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Hollywood Predators vs. Michael Jackson

June 21, 2014
Film-director Bryan Singer

‘X-men” director Bryan Singer

These days we see an avalanche of revelations about sex abuse crimes committed against children.

The Sandusky and Savile cases, the scandal of the Labor party officials hushing up child abuse in the UK back in the 90s, Corey Feldman speaking of pedophilia as the Hollywood number one problem, Woody Allen’s daughter accusing him of molestation and the recent accusations of director Bryan Singer and other top executives of sexual crimes against youngsters – one case is piling up on top of another suggesting that what we see now is only the tip of an iceberg.

Michael Egan accuses Bryan Singer and other Hollywood executives of his sex abuse at the age of 15-17 AFP/Getty

Michael Egan alleges that Bryan Singer and three other Hollywood executives abused him at the age of 15-17 AFP/Getty

On a background like this a legitimate question arises – if the scope of the problem is that big how come it was only the innocent Michael Jackson that the media has always been busy with?

Shouldn’t they have noticed anything else around them besides the baseless allegations against Jackson?

A possible answer to this is that the media was never really interested in uncovering the problem of child sex abuse and was simply making permanent use of Michael Jackson as a means to raise their ratings, entertain the public and make money by publishing something scandalous about him which was not necessarily true but was sure to grab public attention and increase their sales.

The fun they were having while reporting the 2005 trial and recorded in the documentary film about the trial (by Dana Gedrick and Barry Shaw) makes us suspect that the media did know that the allegations were not for real and that the artificial hype created by the media around Michael Jackson was simply a guaranteed source of income for everyone feeding off this cruel business of daily crashing MJ’s bones.


While Michael Jackson’s scandals were spinned and forged due to the media agenda and numerous crooks who took advantage of the situation for making a quick buck for themselves, real cases of child abuse went unnoticed, under-reported and silenced by the press.

This resulted in a huge disbalance in public perception of Michael Jackson and the others who were ever suspected or accused of child molestation – the media hysteria around MJ left a long-lasting impression that there was something tangible to those allegations (though there was none), while the crimes of real abusers were hardly scratched on the surface, were swept under the carpet and the few scrambles that remained in public view only looked like something comparable to MJ’s case due to the ugly habit of thinking bad about Jackson forced on us by the media.

Michael Jackson’s detractors are making use of this disproportion in public perception and in their boundless hypocrisy claim that there is no difference between him and all others accused or even convicted of this crime.

No, there is a difference between them and a very big one at that!

Michael was dissected under a magnifying glass for no less than 20 years and was nevertheless found clean and was fully acquitted, while the crimes of all those others went uninvestigated for decades despite numerous complaints from abused children, and now that someone cares to finally look, everyone freezes in horror with what they see, quickly convict and hurry to forget.

What I mean is that the rules of the game for Michael Jackson and all others are different. And because of that the value of his not-guilty verdict is also different. Since Michael was under the closest scrutiny for almost 20 years the value of his acquittal is incomparably higher.

In fact it is a sort of a gold standard in comparison with the quick fix done by the justice system for some criminals who were caught red-handed at the final moment of their criminal career.

And throwing him into the same class as the real predators is the same as throwing a criminal and an innocent man into one cell solely on the grounds that both are suspected of a similar crime.

Despite the obvious injustice of such an approach this is nevertheless what happens to Michael Jackson on a routine basis.

The last straw for me was a photo recently published on the Internet. It came with a story about sex abuse allegations made by Michael Egan against film-director Bryan Singer and three more Hollywood executives. The photo accompanied the text that quoted Corey Feldman saying that pedophilia is the number one problem in Hollywood.


This is the photo they saw fit to illustrate Corey Feldman’s words with:

The shameful media manipulation with MJ's image and Corey Feldman's words

The shameful media manipulation with MJ’s image and Corey Feldman’s words

The abomination of what the media has done here is simply beyond description.

To illustrate Corey Feldman’s words about the child abuse problem ravaging Hollywood they used the picture of a man who was thoroughly investigated and fully acquitted on all counts and who never did any harm to any of the men depicted in the picture (or anyone at all).

Never mind Corey Feldman saying that Michael Jackson had never acted inappropriately toward him.

  • I have also read untrue statements attributed to me during his trial. Stating that I had said that he showed me porn magazines, or left them lying around his house. Again totally untrue…I never said that. I have also seen countless references to him molesting me or us having a sexual relationship. Let me be very clear 1 more time. Michael Jackson NEVER tried to touch me in an inappropriate way. (from Corey Feldman’s blog)

Never mind that Corey Feldman said that ‘of all people’ Michael Jackson never took advantage of the vulnerable teenager he was.

Corey Feldman: I’m saying that there are people that did this to both me and Corey Haim that are still working, that are still out there, and they are some of the richest and most powerful people in this business.

Walters: Are you saying that they are pedophiles?

Feldman: Yes.

Walters: And that they are still in this business?

Feldman: YES. They don’t want me here right now. They want me dead.

Walters: You are damaging an entire industry!

Feldman: I’m sorry, I’m not trying to. I’m just trying to say it’s a very important, serious topic.

Sherri Shepherd: There is one gentleman in this industry who did NOT take advantage of you. He was not a pedophile. You said it was Michael Jackson.

Feldman: Of all people!

Never mind that after the horrors of abuse Corey sustained in the hands of other people Michael Jackson was actually the one to whom he turned for normalcy and it was Michael Jackson indeed who brought him back to his innocence.

  • Feldman’s childhood was so troubled that he looked to his friend Michael Jackson, introduced to him by director Steven Spielberg, for normalcy. “Michael Jackson’s world, crazy as it sounds, had become my happy place,” he writes. “Being with Michael brought me back to my innocence. When I was with Michael, it was like being 10 years old again.” Feldman stresses in the book that Jackson never once acted inappropriately toward him.

Never mind that when questioned by the Santa Barbara sheriffs  in 1993 Corey Feldman actually gave the names of his real abusers but no one paid attention to them as the sheriffs were solely after Michael Jackson. Radaronline has the tape now and even knows the names of these people but for some reason does not reproduce the recording in full:

  • We have uncovered a recording of the Stand By Me actor’s interview with Santa Barbara sheriffs, recorded in December 1993 when he was aged 22, during which he told them: “I myself was molested.  Shockingly, Feldman actually named his alleged abusers — we have excluded them from the excerpt, below — but the detectives expressed little interest in investigating the monsters, lasering in on the “King Of Pop” instead.

“I know what it’s like to go through those feelings and believe me, the person who molested me, if this was him that did that to me, this would be a different story,” Feldman told Sgt. Deborah Linden and Detective Russ Birchim.

“I would be out there, up front, doing something immediately to have this man given what was due to him.”

The frustrated star is now questioning why his report went nowhere. “All names were given to police before statute had run out but they did zero,” he wrote to a fan on Twitter recently, who had asked why he did not report the men to authorities.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to Radar’s request for comment and questions as to why it did not investigate the matter.

Never mind that Corey Feldman said that the problem of people who use, abuse and discard youngsters as damaged goods is an overwhelming one in Hollywood:

 “Feldman claimed on a 2011 episode of Nightline and repeats in the book that the “number one problem in Hollywood was, and is, and always will be pedophilia.” 

“Corey and I were pegged as the scapegoats,” said Feldman. “People need to know the reason Corey and I were swept under the carpet like the beaten dogs that were sent to the pound so no one had to deal with us anymore. I stood up and said there is a bigger problem, that I’d lost Corey and that I didn’t want to see any more kids lost to these sick perverts.”

Never mind even the fact that the subject of the article is actually Bryan Singer, Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard, and it is absolutely not about MJ.

Despite all that they are still using the picture of Michael Jackson to illustrate the problem and even add to it Macauley Culkin who always strongly spoke in the defense of Michael’s innocence!

What they are doing is a complete abomination.

It is an deliberate attempt to smear Michael’s name, done for an umpteenth time, and let them not explain it by a simple blunder and downplay its damaging effect. Dirty media tricks like that are extremely damaging and it is as a result of these manipulations that the public vision of Michael Jackson is heavily distorted. This is why each time molestation issues are raised his ‘case’ is regarded as something big (while it is literally non-existent) while the cases of real abusers, even those who were convicted of their crimes, still look like something tiny in comparison.

In fact all these criminals cannot be even compared with Michael Jackson – he was an innocent man!

I ask you to take off these distortion-vision spectacles and restore the reality to its right proportions. To help you with the task I suggest looking at others accused of similar things and making a quick evaluation of the evidence here and there, as well as imagine how the same would look had it been Michael Jackson in their place.

An experience like this is indispensable, especially in a situation when several years after Michael’s death Wade Robson and Safechuck suddenly recalled their own ‘abuse’. For telling fiction from reality there is nothing like the sad experience of real sexual abuse victims and the way their cases are handled by the media and prosecution.


By way of introduction of the lawsuit filed by Michael Egan and another young man against their alleged abusers Bryan Singer, Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard and David Neuman, here is a photo taken at one of the parties hosted by director Roland Emmerich  (Independence Day2012) and frequented by X-Men director Bryan Singer.

This particular photo was taken on June 15, 2009 and comes from a source available to all:

The Emmerich/Singer party on June 15, 2009

The Emmerich/Singer party on June 15, 2009

The Emmerich/Singer party on June 15, 2009 (page 3)

The Emmerich/Singer party on June 15, 2009 (page 3)

The text for the above says:

Whenever there’s something gay in Los Angeles, there is always an after party at 2012 director Roland Emmerich’s estate. With Valkyrie director-producer Bryan Singer at his side, the A-gays gather to pay their respects — before stripping down to their Speedos and diving into the pool.

And sorry, no photos of the after-after party (which generally has a clothing-optional policy), nor do we have pictures from what happened when Roland and Bryan (pictured, Page 3) took a few select young men into the house for private casting sessions.

All I can say about the photo in the pool is that I personally see there at least three very young faces.

Two of them should be no more than 12 years old (if not younger) and one more looks like a 15 year-old. If you follow the black arrows pointing to their heads in the picture you will realize that the faces of at least two of them are much smaller in size than those of others and this betrays them to be children.

What are these youngsters doing here? And are they to attend an “after-after” party where a clothing is generally “optional” and the select young guys are taken into the house for “private casting sessions”?

Now could you take off your distortion-vision spectacles please and imagine that this picture was taken in Neverland? What a row of cosmic proportions would it have created with the media and prosecution had the photo been taken in Michael Jackson’s pool?  What would have Tom Sneddon and Ron Zonen said? And what story would have been told by Michael’s big friend Diane Dimond?

I am more than sure that if the picture had been in any way related to MJ this photo would have become central for the prosecution case and would have possibly sent MJ to prison for the rest of his life. However a quick flash back returns us to the reality and the comments on the picture show that no one is really paying attention to it  – this is a typical Emmerich/Singer’s weekend party which is regarded as an almost routine matter with nothing special about it.

Please note the reaction of a disappointed commenter who didn’t look close enough at the picture:

  • A Bryan Singer event and there are no 15-year-old twinks around? Something here isn’t right.

It is almost impossible to believe that it is in this very city that Michael Jackson is still being trashed on every corner for two books showing “partially nude” boys on the beach and one journal depicting homosexual love which were “seized” by the police like a prized win from a ten-thousand strong MJ’s library.

This book found in Michael Jackson's home in 1993 is a matter of extreme concern of some people

This book found in Michael Jackson’s home in 1993 is still a matter of “concern” for some people

We here constantly have to explain why one book about boyhood was presented to Michael by a fan named Rhonda and why the other book showing boys jumping into a river was inscribed by him with the words:

“Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys’ faces, this is the spirit of Boyhood. A life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children.”

Incidentally, if MJ were to see the above photo in the pool he would note nothing of the kind – the expression on the boys’ faces is tense, guarded and even apprehensive of danger, I would say. And there is definitely no joy seen there….

The comments from another article add more to Bryan Singer’s story:

Bryan goes through different boys each week. He promises them big movie roles and then just drops them. He and Roland Emmerich have infamous pool parties with literally hundreds of twinks, you can easily find the pics online. Bryan also certifiably has a thing for young twins. A pair live in his house and I have more pics of him with some other twins.

[a list of names and pictures follows with links to them –below are some of those which are still active]

Bryan Singer's boyfriends

Bryan Singer’s boyfriend

… Here’s another boytoy of the week, I’m actually not sure what this one’s name is but Bryan use to sneak him into clubs even though he’s underage.

Bryan with another teen twink who serves as one of his assistants. Next to Ian McKellen is Gary Goddard, he’s a good friend of Bryan, he is a Broadway producer turned theme park designer.

Bryan Singer with another boyfriend and Gary Goddard

Bryan Singer with another boyfriend and Gary Goddard

One of Bryan’s latest acquisitions is a young model named Frankie Donjae. He lives in New York so he’s Bryan’s go-to boy whenever he’s in NY.

You can find more pics of him and Bryan on Frankie’s tumblr page.

Bryan Singer's boys - Frankie DonjaeIt is obvious that Michael Egan now accusing Bryan Singer and three major Hollywood players of sexually abusing him at age 15-17 is one of these former boytoys.

Well, even if they willingly go for this kind of life 15-year old youngsters know too little of it yet to be able to take full responsibility for their choices. And if they are to be found responsible for their actions how much more responsible should be the men twice their age for using their power, money and promises of stardom for corrupting these boys?

Michael Egan says that after all the activity the elder men introduced him to he found himself on the verge of suicide:

‘I Considered Suicide,’ Alleged Sex Abuse Victim of Bryan Singer Tells The Daily Beast


Michael Egan III, the 31-year-old man accusing X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager, says he considered committing suicide as he struggled to come to terms with what he alleges happened to him.

Egan, who is heterosexual, claimed in the suit that from age 15 through 17, Singer, as one of a ring of eight to 10 abusers, sexually abused him.

Michael Egan at the age of 17. Splash news

Michael Egan at the age of 17 (Herman/Splash news)

The alleged abuse took place first in a mansion in Encino, Calif., which at the time was the home of Marc Collins-Rector, and his then-partner Chad Shackley, according to Egan’s complaint.

Collins-Rector, the founder of the Digital Entertainment Network and a convicted sex offender, was last known to be living in the Dominican Republic. Some years ago, other young men filed lawsuits that Collins-Rector had abused and threatened them at the Encino home; three victims won a $4 million default judgment when he did not respond.

Egan said he had grown up in the Midwest, aspiring to be an actor. He was friends with Scott Shackley, Chad Shackley’s brother, who introduced him to Chad. In court documents, Egan said he was then invited to live in the Encino house.

“Immediately the brainwashing began,” Egan told The Daily Beast. Echoing the allegations in his complaint, Egan claimed that “they would sit me in a room and tell you that you were gay, which I wasn’t, that I had to keep the group happy. They constantly pushed you. The threats began immediately.

They said that if we didn’t keep them happy, harm would come to ourselves and our families. There were threats of weapons. We were told we would be eliminated, our career chances would be destroyed. It was a living hell.”

According to Egan’s civil lawsuit, Collins-Rector once put a gun in his mouth, and locked him in a gun closet. Collins-Rector is not currently named as a defendant in the suit.

The civil suit goes into explicit detail about what Egan claims he allegedly suffered at Singer’s hands, including anal rape and forced oral sex. According to the suit, if Egan refused any of Singer’s demands, Egan claimed that Singer said he would tell Collins-Rector, who Egan was terrified would carry out his threats to harm him and/or his family. In his suit, Egan claims Singer told him “This group,” meaning the men at the Encino house, “controlled” Hollywood.

Egan spoke at a press conference, alongside Herman, about the alleged abuse at the Encino mansion. “At the house, it was drugs put in drinks. Liquor poured down my throat. Rules in the house: No swimsuits, no clothes out by the pool area. I was raped numerous times in that house. Various types of sexual abuse. You were like a piece of meat to these people. They’d pass you around between them.… If I could define what that house was, it’s evil.

Egan said his mother had reported the alleged incidents to the Los Angeles Police Department in 1999, but “it basically fell on deaf ears.”

Egan said he was so ashamed about what had happened to him he didn’t tell his former wife about it: “I buried it so deep within me. Several people killed themselves. I’m very lucky to be here. I didn’t know who I could trust to talk to.”

Several people killed themselves… Whether true or not but judging by the comments of insiders some young people associated with the group have indeed vanished from the public sight.

Liquor and drugs, no swimsuits as a rule by the pool area… Something of the kind was alleged by Victor Gutierrez in his fictional book about MJ but actually never happened in Neverland. Instead it happened in the home of Marc Collins-Rector, a convicted sex offender about whom in contrast to MJ we were told nothing, at least before Michael Egan’s lawsuit was filed.

Now Singer and others say that they have never been to Marc Collins-Rector house, and the location where the abuse took place is indeed a point of some controversy, but the fact that underage parties are held by Singer and the rest of the defendants is hard to dispute as it is confirmed by numerous other sources, even friendly to the group.

Writer Bret Easton Ellis, for example, recently said that he knew that the parties were underage and that fake IDs were important (so all that was required from the underage boys was a fake ID).

A short reminder: the year mentioned by Bret Easton Ellis is 2007. So this was happening only two years after the Michael Jackson trial where the prosecution thundered in full seriousness over MJ alleged ‘administration of alcohol to a minor’. These charges were not proven either but my point is the following one – if at the very same time liquor was poured down the throats of teenagers at Singer’s parties and everyone knew about it, where were our prosecutors and great investigative journalist Diane Dimond, for example, and why didn’t they care?

Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Suit: Bret Easton Ellis Says He Dated Two People Who ‘Went Through World of Underage Parties’ (Audio)

Brett Easton Ellis speaks of Singer's underage parties and alleges that fake IDs were important

Brett Easton Ellis speaks of Singer’s underage parties and alleges that fake IDs were important

10:47 AM PDT 4/29/2014 by THR Staff

Michael Buckner

The “American Psycho” author reveals what he heard about the parties involving underage boys that Bryan Singer is rumored to have attended.

In the wake of the sex abuse suit filed against Bryan Singer, reports and rumors have emerged that the director had a proclivity for partying with underage boys.

Now Bret Easton Ellis has weighed in, saying on his Monday podcast that not only had he heard that Singer attended those types of parties, he dated two people who had been through “the kind of Bryan Singer/Roland Emmerich world of parties,” noting that the bashes weren’t identified as “underage parties” but fake IDs were important.

One of Ellis’ exes had gone to those parties and seemed to enjoy the sex and the attention, the American Psycho author explained.

“He said he had been one of those guys who had been invited to those parties for one or two months and he was a sensitive guy. … He wasn’t really into the drugs but he was into the parties and the sex and the attention, and I could easily understand it,” Ellis said. “I guess he was 17. I don’t know how old he was, what was expected of him. He kind of got it and said ‘I’m going to enjoy this now. I understand why I’m here and what my expiration date is and what these people want from me’ and then moved on.”

Ellis also tells a story of having gone to a dinner party in 2007 where a number of guys left early and when Ellis asked them where they were going, they said they were going to one of Bryan Singer’s underage parties in Encino at the M & C estate.

Ellis was surprised those were actually going on, but the guys said “Yeah, you should just see it as a goof.”

Dictionary defines “goof” as a mistake or blunder or “spending time idly or foolishly”. So the underage parties were regarded as some idle foolishness and were brushed off as a mere nothing?

According to another account even thirty-year old guys felt that they were too old for those goof parties. The party described here took place in 2006:

 To gain a better understanding of what has actually happened at the frequent parties Singer has hosted and attended, BuzzFeed has spoken with six people who have gone to them, including one friend who said he helps introduce Singer to younger men the director would otherwise be too “shy” to meet. These sources provided a stark portrait of an entrenched system [ ] edging precariously close to the line between legality and illegality.

On June 21, 2006, a gay screenwriter in his thirties working his way through the film industry landed an invitation to the after-party for the Los Angeles premiere of director Bryan Singer’s film Superman Returns. “It started at like 1 a.m.,” he told BuzzFeed. “It was super crowded. Someone told me to stick around as late as I could because after most of the guests leave, the scene in the pool ‘gets freaky.’ There were a lot of twinks inside, just hanging out, and all of them were white. I wandered into what seemed like a screening room or TV room. There was a PlayStation set up, and a blond twink in a tank top who looked like he was 16 was sitting on the floor alone eating fried chicken straight from a KFC bucket. More white twinks showed up. I felt old and gross, so I left.”

Dictionary defines “twink” as “a gay slang term describing a young or young-looking man with a slender, ectomorph build, little or no body hair, and no facial hair. In some societies, the terms fox, plum, chick, or chicken are preferred”.

The chicken key chain is presented to Corey Feldman in 1989

The yellow  chicken keychain is presented to Corey Feldman

The “chicken” term immediately reminded me of the chicken keychains presented to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim when they were still very young and were giving some of their first TV interviews.

Corey Haim also gets his chicken key chain and thanks the host for the present

In a separate interview Corey Haim also gets his chicken keychain and thanks the host for the present

The chicken keychains were given to the boys at the very end of the interviews with the words sounding quite symbolic considering the things we now know of the Hollywood ways:

  • “You are not a movie star unless you have a rubber chicken keychain”.
Beware of chicken keychains presented to you by strangers

Beware of chicken keychains presented to you by strangers

The poor boys sincerely thanked the interviewer for the presents (which were accompanied by a cackling sound) never knowing that these rubber chickens were evidently sending a signal to viewers that these boys were now available for sex.

Sorry for the interruption – here is the continuation of the story explaining how Singer picks up new boyfriends and quoting anonymous insiders who “never witnessed underage boys at Singer’s parties” (in contrast to us who have seen them in that Emmerich/Singer photo):

Egan’s suit charges that house parties frequented by young men — hosted either by Singer, or by convicted sex offender Marc Collins-Rector — were the main location where, 15 years ago, Singer allegedly promised Egan a role in a movie, fondled him, and then raped him repeatedly.

(A 2007 story in Radar named Singer as one of Collins-Rector’s “acquaintances” along with Ancier and David Geffen, who invested in his online TV venture DEN.)

But the men who spoke with BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity — including a good friend of Singer’s, and an industry insider who has been going to Singer’s parties for about a year — contended that they never witnessed such criminal behavior by Singer, nor of anyone underage attending Singer’s parties, although they do allege drug and underage alcohol use by both Singer and partygoers on a significant scale.

Wayhe Castro (Twitter: @WayneCastro)

Wayhe Castro (Twitter: @WayneCastro)

To scout for attractive young men to attend his parties, Singer has relied on a network of friends, according to multiple sources.

First among them is Wayne Castro (44 years old, according to public records), whose Twitter biography lists his professions as a “fashion photographer, producer, [and] event promoter.”

“He’s been friends with Bryan for years — very much a confidant,” said another friend of Singer’s, who added that he is one of the scouts who has connected Singer with young men the director might have wanted to meet.

Castro, according to the partygoing insider, is a regular presence at the 18-and-over gay club night called TigerHeat, which happens every Thursday night at the Hollywood club Avalon.

There, Castro maintains a VIP list and produces the “Heaven Lounge” at the event, as well as house parties that happen either the same night or on subsequent nights.

My unverified sources (the commenters on various forums) add much more to the official story. They speak of Bryan Singer arranging drug parties with youngsters in their teens – “more mid than late”, and Singer spreading strong narcotic pills “like candies”, and that some Hollywood parties have a secret underbelly to them – the legitimate party is attended by everyone and serves as an alibi in case someone starts wondering and the illegitimate party takes place in a separate area of the house where access is limited and controlled. It is also alleged that the system is spread all over Hollywood from top to bottom and everyone knows everything about it, but no one dares to speak publicly.

I can easily believe it. While all the media was swirling around Michael Jackson the real weirdos of Hollywood got a free hand to satisfy each of their whims. Anyone would start wondering in circumstances like these – could it be them who sent the public on a wrong track in order to distract attention from themselves? And again, if everyone knew everything about it where were all those vigilant Nancy Graces and Diane Dimonds, I wonder?

Some more comments reveal that there is a great potential for witnesses about the Hollywood underage parties only these people will hardly ever testify – they are indeed afraid, and not of the fictional Michael Jackson “power” but of the real power of the whole industry which will turn them into the outcasts in their profession and will finish their career forever:

  • This will get buried but, I had a wealthy, gay friend in high school who personally told me he went to parties at Bryan Singer’s mansion where sex and drugs were rampant. My friend told me about all the decadence, depravity, and debauchery. I wasn’t surprised by the title of this post, at all, since I’ve known about shit like this happening since around 2004.
  • All of this is completely true. The sad thing is… everyone in Hollywood already knows Singer’s penchant for younger boys. He intentionally goes to the 18 and over clubs in West Hollywood/Hollywood (I’ve personally seen him there a handful of times) bc the boys are guaranteed to be under 18. In this neighborhood, 18 year olds find their way into the 21+ bars and 15 year olds hit the 18+ bars. He knows this happens and he preys on them.
  • I heard this about Singer in 2006 from an agent at a major talent agency. He said Singer shut down the set of X-men for 3 days because he was taking ecstasy in his trailer with some mid to late teen guys and wouldn’t come out. He then said ‘more mid than late’.
  • First person story: As an 18 year old who went to those parties at Marc Collin-Rector’s house, Gary Godard’s house, Bryan Singer house, and the list goes on and on. I can honestly say this doesn’t surprise me at all. To anyone who says this kid was 16 and should have known better, you don’t understand how manipulative and evil these people are. They scare me to this day. I wasn’t one of Bryan’s targets, but I was the target of one of the other power gays he “introduced” me too. I’ve just always kept my mouth shut because I’m so afraid of them. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about posting this. And I kept going back too. I feel pretty stupid for it now, but they make themselves out to be people who are looking out for you. They make you feel special. Something that a lot of young gays want desperately, because, especially at the time, coming out usually meant being disowned by your parents. It’s all part of the indoctrination.

And seriously, if you want a trail of the drugs Bryan gave to boys at the time… FOX should just check their books. He was always bragging about how he bought $10,000 worth of Quaaludes somewhere in Europe on his expense account for the first X-Men. He’d give them out like candy at these parties. Bryan is seriously one of the most evil, self-absorbed people I’ve ever met. And that’s saying something in this town.

  • The biggest problem is Hollywood is pedophilia and various sex rings. I’ve worked in the industry for more than fifteen years now and it’s a problem that most everyone is aware of, but few will talk about. This isn’t something that emanates from mid-level management in agencies or studios, this starts from those who financially control Hollywood (from outside the visible system) and trickles down into the highest levels of studio/agency executives. It then makes it way into certain A-list actors, producers, directors whom are introduced to these events or parties exclusively through a friend or handler. Once you’re in, it’s kind of like the ‘blue shield’ where everyone defends everyone else and no one lets anyone else get taken down.

Sometimes it occurs at parties, where there are in fact, two parties happening… some of these homes in the hills are huge and you would never know that down a certain hallway/corridor is a security guy with a list of names and a secondary party going on. In this way, you can appear to have a long list of legitimate alibis who will truthfully claim that they were at the same party and it was a normal affair, even though you may have been out of sight for an hour in another wing of the home getting your rocks off with a kid.

The other big thing is straight up private events/parties where young boys/girls are flown in. Everyone there will either participate or is okay with this sort of behavior. The boys outnumber the girls, sometimes by 10-1.

I have a few close friends that have confided in me about these types of events; the former and latter. One is a producer whom basically gutted any and all remnants of glamor I had associated with Hollywood. The things they told me were sickening. This person was distraught and angered, but felt there was little they could do. If you speak out, you’re finished. Good bye to your six or seven figure salary…

I’m not saying Singer was involved in this type of stuff. But the type of stuff they’re talking about is very real and is going on every single weekend. There are curators (who manage or control various ‘rings’) and they cater to the needs of their clients. These curators tend to overlap with talent agencies as this gives them a huge farm worth of fresh models/actors coming in every day. This is first and foremost, a business, an expensive one.

Not naming any names. Nothing needs reply, the gist of it is all there. I personally can’t wait for all this crap to get out. We could use some fresh air in Hollywood. TLDR; Hollywood’s biggest problem is pedophilia, second only to Washington DC.

  • My friend is one of the former boytoys of a hollywood elite – not Bryan Singer, but you would know the name. The allegations of the teenage abuse are spot on. My friend was a rising actor in early 2000s and is still a “bit part” actor which is how he makes his living for his wife and children, so he will not come forward with any allegations. No matter how much encouragement his friends give him and no matter the number of ways we’ve tried to convince him (primarily: don’t let other people get hurt) he is not ready to divulge anything publicly.

We noticed a turn for depression in the early years after he moved to LA. It took a direct confrontation from multiple of us to realize what was happening and to get it out of him. I won’t go into many details for fear of “outing” him but he essentially had to agree to “date” this person in exchange for a career. I use the term “date” to mean, essentially “be available at nearly any and all times” for drugs, sex, and debasement. He once refused and tried to get out of the circle which lost him nearly all employment for months. He was given a “second chance” and went back into the circle for a few more years. Technically he was a willing participant, but only because of this horrible imbalance of power. Eventually he just became old enough to not be desirable anymore and he kind of “aged out”.

For years I campaigned large message boards (IMDB, bodybuilding, even DIGG and FARK) talking about this issue and trying to spread awareness. It just does not get traction. Ever.

The point about the imbalance of power and boys being unable to tear away from the system is impressive. So you either keep up with their rules and are part of their wall of silence or ….?  One can only guess what the other alternative is and why these people are so terrified to name names and tell the truth.

Incidentally the ‘intimidation’ factor was widely alleged about Michael Jackson too, with the only difference though – some of his maids and bodyguards sued MJ for wrongful termination of their jobs and the “fear” they allegedly had for their employer did not stop them from wanting to go back or making wild claims for a pay of hundreds of thousands of dollars for overtime.

Another observation from the commenters – that the abusers “financially control Hollywood from outside the visible system trickling down into the highest levels of studio/agency” – reminded me of the fact that the defendants in Michael Egan’s lawsuit are no small people in the entertainment industry either.

Gary Goddard (left), Garth Ancier (center), David Neuman (right)

Gary Goddard (left), Garth Ancier (center), David Neuman (right)

A short wiki check-up produced the following results:

Garth Ancier, 56 is a media executive who programmed three of the five US broadcast television networks  and was Founding Programmer at Fox, at The WB (now The CW) and NBC Entertainment. In 1999 he rose to President of NBC Entertainment. In 2001 he returned to Time Warner as Executive Vice-President and programmed at Turner Broadcasting, CNN, TBS, TNT, etc. In 2003-2006 Ancier worked as Co-Chairman and then Chairman of the WB Television Network. In 2007-2010 he served as President of BBC Worldwide America.

Gary Goddard, 59 produced several shows on and off Broadway, directed movies and TV shows. Now he is head of company The Goddard Group that has created several large-scale attractions for Universal Studios in Hollywood, Japan and other places.

David Neuman is the former President of Walt Disney Television and was Vice president of comedy development at NBC. His other posts were the Pesident of programming at the now-defunct Current Media cable news network and Chief programming officer at CNN. Neuman was actually the one who left Walt Disney to become President of DEN company founded by Mark Rector Collins (a registered sex offender cited in Michael Egan’s suit).

Little do I know of all these abbreviations (WB, TBS, etc.) but the ones I do show that the power of the above three people in TV and entertainment world is simply enormous. Look at the posts they were holding with NBC, Fox, CNN, Walt Disney TV and BBC Worldwide America!

Will there be any questions now why the TV “programming” they were responsible for never included stories about their drug-filled parties with teenagers or information about their association with the infamous Marc Collins-Rector,  and why all the media attention was focused on Michael Jackson instead?

There is actually one more side to the story.

Remember an interesting comment that “once you’re in, it’s kind of the ‘blue shield’ where everyone defends everyone else and no one lets anyone else get taken down”? If this is the case it is logical to conclude that considering Michael Jackson’s singular trashing for so many years, he was not part of their club and this is why their ‘shield’ did not cover him and this is why none of those Hollywood people ever said a word in his defense.

Well, it is great that Michael wasn’t one of them, though for him it was a very big problem as this was probably the very reason why he was so viciously harassed.


The mysterious Marc Collins-Rector and his DEN company (with David Neuman as its president) were mentioned here so many times that it is impossible not to tell their story. The best source for it is a Radar Magazine article which is offline now, but can be read on the wayback machine.

The article goes back and forth between mid 90s and 2007 which was the year of its publication. The period is interesting as it places the described events exactly into the time span when the witch-hunt against Michael Jackson was at its worst.

And when you start comparing it turns out that Marc Collins-Rector and his associates got away with making porn movies with 14-year old boys, feeding them hard narcotics and threatening them with murder – while Michael Jackson’s home was repeatedly turned upside down in search of compromising materials (there were none) and trashed for keeping Playboy magazines sold on every corner.


A high-flying Web start-up, DEN imploded among allegations of drug use, guns, and pedophilia

By John Gorenfeld and Patrick Runkle


“Historians of the Internet bubble might remember Collins-Rector as a cofounder of the Digital Entertainment Network, an online video empire that was one of the most talked-about new media launches of its day, before its spectacular flameout.

Accused of molesting numerous teenage boys who worked for him, the 48-year-old entrepreneur went on the lam to Europe. Apprehended 21 months later, he was extradited to the United States, where, after what seems a rather lackluster prosecution, he pled guilty to eight counts of luring teens across state lines for sex, and paid a small fine. Two years later, here he was, as the Sun put it, “swanning around Britain in a chauffeur-driven limo and surrounding himself with young boys.”

Such brazen behavior wouldn’t surprise anyone who knew Collins-Rector back when DEN was riding high. In those heady days before the Internet bust, a Who’s Who of gay Hollywood flocked to notorious all-night bashes at the “M&C estate,” so named for Marc and his twentysomething cohort Chad Shackley.

 PASTY MONSTER Collins-Rector strikes a pose for the Florida sex-offender registry

PASTY MONSTER Collins-Rector strikes a pose for the Florida sex-offender registry

The pair, who met on an online bulletin board (remember those?) when Shackley was just 15, collaborated on a number of tech start-ups, including an early Internet service provider, Concentric Network Services.

Flush with cash from their successful ventures, Collins-Rector (who had changed his name from the more pedestrian Rector) and his young colleague landed in Encino, California, where they took a special liking to a $4.2 million Spanish colonial McMansion that had previously belonged to Death Row Records rap impresario Suge Knight.

Streams and waterfalls traced the carefully manicured 1.5-acre grounds, which housed a tennis court, an enormous gazebo, a swimming pool, aquariums, a home theater, and a hot tub built for 12.

Among their new acquaintances in Los Angeles were such industry heavies as David Geffen, uber-manager Sandy Gallin, then–NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier, and Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer.

It’s also where they hatched an audacious plan for a Web-based television venture. They called it DEN, and staked its business model on “narrowcasting,” or marketing to thin demographic segments. An early attempt to capture the online video zeitgeist that eventually blossomed with YouTube, was instead rooted in original programming. The plan attracted major investments from key players in Hollywood, the tech industry, and Wall Street, ranging from Geffen and Singer to Intel, NBC, and Microsoft.

Another regular at the mansion was DEN executive VP Brock Pierce. He was aggressive and self-assured, with blond hair and an insouciant pout. He was also still a teenager—17 years old and coming off a successful career as a child actor, with The Mighty Ducks and First Kid among his credits.

According to a DEN board member, Pierce was hired as “the guy who could tell us what Gen Y-ers were likely to think.” This talent came in handy not only in targeting the youth demographic, but also in bringing a supply of beautiful young men to the estate, lured with vague promises of fame as the Internet’s first TV stars.

Eventually, a number of these acolytes would file lawsuits alleging they were raped and/or sexually abused at M&C by the three cofounders. Their charges are remarkably consistent—all claim they were bullied and drugged to coerce sexual compliance, and in some cases, threatened with loaded guns. When the plaintiffs filed civil suits against Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce, the three suddenly disappeared with what remained of their fortune—turning up two years later living in a villa in Spain.

They were arrested by local authorities, who uncovered “an enormous collection of child porn, according to Spanish police reports. In their absence, the plaintiffs were awarded default judgments in the amount of $4.5 million, but have collected only a small fraction of that.

For a company that brought in nearly $100 million from world-class investors [ ] its product was stunningly bad—even by dot-bomb standards. The business plan was lacking in many respects. A major selling point that Collins-Rector touted to investors was a feature that would allow viewers to click on, say, a shirt or lamp in one of the shows and immediately buy it online.

Unfortunately, the click-to-purchase technology never materialized. “We all bought into [Marc’s] vision of the technology,” says DEN’s chief marketing officer, Edward Winter “but soon we were being told by Internet experts that ‘you can’t stream video right now.’ It became pretty clear that it wasn’t going to work.”

DEN presents "Chad's world"

DEN presents “Chad’s world”

[ ] Instead, DEN’s founders devoted most of their attention to the network’s flagship show, Chad’s World, which targeted gay and questioning teen boys. Filmed at the M&C estate, Chad’s World was the founders’ most personal creative effort. Co-written by Collins-Rector, produced by Pierce, and loosely based on Shackley’s life, it featured one of the boys who would later accuse the DEN founders of molestation.

Chad’s World starred a 14-year-old actor named Brian Stark as Chad, and Seann William Scott—who shortly thereafter won a starring role in American Pie—as Jim, a California entrepreneur based on Collins-Rector. While the film’s production quality was more in line with down-market porn than network programming, the producers doled out a mind-boggling $12 million in salaries for the series.

The pilot episode revolves around two young men coming to terms with their sexuality. Chad convinces his close friend Paul to com

Bryan Stark played Chad at the age of 14

Bryan Stark played Chad when he was 14

e out of the closet to his cartoonishly repressive parents. Upon learning that his son is gay, Paul’s father calls him an “abomination against God,” provoking the spurned boy to blow his own brains out. “It’s for the best,” Dad muses. Brushing off the brains of his friend, a despondent Chad runs outside and makes a “Why, God?” gesture to the skies as grunge rock burns in the background.

Before long, he meets his high-flying benefactor, Jim, who lives with Chad’s older brother at a suspiciously familiar mansion. The duo, who are shuttled around in dark sedans and surrounded by phalanxes of black bodyguards, invite young Chad to live with them, generously dispatching a few of their bodyguards to stomp Paul’s homophobe dad on his lawn.

Cheerfully, Chad moves to Encino to play-wrestle with his new roomies and enjoy a lavish new lifestyle. “Oh, yeah!” he exults after being presented with a BMW and black driver of his own. “I think I’ll be able to hang here!”

When Chad’s World debuted on in June 1998, many critics couldn’t even download it—which was probably a blessing for all involved. “Chad’s World was the first signal that maybe things weren’t right [with the company],” says Winter. “It was definitely, um, ahead of its time.”

It felt like a “gay pedophile version of Silver Spoons,” adds another industry observer who saw the pilot and five unaired episodes. “I first thought it was some sick fantasy of theirs,” he adds. “When I found out about the molestation charges, I realized that it was more a case of art imitating life.”

A shot from "Chad's world".  "When I found out about the molestation charges, I realized that it was more a case of art imitating life", says the one who saw the film.

A shot from Chad’s world. “At first I thought it was some sick fantasy of theirs, but when I found out about the molestation charges, I realized that it was more a case of art imitating life”

Other DEN shows also targeted thin slices of the adolescent male demo, including young Latinos (Tales From the Eastside, in which, according to one former employee, every line of dialogue began, “Yo! Ese!”), Asians (The Chang Gang), Christians (Redemption High), frat boys (Frat Ratz), and punks (Fear of a Punk Nation). Though the company promised to reach 1.5 million viewers, never surpassed 5,000 hits per day.

A $75 million IPO was planned for October 1999 [Initial public offering (IPO) is the process by which a private company can go public by sale of its stocks to general public], but days before it was filed, a young man from New Jersey, identified in court filings as Jake W., served papers for a lawsuit claiming he’d been molested by Collins-Rector for three years, beginning in 1993 when he was just 13.

Collins-Rector quickly paid a settlement, and his attorney fired back in the press, calling the suit “classic IPO blackmail” and describing the settlement as “a token payment to save the company.”

In the same way he’d met Chad, Collins-Rector had connected with Jake via an Internet bulletin board. The executive offered the boy a job at his pre-DEN venture, Concentric, and Jake began working from home for $10 an hour. Soon, though, Collins-Rector decided he needed Jake at the Michigan office and flew him out from New Jersey, lodging him in a spare bedroom. During the visit, according to the lawsuit, Marc repeatedly asked, “Do you trust me?” with his hand roaming across the boy’s body. Then he performed fellatio on him.

With the FBI investigating Jake’s allegations and investors panicking, all three founders immediately quit their executive posts (retaining substantial stock positions), leaving DEN’s new chairman, Howard Ritts, in charge of the company.

Chad Shackley

Chad Shackley, co-founder of DEN

Within months, all three of the company’s founders had been hit with a flurry of civil lawsuits. Boys who had been paid for vague jobs with the company under the condition that they agree to attend parties at the M&C estate began telling stories of sexual abuse at the hands of Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce, as well as other highly placed Hollywood figures.

One of the alleged victims was identified as Mike E. The slim, dark-haired 14-year-old, who attended a small private high school in the Valley, befriended Chad’s brother Scott, who led him to DEN. Mike had an interest in acting, so when Collins-Rector outlined the possibilities for stardom offered by the site, the boy began spending time at the mansion, where there was one key rule.

He recalls: “If you were going to sleep over, you had to get into either the pool or the hot tub—and you had to be naked to do so.” In an exclusive interview, Mike E. confirms having been forced to engage in anal and oral intercourse with Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce while under the influence of drugs that he claims were fed to him without his knowledge. At the same time, he says, Collins-Rector and Shackley were pushing him to become a legally emancipated minor.

Meanwhile, in addition to paying the boy $1,000 a week, Collins-Rector dangled a starring role in a DEN series called The Royal Standard, which was being developed by Randal Kleiser, the director of Grease and The Blue Lagoon.

Another alleged victim, Daniel, tells a similar story. After being subjected to sexual abuse at M&C, he wrote a suicide note: I can’t stop crying! Please God help me. I can’t go on. I let them use me as a sex tool. I let those assholes do all those terrible things to me. Goodbye.”  His brother found the note and alerted their parents before Daniel made any attempt on his life.

Another young man who frequented the estate, Alex B., was not a minor at the time, but also eventually became a plaintiff against the men. Alex claims he was threatened with physical harm, often after being given drugs. At one point, Alex secretly shot a video inside the M&C estate to document what was going on. In a jittery scene, he removes a canvas bag from a closet and shows off a massive stash of drugs in amber vials—Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium, marijuana, and ecstasy among them.

Another former DEN employee tells of receiving and rejecting numerous sexual advances at the M&C mansion—until one evening when he was surreptitiously drugged and woke up nude in Collins-Rector’s bed, with Collins-Rector asleep beside him.

In addition to the money and promises of stardom, Collins-Rector allegedly used physical threats to keep the boys in line. One tactic, according to several victims, was to brandish a gun. “Do you know what I can do with this?” he would say, leveling the barrel at them, “and get away with it?” He also threatened the lives of their families.

On one occasion, Alex recalls, Collins-Rector asked a bodyguard to stand in the room wearing earmuffs. The DEN chairman told Alex the guard would choke him if he didn’t consent to sex. (Radar tracked down the guard in question, who had gone on to do security work for a big Hollywood talent agency. He confirmed the basics of the boy’s account and seemed disgusted by the memory. “Marc told me to put on the earmuffs and stand in the room facing him and Alex,” he says. “I was there for about two hours, but that is all I want to say about what happened.”)

Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, co-founder of DEN

As the lawsuits against the company mounted in early 2000, DEN—in which Pierce held nearly one million shares and Collins-Rector still owned a majority stake—began to hemorrhage money. By May 2000, the start-up was bankrupt.

Around Hollywood, rumors flew that Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce were about to be arrested on embezzlement and sexual offenses. Before any charges were filed, though, the three men disappeared.

They didn’t turn up again until May 2002, when a tip to Interpol led authorities to raid their luxury villa in Marbella, on the Spanish Riviera—an area British tabloids have dubbed the Costa del Crime due to its high population of English-speaking fugitives.

Among the items recovered from the residence were guns, machetes, a trove of jewels, and child pornography. Pierce and Shackley were held for about a month by Spanish police and then released.

The prosecution of Collins-Rector also proved difficult. He remained in a Spanish jail for almost two years, fighting extradition, before finally being brought to the United States, where he pled guilty to eight charges of child enticement, a comparably minor offense.

He was soon out of prison—receiving credit for the time he’d served in Spain. Since most of his alleged crimes took place at the mansion in Encino, it was up to L.A. County prosecutors to make any further charges stick, but the DA never took steps to do so. (The L.A. County district attorney’s office refused to comment about the status of any DEN investigation.) The victims sought justice in the civil courts, however, winning a total of $4.5 million in summary judgments. Except for a small side agreement with Pierce, the award has yet to be paid, lawyers say.

In 2007 Marc Collins-Rector was seen in London in the company of a young lad

In 2007 Marc Collins-Rector was seen in London accompanied by a young lad. And he doesn’t look like a 18 -year old…

Meanwhile, Collins-Rector appears to be up to his old tricks in London. In 2006, a U.S. District Court judge granted him “emergency” permission to leave the country to receive treatment for a brain tumor. Every week, his physician must assure a U.S. probation officer that the medical leave is vital. A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office in Newark, New Jersey, which prosecuted the case against him, acknowledged being aware of Collins-Rector’s residence in London, but said his parole was being handled by court officials in Florida and refused further comment.

After Collins-Rector made his cameo in the Sun, it appeared that officials were losing patience with the arrangement and making an effort to bring him back to the United States. “It’s a slap in the face to the victims,” says attorney Brian Brandt, who represented Daniel.

In a 2007 motion requesting termination of Collins-Rector’s supervision requirement, his attorney argued that “life-changing medical events he has experienced have profoundly affected him and augur well for the success of his rehabilitation.” In its response to the motion, the U.S. Attorney’s office revealed that Collins-Rector had come up with what it called another “ploy to circumvent British immigration law,” by claiming he “fell in love” and will form a civil union with a British citizen—which would allow him permanent residence status.

As it happens, his love interest—who also works as his personal assistant—is a young man who just turned 18.

11/05/07 2:14 PM

Let us sum up.

So right at the time when the media and public were falling over themselves in search for Michael Jackson’s “victims” in reply to the prosecutors’ call to please find at least some, and while the confidential papers of the Chandler settlement were released again and again to remind everyone of “what a sick freak Jackson is”, a certain DEN company was making openly pedophile porn films featuring 14-year old boys and no one in the media or police even cared.

Rape, sexual abuse, threats and treating teenagers to drugs and liquor were rampant and when one of the boys was about to commit suicide and complaints started pouring in the investigation finally started, but was still conducted in a “lackluster” manner. Despite this fact a grand jury indicted Collins-Rector in 2000, however the trio was allowed to slip away from justice and settle in Spain.

Two years later an “enormous” collection of child porn was found in their Spanish home, but this produced little impression on the authorities – the younger guys were released after a month long detention and it was only Collins-Rector who had to serve some 2 years in jail (How many years in jail did Tom Sneddon want for MJ though they never found any child porn in his home? Twenty five as far as I remember?)

Collins-Rector was also the only one in their group who was extradited to the US, but over there the prosecution seems to have been half-hearted again as after serving a very small term he happily sneaked away from justice (and having to pay money to his victims) again. This time he went to the UK where in 2007 he was seen accompanied by a boy well under 18 years of age.

The L.A. District Attorney probably forgot about him as no one could inform the journalists about the status of the Collins-Rector case.

The money awarded to the victims by a civil court was never paid except a fraction from Brock Pierce.

Now the whereabouts of all three guys are evidently unknown. Pierce is somewhere in Asia and is boasting raising $200 million for some new venture of his (where Collins-Rector is suspected to have a share). Collins-Rector himself is said to be in the Dominican republic.

In short neither the authorities, nor the media are paying attention to these guys and no one cares what they did to those children. If Michael Egan hadn’t raised the matter again we wouldn’t have even known the names of these people.

All this is in a sharp contrast to what was done to Michael Jackson in exactly the same period of time and this makes me assume once again that the whole idea of MJ’s prosecution and harassment was a deliberate distraction of the public from real child abusers (and the enormity of the problem per se) and that all the hype around Jackson was simply a big and lucrative project for various world businesses and the public meant to buy the story together with all products associated with it.

Alexander Burton, the actor who played Pyro in the first X-Men film, was a plaintiff in a 2000 sexual abuse lawsuit against Marc Collins-Rector

Alexander Burton, the actor who played Pyro in the first X-Men film, was a plaintiff in a 2000 sexual abuse lawsuit against Marc Collins-Rector

The boy called in the article Mike E. is naturally Michael Egan who is suing Singer and the others now. The young man named Alex B. is evidently Alex Burton, a 18-year old actor who played Pyro in Singer’s X-Men and stayed at the Encino house as a housemate and partner, but later joined the younger boys’ lawsuit (he was the one threatened with choking if he didn’t consent to sex in front of the bodyguard).

And since the money awarded to the victims by a civil court was never paid, Mike Egan’s motives can be easily understood now – the other people belonging to this sex ring have already slipped away from justice, so making the other participants answer for what they did is now a matter of principle for him.

Some media people are now really interested in finding out what’s wrong with these Hollywood guys. And when some start asking questions the most charming answer they get is a genuine surprise that these Hollywood practices are a surprise to anyone at all – it turns out that the wealthy and powerful always had an eye for pretty young things in Hollywood and that it is even “a time-honored tradition” there:

“…as several industry observers note, Singer is hardly the only Hollywood figure, gay or straight, with wealth, power and an eye for pretty young things. “Come on — that’s a time-honored tradition in this town,” says a producer long acquainted with Singer. He adds that the allegations are nearly impossible to believe, saying, “I’ve only seen a very gentle side of Bryan.”

Sometime after making his 1998 film Apt Pupil, Singer pitched a superhero project to DEN. There had been a burst of bad publicity during the making of Apt Pupil, a thriller about a high school student who discovers a fugitive Nazi war criminal in his neighborhood. During filming, suits were filed on behalf of underage extras alleging that Singer had required them to strip naked for hours while he shot a shower scene. Screenwriter Brandon Boyce called it “an absolute smear job” and “an attempt to blackmail people based on their sexuality.”

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office found no evidence of wrongdoing, and the civil cases were dismissed.

Singer at times has been known to be troubled: Executives who have worked on his movies say the director was sometimes erratic, often complaining he was in pain, at times appearing “heavily medicated” and sometimes failing to appear on set. There were widespread rumors that Singer’s partying was part of the problem, but a friend who visited the set says that was not the issue. “There were times that production was interrupted or delayed,” says this person, but the problem was Singer “battling his own demons” with respect to medication.

Attorney Singer says his client “had back pain and neck surgery,” which explains him seeming medicated. “He took medication for back pain.” Chris Lee, a former top Columbia TriStar executive who had overseen Apt Pupil and had a reputation for being able to soothe Singer, was an executive producer on Superman Returns and was dispatched to the set in Australia to get the director on track.

“Chris wasn’t able to do with Bryan what we’d thought he’d be able to do,” says an executive involved with the film. “We needed someone who would be able to control and guide Bryan a little better.”

In May 1999, the boy from New Jersey who had met Collins-Rector at 13 had sued in federal court in New Jersey, alleging that Collins-Rector sexually abused him from 1993 to 1996. Denying the allegations, Collins-Rector settled for an undisclosed sum [the settlement was made soon after a tape of a certain telephone conversation was presented to Marc Collins-Rector].

But he left DEN along with Shackley and Pierce, stating through their attorney that they had planned to go regardless of the lawsuit. Top DEN executives, including Neuman, subsequently told the Los Angeles Times in 2000 that they knew of no abuse by Collins-Rector and did not concern themselves with his private life. Soon, DEN went bankrupt.

Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce launched another company called World Wide Technology & Internet Ventures Ltd., incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.  Still living at the Encino mansion, they were joined by new housemate and partner Alex Burton, an 18-year-old actor who was a friend of Pierce.

But more and more boys came forward, alleging abuse.

[ ] What seems remarkable, in retrospect, is that all of the charges against Pierce’s former partner, Collins-Rector, were filed by federal authorities; despite many allegations regarding activities at the Encino house, officials in L.A. never pursued criminal charges against Collins-Rector or his associates.

Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, alleged during an April 21 news conference that her attempts to report her son’s abuse to the FBI had fallen on deaf ears. In fact, a 2003 affidavit filed by Special Agent Joseph Brine and obtained by TMZ stated that Egan had brought allegations against Collins-Rector to Brine’s attention.

During the April 21 news conference, Egan’s sobbing mother called out several FBI officials by name:

“I’d like to say to Special Agent Joseph Brine: You came to our house once. You interviewed Mike once. You called me a couple times after. I continued to call you. I continued to write certified, return-receipt letters to you. Everything went silent. What did you do then, Mr. Brine? I’d also like to say to Mr. J. Stephen Tidwell, FBI Los Angeles: Why’d you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? Mr. David Johnson, FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters? And Mr. Robert Mueller III, Director of FBI, J. Edgar Hoover Building, Washington, D.C.: Why did you ignore my certified, return-receipt letters?”

In response to an inquiry from THR, the FBI said it “takes seriously allegations involving the sexual abuse of minors. The suggestion that the FBI ignored evidence concerning the sexual victimization of a minor is completely without merit.” The Los Angeles Police Department said the FBI was the lead agency investigating in 2000 but declined further comment.

There is one thing which will be surely told by Michael Jackson’s detractors now. Considering the alleged slackness on the part of the FBI towards Michael Egan’s and other boys’ complaints and being always on the lookout for some new innuendo to tell about Jackson, they will surely try to devalue the huge 20-year long work of investigating Michael Jackson by the media, police, DCFS, the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles District Attorneys and the FBI.

Whatever the case with Michael Egan and the FBI negligence towards his mother’s appeals, his situation cannot be in any way compared with the FBI readiness to investigate Michael Jackson and at first notice from his prosecutors too – like following the lead of that telephone terrorist Terry George, for example. His story never went anywhere as it is laughable of course, but its very presence in the FBI files means that the FBI did rush to check up every silliness ever said about Michael Jackson. But still found nothing.

And if someone is tempted to compare the hush-up settlement made by Marc Collins-Rector to a boy abused by him at age 13 with the settlement made by Michael with Jordan Chandler, a firm line between the two should be also drawn by a steel hand.

Collins-Rector made a quick settlement before the news of the case even began to spread. This is how hush-up settlements are really made. If MJ had followed the same pattern he should have paid money to the Chandlers the next day the boy’s father approached him and no one would have ever known why and for what reason the money changed hands.

Instead Michael Jackson subjected himself to a year-long police investigation, a media storm and a humiliating strip-search which proved that the boy’s allegations were false (the photos didn’t match but sadly, this fact was poorly reported by the press) and gave up only when all the frenzy came to the point of sheer survival for him. And the insurance company did offer him a sum as a compensation for the settlement (at least part of it) – this we are now sure of as we have found solid proof of it in an article of the period mentioning the insurance offer.

And finally, the explanations by Singer’s attorneys that his uncontrollable drug-taking was actually for his “back pain” sound very much like an allusion to Michael Jackson’s problems and an attempt to squeeze a little sympathy for Singer at Michael Jackson’s expense.

Even here they are trying to use MJ to their advantage and compare the incomparable – Michael began taking pain-killers due to a burn and the torturous skin-stretching procedures to grow hair on his head and due to the horrendous accident with a bridge falling under him and damaging his back. And though Singer is naturally not safeguarded against his own health problems, no back pain can explain his continuous and uncontrollable drug-taking which has already turned into a sort of a legend in Hollywood.

In short all of it comes back to what I’ve said before – what is a fun game for these people was turned into a life-long torture for Michael Jackson. They can get away with almost anything, while Michael was and is still being judged according to the harshest possible rules.

And still, despite the difference in the rules of the game he won an honest acquittal in the hardest of the battles and left the court an innocent man, while predators like Collins-Pierce-Shackley have to live in hiding and carry the label of the depraved criminals they are though hardly ever tried at all.

As to Bryan Singer I don’t know, but even if due to the peculiarities of the justice system he wins the case from his accuser Michael Egan, we have still seen that photo with some young faces at the Emmerich/Singer pool party, haven’t we?


As a supplement to this post here is a summary of Hollywood child-abuse cases revealed to us in the past couple of years. It seems that the cleaning process has started.

Hollywood definitely needs some fresh air – both for those who work in the industry and are also sick and tired of its ways, and us, ordinary movie-goers who want to appreciate Hollywood films without having to shudder at the thought of what might be going on behind the screen.

Hollywood’s Sexual Predator Problem Explodes

By Michelle Malkin | May 6, 2014 | 22:053782  301 Reddit257  58 A  A

Hollywood is sick, sick, sick. Behind its curtain of holier-than-thou progressivism, the entertainment world’s top A-list stars have engaged in the most depraved sexual abuse against vulnerable children and teens, according to a growing number of victims. After years of cover-up, the institutional scandal is exploding. Finally.

The latest alleged atrocities involve “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and at least three other power players in the business: veteran television executive Garth Ancier, former Disney executive David Neuman and producer Gary Goddard. Last month, former child actor and model Michael Egan filed civil suits against the men, alleging that they passed around underage boys “like pieces of meat at sex parties” in the late 1990s. Egan’s X-rated lawsuit exposes a cabal of alleged predators who plied young boys and teens with hard drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them.

Egan was repeatedly molested, raped and beaten from the age of 15, he says, at an infamous gay sex mansion in southern California. The mansion was owned by another of Egan’s alleged abusers: scumbag Internet video mogul Marc Collins-Rector. He’s a registered sex offender who lured young boys online, drugged and raped them, and reportedly threatened them with a gun if they did not submit.

Collins-Rector was convicted in 2004 of transporting five underage boys across state lines with the intent of raping them. He was allowed to leave the U.S. in 2006 by claiming a “brain tumor,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The (U.K.) Sun reported in 2007 that he was “swanning around Britain in a chauffer-driven limo and surrounding himself with young boys.” He can no longer be located, despite supposedly being under police “supervision.”

Egan’s mother reported the abuse to the FBI and Los Angeles Police Department back in 2000, the family’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, says. Nothing was done.

Singer’s lawyer calls Egan’s suit “absurd” and “defamatory.” But the allegations just keep piling up. Singer is now the subject of another lawsuit filed this week by a young British man who alleges Singer’s producer pal Gary Goddard groomed him online from the age of 14, raped him at 16 and shared him with Singer after the London premiere of Singer’s movie “Superman Returns” in 2006. Internet photos have been circulating for years showing Singer with a parade of young boys and men draped around him.

Egan’s claims are especially chilling in light of similarly lurid allegations made 17 years ago on the set of Singer’s movie “Apt Pupil.” Three underage boys — ages 14, 16 and 17 — filed suit claiming Singer and his crew forced them to take off peach-colored G-strings and strip naked in a shower scene for the movie. Authorities investigated. The suit was dismissed. Nothing was done.

“Everyone’s ducking for cover,” Paul Petersen, a former child actor and child actors’ advocate, told Entertainment Weekly in 1997. “It’s a complete and total breakdown of the protections Hollywood pretends it accords children.”

The same industry that sanctimoniously convenes anti-bullying summits with the Obama White House and falsely accuses conservatives of waging a “war on women” has allowed countless children to be stalked, groomed, beaten, molested and raped on casting couches, in movie trailers, and at drug- and alcohol-drenched parties by Tinseltown predators. The alleged child rape scandal exposed by Egan does not exist in a vacuum:

Marty Weiss

Marty Weiss

—Last year, child actor Corey Feldman sounded the alarm on rampant pedophilia in a brave, scathing memoir. He recounted how his best friend and co-star, the late Corey Haim, was sodomized by an older male on the set of their hit film “Lucas.” The boys, fed cocaine by a string of predators, attended parties with Hollywood talent manager and child actors’ rep Marty Weiss. Now a registered sex offender, Weiss pleaded no contest in 2012 to lewd acts on a child under the age of 14. The victim, another young child actor, alleged Weiss sexually assaulted him between 30 and 40 times from the age of 11.


—Boy band impresario Lou Pearlman was a con artist and sleazeball who hosted sleepover parties wearing only a towel and solicited massages from young male singers. “Certain things happened, and it almost destroyed our family,” boy band star Nick Carter’s mother told Vanity Fair years ago. “I tried to warn everyone.”

—Former child actor Todd Bridges, of “Diff’rent Strokes” fame, says he was abused by his agent.

Lou Pearlman—Former teen pop princess Debbie Gibson has spoken of “older male record executives” who hit on her while she was still underage.

—Despite disturbing and longstanding allegations of molestation and rape, directors Woody Allen and Roman Polanski still enjoy professional acclaim and adoration of their peers.

—Perv fashion photographer Terry Richardson continues to enjoy the support of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus despite years of allegations of misogyny, manipulation and sexual misconduct against young models.

If all of these sickos had been Catholic priests, college fraternity members or charter school teachers, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it. Perhaps the social justice awareness-raisers in the Hollywood left should take a break from pointing fingers at everyone else — and put a stop to the monsters in their own midst.

And how much would we have heard if at least a fraction of what they found about these people had ever been found about MJ?

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  1. June 21, 2014 1:15 pm

    At last the truth.Maybe the film about the spectacle around the Michael Jackson trial2005 had a strange effect of opening the eyes of some.And shame on all who have fed and amassed fortunes from producing falshoods about Michael and thereby amassing fortunes.
    They destroyed his life and and were collaborators to his death.When and how will they be held accountable?


  2. June 21, 2014 5:51 pm

    Fantastic. Thank you. I have been thinking all the same thing.


  3. June 21, 2014 5:53 pm

    Fantastic. Thank you. I have been thinking all the same things….why? why? Another answer is the powers at be,…the media, the entertainment industry..the legal system..are filled with sexual predators. They don’t want to prosecute real predators because that’s what they are. Innocent people like Michael Jackson are a threat to their existence so they tried to destroy him.


  4. June 21, 2014 8:17 pm

    Michael will be in the Hall of Fame for eternity.VMJ has a pretty good list of his predators,they will be a fotnote; in the hall of shame.
    Despite his difficulties re his father the youthful Michael was a joyful person.You can see or hear it in his songs.Later in life he said:” I never laugh when I am performing”.; he should have added the word “anymore”. I can say from my experience that the joy of a child is infectious.
    For myself 100%, and I believe many others know this expierience too.That is why (one reason) Michael surrounded himself with children.Though he had a good time in Ireland Dr.Tracey said: There was a certain sadness about him.


  5. Yunus Karbanee permalink
    June 22, 2014 1:35 am

    whoa there you do not say or tell or expose the real reasons why M J WAS persecuted by these DANGEROUS DEVILISH FANATICS . Secondly with such popularity how come he could not have these total perverts caught and exposed .,/,.,/.,. no they control the THEY WHOLE WORLD but for HOW LONG


  6. June 22, 2014 3:05 am

    “the media, the entertainment industry..the legal system..are filled with sexual predators. They don’t want to prosecute real predators because that’s what they are. Innocent people like Michael Jackson are a threat to their existence so they tried to destroy him.” – redfox

    Redfox, yes, destruction and character assassination was the ultimate goal and still is – even now, after his death. But first they used him as a means to distract attention from real abusers and the real problem. All that hysteria around Michael always had an element of something cartoonish about it because deep inside everyone knew that all of it wasn’t real and was just a game.

    Similarly in some countries corrupt governments loudly declare that they “fight” corruption by bringing charges against innocent people and cooking fake criminal cases against them while real corruption is rampant all around. And the media readily involves itself in the game.


  7. susannerb permalink
    June 22, 2014 3:15 am

    This is so shocking. Not just the fact of this Hollywood swamp, but the way how an innocent man became the scapegoat for a decadent society in order to protect the real perverts.
    This is a great continuation after my post about the film, Helena, because it shows even better why the major US broadcast television networks (Fox, NBC, CNN and the likes) made entertainment programs of the 2005 trial and didn’t show any true concern for alleged victims. And it’s also clear now why Victor Gutierrez so easily got another job during this trial with NBC Dateline, though he was a convicted criminal.

    Where are these damned “investigative journalists” now to investigate and report on these Hollywood cases? Where are Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth when they allegedly care so much about young victims to run down their predators? DD was quick to write another slandering article on The Daily Beast about a new (fabricated) allegation against MJ recently (even before it was filed in court), but the article about the allegations against Singer was written by someone else. The way the media and the respective leading persons handle these cases is very revealing.


  8. June 22, 2014 4:18 am

    it is sad and shocking.Initially it may have been a chance of circumstances that labelled Michael-all this is written about earlier in this blog. So there was a bit of smoke without fire,
    then this smokescreen grew and grew and became a massive cloud. So easy for predators just to folllow old patterns.Large segments of population was unable to see anything and did not even try, so thick was this smokescreen cloud.And so many benefitted on various levels from it.It spread all around the world.-As sunnerb said this will be in the history of our times.


  9. June 22, 2014 7:55 am

    Helena, what I thought when I saw the picture, is that Michael was not in the “inserts”. He was in the picture with Mac, and Cory. And that made me think that the victims (MJ included) were in the picture, and the peds were in the inserts. Did you not think that this is a different perception, but maybe not so strange ? When you look at it that way, there is no reason to be upset. Of course, they had better not put Michael there, but maybe we have to see it from a different angle. Thank you for the “useful” piece.


  10. bloomfield permalink
    June 22, 2014 10:38 am

    I noticed David Geffen is an acquaintance of Singer and others in this article.
    Isnt he the one that talked MJ into getting rid of John Branca initially?
    Seems when MJ started trusting Geffen , things went South for him.
    The more I think Of Evan Chandler saying he had people in place and words to the effect that it would be nuclear if he made a certain phone call.It just makes me wonder how many people were in on this thing , from the beginning , to smear MJ, cut his power etc.
    Not just VG but these people as well.
    Maybe they were paying his way because certainly this seems to have been an open secret in Hollywood
    Sneddon looking the other way when Mr Schwartz had even recorded Evan saying he would ruin MJ if he didnt get what he wanted etc.All the while .criminal activity by others abound,.
    Wouldnt have to do too much investigating to locate these type parties, and yet VG never mentioned them, because he was one of them too, imo.
    And of course there are NEVER any pictures of MJ at these parties.
    Im sure he would have been invited , if they really thought he was capable of criminal activity.
    What a huge laugh all these people must have been having at poor MJ expense, all the while MJ is trying to help children and they are treating children like chattel.
    The people who accused MJ always seemed to be protected in so many ways.
    The timeline for Wade Robson also, how he made these accusations just as AEG trial took place, and the Vegas shows began.
    Runs away to Hawaii, and yet no news media followed him to ask him questions.
    It isnt like he is on Mars.
    All we get is the tabloid stories , his lawyers set up.
    The only clip I can find right now of Corey Feldman , on the View is this one,
    Barbara Walters is so indignant regarding his assertions, it is amazing.
    I watched this live when it was on and I noticed that Walters was trying to shut Sherri Shepard down , when she wanted to mention MJ innocence, at least that is the way I remember it
    You could just sense it and so could Shepard , but she pushed through her statement anyway..
    If I am not mistaken, I think Walters introduced the Martin Bashir documentary , giving him credence…Somehow she was involved , I think

    money/corruption/media ..I have never considered MJ paranoid..He knew this first hand all to well.


  11. June 22, 2014 3:23 pm

    Listened to some of the satanist in the vid.below.What is striking is their huge obsession with Jesus.If he is nothing to them that seems odd.Jesus himself was not obsessed.And while alive he partook in some ordinary pleasures of life,foe example attending a marriage feast where they run out of wine. Well we know how he fixed that problem.He did not yell or shout,true he did get angry at the money lenders at the temple.-


  12. lynande51 permalink
    June 22, 2014 8:16 pm

    Look at the stories that these young men tell. Stories of fear, threats of violence to both them and their families. Most of them are still so afraid that they don’t even want to write about it. This is the story of a true victim. These are the threats that real victims relay everyday.
    What a contrast they are to those that have accused Michael. If only they knew that the stories that they tell sound more like a P******** fantasy than that of a victim of abuse. And the reason is that they all used that same blueprint that Victor Gutierrez used when he helped Evan script Jordan’s story. Victor Gutierrez and Rodney Allen, two P**** that were able to frame Michael Jackson.
    The detractors talk of sharing the same bed with Michael like that is what a p******** does. Michael’s detractors use that term like it is used between to adults. It is to make them sound like lovers when that is in complete opposition to what they really are. They have all relayed stories like the ones above. Kids made afraid by these men. Look at the pictures of those parties that is what really happens.
    These victims are used for a brief period of time and then discarded for a new one. That is what really happens. It is ugliness at it’s worst and Michael accusers tell the story with a slant to the absurd.


  13. Dale permalink
    June 23, 2014 7:02 pm

    Helena the root cause of the machinations against our Michael was the Jews who wanted to get hold of his money. This article outlines how the Jews controlled him after he left Motown and its not a pretty picture

    My apologies to anyone disturbed by this story but its important to know the truth about who was working in the shadows against Michael.


  14. June 24, 2014 5:28 am

    It is the NAMBLA and the big bosses there + opportunistic sc journalists.


  15. June 24, 2014 5:35 am

    As for the money – many,really many,both private individuals,sc journalists, just racist, envious grandous corrupted judges, witnesses,jurors and of late especially AEG.You will find all of that in this blog. Maybe a summary should be made. Next on the waiting list for money is Wade Robson.


  16. June 24, 2014 6:04 am

    It is true many jews are successful in business.Personally I think it is due to a certain loyalty and network among jews. There is nothing wrong with this. I think it is because they have been persecuted in many cultures and countries. Especially this conneetness was fotrified by Hitler’s doings.Just a good example that evil can turn on itself so to speak.I hope the same will happen to Michael and his legacy. Evil was and is turned against him, I hope in the end it will turn on it´s self and for Michael´s good.


  17. newrodrigo permalink
    June 26, 2014 6:37 am

    I had to include this. It’s disgusting. Savile, what a monster


  18. June 26, 2014 7:05 am

    “I had to include this. It’s disgusting. Savile, what a monster”- newrodrigo

    Newrodrigo, the article says that “Savile ‘made rings from glass eyes of the dead’ and also that “Paedo boasted of taking parts from mortuary” and “Savile told nurse he sexually defiled bodies” and “Report reveals his victims ranged from 5 – 75”.

    Is it proven information? Could it be the usual media spin? I know that Savile is a monster but if they say things he never did it won’t be fair either. After what the media did to Michael I’ve become wary of their stories. “Sexually defiling bodies” seems to me, you know, a bit of an exaggeration.


  19. June 26, 2014 7:29 am

    “Helena the root cause of the machinations against our Michael was the Jews who wanted to get hold of his money. This article outlines how the Jews controlled him after he left Motown and its not a pretty picture” – Dale

    Dale, I finally had a look at the article and have to say that the subject is so poorly researched that the article makes a fundamental mistake saying that “there were strong similarities between Jordan’s description and the photos of MJ’s genitals”.

    There were no similarities – neither strong, nor any at all. The description was the exact opposite of the photos.

    As to the doctor (it was Dr. Richard Strick who was to make a determination for the government) he openly said that he was “told” that there was a match. In other words he didn’t have a chance to compare. And no one else had this chance either – some saw the photos, others saw the description, but the only one who compared was Tom Sneddon.

    His declaration describing the result and made in 2005 is laughable. A white spot mentioned by Jordan turned into a dark spot found “relatively on the same location” and the crucial fact that Jordan called MJ circumcised (while he was not) was not mentioned at all.

    I really advise you not to make use of the sources which are so poorly researched.


  20. June 26, 2014 8:11 am

    As to who wanted to get hold of Michael’s money (and his Neverland) there is an excellent article by Dr. Kathleen C. Arceneaux. In 2005 she wrote the following which was in the comments on the main article:

    After reading many of the pleadings and the witness list for the defense and prosecution I can say without hesitation that the 2005 trial was nothing short of an abuse of power. Sneddon continues to say that he believed in the Arvizos and his case simply because to do differently would be admitting that he knowingly prosecuted an innocent man. He did it for political gain and no other reason. He said that he was going to retire in 2006 and not run for DA again. He never said what his retirement plans were. He saw a prosecution of a high profile case as a stepping stone to a higher office. Remember that we have had many politicians that have been over 65 when they were elected to another office.

    In the early 1990’s Sneddon was friends with a man named Brooks Firestone. He was a California State Assemblyman. Brooks Firestone also owned a vineyard and winery. It was “rumored “that he had originally wanted to buy Sycamore Valley Ranch later to become Neverland Valley ranch but was out bid by Michael Jackson. Now all that seems inconsequential until you find out that the largest industry in California is not entertainment but agriculture specifically Grapes for wine. He lost a lot of potential income when he lost out on the ranch.

    Now on the witness list for the defense is a dentist by the name of Thambiah Sundaram who said he had overheard a conversation at a local Chamber Of Commerce meeting amongst some people that included Sneddon and Firestone. At this meeting he overheard them discussing the” Michael Jackson problem”.

    What does all of this have to do with allegations of child molestation? It’s simple, if you know what borders Neverland. To the south of Neverland is Midland College Prep school (a boys boarding school) and an elementary school is across Figaroa Mountain Road. A registered sex offender can’t live within a certain number of feet from a school in California and Michael would have become a registered sex offender even if he would have been found guilty of just showing those boys “girlie magazines”.

    I think that Sneddon thought Michael would not take this to trial. He had Mark Geragos for his first attorney and he has made a reputation for himself for “pleading out” or plea bargaining a case. Sneddon and Geragos met 2-3 times prior to the official charges in 2004 in preparation for the official charges. This is where I am certain that Sneddon offered a lesser charge with the promise of probation but wanted Michael to have to be registered as a sex offender (you can become a registered sex offender if you are caught streaking when you are over the age of 18 with minors present). If he would have done that Michael would have had to give up Neverland, Sneddon would have had powerful political backing and Brooks Firestone would have had his property.

    However when Michael refused to do this Sneddon got mad and had no choice but to prosecute him because he had made such a public spectacle of the charges. When Michael was found not guilty after everything they went through and the cost of the trial (odd how they held 3 million in bail against Neverland which is coincidentally the cost of the trial) how could he or the rest of the DA office change their minds and admit to what they did. They would be held criminally responsible.


  21. June 26, 2014 8:34 am

    Look at the stories that these young men tell. Stories of fear, threats of violence to both them and their families. Most of them are still so afraid that they don’t even want to write about it. This is the story of a true victim. These are the threats that real victims relay everyday.
    What a contrast they are to those that have accused Michael.
    Look at the pictures of those parties that is what really happens. These victims are used for a brief period of time and then discarded for a new one. That is what really happens. It is ugliness at it’s worst and Michael accusers tell the story with a slant to the absurd. -Lynande51

    Lynette, an excellent observation, thank you. And the slant to the absurd was definitely there. As time goes by the stories they used to tell about Michael look more and more cartoonish.

    Recently I watched some fragments of Diane Dimond’s old videos about MJ and was amazed by how artificial all of it sounds. It is obvious that she was aware of real ped-le cases and used them as a blueprint to tell stories about Michael. The blueprint didn’t fit but she still stretched it and stretched it presenting every little thing as something sinister. Now that we know so much about Michael most of it sounds ridiculous.


  22. newrodrigo permalink
    June 26, 2014 8:58 am

    Honestly, and I’m not defending Savile, but I’m not sure if it’s true.
    We know he would use his hospital privileges at his disposal and enter late on nights.
    He was never afraid of boasting the things he did to certain people, because he knew he was untouchable.

    But it’s like what they say about Michael and any other person who’s been accused of crimes. If you were anywhere near their vicinity and have a good story to back it up, you can say anything you please about a person. A lot of accusations against Savile, a lot of them are made up, even though it’s highly possible those people were in his presence.

    And I admit, all this seems a bit far-fetched. I’m certain he abused patients, but I’m as far as taking body parts? I’m very unsure on that.


  23. newrodrigo permalink
    June 26, 2014 1:10 pm

    And there’s this now

    this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this sort of thing surrounding him


  24. June 28, 2014 3:55 pm

    “I noticed David Geffen is an acquaintance of Singer and others in this article. Isnt he the one that talked MJ into getting rid of John Branca initially? Seems when MJ started trusting Geffen , things went South for him.” – bloomfield

    Bloomfield, the role of David Geffen in Michael’s life is worth investigating in full seriousness. The only obstacle to it is that there is too little information about it. I would even call it a wall of silence.

    But the fact is still there – it was due to Geffen that Branca had to go and when Branca returned in 1993 he said that “everything was different”. Why so? Evidently Branca had to play a secondary role as Michael was listening mostly to Geffen. And there is no doubt that it didn’t do MJ any good as by the end of his reportedly 10-year cooperation with Geffen (~1990-2000) MJ’s situation grew only much worse and not better.

    Maureen Orth claimed that Michael came to hate Geffen but since her story is told in the context of those ridiculous “blood baths” it is impossible to believe her words. However I can easily imagine that they could have a big a fall-out as their moral criteria were too different.

    The people who read a book about Geffen (The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood, by Tom King) describe him as a highly controversial and unappealing person.

    Readers’ comments gave me a lot to think about:

    • There is no excuse for some of the things Geffen has done, but there is a reason: without psychoanalyzing Geffen, King manages to infer a climate, and provide contour to this man’s psyche, that would permit a successful man to behave, at times, with such impunity and disregard for the well being of others. The question at the core of this existential puzzle is: Why would a self-made man with everything do more harm than good? In this book Spielberg is portrayed as a man at the opposite end of the spectrum: a man who is grateful for his success, indebted to the people who helped him achieve it, satisfied with the money he has made, and eager to give something in return.
    The richer Geffen became, the more good he did, but it is confounding that he hurt so many people in the process, not because they offended him personally but because they sought to be as good at dealmaking as he was. Geffen’s most disturbing trait as relayed in this book is his willingness to sabotage the careers of others by manufacturing toxic and unfounded rumors. What is touching is that Geffen seems at points to realize that his best traits are undermined by his worst traits–greed and a vengeful spirit–but seems at a loss to change his behavior.

    • He can be a caring friend or an implacable enemy. He can be embarrassing intimate with almost complete strangers, yet distant as a north star toward his own family. He has lived a gay promiscuous life, yet fell hard for Cher and wanted to marry her. Easy going Cher recognized him as a “controller” and walked away. He shows great generosity personally and publicly; yet hasn’t a qualm about financially ruining friend and foe alike for a perceived slight, and sometimes just for the hell of it.
    No matter how much you thank your lucky stars that you never, ever have to do business with David Geffen, you cannot help but be awestruck at his genius as a businessman, visualizer and strategist. He is beyond compare.

    • Notwithstanding his many contributions to the recording and film industries in particular, and his and phenomenally generous philanthropy, Mr. Geffen is quite simply a completely unappealing person as depicted in this biography and, undoubtedly to many people, in real life as well. However, thanks in large part to the author’s talent I still read every word of Mr. Geffen’s fascinating climb to the top of the Hollywood — and financial – heap. I highly recommend this book but with fair warning: Once you get to the end, you’ll probably feel like sticking your finger down your throat.

    • This is a book that’s basically for the show business junky and even then it can get to be a bit much. About two-thirds of the way into it, I had to put it aside for awhile. The paranoia, betrayal, double dealing, etc. had happened over and over so many times, with so many people, that I wondered if there was anything more to the story. In some ways, there is.

    • Despite pulling off some major deals, Geffen also took on some very weak clients and found himself with some very bad breaks, like taking on Donna Summer as a client just as she found religion and homophobia. He was an uneven judge of talent and largely out of touch with the popular culture his business helped shape. Even the most vile of studio moguls, like Harry Cohn, could have an acute appreciation and respect for talent. It’s also telling that some of his greatest feuds were with people like Jerry Wexler, who understood music, built careers and helped open new doors for different styles of music.

    • Tremendously interesting story and perspective on the entertainment business. Geffen had a vision and achieved it many times over. It was sad to see the accounting for all the debris (people, careers, reputations, companies) he has apparently left in his wake as he’s made his way down the path to earning his billions. An inspirational yet sad tale all in one.


  25. Lynn permalink
    July 23, 2014 4:27 pm

    Good Lord! What happens with the humanity?! I can’t select any respectable word about this guck! The world is submerged in dark and evil. I don’t want to be a human being anymore. They crucified Him again…
    Thank you for such brilliant things I`ve read. Everyday I find here something new.
    I know You in Neverland now. You can fly and sing without pain. And Ryan White, E. T., Joseph Merrick, Little Susie and Ben play with You every day.


  26. August 10, 2014 10:08 pm

    Hi Helena,

    You may have heard or read the completely crazy article by Stacy Brown on NY post. It is titled ‘Maids reveal Michael Jackson’s Filth and Perversion’. Seriously it is the most insane article on Michael that I have read. I am not posting the link here but it is now clear that the media is building up stories on the cues dropped by Murray about Michael’s so called ‘incontinence. This is simply DISGUSTING.


  27. newrodrigo permalink
    August 11, 2014 6:18 am

    Stacy Brown wrote it…so I’m not surprised how trashy it is.


  28. August 12, 2014 2:12 am

    s—————— So sorry to hear that NY Post is joining the slanderers.In reality it maybe just Murray collecting more dirt on his former medical license.Not the the NY Post is considered a publication of any good standard.Michael died tragically and wrongfully 5 years ago and these slanderers are tenaciously going on.What is with them?


  29. May 28, 2016 5:20 pm

    Friends, I’ve reopened comments on the old posts as some issues are still extremely topical and need an update.

    For example this post about the Hollywood predators. It turns out that Elijah Wood also raised the problem of pedophilia in Hollywood, though later he said that his words were misinterpreted and that he personally hadn’t seen any abuse.

    And still – here is the original Sunday Times article (reprinted by an Australian paper):

    Some of its details are very interesting. Please pay attention to the fact that Hollywood readily supports stories about alleged or real sex abuse by someone not belonging to their circle, but refuses to promote a documentary which tells of their own dark secret.

    This is exactly the principle these people applied to Michael Jackson – they created a freak show around him ON PURPOSE in order to cover up for themselves and stay in the shade while everyone was butchering the innocent man.

    And the same is still going on as otherwise it is impossible to understand why Michael’s haters are still so busy with a dead man and at the same time turn a blind eye to the real predators who are perfectly alive.

    The Sunday Times said:

    “People look at Corey Feldman and think he’s a drug addict, so why should they listen to him?” says Anne Henry, co-founder of the BizParentz Foundation, an ­organisation established to protect child actors. “But that plays into the predators’ hands. They don’t want victims to be believed. We ­estimate that about 75 per cent of the child actors who ‘went off the rails’ suffered earlier abuse. Drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide ­attempts, wandering through life without a purpose — they can all be symptoms.”

    In the mid-2000s Henry was the proud mother of an 11-year-old child actor when she spotted shirtless photographs of him trading on eBay for up to $US400 each. “My kid wasn’t famous,” she says. “But pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio when he was 11 were only selling for 10 bucks so I was worried.”

    Henry says her research led her “to websites where men boasted about following these kids, where they ‘screencapped’ little boys on the TV every night. We found ­fetish sites: one still exists that is ­focused on little boys working in the entertainment industry, full of pictures of them in wet swimsuits. We eventually learnt that our kids’ photographs were being used as gateways to child porno­graphy sites.”

    Bob Villard, an agent who managed the young DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, was convicted of selling images of children on eBay. As far back as 1987 Villard was in possession of child pornography and in 2005 he was sentenced to eight years in prison for committing a “lewd act” on a 13-year-old boy. There is no suggestion that DiCaprio or Maguire was ever a victim of abuse.

    Henry felt ill at what she discovered. She began educating other parents about what was taking place. And then, she says, the stories of sexual assault began to pour in. In the past 10 years Henry claims she has heard hundreds of episodes of alleged abuse of child actors in Hollywood, ranging from inappropriate comments to rape. “We believe Hollywood is currently sheltering about 100 ­active abusers,” she says at home in Los Angeles. “The tsunami of claims has begun. This problem has been endemic in Hollywood for a long time and it’s finally coming to light.”

    What should have brought the issue even ­greater attention is a documentary called An Open Secret by the Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg. The film tells the stories of five former child actors who claim to be victims of serious abuse. Some of their attackers have gone to jail.

    Evan Henzi, 22, tells me by email that “sexual abuse is a huge problem in Hollywood and there is absolutely no support system”. He was molested dozens of times over several years from the age of 11 by his agent, a pedophile named Martin Weiss. In home-movie footage recorded at a birthday party in the Henzi family home, one young boy turns to the camera and says: “I’m getting a massage and it feels great, and I don’t care whether or not it looks bad.”

    “It’s above the waist,” says Weiss, who is touching the boy. “It’s not bad.”

    Henzi eventually helped to ­secure Weiss’s conviction after, he writes, “a moment of truth for ­myself. I secretly recorded an hour-long conversation in which my abuser admitted he sexually abused me. I decided to beat fear with truth.”

    But Weiss spent just six months in prison. “I was worried that he could try to harm me because he threatened me when I was younger,” Henzi once said.

    The most explosive allegations of Hollywood paedophilia surround “pool parties” at a Los ­Angeles mansion in the late 1990s hosted primarily by Marc Collins-Rector. He had co-founded Digital Entertainment Network, which generated its own online content — some of it with overtly ped­erastic tones.

    DEN attracted almost $US100m of investment from Hollywood giants, including David Geffen and Michael Huffington, as well as Bryan Singer, now one of the most feted directors in Hollywood, and the film maker behind The Usual Suspects and the billion-dollar-grossing X-Men franchise. Geffen, Huffington and Singer are all alleged to have been at the parties but none is accused of any wrongdoing.

    At these parties, Collins-Rector and other men are said to have sexually assaulted at least six teenage boys, according to lawsuits filed in 2000 and 2014. Michael Egan, who was a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse in 1999, sued Singer and two other men, ­alleging serious sexual abuse. He had to drop this suit after he was found to have contradicted himself. A federal judge accused him of lying in court.

    Singer has denied all claims of child abuse and said the accusations against him were a “sick, twisted shakedown”.

    Another convicted pedophile, Brian Peck, was also a guest at the parties. Singer had given him cameo roles in two of the X-Men films. In 2004 Peck was found guilty of abusing a famous young actor on the Nickelodeon network. After prison Peck returned to Hollywood, where he accepted a role as a dialogue coach on the sitcom Anger Management, starring Charlie Sheen. Peck later went on to play, of all things, a sex education teacher in a film.

    Henry is outraged that Peck still works in Hollywood: “I’m disgusted with the people who ­continue to hire him. I hope audiences will vote with their wallets. Don’t watch these films: make it clear to the studios that you won’t have anything to do with organisations that re-employ convicted predators.”

    And if you were considering seeing An Open Secret, that may not be easy. Matthew Valentinas, its executive producer, has said: “There was major interest at Cannes [in 2014]. They’d say, ‘We love it, don’t show it to anyone else.’ But then someone on the business side would step in and all of a sudden there was no longer interest.”

    The film failed to find a distributor and apparently never will. It can be found on YouTube.

    Hollywood’s reluctance to promote An Open Secret can be contrasted with its enthusiasm for films dealing with child abuse that took place elsewhere.

    Spotlight, the account of an American newspaper’s dogged ­investigation into child rapists in the Catholic Church, won the best picture at the Oscars in March. Berg herself was previously nominated for an Academy Award for her 2006 documentary into a similar scandal, Deliver Us From Evil. Consequently, questions of a cover-up have surfaced.

    “I don’t believe that the most powerful people in Hollywood are sitting in a darkened room plotting to spread pedophilia,” says Henry. “But very bad people are still working here, protected by their friends.”

    Wood says that having seen An Open Secret, he believes the film “only scratches the surface. I feel there was much more to this story than it articulates.”

    Roman Polanski was charged in 1977 with five offences against a 13-year-old girl, including raping, drugging and sodomising. He struck a plea bargain and was convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Fearing a jail sentence, Polanski fled the US and has never returned. He continues to make films in Europe and has received an Oscar while being the subject of an Interpol “red notice” for absconding. “Everyone wants to f. .k young girls,” he once said in an interview.

    The tragedy of that gruesome Hollywood trope, the “casting couch”, is its victims: young actors of both sexes forced to grant sexual favours to directors and producers, and damaged as a result.

    Henry says she and her family have received numerous death threats from “emissaries of people accused of abuse … People have parked outside our house and watched us. We’re tired and weary — but with the evidence we have, we could have made 10 films like An Open Secret.”

    Henzi writes in an email: “The thing about Hollywood is that there is not some secret ‘illuminati’ or top agenda. Just because someone is a famous director or actor does not give them immunity from the law. My dream is to see an ­established presence in Hollywood advocating against child sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment and all sex crimes.”

    He may have some time to wait. I ask Wood whether he believes this is still a problem for Hollywood. “From my reading and ­research,” he says, “I’ve been led down dark paths to realise that these things probably still are happening. If you’re innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed, people with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.”


  30. May 28, 2016 5:32 pm

    Corey Feldman once again spoke out and the journalist made an absolutely pertinent comment on it:
    “goddamn, it seems like a lot of people know something…. and nobody is paying for their crimes.”

    The point that stood out to me is that Corey says that many of the abusers are publicists and photographers for teen magazines, etc., so are involved in perfectly legitimate business and no one has a clue that something is wrong with these people. And it is only the initiated who know.

    This reminds me of the never-ending questions from Michael’s haters about the two photo books found in his home: “And do you know that some of the photographers who made pictures of those boys were boy lovers???”

    But how was Michael supposed to know it? Especially since none of us know either that some publicists and photographers working in entertainment industry are boy-lovers too?

    Heartbreaking: Corey Feldman Says He and Corey Haim Were “Passed Around” by Hollywood Child Predators
    BY JAMES ST. JAMES ON MAY 26, 2016 11:51 AM

    After Elijah Wood reopened the discussion of pedophilia in the entertainment industry in last week’s Sunday Times, fellow former child star Corey Feldman has once again came forward with stories about the childhood abuses HE suffered at the hands of publicists, directors, and photographers. In a Hollywood Reporter interview, he says that although what he went through “was not actual rape,” that there were “some molestations and it did come from several hands.” His friend Corey Haim, though, endured more.

    Feldman says [Haim], who struggled with substance abuse and died of pneumonia in 2010, experienced “direct rape” when he was 11. “My son is 11 now,” Feldman says, “and I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being. As I look at my son, a sweet, innocent, 11-year-old boy and then try to put him in Corey Haim’s shoes, I go, ‘Oh my God — well of course he was erratic and not well-behaved on sets and things like that.’ What more could we expect of him really?” And he says, “I know every single person that interfered with his life and he knew every person that interfered with mine.”

    Feldman continues:

    “The people that I knew doing it were publicists, they were photographers for teen magazines, things like that. They would throw these parties where you’d walk in and it would be mostly kids and there would be a handful of adult men. The range was usually 10 to 16. That’s the networking, and that’s when you become pals with them and you get their phone numbers and you get their mom’s phone numbers and the next thing you know they talk to the moms and say, ‘Hey, I want to take Corey out to an event, this would be great for him, let me pick him up and take him.’ And they turn that power over right away to the publicist or the photographers.”

    “Ask anybody in our group of kids at that time,” he reveals. “They were passing us back and forth to each other.”

    On the subject of naming names, he is cagey.

    “I would love to name names,” he says, although he does not. “People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening and they want answers,” he says. “I have to deal with that, which is not pleasant. But unfortunately California conveniently enough has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening. Because if I were to go and mention anybody’s name I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued. We should be talking to the district attorneys and the lawmakers in California, especially because this is where the entertainment industry is and this is a place where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world.” And he says that one of the men who molested him is “still prominently in the business today.” He says he’s never confronted him about it.

    I’m not going to fault a victim of sex abuse for not coming forward, as that doesn’t always work out for them, and their pain is their own, and the way they deal with it is there own. But goddamn, it seems like a lot of people know something…. and nobody is paying for their crimes. (via Salon)


  31. October 9, 2016 6:49 pm

    Is someone, the yeast one, trying to block this blog?


  32. susannerb permalink
    October 10, 2016 1:09 pm

    @katrina22: Sorry for not being here for a while. With the blog everything is alright, we didn’t see any attempts to damage the blog. I hope everything is alright with you and your computer, katrina22.
    Thanks for your recent comments and for your support!
    I am in regular touch with Helena. She is alright, but needs time for herself at present. She plans to write on the WR case at a later point in time when more information appears.


  33. November 9, 2016 3:58 am

    “I am in regular touch with Helena. She is alright, but needs time for herself at present. She plans to write on the WR case at a later point in time when more information appears.” – Susanne

    Susanne, you are right – I needed some time for myself and for thinking too. In my opinion writing about the WR case now is not only counter-productive, but even harmful. I wish I hadn’t analyzed part of his complaint earlier and hadn’t pointed out some of its horrible discrepancies.

    It was naive of me to think that once the complaint is filed it cannot be changed. Time has shown that it very well can and that the judge is giving Robson a third or even fourth opportunity to amend and fine tune his papers.

    And this is done instead of throwing the case out immediately as the one totally defying common sense and Robson’s own story when he testified under oath as an adult man.

    I know that people will say that the judge is required to accept all allegations as true until a certain point in the complex US legal process, but it looks more like wishful thinking than the truth.

    This very post about the Hollowood predators tells us about Michael Egan’s complaint and the judge immediately throwing it out and even admonishing Egan for “lying”, while his case was true – he and other boys were really abused by the Hollywood crowd as was proven at the previous trial, only it still got them nowhere as all the perpetrators associated with the same people in Hollywood fled the country.

    Why not throwing out Robson’s case immediately too, if it was clear from the start that he was contradicting his own self and the testimony of his relatives, and is a double liar whichever way you look at it?

    Because of the strings working behind the scene and keeping this case dragging on and on for three years now. The strings like in this old original poster for “My Fair Lady” musical for example:

    So the stage we have reached now is finding out who is pulling the strings. A much bigger job.


  34. Coup De Grace permalink
    November 9, 2016 7:15 am

    Hi Helena, hope you’re doing well. Just a passerby having read your articles. I see you plan on writing on the WR case. In hopes of lighting the load, I found this brilliant retort by someone on the internet regarding Wade’s allegations. Hope you find them useful. 🙂

    “Except if someone is caught in numerous lies that pretty much proves he is not a victim but a liar!

    1. Wade Robson said he didn’t know about the administration of the Estate before 2013. In reality he talked to Branca the administrator in 2011 and he sent them an email in 2012 expressing his desire to direct the MJ Immortal show. He fucking lied to get around the statutes of limitations.

    2. He says that until 2012 he didn’t think any of the horrible sexual acts was molestation which is impossible. He says he didn’t see anything wrong with what MJ was doing. He says he even looked forward to have sex with him . This is not only a big fat lie because Robson is fully heterosexual who even as a 13 year old was chasing girls but he was a grown mentally capable man in 2005 when he testified during MJ’s trial defending him and denying that anything sexual ever happened. Every mentally capable 23 year old understands that sex between a man and a boy is wrong, illegal and in fact molestation and not expression of love. When Robson says that he didn’t understand that sex between a man and a boy was wrong while also claiming that he understood it was illegal he is shooting himself in the foot and insulting everyone’s intelligence. Robson also claims that in 2003 MJ told him on the phone that “they say we did these disgusting sexual stuff”. But he still says that even after that he didn’t think they were disgusting sexual stuff! That’s not possible he is lying because saying that he didn’t realize that molestation was molestation is his only chance to get around the statutes of limiations since the other possiblity claiming repressed memory would be even more absurd. It’s also very telling that Safechuck who is represented by the same lawyer also claims that until 2014 when he was was 30 something he didn’t understand that he was molested. One grown man not understanding that molestation is molestation is hard to believe. But we should believe that in MJ’s case this happened TWICE! Two grown ass men was sooo brainwashed that they didn’t realize sex abuse was sex abuse until they turned 30! Despite the “abuser” being very publicly investigated and very publicly tried! Bullshit. There is proof that Robson perfectly understood even as a kid that sex between a man and a boy was wrong and that it hurt kids. Robsons gave an interview in 1995 where Wade said this: “He would never hurt anyone,” said Wade, with a maturity that belied his years. Wade said Michael was an inspiration to him and a guiding force spiritually but his career, including the move into recording, was his and Joy’s decision alone. If Robson didn’t understand that molestation is hurting kids why did he say in 1995 that MJ “wouldn’t HURT anyone”? 3. In his lawsuit he said that MJ put do not disturb sign on his door when he was with him in his room. In reality noone ever reported such a thing and Sneddon sure tried everything to convict MJ. If anyone in Neverland had ever seen such a sign you can be sure it would have come up during the trial.

    4. In his lawsuit he said that it was an unwritten rule that noone was allowed in his room while he was in there with boys. In reality his own mother and sister testified that they could go in his room any time they wanted and in fact his sister slept there four times and his mother testified that he watched TV on the bed with MJ and was never excluded. Mac Culkin testified that MJ had an open door policy and his guests including the parents could go anywhere on the ranch including his bedroom. Lisbeth Barnes and Karlee Barnes also testified that they could go in his room, in fact Lisbeth testified that MJ invited her to stay in his room while the kids were there. What Robson says is a big fat lie.

    5. In his lawsuit Robson says the first night he was in Neverland in 1990 he slept in a bed with his sister and MJ and nothing happened. The second night his sister left and went upstairs while he slept alone with MJ in bed and that’s when he was first molested. In reality his sister testified in 2005 that it was the first night when she slept upstairs and the second nights when she slept in a bed with Wade and MJ! She also said it was nothing planned they were just playing and fell asleep on his bed. Robsons is totally contradicting his sister’s testimony and he says his sister had no reason to lie because she really believed MJ was was innocent. If his sister told the truth in 2005 than Robson cannot possible be telling the truth now. He was not molested the second night he couldn’t have been molested as there was his sister sleeping right there in the same bed!

    6. In his lawsuit he claims that he was left by his family in Neverland between Feb 5-10 1990 while they travelled in the US. But in 2005 noone claimed that Rosbons was alone in Neverland for 5 days in 1990 in fact Robson said that the only time he was there without his mother was once in 1993 when he was there with the Culkins and the Chandlers! If Robson was left behind for 5 days how come Sneddon and Zonen never mentioned this during their cross-examination of Robson , his mother or sister? How come noone in Neverland testified that a 7 year old boy was left alone there for 5 days?

    7. In his lawsuit he claims that the next weekend he again slept alone with MJ in his bedroom while the rest of the family slept elsewhere. In reality his sister testified that she slept in MJ’s room 4 times, and the second night she slept in his bed so the next two occasions she also slept in his bed as she explained that by that time she was more comfortable with his friendship with MJ. Wade himself testified that each time during the first visit when he slept in bed with MJ his sister was there too.

    8. In his lawsuit he says that after the second weekened he, his mother and sister travelled with MJ to LA. He says he slept in bed with MJ in his condo and was molested. In reality there wasn’t even any bed in that condo, only standard sleeping bags and we know that from the testimony of MJ’s maid, Blanca Francia! So Robson couldn’t have possible be molested in a bed there! His mother also testified that she and her daughter also slept in taht condo with MJ on the floor in sleeping bags so that makes the whole molestation claims even more ridiculous. MJ molested Wade while his mother and sister was right there in the same room? He is lying.

    9. Robson also rewriters history and ignores relevant details which reveal that it was him and his mother who wanted to go the the US and they asked MJ to help, it was not MJ who lured them in the country so he could molest him. He also fails to mention that it was him and his sister who asked MJ and their parents whether they can sleep in his room. It was not MJ who invited Robson to sleep in his bed he just allowed it because he didn’t want to disappoint them and because he didn’t have any ulterior motive.

    10. In his lawsuit he claims that he can never ever work in the entertainment industry because he associates dance and music and film with the abuse. But not long ago his sister was posting on Facebook trying to find a job for Wade in the entertainment industry and not long ago Robson did exactly what he did before his “realization”: direct a short film with dancers! So what happened to that “I can never work as a dancer, filmaker, choreographer ever again” line? He is a fucking liar.

    11. Robson also decided to sell an MJ picture on ebay which MJ gave him and signed as “To best friend in universe” . In the description he failed to mention that this guy is a pedophile, serial molester and rapist. Instead he showed a picture where tha tMJ picture was on the wall! No real rape victims woudl even keep his rapist’s picture for this long let alone put it up on the wall let alone try to make money by selling it to the very people who love him and believe that Robson is a fucking liar! It was just another way for Robson to exploit his connection to MJ and revealed that his whole molestation claim is bogus. Imagine any of the Sandusky victims trying to sell his picture on ebay to his fans! Look:

    Of course Robson doesn’t have any proof. Out of all the phone calls he had with MJ he couldn’t show any that is incriminating. He didn’t have any credible eyewitness either. He only has Blanca Francia who was already discredited in 2005, who teamed up with NAMBLA supported Victor Gutierrez and sold Gutierrez’s stories to tabloids. She also admitted under oath i n 1993 that she never saw anyone with MJ in the showed and she only heard one voice: MJ’s. Her shower story kept changing and changing and she was one of the opportunist liars who tried to cash in after the Chandler allegations went public. She also said that she lied to MJ’s mother for money but she wants us to believe that she would not lie about MJ for money. Sure.

    Get over it: Robson is a liar, he is not a victim, he never behaved like a victim. He and his family defended and praised MJ for more than 20 years including after he died, you don’t do that if you were raped especially not if the rapist was already investigated and put on trial. Just like the Chanders, the Francias, the Arvizos and the Safechucks Robson is lying for money. He invented this ridiculous tale that the companies should have protected him when his own mother didn’t see any reason to protect him! Noone ever accused the companies before, not Chandler, not Sneddon noone. the only reason why Robson and Safechuck are doing it now because that’s their only chance of getting money.

    If this was about justice first of all they wouldn’t have defended MJ under oath while he was alive secondly they would sue their own parents for negligence not to mention Blanca Francia and the other “eyewitnesses” who supposedly saw molestation but did absolutely nothing to protect Robson and others. But of course suing them would not give Robson any money so he is desperately trying to find someone he can accuse and get money from them. It’s pathetic.”


  35. November 9, 2016 2:18 pm

    Coup De Grace, thank you for the reminder. Many of the points in this summary ( points 4-9) come from my own articles about Robson which analyzed his lawsuit.

    Let me also add that at the trial Robson testified that Michael had never as much as touched him in an inappropriate or sexual way. To the repeated questions from both sides he said again and again that nothing sexual ever happened and when answering the questions he was relaxed and extremely sure of himself. At some points he spoke in a joking manner which is a very definite sign that he was telling the truth.
    – “What you’re really telling us is that nothing happened when you were awake.”
    – “I would think something like that would wake me up.”

    And now he claims that he was “raped but didn’t think it was sexual abuse as he thought it was love”?

    To every normal person it is clear that his present story is an outrageous lie that doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And that there is absolutely no room for discussion here.

    However what’s evident to normal people has not been evident to the judge for three years now. And please don’t tell me that the judge is obliged “to accept the complaint as true” until the formal matter whether he can file a complaint at all is finally clear. This could have been clarified long time ago too.

    Instead it even looks like the judge is giving Robson and now Safechuck every chance to amend their complaints again and again, so that they acquire this formal right to file a complaint, even if originally they didn’t have it.

    The judge is clearly overcautious and is safeguarding himself against possible appeals. But why wasn’t the judge afraid of any complications in case of Michael Egan suing the Hollywood guys? Why did he throw out that case immediately without giving it a second thought? And even publicly reprimanded Egan for his “lies”?

    So over there the judge wasn’t afraid of any appeals and complications for his career, while in Robson’s case the judge is? Why this difference?

    The difference is in the fact that the legal system doesn’t want to get involved with influential people in Hollywood – neither that judge, nor the police officers who didn’t listen to Corey Feldman when he gave them the names of his real abusers back in 1993 and it was fully ignored by the police.

    These people are so influential that it looks like law enforcement is even afraid to pursue real abusers, though of course it is perfectly okay for them to deal in fictional cases like Robson\Safechuck’s against MJ.

    And I don’t rule out that in both cases those who pull the strings behind the scenes are one and the same group of people.

    This is what occupies my mind at the moment, and not the details of those absurd cases against MJ. I really think that they are not even worthy of attention.


  36. February 4, 2017 2:47 pm

    There is an interesting development on Bryan Singer’s story. It turns out that everyone in Hollywood knows about his famous pool parties with teenagers, so recently a young actor mentioned it, evidently unaware that he was blurting out a big secret.

    Noah Galvin Drops a Bombshell Accusation Against Bryan Singer

    June 9, 2016
    The Real O’Neals star Noah Galvin pulls no punches in a new profile with New York magazine’s arts vertical Vulture — and lobs a major bombshell in the process.
    In the interview, the 22-year-old gay actor talks about nearly every subject related to being out in Hollywood, including about a possible “industry network” of gay men. Galvin’s answer:

    Yeah. Bryan Singer likes to invite little boys over to his pool and diddle them in the fucking dark of night. [Laughs.] I want nothing to do with that. I think there are enough boys in L.A. that are questionably homosexual who are willing to do things with the right person who can get them in the door. In New York there is a healthy gay community, and that doesn’t exist in L.A.


    Noah Galvin had to apologize and not just once, but twice, and New York Magazine removed his original statement from his interview:

    “Noah Galvin sent us the following statement in reference to his Vulture interview that ran earlier today.

    I sincerely apologize to Bryan Singer for the horrible statement I made about him in the interview I gave to New York Magazine. My comments were false and unwarranted. It was irresponsible and stupid of me to make those allegations against Bryan, and I deeply regret doing so. I have never been to Bryan’s house, and I admit there is no basis for any of the things I said or implied about Bryan in that interview. I understand now that my statements were not at all funny and have serious implications. I am very sorry and I hope that Bryan and everyone else who read that interview can forgive me for my serious lapse in judgment. I have contacted New York Magazine and the other publications that republished my statements and asked them all to print this retraction and apology.

    The entire interview I gave to Vulture has hurt the LGBTQ community and the industry I feel truly fortunate to be a part of. My only intention was to try and empower and promote honesty, but I fully understand that comments I made were brazen and hurtful. To Colton Haynes and to the LGBTQ youth, especially those who have embraced our show, I have no right to dictate how or when anybody comes out of the closet; I know how difficult and scary the process of coming out can be, and the last thing I would ever want to do is make it scarier. For anyone. Lastly, as I said in the interview, I think Eric Stonestreet is a wonderful actor. I apologize to everyone that I’ve hurt with my comments and understand the damage that has been done. I am new to this and will certainly commit to being more thoughtful and wiser as I navigate all of this moving forward.”

    Of course this young actor is ‘new to it’ and doesn’t yet know that some things are simply never to be said.

    But what interests me most is how come anyone could say any lie about Michael Jackson and get away with it, but as soon as something is said about Bryan Singer (or anyone else in Hollywood) everyone has to immediately apologize, the information is removed from the media and everything is hushed up?

    If only they treated Jackson in the same way! So what is there that makes the media attitude towards Michael Jackson and those Hollywood guys so dramatically different?

    I would really want to hear the answer. Yes, really. Please tell me.


  37. PMF permalink
    June 16, 2017 4:46 pm

    Excellent condemnation of mainstream, corporate news’ witch-hunt of Michael Jackson, who’s innocence was known to them and suppressed, while known pedophiles were ignored. Even worse was going on in England where police were threatening accusing victims and locking up journalists who attempted to expose the crimes of the uppermost in power.


  38. June 18, 2017 5:29 pm

    “…corporate news’ witch-hunt of Michael Jackson, who’s innocence was known to them and suppressed, while known pedophiles were ignored” – PMF

    Now that more and more information surfaces about real pedophiles who enjoyed complete impunity while committing their crimes (for decades), it is the contrast in the way Michael Jackson was treated that makes it obvious that he was set up.

    Those in power used him as a screen to give the media and public someone to vilify and talk about, while the crimes of real perpetrators remained unnoticed. This cynical lobby knew perfectly well that he was innocent as they never draw attention to their own kind and very effectively shield each other from prosecution, knowing which ropes to pull to hush up any scandal.

    So the very fact that Michael was made victim of a horrible witch-hunt proves that he was not one of them. As to “them” being effective in covering up for each other’s crimes we know it simply by the fact that they managed to stay in the shade for so long. So with each new scandal Michael’s innocence will become only more and more obvious.


  39. Talia Gifty permalink
    June 23, 2017 9:20 am

    That is so true, Helena. Great Words. 🙌


  40. October 11, 2017 11:20 am

    These stories sound very horrifying and I feel very sad for all the guys(many of whom seem to be my age) who were molested by those creeps. If only those molesters were strip-searched and called ‘wackoes”. I am fully certain of MJ’s personality and innocence thanks to the information you’ve put here. Thank God that there are people like you, who venture to clear the good name of innocents like Michael Jackson.

    My dad is practically an MJ hater. He thinks that Michael became Muslim, and he told me to never listen to his music again. He calls MJ’s dance moves as “crazy antics” and wonders why people scream at him when he performs “crazy antics”. Honestly, I’d like to see my dad perform a flawless Moonwalk or do a James Brown shuffle, or spin several times before landing on his toes.

    There are actual Christian families which tell their kids to never listen to Michael Jackson’s music. Obviously, those parents have been fed on tabloid fodder. If I have kids, I will only allow them to listen to Michael Jackson, and no one else. Period.


  41. October 11, 2017 2:20 pm

    “There are actual Christian families which tell their kids to never listen to Michael Jackson’s music. Obviously, those parents have been fed on tabloid fodder. ” Aeric Lee

    Oh, those “Christians”! Michael was a Christian, and a true believer in God and this is one of his most remarkable features rarely found among people in entertainment industry.

    Those parents who were fed on tabloid fodder will probably be interested to know that Michael had an image of Jesus Christ over his bed. For some reason not a single tabloid, no police report or anyone at all has ever told us about it. After those numerous searches of Neverland the police listed every scrap of paper in his room, but didn’t notice the image of Christ right over his bed.

    And this lack of information was totally unintentional?

    Here is the image: image of Jesus Christ over Michael Jackson's bed
    It comes from the Catholic tradition and is called The Sacred Heart of Jesus. This image has a special meaning of its own and it symbolizes Jesus’s love for humanity. And this is probably why Michael chose it out of all other images of Christ.

    The above is a screen shot from the footage of MJ and Oprah watching MJ’s interview in February 1993:

    Since this was right before the Chandler allegations the image was surely there when the police raided Neverland. Not to mention the fact that Jesus was looking over everything Michael did and thought at the time, of which he was perfectly aware of course.


  42. Asma permalink
    October 12, 2017 2:39 am


    I *must* ask. Are you following this whole Harvey Weinstein case at all? What do you think. Would *love* to get your thoughts.


  43. October 14, 2017 3:00 pm

    “Are you following this whole Harvey Weinstein case at all? What do you think. Would love to get your thoughts.” – Asma

    I’ve heard about it, but have just started reading the details. Well, it is the tip of the iceberg of course, but is extremely interesting even as it is. Let me look into it.

    “Could this be a case of chickens finally coming home to roost?”

    “The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” (с)


  44. Asma permalink
    October 17, 2017 3:55 pm

    Dearest Helena,

    “The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” (с) What a gorgeously true quote.

    And check this out. I was hoping that the Weinstein story and James Van Der Beek as well as Terry Crews speaking up would re-open the door on Corey Feldman:

    Feldman has been getting a *lot* of flack for years ever since he published his memoir “Coreyography.” This part of the story gives me hope because he has never ever turned back on his word that MJ *never* touched him. The support he is getting on twitter and even some of the push back against those who keep questioning him on other sites, for me, is encouraging because that shows that Feldman’s credibility is strong and finally being seen for what it is.

    Also, he is not the lone wolf anymore. Several other young actors have dropped the name like Evan Rachel Wood. Helena, your comprehensive analyses on this very post feels to be like it is being validated in a big way. Check out this article in The Daily Beast which takes mention of Bryan Singer and his pathetic pool party photos:

    I cannot *wait* to hear yours and Susanne’s take on all of this once the time permits for both of you. My best regards to you both.



  45. sanemjfan permalink
    October 18, 2017 2:27 pm

    Here is the preview of the upcoming animated special “Michael Jackson’s Halloween”. Can’t wait to see it!

    As you would expect, there are ALREADY so-called “journalists” writing articles comparing MJ to Hollywood’s other real sexual predators. Wash, rinse, repeat.


  46. Asma permalink
    October 19, 2017 3:18 am


    Thank you for the update. I may have to get over to the comments section once I gather my tools. I couldn’t read the article but just from reading the first few words could feel my eyes rolling in the back of my head. Just plain stupid. I cannot wait for the special.


  47. sanemjfan permalink
    October 30, 2017 9:24 pm

    Here is Corey Feldman on the Today Show talking about Hollywood’s pedophile problem (like actor Kevin Spacey), and he defends MJ in the strongest way I’ve ever seen

    Here is the full interview:


  48. Asma permalink
    October 31, 2017 2:39 am


    Wow. Thank you for sharing. There is a lot swirling in my mind right now that I need to process but one thing is very disconcerting to me is it seems like this whole case with Feldman is trying to become a divide between liberal and conservative and I don’t like that. People are telling him to go on Sean Hannity because apparently he “treats victims with respect” which is utter BS. FOX news is a root reason why we are in this mess with theatrical journalism to begin with. *They* were the ones who changed the game. Having who we have now as POTUS are exactly the same *types* of people who hurt MJ and I am hoping Feldman doesn’t fall for becoming a pawn in this fake, media generated fight of “left versus right.” During the election of 2016 it was jolting for me because I saw similar types of manipulation surrounding vilifying HRC that I saw with MJ in 2003 and beyond. It was the exact same tactics. I know of people who know others that worked for her campaign and tried to go to the news media regarding Russia *during* the campaign but the news media did not want to report on it because it wasn’t sensational enough, the same exact way that the news media has not and still does not want to report the truth on MJ.

    Bottom line, I believe Feldman. I wonder about him trying to do a feature length film if that will even work, but I believe him and feel that victims should be treated with respect and I don’t like the manipulation that I’m starting to see taking place on using this for more political divide. I don’t like it, but I *do* see it coming. Seems like the “Russian trolls” are going to use this field to try and manipulate to divide us again and once again the side of the truth will be sullied and lost. This is a pure agenda on exposing the truth regarding how Michael was treated and Feldman talking about the darkness that exists within the entertainment industry. I do not want these pure objectives to be sullied by the likes of being associated with Hannity and company as that will be a sure fire way to not only lose credibility but also be associated with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Seems like we’ve got a lot to watch out for from here on out. I sure hope the direction stays on the correct path.


  49. Des permalink
    November 5, 2017 8:29 am

    I want to say something here with everything that’s happening. I come from a different era that a women had to protect their virginity no matter what the cost and the majority of us we managed to do that . But the same time man respected women and their bodies.People loved each other and killed for love but both sexes respected each other till marriage how they managed?I do except that everything has changed now and am not saying that’s how it has to be not at all but am not going to change my opinion because it doesn’t soot the younger generation. The price of fame and fortune! and I can’t help thinking it takes two to tango.We all experience some sort of harassment including man ,I sow it and I leaved it but nobody could touch me if I didn’t want to be touched that way. I feel sorry for rape victims and children .Spare a thought for refugee camps people of war people who have no food to eat and still don’t give in,and to not defend your self because you want to be a star it doesn’t seat right with me.Forget the predators man or woman,woman have to stand tall and proud and say No and achieve what they want to achieve because they deserve it and they worth it and speak up when it happens.And all these stuff makes me think of Michael and admire him even more.He worked very hard to get to where he got and never sold his soul,and never gave up on is mission to help others and he stood true to himself to the end.He respected himself, his mother ,woman and children and animals and the planet,but he was called weird and gay and asexual and all sorts of names,because he wasn’t one of them from those sort of respectful people that stood silent to cover up their own trucks . I remember when Steven Spielberg said (we should all try and leave in Michael Jacksons life sometimes) I wander why he said it! Is it because Michaels life was innocent and pure and simple and peaceful , and full of love and serenity,even with everything that he was going through, and he was comparing it with the dirty world of Hollywood? I hope and pray that Corey Feldman get justice before it’s too late ,he’s been crying for help for too long,and nobody is listening.


  50. Asma permalink
    November 5, 2017 12:27 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for spamming but I came across this article and Helena, Susanne, Sanemjfan and anyone and everyone but look at this! The article mentiones how the alt right planted NAMBLA in their protests:


  51. Asma permalink
    November 5, 2017 12:40 pm

    Me again I need to make a clarification, the sign apparently is not *actually* NAMBLA but with the logo that makes it look like the protesters are defending it. It just blew my mind to see that and had to share it!


  52. Asma permalink
    November 5, 2017 1:17 pm

    Me again (so sorry, multitasking),

    But it just reminds me, the feeding frenzy going on right now in the American press is exactly the same as what happened to MJ. Just because something *may* look like something in your own flawed (flawed because cognitive science shows human beings have a lot of flaws in how our perceptions and memories work) perception, does not make it true.

    The press is pointing this out more, yet, they still fail to draw that connection to how they reported on Michael. For example, I am seeing a lot of articles talking about due process and how in law we need to abide by innocent until proven guilty and let the courts do its job and avoid mob justice. Like in this article the protesters were not promoting NAMBLA but conservatives jumped on it thinking they are. Well, did they not do the same thing and continue to do the same with Michael Jackson? The answer is yes. Pizzagate was/is a shameful sham for this country. And MJ’s witch hunt was/is pizzagate times ten. *That* is what I wanted to say.


  53. Firestarter permalink
    November 6, 2017 9:28 am

    I’ve done an investigation of paedophilia in Hollywood, see:

    Here’s a list of some of the proven paedophiles in the movie industry:
    1) Woody Allen (friend of Jeffrey Epstein);
    2) Roman Polanski;
    3) Martin Weiss;
    4) Jason James Murphy;
    5) Ezel Channel;
    6) Bruce Robinson;
    7) John Duigan;
    8) Bruce Spence;
    9) John Bell;
    10) Jacki Weaver;
    11) John Derek;
    12) Rob Lowe;
    13) Errol Flynn;
    14) Nicholas Ray;
    15) Frank Sinatra (friend of JFK);
    16) Charlie Chaplin;
    17) Stephen Collins.

    What’s also interesting is that “special” cover-up artist Robert Mueller III has been involved in both the “Franklin cover-up” and the DEN pedophile ring (which involved Bryan Singer).
    See Robert Mueller’s reply to the 11 March 1992 letter by Gunderson, with the conclusion that there is “no evidence of misconduct by FBI personnel that would justify your charge of obstruction of justice”:

    Corey Feldman exposed one of the main paedophile perpetrators in Hollywood, without naming him, in 2013.
    The description of this A-list movie personality is: A big star in 1985, when [I]Lucas[/I] was filmed, and still one of the biggest stars in 2013; born in 1942/1943; never came out as gay, with a reputation of a family man and children of his own.
    Here’s a list of the 50 biggest stars from 1942:
    Here’s a list of the biggest stars from 1943:

    You really don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find out who it is…
    I couldn’t find a single article or video on the internet that exposes this “A-list” paedophile!


  54. November 10, 2017 4:02 pm

    So, it appears that after the outing of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Louis C.K., and some new people speaking out against Roman Polanski as well as Corey Feldman making an official LAPD report, the L.A. District Attorney is creating a new sexual assault/sexual harassment task force, similar to the U.K.’s Operation Yewtree. In addition, there are now rumblings that Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard will be thrown back into the light, which couldn’t be happening at worse time for Singer, as he is right now directing the long-talked about Freddie Mercury biopic. What do you think of the fact that Singer was allowed to skate, not just in terms of not facing punishment, but no trial or even settlement of any kind, and went on to direct a movie about another public entertainer who was horribly misunderstood and vilified in a way similar to Michael?


  55. brian elston permalink
    March 20, 2018 1:21 am

    You need to spread this on twitter. Hashtag the crap out of it while exposed Hollywood stars is still hot.


  56. March 24, 2018 4:05 am

    “You need to spread this on twitter. Hashtag the crap out of it while exposed Hollywood stars is still hot.” -brian elson

    I’m afraid I haven’t got time and even skills to spread things on Twitter, so if you do it yourself I will be very grateful to you.


  57. Jim Sullivan permalink
    July 31, 2020 10:44 pm

    Bryan Singer is a monster, but to mind an ephebophile (Singer) is bad, but not as bad as pedophile/hebephile (Michael Jackson). Note, all types are child sexual abuse and all should be punishable by law (and are), but even the law recognizes that sexual contact with a 7 yr old is far more damaging and evil than sexual contact with a 17 year old. Some of what you are citing as evidence isn’t even circumstantial, such as the faces in the pool. Those boys may or may not be underage. 20 somethings play teens all the time in shows and movies, often believably. Call out bad behavior and stop abusers, but use actual evidence.

    I get not wanting to believe that someone like Jackson could be doing wrong, but I’m not certain why it would be so easy to believe Singer is. Perhaps because Singer is openly gay, and Michael never declared his sexuality publicly that I am aware of. Others have made statements, but not him. Personally I would love for his relationships with all those kids to have been innocent, but I doubt it. I used to think he was ACE, but that was before the many, many allegations. I’m not certain why accusations against him are false, but against others it is credible.


  58. September 9, 2020 3:17 am

    “Bryan Singer is a monster, but to mind an ephebophile (Singer) is bad, but not as bad as ped-le/hebephile (Michael Jackson).” – Jim Sullivan

    Firstly, Michael Jackson was not a ped-le and secondly, you broke Rule 1 of this blog (see the Rules). But in addition to it, you also repeat the old mantra of pedophilia propagandists who specially divide children into age categories to erode public sensitivity to the fact of child abuse. This is done to desensitivize people to the crime itself – as if the gravity of this crime deminishes if it is committed against a 14-year old instead of a 7-year old. No, it is not!

    Some of what you are citing as evidence isn’t even circumstantial, such as the faces in the pool. Those boys may or may not be underage.

    Well, if you prefer to be blind this is your choice. However if you were honest with yourself, you would notice that the heads of these boys are much smaller than those of the adult males. So we are not talking of 17-year old boys here, but those within the range of 7-14 years old and the hard fact here is that these small boys are in Bryan Singer’s pool at a post-gay-parade party together with lots of naked males. What do they do there? And how did they get there in the first place?

    You are right, this isn’t even circumstantial evidence – this is DIRECT FACTUAL evidence which would be regarded as such in any court of law (if Bryan Singer’s case ever came to it, of course). And the question is why the media, law enforcement system and public pay zero attention to this hard evidence, while all the time being busy with Jackson? Though during the many years of trying his “case” both in the court of law and court of public opinion there wasn’t a single piece of evidence of the same kind?

    Here is the picture from Roland Emmerich & Bryan Singer’s post-pride parade pool party once again with the respective segments with Boy 1 and Boy 2 singled out:

    <img src="emmerichparty1-5” alt=”” />


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