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Another round of Michael Jackson FAKE NEWS to be expected this month

June 7, 2017

As the 8th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death lies ahead of us, we can expect another round of fake news to be spread in tabloids, as is usual on this kind of Michael Jackson key dates. One of them was already announced some weeks ago in an article on the Daily Mail Online site about Michael Jacobshagen who apparently was interviewed by Daphne Barak for an Australian TV show.

The article told that the interview would be aired around Michael Jackson’s death anniversary this year, which is June 25.

For those who don’t know these two names, let me tell you that Daphne Barak calls herself an “international interviewer” and has a long history of harassing Michael Jackson and trying to interview him. Michael even once fled from her in a Las Vegas hotel when his father reportedly had promised Barak an interview with Michael which he didn’t want to do.

Michael Jacobshagen is a German young man who once met Michael as a boy, spent at most a few weeks with him during the History Tour and now claims to have been a friend of Michael Jackson over two decades and tries to make money with interviews about Jackson, most of them peppered with untruths or stories he cannot know.


Let’s first have a short look at Daphne Barak and remember some information we already gathered on her. What kind of “interviewer” she is was told in this post of Helena.


Daphne Barak – here with Tom Barrack who belonged to Donald Trump’s campaign team and was chairman of his Inaugural Committee.

It is clear Michael Jackson didn’t like her because she harassed him, was only interested in sensations and turned everything she heard about him into lies.

In another post about an interview she did with Aaron Carter Helena already told in 2011:

“Daphne Barak had an interview with Aaron Carter in 2011,  on the eve of the 2nd anniversary of Michael’s death.

All the circumstances came in extremely handy – Carter was straight from a rehab and was working on a new album (which naturally needed promotion). This was very convenient a pretext for a conversation which could cover up for the real goal of the conversation – to extract from him as much as possible about Michael Jackson and create a smear story right for the time of the anniversary.

Besides all the harm she previously did to Michael Jackson Daphne Barak has been consistently pursuing this goal for the last three years. She marked every May or June since Michael’s death with a regular story about him being “a lost soul” in terms of narcotics.”

In the first of the three years Helena talked about, in 2009, Daphne Barak spread the lie of the so-called “regular pumping of Michael’s stomach for drugs” and attributed the story to nanny Grace Rwaramba.
In 2010 she was the source for the dubious tapes where someone sounding like Michael Jackson under the effect of drugs talked to the answering machine of an unnamed “friend”.
And in 2011 she spread the ugly story of Aaron Carter’s “interview” hinting at Jackson’s drug addiction and “inappropriate behavior” with youngsters.

(Please read the rest of the post to educate yourself about this woman!)

…and here we are again with new lies from her to “celebrate” Michael’s death anniversary.

This article confirms our findings. Daphne Barak is called there “a meddling tabloid vulture masquerading as a journalist” – obviously a very suitable description.

The above mentioned Daily Mail article of May 7, 2017, on the interview with Jacobshagen probably remained unnoticed by most MJ fans and readers, as apart from the British Daily Mail it spread only in a series of third-class online tabloids, though on an international basis. And we were thinking about whether we should give attention to this “news” at all, because Jacobshagen is not an important figure in Michael Jackson’s life story and loves the attention of tabloids. But there are so blatant lies in it that we cannot ignore it as MJ bloggers fighting for the truth, the more so as the article announced a TV broadcasting in “Australia, the US and other markets” in June.


Before we go into some of the details of the article let’s have a short look at Jacobshagen and how he presents himself.

According to his own earlier statements he met Michael only in his childhood: First once in 1995 in Paris at Disneyland, then during the History Tour in Germany in 1997 and again in 1998 for two weeks in Munich. Not all of it is proven and we don’t know exactly at which times they met, but altogether they spent at most a few weeks together between 1995 and 1998.

That’s what he told himself very vaguely after Michael Jackson’s death when he started to give interviews for tabloids and presented his self-published book “Will you be my friend”.

He also told several tabloids that Prince and Paris are not Michael’s biological children and talked about Michael’s drug addiction, as if he had any first-hand information on that, claiming he was a close confidant of the Jackson family.

He is also the one who became well-known among the fanbase for letting a German tabloid reporter into Michael’s mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale in 2014, when somebody gave him the code word to get inside.

Some time later he began to “extend” his relationship with Michael and now tells regularly he was his close friend for decades. Meanwhile his website where he promoted his book is down, so we cannot see anymore what he told there earlier.

But an article of 2013 in the German tabloid “Bild” based on an interview at the time told that the last phone call between Jackson and Jacobshagen was in 2001 and there was no more contact afterwards.

2017-05-31 09_59_35-Jacko-Junge Jacobshagen_ Nach 15 Jahren an Michaels Grab - Leute -

“After a last phone call in 2001 he and the superstar had no more contact.”


All the more disturbing is what he apparently told now Daphne Barak in the above mentioned interview of May 2017. So let’s look at the details and ask a couple of questions.

The article says:

“Michael Jackson predicted he would be murdered in handwritten notes he gave to a friend weeks before his death of a drug overdose in 2009.” []

“Jacobshagen tells Barak how a fearful Jackson called him from a Las Vegas hideaway. The star was preparing for a tour at London’s O2 but begged his friend to fly from Germany to the US to be with him.” []

“After he flew out and spent three days with the troubled star, Jackson handed Jacobshagen the notes. Jacobshagen said that the notes kept telling him ‘they’ were trying to murder Jackson.”

Okay, according to this article Jacobshagen told Barak that he was called by Jackson “weeks before his death” to tell him that he feared he would be murdered, and that Jacobshagen then flew to the US and spent 3 days with Jackson.

How is this possible when nobody ever talked about it before? The weeks before Jackson’s death were dissected during the Murray and AEG trials. Somebody would have known that this German young man met Michael, at least his children. They never talked about having seen Michael Jacobshagen.

Michael had a very tight schedule during his final months in Los Angeles. There was no time for a 3 day timeout to meet secretly with Jacobshagen (without his children?). And MJ would never have turned confidentially with his problems to someone he once met as a boy in the 90ies for a few weeks and who played no further part in his life. This is a big fat lie! There was no meeting of the two weeks before Jackson died. And there was no contact between them in the last years of his life.

Moreover, Michael was not in a “Las Vegas hideaway” in his last weeks. He had left Las Vegas at the end of 2008 and was in Los Angeles to prepare for the London tour. In addition, it was documented in the trials that Murray “treated” Michael on a daily basis in his LA mansion beginning in April 2009 until his death. And what about the bodyguards who were around him permanently? So when would Jacobshagen have had the opportunity to be alone with Michael for 3 days, away from his children? What a nonsense!

“The letters will bolster the belief of many, including Jackson’s daughter Paris and sister LaToya, that the King of Pop was unlawfully killed.

In the 13 messages he declared: ‘They are trying to murder me’ and ‘I’m scared about my life’.

Their existence has been revealed for the first time by German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, 34 – who maintained a two-decade-long friendship with the star – in an interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak for Australian TV show Sunday Night.”

The proof for the existence of these “13 messages” has so far not been presented by Jacobshagen. It remains to be seen if they are shown in the TV show. But it won’t still be a proof that they were handed to him by Michael personally. In an earlier interview of February this year (also in German) Jacobshagen told that he received the notes from Michael’s mother:

2017-05-31 10_06_18-Michael Jackson_ Bestätigen Geheimnotizen die Mord-Theorie_ _ Stars

“Jacobshagen states that Michael’s mother gave him the notes in mid-2015 so that he could ‘bring the truth to light.'”

Michael always wrote notes, some already have become public, so whether Katherine Jackson gave Jacobshagen some notes or whether he made them completely up we don’t know exactly, but he certainly didn’t receive them from Michael personally in 2009.

If true, also the question arises why Jacobshagen didn’t hand the notes over to the police or the prosecutors when Michael died and a trial against Murray was scheduled? Why didn’t he immediately talk about it when Michael’s death became reality after his alleged cries for help to his so-called friend? Why only now after 8 years? The answer is clear: Because he didn’t have them.

Why do all these people, who after Michael’s death suddenly claim to have knowledge of explosive information, only go to the media now instead of acting in time to inform someone in charge? Is all this “information” only worth the money they can get for it? Or is it still profitable to make up stories after all these years?

And by the way, Michael Jackson was “unlawfully killed” – that’s nothing new, because somebody was convicted for that. The authors of this “news” apparently regard Murray’s conviction as something without significance.

“The singer never clarified who ‘they’ were but some notes refer to concert promoters AEG, which was organizing concerts in London that he was shortly due to perform.”

Why should Michael give Jacobshagen these notes at all when he could talk to him personally? Doesn’t make sense! When I can talk to somebody in person to tell him my fears (for 3 days!) I don’t need to give him some cryptic notes which Jacobshagen obviously even has to interpret himself. Why didn’t he ask Jackson who “they” were if he had the opportunity to talk to him so extensively without being disturbed by Michael’s kids?

And why then didn’t he help his “friend” in a way Michael would have expected him to? Wouldn’t he have talked to him and confided in him for a reason – if true?

“He says he has gone public with the notes now to support Jackson’s daughter Paris, 19, who recently claimed her father was murdered.”

I would like to ask the young man if he really thinks he can support Paris with a lie?

Paris doesn’t know him, she was born in the year Jacobshagen claims to have been together with Michael for two weeks in Munich (1998). She definitely doesn’t need this kind of dubious support.

Jacobshagen always defended Jackson against the molestation allegations, but if he tells egregious lies at the same time, how can he be a trustworthy source?

Given that Jacobshagen only speaks very poor English, I first thought there is a possibility that parts of this story were made up by Daphne Barak or the media reporting it (wouldn’t be a surprise). But this Facebook post of Jacobshagen (screenshot) proves that it is his own story he is trying to spread (even some MJ fans fall for him):

2017-05-23 15_52_11-(96) Michael Jacobshagen - Beiträge

Apart from his terrible English to me his post also shows signs of narcissism, overconfidence and presumptuousness and a lost touch with reality.

And it is interesting that even Daphne Barak seemed to have this impression at first. On April 11 she posted spontaneously together with a link to a stupid article about Blanket Jackson on Twitter:

“AND ..We had a nutty person, claiming to have “Never Seen Letters from Michael ..” Can you believe it? A nut case with zero morals. SAD.2017-05-29 16_22_08-Daphne Barak auf Twitter_ _AND ..We had a nutty person claiming to have _Never

Who else could she mean than Michael Jacobshagen? She first called him “a nutty person” and “a nut case with zero morals”, and then a couple of days later she obviously changed her mind and took him seriously? What a great team!


Our post is meant to clarify for our readers that this story is bogus. Since we have to expect that these lies will spread on TV on the anniversary of Michael’s death we want to put things straight before it happens. We devoted ourselves to the truth and will always expose the lies that are told in connection with Michael Jackson.

Yes, Michael Jackson was killed – first of all by Conrad Murray who literally took his life. And he was killed as well by all those who put pressure on him, above all AEG Live in his final weeks, but also those who brought him in a situation of accepting another concert series – DA Sneddon, the accusers, the media, self-serving advisors and business men, etc. – like for example Colony Capital (now Colony NorthStar) with boss Tom Barrack, with whom Daphne Barak is obviously friends, ignoring that he was part of those putting pressure on Jackson.

But we still haven’t seen any proof, including Jacobshagen, that there was a conspiracy by certain powers with the intention to murder him. Now Jacobshagen wants to bolster this idea with false evidence. This doesn’t work!

He should learn that lies never work to defend the truth!

He should learn that lies destroy trust.

He will never be a trustworthy person to defend Michael Jackson because he already has told too many lies.

What a shame how some “friends” sell Michael’s trust for money!

And what a shame they cooperate with media people who already told enough lies about Michael!


UPDATE July 9, 2017

We have to inform our readers that Michael Jacobshagen contacted us on the blog by mail and threatened to sue us for defamation if we don’t remove this post.

We agreed to remove his photo in this post (which was taken by a journalist) for copyright reasons, but we see no reason to remove the post itself.

The reason why the accusation of defamation makes no sense lies in the fact that he made different statements himself as to when he had his last contact with Michael Jackson, so we only draw conclusions from his own statements, made for example in this interview with a German fan site where he was asked about his last contact with Jackson and answered: “Im Jahr 2001 war das letzte ausführliche Gespräch.“ Tanslation: The last detailed conversation was in 2001.

We offered him to present his side of the story by adding his explanations and answers to our questions in this update, so the readers can decide themselves if he delivers credible answers.



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  1. September 16, 2017 4:45 pm

    “Regarding Jacobshagen,here is an English summary of that report in the video” – jacksonaktak

    Jacksonaktak, thank you for making the summary in English. This Jacobshagen is a fraud all right, and none of us want any lies about MJ whether they are told by his detractors or supporters alike, so it’s good that someone finally handled Jacobshagen.

    But what makes me wonder is why they don’t examine the lies told by Michael’s detractors in the same way? Journalists have gone to great pains to expose Jacobshagen who is supposed to be a “die hard fan”, but they never check up any fake information from Michael’s haters and let it go as it is.

    Exposing those liars is no less interesting and most of the lies are relatively easy to debunk. For example, the journalists had all the time in the world to explain to the public that there was no match between Jordan Chandler’s drawing and MJ’s photos, or that no child porn was ever found in Michael’s home.

    Isn’t it interesting that they never take this opportunity?


  2. September 15, 2017 12:37 am

    Regarding Jacobshagen,here is an English summary of that report in the video:

    First they interview Jacobshagen who repeats his fairy tale of being in regular contact with MJ since 1998 and MJ supposedly giving him all those notes to share with the world and the fans. Claims to have been on tours with him for weeks (what tour that would be after 1998? LOL).

    Then they talk to another guy, a Swiss man, Thomas Käppeli who is a big MJ fan and collector. He spent about 300.000 euros on MJ memorabilia, many from Jacobshagen. He started to be suspicious when he once noted how he would like to have something MJ wrote about Switzerland (because he is Swiss and he’s met MJ always in Switzerland) and with a marker rather than a pen. And lo and behold the next time him and Jacobshagen met Jacobshagen brought five notes about Switzerland (“I love Switzerland” etc.) all written with a marker. So this was a big red flag for Käppeli as it was a bit too convenient.

    Then they show another fan, who noticed something on eBay. There was a Bad LP sold for 2.00 euros and Jacobshagen gave a positive rating for that particular item on eBay. Then a couple of months later this same LP was sold on Jacobshagen account – but by the time it was autographed supposedly by MJ and Jacobshagen tried to sell it for 250 euros. The guy noticed it was the same LP because it had a yellow price sticker on it at the exact same location.

    Then another collector fan is interviewed who wanted to buy an autograph from him. It was on a photo paper that had a identification number on the back side. The guy then searched it on the Internet and it turned out that the particular photo paper was manufactured only years later, so that made him realize it was fake.

    Also Jacobshagen claimed on his website that a part of his income from these items goes to a particular foundation that fights against child poverty. The TV channel asked the foundation and they said that they never had any connection with Jacobshagen.

    Then they asked Dieter Wiesner about Jacobshagen and he said he asked Katherine and he asked Jermaine about him, but no one knows him.

    Then they have a criminal graphologist analyze Jacobshagen’s notes and she clearly says they are fake.

    Then they have Thomas Käppeli meet him again but this time they record the meeting with a hidden camera. During the meeting Jacobshagen admits he doesn’t pay any tax after the stuff he is selling.

    Then the TV program interviews him again. Unsolicited Jacobshagen offers them “real MJ notes” for 1,000 euros. He claims to have been there when Michael wrote them. Then during the interview they tell him that acc. to the criminal graphologist his notes are fake. Jacobshagen doesn’t admit them to be fake, he says he has no idea why would the graphologist say that, he was there and they are real.

    Then they show Jermaine say he doesn’t have any idea who Jacobshagen is and he is very angry he uses his family’s name for this.

    Wiesner says Jacobshagen is a hard core fan and he thinks he really believes what he says (hinting at a mental issue, I think).

    And then after the report they add that since Jacobshagen took his website off the Internet.


  3. September 14, 2017 1:30 am

    @natakit: Thanks, I have seen the report and will add the information to the post as soon as possible. It’s important because now he is the one who will be sued. He is exposed publicly now and I think this will finally stop him.


  4. natakit permalink
    September 13, 2017 3:20 pm

    it’s interesting


  5. Ara Krejci permalink
    August 4, 2017 7:33 pm

    I couldn’t bear to watch, so as to protect my heart. Was the documentary as unbiased toward Michael as you had wished? Will watching it break my heart all over again? Please, help me out here.


  6. sanemjfan permalink
    August 2, 2017 11:49 pm

    The Jury Speaks episode on MJ’s trial is now on youtube! Watch it while it’s still there! The Oxygen Channel may try to have it taken down soon.


  7. July 24, 2017 1:36 am

    @Ara Krejci: This is the official court document:

    Of course Safechuck can appeal this decision, but it is very unlikely he would be successful.


  8. Ara Krejci permalink
    July 23, 2017 4:07 pm

    Has Safechuck’s lawsuit trial really and officially been dismissed? As in forever? Has this been verified? Do you have a citation? This would be such very good news!


  9. Des permalink
    July 22, 2017 3:26 am

    Thank you for everything,from the bottom of my heart.


  10. sanemjfan permalink
    July 22, 2017 12:47 am

    Here’s more good news! Juror Paulina Coccoz, one of MJ’s biggest defenders since the end of the trial, will be the one doing the Reddit Q&A session on Sunday night! I will be sure to participate and ask some good questions, and rebut any trolls!


  11. sanemjfan permalink
    July 21, 2017 6:37 pm

    Here’s an interview with one of the jurors of the MJ trial. She still stands by her verdict, and thank goodness she still has every bit of integrity today that she had in 2005!


  12. susannerb permalink
    July 21, 2017 12:14 pm

    @sanemjfan: Thanks for making us aware of these new developments.
    I can’t find the article on the National Enquirer site anymore; there are just numerous other salacious headlines about other celebrities, probably with the same lack of veracity.

    And by checking Vincent Amen’s Twitter account I found out that he’s a big Trump fan. Why do I think this is so typical? Whenever I see someone working against MJ, they are always Trump supporters, too. Somehow all these “alternative facts” supporters who claim all media are “fake news”, but spread the most fake news themselves, are of the same kind: They lie through their teeth, don’t care about fact-checking and provable facts and don’t stop although they have been exposed as liars for a long time.
    But do we have proof that Frank Cascio is still friends with Amen?

    Well, now that Safechuck’s case is dismissed and Robson’s will be probably as well, the people behind all these allegations are looking for further opportunities to spread their lies in any form. They won’t stop until they die because they need Michael Jackson as a scapegoat and a doormat for all the evil deeds that happen in the world and to distract from their own evil characters.

    The “The Jury Speaks” program cannot be watched in Europe, but of course we are interested in what is going on in the US. I already have read Raven’s new post on it, and I hope like everybody else that this program will indeed serve the purpose of educating the audience in the right way and not serve for entertainment only. So let’s see what comes of it.

    We hope to be able to write a summary post about the latest developments in the MJ history, including the dismissal of the Safechuck case. It needs to be addressed in a way.


  13. sanemjfan permalink
    July 20, 2017 10:52 pm

    I finally have some good news about MJ for once! The executive producer of the upcoming documentary “The Jury Speaks” did a Q&A today and said that she used to think MJ may have been guilty, but after talking to jurors and reviewing the evidence, she now thinks he’s innocent! Read my thread, beginning with this tweet


  14. sanemjfan permalink
    July 19, 2017 7:24 pm

    Here we go again! The National Enquirer is reporting that Frank Cascio’s friend Vincent Amen, who was one of five unindicted co-conspirators in MJ trial (along with Frank Cascio, and MJ’s business associates Dieter Wiesner, Marc Schaffel, and Ronald Konitzer), has given them “child porn” that wasn’t shown to the jury in 2005. This is just a regurgitation of Radar’s story from last summer, and I just hope that this doesn’t also go viral.


  15. susannerb permalink
    July 9, 2017 2:52 am

    Guys, sorry for our absence again. Meanwhile we were contacted by M. Jacobshagen on this blog which required an update to this post. Please read the update, in case of further developments we will add more information.

    BTW, has anyone seen the announced interview on TV? We couldn’t find it anywhere, so we assume it was not aired. But if anyone has other information, please let us know.


  16. Roger Wauters permalink
    July 2, 2017 12:29 pm

    Answer to kaarin222 …Jacobshagen wrote a book indeed but i know a friend who waited 2 months and never recieved the book, even after a repeated promessing from Michael Jacobshagen. Never buy ANYTHING from him!!!!


  17. Roger Wauters permalink
    July 2, 2017 12:11 pm

    Michael Jacobshagen STOLE money from several people, also from my friend Rob Swinson who worked for MJ in Neverland putting the rides there, also the big Carrousel. Also from a German lady who is also my FB friend he stole money. Ones i confronted him with him using the name MiJac for his own bubious purposes. He told me to have all the right since his own name was MIchael JACobshagen. Still he had no success on that page in framing people.


  18. Debbii Longshaw permalink
    June 29, 2017 5:13 pm

    Looks like Jacobsen is now selling those letters!

    If he were truly a friend, he wouldn’t part with such memorabilia, especially those with such a historical significance. That is if they are real!!


  19. June 27, 2017 7:06 pm

    In these days of wars,hunger and misery ion many countries it is important to remind us that Michael committed considerable personal time and money to combat these universal ills.


  20. June 25, 2017 2:17 pm

    “I heard the mjcast with ryan michaels and charles thomson the other day…that aaron carter said michael was sitting at the edge of the bed looking at him sleeping or something along those lines! I heard the tape of aaron, but nowhere does he say michael’s name or anyone’s for that matter!”- dorito

    Of course Aaron Carter didn’t mention Michael’s name because he was not speaking about Michael. He was speaking about his own manager who also went under the name of “king” – “boyband king” Lou Pearlman.

    And am I right to understand that Charles Thomson took Daphne Barak’s story at its face value and believed it? If he did, it is a total shock.

    In 2011 I wrote a piece about it: and made a short video explaining Daphne Barak’s dirty manipulation with Aaaron Carter’s words:

    If you read about Lou Pearlman you will understand that it is Pearlman who is creepy and not MJ.

    P.S. It is interesting that since that time Daphne Barak has deleted her videos as they could be proven to be fake by any sound expert. So her “evidence” is actually missing now, just leaving a trail of lies behind it.


  21. June 25, 2017 12:57 pm

    “Many thanks to you Helena for this blog” – kaarin222

    Many thanks to you, kaarin, and other people who have been reading it even despite my recent neglect for it. I myself got so much depressed by what’s going in my country and consequently in the world, that I felt I had no right to speak up any more. But your and other people’s ongoing support inspires me very much.

    You are my nation, and it is an extremely comfortable feeling to be part of it – like coming home again. And all of it due to Michael.


  22. June 25, 2017 12:37 pm

    “I heard people especially young people paying tribute to Michael and talking about what inspired them most they said mostly its the man that he was” – Des

    Oh, appreciating Michael the man he was is the best tribute to him. He was really someone special and very much different from all of us. No one can measure him up by today’s usual standards. He was just different. His talent and life history made him very special, like someone living in the future while all of us are a century back from him.
    His time will surely come, only people should grow wiser to be able to understand and appreciate the man he was.

    Yes, it is a sad day, but somehow his presence in the world is still felt and is even acquiring a new dimension.


  23. Des permalink
    June 25, 2017 7:51 am

    I want to thank you Helena again for everything . A day like today that we lost our brightest star and a great man,we from every corner of the planet all connected by coming on blogs like yours and share our thoughts and our love for Michael Jackson but also our love for humanity for peace and harmony and truth.Today I spent allot of time with Michael about Michael all on my own,I listen the mj cast it was a tribute show ,and when I heard people especially young people paying tribute to Michael and talking about what inspired them most they said mostly its the man that he was.It was heartbreaking to listen. I also want to mention that there was a talk on this post that tonight here in Australia on the Sunday night program they were going to air an interview with Jacobshagen , it did not happen tonight maybe another day we’ll see.LOVE&PEACH.


  24. June 24, 2017 8:58 pm

    Many thanks to you Helena for this blog


  25. dorito permalink
    June 20, 2017 4:13 pm

    I just wanted to ask something ever since I heard the mjcast with ryan michaels and charles thomson the other day…that aaron carter said michael was sitting at the edge of the bed looking at him sleeping or something along those lines! I heard the tape of aaron, but nowhere does he say michael’s name or anyone’s for that matter! I also read your articles about it too and this daphne does seem like a person who would do anything for her stories to be heard…What I want to say is, is there any truth to it? I mean she might have edited the tapes for all we know but I just want to be sure! Aaron has also stated that he slept at neverland once and that was with chris tucker in the theater, not in michael’s room! Also his mother went crazy when she found out that he did, so it seems that he has only stayed once, but I still want to know, because if it’s true then that’s a little creepy. It doesn’t change my opinion of michael’s innocence whatsoever (nothing will actually), it’s just creepy that’s all! Thanks 🙂


  26. Rabs permalink
    June 13, 2017 4:49 am

    @kaarin222 I felt like there was a ring of truth to Janet Arvizo naming her son Michael, I just don’t want to believe it though it makes me seriously uncomfortable. I feel like her, Blanca Francia and Jordan’s mum (maybe even Diane Dimond) had some weird obsession with MJ… especially Francia because she’d never let anyone near MJ when she worked for him. This is just my premonition not sure if it’s true or not.


  27. June 13, 2017 4:21 am

    Really,this Jacobshagen is very late in the game, and will be given publicity for his fantasies.Hopes to or will even write a book.
    And it would fit with Janet Arvizio ,later remarried to a man jackson, to give her son the name Michael. Obviously she cannot forget her time with THE Michael Jackson.Just hope he does not bother Paris.-And to see Tom Barrack wit Daphne Barak,, the former a supporter of Trump and a good(!) man , business such, who encouraged his errand boy Thome.Thome to micro manage Michael in his last days on earth.Barrack made good money on buying Neverland for a petty price.A nice neighbor indeed.The otherone , Barak was involved with Amy Winehouse for some months before her death. ——
    Nice to hear from you folks.


  28. Rabs permalink
    June 10, 2017 10:47 am

    @sussanarb: oh yes sorry, I was talking about Janet Arvizo. And yeah I think even the media was calling her a bit unhinged after her testimony.


  29. susannerb permalink
    June 10, 2017 8:39 am

    @Rabs: You didn’t point out that you are talking about Janet Arvizo, the mother of Gavin, Star and Davellin Arvizo, Michael’s accusers. She was born as Janet Ventura, then married to David Arvizo, and later called herself Janet Jackson when she married Jay Jackson. I want to emphasize for our readers that you are not talking about Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister.

    I don’t know anything about her youngest child (with Jay Jackson). But Janet Arvizo definitely had mental problems and we know that she was in psychiatric treatment. As far as I remember she was diagnosed bipolar.
    If you enter “Janet Arvizo” in the search button you will find numerous posts dealing with her.


  30. Rabs permalink
    June 10, 2017 7:09 am

    I wasn’t sure on which post to ask this, but I was reading the interview outlines done by PI Scott Ross with David Arvizo and came across something quite disturbing. On page 11 it says that Janet named her youngest child Michael (so he would be known as Michael Jackson). Also, at another point it states that she sexually abused her 8 year old 2nd cousin for approx 2 years. Is this actually true? If it is then I really think that Janet needed some proper psychiatric help and a prison sentence.
    Also, is there a post that you guys have written purely on Janet? I would really like to read it


  31. Des permalink
    June 8, 2017 9:19 pm

    So it’s gonna be aired here on the 25 of June! I dint not know that,and Sunday nights usually I watch the voice or masterChef and after that sixth minutes in other channels,I don’t know what am going to do now and If you didn’t mentioned I wouldn’t have known that it will be aired here. I know the story but, I also believe that as long as people make money of Michael they will exploit him,but then smart people are sick of these rubbish,like Tom Mesereau said people spend five minutes with Michael and suddenly they become his best friends.Thank you again for everything you do,it takes time and commitment and it’s not easy.Thank you.


  32. susannerb permalink
    June 8, 2017 1:24 pm

    Thanks, guys.
    I also wouldn’t have touched on this or given much attention if it were only a tabloid article read by few people on unimportant online sites. What concerned me was the announcement the interview would be aired on TV around June 25 in several countries, and according to Jacobshagen it is an hour-long interview. We will see if it actually reaches the wide public they wish to reach. But the Australian TV show “Sunday Night” always airs on Sunday nights, so we have to expect this interview to be aired exactly on June 25, probably followed by more press articles than before.
    I don’t think we will see a wide-spread spectacular campaign with this, because Jacobshagen is not a celebrity or a globally well-known Jackson friend (though he would like to be), but a TV show can create a lot of stir and bring Jacobshagen quite a sum of money. This guy has to be included in this long list of vultures who want to earn money by providing false or true or half-true information to the media from their short acquaintance with Michael. And he should know that educated MJ supporters see through this.


  33. June 8, 2017 8:43 am

    Reblogged this on mjjjusticeproject and commented:
    Matchstick Man- Michael Jacobshagen interviewed by disingenuous Daphne Barak – 8ys & False MJ Stories Still Abound –


  34. Talia Gifty permalink
    June 8, 2017 8:01 am

    Thank you so much for this post. It was a great read. When I saw the article about those letters, I pay no attention to it. I have become pretty off Standish about any article written about him lately. Thanks for touching on this subject though. Great Job.


  35. Rabs permalink
    June 8, 2017 6:49 am

    I saw this article a while back and remember thinking it to be such crap. Like why did this guy not come out with this story when LaToya was telling anyone that would listen that Michael was murdered? Surely he could have come out then and supported Michael’s sister. And now this post pretty much proves that he is just a hanger on, trying to get several five minutes of fame


  36. June 7, 2017 8:35 pm

    Thanks for the warning, and the background research. Hope we don’t need to trot it out later this month… but, that’s the way it seems to go every June. These people are so evil in deliberately spreading their lies to the ignorant… sooner or later, the Universe will exact payment. Meantime, we must remain vigilant. Thanks for all your work.



  1. A lesson to be learned: … in the end lies don’t pay off | Vindicating Michael

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