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Wade Robson’s Emails: ‘A MASTER OF DECEPTION’

January 26, 2017

What Wade Robson doesn’t understand is that the version he is currently promoting (“I always remembered the ‘abuse’, but didn’t see it as such and thought it was consensual love”) is a totally impossible one.

This theory is devised by real pedophiles, and Robson is unfortunately giving it certain veracity by passing it off as truth – and the worst that could happen to all of us would be believing that this is indeed possible.

If applied to 14-year old teenagers the theory could at least look more or less plausible because of the teenagers’ own stormy sexual issues, confusion and turmoil of emotions. They can imagine that they are in love when it is only curiosity and the adventurous spirit that is driving them into some dubious relationships. At their awkward age adolescents don’t often understand what they themselves want and certainly don’t realize what their escapades into the luring world of adults may result in.

But what may be confusion for a teenager is no longer confusion for a 23-year old man, who is grown up enough to realize that a heinous thing like ‘anal penetration’ of a child, for example, cannot be ‘consensual love’ and can be nothing else but abuse. In fact thinking different at so mature an age is actually another way of supporting pedophilia, only from the opposite end of the spectrum.

In other words if the 23-year old Robson who testified in the defense of Jackson at the 2005 trial had really been a victim, he had the option to say that he hated or loved it, or choose not to testify at all, but the option of defending the alleged perpetrator thinking that there could be ‘consensual love’ between a seven-year old boy and a grown up man was simply not open to him. When you are an adult, believing theories like that is not only ridiculous but is actually a crime.

Sorry, but by a certain age people are simply obliged to understand certain things and one of them is a plain fact that sexual acts towards a child are ruinous and reprehensible in their very essence, and can never be accepted or condoned. Any other views on the subject are unforgivable and will actually be a subtle justification of pedophilia.

But from some publications of Michael Jackson’s haters I gather that this is exactly what Robson is claiming now – that at 23, when being already an adult and actually until the ripe age of 30, he regarded it as a ‘mutual, loving sexual relationship’ and ‘saw nothing wrong about it’ and this is why he lied under oath at the 2005 trial defending the alleged abuser, and now seems to be even taking pride in being ‘a master of deception’.

robsons-deposition-master-of-deceptionUnbelievable, but in his recent deposition on December 12, 2016 he indeed refers to himself as ‘a master of deception’ shifting all the blame for it onto MJ’s shoulders, of course:

Q. You refer to yourself as “a master of deception”, correct?

A. Here, yes, in the writing.

Q. Do you believe that you’re a good liar?

A. I believe Michael Jackson taught me how to lie really well about the abuse that I suffered at his hands.

Q. And you did consistently, you’re claiming now, lie about the abuse from when it started when you were 7 years old until May 8th, 2012; correct?

A. Say that one more time.

Q. Sure. You consistently lied, it’s your claim now that you consistently lied about the abuse from the time you were 7 until May 8th, 2012; correct?

A. Yeah. I told the story that Michael taught me to tell until May 8th, 2012.

Q  And when people pressed you on that story or asked you questions, you consistently said that Michael had not abused you, correct?

A. Correct. 

In short, in several deposition pages available to us and few remaining emails which Robson didn’t manage to delete yet (here is the story of the painstaking way the defense got them), Robson comes across as an exceptionally cynical guy who, according to his own words, not only always knew that he was lying, but also seemed to have taken a certain pleasure in fooling the world then – same as he is fooling it now.

Remember that the primary job of Michael’s defense team at the 2005 trial was to defend Michael by challenging the witnesses for the prosecution only. Thomas Mesereau said on numerous occasions that the defense could very well choose not to present their ‘case-in-chief’ and refrain from calling any witnesses of their own, and it was only due to Robson volunteering to defend Jackson that Thomas Mesereau decided to present the defense case in the same proactive manner as the prosecution did.

So this is how we came to see this ‘victim’ in the 2005 courtroom. And if we are to believe his present story by that moment in court he had not only had zero complications of the abuse which he allegedly suffered from age 7 (including anal rape), but he was still thinking that this is what consensual love was all about, and though perfectly understanding the extent of what he was doing, he is now nonchalantly claiming that he ‘simply told lies’ under oath – making jokes and looking relaxed and self-assured at that.

If there is a single grain of truth in what he is claiming now, someone should please tell this cynic that he is a no less scumbag than the alleged perpetrator and he doesn’t deserve not only any compensation from the Estate, but even a drop of sympathy from anyone at all as the huge moral damage was done by him and not to him.


What strikes you most about Robson’s emails to his Mom is that he actually doesn’t remember a thing about those events.

This is understandable as he was only seven years old when he befriended Michael Jackson  – try to recall what happened to you at the same age and you will realize that it is next to nothing too.

The general outline of the events has of course been known to him since time immemorial as it was told and retold to him by his relatives on hundreds of occasions. But when it comes to recalling something else besides those well-repeated stories he doesn’t remember a thing and now has to ask his Mom.

For example, here is one of his questions from a whole list sent to Joy Robson on October 4, 2012:

Post our first trip to USA and until we moved to USA, how many trips to USA did we make?

One can only wonder how come he remembers the alleged ‘abuse’ in minute detail, supposedly starting at the same time, but doesn’t remember the basic thing like the number of times they went to the US?  Actually there is nothing much to remember about it – after the initial visit there were only two more trips there.

The whole story started when Robson was five – this is when he met Michael Jackson at a meet-and-greet event in Brisbane, Australia after winning a competition where he imitated Michael’s dance. The prize was to meet Jackson and after that meet-and-greet event Michael gave him a chance to perform in his concert.

Now Robson asks his Mom how come they found themselves in Michael’s hotel after that notable performance. She explains that she wanted to give Michael a thank you letter and following her request the publicist arranged meeting MJ in his hotel room:

Wade Robson to Joy Robson on July 17, 2012:

 Hey Mom.


After I performed with Michael on stage at 5, what happened after that? How did we end up spending that time with him at his hotel?

Joy Robson answered the same day:

I spoke to the publicist who had been co-ordinating with us and asked her how to get a thank you letter to MJ and she suggested we bring it to his hotel. When we got there she called his room and he invited us to bring it up to his suite.


And now please compare it with Robson’s complaint and see the transformation the above piece underwent in order to turn a simple thank you letter into some sinister event ‘purposefully orchestrated’ by others and ‘a sexual grooming mechanism’ at that:

11. In November 1987, when Plaintiff was five (5) years old, he entered a dance-a-like competition run by MJJ PRODUCTIONS in conjunction with MICHAEL JACKSON’s music tour in Australia. Plaintiff won the competition, and the prize was a meet-and-greet with MICHAEL JACKSON following one of his concerts. The meet-and-greet went well, and MICHAEL JACKSON invited Plaintiff to dance on stage with him at a concert a few nights later. Plaintiff and his mother also spent a few hours visiting with MICHAEL JACKSON in his hotel suite the next day. Plaintiff alleges these “meet and greets” were purposely orchestrated by MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES as a sexual grooming mechanism to acquire minor sexual abuse victims for MICHAEL JACKSON, disguised as charitable events for minors.


The second time Robson met Jackson was two years later, when he was seven and a half (he was born on September 17, 1982).

The dance company he immediately joined after winning the MJ competition at the age of five was the Johnny Young Talent dance group with which he travelled all around Australia in the next two years.

In 1990 when he was seven the dance group went to the US to perform in Disneyland on Australia day. The date on the Australian flag in this screenshot gives us the exact day of their only one performance there as January 26th, 1990.


After that Joy Robson started calling around and only on February 1st or seven days later managed to contact Norma Staikos, who was Michael’s administrator.

Norma put the family in touch with her boss Michael Jackson and the next day he invited them to a recording studio where he was working at the time. The party attending the event included Wade Robson and his parents Joy and Dennis, his sister Chantal and his maternal grandparents, all of whom were on vacation in the US.

The meeting at the recording studio took place on February 2, 1990. In her testimony at the 2005 trial Joy Robson said that in that studio they showed Michael the video tapes of Robson’s performances (which they cleverly took with them on their vacation). Michael Jackson was impressed and invited them to Neverland where the whole family spent a weekend.

Now Robson doesn’t remember any of those circumstances and is asking his Mom questions.

In his email dated September 12, 2012 he wonders:


How did we end up being able to meet Michael again at Record One that first trip? And at what point was that figured out and arranged? Before the USA trip or during?

You have any idea what the date was of that Record One meeting?

Can you tell me all that you remember about that first meeting at Record One? How did we end up inviting us to neverland? How did that go down?

What was the driving arrangement when we all went to Neverland that first time?

What did we sign when we first drove into neverland that first time with MJ and who signed what?  What was the description of what the NDA said we could not disclose as far as you remember?

Well, actually the last two questions smack more of the future lawsuit that would be filed eight months later, in May 2013.  Indeed, what for would Robson want to know whether they signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and what points it contained if at the time he was writing  this email the only problem at stake seemed to be his so-called healing process?

His Mom’s answer is unavailable to us, but we know what she said about that meeting to the media back in 1991. And at that time she stressed that it was virtually impossible to get to Michael Jackson, but she still managed it through her determination and a lot of luck:

 “It was fate and a lot of luck that they saw each other again, because as Michael said it is virtually impossible to get to him – but we managed to,” Joy said.

And now look at the transformation the above innocent piece was subjected to in Robson’s complaint. Here the gap between fact and fiction is so glaring that it is almost unbelievable that he can lie that much.

She says it was virtually impossible to get to Michael and he implies that it was easy and they simply contacted him ‘the next day’ (and not seven days later).  She says it was fate and much luck, and he says it was Norma Staikos who was a ‘madam’ who procured Michael with ‘sexual abuse victims’ by arranging meetings with her boss. She says it was her effort, and he claims that it was Michael’s companies that ‘purposefully orchestrated’ it and were ‘grooming’ parents that way.

12. <> After the performance, Plaintiffs mother contacted Norma Staikos (the Executive Administrator of MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MICHAEL JACKSON’s personal assistant <>), and Ms. Staikos arranged for Plaintiff to meet with MICHAEL JACKSON at a recording studio in Van Nuys, California on the following day, February 2, 1990.

Plaintiff is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges that Ms. Staikos was acting on behalf of MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES, as a “madam” or “procurer” of child sexual abuse victims for MICHAEL JACKSON. Although disguised as another charitable “meet and greet” between Plaintiff, his parents and MICHAEL JACKSON, this event was purposely orchestrated by Ms. Staikos, MJJ PRODUCTIONS and MJJ VENTURES as a further means for MICHAEL JACKSON to acquire another sexual abuse victim and grooming him and his parents for such.

After a couple of discoveries like that don’t you already know all you need to know about Robson and are you sure you still want to know more?


If this was not enough for you let’s continue with Robson’s questions to his Mom.

The thing they further make clear to us is that he doesn’t remember anything even of their first memorable visit to Neverland in February 1990:

Can you explain all that you remember of that first night at neverland? What happened when we drove in, what did we do? And that first weekend at Neverland?

In her testimony in 2005 Joy Robson described their first night at Neverland.

When they arrived Michael was not yet there and they were shown through the house by Mark Quindoy. When Michael appeared they played around Neverland and in the evening all of them including grandparents gathered in the suite assigned to Joy and Dennis Robson and their children – they discussed and showed to Michael their son’s stage costumes, which they also cleverly took with them on their vacation to the US.

Then the children – Wade, aged 7 and Chantal, aged 10 – implored their parents to let them stay in Michael’s room. She testified about it:

          21    And my husband and I sort of looked at

          22   Michael, and said, “Well, if that’s okay with you.”

          23   And he said, “Oh, absolutely.  If they’d like to

          24   stay, that’s fine.”

During his recent deposition Robson didn’t remember them pleading with their parents though he himself wrote it down in his notes, evidently after consulting his Mom first. His notes are being presented now as part of his ‘healing’ process – and they are so extensive that by January 2013 they had already turned into a book which his literary agent was actively promoting among major US publishers several months before his lawsuit in May 2013 (more about it in this post).

What’s also interesting is that despite all his writings, at his December 2016 deposition Robson’s memory failed him again and now he didn’t remember what he himself  had written in those notes:


Q. On the top of page 22 you wrote, “It came time to go to bed and my sister and I asked if we could ‘Please, Please’ stay with Michael. Michael said it was okay with him if it was okay with my parents.”

A. I see that.

Q. Do you remember writing that?

A. No, I don’t.

However despite Robson’s massive memory loss he seems to remember everything about his alleged abuse. His complaint claims that it started ‘on and about the second night’ and describes it in filthy detail:

15. The next night, Plaintiff’s sister, who was 3 years older than Plaintiff, expressed concern about sleeping in the same bed with Michael Jackson, and suggested they both sleep upstairs. Plaintiff declined and again slept with Michael Jackson downstairs. The sexual activities began on or about that night, February 4, 1990. After pillow fighting, video games, tickling and other “playmate” activities, Michael Jackson put his hand over Plaintiff’s clothes penis, then inside Plaintiff’s underpants. Then Michael Jackson took Plaintiff’s hand and put it over his own clothed penis, then inside Michael Jackson’s underpants. That was the beginning of Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse of Plaintiff which over the next seven (7) years would regularly include sexual acts.

Despite the whole thing being a gross lie it is actually the details which matter here.

We’ve already discussed it that the first time the girl slept upstairs and it was on the second night that the three of them were together. The gist of Chantal’s testimony in 2005 is that they were so tired from playing around that they didn’t notice how they fell asleep on one bed.

But in his complaint Robson changed this timeline into the opposite one to make his story look more logical (she left him and this is when it began), even though it contradicts the facts and as a result looks like the alleged abuse took place right under his sister’s nose.

However even despite her presence being an obvious hindrance to Robson’s story he still insists on this illogical timeline. Why so?

This is because according to all those ‘pedophilia behavior patterns’ any sexual moves from real predators are always preceded by a ‘grooming’ period. Michael’s prosecution devoted thousands of pages to explain to us how ‘grooming’ takes weeks or even months to gradually lower the child’s natural resistance and to never raise any suspicion from anyone at all.

And this must indeed be correct. If you come to think of it even a grown-up woman would be infuriated, ashamed and depressed if someone groped her genitals just out of the blue or took her hand and placed it inside a male’s underpants the first or even second time she sees him – so why do we underestimate the importance of the ‘grooming’ detail with reference to minors to whom all these actions are even more shocking than to an adult?

In fact it is exactly to avoid this shock, tears and a possible disclosure is why real predators groom their victims first – and now I understand that they are doing it for their own safety in the first place.

However according to Robson’s incredible narrative his alleged abuse was developing at a lightening speed and with no precautions whatsoever, as if specially designed to refute all those prosecution stories about ‘grooming’, ‘alarm systems’, etc.

So it is this detail alone which is already a dead give-away that his story as an artificial construct and fake which may look true only until you scratch it on its surface just a little bit.

There are some more details that point to Robson’s narrative being fictional and man-made, but since his memories are still ‘evolving’ as he puts it, let us not give him any more ideas to take it any further.

The problem with Robson is not only that he is a master of deception, but he also knows (and this is what Michael Jackson indeed taught him to believe) that if he visualizes his ideas they will acquire the necessary ‘meat’ on their bones, and will become more tangible and realistic both to him and to all others. Michael taught it to him to help his dreams come true, but this is the last thing we want to happen to Robson, so let us leave this discussion at that.

In case you are interested here is the advice Robsons gave in this connection when he was just 19.

New York Times: A Teenager Who Dispenses All the Right Moves 
By Valerie Gladstone 

July 2, 2001

 – How about some advice for our readers?

–  Learn how to visualize. If (you) have a goal you’ve got to visualize every little aspect of it. You know, if I want to do a song for somebody, and I really want it happen, I’ll put myself in the situation. I’ll visualize what the studio looks like when we’re recording, I’ll picture myself walking to go get coffee, simple little things. But it just places you in the situation and makes it reality before it happens and then there’s not even a question that it’s going to happen. Every time I’ve done that, wholeheartedly, it’s always happened. It’s never failed.

It seems that visualizing himself in a situation of fictional molestation must be exactly the way Robson is producing his memories now. And if it never failed before why should it fail now?


One point in Robson’s emails adds a strange element into this already strange story.

We’ve already discussed it in this post, and just as a reminder let me repeat that there is a discrepancy between his and his mother’s accounts about how long he stayed in Neverland during their first visit there.

She says they spent only a weekend there, then left and returned for another weekend. After leaving Neverland the second time she and the children accompanied Michael to Los Angeles and stayed in his Westwood condo while her husband and parents went to San Francisco, and after that all of them left for Australia.

However Robson thinks that during those two weekends the family left him alone with Michael and this is probably why he remembers it as a continuous stay with him for nearly two weeks.

In his emails to Mom we see that he doesn’t doubt his version and only wonders how come they took a RV (recreational vehicle) and went to the Grand Canyon leaving him behind and whose decision it was?

Mom’s full answer is unavailable to us and this short interaction between them is the only thing we have:

Wade Robson to Joey Robson, July 23, 2012, 1:40 PM

That first trip to Neverland.

You guys left for RV trip to Grand Canyon. About how long was I with Michael alone before I was back with you guys?

His Mom answers him without elaborating on how many of them left.

We left Monday and came back Friday.

Robson asks for details:

You guys came back to the ranch? And then the family left the ranch together?

At this point either the answer was deleted or she didn’t answer at all, because two months later, in his long list of questions to her on September 12, 2012 Robson asks her again:

How did it happen that I ended up staying with Michael and you guys went to the grand canyon?

How did that decision get made?

We don’t know Joy Robson’s answer as most of the emails have been deleted by Robson, so apparently it contained something unsuitable for their story. And this leaves us with a choice – either it is Robson’s erring memory or his Mom’s unwillingness to admit that they indeed left the child all alone with an adult they barely knew.

Both options are interesting, and the truth will probably be revealed if Michael’s defense lawyers manage to retrieve Joy Robson’s journals where she made note of those events. In her email she says she did keep journals which are now in some storage.

The journals are raised in connection with another point which is crucial for understanding Robson’s story – this point is the number of times they travelled to the US before their final move there. It turns out that despite all his detailed accounts of the ‘abuse’ Robson doesn’t even remember whether they made two, three or more visits there.

And this makes us wonder again – how can the boy who was just seven years old describe his ‘molestation’ in minute detail, though he doesn’t remember the simplest facts regarding everything else?

His Mom’s answer to his question is:

We made two trips back to the States. The first one was for the LA Gear shoot. Then there was the trip to meet Taco. The first one was a few months after returning… I think around March of 1990 and then the second one was when we went to Las Vegas. I think that was around May of 1991 but not sure. I would have to look up my journals. I have kept them all but they are in storage.

Robson’s reply:

 I imagine those journals have lots of stuff in them?

Well, we also imagine that those journals have lots of stuff in them and are looking forward to getting familiar with them too.


Before passing over to their other two trips to the US, let us finish with the first one.

As we all know at the end of their stay in Neverland Joy Robson and the children went with Michael to Los Angeles and stayed in his Westwood condo there. And since Robson doesn’t remember any of its details he asks his Mom what they did and talked about there.

His email is dated October 4, 2012:

During that first trip to America, when you guys came back from RV trip and you, Chantal and I stayed at Westwood condo, do you remember much of that part of the experience? What we did, what sort of things were talked about? Anything.

To see how much this email is different from his official version we need to look up his complaint. Over there he claims that his Mom and sister stayed at the Holiday Inn across the road and he was with Michael in his condo and slept in his bed where the ‘abuse continued’.

As regards the ‘bed’ part, when constructing his story Robson followed the standard people’s perception that the abuse always takes place in bed, so hence his description. However the peculiarity of the Westwood condo was that it was probably used for dancing, so there were no beds there at all (see Blanca Francia’s testimony and this post for that), and this is how we learned that Robson was simply inventing things.

And as to the Holiday Inn part of the story, now we also find out that when making his complaint Robson knew perfectly well that his Mom and sister stayed with him in Michael’s condo, and not in the inn, and the only thing he didn’t remember is how they spent their time there and what they were talking about.

Compare it with his fourth amended complaint and you will see that his memory evolved well enough to claim the opposite and that it was the horrible Norma Staikos again who arranged that Holiday Inn for his Mom and forced the family apart in an intentional plan to ‘provide access to the boy’.

19. <> while Plaintiffs father and grandparents continued on their road trip for a few more days. Plaintiff slept with MICHAEL JACKSON in his bed at the Westwood apartment, and MJJ PRODUCTIONS, through the assistance of Norma Staikos, arranged for Plaintiffs mother and sister to stay across the street at the Holiday Inn hotel. Plaintiff believes Ms. Staikos did this intentionally to provide MICHAEL JACKSON access to the Plaintiff, so that MICHAEL JACKSON could sexually abuse the Plaintiff. The sexual abuse occurred on each of those nights as well. Later that week, the entire family returned to Australia.

In short Robson’s pattern for making his allegations about Jackson seems to be exchanging true information with his Mom and then stating the opposite in his lawsuit.

So it is no wonder that when asked about her son’s complaint about his alleged abuse during her deposition on September 30, 2016 Joy Robson expressed the idea that would be inconceivable for a mother whose child was really abused – she said that she doesn’t consider it her business.


Q. Since your son Wade filed the lawsuits against the estate and the lawsuit against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, have you talked to him about the lawsuits?

A. Not really. I just – I don’t consider that my business.

Yes, incredible as it sounds, she considers her son’s story detailing every way of abuse possible to be none of her business. And this can mean only two things – either she doesn’t believe his tales same as we don’t, or she doesn’t want to bear her own share of responsibility for it.

And both of these options are very interesting again.

*  *  *

Since there is a lot more to say about Robson’s emails there will be a follow-up to this post.

UPDATE January 22, 2019

A good documentary has been made by Michael Jackson’s supporters which presents Robson’s “case” in a very compact and clear way.  Here it is:

Michael Jackson And Wade Robson: The Real Story


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  1. November 16, 2019 11:08 am

    Thank you for sharing for Wade Robson Net Worth 100% real information


  2. Katie Lappin permalink
    August 22, 2019 11:03 pm

    Well done. I have been advocating for people to do this exact research from actual court documents. Judges statements about Wade, the Cristies sale, the emails and wades own statements. The only conclusion you are left with is this guy is lying. People who knew the family say that Joy was obcessed with stars and fame. She rang every tv network in Ausyralia trying to contact Micheal and engaged in beru strange behaviour moving them to L.A with no green cards. She harassres mj businesses desperately trying to get them or they would have to return to Australia and to a husband with bi polar she was desperate to escape. Wade could dance but could not sing, act or play any musical instrutments and with no formal education it was always going to be impossible to maintain a career extending to directing. Sorry Wade should have stayed in Australia and tried to get into NIDA (national insitite of dramatic arts) like some of us , and had the skills and training and talent to excute a professional career without selling out because it got too hard without MJ giving him jobs on a plate. Probably felt sorry for him. Still after all he achieved with MTV he couldnt really turn it into the great career he thought he was going to have. So he sold out to HBO . Hope they paid well because he will never work in the industry. People think he is too bigger risk. I mean look at his email about directing the MJOne show he is unprofessional, unreliable and is liable to cost your production money by pulling out. I would never hire him.


  3. NeoKobe permalink
    May 5, 2019 8:08 pm

    I don’t consider that my business. She says the key word: BUSINESS


  4. March 10, 2019 3:57 am

    “There’s a countless amount of evidence such as photographs, video, witnesses on BOTH sides of the debate. So try again.” – s0ulburner

    I tried again and went to the site you provided a link to. It turned out to be some Chinese site with a 404 sign on it. So thank you for your help, but it is no longer needed here.


  5. s0ulburner permalink
    March 9, 2019 6:53 pm

    It’s all explained clearly and broken down here.

    [link deleted]


  6. s0ulburner permalink
    March 9, 2019 6:50 pm

    There’s a countless amount of evidence such as photographs, video, witnesses on BOTH sides of the debate AND even an answering machine message showing Wade was extremely close to Jackson.

    What happened is still a matter of opinion because of the time that has passed and Jacksons fortunate death. He wouldn’t have just popped in from Australia and worked on A-list celebrity choreography without the proof and validation the industry got from Jackson himself. The relationship is indisputable.. So try again.


  7. March 8, 2019 3:01 am

    There is also a ton of info on James Safechuck that prove he’s a liar too. Everyone who is condemning Michael of this are doing so on opinion. All facts point to this being false. People just think because he liked hanging out with kids and looked weird. He’s automatically guilty. It’s sad that someone can say something about you and it becomes fact. There are real victims in the world. These scumbags sat in a room full of them and flatout lied to their faces. I hope they get exposed and Michael gets justice.


  8. March 2, 2019 1:39 pm

    “I wish these emails were sent to Oprah so she knows no grooming took place” -Katie Lapham

    Oprah is a clever woman and she knows perfectly well that all of it is BS. But she is going with the trend and knows what are the right people to be friends with. Remember that she was invited to David Geffen’s yacht and was given a private screening of that mockumentary as a kind of a birthday gift.


  9. Poly permalink
    March 1, 2019 11:48 pm

    “He just told Oprah Winfrey that MJ used to send cars to pick him up”…

    ~Kellie Parker told in a interview that Michael would send a limousine to pick her up to neverland.
    ~She also said that Michael gave her his watch

    Now we see this 2 turning everything in something sinister 😦


  10. Katie Lapham permalink
    March 1, 2019 4:09 pm

    I know now why Wade asked his mother about who drove him to neverland and what were the arrangements if any…… He just told Oprah Winfrey that MJ used to send cars to pick him up and that a big legion of staff knew all about it because MJ had heaps of people around him all the time. He needed to validate the abuse because so many people were actually around MJ. Wade has taken his lies to the next level. He also states he would love to take the stand again. Well Wade, I wish these emails were sent to Oprah so she knows no grooming took place, that he couldn’t remember anything and that the emails show he is lying. It’s just sad this prick can get away with this. Damage is done. I really believe he is now hoping the estate will just paid him and his mate to go away. I wonder what would happen if he was offered money because apparently it’s not about the money at all. So if the estate offers him money he won’t take it? Apparently according to him, he won’t. The defaming of a dead man and the trial by media continues.


  11. Katie Lapham permalink
    March 1, 2019 6:16 am

    I wish these emails were all over the internet and posted to all news outlets and media representives. I can not believe the blatant lies and disrespect for someone who helped this family so much. It makes you wonder if the reason he’s doing this is because his mother took alot of earnings when he was young. Now having financial problems himself and a career that has dried up. He wants a big payday feeling he was entitled. He’s so arrogant and self assured of himself. Obviously bailing America because he’s worry about being charge for perjury, thinking he’d out smart the system by living in Hawaii, where interestingly he’s now doing his own documentaries. He’s also a predator himself, he meet his own wife when she was only 14. She also a writer who l believe helps Wade pen all this stuff. In Australia where he comes from in Brisbane (where I grew up also), he’s been holding dance classes and using pictures of himself and Micheal in 2018 to promote these dance classes. I know unbelievable for someone who’s been abuse by the same person who he’s trading off. He never cries about his abuse, and you’ll notice at every interview, he looks into the camera and plays up to it. His hand movements and position like the peace sign, his prayer pose, are all imitations of what MJ use to do. He’s a very jealous man and was a very jealous boy. As makeup artist l have already heard a lot if people in the industry won’t ever work work him again. I cant believe he’s that naive as to think to this would help his career when in actual fact he’s destroy it. And that of his wife’s and great environment he has created for his son to grow up in. He’s now preaching self help to others which at best is delusional when you read it or hear. I would never take advice or self help off this man. If you can call him that. Oprah and Gale should be ashamed of themselves for interviewing him without any research like the above set of emails. I am just seeing bad jornalism everywhere to the point where MJ was right again about the media. At the end of the day I have a big problem of trial by media for a person who’s dead and was vindicated twice by a jury in court no found not guilty. Yet hear we are in 2019 trialing someone by media when they can’t even defend themselves. I hope Wade fades away into an embrassing footnote in history. Where all deceitful people belong who make a mockery not only if the judicial system but of Child Abuse itself. When you really are a survivor of Child Abuse you know that you would never behave like this, and start to find his behaviour extremely weird. I would never let Wade near my children for a dance class. He’s a predator of the worse kind.


  12. Danny King permalink
    February 28, 2019 1:53 pm

    I won’t ever watch channel 4 again a dead man gift from god used buy greedy people this alsoctalk bout the fact that wade won’t under go a lye detecter test because he don’t believe in them funny that


  13. January 27, 2019 5:22 am

    “Did the lawyers file to get those journals? Do you know?” – Jeanann Leone

    I don’t know but think they didn’t. Robson suppressed even the essential information required of him by the judge. And the journals are something personal, belonging to Joy Robson, so probably there was no legal reason for the request.
    But of course it would be a treasure trove if they did get hold of it. I clearly remember Joy Robson answering her son “I have several versions of it. I will inform you if I find anything beneficial for you”.


  14. Jeanann Leone permalink
    January 26, 2019 10:21 pm

    I wonder if Robson has gotten his mother’s journals. If there is something in there to discredit his lies, he will destroy them- no doubt about that. Did the lawyers file to get those journals? Do you know?


  15. Maha permalink
    August 14, 2018 12:52 pm

    he made a new version btw


  16. dorito permalink
    February 6, 2017 12:25 pm

    des that’s what I’ve been saying all along, michael was the biggest star in the world why would he show so openly his love for children and kiss them and hug them in front of everybody to see, if he was a pedophile? I mean those people try to stay away from kids in the public and not show them any interest because they know that their behavior is being watched by others and that people are going to start suspecting them, so they distance themselves as much as they can and try to show off their adult relationships to throw dust in other people’s eyes…and what did michael do? the exact opposite, he was very private about his relationship with women he was sexually involved with but was public about his relationship with children because he knew that he was not doing anything wrong…no pedophile is going to act like michael did, they’re very smart in hiding it as much as they can so they can’t be caught, but haters think that michael’s masterplan was to be open about his love for children so he won’t get caught, I mean what?? actually him being around all those kids is what got him the allegations in the first place, you would think if he was a real one he wouldn’t think for a moment that people around him would be like: “why is he with kids so often?” yeah that makes sense. pedos try to cover up their relationship with kids like I said, that’s why they choose jobs where they can be close to kids without raising suspicion! they do not act like michael did at all!! as you said if these haters want so bad to help real victims of abuse then they should look elsewhere and not slander a dead man who’s been proven to be innocent so many times now!


  17. Des permalink
    February 6, 2017 6:46 am

    Michael said it himself thirty five years ago on his Billie Jean song(the lie becomes the truth) that’s why people like you dear Helena and all the others are so important for all these people that they want to find the truth.Not in a million years would have cross my mind that maybe just maybe something happened,deep within my heart something very powerful has been telling me that this man sacrificed him self for the good of the humanity, he could have easily turned his back to all the suffering and lived privately and do all the things that the haters say that he did like the real abusers do,but instead everything he was doing everything he was saying every interview he was declaring his love for children WHO does that? he was the biggest star on the planet every body knew him why should he try and get more attention it’s just stupid. If Michael Jackson haters want to help real victims and want to punish real abusers they should look elsewhere like the Catholic Church, I don’t know if you heard but those people who we meant to trust they sexually abused thousands of children and everything has been kept a secret here in Australia but am sure it’s happening all over the world. I have children and grandchildren If someone touched my child this way i wouldn’t want their money I will kill them with my own hands,am sorry but today I am angry with all these news and how these people got away for so many years and then you have all these looser’s wasting their time on innocent man while others flourishing under cover.


  18. February 4, 2017 2:33 pm

    Another article explaining the same phenomenon on the basis of recent research:

    If you repeat a lie enough, people think it’s true

    Ellen Scott 1 Dec 2015 10:37 am

    Want to convince someone of something entirely untrue? Just keep repeating it. Over and over.

    The illusory truth effect has been flying around the world of psychology since 1977. But recently, more and more evidence has arrived to back it up.
    The illusory truth effect is the idea that if you repeat something often enough, people will slowly start to believe it’s true. Sounds about right, considering all the times we’ve blindly trusted an old wives’ tale or a much-retweeted factoid.

    But a new study has revealed that the illusory truth effect is much stronger than we imagined. Because it turns out that even if a person has prior knowledge disproving a lie they’re being told, they’ll still believe the lie if it’s repeated enough.

    In an experiment published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, researchers asked a group of students to read through a list of statements – some of which were obviously true or false, and others that were a little trickier to judge. The students had to rate each statement from 1, meaning definitely false, to 6, meaning definitely true.

    Then they were asked to do the same rating task on another list, which included some of the same statements from the first.
    Finally, the students were given multiple choice questionnaires to judge their actual knowledge of some of the statements on the list.
    What’s worrying is that even when students knew the correct answer to one of the multiple choice questions, they were still likely to rate false statements contradicting their knowledge as true, as long as they had been repeated on the lists.

    So for example, even when a student knew that ‘the short pleated skirt worn by Scots’ was called a kilt, they would rate the statement ‘a sari is the name of the short plaid skirt worn by Scots’ as more true after they had read it multiple times.

    This indicates that being told something enough – even when you KNOW it’s incorrect – can make you believe it to be true.

    This might also apply to the person repeating the lie. The more you say something, the more you, too, will believe it’s the truth.

    Bit scary, no?

    Yes, it is scary, and this is how the ‘molestation’ myth was created about Jackson – through mere repetition of someone’s lies. And I am really happy that researchers have begun studying the effect. The more people know about it the better they are understand the way their minds are being manipulated.


  19. February 4, 2017 7:29 am

    “Hearing a lie over and over…they eventually start believing in it”-wkatrina

    Wkatrina, the above is true and we tended to think that as soon as the truth is told, things will miraculously change for the better. But the latest studies (made in 2016) show that they may not – lies are more ‘familiar’ and familiarity breeds liking, so even when people know the truth they still tend to believe lies. This is called the effect of “the illusion of truth”. See this article for example:

    The Illusion of Truth

    Repetition is used everywhere—advertising, politics and the media—but does it really persuade us? Psychology studies reveal all…

    It seems too simplistic that just repeating a persuasive message should increase its effect, but that’s exactly what psychological research finds (again and again). Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion. In fact it’s so obvious that we sometimes forget how powerful it is.

    People rate statements that have been repeated just once as more valid or true than things they’ve heard for the first time. They even rate statements as truer when the person saying them has been repeatedly lying (Begg et al., 1992).

    This is what psychologists call the illusion of truth effect and it arises at least partly because familiarity breeds liking. As we are exposed to a message again and again, it becomes more familiar. Because of the way our minds work, what is familiar is also true. Familiar things require less effort to process and that feeling of ease unconsciously signals truth (this is called cognitive fluency).

    The exact opposite is also true. If something is hard to think about then people tend to believe it less. Naturally this is very bad news for people trying to persuade others of complicated ideas in what is a very complicated world.

    Repetition is effective almost across the board when people are paying little attention, but when they are concentrating and the argument is weak, the effect disappears (Moons et al., 2008).

    In other words, it’s no good repeating a weak argument to people who are listening carefully. But if people aren’t motivated to scrutinise your arguments carefully then repeat away with abandon—the audience will find the argument more familiar and, therefore, more persuasive.

    This suggests we should remain critical while watching TV adverts or the message will creep in under our defences. You might think it’s better to let the ads wash over you, without thinking too much, but just the reverse is true. Really we should be highly critical otherwise, before we know it, we’re singing the jingle, quoting the tag-line and buying the product.

    When the argument is strong, though, it doesn’t matter whether or not the audience is concentrating hard, repetition will increase persuasion. Unfortunately I find it’s often people with the best arguments who don’t repeat them enough.

    When people are debating an issue together in a meeting, you can see a parallel effect. When one person in a group repeats their opinion a few times, the other people think that person’s opinion is more representative of the whole group.

    It’s a depressing enough finding about the human ability to process rational arguments but recent research has shown an even more worrying effect. We can effectively persuade ourselves through repetition. A study has shown that when an idea is retrieved from memory, this has just as powerful a persuasive effect on us as if it had been repeated twice (Ozubki et al., 2010).

    So, incredible as it may sound, when people pay little attention repetition is more effective. Now it clear why they copied and pasted headlines with lies about Jackson by a hundred if not a thousand – all these methods come from advertising and they proved themselves extremely effective long time ago.

    The good news is that finally people begin to realize that successful advertising methods can be employed everywhere – in politics for example and to promote lies too – and this can create horrible dangers, and that is why they have begun studying it really seriously. I hope that a remedy against the devastating effect of lies is found one day.


  20. wkatrina permalink
    February 3, 2017 11:25 am

    Dorito,I paid attention to what was said in your post about lies”: Hearing a lie over and over…they eventually start believing in it” There have been similar comments in regard to Trump.


  21. Helen-Marie permalink
    February 2, 2017 3:45 pm

    Thank you for your kind words Talia, you are absolutely right, all our efforts matter, no matter how big or small. There has not been a single day since we lost him that I haven’t defended or honoured his legacy in some way. Many have fallen by the wayside, given up, but I will stand tall until I can breathe no more. It is nothing compared to the Love and Hope he gave to us. Of course there are snippets of hope and Helena’s blog is definitely one of them.
    With love x


  22. dorito permalink
    February 2, 2017 12:36 pm

    helena you are absolutely right, it’s like what michael said to Oprah “if people start hearing a lie over and over and over again they will eventually start believing it”, it’s sad really!! hell there are still people in 2017 who believe he bleached his skin, when the autopsy report has confirmed that he indeed had vitiligo and was using a cream that vitiligo patients get to even out the skin tone, and it’s been available to the public since his death but people still believe the bleaching skin story because it fits their narrative of him being a freak and hating his own race -.- they don’t like hearing the truth because God forbid that michael was a normal human being like all of us…but as for wade and his case we shouldn’t put our heads down and let the haters get away with this!! neither do I hope they settle…I hope the judge sees through their lies and throw the case out again, like the first one did!!


  23. Talia Gifty permalink
    February 2, 2017 10:32 am

    Helen-Marie, don’t get discouraged. I understand you completely. I feel the same way sometimes and I just pray for these situations. It’s not always comforting to see my Prayers not answered yet. But they will be answered some day. And all that matters is we know the truth and we are doing are best to stand up for what is right. All our work is going to go for something and soon and I pray it we will all see it. These situations will all be thrown away and deposed of. And Michael Jackson will be remembered for the good man he was and not the horrible monster the media and liars made him out to be. Keep your head up high and keep fighting no matter.


  24. Helen-Marie permalink
    February 2, 2017 5:51 am

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head Helena, the more people hear it the more it will be believed. Propaganda has always had big part to play in the smearing of Michael’s name. To this day I still find myself defending him to even the most educated amongst us. More than seven years after his death it seems that very little has changed on that score.

    I’m afraid I came to the conclusion a while ago that there are far more sinister and higher authorities involved in the campaign to wipe away all the goodness and love he spread around the world and that saddens me greatly.

    There is also the matter of how much a 4year+ court battle will cost and this also has a part to play I’m sure.

    Keep up the good work Helena, if we continue to work together maybe the truth will one day prevail, I can only hope that will happen in my lifetime.


  25. February 1, 2017 5:06 pm

    “At first I was angry that this case was not dismissed earlier, but I now believe it will be to Michael’s advantage” – Helen-Marie

    Helen-Marie, I also believe that in the end it will be to Michael’s advantage, but in contrast to you I am getting increasingly angry with the judge for allowing this absurd case to drag on and on. He should have dropped it at the very first moment, at least for the reason that Robson is a liar whichever way you look at him – if he is telling the ‘truth’ now, he was a liar then, and if he was telling the truth then, he is a liar now.

    But instead of dealing with Robson the way he deserves it, the judge keeps stroking him on the head and allows him to amend his case for the fourth time! Does he want to make his case ‘perfect’ or what?

    People have heard Robson’s case being discussed for four years already and it already turning into a household subject with them. If the judge had thrown the case out the moment it appeared, by now everyone would have forgotten that Robson ever said it. However the longevity of the case alone solidifies the subject and it is the judge who is directly to blame for it.

    One of the main pillars of any form of propaganda is “talking about it”. If they talk long enough people will start regard anything as a reality. They will simply stop paying attention to logical arguments and will accept it as a ‘background noise’ same as we get used to the ticking of a clock and stop paying attention to it by accepting it as a part of the world of sounds around us. In psychological science this process of accommodation to something is called “Desensitization”.

    I’ve recently read an interesting article which also explains another psychological phenomenon called “Associative Conditioning”. It is a “process whereby, when two things are repeatedly juxtaposed, one’s feelings about one thing are transferred to the other.”

    So when they constantly put Michael Jackson’s name into one sentence with words like ‘ped-lia’, ‘abuse’, etc. this juxtaposition in and of itself transfers this subject onto him. Simply due to constant repetition of one thing with the other.

    And if they keep repeating all those allegations for four years like in Robson’s case? This alone can turn lies into ‘facts’!

    Now that I’ve read more about the psychological rules of propaganda I am more than sure that the prolongation of Robson’s absurd case is no accident. Robson just triggered it off, but as to the publicity and promotion of this case it is being handled by professionals.


  26. February 1, 2017 3:37 pm

    “does this guy really want us to believe that michael would call one of his “victims” in court to testify in his defense?? michael wouldn’t risk it!!” – dorito

    A very good observation, dorito.


  27. Coup De Grace permalink
    February 1, 2017 11:54 am

    I wonder how MJ contractors are reacting. Probably something desperate like “Just because he wants money, doesn’t mean he wasn’t molested.”


  28. Helen-Marie permalink
    January 31, 2017 8:01 am

    Thank you Helena, once again your investigation has shown lies & errors in Wades story.
    At first I was angry that this case was not dismissed earlier, but I now believe it will be to Michael’s advantage, as the longer it goes on the more it looks like a complete fabricated money grab on Wades part. The truth is glaringly obvious & hopefully the case will now come to an end.


  29. Talia Gifty permalink
    January 30, 2017 11:44 am



  30. dorito permalink
    January 30, 2017 10:45 am

    nannoris, so true!! I mean that’s what I got from the emails also…he’s depending on his mother so much because he was never that close with michael anyways…him asking all those questions just confirms to me that he doesn’t remember anything because he never saw michael that much to begin with!! and the other thing he says he was molested till age 14 which would be around 1996-1997!! all the years when michael was with Lisa marie, having his first child, and also the fbi and sneddon being on his ass constantly after 1993, tapping his phones and watching out in case he did something wrong…it reminds me of Gavin who said he was molested after the documentary when michael was again being investigated for this again -.- like come on, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry seriously…


  31. Talia Gifty permalink
    January 30, 2017 2:17 am

    So true, Nannoris. Well said.


  32. nannorris permalink
    January 29, 2017 11:32 pm

    As I read this , Im just struck by how casual, the conversation, between a mother and her child is , regarding such a serious topic..It just leads me to believe Joy Robson was on board with the obvious money grab, from the get go..
    Wade, nor any of the Robsons , got any money for any confidentiality agreements , he isnt in the will, and he wasnt around him , like Frank Cascio, to be able to pen a book about their friendship,…
    All they have is MJ memorabilia to sell,, to fans , so this is the route they took,, imo
    The back and forth emails are obviously the two of them trying to shore up his memory, or lack thereof
    All this interest in how they came to run into MJ on their visit ,to the states ,, after MJ death ,, , was brought up in 2005. Wade didnt really know how his mother ended up tracking down MJ, and evidently had no interest in knowing , if he is waiting so many years, later , when he is writing a book,, making accusations , to even inquire..

    Couldn’t even bother to read the testimony of the key witnesses from the trial , because he would have known, since Joy spoke of it , in court…,
    I read their testimony , and it was Joy hunting MJ down like a bill collector, and Joy calling his offices to remind MJ , that this family needed work.
    And it was the Robsons , taking advantage of MJ hospitality using his ranch , while he wasnt even there to entertain and impress their friends over the years
    And he would have known there was no bed , in the hideaway, just too lazy to bother reading it..
    Seems pretty obvious to me , Wade and the rest of his family never thought this case would go this far..He either thought he would get a book deal , or a settlement , and thankfully he hasnt gotten either.
    I also think it is interesting , that Joy , would have kept journals regarding those days , especially since they were struggling and working so hard to stay afloat..
    That is a lot of time to invest in keeping diaries , ..Perhaps she thought her son would become so famous, they would need to document his rise in the entertainment business, but instead, as usual , people find a way to attempt to profit off the famous MJ , because it is easier


  33. karin22 permalink
    January 28, 2017 6:17 pm

    Dorito,a great observation. When if ever will WR lawsuit come to an end.


  34. dorito permalink
    January 27, 2017 12:17 pm

    thing is does this guy really want us to believe that michael would call one of his “victims” in court to testify in his defense??as this person said on YouTube “wade was the first defense witness called, if MJ had really molested wade for 7 years as he claims now, do you really think MJ would ask him to be the first witness to testify on his behalf knowing the amount of grilling he would go through by the prosecution sneddon and zonen who clearly wanted MJ to be found guilty of anything no matter how trivial?!”. no matter how brainwashed that wade wants us to believe he was, michael wouldn’t risk it!!and even if he was brainwashed when they asked him specifically “did he touch you? did he kiss you, did he do this, did he do that” the answer would be yes to everything if he thought that it was “love” and consensual, but it was no to every single thing! it’s so obvious that he is lying! like Mike said “anything for money” smh…


  35. Talia Gifty permalink
    January 27, 2017 8:11 am

    Des, you hit it right on the nail. That is so true. I can’t believe this guy who clearly is a liar has so many people believing him. It’s all so very foolish. I am glad most of us are the seeing the light. We pray one day those people who believe the lies will soon see what we see.


  36. Des permalink
    January 27, 2017 5:42 am

    The man has issues,any one and amen anyone can see the liar that he is, and from what I read his family’s relationship with his mother isn’t that good. I just feel sorry for his child,one day he will find out what a twisted man his father his,and hopefully his wife realises the sooner she gets out from his life the better but on the other hand maybe she’s hoping for some easy money too.Thank you Helena ones again.


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