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AEG-Jackson wrongful death trial, DAY 4, TRUE witnesses and the MEDIA SPIN

May 4, 2013

Here are the tweets of ABC7 Court News reporting Day 4 of the AEG trial:

DAY 4 of AEG trial

1 Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Before trial resumed, AEG atty asked judge to excuse Rebbie from courtroom; she may be a witness
2 Judge Yvette Palazuelos had ordered that only one Jackson family member accompany Katherine Jackson. AEG wanted it to be Randy every day
3 Judge Yvette Palazuelos: “Mrs. Jackson should have one person in support with her in the courtroom.” Rebbie was allowed to stay.
4 LAPD Detective Orlando Martinez back on the stand. Panish went over Dr. Murray’s credit report. It shows doctor was behind in his mortgage
5 Martinez said he got Dr. Murray’s credit reports from Experian and Equifax, but not Transunion, since they didn’t accept the subpoena.
6 Panish played a voicemail Frank DiLeo left to Dr. Murray on June 20, 2009: “I’m sure you’re aware he had an episode last night. He’s sick”
7 Also in the voicemail, left on June 20, 09 DiLeo told Dr. Murray he thought MJ needed to get a blood test done to see what was wrong
8 Next Panish showed some documents Martinez retrieved describing that Dr. Murray had lost his privilege at some hospitals.
9 Panish finish direct examination by getting Martinez to say, one more time, that he thought Dr. Murray was in dire financial straits in 09
10 AEG attorney, Marvin Putnam, is cross examining Detective Martinez. There will be no time for coroner to testify today.
11 Lunch break almost over. Katherine Jackson and Rebbie in the courtroom all morning.
12 Detectives Dan Meyers and Scott Smith partnered with Martinez. They investigate Dr. Murray in connection with the criminal matter.
13 Martinez said his unit at LAPD investigates sexual assault, robbery, murder. The detective entered MJ’s house pursuant to the investigation.
14 As a police officer, Putnam asked Martinez if he had special privileges to do searches. Martinez said private investigators can do it too
15 Putnam: If I wanted to look up your credit, will I need your permission?
16 Martinez: I think so
17 Putnam: there are limits as to what civilians can do in terms of search, like DMV search?
18 Martinez: I believe so
19 Putnam asked Martinez if searching someone’s credit without consent is a crime
20 Putnam: it would be a crime?
21 Martinez: It’s a misdemeanor
22 As to looking for Dr. Conrad Murray at UCLA, Martinez said: “when I sent the other two detectives to go find him, he was gone.”
23 Putnam asked why Martinez wanted to talk to Dr. Murray: “To get straight from the horses’s mouth what happened.”
24 Martinez said they knew where Dr. Murray was, but he was not answering police calls. “We knew where he was, we were tracking his cell phone”
25 Panish: Were you suspicious of Dr. Murray?
26 Martinez: Yes, if it was medical emergency/natural death why would he be refusing to speak w/ us
27 Dr. Murray was not interviewed until two days after MJ’s death. The doctor told Martinez he had spoken with AEG’s people while at UCLA.
28 Putnam asked about all the times Martinez went to MJ’s house over the months after MJ’s death. Martinez confirmed he was there several times
29 Judge Palazuelos asked Martinez if the police had secured MJ’s property. He said yes, up until about midnight on the day MJ died.
30 After midnight, Martinez said, MJ’s house was only secured by MJ’s security team and family members could come and go freely.
31 Putnam showed Martinez pix of the front door of MJ’s house. The detective identified the entrance as the one he used to enters the property.
32 Martinez said the house has 3 levels: 1st, 2nd, basement w/ movie theater, exercise room, wine cellar; all very clean and organized
33 Next picture showed the second floor’s master bedroom — it was MJ’s master bedroom, but not the one he received treatment.
34 There were a lot of papers on the floor, master bedroom was very messy. Martinez said curtains were pulled and fireplace was on.
35 Pics of master bedroom showed papers on the floor, clothes hung, books piled, moving boxes. Hall to the closet covered with clothes.
36 One of the many closets in the master bedroom was very disorganized, clothes and boxes all over the place, on the floor. Complete mess.
37 Martinez said the room seemed messy but it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. It was night and day compared to the rooms downstairs, he opined
38 Pictures showed the master bathroom also messy, clothes everywhere, boxes with stuff, shopping bags.
39 Martinez said MJ’s house was secured from 2:30 pm PT until about midnight on the day MJ died. After midnight, the scene was not secured.
40 On the 26th, Martinez got a search warrant to search the house since he had obtained more information in the investigation.
41 Search warrant: …his staff was allowed to be present on the ground floor. No staff was allowed on the top floors.
42 A chef, Kai Chase, was allowed to go upstairs to drop food off outside the door.
43 Search warrant: During the course of the investigation, family members notified coroner that they had located luggage on the second floor
44 Dr. Murray’s attys called police for interview; lasted 2 1/2 hrs. Martinez said he learned facts that led him to believe this was criminal
45 Martinez said he first noticed the drug Propofol when he found a vial in Jackson’s room. Martinez’ neighbor is a doctor, he asked for help
46 Martinez said he believes Dr. Murray’s first orders of Propofol were in March 2009. They were shipped from Las Vegas to Santa Monica.
47 Putnam asked Martinez about the medical equipments found at MJ’s house: oxygen tanks, IV stand, ambu bag. “It was rented by Dr. Murray”
48 Dr. Murray was the person who paid for the items, Martinez said. Dr. Murray also paid for all the Propofol orders.
49 Martinez said LAPD doesn’t name people as suspects, but “It was common knowledge he (Dr. Murray) was a suspect.”
50 Martinez interviewed Mrs. Jackson in Dec 09. He wanted to clear up some stuff regarding family meetings, addiction, intervention
51 Martinez: Family had attempted several interventions, spoken with other sons about his possible problems with drugs.
52 Martinez said he wrote that the family tried numerous interventions, but didn’t know exactly how many.
53 Putnam: Do you remember what Mrs. Jackson told you MJ said?
54 Martinez: That he denied having a problem
55 Martinez said Mrs. Jackson thought MJ was taking drugs for back pain. The Detective thought his addition was to painkillers.
56 Martinez wrote in a doc that Mrs. Jackson saw Dr. Murray at UCLA for the 1st time. She said she didn’t know who he was until Michael’s death
57 Martinez: “Mrs. Jackson stated the family attempted several times to help Michael, however he would have nothing to do with it.”
58 Martinez did not interview Michael’s children. Another detective did, but they chose not to get into the drug abuse line of questioning.
59 Putnam countered plaintiffs several documents highlighting Dr. Murray’s financial distress by saying all the liens belonged to one house
60 Panish said Dr. Murray’s hospital privileges were suspended because he was late returning phone call while on duty & lack of record keeping
61 Putnam asked if Martinez knew if Dr. Murray’s license to practice medicine had been suspended before June 25, 2009? He said no.
62 Putnam: Did Dr. Murray’s debts excuse him in anyway for what he did? Martinez: No
63 Putnam asked Martinez if Dr. Murray being in financial trouble made him a suspect? He said no, it was the totality of the evidence
64 Panish accused AEG of implying Murray was a great doctor. “But that’s not true, you found out that he had killed someone else” Panish asked
65 Putnam objected and Panish rephrased the statement, saying Martinez found out Dr. Murray was sued for wrongful death of another patient
66 About seeing Mrs. Jackson and the kids at UCLA:
67 Martinez: distraught
68 Panish: Upset?
69 Martinez: Very
70 Martinez said Katherine Jackson did not have attorneys present when he interviewed her. She was cooperative and forthcoming.
71 Panish asked if having messy room is against the law according to the penal code? Martinez laughed and said no.
72 As to the moving boxes, Panish asked Martinez if he knew MJ was planning to go to England the first week of July. He said yes.
73 Panish: have you changed your mind?
74 Martinez: Did not change my mind that Dr. Murray’s financial distress was the reason for his actions.
75 Putnam asked if anyone at AEG ever refused to speak with police or produce documents, and Martinez said no. They gave police one email
76 Putnam noted that the person who died under Dr. Murray’s care died of natural causes and no lawsuit was filed. Marinez said he was wrong.
77 Putnam asked Martinez what was his suspicion. For that amount of money he wondered if Murray would bend rules to be the one getting the money
78 Putnam: the suspicion wasn’t about the source of that money, AEG Live?
79 Martinez: It didn’t matter to our investigation
80 Did you change your mind that his financial problems were the motive for what he did to bend the rules? Panish asked. “No,” Martinez replied
81 Martinez was excused subject to recall in case defendants want to put him on the stand again. No court tomorrow, trial resumes on Monday
82 Plaintiffs’ attorney told the judge toxicologist Mr. Anderson and coroner Dr. Rogers are expected to testify on Monday.
83 That completes Day 4 of Jackson Family vs AEG trial for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson.
84 ABC7 Court News

*  *  *

Believe it or not but out of the above I was mostly impressed by the different way the ABC news and the LA Times presented the small piece on who would stay in the courtroom to support Mrs. Jackson. 

ABC7 Court News said the following about it:

  • “Judge Yvette Palazuelos: “Mrs. Jackson should have one person in support with her in the courtroom.” Rebbie was allowed to stay.

And the LA Times turned it into an impressive statement to effectively end their article with:

  • “I think Mrs. Jackson should have at least one support person in the courtroom,” the judge said”.

I checked my reaction several times and each time it sounded to me like there was no one else but one person support Mrs. Jackson in that courtroom. The same phrase in the ABC variant did not convey anything of the kind – there was no “at least” there and this was not how their text ended.

I recently guessed that when you read the article you need to go immediately to the end of it. The ending is the essence of it all, it leaves the lasting impression on the reader and though may fully contradict the text prior to it will imprint on the memory its most important conclusion. This way a mere couple of words or a question mark at the end may doubt or even erase everything said prior to that.

So it is absolutely no chance occurrence that the LA Times is turning that “only one person in support of Mrs. Jackson” phrase into an effective ending – this way they are sending a hint that the case is frivolous and if even no one in the courtroom is supporting it (as the judge said) no one beyond the walls of the courtroom should do it either:

Family tried to get Jackson to stop taking drugs, detective says

By Corina Knoll

May 2, 2013, 4:00 p.m.

Michael Jackson’s family tried over and over to talk with the pop singer about his drug abuse and attempted one intervention at his Neverland retreat, a Los Angeles police detective who interviewed Michael Jackson’s mother testified Thursday.

Det. Orlando Martinez said that when he interviewed Katherine Jackson on Dec. 9, 2009 — months after Jackson’s death — she told him  she had never met nor known about Dr. Conrad Murray until her son died. Murray, who gave the singer a lethal dose of propofol,  is now serving a jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

“Mrs. Jackson stated that she last spoke with Michael at his residence on Carolwood approximately one and a half weeks prior to his death. When asked if Mrs. Jackson had ever met Dr. Murray she stated that she had not and didn’t even know who he was until after Michael’s death.

“Mrs. Jackson was asked if she or any other family members ever attempted to do an intervention with Michael as it relates to painkillers or any other drugs. She stated that there had been one attempted intervention at Neverland on behalf of Janet, however Michael didn’t want to participate.

“Mrs. Jackson stated that she had been informed Michael had been taking drugs, however she had no idea which drugs, and she had never seen Michael take any drugs. Mrs. Jackson stated that the family attempted several times to help Michael however he would have nothing to do with it. She further stated that she had asked Michael if he was taking any drugs and Michael denied it.

“When asked if Michael had any chronic medical conditions that she was aware of, Mrs. Jackson stated that he had problems sleeping and that his back frequently bothered him. She stated she thought the back pain was a result of falling off of a stage during a performance.”

Katherine Jackson has been present at the trial since it began Monday, stepping out of the courtroom only when a paramedic described finding the singer on his bed.

Jackson’s mother and the singer’s three children are accusing the entertainment company of pushing the singer beyond his physical abilities and of negligently hiring and controlling Murray, who gave Jackson a fatal dose of propofol.

On Thursday, defense attorneys objected to Katherine Jackson being accompanied by her daughter Rebbie, who, like many of her siblings, is on the witness list.

Judge Yvette Palazuelos overruled the objection. “I think Mrs. Jackson should have at least one support person in the courtroom,” the judge said.,0,1402767.story

An impressive  ending indeed. And you asked about the ways they do it to us.

As to the essence of the “drug problem” let me repeat what I already posted in the comments on the article.

The problem of Michael’s drug addiction is highly exaggerated and since his mother and siblings knew nothing of the true state of affairs they were the first to fall for the media gossip.

Michael Jackson is celebrating  Paris's birthday in Las Vegas. People Magazine, April 2007

Michael Jackson is celebrating Paris’s birthday in Las Vegas. People Magazine, April 2007

When Michael returned from Ireland in December 2006 he was healthy, invigorated and clean of any drugs, but the media thought otherwise, and unfortunately the family believed the media and not Michael. They attempted an intervention though there was no other reason for it except the nasty media gossip. The intervention was all the more insulting to Michael because all this mistrust was coming from his own family.

At the time he was seen in a wheelchair, but this could have been a flare of lupus from which he suffered all his life and which is an incurable disease. It flares up in time of stress and trouble and goes into remission when everything is quiet. The family had no idea about Michael’s lupus as this information was uncovered only recently and confused by all those  wild guesses assumed the drug version as the media conveniently suggested it.


Las Vegas again

However neither the media reports, nor the family’s interventions prompted by the media “information” are proof enough that Michael was indeed taking any drugs, at least at that time.

It was Michael’s biggest problem and even a tragedy that no matter what he did everyone thought only the worst of him, family included.

Let me remind everyone of Michael’s promoter Jack Wishna who also complained about the family’s unreasonable behavior, especially Joe Jackson, but never saw any drugs around Michael and never saw or heard him to take any when he was in Las Vegas in 2007 and 2008:

January 8, 2010

Jack Wisha and MJ“It was December 23rd 2006, it was the day before Christmas Eve and we arranged it where a private jet would pick Michael Jackson up in Dublin, Ireland, and take him directly to Las Vegas,” Wishna said in an interview for Access Hollywood and Las Vegas television station KVBC with correspondent Alicia Jacobs.

And Wishna revealed the vision he shared with Jackson.

When he came off that plane, it was the old Michael Jackson of the ‘Bad Tour,’ type thing, it was the Michael Jackson that I grew up with,” he said.

And although Jackson’s use of prescription drugs became big news after his death, Wishna said he never saw any of that kind of stuff around.

“Never saw any drugs,” Wishna said. “Never saw any intravenous, or needles or anything like that. Never met any doctors around Michael.”

Naming their project “RockCity,” Jackson was going to be required to perform just three days a month.

But once he was settled into his new home with his children and the comeback collaboration was underway, Wishna said Jackson’s behavior turned erratic.

“As he stayed in Las Vegas, he started to get debilitated while he was here and debilitated from a mental health standpoint, debilitated from a physical standpoint,” Wishna said.

“The family started to, you know, bother him again… His father Joe. It just started – a lot of the weirdness started to come back,” he continued.

Wishna said he often had to conduct damage control, especially after one night when Jackson watched a fight, incognito in a wheelchair.

“My phone rings… It’s The Associated Press and the person on the other end of the phone says Jack, ‘What do you know about Michael being in a wheelchair last night with a coat over his head and sunglasses over his coat,” Wishna recounted. “If you say, ‘Michael, why did you do that?’ That’s the way he wanted to go out and if he wanted to go out that way, that’s the way he wanted to go out.”

Eventually, Wishna came to the decision that the negative publicity surrounding Jackson’s antics were detrimental to the success of “RockCity.”

“This was probably about June of 2007 and I said, ‘Michael, I think we should shelve it. I think we should put it on the shelf, come back to it when you are’ — these are the words that I used – ‘mentally, physically, and vocally capable of being a part of this project,’” he explained.

Wishna was both right and wrong. As the world discovered from “This Is It,” Michael’s vocals and dance moves were at the top of his game, but his drug abuse tragically sabotaged it all.

“I believe Michael was troubled every single day of his life,” Wishna said. “I believe that contributed to his untimely death.”

Jack Wishna’s explanations of the wheelchair prove to me only one thing – he had no idea about Michael’s lupus and its flares, or otherwise he would not have so easily brushed it off.

However the essential fact in his story is that he did not see any drugs. Michael’s health must have been indeed frail as otherwise he would not have used the wheelchair but the reason for it was evidently not drugs, but something else.

My personal opinion is that it was the stress of coming back home and seeing all the usual media spin that did not change a bit since the time he left the US. After the the 2005 trial his nervous system was completely ruined and all the worry and fear of seeing people judging him again was sending him into a state of a nervous wreck.

In this connection I’m tempted to quote some of Karen Faye’s Facebook messages:

  • Michael was afraid to be judged again. I have answered this over and over. The trial devastated his self esteem in which he never recovered. Some people think “super stars” are ‘super human” … they are NOT. They hurt and bleed just like you. How would you be after the trial?????
  • Yes LOOK tabloids… look what you have done. Display what you have done to Michael in your trashy magazines. Print your guilt!!!!


Day 4 of the AEG trial started for me with a shock of having to read miles and miles about Michael’s “messy” room.

bedroom24In one more LA Times article Corina Knoll described the mess with so much relish that I very much regretted my earlier good opinion of the paper – the speed with which the LA Times is turning into a tabloid is amazing.

More than half of the article is devoted to what they call a “peek into Michael Jackson’s private life” describing his premises as “messy”, “strewn all over with clothes”, full of “cardboard boxes lined up”, “books piled up on the floor”, “more cardboard boxes overflowing with clothes” and a “rumpled bed”.

In their opinion the bed where a man just died should necessarily be a tidy and pretty sight.

And not a word – not a single word –  is said about the fact that in the days before his death Michael Jackson was simply packing for his long stay in London which was to start a few days later, around July 3.

One does not have to be a genius to recall this simple fact. All the LA Times had to do was report the news from the courtroom as it was, without overlooking anything said there. And Brian Panish did ask there if the witness remembered that Michael Jackson was packing for a move to London and the witness acknowledged that he did.

ABC7 CourtNews tweeted his questions to Detective Martinez and his laughing answer about it being no crime:

  • “Panish asked if having messy room is against the law according to the penal code? Martinez laughed and said no.
  • As to the moving boxes, Panish asked Martinez if he knew MJ was planning to go to England the first week of July. He said yes.

But this is what the ABC7 CourtNew said and the LA Times absolutely failed to report, and the fact that they didn’t say a single word to explain the reason for the mess, but devoted six full paragraphs to its description, is turning their story  into a piece of valuable evidence about them.

They called it a peek into Michael’s private life, but instead gave us a peek into the kitchen where the media is baking its news about Jackson.

Now they themselves showed us how they are doing it and what a deep and dark agenda they have against Michael. They demonstrated it by cutting off anything that might explain Michael’s actions and using the rest of it for exaggerating it out of all proportion and allowing your fantasy to do the rest of their misinterpretation.

Example of a possible collage

Collages are made not only by the LA Times

This is no objective reporting. This is a cut-and-paste job where you take a photo of a man, cut off anything that might be pleasing to the sight, photoshop it  by attaching some garbage to it, and then say – “This is the real him”, while what you actually see is a nasty collage only.

Why they are doing it – for ratings, money or out of their big and selfless love for guys like AEG, does not really matter. What matters is the fact itself – they are eager to cover Jackson with dirt and paint a picture of him that will be suitable for  AEG only. And AEG is interested in Michael Jackson’s character assassination because they have nothing else to say in their defense, and this is why they are now making these dirty but irrelevant statements.

Indeed how can the packing process on the second floor of Michael’s home be relevant for the case accusing AEG of negligent hiring Murray? In the opinion of the LA Times it evidently can:

 Photos of Jackson’s messy, clothes-strewn bedroom shown to jurors

By Corina Knoll

May 2, 2013, 1:39 p.m.

In a case that attorneys promised would dive into Michael Jackson’s personal life, jurors were shown photographs Thursday of the eccentric music legend’s messy, clothes-strewn second-floor bedroom in the rented mansion where he died.

Although the foyer of the Holmby Hills home was pristine — a lavish, open space with ornate gold frames — and the dining room boasted flowing white curtains around giant windows that allowed in streaming sunlight, the second floor presented a scene that was radically different, jurors were told in the wrongful-death case brought by the singer’s family against entertainment firm AEG.

On June 25, 2009, the day of Jackson’s death, the master bedroom on the second floor was in disarray, Los Angeles Police Det. Orlando Martinez testified. The curtains were pulled and the fireplace was on.

A portable rack was jammed with hangers of clothing. More clothes were strewn about the room, including on the rumpled bedspread. On a desk were stacks of what appeared to be DVDs and papers. Books lay in piles on the floor. Lining the hallway floor that led from the bedroom to the master closet and a bathroom were piles of clothes.

Inside the closet was a globe, shopping bags, a dress form with a red coat trimmed in black, and cardboard boxes that overflowed with even more clothes.

Papers were strewn about the star’s bathroom, which had another cardboard box stuffed with clothing. Bags and towels lay scattered about. Inside the inlaid marble bathtub were additional towels. Nearby sat fancy glass bottles filled with liquids.

Although merely a peek into Jackson’s private life, the photos presented during the fourth day of the case could foreshadow what’s to come in a trial expected to last four months.

The suit filed by Jackson’s mother, Katherine, and his three children accuses concert promoter AEG of pushing the singer beyond his physical abilities and of negligently hiring and controlling Dr.Conrad Murray, who gave Jackson a fatal dose of propofol and is now serving a jail term for involuntary manslaughter.

On Thursday, the family’s attorney played a phone message to Murray left by Jackson’s manager Frank DiLeo on June 20, 2009.

“I’m sure you’re aware he had an episode last night. He’s sick. Today’s Saturday, tomorrow I’m on my way back. I’m not gonna continue my trip. Uh, I think you need — I think you need to get a blood test on him today. I — I — we gotta see what he’s doing. All right. Thank you.”

Brian Panish, the plaintiffs’ attorney, said he believed that DiLeo had spoken with an AEG executive just prior to making the phone call.

Five days later, Jackson was dead.

Martinez testified that on the day of the singer’s death, he went to Jackson’s home, which boasted a movie theater, workout room, dance area and a wine cellar.

Although the entryway was immaculate, the second floor — where Jackson had been found by paramedics earlier that morning — was a deep contrast.

A search warrant and affidavit said that no adults besides Jackson were known to live at the location and that the staff was only allowed to be present on the ground floor. Martinez testified that the chef was allowed to leave food outside a door upstairs.

Martinez said that when he arrived, Jackson’s children and his brother Randy were at the home. He also saw three cars, including Murray’s BMW.

Investigators attempted to reach Murray but the doctor did not answer his phone or return calls, which seemed suspicious, Martinez said.

“If it was a medical emergency or a natural death, why would he be refusing to speak with us? Why would he leave the hospital after he was asked to stay? Why would he not go back to pick up his car?” Martinez said.

Murray was tracked through his cellphone and found in Santa Monica. Detectives interviewed him two days after Jackson’s death.,0,3325050.story

I remember one of Michael’s friends saying that Michael had so little help at that time that he had to pack his things himself. Moving house is a difficult job as it is, as each of us knows, but when you have to rehearse in the daytime, struggle with insomnia the whole night through and have to pack things during the little time left, it is simply mean, indecent, vulgar, foolish and absurd to derive pleasure from trashing the person for the clothes lying about his room waiting to be packed.

June 21st was Sunday, and the next day June 22nd the show was moving from the Forum to Staples Center. Michael had two spare days and must have used them for packing his things for London. On June 23d he told his chef Kai Chase that he had packed and was ready to go. The boxes with luggage were indeed lining up the premises as those “messy” photos confirmed.

Michael said to Kai Chase:

She said she had already filled out paperwork and submitted a copy of her passport to the Jackson staff and expected to leave for London on July 3.

On June 23, she said Jackson told her: “I’m packed and I’m ready to go.” Two days later, he was dead.

The process was far from finished of course and the reader who answered my comment in the LA Times added to it that Michael was known to be having a clear-out at that time and giving away his clothes and personal items to other people which was another reason to hang them out and look:

Pen-dragon57 at 12:52 AM May 3, 2013

Good point  –  Jackson was to stay in England for around 9 months – anyone who has ever moved home will know how chaotic a time that is… boxes everywhere.  Jackson was also known to be having a clear-out at the same time, and gave away many clothes and personal items in preparation for the move.  I see nothing sinister in his private quarters being in a muddle at this time.

In this house Michael Jackson lived from end of December 2006 to beginning of 2008

The Las Vegas house Michael Jackson lived in from end of December 2006 to beginning of 2008

If this packing problem is still a sore point with those who listen to AEG’s trashy stories repeated by their media collaborators, let me inform you that the realtor who rented a mansion to Michael Jackson in Las Vegas said that he left the house in an impeccable condition, professionally cleaned. The realtor called Michael a complete gentleman.

I wish the same could be said about the AEG people and journalists dancing to their tunes. Here is the story about Michael’s house in Las Vegas and the realtor who disproved the media lies:

Inside Michael Jackson’s Bedroom

by Whitney English and Natalie FinnTue., Jul. 14, 2009 9:03 PM PDT

So this is what it looks like.

E! News scored an exclusive tour of the Las Vegas mansion the King of Pop rented while negotiating a possible comeback gig—and though any personal items belonging to the eccentric artist are long gone, it’s still fascinating to put a place to the increasingly odd face.

Here’s the scoop we got from realtor Zar Zanganeh, who leased the 10-bedroom house to Jackson in 2006 and 2007 and is now showing it for seller Carolyn Mullany Coldwell Banker Premiere Realty:

Jackson obviously wanted to keep his kids close to home—that’s where they played and went to school, and a security team was on hand at all times to keep them safe.

Vegas businessman Jack Wishna, who was trying to get a Sin City concert residency rolling for the Thriller artist, told E! News this week that Jackson and his three children all slept in one room.

Zanganeh maintained that Prince Michael, Paris and wee Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) had their own bedroom next to their dad’s 2,000-square-foot suite—and that’s where they slept, on three separate beds.

Albeit three separate beds squished together in a room meant for one bed.

“Michael slept in his bed every night as far as I know,” the realtor said. “There were plenty of times I came over and he was still in bed. He always came out of this room,” he added, motioning to the master bedroom. “The kids were right next door.”

Zanganeh did not dispute, however, Wishna’s story about Jackson leaving his Christmas ’06 tree up until the day his family vacated the home the following summer—but he put a much sweeter spin on it.

“He liked it so much he left it up for his entire stay,” he said simply, adding that rumors of Jackson leaving a mess behind when he moved out were totally false.

“He left the property in great condition, professionally cleaned up. He was a complete gentleman,” Zanganeh said.

The gated residence—replete with tennis and basketball courts, a  playroom, three office suites, au pair quarters and an impressive yet eerie backstory—has remained empty since the most storied branch of the Jackson family called it home.

The article corrected the media spin about Michael’s housekeeiping ways, however introduced us to another spin concerning the“sleeping in one room” issue. With these people it never stops – you put out one fire but they immediately ignite another one for you.


No, Jack Wishna did not mean anything like that. He just said that he saw several mattresses brought together into Michael’s master bedroom so that he and his children could jump and play there. And as if knowing what would start after these words Jack Wishna quickly added that all of it was quite innocent:

“I’m looking around the house for him and I go into the master bedroom and there’s no mattress on the bed. I go into another bedroom, there’s no mattresses on the bed. I finally open up a room that was kind of like an empty room and all the mattresses are on the floor lined up so Michael can sleep there with the three kids,” Wisha said.

However, Wishna was quick to note the impression left by the unusual sleeping arrangement was purely an innocent one.

“They can play. They can jump up and down. That’s Michael,” he added. “He was very comfortable in that Romper Room-type environment.”

Wishna also insisted Jackson tried his hardest to be a good dad.

Jack Wishna spoke about Michael’s life-style with a smile and understanding, adding that that one part of Michael was a creative genius while the other was that of a 13-year old and that he was a child at heart.

Though the article is actually nasty it has a good video called “Michael’s former Vegas promoter, Jack Wishna, lets us in on the private, family-oriented style of the King of Pop”, where free from any media embellishments made around his words Jacks Wishna says what he really says:

  • “He loved those children more than anything else in the world. He was a great father. In the 22 thousand square foot mansion there were beds in every room. The master bedroom was probably bigger than the size of my house and he took all the mattresses off all the beds in all the rooms, put them into one room so that he can sleep, play, jump up and down on the mattresses with his three kids, and they all will be together in one room.
  • I always said that Michael was very creative, tremendously creative on one side of his brain. On the other side he was always thirteen, he was just a child at heart, he was always a child, he acted like a child. If he was in a room and part of the room had adults and part of the room had children he would gravitate towards the side with the children. He loved children, he loved his children, he would be most comfortable in that environment”.

And it was due to Michael’s trust of a “thirteen-year old” and belief in the good of others that he let “wrong people come into his life”. As we know Jack Wishna regretted very much that he had brought Michael back to the US:

Wishna was working with Jackson on a permanent Las Vegas show, but during the seven months he lived here, it became clear Jackson was in no physical shape to take on such a project.

“The wrong people came into his life and ultimately caused his demise,” says Wishna.  “One part of his brain was tremendously talented in terms of music and creativity, the other side of his brain was very trusting like a twelve year old”

“Over the years I always thought that maybe if I didn’t move Michael from Ireland back to America, back to Las Vegas, that maybe Michael would be alive today,” says entertainment power broker Jack Wishna, president of Rockrena, Inc.

It would be wrong to assume that Jack Wishna was speaking only of Conrad Murray. No, he referred to all those who came into Michael’s life also in 2008 – Tohme, Barrack and AEG Live. They “whooed” Michael into their deal and it was due to that that Wishna had to withdraw.

Wishna was very apprehensive of the upcoming concerts and shared some of his concerns with the media. A thing or two of his very cautious statements leaked into the press after Michael’s death. I’m very grateful to Wishna that upon realizing that Michael was not fit for a series of concerts he thought of other projects which did not involve Michael’s direct participation (the Cirque du Soleil project and others).

This way he did exactly the opposite to what was done by AEG. They also saw Michael unfit for the shows but decided to make use of it instead of helping Michael. So when you read Tohme (in Sullivan’s book) and he throws there Jack Wishna into a pile of some “parasites” please don’t believe them – Wishna was a very decent man.

And Wishna was clearly resentful of what AEG was doing to Michael. If  he had lived to be a witness at the current trial he would have spoken up in support of Katherine Jackson against AEG. Unfortunately Jackson Wishna committed suicide – he was found in his car in his garage intoxicated by carbon monoxide as the autopsy determined.

But if he were alive he would repeat to the jury the following words and would probably tell them much more:

 “It’s Going to Be a Disaster”: Associate Says Jackson Was Too Weak for Major Comeback

by Whitney English and Natalie FinnFri., Jul. 10, 2009 8:16 PM PDT

One of the dreamers who tried to reboot Michael Jackson’s career says the late King of Pop wasn’t fit enough to hit the stage for the “greatest comeback show ever” two years ago, let alone this summer.

“It would have happened had I assessed that Michael was capable mentally, emotionally, vocally to do it. At the end of it, we decided no, he wasn’t,” Jack Wishna, president of consultancy CPAmerica and the orchestrator of Jackson’s return to the U.S. after a year spent living abroad, exclusively tells E! News.

The idea that they danced around from mid-2006 to mid-2007, and again earlier this year, was to have Jackson in residence at a Las Vegas hotel, where he’d star in a concert spectacular called Michael Jackson Presents that would also feature guest appearances by the latest R&B hitmakers.

…But though concert promoter AEG Live said that Jackson passed a physical with flying colors earlier this year, Wishna maintains that the 50-year-old artist had been in a “weakened state” and wasn’t able to do three shows a month in 2007, much less maintain a more rigorous schedule now.

“He would get hurt if he had to do a regimen of performances,” Wishna said. “You really have to be fit to go up on stage to do that.”

So, earlier this year, he and Jackson instead discussed creating a show in the guise of LOVE, Cirque du Soleil’s ode to the Beatles, that the King of Pop would not actually be in.

But then, Wishna said, he found out Jackson had hooked up with AEG for his London engagement.

“He said it should be fine,” Wishna recalled. “In my heart I knew he didn’t get better from the time I was with him. He was thin and weak. It’s going to be a disaster. I would never put him into a show that way. I don’t know who the doctor is that certified him for it. I didn’t think [Jackson] was capable of doing it.”

…”Michael has a lot of people around him that cut deals and sometimes Michael doesn’t even know what those deals are,” he added. “So many people have been around him. At every turn it’s like he’s his worst enemy because of the people that are around him.”

Full story:

As Jack Wishna will no longer be able to testify let us remember his last words as his evidence in the case of Katherine Jackson against AEG:

  • “Michael would get hurt if he had to do a regimen of performances,” (this is a reference to  50 shows and their impossible regimen)
  • “I would never put him into a show that way” (his opinion of AEG – only they were capable of a ruthless thing like that)
  • “Michael has a lot of people around him that cut deals and sometimes Michael doesn’t even know what those deals are,”  (this may be true for all the three of them – due to Tohme Michael did not know his deal either with Tom Barrack or AEG Live).

I wish Jack Wishna could testify at this trial. His voice would have been a strong one.


Another person who can tell us a lot about Michael and the way he was treated by AEG Live is Karen Faye. Reading her messages (in muzikfactory blog here) I am amazed to see how much of what Karen Faye said then is fitting into our own understanding of the situation now.

Now we know that it was a must for Michael to have enough rest between the shows as he had grave sleeping issues which aggravated during the concerts. He would not sleep for a day or two after the show and there is no way AEG could not know about it when they were setting the schedule. Karen Faye says:

  • Yes… he had sleeping issues for a long time. He had a difficult and complicated life. His sleeping issues were even worse during performing live concerts. His adrenaline would surge through his body during the performance. Sometimes it would take a day or two for him to fall asleep after the performance.

Like all the rest of them Karen Faye was hired in May only, though some preliminary discussion took place in March. Then they seemed to ignore her for weeks, so what she says about the dancers starting in April may not be necessarily true. Like many others she may simply not know and may be repeating the AEG official version. She joined them in May  so what was happening in April must have been told to her by Kenny Ortega or Randy Phillips. The dancers could be saying the same too – all of them had confidentiality agreements and were obliged to follow AEG’s orders.

And they are talking of some confidentiality agreements signed for MJ? They have not seen the AEG concentration camp security!

Like all the rest of them she is thinking the worst of Michael in terms of drugs. “She began to see the signs of drugs” though how long had she not associated with Michael before that ? Twelve years or more? So how could she really know? Her talk about drugs is a mere guess:

  • My first call from Michael was on March 15th. M.Bush’s first contract was April 11th. I was not put on staff until May 14th. I feel like I was being ignored for weeks. There were many meetings with other staff. Dancers, musicians and back up singers began at Center Stagin in April. Michael began to rehearse and work out at home in April. When Michael was younger and working, this would have been enough time for him. Michael did not get on stage and start working with his performers until mid June. Michael seems reluctant to begin. I began to see warning signs of drugs and continued weight loss. The rehearsals on the 23 and 24 were the most productive up to that point.

Michael invited Kenny Ortega to do the show. Karen is telling us news that it was Ortega who was responsible for the great damage caused to Michael’s back during the concert in Munich. At least Michael held Ortega responsible for the fall of the bridge there. Ortega left the scene not to confront the tragedy and didn’t apologize for the drop which was evidently the result of his negligence. Michael regularly spoke about it hoping that Ortega would apologize to him one day and when Ortega finally did sometime in 2009 it was one of the first things Michael told Karen about.

So Ortega is no angel but has an advantage over AEG as he is human and not a machine like them:

  • I was in shock as I saw the bridge in free fall with Michael on it. I was just outside his quick change room. I ran screaming towards the stage and security grabbed me and held me back as the bridge disappeared down past the edge of the front of the stage, I saw the horror on the other performers, but the music kept going. The audience was still transfixed. I saw one arm… then a leg, then his body climb back on stage… he finished the song. He made it back to the dressing room. His heart was beating, he seemed in a trance. We need to get you to the hospital, I said. “NO, I can’t, I can’t”… he ran back out and finished the show. When he returned to the dressing room after the last note.. he collapsed. Security picked him and up and got him to the hospital. I couldn’t sleep that night I couldn’t get any response to how he was. The next day, he called me from the hospital. I asked “why didn’t you stop?” he replied, “Turkle, I couldn’t… all I could hear was my father’s voice… DON’T DISAPPOINT THE AUDIENCE”.
  • Actually, Michael held Kenny Ortega responsible and Kenny left the Munich very quickly without confronting the tragedy. Michael told me Kenny finally apologized when Michael asked him to help him with the O2 shows. This was always something Michael would bring up on a regular basis… ‘you know Turkle, Kenny has never mentioned or apologized for dropping me”. And when I came back to work with Michael again this year, one of the first things he said to me was “Kenny finally apologized.”

Kenny Ortega was to do the show in London and then leave the production. After that Michael would perfect the show and fine tune it, fixing the choreography. To us it means that the promoters needed even more time than we initially thought: 

  • Michael asked Kenny to do this. Michael didn’t like his choreographic style (thought it was too “VEGAS”) but Kenny has great skill in bringing people and productions together. Michael said he could always change, and fix the choreography. Michael usually would fine tune the shows after Kenny left the production. Kenny would stay a week or so, and leave and go on to his next project. Then Michael would streamline the show.
  • The show would be in place before Kenny would leave, of course. Michael didn’t need to “assume” anything … he would just perfect things.

The only big difference from the way I see the situation is that Karen, like Jack Wishna earlier in 2007, says that Michael’s condition was too frail. I explain it by the fact that she started seeing Michael only in April 2009 and this was already the time when things were growing worse with each new day. I am more than sure that the process started with the shock Michael experienced in March over setting the dates and this became the reason for his incessant and never-ending worry.

  • Yes. It was difficult to find the “old Michael” after I reunited with him in April 2009. I only saw glimmers. That is what kept me believing there was a chance he could do these shows. I believed once he felt the stage and his fans cheering him … we would get Michael back. It was my prayer.

Like everyone else – Kenny Ortega, Frank Dileo and the family – she also assumed that he “began taking drugs”. It was nothing different from the media reports of the time, and it seems that only AEG were not (officially) noticing that something was indeed wrong:   

  • The week before Michael’s death, the crew was starting to ask questions.. about Michael not showing up and not rehearsing as he should be, not taking off his sun glasses. The excuses WE gave was “he was tired”… only half the truth. I personally could not tell strangers (dancers) that I thought he started taking drugs.. that I was worried sick about his weight. I told Kenny and Frank Dileo. I was hoping he would improve in the next two weeks before we left for London, and then the week and a half in London before the first show. I thought we had time to get on track. He showed marked improvement the 23 and 24th. We had hope. Then he died.

Karen Faye -Murray told us to give MJ tough loveThe next message from Karen Faye is amazing. It says that Doctor Murray told them to give Michael “tough love”. Whose words can Murray be repeating here and is it possible to assume that he could say so callous a thing about his employer? And after that people are doubting that Murray was actually working for AEG and not for Michael? And is it typical of a doctor to talk about his patient that way at all?

No, all I can think of in this connection is that Murray was fulfilling another of those requests from his AEG bosses.

Since this message comes before the rehearsal when Kenny Ortega massaged Michael’s feet and eventually sent him home (on June 19th), it means that Murray told everyone to play tough love on Jackson even before that rehearsal.  This is why Ortega referred to “tough love” in his email to Randy Phillips that night and spoke about “bringing the doctor in the fold”. At Murray’s trial Phillips put a blank expression on his face and said he heard about it for the first time.  Karen Faye wrote about it:

  • Kenny told me that Doctor Murray told us to give Michael “tough love”.
  • While Kenny was cutting his chicken and massaging his feet, I was infuriated that I was getting so many mixed messages. In my opinion, this was not a healthy situation.

Everything Karen Faye is describing in her messages testifies to the fact that Michael’s nerves were terribly on edge. He was angry and upset with his partners for their treatment of him as if they were his masters, though they did not have a single right to talk or behave to him like that .

They were not facing any risk and all their worry was sheer pretense. However the pressure on Michael was real and demanded some medication. The propofol or whatever Murray was feeding him was having a terrible physical effect and was making things only worse. Karen did not know a thing about what was happening, but assumed that “Michael was taking drugs” – though these drugs were given to him by the very doctor who told them to play tough love on Jackson.

Well, Murray was not in her employment, so how could she know? However if we only imagine for a moment a hypothetical situation that Michael was, you will  immediately realize that for the one who manages the doctor it is simply impossible not to know. The very least AEG could have done was just pay attention to the state Michael was in, but they never did:

  • I was begging for a physiologist [psychologist], because of Michael’s state of mind was not right. He could not sleep, he was angry (for not having any control), he was showing signs of taking drugs, OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder] and his body was always ice cold, and loosing weight rapidly. It was a matter of six days from the time I was sending emails, sounding the alert and when Michael was dead. Four of the six days, he was not at rehearsals, and I hadn’t seen him.

AEG preferred not to notice or react though Karen was writing them emails:

  • ..”It is very clear to me by the responses here that people who do not “really” know Michael, think he looks fine. Maybe to corporate businessmen who weren’t sensitive to Michael, never even bothered to notice his condition. BUT, I wrote the emails and had discussions (not with Randy Phillips, because he wasn’t available to me. He just recently told me, he was ‘shown’ my emails, and was aware of my concerns, before Michael died) with others who were responsible for Michael and the O2 shows”

This is it movie was made by AEG to absolve themselves of the guilt and create an idyllic picture of the events. Frankly, they did not manage to do it anyway as all the disturbing signs of distress are still there. Though we are happy to see Michael on stage in the final moments of his life, the movie is still a very painful document of lies, mistreatment and Michael’s suffering visible even to the naked eye (remember the episode of his complaining about a fist in his ear and Ortega’s rude answer to him – something like “you’ll have to”). At the time of Karen’s message there was no wrongful death lawsuit filed yet:

  • If there was evidence of abuse, they would be liable for a wrongful death lawsuit. In my opinion, that is what this movie is really about … to absolve the guilty. The ones speaking the loudest and most about Michael being healthy are the guilty ones.

Karen confirms our understanding that all this talk about the rehearsal footage being for Michael’s home is sheer crap. Michael never gave permission for that footage and was probably even suspicious why they were shooting him with two high-definition cameras. But his opinion wasn’t  respected and he had no power to object. Imagine how Michael must have been humiliated by all that neglect for his wishes:

  • Camera crew was hired by AEG. Michael asked Michael Bush where they came from. All other projects that Michael ever did, the camera crews were hired and payed by MJJ Productions. Michael did not have the control over ‘This Is It’ like he did with other projects. He did not have the money to do it himself and he didn’t have the power to object.

It seems that their recording the footage was no small matter for Michael. From Michael’s questions we see that he was worried about it and hurt him because they were again doing it without his approval. This was how their cooperation started (when they set those 50 shows without asking him) and this is how it was going on with it – it was the same non-stop humiliation at every stage of it:

  • MB [Michael Bush] told me that MJ asked him who gave the permission to film the rehearsals. I believe MB answered that AEG was doing it. Usually, Michael has his own documentary crew shooting. This way Michael owns it and can edit and show what he wants the world to see. He often released his footage for “the making of” projects, behind the scene footage but he was in complete control of the footage. I thought that the crew that was shooting rehearsals was doing it FOR Michael when I saw them. It wasn’t till Michael was gone, MB told me, the film crew was AEG, and MJ didn’t approve of it.

It is painful to read how angry and upset Michael was about the way he was treated by AEG – they looked at him as if he was nobody, though the whole success of the tour depended on him and him alone:

  • It only further shows me that Michael had very little control of the situation… which why he was so angry in the last days… He kept saying “Why can’t I choose?”

Karen is the second person (the first was Frank Dileo) who says that the fateful “contract” with which everything started was read to Michael and not studied by him. Besides the fact that understanding it by the ear is impossible even in principle, this also makes me sure that they read out to him a preliminary version only. Without reading the final version he would not have signed it – no one would:

  • AEG was even paying his rent, food and children’s schooling. All the expenses would have been reimbursed out of Michael’s share of the concerts. He signed a contract that was admittedly READ to him.

Karen says AEG showed little concern for Michael and used him as a commodity. Indeed, it manifested itself already in January, when they included all those highway robbery terms into their contract, and was repeated again in March when Randy Phillips and Tohme sold the shows.

And of course he was a commodity to them.This type of a schedule is not created for human beings to fulfill them. This type of a schedule is for machines only (“They treat me like I’m a machine”) or for those whom you do NOT want to succeed. Everything they had heard about Michael’s health before must have told them that they should not even bother about the actual concerts. And Karen says they knew or thought that he was unable to do the shows.

What Karen Faye does not know, however,  is that had it not been for that fraud and the stress of it Michael would have made those concerts. I am absolutely positive of it:

  • ..The movie is not the entire truth… Please know there was a very dark side. A side that showed little concern for Michael the person. It was about Michael the commodity. He was trapped by circumstances, to do this shows, a show he was mentally, and physically unable to do… and they knew it.
  • I don’t want you not see the movie. Everyone was robbed of Michael from ever creating again. These are his final days… but they do not tell the entire story. There is a very dark truth that you are not seeing. The head of AEG said it in his own words… this will clear us of any wrong doing. Why would anyone say that …. If no wrong doing ever occurred?

And the next message shows that Karen knows what kind of people she is dealing with. This places all those strange suicides of Jack Wishna, Peter Lopez and Frank Dileo’s coma and death (following an accidental overdose of anesthetic) just into the right context which is now almost impossible to overlook: 

  • If something happens to me… it will not be an accident.
  • Look at all these liars… these vultures. It is getting harder and harder to get the truth out there. I am only one small girl. They have the money and power to CRUSH the truth.

After Michael’ s death these people did their best for no one to ever know the truth about their everyday bullying of Michael. They tied everyone with confidentiality clauses which prevent people from using the right to free speech, tell the truth and stand up for it. Instead they coerced people into telling lies. AEG calls it  “business” while the right word for it would be an oath of silence taken by some criminals so that no one ever knows of their common crime. 

  • I have some Legal issues. Randy Phillips is getting very angry with me and is emailing me I must stop. I need to remain on a “private” page”. I have a confidentiality clause in my AEG contract. 
  • No… not closing. I guess the truth is making him nervous. He (Phillips) says my comments are “defamatory, damaging, and not factual”.
  • I have been asked to stop posting some of my opinions here by Randy Phillips. I have a confidentiality contract with AEG. I am being accused by Randy Phillips of creating this site. They are asking me to remove it from my FB pages.
  • They have been addressing me with emails, their lawyers and Frank Dileo.
  • I am not removing this page. Nor am I going to remove anyone’s opinion about TINI. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and opinion.
I don't know why the dancers are lying (

Karen Faye: “I don’t know why the dancers are lying” (

In fact Karen Faye did have to remove the page. As I  said all her messages are quoted now by the muzikfactory blog.

I hope she will repeat all this and much more when she testifies at the trial.  And we will probably even hear it  – of course if the media is so kind as to report it correctly, please.

Suppositions like Karen Faye’s (drugs, etc.) are probably the ugliest of the facts you will hear from AEG’s lawyers during the current trial. Now that you have heard them are you still afraid that anyone will know ?

Or would you like to make AEG answer for turning Michael Jackson’s last months and days into a complete nightmare? If they had not squeezed him and his life like others squeeze a lemon into their tea before sending it into a garbage bin he would be alive now.

All they were to do was keep their promise and arrange 10 shows only, set for him at a comfortable pace of two shows or even one show a week, sell tickets at a level worthy of Michael’s name at a market price which in terms of money would have brought  the same (official) revenue as for 50 concerts, and arrange for those who can’t afford it a chance to see the concerts live on the Internet on a pay-per-view basis.

If these conditions had been fulfilled Michael would be perfectly alive now. Moreover once he had developed a taste for it he would have even agreed to more concerts, in other cities of the world following the same comfortable pattern. He would have made much money, the show would have turned into a great movie, the debts would have been paid and life in general would have taken a totally different course.

And I am more than sure that he would have made it. I am also sure that they (AEG Live) could also have made it happen if they had really wanted to. The only thing they needed to do was give a little damn for a human being like Michael Jackson.


AEG's lawyer, Marvin Put

AEG’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam is a big media friend

AEG’s lawyer Marvin Putnam constantly repeats that Michael was a grown-up man and had to take responsibility for his decisions.

This we heard a hundred times already, so I suggest Mr. Putnam explains to us instead why the sharks going after trusting people like Michael always demand that he should answer for whatever was done to them, while the sharks themselves are totally unwilling to take responsibility for any of their actions?

It is simply not clear why those who were deceived and betrayed are responsible for their actions, and why those who betray and deceive are not.

Considering Mr. Putnam’s one-sided manner of thinking it is no wonder that AEG hired this particular lawyer for this particular case. However there was one more reason for it – the primary focus of Marvin Putnam’s legal practice turns out to be nothing but the “media in defense of their First Amendment rights,” according to his own official biography:

“Marvin Putnam is the lead lawyer for AEG Live, defending against the wrongful death suit. The primary focus of his legal practice is “media in defense of their FirstAmendment rights,” according to his official biography”.

And since the First Amendment is all about freedom of expression Putnam’s official motto should be read as follows:

  • “Media in defense of their right to express themselves”.

This makes it clearer why the media is holding its breath in wait for the ugly facts promised by Mr. Putnam. These facts will enable the media to express its beautiful self, after which Mr. Putnam as their attorney will defend them in their right to tell the lies and dirt about Jackson.

Isn’t it a marvelous match for all the three of them – the press, AEG and their lawyer?

But even despite so much love and understanding between all the parties I am still not ready to be intimidated by the ‘ugly facts” they are doing to tell us about Michael Jackson. By now we know Michael too well not to be afraid of any of their facts about him – as long as they are true of course.

However it is exactly their ability to tell the truth which I question very much indeed now. The unfortunate experience with those photos has taught me to look with grave mistrust at everything they will be saying and doing now.

Well, has it changed anything for me personally?

No, it hasn’t.

Will it make me retract my support for Katherine Jackson and go over to the AEG side?

No, absolutely not.

If they don’t tell the truth we will.

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  1. jolie permalink
    May 4, 2013 9:07 pm

    Terrific analysis. And you use the documentation so well. I really thank you for all you have done and are doing on behalf of Michael, and for us fans. I think to put all this together is really a very difficult task because nothing about Michael’s life was straightforward, because of the lies. But you have done it, are are doing it. Michael’s true fans have also done the research, but putting the research together on paper (with citations) is a monumental task. And a very, very important task, now especially, because of the trial. Because the powers that be are relying on continued confusion in the media about Michael. You have done a stellar job in bringing the darkness into the light. Let us thank the courage of the people who have told the truth, like Wishna and Faye, and so many more, because anyone call still access their words in the electronic media.

    Michael always said that Truth always wins out. And we are running that “marathon” of truth for Michael and for ourselves. Thank you.


  2. May 4, 2013 9:29 pm

    Thanks for this brilliant piece of writing Helena. You are the only person I have come across online who shares my belief that Michael was not a drug addict. Why this saint of a human being had to endure so much of pain in his life is an eternal question. It is so sad that even his own family did not believe that he was not addicted to drugs. I am completely on Mrs Jackson’s side. However the fact that she did not believe Mike when he said that he was not an addict can actually go against this case, when AEG is hell bent on proving that Mike was the weirdest creature alive then and now dead. Their lawyer is bound to ask Mrs Jackson this question and I do not know how she is going to answer it. Though Mrs Jackson did maintain in the past that she had never seen any drugs or medicines in her son’s room even in her surprise visits to his place, she will have to emphasize this point with more conviction. The lawyer may come up with the question of the family intervention about Michael’s addiction and then may stretch this point to come to the conlcusion that Mike killed himself. This is something they are saying anyways even now. Even Karen Faye believes that Mike was having a drug problem!! And these people have been closest to Mike for so may years of his life! But somebody like you and me can easily understand that Mike could never have been an addict! What an irony. What isolation must MIke have gone through to be pitted against the whole world who disbelieved him on every count! And for no reason, You are doing a great job in bringing the actual story out to us, his fans. God bless you. And yes all those cases of ‘suicides’ of people who were involved with Mike shortly after his death appear to be very strange coincidences and suspicious. Looking forward to reading more from you.


  3. May 4, 2013 10:03 pm

    And I would also like to add, as you pointed out so very correctly, parents are more often more hard to convince of something that we did not do. If there is a rumour about us, it is our parents who would come and question us about it and even if we keep denying that they may still remain suspicious. That is because they love us just too much and are overanxious about our wellbeing. Michael’s mom is no exception. Especially when all the tabloid all over the world kept writing the same thing- about Mike’s addiction, it is only natural for Mrs Jackson to ask the same question to Mike. But Mrs Jackson, just like Mike is very vulnerable. The AEG vultures will be getting the better of her. That is the main worry. One elderly lady and three kids pitted against a corporate giant full of shrewd vultures. Only God can handle this and lets see how He does it, Kudos to you again for your splendid work.


  4. May 5, 2013 3:15 am

    “If there is a rumour about us, it is our parents who would come and question us about it and even if we keep denying that they may still remain suspicious. That is because they love us just too much and are overanxious about our wellbeing. Michael’s mom is no exception.” – Suparna

    Absolutely. You’ve worded it very well. Human nature is the same everywhere.

    “One elderly lady and three kids pitted against a corporate giant full of shrewd vultures. Only God can handle this and lets see how He does it”

    Using Michael’s expression this is so cosmic a case that only God can handle it. But I never forget that God has no other hands but ours and all depends on the choice we make.

    P.S. And thank you very much for your kind words about me. Just doing what I can.


  5. May 5, 2013 5:14 am

    “You are the only person I have come across online who shares my belief that Michael was not a drug addict.” – Suparna

    Michael wasn’t a drug addict, but all of it is a matter of terminology. Here is the official point of view:

    What Is the Difference Between Drug Dependency and Addiction?
    By Eric Dontigney, eHow Contributor

    Questions regarding drug dependence and addiction stem from a debate about opioids, specifically their use in pain management. Opioids are a type of analgesic drug, such as morphine and codeine, that are typically derived from poppy flowers. In recent years, their use as a pain-management tool has come under fire because of growing concerns over the highly addictive nature of opioids such as heroine (a semisynthetic opioid). Nonetheless, doctors maintain that there is a distinct difference between drug dependence and drug addiction.

    Drug Addiction
    o Drug addiction is a condition in which a person engages in drug-seeking behaviors. Drug addiction is marked by constant thoughts about a chosen drug, persistent use of the drug and withdrawal from the drug. It is a condition with physical, psychological, emotional and social factors and consequences.

    Drug Dependence
    o Drug dependence is a condition in which the body has become accustomed to a drug, usually prescribed to treat chronic pain. The body eventually develops a need for the drug to maintain normal function. It is considered to be primarily an adaptive, biological response to a drug and has few or no emotional, psychological or social factors.

    o Pseudoaddiction is a condition that, on the surface, mimics drug addiction at the behavioral level. Typical drug-seeking behaviors occur and even attempts to acquire drugs illegally. This is, however, considered a problem with dosage in cases of acute pain, and the drug-seeking behaviors tend to subside when the dosage is adjusted.

    Identifying Addiction
    o In the case of addiction, drug use typically takes precedence over all other life matters. Drug-seeking behaviors will lead to job loss, family dispute and financial disaster. The drug use is often an attempt to escape the problems of reality and tends to limit the ability of the addict to engage in socially useful activity.

    Identifying Dependence
    o In the case of dependence, drug use typically exists as a means of re-engaging with life. The pain-control function of the drug tends to enable the user to maintain employment, engage in family affairs and manage their affairs responsibly.


  6. May 5, 2013 7:03 am

    But even this explanation is not making things clearer and there is still very much dispute even between those in the medical profession. I regard it in a totally different way.

    1) First of all I divide all cases into narcotics and all the other substances.

    I for example, have never tried any narcotics, God forbid, but have a dependency on coffee. Since this is a common condition of very many people I don’t think that this is what we are discussing here. Of course we are talking about the dependency on medicines only.

    2) Some medicine is required for sustaining life and therefore here comes another differentiation.

    When people having a heart problem depend on a regular intake of a certain drug their condition is also called a dependency (addiction?), however no one in his right mind will ever call this person a “drug-addict”. He needs the drug to keep on with his life, and it would be ridiculous to blame the person for it. Without this drug the person will simply die and this is all that matters in this case.

    From this point of view narcotics given to cancer patients to relieve their pain are a must, and calling these people “drug-addicts” is immoral. Technically they are, but no one should ever blame these people for having to do it. Their suffering is too great for anyone to judge them and it is the obligation of doctors to help them cope with the pain.

    And this is the way I look at Michael’s sleeplessness. It was so grave a condition – he went without sleep for one, two, three and even more days (as the note to Lisa Marie Presley shows it) that not helping him in that situation would be a crime on the part of doctors.

    For them it is very easy to say, “we’ve tried everything but nothing helps, so let him cope with it himself”. But this kind of an attitude is immoral too. A doctor should not leave his patient alone with so much suffering and should find a way to help.

    Michael still managed to go without any help when he was not giving concerts. 15 minutes of dosing off here and there and he was still able to function well enough to take care of his children or even dance a little and write music.

    But when it came to making concerts his insomnia was turning into the gravest threat to his life. If he did a concert he would surely not sleep that night and the night after that. If there were no more concerts he would more or less survive, but if there was another concert looming ahead he had no other choice but resort to the only medicine that helped – propofol which was suggested to him by doctors too (otherwise he would not have learned about it).

    I do not accuse those doctors who (if they really did) gave propofol to Michael during the concerts. He had to give those concerts to be able to sustain his living, and they had to help him cope with it. If they were doing it only on the eve of the concert and administered it in minimal quantities via a special dosage equipment – well, so be it. It may be considered “off-label” use of the drug, though generally it is not used for these purposes and this is what Dr. White even insisted on during Murray’s trial.

    If they had not given it to him he would have simply died from all the pressure of the tour. They were (if they did indeed administer it) helping him survive and this is what doctors are for.

    And same as with patients with heart problems who depend on some medicine, it is immoral to call MJ a drug addict for it. He had a disease and this disease had to be treated. Doctors chose to treat it in such an unconventional way. The key word here is doctors, as it was doctors who could not offer him anything else but this method.

    Another key matter here is that if doctors did administer propofol to MJ before in all those cases Michael survived – while with Murray he did not. Murray should have never started it at all – he had no idea how, was arrogant enough to think that he had enough skill and knowledge for it, and he did it in the sloppiest manner possible, actually not even paying attention to his patient. When he saw all those signs of a deep problem with Michael’s health he should have sought help from other doctors but instead he was fulfilling the order of his bosses – “we should play tough love on him”.

    3) Another problem Michael had was Demerol that was prescribed or given to him in the 90s.

    PRESCRIBED is the key word here as this was the drug of doctors’ choice to dull the pain they themselves inflicted on him.

    The pain was the result of Dr. Hoefflin’s procedures to stretch Michael’s scalp. He didn’t seem to care how his patient would cope with all that pain lasting day and night for several months running. He was the first to prescribe the painkillers though Dr. Klein evidently went on with it.

    Both are responsible for the dependency but if we look into the reason for it, the root of the problem would be the scalp operations, so to me Klein is less responsible than Hoefflin as it was Hoefflin who inflicted all that pain. The stretching the skin procedures were unnecessary, harmful and absolutely useless as Michael had lupus and his skin would not heal anyway. And Klein was very much against them though he was the one who evidently gave Michael Demerol.

    Yes, here Michael did develop a dependency (and addiction too), but who is to blame for it?

    Doctors are.

    4) So how the dependency on narcotics starts is actually the main issue.

    If it started because someone wanted to indulge himself in some “pleasure”, out of boredom or as a mere whim – it is one thing. This is the person’s own choice, he does it of his own free will and does for recreation only. And this is what I call a drug-addict proper.

    But if the dependency is imposed on a person despite his will, as was Michael’s case, it is a totally different case. He didn’t want it, he never asked for it but they nevertheless did it to him motivating it by medical needs. It wasn’t Michael’s choice and in such cases the patient is more of a victim of his doctors than a drug-addict, though technically you can call him that way.

    5) Another thing that matters a lot is that Michael recovered from it.

    Michael wasn’t satisfied with his condition and took every effort to beat the Demerol habit. He sought various doctors and as far as I know one of them managed to help him (Farschchian). Michael freed himself of Demerol and though technically the addiction was still there (it never goes away with narcotics) now he was a recovered patient and not an addict. There was no Demerol found in his blood and he was surely not taking it.

    Even if the drug was luring him he was able to resist it and this testifies to the fact that the dependency was no longer there. Klein stressed it several times that Michael never asked for Demerol and using it for dulling the pain during those cosmetic procedures was Klein’s choice and not Michael’s.

    So what Karen Faye was afraid of – that Michael returned from his recovered status to taking Demerol once again – was totally wrong.

    He recovered from Demerol but was suffering from terrible insomnia, which was aggravated by a huge stress inflicted on him by his partners. The stress was so bad that he could not have a wink of sleep even during rehearsals.

    And the criminal doctor Conrad Murray did all the rest of it – he was arrogant enough to think that he could help and was more busy with fulfilling his bosses’ instructions than taking real care of this patient.

    Calling Michael’s names without regard for all these circumstances is like reducing all maths to the simple arithmetics of 2+2=4. I would say that these name-callers are unable to do even that – I mean put even the most basic two and two together.


  7. May 5, 2013 7:36 am

    Thanks Helena. I completey agree with you on Michael’s use of drugs. You have differentiated drug addiction and drug dependancy very well. I find it absolutley amazing as to how this man was able to perform even after suffering second and third degree burns on his scalp. How he coped with lupus and vitiligo. And to top it all insomnia. How many of us would be able to live with so many of these illnesses all put together, the way Mike did? Is it not natural then for a human being to take medication to cure or atleast control these disorders? As you pointed put, these medicines were prescribed to him by doctors and Michael being a patient had to take them. Its just that no matter what Michael did, he was criticized. I have never heard or seen any other celebrity being dissected alive, the way Mike was. I wonder why. Even clothes being scattered around in his room seems to be a problem!! And that too because he was packing. Infact I marvel at the way this man was managing to raise three kids, all alone, without a wife or partner all by his side.There was just no one to take care of him, especially when he needed it the most. No friend or partner. In one of his phone conversations to Glenda, Mike says that he does not want to die without knowing what it is to be in a real relationship. The idea of love to him was marriage that would last a life time and of course a family of his own- his own kids. When I look around me and see so many families with kids, I wonder that even to have something as natural as kids, Mike had to pay such a heavy price! It is incredible!! When I see Mike holding on to the Korean fan who jumped on to the moving plaform that Mike was on when performing the Beat It song, it just reveals to me the loving and caring person that Mike was. While Mike kept going with his performance, he made sure that this fan is secure, and so kept holding on to him till the last minute. That is who the real Michael Jackson was. Conrad Murray was simply callous to say the least, as he knew that there was no one to administer him. Mike was all alone. If he had a caring wife or partner or somebody from his family around, an outsider like Dr Murray would not have dared to be so negligent.


  8. Sina permalink
    May 5, 2013 7:42 am

    Thank you again Helena for putting the pieces together one by one .
    Truly a monumental task (Jolie) It’s a puzzle that will go anywhere we let it take us or we decide which way to go.
    No turning the tables, Michael is not the defendant.
    It is not his messy room that is on trial. He always had a messy room, its out of that chaos he created his masterpieces.
    Nor is it his drug( or medication) use, abuse , dependency or supposed addiction.
    The only thing I will say about it is that the different stages are not isolated, it is a continuum . Eating, living a pain free life , sleeping are EXISTENTIAL for our species.
    Taking a substitute for what our own system , for whatever reason is not capable to do by itself, is not a weakness and not criminal, but a human necessity to survive. There may be alternatives if you have the right circumstances , professionals and no ‘DO or DIE’ obligation to do 50 marathons.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures .Anyone who thinks Michael would ever have a doctor put him unconscious for hours in his home where his children were, if he was not pushed to the edge, think again.
    If you love someone, you do not love him less because he needs substitutes to be able to function or just to LIVE. There should not be a stigma on that, but compassion and help.
    Michael was pushed to the edge and then was deliberately and willfully withheld the care and help that he needed , by AEG .

    So it is NOT Michael Jackson who is on trial here.
    On trial is the soulless entity that needed their ego and business boosted , who made a full study of the man and knew very well how trusting he was ‘to a fault’ , never really read contracts, who had no one by his side to handle his businesses . And that is were they caught him like sa spider in a web and put him under slavery.
    What AEG did is the more sophisticated version of Bashirs fraud . Bashir was very transparent ,but AEG was very cunning to make others accomplices to their doings. Look how quick they organized the memorial service in their own Staples center . I would not be surprised if they charged MJs estate with the whole event.
    But no murder is perfect , you always leave traces .
    It’s a little comfort and a big help to the case that there were people around like Karen , TINI, some of the dancers who really cared and reported what they saw, that so much is documented and that Randy Philips c.s. dug their own hole that they are now falling into.


  9. Sina permalink
    May 5, 2013 8:23 am

    ‘But when it came to making concerts his insomnia was turning into the gravest of threats to his life in the first place.’ Helena

    Michael knew this and talked about it many times ,as early as after the BAD tour. He said he hated touring, but he meant the toll it took on him. That is why he stayed away from the stage for over a decade, except from the MSG shows.
    I am 100% sure that his goal was to do the projects that he had planned with the Bahrainy sheikh, some of which he shared with Wisna . Maybe he thought 10 were doable.
    What I resent most is that there was no need for him to go on stage again. He had many other plans that worked out fine after he died.


  10. Linda permalink
    May 5, 2013 1:07 pm

    This places all those strange suicides of Jack Wishna, Peter Lopez and Frank Dileo’s coma and death (following an accidental overdose of anesthetic) just into the right context which is now almost impossible to overlook

    I can’t even imagine all the information we could be getting through these guys during this trial if they had lived. Probably a very fortunate coincidence ( or not ) for AEG. I wonder if a lot of people that were involved with Michael are nervous right now, and how many will dare speak the truth.

    I agree with you. I don’t see Michael as being an addict. I take 2 pain pills a day. There’s no way I could stand for eight hours a day and do my job. This takes just enough edge off to get me through, but still in a lot of pain. Now if I took 2 pills at a time twice a day, I would have much less pain and feel happier too, I sure.

    That’s the total draw of drugs. If 1 makes me feel better physically and mentally, , well more is always going to feel better. It would be easy to keep upping the dose. Eventually if you’re not careful, you will be concentrating on the feel good mentally aspect, instead of the dealing with pain aspect. With all of Michael’s contacts and money, it would have been so easy for him to become an addict. He was wise enough to fight it proved by his autopsy, and all those drugs found in his room with old dates. He wasn’t even taking them. I can’t imagine the pain he dealt with every day, physically and emotionally. The stress he had coupled with lack of sleep. Chronic insomnia takes a great toll on the body and mind. He understandably needed something to get him through.


  11. appleh permalink
    May 5, 2013 1:33 pm

    The judge has ruled that MJ´´s medical records will be unsealed in the trial !


  12. May 5, 2013 4:08 pm

    “The judge has ruled that MJ´´s medical records will be unsealed in the trial!” – appleh

    No surprises here.


  13. May 5, 2013 5:19 pm

    “I can’t even imagine all the information we could be getting through these guys during this trial if they had lived. Probably a very fortunate coincidence ( or not ) for AEG. I wonder if a lot of people that were involved with Michael are nervous right now, and how many will dare speak the truth.” – Linda

    These people could have told us a lot. All the three were friends of Michael Jackson and were very close to him at different periods of time. Jack Wishna saw the beginning of the deal, Peter Lopez saw the beginning and the middle of it, and Frank Dileo witnessed the final stage. I cannot assert anything about their death, but the way they died and the fact that it happened at all are indeed very strange.

    I truly believe that the best defense for those who will testify at the trial is telling the whole truth, because the worst danger is when you live keeping someone else’s secrets. Once the truth is out it is safer.

    “I take 2 pain pills a day. There’s no way I could stand for eight hours a day and do my job. This takes just enough edge off to get me through, but still in a lot of pain.”

    Oh my God, I so sorry to hear it! Can’t they do anything to treat the condition which is giving you this pain? Pain is a sign of a disorder and they should treat the cause of it in the first place. Linda, I do hope that this will go away.

    “With all of Michael’s contacts and money, it would have been so easy for him to become an addict. He was wise enough to fight it proved by his autopsy, and all those drugs found in his room with old dates. He wasn’t even taking them. I can’t imagine the pain he dealt with every day, physically and emotionally.”

    I can’t imagine it either. He was the toughest person I have ever heard of. A tiny fraction of what he had to endure during his lifetime would be enough to cripple forever after each of us. Michael’s stoicism was incredible.

    As to Demerol and narcotics in general I need to say that doctors should not be allowed to introduce people to them so easily. They forced Demerol on Michael, formed his dependency and then left him alone with the problem. And after a dependency forms it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

    When I was a girl (long ago) I read a book which explained the effect of narcotics. The very general idea of it is that all processes in the body are painful – the blood circulating in the veins, the joints rubbing against each other, the muscles moving, etc. – only our body does not feel it because of the presence of certain substances there which deal with the pain. When narcotics are taken the effect of these substances is enhanced, but later as a result of the narcotics “intrusion” they stop to be generated in a natural way.

    So then a person has to take a narcotic drug simply to return to the painless state in which he was before – before taking the drug. Now he simply has to take it as otherwise the pain never goes away. And the more he takes the less this natural pain-killer substance is generated by the body and the more narcotic he needs just to return to where he was before.

    If he stops taking the drug all processes in the body become extremely painful, as every cell now demands to kill the pain. This is why narcotics are such a trap.

    This is how it was explained in that book. It also said that the reaction to narcotics is individual – some need a substantial time to develop this physical dependency, and some develop it from the first intake of a narcotic. After reading that book my hair stood on end and I could never understand why people do it of their own free will.

    But imagine that here comes a doctor and simply gives it to you – like they gave it to Michael after that burn. We don’t know what his level of tolerance to it was. His dependency could have developed almost immediately, but the doctor continued to make those operations again and again to stretch his scalp, so Demerol had to be given again and again too! And once the dependency developed that vicious circle began. You remember that Michael complained of terrible headaches which started after the burn (he said about it to Evan Chandler).

    What I mean to say is that how the dependency starts is the crucial point. If the doctors started it, it is them who should answer and not the patient. He does what he is told, and when he is in the hands of a doctor he thinks that the doctor is taking responsibility for what he is doing. Unfortunately then he realizes that the doctor is responsible for nothing, while he is responsible for everything.

    “Chronic insomnia takes a great toll on the body and mind. He understandably needed something to get him through”.

    I remember Chernoff saying that Michael did not have simple insomnia – he had “an absolute, total and thorough inability to sleep”. This condition could not last all the time, otherwise Michael would simply not have survived. It is clear that this inability to sleep began with the shock of them setting the 50 dates. David Gest says that Michael began taking prescription medicine at the time and even started drinking.

    Eventually he pulled himself together and began training, but initially it was a terrible shock. And this shock could have been easily avoided if they had simply done as they promised to.


  14. May 5, 2013 5:40 pm

    “What I resent most is that there was no need for him to go on stage again. He had many other plans that worked out fine after he died.” – Sina

    Exactly. There was no need for the concerts. What was done after Michael’s death could have been done when he was still alive. Even the Cirque du Soleil project (with Beatles music) was Jack Wishna’s idea and there were even some negotiations already made.

    Brian Panish is probably right. AEG wanted to be number 1 in their business and for doing it they needed Michael. Live Nation also approached Michael but Tohme said that he (Tohme) was “unimpressed”.

    When AEG was suggested Michael didn’t want it either, and then Tom Barrack turned the deal with AEG into a condition on which he was ready to buy the foreclosure note on Neverland and this is when it finally worked for them.

    Previously this condition was not quite clear (why was Barrack so interested in it?) but now it is – Tom Barrack was helping his friend Anschutz to win from Live Nation and obtain the number 1 position.


  15. May 5, 2013 7:11 pm

    This topic blames AEG for everything. What about Tohme? Doesn’t he hold the key to all the answers? Why didn’t KJ’s lawyers subpoena him as their witness? Michael trusted Tohme to handle his business affairs. Did Michael wait too long to terminate Tohme after he realized the mess Tohme got him into with AEG? I can’t put 100% blame on AEG when Tohme and Murray were in this project for themselves and could care less about Michael.


  16. May 6, 2013 3:50 am

    “This topic blames AEG for everything. What about Tohme? Doesn’t he hold the key to all the answers? Why didn’t KJ’s lawyers subpoena him as their witness?” – Susan Joyce

    This topic is about the trial where all claims of the family were unfortunately reduced to only one small point – AEG’s negligence in hiring Murray. This is the same as reducing the whole world’s waters to one sea only.

    Murray’s story began when Tohme had already been fired by Michael. AEG ignored Michael’s decision of course and let Tohme stay but officially Tohme has nothing to do with hiring Murray. I think that Tohme may probably be subpoenaed to testify whether he knew Murray when they were in Las Vegas, but it is up to the lawyers to decide. With only this small point remaining of the whole case they have to act in so small a territory that it hardly leaves any space for movement.

    Of course Tohme is holding the keys to this awful business deal, but unfortunately they are not to discuss the deal at this trial. I wish they could.

    “Michael trusted Tohme to handle his business affairs. Did Michael wait too long to terminate Tohme after he realized the mess Tohme got him into with AEG?”

    Michael realized the mess Tohme got him into with AEG only in March 2009 when Tohme ignored all Michael’s wishes and set the dates which Michael would have never agreed to. How the dates were arranged we don’t know yet – this will probably come out at the trial.

    What we know is that it was done on the telephone, within 20 minutes or so, and decided between Tohme and Randy Phillips (also probably Paul Gongaware). What Tohme said to Michael only God knows – he probably said that half the dates would be set for the following year and there was plenty time to change or even cancel.

    In fact one article said that when the dates were already sold out in March they came with a note that they were subject to change. This is probably what they said to Michael too, “Let us agree about it in principle, and finalize the details later”.

    But the problem is that later nothing changed. Nothing. March, April, May, June – and no one was changing anything as regards the dates (except the first ones moved because of AEG and not as a favor to Michael). I am sure that Michael was constantly asking at least to reschedule if they could not cancel, but his requests were rebuffed. This is how the pressure on him and his resentment towards his partners was building up.

    Please note that all of the above is true only in case Michael ever gave his consent to 50 shows. Most probably he never did.

    “I can’t put 100% blame on AEG when Tohme and Murray were in this project for themselves and could care less about Michael.”

    Then put the percentage you think fit. Both AEG and Tohme were lying to Michael at every stage of their deal, and I would hold them equally responsible for the intentions they had. AEG’s intentions were evil and Tohme helped them to be realized.

    But then Tohme was ousted and AEG acted on its own becoming the full 100% master of the evil show. Tohme was hurt that he was not “in the business” any longer and felt sort of “betrayed” by AEG. This feeling of his manifests very well in his revelations to Sullivan. Over there he sounds like “he was so instrumental for the deal, it was solely his achievement, without him it would have been impossible, so how could they discard him in the end?”

    Yes, Tohme now also has his grudges against AEG. He demands a cut in the profit for “This is it” and respect for what he did, but AEG seems a little ashamed of their earlier association and is distancing itself from him. Tohme feels that they are not giving him enough credit, took all the money and forgot of all the “good” he did to them.

    Let me note that Tohme is not speaking directly about it, but his dissatisfaction with AEG does come through. And by conveying this idea to us Tohme himself is pointing to who the real Master of the situation was. It was AEG.

    P.S. Now AEG’s attitude towards Tohme has changed. They need him again. Tohme says that if he had stayed by Michael’s side he would never had allowed Murray to come close to him. AEG will probably make Tohme as a kind of a “guardian” for Michael. “See what happened when he fired him?”

    This is the reason why Tohme is subpoenaed by AEG.

    But then they will have to explain why all this time they lied that Tohme WAS Michael’s manager till his last day.


  17. May 6, 2013 6:59 am

    I once again would like to point to what Michael C. Barnes wrote during the Murray trial regarding addiction/dependency, because it underpins what Helena wrote in her comment below:

    “Addiction: a primary, chronic, neurobiologic disease characterized by behaviors such as impaired control over drug use, continued use despite harm, and craving.

    Dependence: a state of adaptation that is manifested by a drug-class-specific withdrawal syndrome that can be produced by abrupt cessation, rapid dose reduction, decreasing blood level of the drug, and/or administration of an antagonist.

    [See Definitions related to the medical use of opioids: evolution towards universal agreement. J. Pain Symptom Manage. 2003; 26(1):655-67.]

    Waldman testified that the evidence he reviewed suggested that Michael Jackson may have shown signs of dependence on opioid pain relievers such as demerol, which Jackson received when undergoing dermatological procedures. Jackson was “probably not” addicted to the medications. A diagnosis of addiction could only be supported by what Waldman described as the “public behavior” of Michael Jackson — not facts on the record.

    The court of public opinion is rarely a just arbiter.

    I am pleased to know the “expert” agrees with my longstanding analysis of the facts in this case.

    None of this discussion would matter or even take place were it not for the outmoded stigma that still accompanies addiction: the notion that it is a choice or a weakness. Public awareness has not yet caught up with science.”


  18. May 6, 2013 8:06 am

    Susanne, you are right. The terminology should be clarified – when people are dependent on some medical regime it is not addiction.

    A quote from Mike Barnes’ article once again

    The testimony of defense witness Dr. Robert Waldman yesterday in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray finally cleared the record on a crucial point: The facts in this case do not support the notion that Michael Jackson was addicted to opioid pain relievers or any other medications.

    Since before this trial began, I have been stressing the fact that the evidence in this case does not support a conclusion that Michael Jackson was addicted. Rather, Jackson suffered from undertreated anxiety, insomnia, and perhaps chronic pain. Any drug-seeking behaviors Jackson displayed were likely the result of desperation for care that would enable him to live a normal life that included the basic human essentials of family time, work, and sleep.

    I myself must stick to this terminology as in my own language there is only one word for both English terms. Though “dependency” is a mild word we don’t use even this word for conditions when people are prescribed some treatment or have to take medication to sustain a normal way of life. At a certain age each has a problem at least with something – high blood pressure, nerves, headaches, restless sleep and lots of other things, and it never occurs to anyone to accuse the person of some “dependency”. The actual word used is “the treatment taken”. When you are fifty everyone takes some treatment and the only difference is who takes what.

    So when the media is ridiculing Michael for some pills prescribed to him I simply cannot understand.

    What’s wrong with having some pills in one’s home? They look at his pills as if they were a crime. But they have not seen the pills in our homes! Each time I go to a doctor for one of my ailments they give me a list which always baffles me by their number and price. I actually feel guilty that I buy only half and then take half of what was bought. This makes them cross and they prescribe even more or something different. In fact I have a whole box of what was bought, partially used, forgotten but not thrown away simply because of all the money that was paid for it (what if I may need it one day?). Almost each of us gathers a whole drug-store this way and each knows which pill is for what.

    So when they talk about Michael having 15 pills in one bottle and 17 pills in another bottle prescribed by a doctor I don’t even know whether to cry or laugh. What are they talking about at all?

    And why do they hold him responsible for his sleeplessness? In my opinion it is the doctors who should be made responsible for their inability to help him. All I feel when I hear of Michael’s insomnia is a tremendous sympathy for him and sadness that he had to live with a condition like that. And also anger that no doctor could help him and he had to cope with it on his own.


  19. May 6, 2013 8:51 am

    The stress of 50 concerts and the scheduling would drive anyone crazy. AEG had a big problem, they blatantly asked for that 17 mln insurance payment(what gall on their part) but Lloyds of London was not going along with thers games. So AEG withdrew quickly.
    AEG had other problems too, got more shows and any way a new medical exam in London was requested. And they were behind in organising the shows. Only they had not forgotten how to get all that cash for the advance sale of tickets, which they did not intend to share with Michael, as he was to get only part of the original price, about 75 dollars, while the inflated secondary prices had gone up to 1000.s+.To mislead the public there was fake photos and wrong dates fed to LATimes. REally I don´t know who was responsible for that. Well then Michael died and AEG felt they were out of the hot water.
    I looked into the suicide of Peter Lopez. He took the children to school am. Then was found in his yard, shot, but no gun. Later a gun had mysteriously been found in his hand. 1 bullet missing. But the bullet he shot into his head and the bullets in this gun were not the same.
    Valerie Wass is trying to ger Murrays sentence overturned. Murray cites this as a reason for refusing to witness on the AEG tral.


  20. May 6, 2013 9:12 am

    Yes, absolutely. When they listed Michael’s medicine in the media, I only thought they should see my father’s medication list. It is much more than what they found in Michael’s room – in terms of different kinds of drugs he needs to take daily. When you consider the many conditions Michael suffered from it is not excessive what they found – except the masses of Propofol and benzos Murray ordered.
    They even threw in Flomax which is only a drug for an enlarged prostate, that begins to trouble most males over age 45.


  21. May 6, 2013 9:21 am

    I still don´t understand why Thome was there officially announcing Michaels death, at the hospital.Then he went directly to 100 Carolwood, to Michaels private,though rented home,did he have his own key? Thome manages to magically keep himself out of this trial though it was he who got Michael hooked up with AEG, and who is behind much evil and wrong with the very contract.
    True as Helena said, Gods help is needed to help Katherine and the kids against this mega corporation.Whatever happens this blog weill go on.


  22. May 6, 2013 9:48 am

    When I get my own computer back I will list all the side effects of propofol, not just while under anestesia or sedation,but those occurring after thr patient has woken up too.


  23. May 6, 2013 10:01 am

    The very first thing to do before starting treatment is to take a complete medical history. And write it down. Notes are to be kept throughout the treatment. As far as I know Murray did nothing of this..He hid the traces of his deeds and denied giving Propofol to the hospital doc´s.Then he disappeared for 2 days.


  24. May 6, 2013 10:09 am

    The very first thing to do when starting treatment of a patient is to take a comprehensive medical history. And write it down. Notes are to be kept throughout the treatment . They are not to be thrown away ,need to be kept as evidence for correct treatment or to be kept safe to show proper treatment or in court would there be a malpractice suit. I think all this was already dealt with in the trial against Murray, so I cannot underastand what Valerie Wass is trying to accomplish.


  25. May 6, 2013 11:26 am

    That doc. I told about is The Untouchacles,shows how why all Wall Steet leaders escaped prosecution..It can also be seen as video., cannot get sound here in the library.


  26. Sana permalink
    May 6, 2013 1:24 pm

    Hi vindicateMj…

    First of all i want to congratulate you guys for doing these wonderful job for Michael and his fans………
    I was just little concerned…. I’m not with AEG or against Kathrine Jackson.. just little worried for MJ legacy..I think this trial will have a great impact on MJlegacy…Why cant we let him rest in peace… the person who will be most affected after this trial will be MJ and his fans…

    I’m just little worried… 😦

    Pardon my English as its not my first language

    Luv (India)


  27. May 6, 2013 3:14 pm

    “I looked into the suicide of Peter Lopez. He took the children to school am. Then was found in his yard, shot, but no gun. Later a gun had mysteriously been found in his hand. 1 bullet missing. But the bullet he shot into his head and the bullets in this gun were not the same.” – Kaarin

    I have a little file about Peter Lopez’s death.

    1) They said it was “apparent” suicide though the note he left did not say anything of the kind. I’ve read that it said “I love you. Forgive me”:

    Monday May 3, 2010 16:03
    Peter Lopez, Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Left a Mystery Suicide Note

    The music attorney who had close ties to Michael Jackson, Peter Lopez, left behind a suicide note that did not give any clue as to why he took his own life.
    A one-page, handwritten note expressed his deep love for his wife and kids and asked for their forgiveness, but the letter did not even hit at why Peter came to such tragic decision.
    Source said the Peter dropped his kids off at school at about 9:00 AM Friday, and when he got home, Peter went to the backyard and shot himself in the head.
    People close to Peter thought he seemed “stressed out” in the past weeks leading up to his death, but he was quiet all the time. He did not tell anyone including his family what was bothering him.
    For 20 years, Lopez was married to Catherine Bach from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” They had two children together.
    Before working with Michael Jackson, Lopez also worked with Jackson on the 25th anniversary of “Thriller,” and was an attorney for The Eagles and served as a co-producer on the movie “Selena.”

    2) The maid did not find any weapon beside the body:

    EXCLUSIVE: 911 Call Reveals Catherine Bach Thought Someone Shot Her Husband
    Posted on May 11, 2010 @ 4:34AM

    Peter Lopez, the husband of Dukes of Hazard star Catherine Bach, took his own life at the couple’s San Fernando Valley home in April has listened to the tragic 911 call placed by Bach which reveals that the actress initially thought someone had murdered her husband.

    Speaking to the dispatcher, Bach says in the call that she did not want to go outside where her husband was in fear that someone might shoot her (“No, I can’t. I’m afraid that the person might shoot me and I have two little girls,” Bach responded when asked if she was physically with the victim). She also references a robbery in the neighborhood a couple of days before.

    Bach then says a housekeeper went out into the backyard to try and figure out what happened, reporting back that no weapons were laying around Lopez.

    Later, a woman named Nancy who identifies herself as Catherine’s assistant, gets on the phone: “We don’t have any idea [if Lopez shot himself].

    We just heard a thud and I think it could’ve even just been maybe he had a heart attack. He could’ve fallen and a branch broke, know what I mean? I just don’t know. It’s very possible that he just… That it was a branch breaking. It sounded like that to me. Somebody else said it sounded like a gunshot, but sounded more like a branch breaking, but I don’t know.”

    3) So they did not even hear the sound of the shot – they heard something like a branch breaking. I wondered what the sound of a shot with a silencer is and found this (it sounds like a click):

    4) The investigator’s narrative attached to the autopsy report said:

    “The weapon had been moved prior to my arrival at the request of LAFD, but was reportedly found in the decedents right hand.”

    5) Peter Lopez said the following about Michael’s death:

    6) A person who knew Peter Lopez wrote about him:

    “Peter was devastated when MJ passed. he mourned quite heavily. he was a pro and to do deals “one” needs to keep emotions out and display a poker face. Never one to show emotions…until MJ died, Peter would cry.”

    7) Peter Lopez died on April 30, 2010. One commentator left the following comment in June 2010. What amazes me that already three years ago this person named two people behind Michael’s death:

    Justice seeker
    June 8, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    What did he know about Michael’s affairs?
    Did he die for his family, to protect them? From who? Tom Barrack and Phil Anschutz, the billionaires behind Michael’s death?
    His note says, I love you, forgive me…
    Did he sacrifice himself to protect his children?


  28. Lopsided man permalink
    May 6, 2013 3:38 pm

    Another great article Helena. 🙂

    It’s no secret that Michael drew a clear line dividing his personal life and health from family and friends, to the point where many of them didn’t even know that he had vitiligo and assumed that he bleached his skin. Notice a pattern?

    So I guess it’s not that surprising that when people would witness Michael under the influence of medication, word would get back to family and friends, and they would assume that he was addicted…

    BTW, this doesn’t preclude that Michael may have over-consumed on occasion. That’s the thing with these medications. They work, but they’re also hard to get off of.


  29. Sina permalink
    May 6, 2013 3:44 pm

    ‘Michael realized the mess Tohme got him into with AEG only in March 2009 when Tohme ignored all Michael’s wishes and set the dates which Michael would have never agreed to. ‘- Helena.

    Long before that Michael had enough of Tohme and had done a background check on him. Unlike the multinational AEG who never checked Murray but lied about it .
    The voicemail message to June Gatling is from September 23 2008.
    So it took him months to get rid of Tohme. Maybe he was afraid and needed someone to do it for him and therefore asked Dileo.


  30. Lopsided man permalink
    May 6, 2013 4:29 pm

    Re: Peter Lopez. Did you guys know that his widow Catherine Bach told Entertainment Tonight [February 12, 2012] that she was being stalked prior to Peter’s death, and that when police first showed up to her house, they thought her stalker had found her and shot her.

    She said she and Peter had been friends for years before dating and eventually marrying for 19 years. So if anyone would know him it was her. She said she saw no signs of depression, or any substance abuse from him at all.

    Michael Bush also had an interesting Facebook post on June 25, 2010, called “Who Is Killing Michael’s Friends?”, about the strange deaths of people close to Michael since June 25, 2009.


  31. May 6, 2013 5:19 pm

    “She said she saw no signs of depression, or any substance abuse from him at all.” – lopsided man

    No one saw any signs of depression. Peter Lopez’s mother spoke to him the night before and he was fine:

    Catherine Bach’s Husband Peter Lopez Shot Self In Head; Left Suicide Note
    Posted on May 3, 2010 @ 8:24AM

    Dukes of Hazard star Catherine Bach’s husband Peter Lopez tragically penned a one page suicide note before shooting himself in the head, has learned.

    The entertainment lawyer was found dead on Friday morning at his home in the San Fernando Valley in California.

    A source from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office revealed to “Lopez pointed a gun at his head and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through and through his brain and he died instantly.

    “He killed himself in the backyard and left a one page suicide note also.”

    Friends and family of the entertainment lawyer are, not surprisingly, reeling from the news, saying that he showed no outward signs of depression, and trying to fathom what would tip him over the edge to the degree where he would choose to take his own life. spoke exclusively with Lopez’s mother, Eleanor, who told us, “I just can’t believe it. Catherine called me just now, she said, ‘Peter is dead.’
    “Catherine said to me, ‘Peter’s not here anymore, he shot himself.’ I can’t believe it.

    “I just can’t believe it, I spoke to him just last night and he seemed fine. I’ve been in and out of the hospital lately and he has been calling me every night to check on me and make sure I’m OK.
    “He never said anything about feeling depressed or anything, I just don’t understand this at all.

    “He may have had some business problems, he’s been going in and out for years with this business of his and, you know, enjoying his work, so why would he do this?
    “He liked his work and I used to tell him about programs that I’ve seen of some of his clients. This is not right.
    “Catherine is falling apart. I don’t blame her. She’s in shock.

    “She says he went up a hill up there. You go up and there’s a platform and you can see the Valley, you know, from the house up there in the backyard. There’s like a viewing spot up there. She says he went up there and he shot himself. I cannot believe it, you know.

    “Catherine wasn’t there when it happened, she said she came back she couldn’t find him and he was up there on the hill.

    “I feel so bad for his girls you know. They loved him so much. They were at school when it happened. Catherine went to go and get them. I just can’t believe this.”

    John Schneider, who played Bo Duke on the hit 80′s show, rushed to his co-star’s side as soon as he heard the news. In an exclusive interview with, he echoed Lopez’s mom’s disbelief at the tragedy.
    “I saw him only 3 weeks ago, and he seemed fine,” Schneider said.
    “Never underestimate the hard times that we are in, especially if you are a parent.

    “I really want to go home and hug my wife and kids.”

    “Did you guys know that his widow Catherine Bach told Entertainment Tonight [February 12, 2012] that she was being stalked prior to Peter’s death”

    No, I didn’t. All this is very strange.


  32. May 6, 2013 5:24 pm

    “So it took him months to get rid of Tohme. Maybe he was afraid and needed someone to do it for him and therefore asked Dileo.” – Sina

    Tohme needs a special discussion and if I have time I will make a post about him.

    Now it is very late here, and I am tired, we had a rally today. Hope to be back tomorrow.


  33. Lopsided man permalink
    May 6, 2013 6:41 pm

    “No, I didn’t. All this is very strange”. – Vindicatemj (Helena)

    It is very strange.

    People who commit suicide often keep their struggle with depression a secret, but have considered ending their lives for many years, before actually going through with it. But Peter Lopez of all people, knew of the pain Prince Paris Blanket were going through after losing their father – he even talked about it in a 2009 interview.

    You would figure that if he hadn’t considered the consequences of his premature death on his own young children’s lives before June 25, 2009, it would’ve hit home after he left the Staples Center memorial for Michael.

    He would’ve, at the very least, talked to somebody (not necessarily a professional), anyone to address his problem, if he was dealing with depression. But there was no signs of anything wrong with him before he was found dead in April 2010.

    That’s what I don’t understand, it seemed completely out of the blue.

    And the fact that it was public, suggests some kind of a statement….to someone.

    *Here’s an excerpt from the article I was referring to…

    h t t p : / /

    “Bach, famous for playing the trend-setting role of Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard, said that officers dispatched to the scene originally thought she’d been the victim.

    “There was somebody that was stalking me at that point, and the police thought that this person had found me and that the gunshot that went off was for me, not for Peter,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “So it was completely shocking and nobody understood what had happened, especially not me, because we were very happy.”


  34. May 7, 2013 2:41 am

    Internet personality named King Jordan (Jordan King) hosted a show with Mr. Tom Mesereau earlier today. It is unfortunate the program was not promoted and therefore few were able to call in and ask questions of Tom. Mr. Mesereau will cover high profile trials ranging from the 2005 up to the Jodi Arias trial. (you may listen on the Net or download)

    If you have not heard Mr. Mesereau speak at lenght on the 05 trial then this is a good introduction. For the rest of us there are a couple of revelations.

    (1) Mr. Mesereau continues to support and defend Michael Jackson. His unwavering belief in his client’s innocence and the real liking he had for Michael the person.

    (2) His continued belief the Media are largely to blame for Michael’s exodus from his home and their attempt to destroy Michael’s state of mind, happiness and confidence in himself was deliberate. He still has nothing good to say about Dimond.

    (3) After Michael died Bashir had the gall to call Tom saying; “I never meant Michael any harm.” Mr. Mesereau never returned his call.

    (4) Tom Mesereau has prepared himself to testify for Mrs. Jackson and the Kids on the 2005 trial if the judge really allows Randy Phillip’s attorney “to go there”.


  35. May 7, 2013 2:42 am

    The headline of CNN’s article of today: “Autopsy reveals Michael Jackson’s secrets” made me wonder if something new might have been said by the coroner or anyone else in the trial yesterday. I searched for these “secrets” in the article, but the only ones I found were these:

    – tattooed lips, eyebrows and front of Michael’s scalp
    – confirmation of Vitiligo
    – Propofol overdose killed MJ plus contribution of several sedatives
    – MJ’s health appeard good enough to live a normal lifespan
    – no indication for anything anatomically wrong
    – no signs of addiction to street drugs, no needle marks or disease
    – this is important because the expected lifespan will be key to calculation damages in case the jury decides for AEG’s liability

    So this is a typical article where the headline wants to insinuate more than you actually can find in the text. There is nothing new, except perhaps that the last point shows the importance of the coroner’s results for the outcome of the trial.


  36. May 7, 2013 4:47 am

    “I’m not with AEG or against Kathrine Jackson.. just little worried for MJ legacy.” – Sana

    The wisdom of the past teaches us to do what we ought and let the rest take care of itself.

    “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

    — Saint Francis of Assisi, 13th century

    Do not be afraid and do not worry… do not trouble about the future. Live in the present day. Take care to be in the Father’s will. Desire that which alone is important, and the rest will come of itself. Seek only to be in the will of the Father, and do not trouble about the future, for when it comes its trouble will come too. There is enough evil in the present.

    – Leo Tolstoy, 19th century “Gospel in brief”

    Don’t fill your time with worry – fix what you can and let the rest take care of itself.

    Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. Do your best and let it rest.

    “*Fais ce que doit, advienne que pourra*, — do what is right, and let come what may,” — is an expression of profound wisdom. Each of us knows unquestionably what he ought to do, but none of us knows or can know what will happen.

    – What does the french/italian proverb “do what you ought, come what may” mean?
    – It means no matter what the consequences may turn out to be, you should always do the right thing.
    Simple, sweet, and true.

    – Yahoo best answer, 21st century


  37. kaarin22 permalink
    May 7, 2013 11:03 am

    I promised that when I get my computer back I`ll list all side effects of propofol.You all know the equipment and safety measures already, I gather. And the warnings re use with other sedatives like benzidiasepines. Headache, dizziness, muscle tremors and chills, epileptiform spasms and opistotonus. Delayed epileptic symptoms, up to 3 day later. Post operative unconsciousness. Mild to moderate hypotension. severe hypotension which will require treatment.In a hyopovolemic patient(like in dehydration) there is always the risk of sudden and severe hypotension. During anestesia or sedation a progressive bradycadia and may end in asystole.(this occurs during the active infusion) Hyperventilation that is temporary and
    temporary apnea.This during induction.Cough upon awakening.Aftereffect;Pulmonary oedema.Also after effect;pancreatitis. Fever post propofol use.My local PDR also states it should not be used for more than 7 days in a row. Despite this list propofol is a useful tool in the right hands, for the correct indications and only in hospital settings or clinics that have the needed safety equipment. Before a patient is let go home he has to be fully recovered and needs to be accompanied home. He/she should never go home unaccompanied.

    All ampuls and used bottles have to be discarded as there is no antimicrobial added to propofol.It is a most useful anesthetic, but need careful and costant observation of patient.
    It is used as sedative for various procedures. the Doctor doing the procedure should not do the propofol sedation or anesthesia as it requires close, continuous monitoring of the patients state of consciousness.

    There is not much to add to Michaels death, he was swimming in propofol…


  38. May 7, 2013 11:21 am

    With all that propofol for 2 months it is surprising he managed to rehearse and I don´t doubt there were some near misses before the final one. And during this time Randy Philips did not know that something was ver y wrong!.And the others from AEG involved in this.
    Many of my fellow posters have said such beatiful words about Michael.Let us pray and hope for a higher justice or as some say for poetic justice.


  39. May 7, 2013 11:33 am

    Propofol is not an addictive drug. Still some abuse has been reported, by anesthetists of all people.Well they work gruelling hrs and sometimes wish for a brief nap. A little bit of propfol to help.One doc who had taken a little p-nap and was quite awake when he left to drive home.Instead he drove his car right into a tree.-Now I know many of the side effects do not exactly fit MJ´s case. But they illustrate that propofol has effects beyond those of aneastesia, esp on bloodpressure, several neurological side effect and pulmonary too.Though he did not suffer epileptic fits it has an effecton the brain.The bezoes induce memory deficits.


  40. May 7, 2013 12:48 pm

    “Though he did not suffer epileptic fits it has an effecton the brain.The bezoes induce memory deficits.” – kaarin

    But insomnia and sleep deprivation can induce exactly the same – a terrible memory deficit, impossibility to focus attention on anything, and even hallicunations. So even without any benzos or propofol Michael would be on the verge of collapse even from “ordinary” sleep deprivation.

    Sleep deprivation is actually considered a means of torture:

    “Menachem Begin, the Prime Minister of Israel from 1977–83, described his experience of sleep deprivation as a prisoner of the NKVD in Russia as follows: “In the head of the interrogated prisoner, a haze begins to form. His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire: to sleep… Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger and thirst are comparable with it.”

    And Michael was living in this condition of torture on a constant basis. I am amazed that the general public pretends they don’t understand it or don’t care. They prefer to repeat like parrots – “he was a grown up person and should have been responsible for his decisions”.

    But the insomniac is even incapable of taking proper decisions! His perception is impaired, his memory fails him, he is nauseous and unable to focus his attention, he is fatigued, feeble and lacking energy and his brain regularly shuts off into several seconds of micro-sleep.

    Have those who judge Michael ever lived in a condition like that? Have they tried to train and rehearse for several hours every day? Would they be ready to make 50 concerts on a show/day-off basis if they felt that way? Would they like to dance and sing for almost three hours in such a state? Not to sleep tomorrow either and the day after tomorrow give another three-hour concert?

    And insomnia is aggravated by stress. Usual stress affects the body in a terrible way – even “usual” stress like the one a person experiences when he is an traffic jam and is late for a meeting. I hope you understand that it is imcomparable to the state of being trashed by the whole world for fictional “crimes” (for decades) or having to do 50 concerts every other day for AEG which did not give a damn whether he would or wouldn’t survive on the way.

    How stress affects the body

    • Stress and Memory
    • High blood pressure, stroke and heart disease
    • Burnout and Diabetes
    • Insomnia
    • Weight gain and loss
    • Sexual Dysfunction
    • Psychosomatic and Psychophysical Symptoms
    • Muscle Ache and Back Problems
    • Hair Loss

    What amazes me most is the callousness of people who criticize Michael. Are they human at all?

    More about sleep deprivation – generally it results in:

    aching muscles[7]
    confusion, memory lapses or loss[6][8]
    hand tremors[9]
    sensitivity to cold
    increased blood pressure[10][11]
    increased stress hormone levels[11]
    increased risk of diabetes[11]
    increased risk of fibromyalgia[12]
    and much more…

    “Great sleep deprivation mimics psychosis: distorted perceptions can lead to inappropriate emotional and behavioral responses.”


  41. May 7, 2013 1:51 pm

    A small note: what I am saying now about Michael’s insomnia and a heavy stress contributing to it is not meant to absolve Murray of his guilt.

    It is simply about RUTHLESSNESS as a phenomenon. This phenomenon was manifested by AEG when they did not pay attention to what was going on with Michael (though they knew of his insomnia – who didn’t??? Travis Payne even said that Michael was telling him “I didn’t sleep last night”, only no one paid attention).

    And the same phenomenon of ruthlessness is manifested by those who have the gall to say now that “Michael’s death was his own making” (I’ve seen panelists on CNN happily repeating it in unison). “So what if he could not sleep for weeks or probably months? It was his own “judgment”!

    The callousness (and hypocrisy) of these people is glaring, disgusting and unbelievable. It has consumed them so much that now they don’t even think it necessary to pretend to be human. Just some beautifully painted dolls.


  42. May 7, 2013 1:59 pm

    Michael was between a rock and a hard place.Once he understood how he had been mislead and the insane demands that he follow AEG:s rehearsal programs he was in a pretty desperate situation.And then they said ,Thome for ex. ,that they will not interfere on the artistic side.They interfered gravely, Michael wanted the shows as they were originally proposed. But AEG drove him to the brink.

    -I know forced sleeplessness as well as involuntary insomnia. In my training, internship, we had to be on call 3x /week + on the following day. That made it 36 hrs .Also inability to sleep as result of stress and worry takes a heavy toll on a person. Really it is a marvel he lasted so long. He knew his own body best and what he could take, but was not given the chance.


  43. May 7, 2013 2:31 pm

    Kaarin, now that you’ve enumerated the after-effects of propofol I realize that similar – if not worse – symptoms are typical of a long-term taking of benzodiazepines (Lorazepam, for example). Murray was making injections of it to Michael though he himself said that Michael did not want them and thought them to be useless.

    Here is the long-term effect of taking benzodiazepines:

    There are significant risks associated with the long-term use of benzodiazepines…. Some of the symptoms that could possibly occur as a result of long-term use of benzodiazepines include emotional clouding,[1] nausea, headaches, dizziness, irritability, lethargy, sleep problems, memory impairment, personality changes, aggression, depression, social deterioration as well as employment difficulties…

    Other concerns about the long-term effects of benzodiazepines, in some, include dose escalation, benzodiazepine abuse, tolerance and benzodiazepine dependence and benzodiazepine withdrawal problems….Long-term benzodiazepine use can lead to a generalised impairment of cognition, including sustained attention, verbal learning and memory and psychomotor, visuo-motor and visuo-conceptual abilities…Sleep architecture can be adversely affected by benzodiazepine dependence. Possible adverse effects on sleep include induction or worsening of sleep disordered breathing…

    A study of 50 patients who attended a benzodiazepine withdrawal clinic found that long-term use of benzodiazepines causes a wide range of psychological and physiological disorders.,. a large portion of patients developed various mental and physical health problems including agoraphobia, irritable bowel syndrome, paraesthesiae, increasing anxiety, and panic attacks, which were not preexisting. The mental health and physical health symptoms induced by long-term benzodiazepine use gradually improved significantly over a period of a year following completion of a slow withdrawal.

    Long-term use of benzodiazepines in the elderly can lead to a pharmacological syndrome with symptoms including drowsiness, ataxia, fatigue, confusion, weakness, dizziness, vertigo, syncope, reversible dementia, depression, impairment of intellect, psychomotor and sexual dysfunction, agitation, auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoid ideation, panic, delirium, depersonalisation, sleepwalking, aggressivity, orthostatic hypotension and insomnia.

    So benzos were no good either. They themselves could even worsen his insomnia.

    There was only one way – minimize the stress, set up a comfortable schedule, allow a lot of time for relaxation and create a friendly atmosphere for Michael. If all these conditions had been fulfilled no benzos, no propofol would have been needed (or very little of it).

    Frank Cascio and his mother said that when Michael was in their home he felt so comfortable that he even slept there in a natural way.


  44. May 7, 2013 3:20 pm

    “The headline of CNN’s article of today: “Autopsy reveals Michael Jackson’s secrets” – Susanne

    Oh, CNN is a well-known Michael Jackson’s harasser. The LA Times’s headline yesterday also said: “Michael Jackson had a number of drugs in his system, jury is told”.,0,2043191.story

    They included there even lidocaine which is administered together with proporol to dull the burning feeling and added all the drugs Murray gave Michael that night. Of course Michael had them if he was given them, so what’s the point of presenting it as some negative sensation?

    And why not say that it was Murray who gave them to Michael?

    But the most outrageous thing is that NOT A WORD was said that there were no recreational drugs in Michael’s system. The ABC7 CourtNews reported it while the LA Times did not:

    – Anderson said there were no recreational drugs in his system.
    – Sumary of Negative Toxicological Findings. No Alcohol, Barbituates, Demerol, Zoloft, Xanax,Cocaine, Marijuana, Amthamphetamine, Codeine!

    My short romance with the LA Times is over – they constantly tell half-truths only. The only good point about them yet is that they allow comments while some terribly unbiased UK papers do not give a single chance. No wonder they call journalism the second most ancient profession (the first is prostitution).


  45. May 7, 2013 3:28 pm

    Here is the news for today’s court proceedings reported by ABC7:

    1 Hello Everybody. Just a reminder there is no Trial today. Testimony resumes Monday at 10am PDT
    2 We are expecting Toxicologist Dan Anderson and Coroner Dr. Christopher Rogers to testify on Monday. Dr. Rogers preformed MJ’s Autopsy.
    3 The Jackson Family is not in the Courtroom this morning.Witness Dan Anderson – a criminalist from Coroner first up at 10a.
    4 Has worked for the Los Angeles County Office of Coroner since 1990 except for one year in the mid 1990’s when he worked in Ventura.
    5 The Toxicology Lab at the Coroner’s office performs about 5000 toxicology test per year and about 8000 autopsies.
    6 Anderson remembers when he heard Michael Jackson had died. It was a Thursday, his day off, and his son told him MJ had died.
    7 Sumary of Negative Toxicological Findings. No Alcohol, Barbituates, Demerol, Zoloft, Xanax,Cocaine, Marijuana, Amthamphetamine, Codeine!
    8 Anderson said there were no recreational drugs in his system. Court took the morning break at 11a after about one hour of testimony.
    9 shortly after the break, Mr. Koskoff representing Katherine Jackson had no further questions for Anderson.
    10 Katherine Cahan begins to question Anderson for AEG. Anderson told her that he observed part of the autopsy the day after the death.
    11 Cahan asked Anderson about signing his portion of the toxicology test on July 15th.. She asked if the level of Propofal was fatal.
    12 Anderson responded with a yes…the level was fatal.
    13 Court resumed at 1:35p with Criminalist Dan Anderson still on the stand being cross examined by Katherine Cahan
    14 Next witness was Dr. Christopher Rogers from the Coroner’s office who conducted the autopsy.
    15 The jury was briefly show a picture of MJ from UCLA. Rogers testified from his autopsy drawings.
    16 MJ had a pink tattoo on his top lip, eyebrow tattoos, and tattoos on the top of his head according to Dr. Roger’s testimony.
    17 Testimony continues tomorrow.. Cardiologist Dr. Daniel Wohgelernter will testify first out of order..
    18 When the he is finished, Dr. Rogers from the Coroner’s office will resume.
    19 The Jackson family is not expected. They will not be in the courtroom during autopsy testimony.
    20 We’ll be back in court tomorrow at 10a! See you then.
    21 ABC7 Court News

    And it is out of the above scarce news that CNN and the LA Times are making those catchy stories!

    And out of these 20 points they managed to forget about the really crucial ones – that there were no recreational drugs in MJ’s system!

    Their objectivity is simply unrivalled.

    P.S. Sorry for the typos (had little sleep).


  46. May 7, 2013 3:56 pm

    “It is very strange.” – lopsided man

    Yes, Peter Lopez’s death is strange from beginning to end.

    First the housekeeper did not see the weapon anywhere around the body, but later the police found it in his hand.

    The Investigator wrote that he did not see the weapon himself but was told that it had been there, only it had been removed by the police by his arrival.

    The suicide note was speaking about love and forgiveness, but no word was said about his intentions.

    His wife said they were very happy and she saw no sign of depression whatsoever, same as his mother.

    There were also two details which stood out to me when I was reading his autopsy report. The first one was that they did not describe the bullet found in this brain but described the weapon. I thought (from the movies I saw) that in such cases the bullet should have been compared with the weapon, and at least their compatibility was to be established.

    And the second detail may be insignificant but to me it looks strange. He was found on the top of the hill in his backyard, lying near the wooden stairs. He was lying on his back in dirt. So out of all the places in the yard he selected the pool of dirt, stood with his back to it and shot himself to fall right in there? So that his loved ones found him in dirt? Well…

    Here is the autopsy report:

    P.S. The post “Who is killing Michael Jackson’s friends?” was made by Bonnie Cox. One of her readers left there the following comment:

    I knew Peter and NEVER in my wildest dreams…

    No not Peter.

    I was at his funeral. Yes, its true Peter had government connections. he was a very high-profile attorney he had connections with seemingly everybody. The commencement of his funeral was a speech from the L.a mayor,in fact. I recall seeing Kenny Ortega through my teary eyes but couldn’t place him at the time. Peter did not leave a “suicide note.” he was VERY LOVED AND RESPECTED. he treated all his clients no different from how he would treat MJ. They were close their children often had playdates. Peter was devastated when MJ passed. he mourned quite heavily. he was a pro and to do deals “one”needs to keep emotions out and display a poker face. Never one to show emotions…until MJ died, Peter would cry. He was the good guy you wanted on your side. he was loyal, quiet, VERY protective of his clients. he also was a power house. I say this from a personal experience. I dont believe Peter killed himself. and I dont believe Michael Jackson’s will is real. nor do I believe Branca was even working for MJ. Peter wasnt the type you fired.

    For some reason this person closes it with the will and Branca. Well, I don’t know…. And Peter Lopez could be fired only by Tohme. I am extremely sorry that he died. He was evidently a very honorable man.


  47. May 7, 2013 5:24 pm

    I can´t believe that LATimes mentioned Lidocaine. How ignorant are you allowed to be to write for that paper.Lidocaine is necessary before an injection of propofol or the patient will be screaming in pain. It is a common local anestetic . My dentist uses it.All the other meds were exactly what Murray gave him.


  48. May 8, 2013 7:01 am

    “I can´t believe that LATimes mentioned Lidocaine. How ignorant are you allowed to be to write for that paper. Lidocaine is necessary before an injection of propofol or the patient will be screaming in pain” – kaarin

    And today the LATimes is sporting another article that opens with a statement:

    “Michael Jackson had a cocktail of drugs in his system when he died, according to testimony in the wrongful death suit Jackson’s family has filed against AEG.”,0,3066388.story

    Imagine the same said about a person who died of a heart attack (for example) but was also given various injections before that his death, and you will realize that this LA Times statement is NOT innocent. It is an extremely biased kind of reporting because it is creating a story of its own, which has nothing to do with the reality.

    So this person died of a heart attack, was given various injections by doctors prior to that, but when you open the newspaper you read this:

    “The patient had a cocktail of drugs in his system when he died…”

    Yes, technically he did, but is it what the story is about? Absolutely not – the attention here is focused on something totally different.

    Moreover the “cocktail” suggests narcotics and the fact that he they do talk about this cocktail implies that it must be something meaningful for the case. What a cold shower it is to learn that the “cocktail” included a routine thing like Lidocaine, and all the medicines administered were not taken by Michael, but were GIVEN to him.

    See how they do it?

    No, they are not ignorant. They are very well-educated and know what they are doing.

    P.S. A helpful tip for deciphering the way media misrepresents information:

    The closing sentence is important as it leaves you with a lasting impression, but the opening statement is no less important. When surfing the Internet people seldom go further than the headline or first sentence.


  49. May 8, 2013 7:09 am

    Here is the summary of Day 6 from ABC7 Court News:

    1 Court Started promptly just after 10a with Cardiologist Dr. Daniel Wohlgelernter testifying for Catherine Jackson.
    2 He is a Yale Medical School Graduate and has practiced in Southern California since 1985
    3 Dr. Wohlgelernter testified that Propofol needs to be administered by an Anesthesiologist who is properly trained.
    4 Testified that Cardiologists are not the right Doctor for a patient with substance abuse, addiction, and a sleep disorder.
    5 Testified he thought Dr. Murray not up to the Standard of care because of his only admission that MJ had stopped breathing.
    6 Dr. Wohlgelernter said Dr. Murray should have opened an airway but instead chose chest compressions.
    7 He will be back on the stand after the break!!
    8 There are three loyal court watchers this morning who are in the court hoping to hear something new…stay tuned.
    9 Dr.said Dr. murray was not the right dr – not appropriately trained for what MJ had substance abuse,addiction, and a sleepdisorder
    10 Jackson Attorney: Do you believe Conrad Murray was competent and fit for AEG to hire?
    11 Dr.W No.
    12 court is on a lunch break for another 50 minutes. Dr. Wohlgelernter will be back on the stand cross examined by AEG Attorney.
    13 Still to come is the conclusion of Dr. Christopher Rogers from the Los Angeles Coroner’s office.
    14 The Jackson family has not been here and is not expected this afternoon.
    15 CORRECTION – MRS. KATHERINE JACKSON was in court for the morning session. She wore a beige jacket with a water color design.
    16 She also had a Louis Vuitton bag.
    17 Mrs. Jackson was back in court for the after the lunch break with Trent Jackson.
    18 On Cross – Contract shows that Dr. Murray was hired to be MJ’s General Practitioner.
    19 The contract shown was only signed by Dr. Murray not by AEG or MJ. Dr. Wohlgelernter did no know if Dr. Murray was ever paid.
    10 Dr. Wohlgelernter finished his testimony today.
    21 Court ended just before 4p. Back again Wednesday with Dr. Christopher Rogers from the Coroner’s office and possibly one of the Dancers!


  50. May 8, 2013 8:14 am

    AEG has to be behind Wade Robeson’s claims. This is getting really ugly.


  51. May 8, 2013 8:50 am

    “AEG has to be behind Wade Robeson’s claims. This is getting really ugly.” – Tatum

    Yes, it looks like it is AEG at its ugliest self.

    You wondered why I was so vehement in my resentment towards this company? Because their ways are all there, in their contract with Michael. Bullying, deceiving, betraying, resorting to the most outrageous lies, not stopping at anything, robbing Michael of money, respect, dignity, reducing him to a slave.

    All of it is there in that document. Only there it was covered by a thick layer of business equilibristics and was not seen to everyone.

    But now you see their ugly face yourselves. This is the Monster Michael had to deal with and deal with all ALONE.

    The Estate lawyers must have seen it coming, and that is why they were wary and cautious.

    I told you that we are fighting THE BEAST.

    Pray that God helps us.


  52. May 8, 2013 12:21 pm

    Check out the sweet photo of Victor Guitirrez and Blanca Francia. A very young Victor G.
    Photo probably from the early 90:ies.Time for AEG to get aqainted with V.G.There was the Chilean jornalist.Navarro I think, who write an article thar was translated for this blog..


  53. Lopsided man permalink
    May 8, 2013 1:51 pm

    “P.S. The post “Who is killing Michael Jackson’s friends?” was made by Bonnie Cox. One of her readers left there the following comment” – Vindicatemj (Helena)

    Thank you for the correction. 🙂 I could’ve sworn that it was on Michael Bush’s page. Maybe he linked to it? I don’t know.


  54. Lopsided man permalink
    May 8, 2013 2:04 pm

    “The Estate lawyers must have seen it coming, and that is why they were wary and cautious. ” – Vindicatemj (Helena)

    The problem is the Estate weren’t just “wary and cautious”. It’s that they actually absolved AEG of any wrongdoing in their Sept/Oct. 2012 statement in , in response to the claims in Randall Sullivan’s book:

    “The suggestion that John Branca or Howard Weitzman have a conflict of interest when it comes to AEG, and for that reason did not join Katherine Jackson in suing AEG, is not only false but reckless and noticeably unsupported by any facts. The Estate chose not to join in the lawsuit because it saw no evidence that AEG was culpable in Michael’s tragic passing.”


  55. Linda permalink
    May 9, 2013 12:26 am

    Wow, can’t even express my disappointment in Robson. He stood by Michael all these years defending him, claiming his love for him. Now with AEG finally on a long awaited trial, he comes up with this coincidental crap. I gotta wonder if he’s that greedy and has been bought off, OR is he that scared. Has he been threatened? AEG is huge and powerful. They stand to lose here, and not just money if they are found guilty of Michael’s death. Too many important testimonies are mysteriously dead and this big one just switched sides. Uncanny timing, and this thing is just beginning. If the ugly is showing it’s head this early in the trial, oh my gosh, how bad is this going to get?


  56. May 9, 2013 6:18 am

    You can expect anything from AEG. They have the means to dig up and blow up whatsoever.
    And to intimidate the justice system. That is why I gave you the hint of looking up: The Untouchables, where the Wall Street bankers, the big fish, got away with fraud and crime because the justice system caved in and lacked the guts going after them.
    BTW here it is some kind of holiday here, everything is closed. Don´t know if in US this day is celebrated. It is also the time for the Orthodox Easter.


  57. May 9, 2013 6:53 am

    A somewhat belated post re Michael´s “prescription drugs”. You may remember the photo of several bottles, those of brownish plastic used by US pharmacist for pills.There were some of those found. Most of then were benzodiazepines, old, some months or more, and when counted the remaining pills he had hardly taken any. There is an old, more exact post on this back in the blog. There are very few households in US were no bezos could be found.They are OK for use for a very limited time. There were no narcotic prescription drugs found in bottles. Of course Murray attempting his idiosyncratic detox from Propofol had pumped a whole amount of 3 different Benzodiazepines into his body along with the propofol that night.


  58. May 9, 2013 1:58 pm

    Tom Mesereau said in his interview with TMZ that the lawyer for AEG said in his opening statements that it would get ugly. I didn’t know that before my comment earlier. I wish that one of our own was covering the trial and not ABC or any other anti-Michael media outlets for that matter.


  59. May 9, 2013 6:02 pm

    Answers to Peter Lopez’s suicide:
    .38 special Colt Cobra gun and Smith and Wesson .38 caliber bullet were identified on page 19 & page 23 in the police report on the scribd Lopez link. No suicide note was left because he didn’t write one. His tablet was found in the pool house where Ms. Burns had seen Lopez writing on it earlier. He was right handed and wound was in right temple. Gun found in his right hand by fire department paramedics. Paramedic’s moved gun from his hand. Blood on muzzle of gun. GSR (gun shot residue) was collected at the scene. Analysis results of GSR was not included with the autopy or police report. ( Note: GSR is found at an entrance wound, on the hand of the person shooting the gun and on the gun itself after it has been fired.) Nothing written in police report that housekeeper was questioned if she saw a gun in his hand.

    During Murray’s trial, Debra Brazil confirmed MJ’s show dates she had with Gongaware:
    July 8 shows. Aug 10 shows. Sept 9 shows. Total is 27 shows.
    Break (no shows) Oct, Nov,& Dec
    Jan 10 shows. Feb 10 shows. Mar. 3 shows. Total is 23 shows

    Paul Gongaware – AEG Live Co-CEO – Part 1 / Dr.Murray Trial


  60. Sina permalink
    May 9, 2013 6:43 pm

    July 10 dates

    Date City Venue Tickets
    Wednesday, July 8th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Friday, July 10th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Sunday, July 12th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Tuesday, July 14th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Thursday, July 16th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Saturday, July 18th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Wednesday, July 22nd London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Friday, July 24th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Sunday, July 26th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday
    Tuesday, July 28th London, England O2 Arena On Sale Friday


  61. Supermjjfan1 permalink
    May 9, 2013 8:33 pm

    I cried when I read this about MJ still being accused of being a druggie.I refuted some of this online ,as even `fans` buy this nonsense.It breaks my heart that even in death,he is blamed.MJ=truth.always.I will never ever be convinced he used drugs more than needed.Never..he was an honest man,more then the world ever deserved.


  62. Linda permalink
    May 9, 2013 11:13 pm

    It is sad that so many people still consider him to have been an addict, even after the autopsy and so much good info like from this site and others like it. The media has people so deceived that the truth can’t be believed even though the evidence is right in front of them. The more you repeat a lie the more believable it sounds. People were bombarded with so many lies from the media for so long, and so little truth, that even the fans now believe it.

    The picture of all those pill bottles and the list of all the names over and over again sticks in peoples minds, but none of those journalists said anything about the age of the prescriptions. Pretty much all news outlets have now joined the ranks of the tabloids. You can’t believe anything you read in the news anymore. Brings to mind where the Bible says,” in the end times, even the very elect will be deceived.” I still believe the media will have a lot to do with that too. It’s called brain washing. The masses have been brain washed about Michael.


  63. May 10, 2013 8:08 am

    Sina –
    The tour dates were modified after Frank Dileo became MJ’s manager. The number of shows for July were originally 10 but changed to 8. I posted the video of Debra Brazil and Gongaware verifying the final number of shows per month. Hope that helps.


  64. May 10, 2013 9:37 am

    I do believe that AEG is behind the storm of negative pubicity going far bakc and changing facts.They must have had a little army of detectives to go through all “Michael” over decades to discover the smallest piece of spec that they can turn in to a renewed scandal.
    They should be given a good dose of Victot Guitirrez.Some perspective is sorely needed..


  65. True Prevail permalink
    May 10, 2013 11:07 am

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I read what Wade Robson is up to now, and the first thing he does is go to the estate with his hands out that pretty much proves what his motives are.

    I don’t buy the “Repressed memory” shit either.


  66. May 10, 2013 11:35 am

    “I don’t buy the “Repressed memory” shit either.” – Truth Prevail

    I am terribly sorry for being away for so long. Had to attend to some business about the house, but more or less put together a post about Wade Robson and Blanca Francia and what I think of it. Hope to post it soon.

    Am also terribly behind schedule with the AEG trial and badly need to catch up.


  67. Sina permalink
    May 10, 2013 11:44 am

    Susan Joyce, thanks for the link. Interesting to hear Gongawares testimony again with the knowledge of today about Dr. Finkelsteins statements.

    I just wanted to make clear that AEG had set 10 dates in July.
    They were postponed at Michaels request but only around may 20 , less than 2 months before the kick off. The shows were sold out, fans had made travelling /hotel arrangements for those dates and were mad. And Michael again got the blame.

    Kaarin, the only one who benefits from negative stories about Michael is AEG.
    In their opening statements their lawyer warned the jurors they were going to show some ugly stuff, he started his mediarounds by painting Michael as a weird man who went to court in pajamas.
    They insisted to include the 2005 case in this civil case to remind the public of what Michael was accused of.
    The accusations of WR fit perfectly in this strategy to incriminate Michael .
    A jury will not have much sympathy for a man accused of such a crime, even if he is the victim here.
    Its always about money or else I dont see how any doctor would jeopardize his reputation claiming repressed memory unless he is ready for retirement.
    Or WR claiming these things about Michael which will be a sure end of his already declining carreer,


  68. May 10, 2013 12:22 pm

    AEG are outright silly if it weren´t for such a sad thing ” a man who would sleep in an oxygen chamber!!?” This for one is a 100% lie. Michael was visiting a burn unit, maybe where he had been treated and to whom he donated a million$$. He happpened to see the oxygen chamber, really a simple kind of bed covered with glass or plastic to keep a burn patient germ free from the athmosphere or air around. Curious as he was he takes off his shoes to try what it would be like to lie there. Somebody snaps a photo. And round the world it goes.

    AEG’s silliness and mudslinging will in the end hurt themselves.

    W.R. ought to go to a psychiatrist in good standing and have his head (brain) examined.


  69. True Prevail permalink
    May 10, 2013 4:36 pm

    So very sad to see some so called MJ Fan’s defending AEG and blaming Michael for his death and the nastiness they have towards Michael’s mother and family.

    The so called fans who are against KJ’s lawsuit because they don’t want Michael’s reputation to take a bashing are basically saying AEG you can get way with being part of murdering Michael as long as you don’t say anything bad about Michael.

    SHAME on YOU for being so selfish and thinking about yourself Michael may have been a idol to you but to his kids and mother he is so much more than that and they have a right to to get answers and hold accountable who is responsible and are not scared to go against a big money corporation and show who they are dealing with.


  70. May 10, 2013 5:21 pm

    I re read the article above. It was moving to know that Michael had brought all matresses into one room where he could sleep with his own children and play around.It was sad, outrageous to read about the press writing about the mess in his upstairs private quarters some week or so before his death. Thome had fired all household staff exept the chef who came in the mornings to make breakfast ,maybe also lunch.Thome had in his own words built a fence around Michael. And he was left alone to do the packing. I know that sort of thing ,even for just me, will take weeks.This also shows that they did not give a thought about Michael having to move abroad with his children too. That was just thoughtlessly left for him to do alone. Or maybe it was not thoughtless at all,they never thought he would really move.Then there was Murray´s mess .It looked like the trash room of a surgery with all the propofol bottles, ampuls and various other medical equipment he just left there. Still he had tried to tidy up some that could be evidence.


  71. May 11, 2013 4:26 am

    “W.R. ought to go to a psychiatrist in good standing and have his head (brain) examined.” – kaarin

    Kaarin, this is a good idea. I think that the Estate could ask for such an examination and it would be a perfectly valid request.

    “Filing this thing so late, they are banking on it being thrown out so they don’t have to go through with anything and be scrutinised and cross examined, yet still do the damage in the minds of the public.” – Alison

    Alison, from this point of view the best thing to do to disprove these lies would be to bring a case against him and scrutinise this scam from beginning to end. Look into Wade Robson’s finances, his current situation and have him examined by a good psychiatrist or even several of them. I think it wouldn’t be just enough for the Estate to say that the case is bogus and take a defensive position here. It is probably necessary to see where and how all the scheme started and shed some light on the snakes nest.

    “They insisted to include the 2005 case in this civil case to remind the public of what Michael was accused of. The accusations of WR fit perfectly in this strategy to incriminate Michael.” – Sina

    Sina, EXACTLY.


  72. MagUK permalink
    May 15, 2013 5:25 am

    Suparna.. I do not believe Michael was a drug addict either. We know that there was a period in his life when he became dependent on prescription drugs, and took the appropriate action to wean himself off them.

    We also know that at the time of his death he had various prescriptions to help with anxiety and insomnia,,, but from the dates of issue on the bottles, and the number of tablets left in them, it was quite clear that he hadn’t been taking them very often, let alone to excess. Not to mention the fact that the Coroner stated that there was no evidence of damage through drug use to any of his internal organs. Unfortunately as with so many things Michael, this is an inconvenient truth for those who wish to perpetuate the lies.

    So it would seem that Michael, like many, people needed some medication from time to time to cope with various conditions. That doesn’t make him a drug addict.. and that very term is like a below the belt suggestion of recreational drug use.. but there doesn’t seem to be much effort made to clarify this does there?

    Poor Michael.. what was it about him that he had to prove every aspect of his life.. yet whatever he said was not believed..


  73. Suparna permalink
    May 18, 2013 10:29 am

    Thanks MagUK. Yes, our beloved hero Michael was an Exra Terrestrial- (ET) whose goodness was too much for this world. He had to go back to where he came from. He was after all an ET whom the human society never understood. Michael wanted to change the world to a better place. But this world is overloaded with sin,where even Jesus Christ was accused of blasphemy and hence crucified? Yes the Son of God Himself, accused of blasphemy, of all sins. And so this world changed Mike’s life- battered and bruised his soul- which was far too gentle for this world.


  74. Linda permalink
    May 24, 2013 12:44 am


    Happened again. I wrote this long post and got this message again about malware connected to your site and my post I think didn’t go through. I had this same message several times a while back, that I told you about, then I posted several times that went through, now it’s back again. I don’t know if it’s an attack on your site or my Google Chrome,or my computer has a virus.


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