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Wade Robson’s Fake Story of HOME ALONE AT NEVERLAND

February 23, 2015
Robson Chantal and Joy

Chantal and Joy Robson in 2005

This post will be a further comparison of Wade Robson’s complaint with the testimonies of all Robsons at the 2005 trial – Wade Robson, his mother Joy and sister Chantal. The purpose of it is to pinpoint Robson’s lies (which are many) and restore the real events the way they really happened and not fantasized by this guy.

All this is purely restoration work, same as in arts, so let it be the way it should be – thorough, methodical and true to the original in its every detail. In slander cases like Robson’s, especially when the defamed person cannot speak for himself, no detail can be regarded as ‘unimportant’. Every fraction matters as these are the fragments of the original canvas, helping us to restore the whole picture to its true self.

Those who are set on Michael Jackson’s character assassination have tried hard to make their false story as consistent as it is only possible. However lies can’t be impeccable in principle as they are the artificial product of an evil mind, so a false detail uncovered here and there and in the essential parts of the story too will point to an obvious fake.

My goal is not so much discrediting Robson and his lies, but restoring the innocent truth about Michael Jackson as well as proving to skeptics that the truth is an absolute matter and can be reached even in utterly impossible situations.


The first post about Robson’s complaint has already uncovered a huge lie his whole story is based on. He claimed that his so-called sexual abuse started on the second night he spent at Neverland and from that moment his “nightmare” went on and on. However a simple comparison of his words with his sister Chantal’s testimony at the 2005 trial immediately disproved it – Chantal explained in no uncertain terms that on the night now selected by Wade for his abuse story she slept with her brother in one bed. 

And the fact that at that time Chantal thought it necessary to clarify where she slept on which night, unaware that her detailed explanation would later disprove her brother’s lie, adds a good deal of irony to the story. One can only marvel at how an innocent word said ten years ago can echo today correcting a big wrong.

Here is the summary of the previous post focusing on this matter:

1) The Robson family of mother, father, grandparents and sister Chantal accompanied Wade to the US where he danced with Johnny Talent Dance Troupe in Disneyland on January 26, 1990 (Australia Day).

2) After the performance they spent a whole week seeking contact with Michael Jackson whom they had not seen since their meet-and-greet meeting in Australia two years before that.

3) A week later they finally managed to contact Michael’s secretary and the next day were invited to his recording studio where they showed him a two-year collection of Wade’s dance videos specially brought by them from home. Michael was very much impressed by Wade’s talent and at the end of the visit invited the family to Neverland.

4) On the very first day of that visit the children insisted on staying with Michael late at night and ended up spending both nights of the weekend in his room (Feb.3-4, 1990).

5) Chantal Robson, who was ten at the time, says that on the first night she went to the bedroom upstairs not to invade on Michael’s privacy. She said she asked Wade to do the same but he didn’t.

6) On the second night Chantal slept together with her younger brother in Michael’s bed. She emphasized that it was on the second night and not the first.

7) Today Robson claims that the “abuse” started on that very second night. According to him Chantal allegedly left them as she was “concerned” about the sleeping arrangement and went upstairs to sleep in a separate bed.

8) This story is in a grave contradiction with Chantal’s testimony at the 2005 trial. Funny, but having no idea that the fact would be of any importance later, Chantal thought it necessary to explain why she had slept together with Wade on the second night and not the first. The first time she was a little concerned about invading on Michael’s privacy, but after a full day spent with him was less mindful of formalities. And in general there was no idea behind it at all – the brother and sister simply fell asleep in Michael’s bed after a tiring day, and that’s it.

Even if we imagine that the girl’s sleep was very sound and this is why she didn’t hear or see anything, it is impossible to believe that any abuser would deliberately choose a day when he would have a direct witness of his wrongful activities.

And Robson also tells a blatant lie here – he invents a story about Chantal expressing “concern” about the sleeping arrangement the second night, while Chantal explained that she was concerned about invading on MJ’s privacy and the whole thing happened in exactly the opposite way. And Chantal’s testimony has a priority over Wade’s as she told the truth 10 years earlier than he is telling his lie now.

This lie is the opening act of his fiction story and is only an overture to much-much more of it. If you think that the rest of his narration is any better you are in for a big disappointment here – the further you go the more ridiculous it becomes.

lie 1 about sexual activities starting


The very next paragraph of the complaint will make you wonder again. In an attempt to make his story look credible Robson added to his description one detail which made it only more ridiculous especially now that we know that his own sister was lying side by side with him in the same bed.

Our darling Robson claims that on the second night the seven-year old he and MJ allegedly discussed it and the discussion took place not sometime in the afternoon as one could probably imagine, but just during the night and in that very bed.

If we hadn’t known that Chantal was right in the same bed with Wade this detail would have surely gone unnoticed by us, but now that we know that she could easily overhear their conversation, this small addition to the story makes the whole situation laughable.

How could the alleged predator be sure that the girl was asleep and was not just lying there with her eyes closed? And how could he actually see if her eyes were closed if it was in the dark of the night? And what was the point of discussing the matter during the night, and not sometime in the morning when there would be at least a guarantee that the girl was not listening?

No, none of it is fitting in. This lazy guy couldn’t even read his own sister’s testimony at the 2005 trial to avoid all these incredible blunders…

Points 11-12 of the complaint describe his story as follows:

The sexual activities began on or about that night, February 4, 1990. <> That first night Decedent began telling Plaintiff, “We can never tell anyone what we are doing. People are ignorant and they would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it. If anyone were to ever find out, our lives and careers would be over”. Plaintiff swore to Decedent that he would never tell a soul.

What a prolonged and great discussion indeed, especially since it allegedly took place right under Chantal’s ear! Apparently, when making his complaint Robson was so focused on the need to explain why he hadn’t told anything to his parents the next morning that he decided to decorate his lie with an extra frill – “he was told not to, this is why.”

Well, he shouldn’t have. As a result now we know the truth – not only there was no molestation on the second night (if ever), but there was no discussion with MJ about it either. All of it was simply impossible as Chantal would have been a direct witness to it, but she never heard or saw anything – simply because it never happened, that’s why.

Blunders like often occur when liars try hard to make their story convincing. They stick out their tongue thinking “What else can I add here to make it look more credible?”, invent this and that, and as a result overdo it reaching the totally opposite result. Each new detail only discredits his story further and can even bring the whole scam into the open.

So let us not look too condescendingly upon small details. The devil is in the detail and not in something they shove in your face and want you to see. Look at what they don’t want you to see and this will help you get to the bottom of things.

Let us also note that real child abusers never commit their crimes in so risky a manner, and that’s why it’s so difficult to catch them. They are extremely careful and take every precaution to never have any direct witnesses for what they do. Michael’s detractors will want you to believe that the alleged abuser defied all logic and didn’t mind the direct witness of his alleged crime, but considering that there was a father and grandfather on that visit I wouldn’t be too sure of it if I were you…

And by the way if you assume that MJ was fearless in activities like that, then why all that fuss about a certain alarm chiming when someone was approaching his room? A good story should be consistent in each of its details, so if someone in the hallway was a problem, wasn’t the presence of a ten-year old girl in the same bed a bit of a problem too?

It also won’t hurt us to recall that Macaulay’s father Kit Culkin described Michael as an “absolute scaredy-cat” and a “fellow who is perfectly terrified of his own shadow”. The dictionary defines “scaredy-cat” as “someone frightened by almost everything” and this small detail of Michael’s character doesn’t help Robson’s story either, even if MJ’s detractors try to portray to us a confident predator who doesn’t mind abusing a child even when a direct witness to it is staying right in the same bed.

lie 2 about never telling a soul


The further you go the more absurd Robson’s narration becomes. Just one more step and you are ready to reap a new harvest of lies. A whole bunch of them is found in the very next paragraph of the paper describing a remarkable episode of Robson’s life which is also totally remarkable in its falsity.

Point 13 of the complaint says in full seriousness that after the first weekend at Neverland the family left the poor boy behind and he had to stay there all alone at the mercy of the alleged predator!

Look at the sheer horror of this description:

“Plaintiff’s family left the ranch on Monday to continue their road trip, but left Plaintiff behind to stay with Decedent. Plaintiff slept in Decendent’s bed every night and sexual abuse took place every night. Plaintiff’s family returned to stay with Plaintiff at the ranch the following weekend. Again, Plaintiff slept in bed with Decedent while the family slept elsewhere in the house. The sexual abuse continued on each of those nights.”

What a tragic (and novel) story indeed. The boy was allegedly left alone by his whole family just two days after making their acquaintance with MJ, and was picked up only a week later! And see what happened to him there!

Leaving a small boy with a near stranger is indeed so strange an occurrence that after reading it you can’t even decide who is supposed to be a worse criminal here – the parents and grandparents who allegedly left the child alone with a near stranger or the man allegedly to blame for his inappropriate behavior.

Indeed, if we are to believe Robson’s story this episode portrays his whole family as a gang of pimps who are ready to prostitute their offspring to someone they hardly know. This is the impression the story creates – but only in case you believe it of course and don’t see it as the invention of a pervert mind.

To check whether there is any truth behind this strange episode we need to do a good deal of work – go over the trial testimonies of each Robson, establish the correct timeline for their activities, find out who went where and when. All of it is just for verifying one small detail but it is well worth it as you can imagine.

So let’s see what Wade’s sister Chantal remembered about it.


In her testimony at the 2005 trial Chantal never mentioned staying at Neverland for a week between the two weekends and never spoke of Wade or any of them left alone there on their first visit to the US.

She testified that the visit was split into two weekends and she was there on both of them and each time she slept in Michael’s room. She clarified that all in all she slept there on four occasions and this fully coincides with our own understanding of their timeline – they came to Neverland for a weekend, then left it and then came back for another weekend and later the next week left for Australia.

This is what Chantal said:

8 Q. How many times do you think you’ve been in

9 Michael Jackson’s room?

10 A. I’ve probably been there a lot of times,

11 just sort of in and out. Ive slept there four

12 times.

13 Q. When you slept in Michael Jackson’s room,

14 has your brother Wade always been there?

15 A. Yes.

Chantal also recalled their visit to Los Angeles together with Michael which is a journey that took place after the second weekend:

14 Q. To your knowledge, has your family traveled

15 with him?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. What is your knowledge about that?

18 A. I know that my brother and my mother have

19 been to Vegas. I take that back. I have been to

20 Los Angeles with him. On my first trip. I went to

21 Los Angeles, just me and my mom. Sorry, me and my

22 brother.

And this is practically all we have from Chantal on this issue.

The testimony of her mother Joy was a much longer one and she had much more to say about their first visit to the US (and Neverland).


From the very start of it Joy Robson clarified that they had been invited to Neverland for a weekend only and the weekend they did stay. A week later they came again and spent another weekend there.

Tom Sneddon was persistent in his questions and made sure that there was a week between the two weekends. She once again clarified that they weren’t there for an entire week and at some point even mentioned that they all left” the ranch before going to somewhere else.

Here are some excerpts from her testimony:

4 Q. And then you were invited up to the ranch,

5 as I understand it, for a weekend?

6 A. Correct.

7 Q. So you werent there for an entire week?

8 A. No.

9 Q. Just for the weekend?

10 A. Yes.

25 Q. Did you go back for a second weekend?

26 A. Yes.

27 Q. And was there a weekend between, or more

28 than one week in between?                                                    

1 A. There was a week in between.

2 Q. So it was the following weekend you went

3 back?

4 A. Yes.

5 Q. And when you went back on that occasion, who

6 was present from your family?

7 A. My husband, my daughter, my son, and my

8 parents.

9 Q. Now, on the occasion of the first visit,

10 were your husband and your parents with you?

11 A. Yes.

12 Q. Do you recall testifying at a deposition

13 that your parents and your husband were in San

14 Francisco on a trip the first time you visited the

15 ranch?

16 A. No, they went — we were all there for the

17 weekend. They left — we all left and went to

18 San — no, they went to San Francisco the second

19 week. We went back to Los Angeles with Michael.

The timeline is crystal clear. A weekend at Neverland,  a week spent elsewhere, another weekend at Neverland, and then Joy and her children went to Los Angeles with Michael while her parents and husband went to San Francisco. Later in the week they reunited and returned to Australia.

There is absolutely no mention of the poor boy being abandoned by them at Neverland. Joy Robson’s testimony simply rules it out – she clearly says that they did not spend there the entire week and there was a break between the two visits . One more detail in the story also confirms that when they came to Neverland the second time their son Wade was together with the family:

5 Q. And when you went back on that occasion, who

6 was present from your family?

7 A. My husband, my daughter, my son, and my

8 parents.

All of it is in direct contradiction with what Wade Robson is telling us now – he was not left behind there and consequently no abuse happened. Not only didn’t it happen on the “second night” but it didn’t happen during the following week either. Robson was simply not there and there is nothing else to discuss here.

So is it another of his blatant lies? AGAIN??? Well, I am afraid it is. It sounds incredible but Robson is indeed lying in each of his statements.

Those who are still catching at straws to save Robson’s situation are invited to reflect on the following. If the little boy had really been left behind at the master house in Neverland on his first visit there, this fact would have been difficult to hide. Some maids would have surely noticed it and remembered. However no maid ever mentioned it, even Blanca Francia who was Michael Jackson’s personal maid in 1990 and cleaned his room every day. She is also an extortionist type and would have surely noticed it had there been anything to notice, however even she did not say a word.

Robson’s supporters will naturally clamor that we shouldn’t believe everything his mother says. They will call her a pimp, a gold-digger and whatnot.  But according to Robson’s story he was allegedly left behind at Neverland not only by his mother, but by his father, grandfather and grandmother too!

So do his supporters suggest that the whole of his family are pimps? And is Robson is ready to sacrifice the reputation of all of them for the sum of $1,62 billion he is demanding now?

However I agree that we’ve reached a point when it is the mother’s word against her son’s. One of them is a definite liar and the choice is between Joy Robson’s lies then and Wade Robson’s lies now, and you will agree that either option is not a very attractive one.

To help us decide who is who let us also remember a couple of more details.

First of all Joy Robson gave her deposition in 1993 and testified in front of the grand jury where she was examined by none other than Tom Sneddon (in the absence of the defense attorney of course, as they are not allowed there). Wade Robson was deposed as well. So the facts both of them related at the 2005 trial were also very well fixed in their earlier testimonies and never did any of them mention Robson being “left behind” on their first visit to Neverland.

The other observation is that if Joy had really had some skeletons in the cupboard and was afraid that her children would disclose their secret, the three of them should have sat together prior to their 2005 testimony and agreed to stick to her variant only. That would have turned the children into her accomplices (but only in case we believe Robson’s present lie of course).

However the interesting point about their testimonies was that they were far from uniform and this suggests that they were true, natural and not coached. For example, you will be surprised to learn that in his 2005 testimony Wade Robson did say that during his first visit to Neverland he had spent a week there, only he said he was not alone there but with his family.

He couldn’t remember the second weekend at Neverland and even claimed that immediately after that “week” at Neverland “they all went back to Australia”. There was no recollection of a trip to Los Angeles or of his grandparents touring the country either.

In short the timeline he provided back in 2005 was utterly ridiculous, however in this case it is only for the better as it shows that Wade Robson was not coached.


Wade Robson in 1990 wearing MJ's hat and shirtThe way the 22-year old Wade Robson remembered the events that took place 15 years prior to that will surely make you smile.

His memory of his first visit to the US at the age of seven was so vague and unclear about certain things that one can’t help being amazed that now he remembers all of it so well. Ten more years have passed and he suddenly recollects every detail of it? What an interesting phenomenon indeed.

His then memory was full of exciting impressions but had little correct detail in respect of time and location:

25 … we went, my whole family

26 went to the ranch. And, you know, we stayed for, I

27 don’t know, about a week or something like that.

28 Q. And approximately what year do you think you     

1 first went to Neverland, Mr. Robson?

2 A. That was 1989.

3 Q. Okay. And who did you go to Neverland with

4 the first time?

5 A. Went with my mother, my sister, my father,

6 and my grandfather, grandmother.

7 Q. And how long did you stay during that first

8 visit?

9 A. I think it was about a week.

10 Q. And after you spent a week at Neverland,

11 what did you do?

12 A. Went back to Australia.

21 Q. Do you recall the second time you ever

22 visited Neverland?

23 A. No, I don’t.

What a great timeline indeed. So he thought that his stay at Neverland lasted for about a week. And all this time his family was with him:

  • we stayed for, I  don’t know, about a week or something like that”

And then they went back to Australia. There was no second weekend at Neverland, no trip to Los Angeles, no travel to San Francisco of his father and grandparents – it was just a “week” with Michael spent by the whole family and that’s it.

Is it a lie? No, it isn’t – it is just the memory of a child. Try to remember yourself when you were seven and you will realize that you are able to recall only some fragments that produced the biggest impression on you, positive or negative alike. They come as a flashback here, a flashback there with no connection between the two and no clear succession and timeline of the events.

The older members of the family will naturally tell you more about your own childhood and as a result of their descriptions, photos, videos, etc. you will have a more or less coherent picture of your childhood, but you will agree that your own memory retains only the brightest and most emotional moments of your early past.

In the same way Wade’s memory captured only the brightest moments of that visit – and it was the time he stayed with Michael Jackson.

Michael was all that mattered to him at the time, and this is why their nearly month-long visit to the US reduced in his memory to one week only. It is clear that he remembered nothing but only the time he spent with Michael, while all other events of the trip completely faded away.

If you had asked him then where they stayed in LA before or after they met Michael, he wouldn’t be able to tell  – all he remembered was the time he spent with Michael. His impressions of him compressed into one continuous week “after which they all went to Australia” and that’s it.

Robson’s testimony of his later years became more detailed and accurate as he was growing older, but at the age of 7 his memory was as fragmented as yours or mine at the same age. If something really grandiose or horrendous happened to us, we do remember it while the routine events uncolored by any emotion fade away. Test yourself and you will see that the only things you remember are the episodes imprinted into the memory through some strong emotion – joy, fear, happiness, anxiety, distress, shock, amazement, etc. All the rest of it is nearly blank – unless the impression made by the event was really strong.

So Robson’s memory was typical for his age and even though formally his timeline was all wrong he was telling the truth when he was testifying about it in 2005.

Robson also clearly remembered that his sister Chantal had been together with him all the time he was with Michael. For him it was a “week” again and technically speaking his impression was correct – they really stayed with Michael for two weekends (four days) and for a couple more days in Los Angeles closer to the end of the trip. And all in all the period was indeed something like a “week”. The only difference is that it wasn’t a continuous stay with MJ, but the whole time spent with him made up of separate occasions.

Here is an example of what Robson remembered about the fun they had together with his sister Chantal there – rides, golf carts, animals, videos and even a jacuzzi. He clearly remembers that she slept with him in Michael’s bed on three or four occasions (which coincides with Chantal’s words) and remembers that she was with him the entire time “during that week”:

28 Q. Okay. What do you recall doing at Neverland        9098

1 during that first visit when you spent approximately

2 a week?

3 A. Well, at that point he didn’t have many of

4 the rides. We would watch movies in the theater.

5 You know, we’d play video games. We’d drive around

6 on the golf carts, look at the animals. Those sort

7 of things.

24 A. One time with my sister and I, my sister and

25 I and Michael, we went in the Jacuzzi at Neverland

26 Ranch.

27 Q. And do you know approximately when that was?

28 A. I don’t. I can’t say for sure. I have a                         9100

1 feeling that it was within that first trip in ‘89

2 when I went there.

3 Q. Do you recall what Mr. Jackson was wearing

4 in the Jacuzzi?

5 A. From my recollection, he was wearing shorts.

5 Q. Now, you said your sister would sometimes

6 stay in Mr. Jackson’s room, correct?

7 A. Yes.

8 Q. And how often do you recall that happening?

9 A. I remember it just within that first trip we

10 were there. So it was — it was, you know, three or

11 four nights or something like that.

1 Q. All right. But you slept in the same bed

2 with him when you were seven years old; is that

3 correct?

4 A. Yes.

5 Q. Was anybody else in that bed with you?

6 A. My sister, Chantel Robson.

7 Q. She was ten years old; is that right?

8 A. Yes.

9 Q. Is it true that there was not another adult

10 anywhere in that room at the time you crawled into

11 bed with Mr. Jackson?

12 A. True.

13 Q. And in fact, you continued to sleep with Mr.

14 Jackson through the balance of that week during your

15 seventh year; is that right?

16 A. Yes.

17 Q. Was your sister there the entire time during

18 that week as well?

19 A. Yes.

20 Q. Was she in that bed with you as well?

21 A. Yes.

I don’t know how Robson is going to reconcile his then version that “Chantal stayed with him for the entire week” and “always slept with him in one bed” with his tragic story today that “he was left behind for a week all alone there”. Something definitely does not fit here, but let it be Robson’s headache and not ours.

Instead let us approach the matter from a different side and see whether Robson ever mentioned staying at Neverland alone, without his mother. Is there anything in his testimony to suggest that at some point he could really be alone there?

No, there is absolutely nothing to suggest it. He remembers one occasion when his mother was not accompanying him to Neverland. It was just once and it took place three years after their first visit to the US, in 1993. By then he had already met Jordan Chandler and actually the reason why he stayed on his own at Neverland was that there were other children there, including Jordan Chandler, Macaulay Culkin and Brandi Jackson.

See some more excerpts from Robson’s then testimony:

   — most of the time my mother                                                

1 and I went to the ranch together. I think once I

2 was there by myself without my mother. There was

3 other people there.

12 Q. Were there occasions that Mr. Jackson would

13 summon you to Neverland Ranch?

14 A. Summon me?

15 Q. Yes. Call you up and ask you to come and be

16 there; invite you to Neverland Ranch?

17 A. Invite us, yeah.

18 Q. All right. Without your mother?

19 A. Like ask if I could come without my mother,

20 do you mean?

21 Q. Or just ask you to come, and you came by

22 yourself.

23 A. The only time I remember being there —

24 sorry. The only time I remember being there was

25 that — that trip that we spoke of by myself with

26 Jordie Chandler and Macaulay.

7 Q. Now, how often do you recall your mother

8 going to Neverland with you?

9 A. It’s been every time except for that one

10 time that I spoke of when I was there with Jordie

11 Chandler and Macaulay and I.

So despite all those insistent questions Robson recalled only one occasion when he was at Neverland without his mother. It was three years after his first visit there and he was actually not alone there but with Jordan Chandler and Macaulay Culkin.

And that was all.


Remember Robson’s nightmarish account that “on the second night” this and that started, and the Decedent told the Plaintiff to keep it a secret, and “the sexual activities took place every night during the entire week that followed”, etc. ? Horrible, isn’t it?

And what was the reality?

  • On the first night of their first weekend at Neverland there was no abuse as Robson himself did not say anything about that day.
  • On the second night nothing happened either as Chantal already explained to us the circumstances of the second night.
  • The entire week between the weekends the whole family was away from Neverland, so there was no episode called “leaving him behind for a week” and consequently there was no sexual activity allegedly going with it. 
  • And on the second weekend at Neverland Chantal again slept in the same bed with Wade. Both of them confirmed it, so in terms of sexual activity the second weekend is also ruled out.

So what is left as a result of all these deductions from Robson’s nightarish account?

The only point we are left with is a trip made by Joy, Wade and Chantal together with Michael to Los Angeles and staying there for a few days before they finally went back to Australia. These few days in LA are a thrilling story in and of itself, so let us leave it for a later time.

However while we are not yet on that subject let us agree at least about the interim result – everything Wade Robson said in his complaint up to this point is a LIE.


There was no “second night”, no “week all alone at Neverland” and no “continuation of it later”. ALL of it is a lie, with absolutely no exception  to it.

For reasonable people that would be enough to close the subject of Wade Robson once and for all, so I leave you to decide whether you really need any more proof of his lies. However I myself am very much intrigued why Robson decided to invent a horrible story about him being abandoned by the family at the tender age of seven. Wasn’t it clear to him that it could be easily refuted by his mother’s words, so why did he go for it at all?


The first reason I see here is that Robson hoped that no one would really check up the testimonies of his mother and sister at the 2005 trial and didn’t expect these inconsistencies exposed.

The second reason is that his aim is not really to prove anything to anyone. His aim is to shock and run and make as many shocking statements as it is only possible and spread them via the media without any proof whatsoever. His case is meant solely for the public and is a sort of bargaining process with the MJ Estate – “unless you give me a billion and a half, I will continue to drag Michael through the mud. Groundless or not groundless but the shock of my accusations is still there”.

The third reason is that Robson’s story is a pure skeleton and needs some meat to grow on it. It is not enough to claim that he was just “molested” – it should be a story with all respective details and horrors of it. So the more picturesque details are added to it, the more the public will have to talk about. Hence the tearful story of a lonely boy left behind by the family and picked up only a week later. Let the people discuss the poor boy’s fate, his unscrupulous family and their possible motives. It will give them something to talk about and will keep them from thinking that even the very basics of the story are totally crazy.

And finally, the main reason why he made up that fiction story is because he needed to make his present complaint consistent with his testimony at the 2005 trial. The transcript of the testimony conveniently contained the word “week” which resulted from the vague and uncertain memory of a child and therefore provided an opportunity which Robson did not intend to lose. He took advantage of it and built a horror story around it about being abandoned by his naive parents and a week-long abuse by his idol.

We have already seen that there is absolutely nothing in the testimonies of the three Robsons to confirm this crazy scenario. He was not there for a week as his mother said several times under oath (though his childhood memory left him with that impression), his family and sister stayed with him the entire time (as he himself said) and the first time he was alone at Neverland was not in 1990 but three years later when he was there with other children (as Robson himself clarified).

And there was no molestation on the second night either (as Chantal explained) and there was no discussion of the matter with MJ as there was simply nothing to discuss. All of it is a simple invention.

And the funniest thing of all is that now Robson remembers every small detail of his horror story while ten years ago he remembered absolutely none of it.

How would you explain this strange phenomenon, I wonder?

lie 3 about Wade being left behind

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  1. Alex permalink
    December 31, 2019 12:11 am

    ‘Funny’ that Wade says Michael slept separate in a cot while Jordan was saying he always slept in bed with Michael. There is something wrong with Wade’s testimony though. He said he met Jodan once, but his mother also met the Chandler’s during a weekend at Neverland, so it was probably not the only time he met Jordan.


  2. Battenburg permalink
    May 17, 2019 7:55 am

    When people visit the Grand Canyon, they take photos. Where’s the Robson’s photos from that trip that show who was and who wasn’t there?


  3. Katie permalink
    March 1, 2019 5:14 pm

    I am from Brisbane in Australia and every thing about YYT schools is so correct. Originally, the schools were set up as talent scout for the t.v show. Later on it was just a money grab for desperate stage mums wanting their kids to become famous because other people like Kylie Minogue had. Debra Burns was a beloved performer in Australia and I have the book your discussing after we reading it the similarities are scary. I suppose he needed a real victim to base his lies on. Probably, thinking Australia is too far away for anyone to check on his stories.


  4. msgemini permalink
    May 22, 2015 1:39 pm

    The problem with deceptive people is that they will always have a hard time remaining consistent. They will always get caught in lies, discrepancies, inconsistencies, and misstatements. It’s very hard to remember or keep track of something that never happened whereas real-life traumatic events that really occurred are hard to forget. Of course there will be a few missing details because as time passes, memory gets fuzzier, but there will be no lies because there is no reason to lie because the event really did happen. But with fraudulent people, their own words will end up betraying them


  5. April 18, 2015 9:41 am

    “Chandler claimed that MJ groomed him for months. Robson claims that there was no grooming at all! Chandler said that MJ told him he would never hurt him. Robson claims that MJ raped him for god’s sake! That sure as hell hurts. All five accusers told radically different stories, Francia and only Francia was the tickled boy, Arvizo talked about alcohol, no such thing in the Chandler and Francia and Robson stories, only Arvizo was told if boys don’t mastrubate they will rape girls (yeah that came from his grandmother actually). These things were not committed by the same person. They were invented by different liars.” – vulcan

    Vulcan, that’s right. And most of them could be taken from Gutierrez’s book of fantasies about Michael.


  6. lynande51 permalink
    April 17, 2015 6:29 pm

    Blanca’s testimony doesn’t back up his claims or her claims either. He might want to think about that before he uses her as a witness which is what they are asking for now.


  7. vulcan permalink
    April 17, 2015 6:07 pm

    The Robson and the Chandler stories couldn’t be more different.

    Chandler claimed that MJ groomed him for months and started with kissing then “graduated” to blow jobs.
    Robson claims that there was no grooming at all!
    Chandler claimed that MJ stopped when he told him he didn’t like the french kissing.
    Robson apparently didn’t ask him to stop anything!

    Chandler does not mention porn. (Because they had no idea MJ had such things)
    Chandler does not mention “our lives would be over” but talks about levitators and secret in a box and bullshit like that.
    Chandler said that MJ told him he would never hurt him.
    Robson claims that MJ raped him for god’s sake! That sure as hell hurts.

    All five accusers told radically different stories, Francia and only Francia was the tickled boy, Arvizo talked about alcohol, no such thing in the Chandler and Francia and Robson stories, only Arvizo was told if boys don’t mastrubate they will rape girls (yeah that came from his grandmother actually).
    Chandler talked about “lights” this changes to bright lights, brick city in Safechuck’s story.
    I’m pretty sure Chandler would have remembered the full phrase if MJ had used it, being it as unusual as it gets.
    No duck butter or lights in the Arvizo or Robson stories though.

    These things were not committed by the same person.
    They were invented by different liars.


  8. giovyli permalink
    March 4, 2015 3:39 am

    because he is lying and since it is not an intelligent person he does not know well make his lies


  9. nancyphillips permalink
    March 3, 2015 5:18 am

    Wade’s story would sound more believable if he claimed that molestation started at the age of 9. This is the age when he moved to the united states and got closer to MJ. By then, MJ would have already groomed him and felt comfortable to molest him. What exactly makes him so special that Jackson would molest him on the second night he stayed at neverland and not several months later like all the other accusers?


  10. nancyphillips permalink
    March 1, 2015 9:21 am

    “People are ignorant and they would never understand that we love each other and this is how we show it”

    Looks like someone has been watching the Bashir documentary.


  11. nannorris permalink
    February 27, 2015 7:42 pm

    Joy Robson never had any problem getting on tv or radio shows talking about MJ or Wade.She showed up for court to support MJ as did Chantal..Amanda Rodriguez , now his wife,also walked into court with Wade.
    NONE of these people accompanied him to NY( not even his wife) for his Today show interview, and none of them really speak unless on social media , to their friends, and where they can delete comments they dont agree with.
    His sister said he had told her of his accusations many months before he went on tv, and she remained quiet until the most beneficial time to assault MJ estate lawyers with this suit..
    His mother quit being on the DOT project from what I understand , without a negative word.
    To me these people know it is a load of baloney.
    They would have been right there with him as a united family, just as they were in 2005
    I also think it is interesting that in his papers , he is claiming relatives were told that his father believed he was accosted and it led to his suicide.
    Doesnt anyone think grieving relatives would have been all over Joy Robson, if that was the case,or if anyone had even decided to connect his suicide with anything MJ , the media would have heard about it ..people would have sold that story for LOADS of money

    I think Wade has few options for supporting a young family and he feels he has been made out like a victim for years, he might as well go with it , and try and get rich and even with the estate that canned him

    Once again, thank you for all your research ..great article


  12. February 27, 2015 3:34 pm

    I thought the Estate already settled with Robson Wade and Jimmy Safechuck. You can check in clerk’s office. There’s nothing there anymore.


  13. February 27, 2015 2:06 pm

    “Then I have to ask why it is that these two mothers have NEVER said a word since this amazing new revelation. Not one.” -lynande51

    This is because they themselves know that all of it is baloney. And their own testimony in 2005 is now testifying against them. Well, the only thing they can say now is that they were “deceived into trusting Michael” BUT even if they say so they cannot change the facts contained in their testimonies which refute Robson’s lies.
    For example, can Joy Robson say now that they didn’t have a break between the two weeks and admit that they left Wade at Neverland all alone?
    She can’t, because she will look like an awful liar and will indeed be guilty of purjery.
    Can Chantal claim now that she was indeed “concerned” and left the two of them on the second night at Neverland, though in 2005 she said exactly the opposite?
    She can’t. She was too eloquent about it at the time.

    All they can hope for is that the public will forget what they said in 2005. I think our job is to remind everyone about it.


  14. February 27, 2015 2:03 pm

    Reblogged this on mjjjusticeproject and commented:
    Part 2 in Helena expose on Wade Robson lies ..


  15. February 27, 2015 1:04 pm

    “It must be troubling to have someone constantly questioning the relationship that you had with a friend. I noticed that whenever Wade would go on a show to talk about one of his projects people would ask him about the allegations. That was prior to Michaels death, The media when reporting it would use words like ” Robson bristled when Michael Jackson was mentioned.” – Lynande

    Anyone would bristle. This is the horrible effect the allegations even about an innocent person have on his alleged “victims”. How many times do you have to say one and the same thing again and again in order to prove someone’s innocence? At some point you become angry with your old friend that he (involuntarily) plunged you into all this trouble.

    You want to live an easy and comfortable life and be yourself but instead of asking about you they constantly make jokes about you and Michael and no talk show goes without nasty jokes. When you looked at Robson even before his lawsuit you could even see that he was tired and angry with these questions. So the media is horribly, horribly responsible for what they did to Robson and Culkin. Brett Barnes was less in the limelight but he also surely got his share of bitterness.

    “When a person is punished for their honesty they begin to learn to lie.”
    ― Shannon L. Alder

    When you listen to what these people say on Twitter and Facebook about what convinces them that Wade is now telling the truth are the same things the people that originally harassed us said convinced them that Michael was guilty.

    Absolutely. Exactly the same people.


  16. lynande51 permalink
    February 27, 2015 9:29 am

    I would like to point out that with Wade’s lies he also added his mother and sister to it and then you have to ask … how were they all brainwashed? Can they all be brainwashed by the same thing? How come they all told basically the same story but now only WR remembers it differently? How about Jimmy Safechuck’s mother? She was added into the story too.
    Then I have to ask why it is that these two mothers have NEVER said a word since this amazing new revelation. Not one. If I just found out that this man I trusted with my children was abusing this trust I would be shouting about it from the roof tops. Yet it is silence in both camps since it was leaked and all the stories are disseminated to the public via a group of trolls and tabloids.


  17. Mandy permalink
    February 24, 2015 5:55 pm

    Thank you so much Helena for the fantastic job of writing this piece, very well researched apart from one thing – where do you get the billion and a half figure? I have only seen it in tabloids like England’s Daily Mirror (total trash). Do have court documents or a reliable source for this amount?


  18. permalink
    February 24, 2015 10:50 am

    Thanks Helena for making all this so clear to us – it must take hours and hours of your time.

    Money and being famous (or in the case of Wade ‘infamous’), can be a huge motivator to certain unscrupulous people, and he has to be one of the worst, along with the Chandlers and the Arvisos, and like their claims his is totally ludicrous, as you are pointing out so well. Think you should be the defence lawyer in this case!! I am confident that he will be laughed out of court, but of course, this should never get to court, or even this far!!

    Keep up the good work. Caro

    Liked by 1 person

  19. lynande51 permalink
    February 24, 2015 7:47 am

    The other peculiarity is the fact that they both had the same trigger to the same symptom of CSA. The odds that two men having been abused by the same person have the same symptom and the same trigger would be infinitesimal.
    Their stories have included all the things that those people liked to speculate about in their mind and then James even added Brett into his story as someone he said was abused. No surprises there none whatsoever .
    Their story isn’t over yet though because they are still looking for the person that was the deal breaker for one of them . The one that they think Schaffel made a payment to in Argentina because of an article that was found. They are still looking for David Martinez.
    This was a story that was a particular favorite on the Wade Robson Supporters page. So much so it was posted 17 times to date.
    The page links to MJ Facts 12 times, Desiree Speaks So Listen at least 10 times.Blogs that are nothing more than hate blogs against Michael but more so against his fans. The truly laughable part is that Wade Robson’s lawyers mention it as a source for the testimonies of 2005 in a court filing.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. giovyli permalink
    February 24, 2015 7:41 am

    I forgot to write:
    Helena Thanks for your work, you are really great

    Liked by 1 person

  21. giovyli permalink
    February 24, 2015 7:31 am

    Simple because it is just a poor idiot who hopes to become a billionaire. Mr. Robson has not reckoned that the truth is behind the corner . There will be no places to hide, idiot , you’re a a liar, slanderer, opportunistic scoundrel without dignity and without respect for others and above all to himself.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. lynande51 permalink
    February 24, 2015 1:10 am

    What if someone put it to Wade in a way that would make it a positive thing to tell this lie and bring the case to a trial? Suppose someone told him that the only way the speculation that he was abused was going to end was if it went to trial. In fact what if they told him their version of the ‘evidence” that was supposedly not seen by they jury and said ” until all of this is seen and heard people will always think that you were abused by Michael Jackson” and the only way to end it is to have everyone see it and come to a conclusion once and for all.
    I have seen the other sides interpretations of what happened. We all have. It must be troubling to have someone constantly questioning the relationship that you had with a friend.
    I noticed that whenever Wade would go on a show to talk about one of his projects people would ask him about the allegations. That was prior to Michaels death, The media when reporting it would use words like ” Robson bristled when Michael Jackson was mentioned.
    It seems particularly peculiar to me that the people that harassed me, Helena, and David in particular are the ones that are now the administrators of a Facebook page that s devoted solely to support Wade. It is extremely peculiar that these same people were also harassing Brett prior to Wade coming forward. At least one of them was.
    When you listen to what these people say on Twitter and Facebook about what convinces them that Wade is now telling the truth are the same things the people that originally harassed us said convinced them that Michael was guilty.
    I have seen these same people tweet Brett Barnes countless times in an attempt to badger him into saying something they can twist into something else which is what they do best. He is fully aware that is what they were doing. The last time one of them Tweeted him was in May just after the Safechuck claim became public.
    In his initial claim it was full of things that mean something to them but nothing in reality.He said that Michael used code words like Duck Butter ( available to all in Evan Chandler’s second lawsuit) and he even claimed that Michael had a fake wedding ceremony at Neverland where they got married. Well that meant one thing to only one group.
    To them showing that Jimmy Safechuck didn’t get married was a great revelation.It meant that no one would be able to use it as proof that Michael didn’t abuse Jimmy and that Tom Mesereau was a liar when he said it. That is why it is so important in my opinon that Tom not speculate about this case.
    They were in fact attempting to get Helena and myself into a discussion with one of them on the VMJ You Tube channel saying that there were two new accusations since Michael died. Remember that Helena? Well that was months in advance of Wade even going to the lawyer to make the claim. Now we know that there are numerous examples of what to say about Michael doing something out there on the internet but why are these the people that he would turn to for help or accept it from be in fact he has.


  23. MASTER. DIAMOND permalink
    February 23, 2015 9:33 pm

    I Did Not Need To Read Or To Know Any Of This To Know That Michael Was Innocent! Period.I Know It Was Not In His Nature To Do Such A T hing Too Anyone EVER!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Mado permalink
    February 23, 2015 5:35 pm

    Thank you so much Helena. Great work dear.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Molignon permalink
    February 23, 2015 4:08 pm

    Thank you for all your work, thank you !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. nannorris permalink
    February 23, 2015 3:26 pm

    I dont think he ever intended this to actually, go to court., because the testimony is out there..There is no way he can refute his own testimony or that of his sister and mother.
    He is very specific in his answers , as to MJ touching him , in any way
    There is his 65 interviews, helping Jermaine with his book, for free, wanting to work with his estate etc.
    Plus if you read Joys testimony, once again , just as they chased MJ down , on their Disneyland visit , she continues to call MJ assistant to remind him of Wade , and can he help give him jobs etc.
    She is chasing MJ down like a bill collector to help her family.
    She doesnt want MJ to forget about them

    I feel he filed this , as a threat to the estates endorsement deals , and hoped ,that they would quietly settle before these accusations became public fodder..That would make sense , because, once examined this is all just baloney.
    I dont know if they had talks with the estate making these threats, before they filed or not.
    But it was TMZ that has people that sit at the courthouse waiting to see what people put on record.
    I would think Wade lawyers would know this .
    I just wonder if the estate was approached and balked before they filed and Wades went on the Today show , when they wouldnt comply.
    It would seem now , since all this manure has been made public, there isnt as much incentive to settle


  27. February 23, 2015 3:19 pm

    “The problem I have with this case is why Robson has felt the need to tell such sordid lie’s. Do you think he himself is being blackmailed? Because It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with, after the obvious ending of his career.” – Helen-Marie

    I agree, one of the biggest problems in this case is why he felt the need to tell his lies. In my opinion it is a combination of several factors and the major one is the exhaustion of his creative power (probably a temporary one) from which all his other problems sprang, including financial ones. Let us not forget that he is also one of those child stars – like Michael Jackson – and he also began working at the age of 5. He has been working hard for 30 years already and has now hit a crisis, which is absolutely no surprise.

    If you look at his photos you’ll see that he has never been a happy child and he was always prone to depression. Probably like his father who was reportedly bipolar. So I myself am constantly alternating between my huge anger for him and a certain sorrow that some troubles broke his spirit and he fell so low as a result of it.

    It also seems to me that he is being used by others. Well, time will show what it is. In any case I will do my best to analyze his papers, only now it will take me more time than before due to various circumstances. But I will not get off this subject until I shred it into pieces – no matter how long it will take me. This I promise to you.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. February 23, 2015 2:53 pm

    “This is exactly why the MJEstate will NEVER settle with Wade Robson … his own tongue will strangle him. Thank you Helena .. once again YOU do the work that journalist are supposed to do … research and reporting is wonderful ..” – MJJJusticeProject

    Yes, I agree. His own tongue will indeed strangle him. Or the tongue of his lawyers who prepared this fake for him. I myself am totally amazed to see the shoddy “quality” of his lies, if I may call it that way. These lies produce a totally artificial impression – as if someone opened a crime encyclopedia and put down every standard abuse listed in the alphabetical order there. In short this case is a complete disgrace in every way. And I hope the MJEstate will never settle it.

    And thank you very much for your kind words to me – I will surely go on with it as there is still a lot to say.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Helen-Marie permalink
    February 23, 2015 2:39 pm

    So relieved you are on the case Helena, I have truly missed your input. You have a methodical way of thinking and explaining and your research puts many journalists reporting to shame… thank you.

    The problem I have with this case is why Robson has felt the need to tell such sordid lie’s. Do you think he himself is being blackmailed? Because It’s the only logical explanation I can come up with, after the obvious ending of his career. Just an outside the box thought, as surely he would have got his story absolutely to the point at the beginning.

    This whole episode makes me feel very, very, uneasy, I’m so glad you are here to make sense of it all.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. February 23, 2015 1:29 pm

    This is exactly why the MJEstate will NEVER settle with Wade Robson … his own tongue will strangle him. Thank you Helena .. once again YOU do the work that journalist are supposed to do … research and reporting is wonderful ..

    Liked by 1 person


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