttered a word about his conversations with Michael about AEG no one should believe him. And they reached their goal.


  32. January 30, 2014 11:02 am

    Here is the corrected variant of the calendar:
    MJ's visits to Klein's office in 2009

    Now the tendency is much clearer – the two massive Botox injections left Michael in pain and made him much more sensitive to touch which is why the next two visits required more Demerol.

    Similarly when you hurt very much even a simple touch on your skin by someone makes you jump with pain and you require a deeper sedation than usual.

    And remember that Botox gives muscle, bone and skin pain all over the body as it is a toxin affecting the whole system.

    All of it is actually very simple and logical if you bring it all together and put everything in its right place.

    This is all we need to do in order to understand Michael – get correct information, find the right place for every single fact and then try and walk in his moccasins.

    This is when true understanding comes.


  33. January 30, 2014 10:23 am

    “If you look at the dosing it is absolutely not one who is addicted..” – W

    Right. This is what Dr. Waldman eventually had to admit at Murray’s trial. And let me also mention that the two big doses of Demerol in April and some of the visits to Klein were unplanned – they were the result of the complications the massive Botox injections against perspiration triggered off. Evidently there was too much resulting pain, too much sensitivity as a side-effect.

    By the way I had to redo the calendar because initially I forgot to include there the 100mg doses. The present version is more accurate. It is also a combination of the data from the invoice and medical records considering that there were some clerical mistakes there.

    The May 15th visit is marked on the calendar though it was not in the medical records and the Demerol given together with massive Botox on April 21st was marked where it belonged – on April 21st and not 23rd as the invoice has it.

    This makes the logic of the events much clearer. It was after that second Botox that Demerol reached its peak as the sensitivity grew. A little later it subsided and Demerol went down together with it.

    Both Michael and Klein were telling the truth – Demerol was not an issue, it was just an instrument to cope with the pain. Though of course its effect on MJ was seen to outsiders who were fantasizing a lot.


    I will need to correct it again. Sorry for the mistake.


  34. January 30, 2014 10:01 am

    “Drugs is their only dimension of thought re Michael. He had many difficulties to cope with and it is known he reacted with loss of appetite and sleep. And this one-dimensional thinking is costantly pumped into the press.” – W

    W, absolutely! “One-dimensional thinking” – what a precise definition! Indeed drugs was and is their only dimension of thought regarding Michael. This makes me livid – Michael was so fine, delicate, subtle a human being and they want to explain him with the primitivism and roughness of their own thoughts.


  35. January 30, 2014 9:10 am

    “So when the family tells that they “were told” Michael had problems with addiction much of it came from Leonard Rowe who apparently urged the family to do something about it and arrange an intervention meeting. In this case he obviously got it wrong and caused a lot of confusion.”- Susannerb

    Susannerb, I’ll tell you even more. Joe Jackson, Leonard Rowe and Terry Harvey (the mountain-like man on Channel 5 program) were working with AllGoodEntertainment for arranging one concert with a fee of $30mln to the family which was indeed much more (per hour) than AEG Live was paying Michael for the whole tour. So the business deal they were working on had a really good potential.

    However it was the same Terry Harvey who was also constantly telling the family about Michael’s “addiction”. As a condition for that concert with AllGoodEntertainment he demanded that Michael should “clean up”. This is why Joe Jackson wanted to break into Michael’s house – the idea was to arrange an “intervention” with him.

    This was also at the time when Michael attending Klein’s office. I had to make this post about visits to Klein to show that Michael had a reason to go there. And it wasn’t just wrinkles, hollows or scars on his nose and cheeks. The main reason was evidently the anti-perspiration treatment he had to undergo, probably even prior to each tour.

    He was losing several pounds at every concert due to perspiration and he surely didn’t want to show himself to the public with sweat streaming down his body. He never looked that way in concert and didn’t want to look that way at This is it either.

    And Demerol (or any other effective painkiller) given during those procedures, especially the Botox ones in all those sensitive areas, was a must. And the big breaks between the dates of visits were absolutely inconsistent with the behavior of an “addict” or even a person simply dependent on drugs.

    But Terry Harvey, Leonard Rowe and Joe Jackson absolutely misinterpreted the whole thing. If Harvey saw Michael down and depressed it was “drugs”, if he saw him lacking energy it was “drugs”, even if Michael refused to meet and talk with them it was “drugs” again.

    All is extremely simple for these people. They didn’t know even a fraction of truth about the real Michael but every little thing they explained by “drugs”.

    I can’t even describe how disgusted I am by their cynical and ignorant explanations of all Michael’s problems, especially since these people played a big role in spreading these things in the media and among the public. Terry Harvey, for example, was constantly speaking to James Desborough presenting himself as a “close friend” of the family.

    Of course the signs of Michael’s discomfort and often frail condition were visible to many but it was the result of many other factors – his insomnia, his having to live in a constant state of shock and stress which alone can bring about so terrible a depression that people have no strength to even get out of bed AND it also resulted from Murray’s so-called “treatment” of Michael by benzodiazepines.

    These benzos can make people look like the worst of addicts because they make them drowsy, lethargic and take away the last of their energy.

    This is what Terry Harvey, Leonard Rowe and Joe Jackson saw in 2009 and attributed it to narcotics Michael was allegedly “taking”.

    Of course Demerol could be a reason for Michael being “woozy” on the days he visited Klein. But woozy or not woozy, it does not matter – the effect of the drug alone (which any of us would experience in these circumstances) is not a sign of addiction.

    See this example of Terry Harvey’s and Joe Jackson’s cooperation:

    ‘MJ’s dad wanted him to go to rehab’
    20.7.2009 11:15:00 by ANI

    London, July 20 (ANI): Michael Jackson’s father Joe wanted his troubled son to check into a rehab to beat his drug addiction, the late singer’s friend has revealed.
    “Joe Jackson has made no secret of his efforts to step in to get Michael to rehab while he prepared for his London shows,” the Daily Star quoted the legend’s pal, Terry Harvey as telling Britain’s News of the World.
    “Joe wanted to get his son cleaned up as he was so keen to do the family show deal for 2010,” Harvey added.
    Harvey’s statement comes as a surprise, since Joe has been accused of exploiting his children, especially Michael.
    However, the friend said that the icon’s dad believed that his son was not ready for the strenuous gigs in London.
    “He knew he wasn’t ready for these summer shows in London. Joe called him on the phone and said to Michael, ‘Let’s get it together. Let us help you and clean the house,’ “Harvey said.
    “Michael said ‘Okay’ to appease his dad but he didn’t even take his words in. By that stage he was an addict.
    “He still thought he was the biggest star in the world. He did what he wanted. He felt he wasn’t ready to go. Joe went to the house at least three times to intervene, but couldn’t get through to his son.
    “We had suspicions who was getting him prescription pills, but it was important to stop it first and deal with them later,” Harvey added. (ANI)

    Someone should tell these people that Michael did NOT need to go to a rehab. He needed someone who could simply UNDERSTAND him and help him to handle all that terrible AEG business.

    Michael was NOT an addict but was a very responsible though vulnerable person. Being treated like an addict by his own kin was the worst of insults to him.


  36. January 30, 2014 8:49 am

    Some people are like automatons, as soon as Michael is not looking or feeling well pops up drugs. As if there were no problems or difficulties in his life. He had a wonderful time in Ireland. But his last days, weeks, time in bahrain was not happy. That sheik or whatever had moved him+family to some poorer quarters. Also the PTSD from the 2005 trial, that one I, and I am not alone thinking so, he never fully recovered.. On top he had to contend with the debt,this that made him fall into the trap that finally killed him. Drugs is their only dimension of thought re Michael. He had many difficulties to cope with and it is known he reacted with loss of appetite and sleep. In his last months he was purposefully isolated from people who could have given him support and courage.
    And this one-dimensional thinking is costantly pumped into the press.


  37. January 30, 2014 6:32 am

    Thanks for all these clarifications, Helena.

    Regarding the meeting on May 15 with Joe and Katherine Jackson, Leonard Rowe, RP and PG at the Beverly Hills Hotel we can read Leonard Rowe’s version of it in his book at the end of chapter 8 “Meetings with Michael”:

    It’s interesting to read about his interactions with Randy Phillips who tried to avoid him by all means and who was quite hostile to him at this meeting. His first question to Rowe was: “Who is paying you?” Rowe says he talked at this meeting about the scalping of the tickets in London and other unethical things done by AEG and about the currency Michael would be paid in.

    On the other hand, Rowe’s book also reveals that Leonard Rowe was the one who contacted Michael’s family because of Michael’s „addiction problems“ when he returned to the US from Ireland. So when the family tells that they “were told” Michael had problems with addiction much of it came from Leonard Rowe who apparently urged the family to do something about it and arrange an intervention meeting. In this case he obviously got it wrong and caused a lot of confusion.

    @Mariam: I agree with everything you say, but let’s not forget that apart from 1993 Michael had a second phase of dependency problems between 2000 and 2002, so the “history 15 years ago” is not quite right. We don’t know exactly how long it lasted, but we know from several people that he overcame this again, like Frank Cascio and Dr. Farshchian, who provided him with this Narcan implant. And the years before his death he certainly was clean, as again confirmed by several people, among them again Frank Cascio (Michael lived in his parents’ home for several weeks), who was very candid about Michael’s dependency problems he saw during the time he worked for him. He would be one of the best to see the difference.


  38. January 30, 2014 6:29 am

    If you look at the dosing it is absolutely not one who is addicted.. Most of Dr.Klein´s work was done in April. In May there was an interval of 8 days and another of 10 days. In june 2 6 day intervals and in May he had only 4 doses. The last 2 on the 16th and 22nd. You can definetely see the tapering off. And when give sub cutaneuosly, as I believe it is far from the effect of mainlining preferred by addicts. It is not knows how much his back and ancles bothered him.-FRomautopsy lung finding he may indeed had not only discoid but SLE.
    And Helena you are doing inportant work.


  39. January 30, 2014 5:23 am

    This work is important, it is a document to truth. And at some point people, maybe of the future will look at it. If someome does not like it it is not necessary to read or post on it.
    You can not leave everything to the vultures in the media and AEG. This, our time, is one when ordinary individuals count for little and the power lies with the big companies. This state of affairs threatens even democracy.
    I recall Dr. Klein once stating that Demerol has a mild local anestetic property. Here Demerol is also off the market as many new compounds have taken its place.. Think the graph in the previous article showed how demerol was gradually tapered off.
    As to Michaels visits to Dr.Klein I have felt that Michael also went there for a bit of socialisation. At his house he was isolated and not even his father, whom I think he asked to see could go there, and also his childhood friend (and heart throb?) Roanelle Romano run into Jeremy 1 week before Michael´s death and told Jeremy she urgently needs to see him.
    That unfortunately did not happen. It could have changed the course of events.


  40. Mariam permalink
    January 29, 2014 8:02 pm

    You have no idea how big and important is this information. Helena, thank you again for your hard work. You are the best.

    This is what I was looking for in order to put it clear for everybody about, Dr. Klein notes, medical records regarding Dr. Klein giving MJ Demerol, which the media (ch5 and…..) and AEG tried to twist and to make a big deal from it.

    This is also very important not only for other people who doubt MJ, it is also very important for fans who have trouble to believe that MJ was not addicted to Demerol. As MJ said it, if the lie is told repeatedly, you will gradually start believing it, which is why the deceivers continue to do what they do because they know it works. “Devil is a liar” unfortunately, who listened to his lie is believing him.

    Waldman, said that by this time Michael should have been dependent on Demerol and possibly addicted to it. He said: “Six weeks of Demerol use would make any of us dependent”.

    Waldman sound like MJ use Demerol for 42 days, but how many days he uses Demerol in six weeks? Has to be clear, he visited Dr. Klein only 8 or 9 days in 6 weeks not even sure if Demerol was used all this time, if I am not mistaken.

    The person who has dependency of any drug not last only six weeks, that does not make that person addicted or have dependency on Demerol, should be continued for six years perhaps MJ should have Demerol every day until he died if we want to label him as an addict or as he had dependency on Demerol. The person who has addiction problem does not pass one day without it, MJ did not have that for 10 or 11 days? All his Dr’s who were treating him for a long time said he had no craving for it, even some of them said he never asked them for Demerol himself. The irony is, MJ did not have Demerol every day not only that it was not found in his system when he died which should stay for at least a week in his body after using it according to the expert. To me that doesn’t sound like an addict, even doesn’t sound like the one who has dependency other than he uses it for his cosmetics procedure.

    “However in May the doses of Demerol began to decrease. May 5 was the last day when 300mg of Demerol were used.”

    How come a person who is suspected to have a Demerol dependency could have less and less finally not having at all? Is that typical for an addict? An addict actually has more and more and taking it every day more than before finally dying from overdose. That is typical behavior for an addict, which is not shown in MJ’s case. THE BOTTOM LINE IS AND THE TRUTH IS MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT ADDICTED OR DEPENDENT ON DEMEROL FOR LONG TIME BUT DID USE IT FOR LEGITIMATE MEDICAL PROCEDURE AS EVERYBODY DOES. period.

    Someone help me, I just don’t understand how it works or how effective it is, injecting Demerol on your face or having it through your vein. My understanding is, it is totally not the same, because if you injected it on my face it will be on that part of my face not all over my body or blood, but if I get it through my vein of course, it will be effective and even I would be high for that shot. For me injecting on the face or under my eye totally not helping my addiction if I am addicted and craving for it, I don’t think it does unless getting it through my vein. Please help me to understand this; I am not medical person or lawyer or no knowledge about addiction much, additional that English is my second language, so sometimes I have difficulty to understand everything in that aspect also my background is totally different.

    “From the various testimonies at the AEG trial we also got the impression that Michael attended almost every rehearsal”
    “But if only five rehearsals were missed why would Ortega and Phillips trip on Michael Jackson?” Helena

    I am telling you, Ortega was a pain to MJ, he is the one who caused all that stress and pressure on MJ, AEG demanded and pressured MJ because of Ortega reports and nervousness otherwise AEG wouldn’t know much about it not be worried whether MJ attended the rehearsal or not.

    MJ gave him this job but he turned into a nightmare to MJ, the worst, to extent (lost his life) to me Ortega was the biggest problem to MJ, to me he was bad as AEG.

    “They have made illegal loans, stolen my identity, written checks, taken out loans, open and closed bank accounts, and depleted my retirement fund.” Dr.Klein

    Jason Pfeiffer hand is not clean but he accused someone? The lowest part of Ch5 is, choosing to have on the documentary those Jason Pfeiffer and the other guy who was giving wrong info about FBI report. That is why the show is not worthy of trust and that is why it is incredibly inaccurate and dishonest it is.

    That is why before anything we read or watch, we have to first check the background of the people and check their reputation who wrote that book or who is the story teller. We need to have that habit, before we expose ourselves or taking anything in.

    In general, it is not fair calling him an addict nor that he has dependency on painkiller just because he had history 15 years ago; which is proved that is not the case, 15 years is very long time. It is not also fair accusing him of using painkiller while he was suffering from severe injury and pain. It is just not right.

    Helena, once again, your research and analysis makes it clearer for those who have open mind and who want to learn the truth but whoever not get it, just not want to believe or not willing to change his/her mind, or they must be from the other side of the troop/crowd so it is not helping them and nothing can do about it. just let them be.


  41. January 29, 2014 6:55 pm

    My first feelings are that it is fantastic all the hard work and details you are putting into these blogs; I just wish the whole world could read it in the Press instead of the lies and biased trash they print. What can we do about it, I wonder? So angry, but I’m trying to be positive.


  42. January 29, 2014 5:25 pm

    There is a risk giving painkillers like ibuprofen,aspirin for chronic pain. The risk is stomach ulcer and worse; erosion of stomach wall with ensuing peritonitis. The mortality of this is not neglible. I am not speaking about the months before his death, but earlier when he got a back injury from that fall, and the balloon enlarging of his scalp. He was touring and performing those days. It is sometimes necessary to cautiously give an opiate painkiller, albeit despite the risk of dependency which the patient has to be made aware of. That is why Michael took that implant. Another scientific fact is that persons who have expierienced extreme pain in early life are left with a low pain threshold for the rest of their lives.

    It is ludicrous to call Ephedrine a narcotic. Narcos refers to sleep. Ephedrine is a mild stimulant.


  43. JanCorey permalink
    January 29, 2014 3:41 pm

    Clearly, MJ was a drug addict, at least according to what MJ admitted to and if you can believe what MJ had to say. Personally, there is little I trust from anything a drug addict would say.


  44. Marsha permalink
    January 29, 2014 9:50 am

    Thank you so much for this info. It is amazing to see the lies deceit exaggerations and fabrication that people concoct concerning Michael it is just unbelievable point in mind the no. 6500 mg of demerol in three months. If my math is not incorrect and we take the liberty of saying that he received demerol every day that would only be about 72 mg/day if may math is correct.150 if every other day and and I think less than 300 if it was for thirty days 30. This give a drastically different impression than saying 6500 mg. which is what the want. see this art. one day after he died in which they say he was gen demerol and calipered and died.

    the fact that such erroneous info is still out there is alarming. Here is the Art.

    The painkiller Demerol can be summed up in just a few words: Highly addictive with a slew of side effects.

    It’s also the same drug that is rumored to have been given to Michael Jackson in the moments before he “collapsed and stopped breathing,” according to a report in the British newspaper The Sun.

    “Demerol has a tremendous amount of side effects,” Dr. Patrick Annello, an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at St. Francis Hospital on Long Island told “It can cause rapid heart rate, arrhythmias — and given in high enough doses — it can cause respiratory depression or shallow breathing.”

    That is exactly what a source told The Sun happened shortly after Jackson was administered an injection of the drug.

    “After taking the Demerol, he started to experience slow, shallow breathing,” the source told the newspaper. “His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped.”

    There are also reports the icon was taking a cocktail of prescription drugs including antidepressants.

    If antidepressants are accidentally given in conjunction with Demerol, it can cause a very bad hypertensive reaction, and the patient can have a heart attack and stroke as a result, Anello said.

    Dangerous reactions can occur if Demerol is administered while a patient is taking other narcotic pain medications, sedatives, tranquilizers, muscle relaxers, or other medications that can make them sleepy or slow respiratory function.

    Brian Oxman, Jackson family attorney, confirmed Jackson’s use of other medications when he told CNN Thursday that they had gotten in the way of doing rehearsals.His injuries, which he had sustained performing, where he had broken a vertebra and he had broken his leg from a fall on the stage, were getting in the way,” Oxman said. “I do not know the extent of the medications that he was taking.”

    If he took other medications that are sedating – which pain medications usually are – in conjunction with Demerol, it can definitely cause shallow breathing and decreased oxygen levels, ultimately leading to respiratory arrest or heart attack, Anello said.n the meantime, the world is awaiting autopsy results on the singer, although the Los Angeles County Coroners office said it could take weeks to complete toxicology test that would show exactly what was in Jackson’s system.

    “When it comes to testing… the good part about Demerol is that it hangs around in the blood a long time,” Annello said. “So when they check the toxicology levels… it will hopefully be reflective of what Jackson received in the last few days. And if he was given Demerol, the results will clearly show that.” end of art.

    I find also extremely interesting that the “family lawyer would know what would be going on during rehearsals in 2009


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