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Michael’s “addiction” or Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like These?

June 25, 2014

Five years after Michael Jackson’s death the most painful thing the media and public say about him is not even the allegations about ‘boys’ –  this will slowly fade away with every new book telling us what a big kid Michael himself was – but a lie that Michael was a drug-addict.

He was not. There was a time when he did get addicted to Demerol – in 1993 when he went to a rehab and in the 2000s when he relapsed due the bridge fall and other circumstances – but both times he managed to overcome the habit, and even though technically he could be called an addict he was definitely a recovered one.

However MJ’s drug-addiction is still propagated by too many people including his family and this is where it hurts most. The public is inclined to think that if the family holds to this opinion then who should know better than they do?

The Jacksons were indeed always ready to ‘save’ Michael from addiction, but their problem was that they had too little contact with Michael and the majority of them didn’t see him for years,  and as the AEG trial showed none of them actually knew what exactly Michael was to be saved from.

All of it was mostly rumors, gossip, hearsay and media spin. They seemed to be constantly under the impression that the Demerol thing was still going on and in the absence of true information were hanging on every wild story told by the media and “well-wishers”.

The recent book by Michael’s bodyguards (“Remembering the time: Protecting Michael Jackson in his final days”) says that Joe Jackson who hadn’t seen his son for several years greeted one of them with the words “You’re probably one of those putting needles in my son’s arm”.

And this was said at a time when Michael had just come from Ireland and was clean as a whistle! This episode alone tells us all we need to know about how little Joe and the family knew of the real Michael and how poor their opinion of him was. And even though their actions were prompted by genuine concern for his well-being there may be still little excuse for an ignorance like that.

But the most outrageous family spokesman trumpeting about Michael’s “addiction” is actually not a member of the family, but a certain Terry Harvey who presents himself as an insider and close family friend and who repeatedly makes his appearance in the media to tell horrendous stories about Michael.


His previous performance was in the Autopsy program made by the UK Channel 5 and recently rebroadcast in the US. Over there Terry Harvey starred together with Conrad Murray and Michael’s worst detractor James Desborough (the one who invented a series about fake FBI files).

And the most recent event (which triggered off this post) occurred only a couple of days ago when he again spoke on behalf of the family in an article about Prince Jackson. The boy looked very nice there, shared his plans for the future and said that they were still having a tough time without their father who was the best father anyone could have.

Of course it is very tough for them and of course Michael was the best.

The V-sign is amazingly the same

The V-sign is amazing

In the photo Prince looks slimmer and not in the least like Michael, but his two fingers in a V-sign strike you as the exact replica of Michael’s fingers held in the same gesture. This was actually the first thing I noticed and it was amazing.

In short everything would be fine about that article if only it didn’t introduce Terry Harvey as a close friend of the Jackson family and he didn’t go again into his old mantra about Michael being a drug addict.

Considering that Terry Harvey knows of Michael even less than the family as he met Michael just several times in the spring of 2009 it’s high time everyone understood that his repeated stories about Michael are fictional and are simply a chance to make loud publicity for himself.

If it were not for the aura of being a ‘Jacksons’ close friend’ no one would ever care about Terry Harvey and what this disgrace of a man thinks about MJ, but since he is evidently a friend of Joe Jackson he is making extensive use of his association  to speak about things he has absolutely no idea of.

Here is the article about Prince Jackson and Terry Harvey also finding his way into the story:

He was the best father anybody could have’ Prince Jackson opens up about dad Michael

"He was the best father anybody could have"

He was the best father anybody could have

IT’S been five years since Michael Jackson passed away, but his son Prince has admitted that it’s still tough for the famous family.

By: Kirsty McCormack

Published: Sun, June 22, 2014

The 17-year-old, who has entered the limelight since his father’s death, revealed it was still “tough” coping with the loss and told how the last thing he and Michael had planned was a trip to London.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Prince said: “My dad always said he loved London.

“He really wanted to go there and show what he could do. He was looking forward to showing us around.”

The King of Pop was scheduled to play several dates at London’s O2 Arena, but sadly he died of a cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009 – three weeks before the tour was due to begin.

“It’s tough. This will be the fifth anniversary of his death. Yeah… yeah,” Prince added.

“He was the best father anybody could have. He raised us the right way and there is nothing anyone can do to make us forget about him.

“He was always concerned about humanity. He helped many charities. In his songs his message was simple — love. We will continue to spread his message.”

Prince’s life nowadays is worlds away from how he lived when his father was alive – especially as the superstar used to hide Prince’s face behind a mask, along with his other two children Paris and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II.

The teenager has not only found work as a TV presenter but he’s also acted in US TV show ‘90210’ and attends several celebrity events.Prince and Paris, pictured here as children, are still coping with their grief five years on [SPLASH]

Speaking at the after party of the US premiere of ‘True Blood’ in Los Angeles this week, he said: “I don’t expect to walk into roles because of who I am. I want to learn my craft.

“My plan is to work for TV companies, doing what I did for Entertainment Tonight,” he added.

“I had such great fun working for that show and doing interviews. I learned a lot. The feedback I got was really great, too. I want to get more experience.”

The youngster hopes to direct films one day, but is keen to do more acting before taking on that role.

“We all love movies and I would like to be a director one day. But to be a good director you have to know how an actor works and feels on set,” he explained.

“I want to learn my craft and experience being in TV shows and possibly movies before I even consider going behind the camera.

“It is not a job to be taken lightly. You need to put your time in to learning something properly before overseeing others.”

Meanwhile, his 16-year-old Paris isn’t looking for a job in the industry and is currently recovering following a suicide attempt.

Close family friend Terry Harvey — who worked alongside the Jacksons for many years — revealed to the newspaper that the family’s trauma is still very raw.

“Paris was her daddy’s princess,” he said. “They had a special relationship which was torn apart. She saw her father’s dead body — it still gives her nightmares.

“That is the type of trauma a young girl never recovers from. It is five years ago but to most of the family it still feels like it happened yesterday.”

Paris – who tried to take her own life last summer – has been attending a private boarding school in Utah after being admitted to hospital.

According to family friends, she has recovered well in recent months, but Terry says Michael’s physician, Conrad Murray, is to blame.

Conrad was convicted of involuntary man-slaughter in November 2011, but spent just two years in prison.

“Conrad Murray has a lot to answer for,” Terry stated. “He has wrecked so many lives and yet the family and I agree he has shown no remorse, only self-pity. That family has been through hell because of that man.

“He even tried to get Prince and Paris to testify for him in the criminal trial, thinking they supported him. What monster would do that?”

Terry added that he had tried to encourage Michael to go to rehab before his London shows.

“He needed rehab, not London shows, and a year getting healthier and off those crazy drugs,” he said.

His father Joe and I were telling people that Michael needed to go to rehab and not on tour. We were trying to save Michael Jackson.”

Let me ask a question  – which “crazy drugs”? There was no Demerol or any other narcotics in Michael’s system and the only ones he had were Propofol which was never used by Michael outside performances and was given to him by a doctor, and Lorazepam, a benzodiazepine which was fed to Michael by Murray almost by force. He said it himself  that Michael didn’t like it because it was ineffective for his insomnia.

Propofol does not form an addiction and can be stopped at any minute without producing any consequences for the patient, while Lorazepam is addictive and according to some medical experts Michael did grow dependent on it, however Lorazepam was the drug of Murray’s choice and therefore any dependency on it should be his fault and none of Michael’s.

What else was found in Michael’s system? Nothing of importance – no narcotics for sure. However back in 2009 our friend Terry Harvey in cooperation with James Desborough who was working for the News of the World at that time came up with a totally crazy story about the reasons for Michael’s death and cited a ridiculous number of narcotics allegedly found in Michael’s home and in his body.

Remember how at the time of Michael’s death the media went absolutely wild with allegations about a whole assortment of narcotic drugs Michael allegedly died of? If you read Terry Harvey’s story you will know who was one of the first to trigger off that hysteria.

Most of the articles of that period are no longer available however I did find some (translated into other languages). The one below was Google translated into English from Vietnamese but originally it comes from a US source. The Google translation had its imperfections of course, and this is why the story was shortened, but the imperfection of text can be very well compensated for by the photos. Oh, these photos…

The story is attributed to Terry Harvey who gave an interview to the News of the World on July 19, 2009:

Terry Harvey: “Michael was poisoned “

Monday, 20/07/2009 11:14 AM (GMT +7)

According to the News of the World, the autopsy report shows that Michael was murdered.

Police told Michael’s family that their investigation will focus on one or several people who took care of Michael’s treatment in his final days. In the near future a criminal trial will be open to hear who is responsible for Michael’s death.

This means the doctor who was treating and caring for Michael will be included in the list for the investigation. Police are conducting an investigation in order to quickly find the guys who injected high doses of pain medication into Michael’s body.

Last week, La Toya Jackson – Michael’s sister said to the News of the World that she knows who killed her brother. And the amazing thing is yesterday, 19/7, Terry Harvey – a longtime friend of the Jackson family also gave an exclusive interview to the News of the World.

Terry said: “According to the survey results Michael died from an overdose of painkiller Diprivan and many other poisonous drugs. The investigators found very much of the drug in his stomach. The body of Michael had a lot of scars from injections “.

Terry Harvey

Terry Harvey with Joe Jackson

Terry Harvey with Joe Jackson










Google screen shot about drugs allegedly found in MJ's home 1“The authorities told the family that these drugs are the cause of Michael’s death. The police notified Michael’s family that they are coordinating their investigation with the Drug Enforcement Administration.”Google screen shot about drugs allegedly found in MJ's home 2

Terry said:  “I could see that Joe was prepared to file a lawsuit against anyone who is believed to have caused the death of his son.”

Terry added: “Michael was in the habit of taking drugs for a long time”

For those who cannot read the text in the picture let me dechiper the top No. 5 section of it. It is preceded by a notice:

“These drugs were found at Jacko’s home. They are ranked by their potency – with 5 the strongest.

METHADONE. Synthetic morphine weans off junkies off heroin.

DEMEROL. Narcotic pain relief injected into Jackson.

PROPOROL. Anesthetic should only be used in hospital.

FENTANYL. Pain relief usually for terminal cancer patients.

OXYCONTIN. Branded “Hillibilly Heroin” after it killed 300 in US.

DILAUDID. Painkiller used after surgery and for cancer pain”.

Shall I remind those who missed the whole story that NONE of these drugs were found in Michael’s home (except Propofol of course)? There were no narcotics whatsoever – neither in his home, nor in his system.

Of course there is always a chance that the crazy drugs in the list were not named by Terry Harvey and were added to the story by the tabloids which are always ready to embellish the story.

However a month prior to that, immediately after Michael’s death crazy rumors about a huge assortment of narcotics in Michael’s home were circulating all over the media and this information was claimed to have also come from a close “friend” of the family.

One of the stories goes back to June 28, 2009 and says that a “close member” of the Jackson family said that Michael allegedly received a daily shot of Oxycontin and Demerol and that it was an injection of Demerol that sent him into a cardiac arrest which half an hour later led to his death.

The source was not named however Stacy Brown was mentioned in connection with the family “concerns about his use of painkillers, especially Demerol” of which he allegedly received “one injection per day always administered by a doctor”.

None of it was true of course.

Singer’s medical history a blur, says biographer

AGENCIES Jun 28, 2009, 03.40am IST

LOS ANGELES: Michael Jackson had a long and intricate history of health problems, say people who knew him but it has always been difficult to separate the rumours from his medical history.

”It’s always been a subject of confusion,” said J Randy Taraborrelli, a Jackson biographer who knew him for 40 years. ”His doctors have generally not betrayed him, so there is no way to be conclusive about this kind of information.”

Stacy Brown is another "friend" of the Jackson family

Stacy Brown is another “friend” of the Jackson family

A celebrity website citing an interview with an unidentified ”close member” of the Jackson family, reported the entertainer was injected with Demerol about half an hour before he went into cardiac arrest.

A senior law enforcement official told a news channel that Jackson was ”heavily addicted” to the painkiller Oxycontin and was injected daily with that medication, along with Demerol.

Stacy Brown, co-author of the 2005 book, ‘Michael Jackson: the Man Behind the Mask’, said the singer’s family had been very concerned recently about his use of painkillers, especially Demerol that had been one of the concerns for a long time. He said Jackson was receiving one injection per day, always administered by a doctor.

The fraudulent story about “Demerol injected half an hour before he went into cardiac arrest” was widely circulated in the press and the media claimed that it were some “Jackson’s aides” who allegedly told the story to the emergency room staff at the hospital:

Michael Jackson death caused by a Demerol shot?

June 26, 2009

New reports are in that say Michael Jackson may have died from a Demerol overdose. Many news agencies and websites are reporting that Michael Jackson died from receiving an overdose of Demerol. Toxicology results will take 4 to 6 weeks to confirm cause of death.

The Sun reports an Emergency Room source at UCLA hospital said Jackson aides told medics he had collapsed after an injection of potent Demerol. A Michael Jackson source said: “Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing. His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped.”

The Jackson family also reportedly believes Michael may have died from Demerol. A close member of Michael Jackson’s family has told TMZ that Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine, Demerol, and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM. Shortly after the Demerol shot was given 911 was called.

Attempts were made by Michael Jackson’s personal Doctor, Dr.Conrad Murray, to save Jackson’s life before paramedics arrived. The paramedics tried to revive Jackson but were unsuccessful. Jackson was rushed to UCLA Medical Center where additional attempts were made to save his life. Michael Jackson never regained consciousness. He was pronounced dead at 2:26 on June 25th, 2009.


6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A close member of Michael Jackson’s family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine — Demerol — and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was “too much” and that’s what caused his death.

Putting two and two together we realize that out of the two possible liars this particular lie was told by Stacy Brown. This doesn’t surprise us in the least as we have long known him to be an unscrupulous and cynical scoundrel – since the time he and Bob Jones wrote their fictional book about Michael.

However Terry Harvey is not any better. About a month after Michael’s death, on July 19, 2009 when James Desborough published his News of the World article admitting that the autopsy report revealed no narcotics in Michael’s system,  Terry Harvey named by the article a “close friend of the family” called Michael a “junkie who is no different to a drug addict living in a crack house”.

Considering that the autopsy showed no trace of narcotics the article was more restrained than the previous hysterical stuff but Terry Harvey nevertheless called Diprivan/Propofol a “a heavy-duty painkiller” (though it isn’t), Vistaril, an anti-allergic drug for treating rash and itching was called “a daily injection of a painkiller” and Prilosec prescribed for heartburn/stomach ulcers was included into a sinister “cocktail of pills” together with some anti-depressants.

Calling Michael a “junkie who is no different to a drug addict living in a crack house” on the basis of this is an unspeakable lie – none of these medicines are even remotely close to narcotics and all of them, except Propofol, may be found in the homes of any of us.

I doubt that Terry Harvey is unaware of the fact that there is nothing wrong with those pills, so the only other option is that his goal was to deliberately smear Michael’s name. This was done evidently in the hope that an average reader would be too lazy to look up the names of the pills and would believe the term “junkie” in respect of Michael without double checking.

Let me ask a question at this point – if Terry Harvey is really a “close friend” of the Jackson family who needs enemies with friends like these?

Here is the shortened variant of James Desborough/Terry Harvey’s story:

Michael Jackson’s death to lead to murder charges within days!

By James Deasborough

July 19th, 2009

News Of The World  WWW.NOTW.CO.UK

THE death of Michael Jackson is to become a MURDER investigation, the News of the World can reveal.

An autopsy on the superstar has shown he died from an injected overdose of heavy-duty painkiller Diprivan.

Police have told his family they will press charges against one or more people within DAYS and there will be a criminal TRIAL.

It could involve whoever administered the injection and anyone who made it available to the star.

Last week La Toya Jackson told the News of the World she knew who had murdered her brother.

Yesterday’s astonishing development was revealed by Terry Harvey, a long-time friend of the Jackson family, in an exclusive interview with us.

Terry said: “The autopsy shows that Michael died of a drug overdose with Diprivan and a range of pills in his stomach. He had needle marks on his neck and all over his body.

“The family are working with the DEA and Los Angeles Police Department to work out which doctor prescribed Michael these drugs and how far back this serious problem runs.

Respected music promoter Terry, currently working with girlband TLC, said:

“The family is speaking about whether there is enough evidence to take a private lawsuit against the promoters or the doctors involved.

“Once the criminal charges are announced, the family will file for a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Joe Jackson has made no secret of his efforts to step in to get Michael to rehab while he prepared for his London shows. The question is how much did the concert organisers know about his drug problems and who was feeding him the drugs?

“I can see Joe filing a lawsuit against anyone who is found to have caused fatal harm to his beloved son.

“He and the rest of the family are serious about getting to the bottom of his son’s death and insists it’s foul play. It’s no secret that AEG appointed a doctor to look after Michael’s welfare.”

Terry is also the first member of Jackson’s inner-circle to confirm the star’s horrendous, long-term addiction to prescription drugs.

He said Jacko died a JUNKIE thanks to daily injections of Diprivan (or Propofol) and another painkiller Vistaril, plus swallowing a cocktail of pills including anxiety drug Xanax, anti-depressants Prozac and Zoloft and anti-indigestion drug Prilosec.

Terry added: “Michael had a long-term drug habit. He was no different to a drug addict living in a crack house.What he wanted was served up to him. He didn’t go to the stores to get his fix, it was brought to him. He started in 1984 after he got burned filming that Pepsi advert. But in recent years it spiralled out of control and he was even self-injecting.

“By the end he knew how to administer these drugs himself as he had so much medical knowledge. Now he’s dead everyone is washing their hands of it. I don’t believe that Michael injected himself in the neck though.

“The jury is out on everyone in his inner circle. I believe some of them actually got him drugs. These people should be thrown into jail.”

Terry, who is friends with Joe Jackson and Michael’s brother Tito, got close to the star’s aides in his final days after agreeing to promote a one-off Jackson 5 reunion in 2010.And he is adamant that Michael needed to go to rehab before returning to the stage in London this month and begged 50-year-old Jacko’s associates to let him step in.

Terry, 49, said: “I toldthem Michael had a drug problem. I said we need to ‘get him off the junk’.

“They said my concerns were meritless and changed the subject. I didn’t hear a word afterwards.”

Terry told how Jacko’s dad tried to get Michael to go to rehab in March.

He said: “Joe wanted to get his son cleaned up as he was so keen to do the family show deal for 2010.

“He knew he wasn’t ready for these summer shows in London. Joe called him on the phone and said to Michael, ‘Let’s get it together. Let us help you and clean the house’. Michael said ‘OK’ to appease his dad but he didn’t even take his words in.

By that stage he was an addict.

“He still thought he was the biggest star in the world. He did what he wanted. He felt he wasn’t ready to go.

“Joe went to the house at least three times to intervene, but couldn’t get through to his son.”

Concerned Terry even offered to take care of Jacko. He said: “I begged Joe to get me into the house. I wanted to fight off all the enablers and keep them away.

“We had suspicions who was getting him prescription pills, but it was important to stop it first and deal with them later.

“MJ needed to be looked after one-on-one. Aside from the drugs Michael knew that these shows were too much for him.

He needed the money, but it was all too much too soon. I knew in his heart he didn’t want to and more importantly couldn’t do these shows.”

Terry told how Jacko called him after the O2 shows were announced.

He said: “Michael came on the phone and said, ‘I only signed up for 10 shows. I didn’t sign for 50. You are gonna have to rearrange the schedule to two shows a week.’ Michael could only do two shows a week due to the strain on his voice let alone the physical stress of doing two hours on stage.”

Two weeks ago AEG boss Randy Phillips told the News Of The World Jacko was lazy and had turned up for just two weeks of the four months of rehearsals.

But Terry said: “The TV has been showing clips of his rehearsals and from what I can see Michael wasn’t even singing live.

“He was struggling with his dance moves. I was told he had his vocals sequenced on stage so if he didn’t want to sing live they just switched on the tape.”

Days before his death Jackson postponed his 02 debut from July 8 to July 13 blaming the “size and scope” of the production.

Terry added: “Michael knew he had to do these shows as he was in so much debt.

“The concert company put a lot up front and wanted to get a return on their money. The shows and the pressure got bigger than he could handle. “Michael pushed himself to the edge as he didn’t want to let the fans down.”

We thank Terry Harvey for a confirmation that Michael agreed to do only 10 shows and that 50 shows were an unexpected shock to him, but as to all the rest of it there will be some questions.


None of the medicines enumerated by Terry Harvey needed to take Michael to a “rehab” as none of them are narcotic substances. All of them except Propofol are perfectly legitimate drugs which may be taken by any of us for our various health conditions (I for one am prescribed two of them).

Diprivan/Propofol is of course a highly unconventional drug to be given for sleep and in a home setting too, but even Propofol is not a narcotic and therefore does not require any rehabs, clean-ups or whatever. There is no craving for it the moment it is gone, it evaporates from the system five minutes after it stops dripping and absolutely nothing happens after that.

If Michael had been given an adequate treatment for insomnia the need for Propofol would have never arisen at all. When not under the pressure to perform Michael never used Propofol even if he scarcely slept. This we know from the bodyguards who saw him wandering from the studio to the kitchen deep in the night but who still didn’t see any doctors giving him any IV for almost three years they worked for him.

So the plan to place Michael in a “rehab” Terry Harvey is constantly speaking of could be a well-intentional one, but totally out of place and missing the whole point. Moreover any talk about it was extremely damaging to Michael.

Terry Harvey repeatedly boasts that he was trying to “save” Michael by telling Michael’s associates that Michael was a “drug-addict”, but let us remember that statements like these are actually a double-edged sword – if it was he who convinced AEG executives that Michael was missing rehearsals and lacked energy due to his “drug-addiction”, now Terry Harvey should please bear his share of responsibility for AEG’s vile harassment of Michael due to their belief that he was an addict.

Fortunately they never admitted that they considered Michael an addict and now it is too late to change the tune. But all of us still know that their story is a lie – they did consider him a “junkie” and this was exactly the reason why Randy Phillips allowed himself to treat Michael with no respect – slap him and throw him into a cold shower, declare a “straight jacket” and “tough love” for him, arrange “intervention meetings” and threaten to pull the plug if he didn’t do as he was told, and all of it finally came to a point when they were threatening to ruin Michael and even deprive him of his children if he didn’t attend one single day of their damned rehearsals.

All these AEG’s steps were not only harsh and brutal, but they were also wrong as they were overlooking Michael’s real health needs and were not addressing his real problem – his inability to sleep.

Sorry that I have to say it but Terry Harvey’s repeated stories about Michael being a “junkie” could have influenced AEG’s attitude towards Michael and therefore, though indirectly, could contribute to his death.

And the worst part of it is that Terry Harvey had absolutely no idea what was the matter with Michael Jackson and simply sprang to a conclusion that he was a “junkie”. Cynical characters like him seldom consider any opportunity other than the one that comes first to their minds and which they are accustomed to think about other people.

What difference would it have made if he or anyone had spoken of Michael’s insomnia instead!


After Michael’s death Terry Harvey reserved for himself the role of the main spokesman for the Jacksons.

In the September 13, 2009 article by Diane Dimond he managed to throw under the bus not only Michael Jackson but the whole of the Jackson family:

“When I got to Vegas, Joe Jackson met with me and said, ‘Get me a Prevost (a million-dollar tour bus), put $50,000 in cash in the glove box, and I’ll make sure the Jackson 8 come together.’ ” This effort is confirmed by others in the meeting. “I was right there,” Terry Harvey, a music promoter for Tito Jackson, told The Daily Beast. “I absolutely heard it.” Asked why Joe Jackson would get involved, Harvey responded: “Because they are a dysfunctional family if you want to know the truth. They all have their own agendas.”

On October 25, 2009 after a short piece of Michael’s rehearsal of June 23rd was released for TV he expressed his scepticism about Michael’s ability to sing:

Michael Jackson’s family claims that the late singer’s film This Is It features stand-ins, not the real star.

US concert promoter Terry Harvey said: “From what I can see, Michael wasn’t even singing live in a full segment. He was struggling. I was told he had his vocals sequenced on stage so if he didn’t want to sing live, they just switched on the tape.”

On November 1, 2009 Terry Harvey called Michael a “zombie hampered by drugs”. This diagnosis was all wrong though the signs  of ill health displayed by Michael were quite real – he was not himself, was dragging his feet, was listless and lacking energy.

However the reason for it was not narcotics as Terry Harvey habitually assumed but one or several of a multitude of other reasons – a heavy depression or lack of sleep, or the burden of his financial problems, or the benzodiazepines fed to him by Murray and making Michael dull and sleepy in the daytime, or all of it taken together.

But by voicing only one version of the story and a wrong one at that and speaking on behalf of Michael’s family too Harvey was doing Michael irreparable harm  – his stories were looked upon as first-hand information from the Jacksons and were therefore readily believed by the public. Little did they know that the family was also in the dark as to what was going on with Michael and most probably also listened to this Oracle Terry Harvey in the same way the public did.

Here are the November 2009 views from Terry Harvey. The source was naturally the News of the World:

King of Pop Michael Jackson used golf cart to whisk him to and from his car during This Is It tour rehearsals, because he was so drugged and exhausted he could barely walk, it has been revealed.

In the new movie This Is It, the late singer is shown as a master at work as he leaps around the stage at Los Angeles Staples Center.

However, aides have revealed behind the scenes he was a wreck who could hardly stand.

“Everyone in the house knew Michael was not himself, and was clearly under the influence of drugs. I was amazed at how he looks on film, because in the flesh he was a shadow of himself. He was thin, almost anorexic, pale and didn’t seem to have enough energy to walk across the room, let alone dance,” News of the World quoted concert promoter and friend Terry Harvey as saying.

He had a sharp mind, but he was deluded, hampered by the drugs. He didn’t know what he was saying to people. To make his life easy he would just say ‘yes’.

“He was walking around in a daze like a zombie,” Harvey added.

Harvey also said: “To me that movie is all smoke and mirrors. Michael was struggling with his dance moves and schedule.

“Michael was not fit enough – he couldn’t pull off a tour if his life depended it. They took the best bits of the video and made it into this movie.

“The rehearsals were long days, and Michael was tired. He hadn’t been on stage for over 10 years and wasn’t used to the physical demands of long days. Some days he didn’t even turn up to rehearsals,” Harvey added.

A source close to the production said: “Michael was exhausted. Some days he barely said a word. He slumped down in a chair and would just get talked at. During one rehearsal he nodded off.”

One friend said: “The hard work needed was just too much for him, and his mood became very dark by the end. He was a gibbering wreck.

“He shouted out, ‘They are pushing me and I can’t take it anymore. They are gonna kill me’.” (ANI)

The fact conveyed to us by this other friend is priceless. So in his frustration with AEG’s pressure on him Michael shouted: “They are pushing me and I can’t take it anymore. They are gonna kill me’!”

If Michael shouted it the amount of pressure he was under explains why he had to resort to Propofol even before the tour started. Due to those insulting demands to make his appearance and rehearse every day though rehearsals were never his obligation even by their contract, due to the disdain almost openly shown to him as a “drug-addict” and due to the neglect for his real health problems, Michael lost his sleep, the remaining stamina and all confidence in himself.

He was filled with anxiety and fear, and the constant “interventions” everyone was harassing him with were only adding to the insult of it all.

Michael didn’t need any “interventions” – he needed qualified help from a sleep specialist.  But most of all he needed peace and quiet for himself, and everyone leaving him alone, and letting him get ready for the show the way he saw fit.

 On August 22, 2010 Terry Harvey again collaborated with his favorite guy James Desborough. He continued to degrade Michael in the eyes of the public by calling him a “drug-addicted wreck”. The article suggested that this scumbag was making “research” for a book…

News of the World
By James Desborough, US Editor, 22/08/2010

PARANOID Michael Jackson believed he suffered heart attacks and had cancer and brain tumours in the six months before he died.

The hypochondriac King of Pop even thought he had HYPOTHERMIA and FROSTBITE – in sunny Los Angeles.

But his delusions were caused by his mind and body being ravaged by his addiction to prescription drugs and painkillers, according to aides.

One said: “He was a mental wreck and always felt he had a disease. He was terrified of the sun as it irritated his vitiligo (skin condition) prompting him to claim he had cancer and brain tumours.

“At other times he said he was freezing cold and might have frostbite. On reflection his body and mind were just wrecked by drug use.”

Murray’s defence will argue Jacko hid the full extent of his pill-popping from him. But today we can reveal family friend and prosecution witness Terry Harvey will challenge this.

Terry, who first told the world that Jacko’s death at 50 was from an overdose of painkiller Propofol, said: “I discovered Murray knew about Michael’s drug problems for a long time.

“Michael was a drug-addicted wreck and complained for months about being too ill to perform his shows.”

Terry, 50, who uncovered the revelations while researching a book about Jacko’s death, added: “I expect at Murray’s trial all those secret things I have discovered will come to the fore.”

On May 13, 2013 (during the AEG trial) Terry Harvey’s fruitful cooperation with James Desborough continued. This time Terry Harvey shared with the public the news that the concert with AllGoodEntertainment which he was pushing on Michael for the summer of 2010 could only be held “on condition he went to a rehab”.

So in addition to all Michael’s troubles with AEG Terry Harvey was also setting him conditions!  We learn that “getting clean was part of their contract” and that Terry Harvey was ‘for months” telling Tohme, Dennis Hawk and Dileo about Michael’s addiction issues, only they “didn’t want to know”.

They did know it all right and this is why they saw their primary task in keeping Michael in full isolation from friends, fans and even lawyers (like Peter Lopez) whom they evidently considered to be Michael’s “enablers” and by doing so they only aggravated Michael’s acute feeling of loneliness, isolation, insecurity and helplessness. Remember how he asked Karen Faye to be always present during rehearsals so that he could always see her? This is how lonely he felt in that hostile environment of theirs.

And let Terry Harvey not imagine that he didn’t make his own contribution to Michael’s isolation and misery at the time. He did.

However by they year 2013 Terry Harvey’s story about how he was “saving” Michael Jackson acquired the notes of warm consideration and deep concern for his frail state. The story is naturally told by Terry’s twin brother James Desborough again:

By James Desborough, Christopher Bucktin

Long-term Jackson family friend Terry Harvey claims the singer had laid down vocals over several months to work as back-up material for shows.

And the promoter insists he made Jackson’s managers Dr Tohme Tohme, Frank DiLeo and contract lawyer Dennis Hawk aware of his dangerously frail state.

He says he warned Di Leo, who died in 2011: “You are going to kill Michael.”

Harvey, claims the singer recorded show vocals weeks before his rehearsals.

He said: “On This Is It there were moments where he wasn’t singing, his energy levels were down and anyone who worked with him in the past could tell Michael was a way off from 100 per cent. We found out Michael was in the studio recording tracks for the show and even new albums in his last months. You can put your voice in a sequencer and backing track for live shows, so if you don’t want to sing you mime and fans don’t realise.”

Harvey and partners AllGood Entertainment offered Jackson a Dallas 2009 comeback show, on the provision he went to rehab. But the singer chose AEG’s gigs in London.

It prompted a lawsuit with AllGood which they lost in 2010. But today Harvey claims AllGood plan to refile their £200million lawsuit against AEG for stealing the Thriller star from their grasp.

Harvey claims he spoke to Jackson in his last few weeks over the deal with AllGood.

He said: “It was part of the contract for Michael to get clean. His mother Katherine and father Joe knew that, and we made it clear to everyone close to him.

“For months we told Michael’s lawyer at the time Dennis Hawk, his managers Frank DiLeo and Dr Tohme Tohme he needed rehab.

“I told Frank, ‘He needs to get clean first’, but he didn’t want to know. It was an open secret in close circles that Michael had addiction issues.”

Harvey claims Jackson had agreed to do a one-off return gig in Dallas but was lured away by AEG execs.

Harvey, 53, who lives in Oklahoma, said: “Michael’s comeback was tailor-made for one show. He didn’t need to slug it out for 50 nights. The This Is It sales figures prove our formula – they made $200million from a rehearsal, so we would have made more – and Michael would have taken the lion’s share.

“There is a feeling that Michael’s death turned about to be a good business decision for AEG. It hurts me to say that, because people forget Michael was not just a commodity, but a troubled human being, with a lot still to offer, who was dedicated to his three kids. The only reason he did this was so that his kids could see him perform.”

AllGood, who have worked with stars such as Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder, are set to refile their £200million law suit in the next few weeks.

“We feel there is a strong case,” said Harvey. “The company were not given access to the emails that have come up in this case.

“We have depositions from senior AEG executives, who insisted that Michael was healthy enough to do ‘100 shows’ in the days before the rehearsals. The emails in the Jackson case suggest they had knowledge of problems. People knew Michael had a long term drug condition.

“His employees saw him unable to walk after visiting doctors – it was even on the news, but no one stepped in. I think AEG will lose to Katherine Jackson.”

The Jackson family claim that as Jackson’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray was responsible for administering the fatal anaesthetic, AEG should be held responsible as they were his employer. AEG deny responsibility.

Murray, paid £100,000 a month by Jackson, got four years jail for involuntary manslaughter.

I fully agree with Terry Harvey that the AllGoodEntertainment proposition to Michael of one concert on a pay-per-view basis was a much better and lucrative option  than the AEG tour of 50 shows, however the ultimatums he set to Michael were completely groundless not to mention the continuous damaging effect his silly stories about MJ needing a clean up had on the general public.

In November 2013 (after the AEG trial) together with his inseparable friend James Desborough Terry Harvey made a TV appearance in the Autopsy program made by Channel 5 where he was featured in the following episodes:

Terry Harvey: He did things that no one else could do. He was untouchable.

Narrator: His personal doctor Conrad Murray assured them that apart from his insomnia Jackson was in good physical condition, but not everyone was so convinced. [the camera shows the gargantuan Terry Harvey with a cigar sitting in a car]

Terry Harvey: Ha-ha-ha.

Narrator: Terry Harvey is a music promoter with close links to the Jackson family.

Terry Harvey:  How fit would someone have to be to perform for two and a half hours in good shape? Do I think Michael didn’t have the energy and stamina for fifty nights? He didn’t have the stamina to do  thirty minutes!

Terry Harvey [smiling and making dance moves]:  … he was devious and the king of manipulation. He was the puppet master. He can tell you what you want to hear and look like it is real and guess what? You go – it’s okay, it’s all right, come on, let’s go.  He was on a path of destruction. When you walk often in that Devil’s Dalliance some of us make it out, some of us don’t.

Let me remind you that Terry Harvey allows himself to talk this way of Michael Jackson though the most he saw of him was a couple of times when they discussed their AllGoodEntertainment proposal. All he had was a visual observation of Michael – and Michael was evidently listless, tired and disinterested. No facts, no nothing. Just Harvey’s impression of him.

All the other talks were held in Michael’s absence – initially with Frank Dileo in the winter of 2008/09 when Patrick Allocco of AllGoodEntertainment thought that Frank Dileo was Michael’s manager,  and then with Joe Jackson and Leonard Rowe who met Michael just on one or two occasions trying to sign Leonard Rowe in as Michael’s manager.

This was all the “data” available to Harvey, except probably some stories from Joe Jackson who didn’t know anything of his son either.

However people like Terry Harvey are never abashed by the absence of small things like facts and are capable to make the most of the little they think they know and to the best advantage for themselves too. Indeed who would know Terry Harvey if it were not for his constant tales about Michael Jackson told in cooperation with his suspicious friend James Desborough? The tales everyone unfortunately believed and probably even the Jackson family in the first place too.


Since Terry Harvey is so desperate for the attention to his persona let me disclose Terry Harvey’s little secret.

From a lovely interview dated March 5, 2008 and titled “Talking with Grammy Winner Steve Pageot” we learn that as early as April-March 2008 Terry Harvey and Frank Dileo were passing themselves off as Michael Jackson’s “managers” and were even signing management deals with other performers by making use of Michael’s name. The deals included “being in talks with Michael” to bring those singers into one studio with him for a new album.

Still oblivious of the fraud Steve Pageot’s was telling the story in his March 2008 interview:

Question:  What artists are you currently listening to for your own pleasure?

Steve Pageot: Right now, Michael Jackson. I love listening to Michael, you know. Actually, I just signed a management deal with Michael Jackson’s managers, Frank DiLeo and Terry Harvey. So they’re managing me now, and we’re in talks to bring me into the studio for Michael Jackson’s next studio album.

No matter whether Michael intended or didn’t intend to record something with Steve Pageot, the two con artists were surely not Michael’s managers in 2008, so all their promises and management deals were a clear fraud.

Do I need to say that Michael never knew of the activity Terry Harvey and Frank Dileo were involved in behind his back? If he had known he would have never talked to any of them a year later when one approached him together with Joe and Leonard Rowe with a deal for AllGoodEntertainment and the other was proposed by AEG as a sort of a manager for him.

The next trick of the pair was evidently the concert to be arranged by AllGoodEntertainment. When Frank Dileo asked for a $150,000 down payment for enlisting Michael in the deal the money was promised to him but only after signing the contract. Frank Dileo could never guarantee that as he was a nobody for MJ then, so evidently Terry Harvey as another “manager” of Michael approached Leonard Rowe and this is how the new stage of negotiations started.

When Michael fired Tohme AEG made a smart counter-move by bringing Frank Dileo over to their side and this is probably how Terry Harvey and Dileo found themselves on the opposite sides of the barricades.

If you ask me what I think of all these games around Michael I will say that they look disgusting to me. At least for some of the participants in the game Michael was nothing but a prized toy or a valuable commodity. He was not even allowed to be his own master.

And how could he trust anyone in circumstances like these or understand who had his best interests at heart if most of these people were thinking only of themselves when dealing with him?

And please don’t tell me that Terry Harvey was genuinely concerned about Michael’s health. Michael’s parents and siblings were concerned – it simply couldn’t be anything different, but with people like Terry Harvey as a go-between them and Michael they didn’t have a single chance to ever understand what was really wrong with him.

I now live in hope that one day Michael’s family will publicly disavow any connection with this terrible guy Terry Harvey and this will put a stop to his incessant public trashing of Michael.

My other big dream is that the Jackson family will finally understand that when they relied on the opinion of scumbags like Terry Harvey and Stacy Brown about their son and brother whom they for sure dearly loved, they not only allowed themselves to be fundamentally deceived, but they also grossly let Michael down by sharing the views, opionions and mode of thinking of these cynical liars.

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  1. Angie permalink
    June 25, 2014 9:05 pm

    Very nice thread as usual, thanks <3.


  2. June 26, 2014 2:11 am

    “Very nice thread as usual, thanks” – Angie

    I thought you were banned. Well, hello again since you are still here. Something must be wrong with the post if it is liked by trolls.


  3. June 26, 2014 4:03 am

    Oh, I see what’s wrong – my post came together with Conrad Murray’s interview where he claimed that he was closer to Michael than his family. And made lots of other completely false statements all of which are actually very easy to refute for those who are familiar with the details of the trial.

    But as regards the family let me make myself clear. I never doubted that the family loved Michael and that he loved them. And despite all the problems them faced they are still a family where each will readily come to another person’s help in case of need. And it is another story that though their intentions were good they simply didn’t know how to. As with everything else the art of helping also requires certain finesse.

    Joe’s harsh methods of disciplining his children did have a negative effect on all of them, but he is still their father and not someone like Conrad Murray who actually killed Michael. So everything Murray is saying about him being Michael’s family and the rest of it is the rambling of a delusional mind.

    If you come to think of it Michael embraced anyone who was ready to show him a little kindness into his family.

    But since we here are interested in the truth and not whitewashing this or that person, the truth about Joe Jackson’s advisors like Terry Harvey should be told. Especially since he tells lies about Michael even on the occasion of MJ’s death anniversary. If the family doesn’t understand what a crook and scoundrel they put their trust into someone should have the courage to say it to them.

    However I am not even sure that Terry Harvey is indeed speaking for the family when he spreads all those horrendous stories about Michael. He may be representing them in the same way he was fraudulently “managing” Michael in March 2008.


  4. June 26, 2014 6:25 am

    now the greatest fraudster and opportunitist Terry Harvey is cooperating with the jailmates C.Murrau and James Deasborough about Michael’s imaginary addictions. And the wrong info still around that Michael died of a heart attack when it was clearly shown it was from from aparaysing of breathing. Now that is difficult to continue on the pf lines it is back to “drug addiction”. I don´t think his family was fully aware of his medical problems and therefore ascribed just anything to drugs. Just as LMP when Michael was hospitalised for dehydration.


  5. June 26, 2014 6:48 am

    “now the greatest fraudster and opportunitist Terry Harvey is cooperating with the jailmates C.Murrau and James Deasborough about Michael’s imaginary addictions.” – W

    W, and previously this fraudster cooperated with Peretti (the so-called journalist who made a filthy documentary about MJ with Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez). In this video he speaks about Michael being a drug-addict and does it with unspeakable confidence, as if he really knows something about it: (see the 1:05, 5:20, 7:20 and 8:20 marks).

    But in reality he has no idea what he is talking about. At best he is repeating what was told to him (by Joe?), but Joe didn’t see Michael for years either and relied on gossip only. It is a kind of a vicious circle where the family and media relied on each other and no one knew the real truth.

    At 7:20 Terry Harvey speaks about Michael needing help which was absolutely correct, but not for the reason he stated.

    I don´t think his family was fully aware of his medical problems and therefore ascribed just anything to drugs. Just as LMP when Michael was hospitalised for dehydration.



  6. June 26, 2014 7:25 am

    Sorry for typos in my previous comment.Terry Harvey, James D. and Myrray for what I know have not kept up with tha latest discoveries.
    Much can be learned from the AEG trial though Mrs Jackson lost it.
    Apparently it was just within what is legally still correct. I did not know that a company is not responsible for what a few rotten eggs they have employed might do.You have to pay attention to what was “forgotten” By key witnesses Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware.
    That trial was heavily manipulated. Some people were afraid to speak out in fear of losing future job opportunities.Despite the outcome I believe Mrs Jackson achieved her goal; To know what happened to her son.-Now that the p-lia argument has lost its momentum it is back to “drug addiction”.Michael had some serious health problems.Insomnia and dehydration foremost.He rarely complained ,so the family may not have understood why .Just recall LMP rushing to London where Michae was hospitalised for dehydration.
    And it is shame on Murray to participate on anything concerning Michael.He just can´t let go.
    So convenient to drop Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware. TO take this position to an extreme you could hire a hitman as long as you make the hiring hidden.That is why the wording: At the time of Hirering”


  7. June 26, 2014 9:52 am

    Helena, I’ve thought for some time that this topic needs another extra post. I’m glad you wrote about it. It’s important and perhaps requires even some more education in future.

    This week the documentary “The life of an icon” of David Guest was aired on German TV, which was a great thing. I think it was the first time that so much truth was told about Michael on our TV. The film has a very good presentation of the allegations and the criminal trial, also about the burn accident.
    BUT it still includes opinions about Michael’s addiction from his family and others which are not up-to-date and correct. The only one who talked about it in a truthful way was Frank Cascio who clearly said that Michael had issues with medication, but that these were only “phases” and that he never saw Michael as an addict.

    This is not directly related to this post, but I think the co-author of Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard – Tanner Colby – has written a rather good article for the 5th anniversary of Michael’s death and would like to post the link:


  8. June 26, 2014 1:09 pm

    “This is not directly related to this post, but I think the co-author of Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard – Tanner Colby – has written a rather good article for the 5th anniversary of Michael’s death and would like to post the link:” – Susannerb

    Susannerb, thank you very much for the link. The article is great as it is taking all talk about Michael to a new level – finally people are beginning to see the need to try and understand him. Not defend, not fight for him but simply understand. And to be able to understand we need the truth – all of it. This is where the key to solving the mystery of Michael Jackson is.

    Here is an excerpt from Tanner Colby:

    When it comes to Jackson’s story today, we’re still doing our best to compartmentalize. We put “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” in one box and put his personal life in another box and try our best not to think about it too much. Two years ago I was forced to reconcile that split. Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, two men who’d served as Jackson’s personal security team for the last two and a half years of his life, approached me and asked if I’d help them write a book about Jackson’s final days, a time spent alone with his family behind the gated walls of a rented Las Vegas mansion, away from the glare of the spotlight. You can’t write a good biography of an abstraction. You have to excavate the human being from the mythology and misinformation built up over the decades. Empathy is the tool required above all others, and empathy is the quality that’s missing from virtually everything ever written about Michael Jackson. We glorify him or we vilify him or we pity him or we take his changing appearance and we use it as fodder for theories about race and gender—the highbrow equivalent of the objectification you’ll find in the tabloids. We do all of this, but we do not attempt to understand him.

    Jackson would take midnight trips to Barnes & Noble and drop $5,000 on books in a single spree.

    The idea of Michael Jackson as a human being remains a radical notion. But during the process of writing the book, that is how I came to know him. Through Bill’s and Javon’s eyes, I got to see the everyday person: Jackson helping his kids with their homework, Jackson grabbing a basketball and corralling his bodyguards for a game of HORSE in the driveway. The eccentric behavior was still eccentric, of course, but seeing it in context, a lot of it actually made sense; I gained a better understanding of why he made the choices he made.

    As for the allegations of abuse, once I really started digging into them, what surprised me was not just that the allegations are unfounded, but that they are so obviously unfounded. The first claim, made against him in 1993, was debunked by a thorough piece of investigative reporting in GQ. The second claim, made a decade later, was soundly rejected by 12 reasonable jurors as being without merit. These facts are available to anyone with five minutes and an Internet connection. Yet the questions about his innocence persist. The “Wacko Jacko” stories haven’t gone away.

    The reason they haven’t is because Jackson was different. His actions were outside the norm. People need a context, a framework, in which to understand him. Humans are storytellers. It is our nature to shape facts into a narrative. Jackson’s narrative, driven by the tabloids and adopted by nearly everyone, was that of a boy genius who morphed into a weirdo and a freak and possibly a criminal. That’s the only story we know, and to date no satisfactory counternarrative has emerged to replace it. The allegations against him have long been proved false, but they haven’t been replaced by a more compelling truth. And that’s the problem. Absent a new truth, people remain free to say whatever they want about him. Depending on what day of the week it is, Jackson is either a serial pedophile or a virginal man-child—or, somehow, both.

    Michael Jackson deserves a more honest accounting of his life. He deserves to have his story told properly.


  9. Marsha permalink
    June 26, 2014 1:59 pm

    Loved, loved, loved ,your thread. I just wish that the info found here could be shown elsewhere and every where. I too am so sick of them say that Michael was a drug addict. esp. since this was not shown by the true facts of the true autopsy. I wish the real Dr. that did the real autopsy would speak up and set things straight. I am also insulted that CNN would have Conrad on the anniversary of his death to spout more lies. But one good point did come from it. The interviewer asked him about the recording of Michael, He said that Michael had asked him to see how much he snored at night. So I guess he was recording him for that reason if we are to believe him. Ok I will give him the benefit of a doubt. Well if Michael did snore very badly we may have solved the Insomnia problem. Remember the nurse said that he would sit straight up after being asleep for a short time or so. It sounds to me that he may have had Sleep Apnea, either obstructive or central. Which shows again at least to me that Conrad was not competent at the time of hire or after. As a cardiologist this should have at least crossed his mind. But wait perhaps it did perhaps that was why there were empty O2 tanks brought down in the morning. Granted this would have been useful if Michael stopped breathing from Diprivan (but only if something else did the breathing for him such as an ambu bag or ventilator) but perhaps in his twisted logic he thought that supplying 02 via an O2 mask would help the Sleep Apnea. But maybe I am giving him too much credit. Because no one has reported seeing any O2 tubing. But then again the tubing for the continuous drip was not found either.In fact no one that I know of has given the reason for the oxygen tanks at all. Also everyone seems to forget that Elvis died from “drugs” also, whether voluntary or involuntary but when he is spoken about now, that is not the first second or third thing they say. I long for the day when this will be so with Michael esp. on the day of the anniversary of his death.
    Also I do not believethat either Stacey brown or Terry are are friends of the Jacksons let alone Michael. Just becuse I may have met you a few times does not mean we are friends.

    Below is some info on SleepApnea
    Sleep Apnea (AP-ne-ah) is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep.

    Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They may occur 30 times or more an hour. Typically, normal breathing then starts again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound.

    Sleep apnea usually is a chronic (ongoing) condition that disrupts your sleep. When your breathing pauses or becomes shallow, you’ll often move out of deep sleep and into light sleep.

    As a result, the quality of your sleep is poor, which makes you tired during the day. Sleep apnea is a leading cause of excessive daytime sleepiness.


    Most people who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it because it only occurs during sleep. A family member or bed partner might be the first to notice signs of sleep apnea.

    The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. In this condition, the airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep. This causes shallow breathing or breathing pauses.

    When you try to breathe, any air that squeezes past the blockage can cause loud snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is more common in people who are overweight, but it can affect anyone. For example, small children who have enlarged tonsil tissues in their throats may have obstructive sleep apnea.
    Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times. This means the brain — and the rest of the body — may not get enough oxygen.
    Information From the National Institutes of Health


  10. June 26, 2014 3:57 pm

    “I am also insulted that CNN would have Conrad on the anniversary of his death to spout more lies. But one good point did come from it.” – Marsha

    Marsha, I think that even more good points came from it, but only for those who followed the trial and know the truth. Bit by bit Murray’s interviews tell us how delusional he is and how unprofessional too.

    As regards his story on CNN I am amazed that Don Lemon did not ask Murray a very simple question – if Murray says he didn’t put Michael on a drip that night how come propofol was found in Michael’s bladder? And even in the jug with urine by his bedside?

    If nothing stands in the way I will try to make a post about Murray’s story which is complete science fiction of course. It is indeed a shame that CNN gave to killer Murray a platform to speak, but if they did they should have challenged him at least with some facts and shouldn’t have allowed him to get away with his lies.

    Nodding to everything he said and wishing him luck after that was a total disgrace and speaks to the agenda of these people.


  11. June 26, 2014 4:47 pm

    I have tried in vain to post all day. Dont know what is not working.
    I continue to have misgivings about the aeg trial,but will elaborate on that another day.


  12. Mado permalink
    June 26, 2014 5:30 pm

    Thank you Helena. I enjoy reading all your articles. Is there a way to make those so called “friends” of Michael to shut their mouths? Love. ♥


  13. w8999 permalink
    June 26, 2014 7:26 pm

    Marsha your comment was immensly informative.If Michael was snoring whether that was the reason for taping or not,it is important in diagnosing sleep apnea.That is something every gp has to know, and every nurse too. There is even info on the net for everybody.
    It does not matter what speciality he was. A specialist has to know basic medicine well before he can even start. It can cause a lot of truoble when awake. Tiredness, poor attentionspan and more. Murray was not a competent gp or family physician. Remember the autopsy stated he,Michael had big tongue. Maybe because he was a singer. And a nurse had observed him sitting up after such an episode.


  14. June 27, 2014 2:59 pm

    “Is there a way to make those so called “friends” of Michael to shut their mouths?” – Mado

    Mado, you know, when I saw Terry Harvey making his appearance again, just several days prior to Michael’s death anniversary, and with his usual ugly story about him my reaction was exactly the same – will this person ever shut up?

    But I think that it will be possible only when the Jackson family publicly announces that Terry Harvey is not speaking on their behalf and cannot do so as he knows next to nothing about Michael.

    Lisa-Marie Presley did it when her uncle Rick Stanley was spreading horrendous lies about Michael. This is what she wrote:

    “Rick Stanley, son of Elvis’ father’s second wife Dee, has been featured in recent tabloid articles in which he claims to have a close relationship with Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

    Lisa has had no contact with Rick Stanley for many years since he betrayed her and her family by selling false stories to the tabloids about her.

    Rick Stanley is in no position to have any direct knowledge of anything regarding Lisa or her personal life and most certainly should not be quoted as an authority.

    Should Lisa ever have any announcement to make about her personal or professional life, it will be posted on Lisa’s own web site.”

    It would be great if Michael’s family also distanced themselves from Terry Harvey. But to disavow him and disagree with his words they first need to understand themselves that Michael was not a drug-addict. He was simply neurotic.

    A neurotic disorder is a functional disorder involving distress and anxiety but since it is functional and not organic it is temporary and can go away. All the person needs is peace and quiet. And no “interventions” or any type of aggressive or forceful behavior as it only aggravates the neurosis.


  15. Angie permalink
    June 27, 2014 3:25 pm

    Huh? You’re calling me a troll because I wanted to know what makeup MJ wore? Why are you being so mean? What is so wrong about wanting to know what makeup MJ wore? How is that so wrong? Why don’t you look back on my comments, I did absolutely nothing to you. You’re attacking me for absolutely no reason, without cause. You or anyone else can’t pass judgment on me because of what you assume, and because you simply dislike me. I wasn’t banned because I did nothing wrong and you all know it. I simply wanted you know what makeup MJ wore, what is so wrong about that? Tell me? What is you all’s problem? MJ was about love. All I can say people reap what they sow.


  16. June 27, 2014 3:37 pm

    I am reading from Wiki that “The American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has eliminated the category of “neurosis”, reflecting a decision by the editors to provide descriptions of behavior as opposed to hidden psychological mechanisms as diagnostic criteria,[3] and, according to The American Heritage Medical Dictionary, it is “no longer used in psychiatric diagnosis”.[4] These changes to the DSM have been controversial.[5]

    Of course it is not a psychiatric diagnosis. It has nothing to do with psychosis or anything of the kind. It has to do with the nervous system of a person and his nerves being permanently in a frayed state.

    When the nervous system is in a healthy condition a human being is able to withstand much pressure and even heavy blows and will return back to normal relatively easily. But when the nervous system is weak even a little distress will look like a disaster and make the person fall apart.

    In short a healthy nervous system needs a whole disaster to make it shattered and a weak nervous system needs just a small incident to do the same. What is a mosquito bite for someone thick-skinned is a deep wound for a thin-skinned neurotic. These people live with practically bare nerves. And therefore shield themselves from trouble by the unconscious avoidance of any negativism.

    The life of constant stress (from his childhood days) and blow after blow in this adult life turned Michael into a classical neurotic.

    Hence his sleeplessness which is also a classical consequence of this condition. People who have developed a neurosis are extremely sensitive and feel things which others don’t. There is only one positive side to it – they are like some super antennas which are capable to receive the smallest signals lost on everyone else.


  17. June 28, 2014 12:11 am

    I couldnt read the whole article but in my fast check one thing called my attention: It wasnt Harvey who was in the middle of All Good Entertaiment group shows issue… I read in somewhere it was Dileo and when they brought the case to Court, Dileo was mentioned… Wasnt he?


  18. Marsha permalink
    June 28, 2014 12:19 am

    Helena, I think an even simpler question could have been asked to. If there was no drip why was the quantity found anywhere in his body so large? And also, as I said in my post what was the purpose of the oxygen tanks which we know were there, and if they were there, there had to be a mask or nasal tubing to give it. But no such tubing was found. Which just shows that when Conrad wants to brag about there being no tubing for the drip as if that proves that he did not give the diprivan via a drip. Well does that mean that because there was no mask or nasal canula that he did not give him oxygen either? the more he talk the bhe reveals.What is his reason for there not being any tubing found to give Oxygen? I guess both the tubing for the drip and for the oxygen are in thr same place both are small enough to fit in pants pockets. And I am surprised and disappointed at Lemon, and feel betrayed, in many ways and true to his name he has left a sour taste .. You know when there is a political debate, t.v. stations are required to give both points of view and both sides of the story. Sad to see just the one sided lies always being promoted about Michael. They could have at least shown Ebony’s last photo-shoot of Michael, or Spike lee’s Documentary or Ebony’s interview with him before the Bad tour. But I guess in order to keep their jobs they have to do such things.Remember Messareau said that he was told that they did not want positive books about Michael? I have never seen anyone so vilified in my entire life.


  19. Marsha permalink
    June 28, 2014 12:33 am

    @w8999 In the AEG trial the Dentist also said that he had a large tongue. This could cause snoring an a host of problems with sleep too. Could it be possible that all he needed was a CPAP apparatus? That would be so sad.


  20. Marsha permalink
    June 28, 2014 12:36 am

    Helena, this may be off the subject. But that picture of Prince is awesome. If you add a little color to his skin I think that he would look like the picture associated with your post. Wow.


  21. June 28, 2014 2:01 pm

    “It wasnt Harvey who was in the middle of All Good Entertaiment group shows issue… I read in somewhere it was Dileo and when they brought the case to Court, Dileo was mentioned… Wasnt he?” – FernandaCamino

    FernandaCamino, yes, AllGoodEntertainment sued Dileo and lost as far as I know. But this does not change anything in respect of Terry Harvey. Dileo dealt with AllGood in December 2008 and Terry Harvey and Leonard Rowe did the same in March-April 2009.

    But whether Terry Harvey was or wasn’t involved in that deal and how big or small his role was is not the point.

    If you listen to Terry Harvey you get the impression that he is a top expert on MJ’s habits and way of life and knows about him more than anyone else in the world. And my message is that he met him probably a couple of times at the most, and takes the liberty to talk about things he knows nothing about.

    For five years since Michael’s death this person has been simply trashing Michael in order to make publicity for himself and simply capitalize on his name.


  22. June 28, 2014 2:24 pm

    “Which just shows that when Conrad wants to brag about there being no tubing for the drip as if that proves that he did not give the diprivan via a drip. Well does that mean that because there was no mask or nasal canula that he did not give him oxygen either?” – Marsha

    Marsha, you are making a very good point about no mask or nasal canula found either though oxygen was obviously given – probably not that night but before that for sure. And of course the absence of any tubing on the scene of the crime does not prove that initially it was not there.

    But when I reminded everyone that propofol was found in the bladder and the jug with urine I wanted to say that it is so OBVIOUS a proof that Michael was on a drip that night that it is simply impossible to overlook it – however Don Lemon did not even mention it! He nodded to everything Murray said and let him get away with his incredible lies.

    This is no journalism. This is a means to create a parallel, zombi-like reality which has nothing to do with real life. And the most important question here is why Don Lemon and CNN went along with this plan. Things like that do not happen on their own. Revising history is always a sign of some agenda.

    I guess in order to keep their jobs they have to do such things.

    But again, why do they have to whitewash the criminal doctor in order to keep their jobs? Refuting Murray’s lies could make an even more sensational story, however it is telling the truth that can cost their jobs? It betrays the media agenda against MJ so much that they look even foolish in doing so. Their agenda is too obvious not to see it.


  23. June 28, 2014 3:04 pm

    “This could cause snoring an a host of problems with sleep too.” -Marsha

    Yes, it could but not that big a problem with sleep as the one Michael had.

    As to Murray’s stories I wouldn’t believe anything of what he says. He is a pathological liar. And over here he tried to explain why he recorded Michael. So he tells a story that Michael wanted to know whether he snored and thus presents it as if it was MJ’s request.

    Murray wants to regain his license and doesn’t want to look like he is capable of doing something unethical. So to justify his actions he will invent anything, just anything.


  24. Susan permalink
    June 28, 2014 3:45 pm

    I can’t remember where I saw it or read it, but I believe Murray originally claimed that the recording of Michael was a complete accident and he was unaware it was being done and denied taping Michael on purpose. The reason I remember this is because prosecutor David Walgren stated that he (Murray) would have had to physically press specific buttons on his phone in order to tape Michael, so Walgren knew that he had intentionally done this to record Michael – and most likely as a means to blackmail him at some point. Murray never stated that this was a request of Michael’s – to tape him, to see if he snored – but now, suddenly, he comes up with this story to make himself look good. He just looks like the foolish, lying, murderous felon that he is.


  25. June 28, 2014 11:47 pm

    Thanks Helena for revisiting this topic. Indeed it seems that this needs to be done endlessly till Michael’s name is clear as an addict especially when his own family is still in the belief that he was one. As you have mentioned- they do love him but that does not help Michael in this regard. it only harms him even more. Love without understanding can be truly painful. It is disgraceful to see the stamp of an ‘addict’ next to MJ’s name. And even the fan community is sadly divided on this issue. Some of his staunchest supporters in the child molestation case too are of the belief that Michael was indeed an addict. In my humble opinion, Michael was NEVER an addict. The testimony of the doctors and the nurse at the AEG trial clearly bring this fact out. The anti narcotic implants in his body and his love for his kids are all proof of this. He was a deeply spiritual man and a responsible father and it is really sad to see this smear on his name. People are willing to believe everyone else but Michael himself who they feel was in denial.


  26. June 29, 2014 12:02 pm

    I have a new e-mail address which I informed about on “follow”. I want to be able to post,not start a new blog.


  27. June 29, 2014 12:12 pm

    I have posted on this blog 4 years or more.-Murray is becoming badly entangled in his own lies.I cannot understand that any TV station or any publication of good standard will take him on.He needs to review his own trial.The saying goes; give him enough rope so he can hang himself. He has involved the Holy Spirit,attempted to involve Paris Jackson; ie offering her help.
    re Michaels addictions,one time he had become dependent,then he took the anti-opiate implant.With all his problems it is a wonder that he did not become an addict.


  28. June 29, 2014 12:36 pm

    I dont think the Jackson family and even Michael himself did not know where to find the best medical help. Michael mostly used sc Boutique practitionaires.They may be good in their sphere of specialty, but he needed someone who will look deeper into his difficulties.This especially applies to his insomnia and also general pain management.He should have sought out doctors of Dr. Shafers standing.You find those at univerisities doing research,teaching and some clinical practice too .Murray was practically picked up from the street.He,Murray,sure has a nice accent, and can put up a good performance ie bedside manner.Can sound charming if needed..


  29. June 29, 2014 12:45 pm

    Sorry for the double negative in the post below.Really,please do look up and read the article referred to in Helenas post June 26 2014 at1:09pm.


  30. TatumMarie permalink
    June 30, 2014 7:46 pm

    I believe the issue comes in when people mark a dependency as an addiction. Addiction experts have outlined the difference and in Michael’s case both times, he would have fallen under dependency.

    Why is the media constantly ignoring the fact that there was no Demerol in the autopsy? There is no link or purpose to continue to bring it up.


  31. TatumMarie permalink
    June 30, 2014 7:48 pm

    I want to kick the television whenever I see Murray and his lies. Are they going to keep giving him a platform every June 25th?


  32. nan permalink
    June 30, 2014 9:25 pm

    Well, I didnt watch Murray, but as far as him getting a platform to smear his victim, yet again.I am just starting to think that is what television is …A load of garbage being thrown at unsuspecting people , who used to think news meant news , and tabloid were just that.
    And then , they dangle another sleazy story about someone else
    .It is all so blurred now..And I pretty much think everyone who works in that media knows it and just goes along with it.
    If I was Don Lemon , I would have watched the Conrad Murray trial on Youtube..Any fool would have known Murray left MJ on a drip, and yet , somehow, from what people are saying on here , he didnt ask the one significant question
    How could he NOT ask the main question of the trial???
    ..Fans are hurt and offended by this , naturally , but how about other people on tv who have his family on, consider the Jacksons family friends etc.
    Im not great at twitter , but it looks like Wendy Williams refers to Lemon , and JV MItchell , who I have seen in videos , call MJ a child mol-ter countless times ., as part of her dream team.
    What is this all about ..Is the news just show business these days , like fake wrestling shows?
    She seems all smiles the day after this travesty aired when Lemom was on her show
    Retweeted by Don Lemon
    Wendy Williams Fans @WendysTeam · Jun 26
    And we love YOU! I love when the dream team panel are on RT @siggyflicker: @WendyWilliams @WendysTeam – #love
    They have a nice picture up with all of them all smiles , with some other woman..
    MJ is just a product , and not a real person to these people ? or their producers ?

    I couldnt believe it , when Latoya started working with OWN after Oprah had trashed her brother numerous times …so did Katherine, with her book, and she took MJ kids along too
    If Michaels friends and family have to work together, with these shows , in order to have a career , or sell things,, it looks like everybody is just going to let it roll off their backs.
    Except the fans of course

    I havent heard the estate say anything about Murray shooting his mouth off again,
    I havent seen the family speak up about , who represents them, like someone mentioned LMP did .
    There are too many of them , and no one seems to be on the same page to me


  33. July 1, 2014 2:54 pm

    ” years in county jail did do nothing for Murray. A criminal is supposed to suffer his punishment and before release show remorse.
    Obviously this is too much for Murray,or rather I should say punishment was too little.He continues with his totally illogical “explanations”.As a doctor he belongs in the trashcan.


  34. Lele permalink
    July 2, 2014 11:28 pm

    In 1993 when his deposition was going on, because some guy sued him for songs MJ did write. I heard that he went to rehab because of his addictions on painkillers. Not to say he was a drug addict, I’m just curious about what happen around that time?


  35. TatumMarie permalink
    July 3, 2014 5:39 pm

    In the deposition in Mexico, he hadn’t been to rehab at that point , he went afterward.
    According to Michael’s words on the rebuttal tape he had a dependency to pain medication given to him after reconstructive surgery on his scalp. Around the same time he was being accused of molestation and also had to tour. In most cases, he would’ve been put on bed rest but because the business is greedy and some saw him as a machine, not a person, he was still touring.

    The intense physical pain along with emotional pain and touring is the reason he ended up having to go to rehab. He had to be weened off the medications before the dependency turned into something worse.


  36. July 3, 2014 5:47 pm

    Oh I see now, that makes a lot of sense. Poor Michael 😦


  37. July 7, 2014 3:02 pm

    The UK autopsy program was recently shown in the US by something called ReelzChannel over the two week period encompassing the fifth anniversary of Michael’s death, replete with Terry Harvey, Desborough, Sullivan and that low-life manager of RadarOnLine Dylan Howard. Howard states Michael Jackson was “the most epic of drug users”. It seems the Michael Jackson Estate is taking a low profile when informed of the program’s showings as prior actions to cancel have been ignored. As others here have stated, only when the Jackson family gets off its collective backside and disassociates from the likes of Terry Harvey, Stacy Brown, Howard Mann, etc., etc., and, further, takes aggressive action against media’s continuing slander of their son/brother, then maybe these shysters and parasites will be forced to find other sustenance. Sadly, the continuing meme of drug addiction gives them shelter from criticism over their total abandonment of Michael and his kids in the last years of his life.


  38. Common Sense permalink
    January 5, 2015 10:53 am

    You can clearly tell that whomever wrote this article has no experience with drugs at all whatsoever. You don’t take one of the strongest pain killers, (Demerol,) compose a song about your love for it, then up and quit one day of your own free will. That’s not how it works buddy. Also, Lorazapam is a sedative so just bc MJ said he didn’t like it, doesn’t mean its true. Michael was obviously an addict, probably for a very long time. But that’s ok cause he was the King and hid his problems very well to avoid influence on anyone, or his children.


  39. January 8, 2015 4:11 pm

    You can clearly tell that whomever wrote this article has no experience with drugs at all whatsoever. You don’t take one of the strongest pain killers, (Demerol,) compose a song about your love for it, then up and quit one day of your own free will.

    You are right – I have no experience with drugs whatsoever, but this is the only point I will agree with. You say that Michael composed a song about his love for Demerol, but if you listen to “Morphine” it will tell you something totally different. The song is about his desperation and fight with the narcotic and is a warning of the way it traps people by a soothing voice:

    This won’t hurt you
    Before I put it in
    Close your eyes and count to ten
    Don’t cry
    I won’t convert you
    There’s no need to dismay
    Close your eyes and drift away

    And when you give in to it, it smashes your will and relentlessly destroys you, giving you so much pain that it feels like an electric current is going through you. I hear all of it in this song and actually consider it to be the best anti-drug propaganda I ever heard.

    By the way Michael wasn’t the one who started Demerol of his own free will – it was given to him by doctors to dull the pain from the burn and numerous skin-stretching operations on his head, but he did stop taking it of his free will, though it cost him a lot of effort to do so.

    As to him being the best I agree. 🙂


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