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Doctors around Michael Jackson. Dr.ARNOLD KLEIN and Dr. STEVEN HOEFFLIN

August 27, 2011

While I was struggling through Harvey Levin’s interview with Arnold Klein our good old Diane Dimond published a story revealing that:

  • “those in the know say that Dr. Murray’s defense team is expected to tell the jury it was Dr. Klein who caused Michael Jackson’s late-in-life frail condition by prescribing repeated doses of narcotics to Jackson, specifically Demerol.”

The above means that Diane Dimond is among those who are “in the know” and that Conrad Murray’s defense team is getting ready to shift all the blame for Michael’s death onto Dr. Arnold Klein’s shoulders.

I am definitely no fan of Dr.Arnold Klein but irrespective of his share of guilt in Michael’s health problems Conrad Murray cannot be released of his own responsibilities of a doctor either. No matter ‘how bad’ Klein is we still remember very well that Murray displayed gross negligence and incompetence when attending to his patient – he shouldn’t have agreed to administer Propofol in the first place, but if he did he should have followed the necessary rules of doing it.

However Murray broke all norms and regulations there were to break there – he didn’t follow his patient’s heart condition, had no monitoring or resuscitating equipment and neglected his duty to such a degree that the only pulse oximeter he had lay unused somewhere in a closet.

He didn’t call 911 when he saw his patient no longer breathing, but spoke to various people on the phone for 45 minutes instead. He made the bodyguard collect vials and bottles before asking him to make the necessary call, he rushed back and forth over the stairs summoning Prince to see him performing CPR on the already dead body of his father and he didn’t know that CPR is not done on a bed or with one hand only. He misled the medical personnel by not telling them he had ever administered propofol to the patient, and repeatedly changed his story and lied and lied and lied all throughout the process.

The amount of lies alone is reason enough to pronounce Conrad Murray guilty like hell, while all the rest of his actions amount to so much negligence that the whole world can’t believe their eyes seeing that the local justice, media and ordinary public are still so very much undecided as to the guilt of this man. Strange that people have to be far away to be able to see it so clearly.

Now our old friend Diane Dimond is explaining to us that the patient’s frail condition was due to Demerol given to him by Klein and that Conrad Murray was just a well-meaning guy who tried to help the situation:

  • “the drug-dependent Jackson’s craving for more and stronger drugs caused him to seek out the anesthetic Propofol and to hire the ostensibly well-meaning Dr. Murray to administer it to help him fight chronic insomnia”.

The attempt to whitewash Conrad Murray at the expense of drowning in the drug-addiction mud someone else, and first foremost Michael Jackson himself, is absolutely no news to us, but after all the lies we have heard from Diane Dimond I hope that her present appeal to the public will fall on deafer ears.

Firstly, it would be a total factual mistake to think that Propofol could be a stronger drug than Demerol as the purposes of these medicines are totally different. Demerol was used by Arnold Klein to relieve the pain of medical procedures he did on Michael’s face and stop him from squirming while he attended to its most sensitive areas. The drug didn’t put him to sleep while Klein was working on the facial scars, though left him dazed and drowsy as all sedatives do. Michael never asked for it and never wanted it.

And Propofol is an anesthetic sending a person into immediate sleep – and sleep was indeed Michael’s only craving and wildest of his dreams. The sole effect it gave to the poor insomniac was a good night 8-hour sleep and the feeling of freshness after it. So how could Propofol be the next step to ‘a stronger drug’ than Demerol, as DD claims,  is hard to imagine.

Michael’s craving for sleep and Propofol was increasing not due to cosmetic procedures given to him by Klein but due to the mounting stress imposed on him by his promoter, Randy Phillips who was harshly regulating every Michael’s step, confronting him with relentless “riot acts” and making impossible demands of him which were, frankly, none of his business. According to those pieces of paper they had for their contract it was Michael who was to bear full responsibility for the shows anyway, so demanding that Michael should perform at every rehearsal was beyond the scope of  Phillips’ duties and was only bringing more stress into the whole arrangement.

But let us return to Diane Dimond. In addition to the questionable veracity of her above statement, it is the conclusion from it which is totally outrageous and is a grave insult to the truth. She says:

  • “Defense lawyers will argue that Jackson’s death from a lethal dosage of Propofol was a tragic and inevitable accident.”

It means that if the ultimate responsibility for Michael’s frail condition rests with those who administered Demerol his death in the hands of Dr. Murray will turn into a simple accident,  release the doctor of his guilt and make his gross negligence towards his patient dissolve as if by magic?!

How can finding Klein responsible for addicting Michael to Demerol release Murray of the guilt for his criminal negligence? For example him not calling 911? Or collecting things into a bag instead of seeking immediate help? Or speaking on the phone for 45 minutes while leaving his patient unattended? Nothing changes in respect of Conrad Murray! The only thing it changes is that if Arnold Klein is indeed guilty of over-medicating Michael with Demerol he should be sitting on the same bench as Conrad Murray and both of them answering for all the good they did to Michael Jackson…

However if we start on the road of exposing Michael’s doctors it seems that Arnold Klein will not be the only one to join Conrad Murray on that bench. Michael’s habit for Demerol was formed long ago and started with another doctor – plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin – who gave Michael prolonged and painful treatment of the scars and bald patch on his head after a burn during filming a Pepsi commercial. The pain of that treatment was excruciating, never-ending and lasted for several months running.

The surgeon tried to stretch Michael’s skin by putting expanding balloons under his scalp and spreading the newly-grown skin over the bald spot so that it could be cut out and stitched over. The pain was unbearable and non-stop, and in order to dull this round-the-clock torture Michael was given Demerol, the doses of which must have been huge to last him through each day of those several months of pain.

We cannot rule out that the people who were dispensing Demerol to Michael included Dr. Klein and Debbie Rowe as there is evidence showing that in the 90s the amount of Demerol injected by Debbie in Klein’s office was enormous. However the inventor of this torturous reconstructive method should not modestly stay aside, but assume responsibility for Michael’s addiction too – he kept making those scar-cutting out operations even though the initial tries were totally unsuccessful (the bald spot only enlarged due to Michael’s lupus).

It is noteworthy that it was exactly Dr. Arnold Klein who put a stop to this torturous treatment and fired the plastic surgeon. The result of  reconstructive  surgery was disastrous as it landed Michael with an increased baldness, the need to wear wigs and a hat, AND added to the above a grave dependence on Demerol (and probably Propofol). Please read more about it in this post.

To determine whether only one or both doctors were responsible for addicting Michael Jackson to drugs let me offer you a series of articles which will help you to come to a conclusion on your own. Since Diane Dimond is making a big thing out of Arnold Klein’s private life and allegations against him by his former associate (which may or may not be true) similar material will also be included about the private life and allegations against Dr. Steven Hoefflin from his own former associates (which again may or may not be true). In fact Diane Dimond has written a “tell-all” article about Dr. Hoefllin too.

The articles about Dr. Arnold Klein will be accompanied by his own commentary from an interview with Harley Levin dated November 6, 2009 (we have a perfect transcript of it thanks to our generous reader – huge gratitude to you, BG!).

This series of articles will be really long as I’ve tried to include here everything I’ve found on the subject, however you can stop reading it at any minute as it is crystal clear even at this stage that Michael never wanted drugs in his life. Drugs were imposed on him solely by doctors who did him enormous harm, but were never able to help him with the only small thing he really asked of them – just get some sleep.



The following two excerpts are repeated for those who have not read the previous post on this subject. They will explain why Arnold Klein put a stop to Steven Hoefflin’s surgery and how the feud between the two doctors started. Michael naturally wanted to get rid of a bald spot on his head and was ready to undergo the necessary treatment, but what he didn’t know was the pain he would have to endure and how long the process would take. The surgeries on his scalp were repeated again and again:

While filming a Pepsi commercial in 1984, pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson’s hair on fire. He was rushed to hospital and treated for second degree burns to the back of his head which scarred his hair follicles and left him with a major bald patch. When hair-bearing skin is badly burnt, the hair follicles are destroyed and replaced by scar tissue. The hair loss is permanent and known as scarring alopecia. Jackson later underwent 80 minutes of laser surgery to repair his scalp. His surgeon Dr. Steven Hoefflin, famously known as “Doc Hollywood” who Jackson formed quite an attachment to over the years, said he was able to stitch the wound without having to implant or transplant from other parts of Jackson’s head.


Aired July 8, 2009 – 21:00   ET

KING: Well, what — what about pain killing medications? Did you prescribe any?

KLEIN: I mean I’ve some sedatives for, you know, when he had surgical procedures that were immense (ph), because, don’t forget, he had a lot of — he had the burn — the serious burn when he was burnt on the Pepsi commercial and the severe hair loss when he, you know, contracted lupus, also. So when you have to fix all these areas, you have to sedate him a little bit. But if you took all the pills I had given him in the last year at once, it wouldn’t do anything to you.

KING: What was the strongest medication you gave him?

KLEIN: I once — you know, I, on occasion, gave him Demerol to sedate him. And that was about the strongest medicine I ever used.

KING: Did he have hair?

KLEIN: He had lost a great deal of it. You forget this first fire…

KING: That was the Pepsi fire, right?

KLEIN: Yes. But then what happened is he used a great deal of what are called tissue expanders in his scalp, which are balloons that grow up — blow up the scalp. And then what they do is they try to cut out the scar.

Well, because he had lupus, what happened is every time they would do it, the bald spot would keep enlarging

So, I mean, he went through a lot of painful procedures with these tissue expanders until I put a stop to it. I said no more tissue expanders, because he had to wear a hat all the time and it was really painful for him.

KING: So what would his — without the hat, what would he look like?

KLEIN: Well, he had a big raised ball on the top of his head because of this device. It would expand the tissue, which you cut out. But would you — (INAUDIBLE) too much stretch back in the scar, you understand?

KING: Did you see him one other time?

KLEIN: Of course I did. But he would have a stretch back on the scar. I mean the scar would get worse after they removed it. And I had to put a stop to it. So I told Michael, we have to stop this. And that’s when I fired this plastic surgeon altogether. And I said I can’t deal with this anymore. We’re going to deal with me as your doctor or you’re going to have to find another doctor if you want to work with him.

KING: What you can tell us about his changing face?

KLEIN: Well, I mean, I didn’t know a whole lot through the whole changing face schedule, because I’m telling you that when I met him, he had done a — a decent bit of surgery by then. I know…

KING: Was it done poorly?

KLEIN: Well, it’s not done poorly, but I think that there’s a time — the magic is not knowing when to begin the big game. The secret is knowing when to end it. And I think that he believed that his face was a work of art, which is fine with me. But I think at one point that I wanted to stop the doctors from continuing it. Because it wasn’t the doc -Michael, I think, that wanted all these things. It was the surgeon who kept doing it. So I got rid of the surgeon.

KING: The surgeon got him to do it?

KLEIN: No, he did some of it himself. But he didn’t know — the surgeon did not know when to stop doing it. The judgment call there was (INAUDIBLE).

KING: Did you ever say to Michael, we’re going too far?

KLEIN: I stopped him from going to the surgeon because I said this isn’t working anymore, you have to stop it.

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist sues another physician

Dr. Arnold Klein  accuses Dr. Steven Hoefflin of slandering him with his comments to a British tabloid after the singer’s death.

September 16, 2009|Harriet Ryan

Michael Jackson’s longtime dermatologist and friend filed suit Monday accusing another physician with a decades-long relationship with the pop icon of slandering him in a British tabloid report aboutJackson’s death.

In papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, lawyers for Dr. Arnold Klein alleged that cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steven Hoefflin made statements to the newspaper that he knew were false in an attempt to wreck a rival’s reputation and hurt his celebrity-studded Beverly Hills practice.

Hoefflin, a Santa Monicadoctor with his own stable of rich and famous patients, and Klein are “competitors in a highly specialized and elite field which caters to a very exclusive clientele, Klein’s attorneys claimed in the suit. They wrote that Hoefflin’s comments in an Aug. 26 article in the London paper The Sun have caused “extensive damage” to a reputation that Klein has taken a career to build and that includes media-bestowed titles such as “dermatologist to the stars” and “king of collagen.”

“Dr. Klein has been shunned and avoided. . . . [He] has suffered shame, mortification and hurt feelings,” his lawyers alleged in the suit that seeks unspecified financial damages.

The article in question quoted Hoefflin as linking Klein with Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, and propofol, the anesthetic blamed for the singer’s demise. In the wake of Jackson’s death, federal agents have sought records about Klein’s prescribing practices, but only Murray has been identified as the subject of a manslaughter investigation.

According to the suit, Hoefflin, who treated the singer from 1978 to 2002, told a reporter that in the minutes after Jackson’s death “Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer propofol.”

Hoefflin also told the paper, “Murray would have counted on Klein to be the source of propofol and guide him in its use,” according to the suit.

Klein’s attorneys wrote that the statements were false. Murray’s attorney has said that his client and Klein never had any contact, and according to law enforcement sources, the propofol came from a Las Vegas pharmacy.

In an e-mail, Hoefflin said he was “very surprised” by the suit and said the legal case would give him the ability to question Klein about “investigational evidence the authorities and I possess.”

Harvey Levin of TMZ  speaks to Arnold Klein in an interview of November 6, 2009:

Klein      …he was in the hands of a doctor who didn’t know what he was doing. I mean, that’s obvious to me. And I think that the doctor was not competent in doing this and what you should have had if this is what he wanted, you should have someone who was very competent as a physician. And if you wanted me to give someone propofol, I would never do it for a hundred years. You know why? It’s like telling me to do an appendectomy, I don’t know how to do it, I’ve never done it, nor would I do it for money.

 Levin      I do have something else that came up when we talked on Sunday…

 Klein      Sure.

 Levin      …about a phone call that came to your office during the emergency when Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital, by one of Michael Jackson’s people.

 Klein      Yes. Frank Dileo called the office. Now here’s the question that always remains. Who was called by Dr Murray? We know I wasn’t called, contrary to what a certain doctor said. Again, this lovely doctor said I was called. But who was called? And, I mean, is it public who was called? Do people publicly know who was called?

Levin      No.

Klein      Okay. But there’s been conjecture about many people who’s been called.

Levin      Right.

Klein      And one was a conjecture was that the head of AEG was called. That’s a conjecture. One was Frank Dileo, who used to be his manager, was called and whoever the third call was, was supposedly a patient who was suing Dr Murray. Okay? That was supposedly what the third call was about and that’s my knowledge. I can’t say for a fact and it may be a big lie but that’s what I was told. I was told one call went to a patient who was suing Dr Murray – that’s the first person he talks to after his patient has died, next thing went to the head of AEG, then they talked to Frank Dileo and those were the three calls. And I know fairly well, I was assured yesterday that the first call was to this patient who was very angry….

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein is suing a cosmetic surgeon for comments he made to a newspaper that allegedly imply he taught Klein to administer propofol.

The doctor in question is Steven Hoefflin, who was Jackson’s longtime friend and former doctor. Hoefflin emerged as a spokesperson for the Jackson family in the aftermath of his death. A multi-agency investigation into the homicide death of the king of pop is ongoing.

Klein filed his court paper on Monday, September 14. He claims Hoefflin’s remarks were intended to damage his reputation and amount to slander. He called them “wilful, fraudulent, malicious, oppressive and reckless”.

But Hoefflin has said: “They [The Sun] check their facts with an electronic microscope. There is factual evidence that the statements that I made are true. They have in their possession phone records, recordings, documents and other evidence that confirms facts in their stories before they’re published.”

MJ and Klein — Affection for Injections


UPDATE: A closer look at the documents reveals another shocking fact — in April, Jackson received ELEVEN “I.M. Injections” in 3 days.

Arnold Klein  injected Michael Jackson with an intra-muscular drug labeled “I.M. Injection” 51 times in three months, this according to documents filed by Arnold Klein himself.

And one prominent L.A.dermatologist says “I.M. Injection” is commonly used as billing code for the narcotic Demerol.

In the documents, most of the procedures appear to be minor, such as acne treatments, lip treatments and Botox — yet “I.M. Injection” appears over and over on Michael’s bill, sometimes several times a day. The I.M. Injections correspond to the dates of the minor treatments.

In one particular case,Jackson went to Klein on April 23rd and received three “I.M. Injections” at $60 a pop.

Then, remarkably two days later — on a Saturday — Jackson went to Klein’s office and got 4 more I.M. Injections to facilitate an injection of the smallest possible dose of Restylane — a popular wrinkle-filler.

According to the docs, Arnie Klein –Jackson’s self-described good friend — charged Jackson $7500 for the weekend visit. Jackson’s three month bill: $48,522.89.


Levin      …you saw that he was a drug addict during periods of his life yet you prescribed Demerol numerous times…

Klein       I never prescribed Demerol.

Levin      You administered.

Klein       I administered Demerol because you have to understand that the procedures I do are painful injections and I would give him…I would say I would take an hour-and-a-half to inject him and I would do somewhere around… oh, well over a hundred facial injections on him and unless I sedated him… He was very, believe it or not, needle-phobic when you got to needles on his face, and I mean, did you ever have injections in your face?

Levin      Not really.

Klein       Okay. It’s really a painful procedure, so, I mean, you had to stop him from squirming. You had to go to his eyes. The scalp injections were very, very painful, which I had to do because also I had to reduce a great deal of scarring on him. So what I used drugs for, it was not to give him drugs. I mean, I used drugs to relieve the pain when I did a procedure. So we have to make a big difference. If you’re having a surgical procedure, and these are really minor surgical procedures, with my length of time it takes for me to do it, it’s not minor, you have to use some amount of drug but when you look at how much I used, it’s not anything compared to the amount that some other doctors give. I didn’t give him bags of it to take home as some doctors do.

Levin      But repeated dosage of Demerol over a period of time.

Klein       Yeah, but you have to take the total dose of Demerol that I used over the period of time I used it on him and it was not an immense dose because we went down finally…when I got him back from Las Vegas he was on a little higher dose and I twiddled him down to getting a very small, hardly therapeutic dose of Demerol over the period of time that I saw him because he’d developed some tolerance and I told him he couldn’t have it. 

– – Klein   Michael is needle phobic. You couldn’t go anywhere near his eyes, where I had to go near his scalp, and the scalp hurts like hell with shots, unless you would sedate him a little bit.

– – Klein   I have some patients who can only have procedures done under general anaesthesia. You know, I have to even put them out to do it.

Levin      Because they’re so tolerant?

Klein      No, no, because they cannot tolerate any injections whatsoever because they’re so phobic of needles. It’s very rare, but I have other patients like Michael. So I wasn’t giving Michael drugs because he was a drug addict, I was giving Michael drugs because the procedures to rebuild his face were very arduous. And I have to tell you something, you want to get calls at eight o’clock in the morning? It wasn’t just one wrinkle but he had scars all over his face, his cheeks had fallen in, he looked like a man out of Auschwitz.

– –

Levin      Did he ever ask you for Demerol?

Klein      No.

Levin      He never said, “I want Demerol”?

Klein      No, because I wouldn’t give him what he wanted. You don’t give a person what they want.

Levin      There was a lot of talk that Michael…it was almost the cart before the horse…that Michael would come to you for procedures, not because he necessarily wanted the procedures but he wanted the drugs that would put him under.

Klein       No, because I did the procedures frequently with no anesthesia, I mean, no prior anesthesia, and if you wanted an amount…I mean, he could take all the Demerol I gave him at one time, it wouldn’t do that much.

— Levin      The LAPD has some of the records…

Klein      Yes.

Levin      …that the Coroner took from the office. At least one of the records involves…it talks about you filling acne scars and putting him under with Demerol.

Klein      Yeah. You know how many acne scars he had? You know how terrible his acne was, that he wouldn’t go to school? You know, he used go to this clinic out in the Valley, near Grenada Hills. He used to have cortisone injections in his face and he used to tell me how he used to love to go. And he would scrub his face with brillo because he thought it would get rid of his acne. And he had some really severe acne scarring when I met him.

He had really severe acne scarring and he had lost all the volume from his cheeks, so he had these very big shadows on his cheek, and sure I filled lots of acne scars but I also filled lupus scars. I also filled the scars around his nose. I also filled the scars around his scalp from having discoid lupus. So am I going to start talking about discoid lupus scars in a record like this that it’s going to liable…end up in someone else’s hands? No. So I called all scars, acne scars because they’re scars.

– – Levin      My understanding of Demerol, correct me if I’m wrong here, is that it almost operates like a poison in the body, that over time it literally takes over the…

Klein       Okay, I reviewed forty-eight articles on this. If you give me that statement and I reviewed it, I would say, contrary to what you say it’s non-toxic because what it has in the body are active intermediates and these active intermediates are non-toxic to the body if they’re done in a sterile fashion. What they do is they stimulate the body and that’s the good thing about Demerol, is Demerol becomes a stimulant once you give it to them, so they don’t have the narcotizing effect. It’s not like Morphine or Dilaudid or those drugs, and that’s what I like about Demerol. And also it’s active in the body over forty-eight hours, it’s about forty-eight hours it remains in the body so it takes a long time for the body to metabolise it but in all forty-eight articles on Demerol addiction, which I read very specifically, there was not any article about toxicity.

– – Levin      But here’s the thing about that and, you know, and I’m not trying to put myself in your shoes here, but it strikes me and it struck other people that by submitting a bill, by saying that you repeatedly did these IM injections, which is presumably Demerol…

Klein      I didn’t repeatedly give anyone…

Levin      Well, there were  51 IMs in three months.

Klein      Okay. Let me explain to you one little thing. You say an IM but you don’t say how much was in the intramuscular injection because it depends what the dose was. It’s not how many shots you…

Levin      But if he could tolerate this it would have to be something significant enough so you could do the procedure.

Klein      Yeah, but it wasn’t that much in the way of a dosing…go ahead, because the last dose I gave him was 100mg – that’s not a lot. Let’s go ahead…and that was the last two doses. But go ahead, continue your story why I’m asking for the money.

Levin      I’m not trying to be presumptuous here but you are an extremely successful, presumably wealthy man and you submitted a bill for just under $50,000 that put this in the spotlight with 179 procedures in three months and 51 IM injections. Why?

Klein      Because…

Levin      I  mean, and I’m not saying you should give up your…

Klein      …my lawyers were silly, they should have hid the bill and secondly, I’ll donate the money to charity. But you know what, he’s made $100million worth of records. Michael’s not here anymore and I think I have a right to that money and I’ll donate to a charity in his name. But I have a right to the money for the work I did because I would take my whole weekends off. Do you know how many weekends I spent with him doing this, and just working on his face, trying to rebuild a face? It’s not easy. And, you know, I had to rent helicopters because he decided that he wanted to do it that day and I was 200, 300 milesaway. I can’t make it by car, I have to come by helicopter. And that’s what he wanted. I said, “Michael this is insane”. He said, “That’s what I want”. So when push comes to shove, at the end of it, at the end of it, should I give everything away for nothing because he passed away.  I mean, it seems to me…

Levin      But did you know you would take some heat for the bill, for submitting the creditor’s claim?

Klein      I did not even know the creditor’s…can I be honest with you?

Levin      You didn’t know it was being filed?

Klein      I did not know it was being filed. It was done behind my back and I think it was stupid to file it in the manner in which they filed it because it wasn’t filed with my knowledge.

Levin      So you had no…you found out on TMZ?

Klein      I had no knowledge at all. I found out on TMZ that I had a creditor’s claim because you have to understand, do you think I run my business?

Levin      What was your reaction when you saw this?

Klein      My reaction was this. First of all, my attorneys had to be very stupid to submit this in this manner because usually you submit something closed like this if they owe me something. Why are you submitting this open like this, and I didn’t know he didn’t pay any of his bills as he’s going along.

Levin      But, you know, it opens up what could be a Pandora’s box where The Estate could have jacked and say, “Justify these medical procedures and…”

Klein      Can I tell you something? They’ve hurt my business so much with the crap they’ve done now. You understand? I could open a creditor’s claim against them because they’ve taken me away from my patients with these…with your good friend Ed Winter, who invites everyone to appear at my office, along with you and a helicopter patrol.

Levin      That’s slightly presumptuous of you.

Klein      It’s honest to me.

Levin      No, it’s…

Klein      It’s not, it’s honest to me. How’d you get there? Do you have crystal balls?

Levin      We have good sources, don’t we?

Klein      Yeah, it’s called a telephone call. You know, I’m not stupid. What? Do you think I was born yesterday?

Levin      As you speak… What?

Klein      I don’t want you to write nasty things about me. I’m a good guy, okay? I’ve given away a lot of money to charity, over $300million so I’m not some person who’s trying to steal money from people. I have also a breast cancer center that I set up. That pays for breast cancer treatment. So I any time you’re asking me, I can’t give money away any more.

Michael Jackson — Healthy Drug Addict

10/1/2009 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was reportedly in good health at the time of his death … other than the fact that his body was riddled with injection sites and had arthritis and lung damage.

It sounds preposterous, but a new report claims the autopsy findings conclude Jackson was a fairly healthy 50-year-old and none of his health issues were life-threatening.

What doesn’t make sense: Jackson was taking multiple powerful medicines — sometimes in dangerous combination — and the needle marks on his body underscore his addiction to anesthetics and other drugs. So how does that make him “fairly healthy?”

According to the report, Jackson — who was 5’9″ — weighed 136 pounds at the time of his death.

Here’s the underlying point — the conclusion that Jackson was “fairly healthy” gives prosecutors ammo to prove Dr. Murray’s dose of Propofol did Jackson in. But here’s the problem — when the jury hears about the injection sites and other drug and health problems, it could cast doubt on the Coroner’s findings.


Klein      How could they say he was emaciated when he weighed135 pounds.

Levin      Well, my understand, and I maybe wrong, but my recollection is that it was115 pounds…

Klein      No, that’s what I thought, it was135 pounds is what he weighed. I mean, I know the weight very well because I remember it very specifically.

Levin      …riddled with injection marks at the time he died…

Klein      I haven’t seen the pictures so I don’t know that.

Levin      Riddled, riddled.

– – Klein      …we saw his body before May and he didn’t have these marks all over his body, and then suddenly he shows up with all these marks all over his body.

Levin      And I have to stop you there because one person of people we talked to and I’m 100% on this, that he was riddled with injection sites.  Riddled. And I’m talking his neck…to this extent, so much so that when the paramedics came to try and revive him…

Klein      You don’t see any marks on his neck in the movie. You don’t.

Person in studio        No.

Klein      No, you don’t see any body marks at all.

Klein      You see his neck and you don’t see any…one single mark on his neck.

Levin      How can you explain this.

Klein      Because I’m telling you he had someone administering this intravenously.

Levin      But wouldn’t that happen…I mean, if it’s that severe, wouldn’t that have happened over a period of time so that you would know? I mean, you’ve seen Michael without a shirt on…

Klein      We didn’t see him in May, we didn’t him in June. Remember that. We had a two-months period where we didn’t see him. So, I’m telling you, before that there were no marks.

– – Klein      We didn’t see it because he was with one of the members of my office, who you’re very well aware of, totally without a shirt and my nurse, Alan, saw him without a shirt and without…with pants, and we didn’t see any marks. If we saw marks, I mean, that would be the first question I would ask. You have to understand that if he had a flaw in any part of his body he didn’t…it didn’t matter whether it was his face or his leg, because he had an infection in his leg, he had a staph infection on the right leg, so I had to deal with that staph infection in the right leg when he couldn’t go to court in England.

So we had to look at all his body to make sure that he didn’t have any other infections because of the fear of MRSA, Methicillin-Resistant Staph. So it wasn’t a simple thing. But I think he’s much more than just a drug addict. I think what we have here though is a situation where this Dr Murray existed and I feel this man is responsible for his death. I think though, that the family really honestly, wants to just shift the blame and they got a hold of this Dr Hoefflin, who decided that they were going to shift the blame to me.

Dr. Arnold Klein: Why Do You Hate Me?


Michael Jackson’s longtime dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, has filed new legal papers in his battle royale with fellow Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Hoefflin, expressing bewilderment over Hoefflin’s intense animosity toward him.

Dr. Klein has sued Dr. Hoefflin for defamation, over Hoefflin’s insinuation that Klein was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death and was the source of the fatal dose of Propofol.

In his legal papers, Klein says, “It is not clear to me why Dr. Hoefflin holds the malice for me that he manifested by stating publicly that I was instrumental in providing the medication that caused Michael Jackson’s death.”

Dr. Hoefflin – who along with Klein performed numerous procedures on Jackson — is trying to get Klein’s defamation case dismissed, arguing that Jackson’s death is a matter of public interest and Hoefflin’s comments are protected speech.

Dr. Klein begs to differ, claiming Hoefflin has intentionally done a hatchet job on him.


Levin     Let’s start with the patient. Was Michael Jackson a drug addict?

Klein    I think yes, Michael Jackson, at periods in his life, was addicted to drugs. Now once someone’s addicted, according to Bill Wilson, who founded AA, who I knew, you’re a drug addict but you’re not always addicted to drugs.

Now let’s say, for example, you’re a drug addict and you’re going to have your appendix out, okay? Do you think you should go and they should give you a silver bullet and you have your appendix removed? No, I think you need anesthesia at times when you’re having procedures done, but I think you have to be very cautious about what medication you give and I don’t think you give people recreational medication or over-medicate people. So I think that there are such people who become drug dependent. I don’t think there’s any question that Michael was a drug addict. I made two personal interventions [for Propofol] on him, remember that. I got him off the drugs twice in my lifetime, so there was an ongoing problem with him in the use of drugs.

Klein   I don’t know if he was addicted [to narcotics] because I never saw withdrawal symptoms whatsoever from narcotics, ever, and narcotics have set withdrawal symptoms. So if I would have saw addiction to narcotics, which is what I was using, he wasn’t addicted to narcotics.

– – Levin      I see a patient who is deeply addicted to drugs and propofol.

Klein      No, he was deeply addicted to propofol. Let’s put it in perspective. You can’t…not all drugs..

Levin      He’s deeply addicted to anesthesia.

Klein      No. Not all drugs are created equal.

Levin      Right.

Klein      You have to understand people have drugs of choice. Do you think if I took an alcoholic from Ireland and gave him propofol he’d be happy?

Levin      No.

Klein      No. So we’ve…let’s talk about…

Levin      Do you think it was only propofol that Jackson had a problem with?

Klein      No, I think he had problems with different drugs or addiction.

Levin      Demerol?

Klein      I don’t think he had a terrible problem with Demerol because you didn’t find tons of narcotics. Now I went over his house once and in his house I found all this Dilaudid that he got from his favourite plastic surgeon and I flushed it all in the toilet, you know? But I’m telling you, if’s there a bottle of drugs they find in his house and it’s not used, right? There’s these bottles that were not used. It means he didn’t use that drug because it was not important to him. If it was important to him he would have used it.

Levin      Yet you had enough alarm that you flushed it down the toilet.

Klein      Dilaudid is milligram for milligram ten times stronger than Morphine.

Levin      But it seems like the spectre surrounding this guy was he had a drug problem. He had a propofol problem.

Klein      That when you’re giving a person injections in their face straight for an hour-and-a-half, you have to sedate that person because I’m going right near the eyes.

Levin      Or you say, “I’m not going to fix the problem in your face because of the bi-product that it has on your drug problem.”

Klein      No. The small amount of medicine that you’re going to use is not what he’s having a problem with. Do you understand? And you know if you can sedate him with this much, you have to know that he’s not addicted.

I really have to clear your idea on addiction because I think you should really understand that his main drug of addiction was propofol, that Michael was put to a point where he couldn’t sleep without it and that’s only from continuous use. You understand?

You only get to that point of propofol addiction once you start getting continuous use. You develop severe insomnia as a result of being taken off from it. So the culprit in the beginning is the person who uses this anesthetic continuously on the patient.

— I spent a whole year of my life with addicts, that they have drugs of choice. Michael was absolutely a person who wanted propofol, but to widen the range, that he wanted every single drug in the world is not correct.

Levin      You knew him for decades. Is the only time he ever asked you for a specific drug four years ago, when he asked you for propofol?

Klein      No. If you want me to say drug by name, yes. If you want me to say that he wanted some sedation when he had procedures, yes. Did I do…

Levin      Did he name the drug?

Klein      A drug that he wanted? No, he just wanted a drug. He didn’t care if I gave him five Percocet, you know, that he could have sedating him, or three Percocet which sometimes I would sedate him with when I gave him injections, but I didn’t inject him that much. But when he came to me when he came back from Las Vegas, do you know what he looked like? He looked like he came from Auschwitz. He had no body fat in his face. You understand? He looked terrible. He looked haggard, if you see the pictures beforehand, and I rebuilt his face.

— You know, when I started rebuilding his nose, it was totally recollapsed and so I reconstructed his nose. You know, it’s not like rebuilding the Babylon but you have to do a lot of work to do this. I did it very seriously because you know what? I knew they’d be wanting to try to rebuild his career.

– –  Levin      But the thing that’s hard to believe is that…I mean, I knew when Michael Jackson was alive that he was a drug addict from the people I knew in town and it just seems like everybody knew he was doctor-shopping, who was involved in his life and I was, at the time a reporter and I knew this from people I was talking to.

Klein      But I would say that he was not the addict that he became with the use of propofol, that the drug that he was in search of mainly was propofol, of all drugs, which people didn’t know.

Levin      Did he repeatedly come to you and ask for drugs?

Klein      No, not at all. Because when he stayed at my house he didn’t ask me for drugs, when he brought his kids to my house he didn’t ask me for drugs. I mean, he didn’t…he was not…

Levin      But yet he was using drugs every single night with Dr Murray for months.

Klein      But you know, you have to understand one thing, that he was over my house some of those nights, he was not on propofol unless he got propofol after he returned home, and he used to stay at my house overnight remember, not during that period of time but before so I did not know anything about this propofol insanity with Murray. There’s no way I could have known because it was gone out of his body. And so, you know, and we saw his body, so he didn’t act strange. I mean, there was lots of people at my house at that time , one very famous actor, so we didn’t see him strange, but I think if we spend this whole time just discussing…his addiction, we’re just going to go nowhere. But I’ll just tell you one thing…

Levin      What about…can I…I do want to switch gears for just a second.

Klein      We have to go away, only from addiction only for one reason.

Levin      Okay.

Klein      I think the key thing in him is the drug propofol. I think you can go anywhere you want with any other drug but the key thing was propofol. I think propofol is a drug that someone must know how to administer. Now we know this doctor was incompetent in the manner in which he administered. Where was the EKG? Was there an EKG there? No.

Levin      No.

Klein      And we know that he could have fallen asleep during the exhalation of propofol from Michael. So if anyone really wants to run into a problem here, it’s that.

Levin      Is that criminal?

Klein      I think it’s…there’s no question it’s criminal to me.

Levin      Do you think it’s manslaughter?

Klein      I think it’s manslaughter.

6/14/2010 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnie Klein — Joe Jackson’s a Hypocrite!

Dr. Arnold Klein — the man who was probably closest to Michael Jackson — came out swinging against Joe Jackson, claiming the elder Jackson could have tried talking Michael off a ledge, but all he cared about was making money.

Dr. Klein tells TMZ, “Michael was very close to Katherine, but Joe talked to him too, but all Joe ever wanted to talk about was business.

Everything Joe utters is nonsensical.” Joe is taking lots of flack for telling News of the World Katherine is responsible for Michael’s death by not trying to cheer him up.

But Klein says he’s over the drama:  “I’m no longer interested in the Sodom and Gomorrah show on Havenhurst (the family home).

My main concern is the welfare of the children, especially Michael’s, and the preservation of Michael’s memory.”


Klein      He had no family relationship. I mean, you have to understand that in 2008, you saw the article that none of his brothers were really that employed whatsoever, none of them, that the father we know has multiple children we know that were not his, correct? We know his father has multiple children that are not his. His father, he told me, was a thug. He used to beat him. And we know that everyone thinks his mother is good and we know that La Toya has said some very strange things. But for some reason Katherine Jackson gave a letter to Steve Hoefflin, who is not quite with us, I mean, remember he’s been in two mental institutions and was found shooting people from a tree, that he could speak about me when he doesn’t know anything about me except a letter he wrote me where he thought I was the best dermatologist in the world.

Levin      What did Michael think of Katherine?

Klein      Michael loved Katherine but the strange part of it was he never talked to her on the phone when I was around but, I mean, he told me he loved his mother and I think..his mother, he said, he only really blamed his mother because during the beatings his mother would say she couldn’t stop the father from beating. So I’m telling you that while everyone thinks this woman is so perfectly pure, when there…you know, it’s like good cop, bad cop, but a mother like that, I would take the kids and leave. You understand? I would leave. But I mean, you know, I would think that there’s a problem when a man beats his children. Now they made fun of Michael’s nose, terribly. You know that? They used to call him tomato nose and they made fun of his nose all the time, including his father, and he got beaten quite often, with a leather belt. I mean, he told us in the Oprah interview, if you remember this correctly.

Levin      Right.

Klein      And so I really think that they really had a lot to blame but they’re trying to appear flawless now. You suddenly hear all these people are flawless. Now the one who Michael did absolutely not get along with was Jermaine and Jermaine is singing Smile at that whole memorial. I mean, the memorial seemed too planned to me to be…and I wasn’t there. It really bugged me. And then when AEG has every satellite truck around the place, rented, every satellite space rented and then wants to charge us, the City of Los Angeles, it’s totally ridiculous. Then AEG films the funeral and they feed it to CNN, don’t you begin to think about how much AEG was involved in this? I’ll probably get shot on the way out but, I mean, how much is their money involved in this whole thing. And then they own the movie, which they released through John Branca.

Levin      You’re not suggesting there was foul play here?

Klein      No, I don’t think there’s foul play but I think they’re making a lot of money there and I don’t think they should have the City of Los Angeles pay for the funeral. That’s what I’m saying. Why should we pay nickels and dollars for the funeral when AEG’s making money off of this whole thing and rented out the satellite spaces all around the Staples Centre when they filmed this. So I don’t think there’s anything here but I think they’re culpable in this because they should have known the background of Dr Murray when they hired him.

Levin      Would you settle something once and for all? Are you the father of any of Michael Jackson’s kids?

Klein      To the best of my knowledge, absolutely not.

Levin      Yet you donated sperm.

Klein      I once donated sperm but I don’t think absolutely I’m the father. I don’t think so. What’s wrong with giving sperm?

– – I said once, he was at my house and all the kids were at my house and the kids really like me and they gave me two little…a bunch of toys, he said, “If I ever go I want you to be responsible.” My greatest fear with these kids, and I don’t about the father, the schmather, that’s not important, I’m worried about whether their money is going to be taken, so what I made sure of is that they had their own legal representation. I went to court over that.

Levin      That’s right.

Klein      I don’t want children. I mean, I understand why guppies eat their young. You know, that’s the school I come from. I’m serious, I do. I’m really not… You want children?

Levin      I don’t feel the way you do, let me tell ya.

Klein      Children are alright for about one day. Those kids though, I’ll tell you one little thing, those kids are great kids, they’re brilliant kids. He’s raised really good kids, which is an indication of how much he loved the kids and how much the kids really loved him. I mean, there was an immense love affair. I mean, they would never pass their father without saying, “I love you Daddy.”

And they were very happy to wear the masks and that’s the one thing I can never forget. Martin Bashir wants to interview me, right? He thinks I’m going to be an idiot and allow him to do that when he destroyed Michael with that one interview that Uri Geller sold Martin Bashir…sold that interview to Martin Bashir for like, $50,000. Remember the guy who would bend spoons with his mind, and for him to do that interview was horrific because what basically he did was destroy Michael Jackson in that one interview, because the kids never wore those strange masks, they wore Hallowe’en masks. And why did they wear masks? Because he did not want his children recognized and kidnapped.

Levin      Yet they’re now showing their faces full on.

Klein      I think what they did at the funeral was absolutely horrific because Michael would not want those children on the stage. Michael would not want his children recognizable. That’s one thing he didn’t want them to be. Remember once he was over my house. It was Hallowe’en last year, and he came over to my house, he brought the kids with him and Blanket got out from in back and they snapped some pictures, and he said, “Get your face out of it Blanket. I want to get you. I don’t want you to have any pictures.Because he really wanted to protect his children. He was an incredibly loving father. So yeah, he had bad qualities, a drug addict, right? But he had some really wonderful qualities. He was gifted as a musician and he was an incredible father, a much better father than I would ever have been. And I think as a person…my house loves him…listen, my housekeepers want me to get the kids but you know, I’m not going to get the kids, I don’t want the kids, but the welfare of the kids I was worried about. I was worried that the family would steal all the money because I think that’s what they’re there for.

Levin      Yet Katherine was the one who was really kind of the gatekeeper, so why would you be that concerned if it was Katherine and Michael loved Katherine and she loved him?

Klein      Because, I would tell you one thing. She keeps going asking for more money, doesn’t she?

Levin      Yeah.

Klein      She does. So would you…

Levin      Do you think ultimately Katherine’s greedy?

Klein      I think…if she’s asking for more money, what do you think?

– – Klein      Here’s the person. Katherine, this is Katherine (holds up walking stick) and this is a person that keeps coming back asking the Will for more money. That person, forget what her name is.

Levin      But you just said that they’re broke, so if they’re broke she needs to keep the ship afloat.

Klein      Does she have to keep the ship…the whole group, every one of them? Doesn’t Janet have a few shekels?

Person in studio        They’re Michael’s kids.

Klein      Yeah, and Michael’s kids have their own income now. They have their own amount of money.

Person in studio        She’s got to take care of them.

Klein      What?

Person in studio        But she’s got to take care of them, right? That’s why she needs the money.

Klein      Yeah, but they have enough money to take care of themselves.

Levin      I guess, you know, you’re kind of dancing around it.

Klein      I’m not dancing around. But you know, I think the whole thing is about greed because I think they’re only interested right now, the brothers and the father, in money. And it’s all about money. The father announced his new record label with thumbs up on the day his son died. Is that what you would do if your son died?

9/15/2010 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Murray Targets Arnie Klein in MJ Death

Dr. Conrad Murray is going after Michael Jackson’s longtime physician and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming Klein is at least partly to blame for the singer’s death and should be a defendant in Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit.

In legal papers filed today and obtained by TMZ … Dr. Murray challenges Joe Jackson’s decision not to name Dr. Klein as one of the physicians allegedly responsible for his son’s death.

In the new docs, Murrayquotes from Joe’s lawsuit“Dr. Klein may have been medicating Michael Jackson up until or even beyond June 18, 2009, less than one week before Michael Jackson’s death.”

And Murray continues quoting from Joe’s lawsuit that Dr. Klein “prescribed or may have over medicated Michael Jackson including to such point that AEG Live, LLC had to hire Dr. Murray in order to separate Michael Jackson from Arnold Klein.”

And Murray goes on to quote Joe’s lawsuit which claims “AEG Live, LLC read Michael Jackson the proverbial ‘riot act’ to get him to stop subjecting himself to overmedication by Dr. Arnold Klein.”

So with all that, Dr. Murray concludes, “The plaintiff [Joe Jackson] does not explain why, given these allegations, Dr. Arnold Klein is not a required party to be added to accord proper relief.”

In other words … why didn’t Joe sue Arnie?

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Klein shot Michael full of Demerol — 51 injections in a 3-month span, right up until the week of his death.

Dr. Murray also points the finger at other doctors who treated Michael Jackson, citing TMZ stories revealing that 7 doctors other thanMurraywere fueling MJ with meds at or near the time of his death.

Murray’s team also asked the court to dismiss Joe’s wrongful death lawsuit — claimingJacksondoesn’t have the right to file because he’s not a beneficiary of MJ’s estate.

Joe Jackson never stopped playing a crucial role in his son’s life. Now we find out that it was him who introduced Dr.Conrad Murray to Michael Jackson.


Klein      We didn’t see him [Michael] in May, we didn’t him in June. Remember that. We had a two-months period where we didn’t see him.

– – Levin      Did you know Murray?

Klein       No, I never met him. I didn’t know he existed.

Levin      Ever talk to him on the phone?

Klein       No. I only knew he existed from Michael telling me he’d met him in Las Vegas.

Levin      Met him through..

Klein       Through his father.

Levin      …Joe Jackson?

Klein       Yes. We both know that. Through his father.

Levin      And am I correct? That this was probably in October of 2008?

Klein       Somewhere around then. Yes.

This article dated July 2009 says that some of Klein’s medical records were provided a month after Michael’s death, however part of them were only promised at a later time:

Coroner’s investigator visits Jackson’s dermatologist’s office to get more records

An official says Dr. Arnold Klein failed to turn over records he’d promised to provide. The physician’s attorney says his client has been ‘fully cooperating’ with a subpoena. 

July 15, 2009

Richard Winton and Jeff Gottlieb

As the paparazzi trailed his movements, a top Los Angeles County coroner’s investigator probing the death of Michael Jackson went to the pop star’s longtime dermatologist’s office Tuesday to collect additional medical records.

Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter visited Dr. Arnold Klein’s Beverly Hills office after the physician failed to turn over records he had promised to provide to authorities earlier this month, said Craig Harvey, operations chief for the coroner’s office.

Harvey said Winter obtained an agreement that the doctor would provide the outstanding medical records. Klein has been “fully cooperating” with a subpoena issued by the coroner’s office, his attorney Richard L. Charnley said.

Authorities also continued their investigation into the role that prescription drugs may have played in Jackson’s death. Teva Pharmaceuticals, which produces a generic version of the powerful anesthetic Propofol, said Tuesday that it had been contacted by the Drug Enforcement Administration asking about a “specific lot number” stamped on the drug’s packaging, said Teva spokeswoman Denise Bradley.

The lot numbers let authorities pinpoint the wholesaler or distributor that supplied the Propofol that sources said was found in Jackson’s home. “If you call the manufacturer and tell them the lot number, they can tell you when it was manufactured and who it was sold to,” said Dr. Zeev Kain, anesthesiology department chairman at UC Irvine Medical Center.

“Even if there was a middleman, they know where . . . that bottle” went.

Since the performer’s June 25 death, both Klein and Jackson’s nurse Cherilyn Lee have said the singer used Propofol as a sleep aid.

The drug, which takes effect in less than a minute, is administered intravenously and is intended to be used as an anesthetic for medical procedures.

Klein told CNN’s Larry King last week that Jackson was using Propofol “when he was on tour in Germany.”Klein said Jackson “was using it, with an anesthesiologist, to go to sleep at night. And I told him he was absolutely insane.”

Lee said that Jackson called her requesting the drug earlier this year but that she warned him it was unsafe. She said she did not see him use the drug.

The coroner’s office has issued subpoenas to some of Jackson’s physicians in an attempt to determine the cause of death. The Los Angeles Police Department and DEA are investigating whether any doctors or others should face criminal charges.

“Neither the coroner’s office nor the Los Angeles Police Department have advised Dr. Klein or his representatives that he is a target of their investigation,” said Charnley.

“Reports in the media claiming that Dr. Klein is allegedly not cooperating in the investigation surrounding Michael Jackson’s death are patently false.”

Detectives have already questioned Dr. Conrad Murray, the Las Vegas cardiologist who was at the performer’s home when he stopped breathing.

Despite promises the outstanding part of the records – from the final months of Michael’s life – was provided only a year and a half later:

Dr. Klein Hands Over Michael Jackson’s Records


Michael Jackson’s friend and dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein was forced to turn over medical records today from the final months of Michael’s life

TMZ has learned. Dr. Klein and his attorney handed over the documents during a pretrial hearing in Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter case. Murray’s team wants the paperwork to determine exactly what drugs Klein used to treat MJ. As TMZ reported …Klein’s medical records show he injected Michael with Demerol 51 times in the three months before he died.

Last month, Dr. Klein asked the judge to quash the subpoena for his records. Fail.

Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter has told Radar exclusively that he had a private one-on-one discussion with Dr. Arnold Klein about the Michael Jackson death investigation.

Winter visited Klein’s offices in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, August 19, as reports surfaced that the dermatologist-to-the-stars was going to be charged in connection with the investigation.

Winter told Radar Friday: “I met with Dr Klein privately for a lengthy time to corroborate medical records which Klein had turned over to our office weeks ago. At this stage in the investigation I cannot confirm if I removed further medical records from Dr Klein’s office.”

Following Winter’s dramatic visit, Klein’s lawyer Garo Ghazarian claimed that malpractice charges against his client were not imminent and that he was fully working with the coroner’s office in their probe. He said: “I have seen no cause for concern on behalf of my client.” — who was present during Wednesday’s dramatic raid — saw Winter pay a visit to the Mickey Fine Pharmacy in the same building, where Jackson picked-up prescriptions after his frequent visits to the dermatologist.

Jackson’s June 25th death is also the focus of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the State Attorney General’s Office, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Results of an autopsy performed on the superstar singer have not been made public.


Klein      So I’ve turned my records all over to the police, okay? And they go through my records and they don’t find anything, and Murray…you know, Dr Winter, Mr Winter, excuse me, he’s not a doctor, if he wanted to be a real human being he would park under my building, walk the elevator, come to my office, if he wanted to be like a human being. He wanted to turn this into a spectacle, but you know what? I’ve seen enough spectacles, I’ve seen Ben Hur, and we know the truth is he told you, he told every news source. I’ve had helicopters there, I had everyone in front of my office, that he’s going to come to my office doing nothing, because he had the records. And this was the problem I had, because I have a patient down at the Medical Examiner’s office, who died from Botox and Artofill, Botox being one agent you’re using and Artofill being a filler, due to an infection after having them, that I would like them to report to the FDA but they have more time doing this. We have kids dying, getting Oxycontin on the street and he’s doing a spectacle in front of my office. So what I’m saying to you is I wish the Coroner would stick to doing important things rather than feeding their own narcissism. And that’s what this whole thing bothers me because you get a famous person who dies and everyone wants to be in front of the spotlight and it becomes really abhorrent to me. I mean, you have everyone doing this. You have, you know, you have to know that Steve Hoefflin also spoke for the family. He said he was a representative, witness now, and with the family, together with the police.

But did the police ever speak to me? Ask me that. Have the police ever spoken to me?

– – Levin      …of 1993, that the accuser in the 1993 molestation case, we know, was able to identify, in great detail, discolorations and markings on Michael Jackson’s genitals because he had vitiligo. [Poor homework, Levin. How much longer will this willful ignorance last? And he expresses it so confidently that Klein thinks that it is true and starts explaining. No need to explain, Klein – no matter whether it was descriptive or not THERE WAS NO MATCH!]]

Klein      Do you think he studied his penis, the kid would study the penis? Like we would study the map of…maps?

Levin      Well, he gave such…

 Klein      I know he gave a description but it was not…

Levin      Dr Klein, Dr Klein, so descriptive…

Klein      You can call me Arnie by now by the way, Arnie.

Levin      Oh, fair enough. But so descriptive that some think it was what triggered the nearly $20 million settlement. [Absolutely not. The description was wrong, that is why it immediately reduced the initial sum of the suit from $30 mln. to $15 mln. and Larry Feldman demanded to bar the photos from trial!]

Klein      Let me tell you what triggered the $20million settlement. Let me say something. I rode up with Howard Weitzman on my left and Johnnie Cochran on my right, in a helicopter, noticing Johnnie Cochran had a facelift, as I would only notice because I saw his facelift scars. Okay? So you should all know that. So we went up there to the thing…

Levin      If you say that, I must say then, one of the great lawyers of all time.

Klein      Johnnie Cochran?

Levin      Yes.

Klein      He was very good at getting money out of people.

Levin      Great lawyer.

Klein      Yes. Was he a great lawyer or was he a greedy lawyer?

Levin      Great lawyer.

Klein      Okay, but we know he was greedy too a little bit because he got money out of UCLA. He would threaten people. He signed the settlement and Howard Weitzman never did, for Michael Jackson.

Howard never signed the settlement for Michael Jackson in that case and Johnnie Cochran did to get the $20million, [correct figure is $15,3mln] and if Michael had not settled the case, which he would have won in court, he would have never have had all these problems with being accused of being a pedophile.

– -Levin     You said to me that the last couple of weeks of his life you saw a radical change in him.

Klein      Absolutely. And I didn’t know what it was but there was a radical change in his behaviour and I couldn’t really put my finger on it but there was something really strange going on, and I just felt…

Levin      How did that manifest itself?

Klein      He just didn’t seem as comfortable with himself, in his own skin, as he was before, and he was a little nervous and I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, and it really was one visit more than any other visit. But he used to… he started dancing for all my patients and singing, and he would go and meet them. And there was one girl, who was a Charlie’s Angels girl, she’s now Kevin Spacey’s manager, Joanne Horowitz, who came into the office and he danced for her for a long time, and he danced for Laurie Stark from Chrome Hearts(?) too, in my office. He would always like to dance and sing with all the patients and can you imagine what this did to my patients? Here they’re coming in and suddenly Michael Jackson comes in the room, because he, you know, they always wanted to meet him, and I’d introduce him and then he’d start dancing around the room, doing all these body movements. So I thought that was extraordinary but he would do that in my house too.

– – Klein      Let me tell you something. I saw the movie but I couldn’t…I saw the movie and what I saw of it was sensational, okay? I couldn’t find myself…I got really emotional during it because I’m really an emotional person. … I’d seen the movie and I didn’t see the whole movie because I couldn’t emotionally stand it, I really tell you one thing, I really…

Levin      Okay, sorry about that.

Klein      I’ll tell you one thing. Let me tell you something…

Person   You left in the middle?

Klein      I couldn’t make it through it because, I mean, I was far too involved with him as a person, as a human being. …So I went to this movie and I really wanted to enjoy it. The first thing I ran into was someone who knew me there, which was the first mistake because I can’t really go out anymore because my face is recognizable. And the second thing is I found myself too emotional in the whole thing because when he started singing the song, and he was one of my close friends…

 And also, I kept think of what you said, could I have prevented it, could I have stopped this, was I in part, responsible for this whole thing, could I have somehow recognized something I didn’t see, you know, could I have, like, really gotten into this and figured it out. And the answer is, and I’ve thought about this a lot since I saw you because I didn’t sleep well one night after I saw you, and the answer is, no, because there was nothing that really gave me a big…

Levin      Okay, okay.

– – Klein      ….let me tell you one thing. We have to consider him as a gift. He was one of the greatest performers, if not the single greatest performer ever of our time. I think you’ve done an excellent job of really showing the public what we know because I told you, there’s nothing I hid from you, there’s nothing I have to hide from you. The movie’s sensational what I saw of it but to ask me to go sit through that movie right now…ask me in a year, okay?  It’s better that I… I went out and brought the video of Transformers2, avideo of that and watched that at home because I really can’t…

Person   I’m sorry. (Laughter)

Klein      I didn’t mind that little car that turns into a monster, you know. But I have to tell you the honest-to-God truth, it’s a very tender subject with me right now because I have been crucified for it. You feel like you’re a jewel in a cross again, you know? And I didn’t do anything wrong. I tell you the best thing is that I’ve done nothing wrong.

Klein      You know, I really think it’s important to get the real story out there. I think it’s important to show the people out there what’s happening because I think that we have something…we have a family who I think is trying to blame everyone for everything wrong, they use a doctor who I think is, who did things that I think was very wrong, and I’m talking about this plastic surgeon. And he’s trying to blame everything on me and I didn’t do that and I think everything will eventually come out of this and I just don’t want to be tortured anymore by this. I mean, it really…with all the paparazzi my office was shut down for a long period of time and it was very difficult. But I think right now, I think I’ve told you everything I know and if I think of a few more things we could do this again if questions come in.

Levin      I would like to.

Klein      …question come in because I enjoyed doing it. You’re easy to talk to and you’re easy to tell the truth to and that’s what I have to offer you, nothing more than the truth, okay?

Levin      I appreciate it, I really appreciate it.

Klein      Me too. You really have a good day.

A year and a half later:

“TMZ torture.

by Arnold W. Klein, April 18, 2011, 08:30

One of the most difficult things over the last few years has been Harvey Levin, and TMZ. He is guilty of slander, defamation of character, preventing fair business trade and endangering my life. Historically the records firmly show Michael jackson was addicted to Propofol by Steve HoefflinIn 2003 Michael made a cease and desist order against Hoefflin. Harvey Levan’s best friend is Howard Weitzman who was well aware of Hoefflin’s involvement.

Also by pointing the finger at me, which Mrs Jackson did, no one ever wondered who hired Murrayor how Howard Weitzman and John Branca got together with AEG totally to totally control the Jacksonestate. I enclose an article about the true story but as recent as last week Harvey Levin released a story about me, Demerol and Karen Faye (Michael’s hair stylist) saying I contributed to Michael’s death. She later tweeted that he totally misquoted her. Michael was totally not himself the last two weeks of his life. He said it was benadryl but it seemed more than that. I guess it was Murray injecting Propofol into his muscle because…

The things you should be aware of is before I was a dermatologist I spent two years studying addiction and wrote a text on it. I made two interventions on Michael’s Propofol Abuse myself and was aware of Mark Honzel making one. Mark is an addiction specialist who I consulted before ever giving Michael medication

AEG camera’s were always at my office and forced me to close my office twice. Randy phillips of AEG hired Murray Phillips said that Jackson insisted that AEG hire his doctor of choice, Dr. Conrad Murray, the Houston – and Las Vegas-based physician who was with Jackson as he died, for 24-hour medical assistance on tour in London.

AEG was paying Murray$150,000 per month for compensatory fees, as well as hotel and travel costs..”Why did AEG not talk to me his physician of 30 years before doing this?

Howard Weitzman was my lawyer during the Botox trial, he knew the truth when Hoefflin pointed to me.Weitzman knew what Hoefflin was saying regarding me and propofol was unfounded in that he represented Michael during the first molestation trial and interviewed me extensively.

Allegations about me teaching Murray to give Propofol ( i never used it without an anestheologist) or Jason being Michael Jackson’s lover are ridiculous. That story was made up by Paul Camuso who will admit to it.

Boyer and Charmley my lawyer released Michael’s records when he ask for payment of Michael’s bill’s because Jason Pfeiffer thought it was the right thing to do telling Murray I gave Michael 41 shots of ? when I was rebuilding his face. Charmley releases the records and Hippa does nothing.

Levin came to a huge news conference held in front of my office with Dick Winters from the Coroner’s . There were helicopters and everything there. TMZ was there and it was planned by AEG.

Then Dick Winters ends up in the third row of the memorial service. Winters came to my office requesting the records I already had given him. So this mass news conference was a ploy to make look responsible for something i never did.

As per the DEA Mickey Fine was the problem but Levin portrayed me as addict. I am alreading suing Hoefflin but wish to sue Harvey Levin, Howard Weitzman and Phillips before the trial begins, I remember TMZ almost killed me while they chased my car onBeverly Blvd…

You want to talk about the will? How could Michael sign it when he was with me and Sharplon in NYC? i never saw any will or notary there. Ask Meko Brando, he does not lie”

This is why Michael is gone. The truth has power.

Michael Jackson Was Not Gay’ – Arnold Klein Admits He Lied

on his facebook

Michael was not gay

by Arnold W. Klein on Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Michael Jackson’s sexuality? I do not believe at this time there is any evidence to indicate that he was gay.Jason Pfeiffer an ex-emloyee of mine together with a lawyer,my ex-accountant and a shady busines man sold the story of Jason’s so-called affair with Michael to the foreign press as well as the US media. I recently found out this story was fabricated my a ghost writer. I apologize to Michael’s family for any damage this might have caused. Nevertheless, I feel the accusations of Michael’s so called pedophilia forced him to live a tortured life with even his own sister accusing him of this behavior.

“I have a question, if the Jason Pfeiffer story was false, why did you do the Extra interview?

Arnold W. Klein
because Extra is a piece of crap. Alicia Jacobs fromLV did an interview of Jason and Me. She sold only the piece about Jason to Extra. Only found out Jason made up the tale 6 months ago.

The Secret World of Dr. Arnold Klein

Aug 25, 2011 8:21 PM EDT

by Diane Dimond (excerpts)

Hollywood’s “dermatologist to the stars” has been caught up in the investigation of Michael Jackson’s death. But he may have some tough new questions to answer thanks to a litigious battle he launched against his former office manager and former accountant.

Michael Jackson’s favorite doctor, celebrity dermatologist Arnold Klein, ought to be preparing to deal with the onslaught of negative publicity sure to erupt around him once the manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray gets underway.  Yet he has kept his legal team busy filing a (new) bombshell pleading to augment his January 2011 bankruptcy case.  In it, Klein blames several people and institutions for what he claims is a multimillion-dollar fraud that caused his financial misfortune.

Meanwhile, those in the know say Dr. Murray’s defense team is expected to tell the jury it was Dr. Klein who caused Michael Jackson’s late-in-life frail condition by prescribing repeated doses of narcotics to Jackson, specifically Demerol. They will hint darkly that it was the drug-dependentJackson’s craving for more and stronger drugs that caused him to seek out the anesthetic Propofol and to hire the ostensibly well-meaning Dr. Murray to administer it to help him fight chronic insomnia. Defense lawyers will argue thatJackson’s death from a lethal dosage of Propofol was a tragic and inevitable accident.

Dr. Klein filed a complaint (called an “adversary proceeding”) with the bankruptcy court on June 27, 2011, blaming his former office manager Jason Pfeiffer, his former accountant Muhammad Khilji, and nearly a dozen financial institutions for what he alleges was a $10 million fraud against him.  Naming them as defendants, Klein claims Pfeiffer and Khilji conspired to set up false businesses through which millions of dollars were embezzled. Klein also alleges that his banks, mortgage companies, and financial advisers should have caught the criminal behavior.

That action by Klein has now caused a legal blowback that is sure to rock his Hollywood clientele, which includesCher, Dolly Parton, Carrie Fisher, and the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Pfeiffer has answered with a counterclaim. “I just couldn’t take it without filing a response with the court,” he told The Daily Beast. “I could not let him get away with blaming me for his outlandish lifestyle. Everyone was telling him, ‘You’ve got to cut back spending!’ But he didn’t listen and now he blames us.”

Codefendant and Certified Public Accountant Muhammad Khilji asserts a similar story of reckless spending.  “I’m going to defend myself,” he told The Daily Beast.  “It shouldn’t be too hard, because he’ll have to prove I took money and he knows he was running out.”

Khilji worked with Klein for about three years and said he witnessed a shocking disregard for the bottom line. According to Khilji, Dr. Klein saw his monthly office revenue drop drastically between early 2007 and 2011, inlarge part due to the departure of two of his top-grossing medical partners. Dr. Klein told The New York Times in 2004 that his practice brought in $20,000 a day; in his bankruptcy court filing, his gross monthly revenue is listed as $93,872.

(sorry for making it so small) the original is here:

“To say I’m a thief?

He still owes me $50,000 from outstanding invoices,” Khilji said, adding that his next step is preparing a slander suit against Dr. Klein. Pfeiffer, 38, began working for the doctor as a personal assistant in 2008 and was quickly promoted to manager of Klein’s high-profile medical office.

As the doctor’s righthand man, Pfeiffer asserts he was privy to all aspects of Klein’s life, and his counterclaim lays bare his account of that life in jaw-dropping, graphic detail. Pfeiffer depicts Dr. Klein, 66, as an obsessive sexual predator who repeatedly and sadistically took advantage of Pfeiffer’s loyalty as an employee, used Pfeiffer’s name to illegally prescribe prescription drugs (mostly sex-aid drugs like Cialis and amyl nitrate) for himself and others, and humiliated Pfeiffer by forcing his participation in Klein’s late-night, obsessive online trolling for male sex partners.

…As salacious in nature as much of the counterclaim allegations are, it is Pfeiffer’s claims of overprescribing of drugs and prescription fraud by Dr. Klein that could be the dermatologist’s professional undoing. According to the legal filing, some of it involved Michael Jackson.  From page 8:

“Throughout 2009, Michael Jackson was a frequent patient of Klein. Several times, Klein told Pfeiffer to help Michael down to the car because Michael was too drugged up and disoriented to stand on his own. Pfeiffer told Klein many times that although Pfeiffer is not a doctor, Pfeiffer and Klein’s own nurses were worried that Michael was being “overmedicated” by Klein. Klein retorted to Pfeiffer that he knew what he was doing and that Pfeiffer should keep his mouth shut.”

The counterclaim is also very specific when discussing prescriptions that were allegedly written using Jason Pfeiffer’s name as the patient.  Pfeiffer provided The Daily Beast with records from twoBeverly Hillspharmacies—Mickey Fine’s and Roxsan—listing thousands of dollars of prescriptions in his name—drugs he said he never received. The documents, which date from May 2008 to September 2010, carry Klein’s name as the prescriber and are for narcotics like Percocet, prescription sleep aids like Ambien and Lunesta, and the antifungal medication Clotrimazole, used to treat jock itch and yeast infections.

Pfeiffer says he first became aware of Klein’s questionable prescription practices when he was ordered to pick up an “emergency” package and deliver it to the doctor’s home inPalm Springs.  From Page 9:

“Klein opened the package in Pfeiffer’s presence and Mr. Pfeiffer discovered that the ‘medication’ was amyl nitrite—‘prescription poppers’ Klein wanted to use during sex, as Klein told Mr. Pfeiffer at the time … Mr. Pfeiffer also discovered at that time that Klein had written the prescription in Pfeiffer’s name.”

The former office manager says he repeatedly confronted Dr. Klein about using his name on prescriptions. From page 10:

“Pfeiffer told Klein he was angry and upset with what Klein had done.  Pfeiffer told Klein that he would report Klein if he filled another prescription under Pfeiffer’s name.  In response, Klein laughed at Pfeiffer, saying that he would simply take the position that he had prescribed the amyl nitrite for Pfeiffer’s ‘heart condition’, though Klein knew Pfeiffer had no such condition.”

The allegation that Klein misused his power to dispense drugs is mentioned several times in the court filing. On page 10, the pleading alleges that Dr. Klein admitted he had written an illegal prescription for Cialis for a “celebrity architect” who did not want his own name on record. Klein allegedly admitted he had used Pfeiffer’s name on the prescription. On page 16 there is mention of a famous (but unnamed) substance-abusingHollywoodactress who often dropped by the medical office to pick up free narcotics. According to the pleading, Klein instructed his staff to “give her 10 to 20 Percocets” each time.

When Skip Miller, Dr. Klein’sLos Angelesattorney, was asked to comment, an associate told The Daily Beast: “All of Jason Pfeiffer’s allegations are false and will be demonstrated to be baseless in court.”

In September 2010, Pfeiffer walked away from his $90,000-per-year job. “I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, no matter how badly I needed a job,” he said. He claims that Dr. Klein withheld his final paycheck and the personal property Pfeiffer had moved into theHancockParkmansion, including all his clothes and family heirlooms.

Since leaving his job, Pfeiffer has given his account of Dr. Klein’s practices to both the California Medical Board and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

The celebrity doctor was already on the agencies’ radar.  In the wake of Michael Jackson’s death, the DEA raided Klein’sBeverly Hillsoffice, carting out boxes of evidence, and the agency has been comparing Klein’s narcotics scripts with triplicate copies filed with the office of the state’s attorney general. One source close to the California Medical Board tells The Daily Beast that the Board may be just weeks away from taking action against Klein.



FACE OFF By Richard Leiby Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, October 26, 1997; (Excerpts) …  It is a sordid tale that grew from a bare-knuckle fight among three rich doctors. The beautiful people of Hollywood have no idea how ugly it is.

Meet the central characters: Wallace A. Goodstein, MD, James S. Hurvitz, Steven M. Hoefflin.

…  What was once a lucrative professional alliance among these three plastic surgeons has devolved into an exceedingly nasty feud. Once they were close colleagues, sharing patients and profits, trading expertise and public praise for one another’s work. Now they slash at each other with septic allegations — some lodged with the Medical Board of California, some contained in lawsuits.

They accuse one another of dreadful things. Hoefflin asserts that Goodstein was a dope-addled incompetent who threatened his life. Hurvitz and Goodstein have urged authorities to investigate alleged drug use by Hoefflin. Hoefflin contends that Hurvitz is an inferior doctor, a disreputable poacher of clients, that he suffers from “personal problems.”

Hurvitz has provided medical board investigators with a document containing allegations by former female staffers who say Hoefflin sexually harassed them. But that is the least of it. Some of these women also contend in the document that several of Hoefflin’s high-profile patients — unnamed — were used as sexual props, objects of the doctor’s ridicule, their genitals exposed while they were unconscious.

The California Attorney General’s Office is seeking a hearing next month to compel four former staffers to cooperate in a medical board investigation of Hoefflin. A senior medical board investigator, Joanna Rykoff, in a declaration filed recently in Los Angeles Superior Court, indicates that her inquiry focuses on allegations that Hoefflin fondled patients, “many of whom were in the entertainment industry.”

Who is telling the truth? Right now, it is impossible to know for sure. The denials are heated.

Through his attorney, Hoefflin says all these charges are “slanderous and inaccurate, to the point of being disgusting.” He says this article is “an irresponsible and malicious attempt [by The Post] to engage in tabloid journalism.”

The doctor contends these allegations have been concocted by embittered former associates whom he dismissed. Indeed, both Hurvitz and Goodstein have a financial ax to grind: They blame Hoefflin for driving them into bankruptcy. Both claim he has deliberately tried to destroy them — not because they’re bad doctors or bad people, they say, but because they dared to get too close to some of his richest patients.

…The Hoefflin-Hurvitz-Goodstein dispute centers on money and ego and access to celebrities. There are other, more substantive issues involved — patient safety, medical ethics — but the war at ground zero is really over celebrities, including the most visible plastic surgery patient in the world: Michael Jackson.

For more than 15 years, Steven Hoefflin was Jackson’s surgeon of choice. He reportedly performedJackson’s first rhinoplasty in 1979, though he has a policy of never publicly commenting on his patients.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to avoid publicity — as in January 1984, whenJacksonsuffered scalp burns while filming a Pepsi commercial. Trained in burn care, Hoefflin raced to his patient’s side, handled the reconstructive surgery and briefed the press. Although Hoefflin was already part of the show-biz firmament, known for operating on Playboy Playmates and hanging out at Hugh Hefner’s mansion, friends say his star rose after the Pepsi debacle.

According to various accounts, Hoefflin has givenJacksona series of nose jobs and repeated “touch-ups,” as well as a cleft chin. The results haven’t earned the doctor the universal respect of his peers. Some colleagues say Hoefflin allowedJacksonto go too far, to become a creature beyond race and gender.

Jackson’s dramatic facial overhaul “may have been against my recommendation,” Hoefflin said in an interview published last year in the San Diego Union-Tribune. But “if a patient of mine desires a major change in his appearance . . . it’s his choice.”

Having Jackson as a patient certainly hasn’t scarred Hoefflin’s reputation. In 1985, to handle his growing clientele, the surgeon opened a half-block-long medical complex inSanta Monica. He named it the Hoefflin Building– a red-brick testament to the ego and drive of a doctor who began his career at a Mexican medical school and later rose to the top of his class at UCLA. So many stars tiptoed into the building, patient Joan Rivers once joked in Allure magazine, that “the carpet is worn out at the back entrance the celebrities use.”

In the early 1990s, Hoefflin took on help. He recruited reconstructive surgeon Jim Hurvitz to serve as his all-around backup man and Wally Goodstein to be his liposuction specialist. Hoefflin regarded both as “excellent surgeons,” as he said in letters of recommendation to local hospitals. He’d known them for years.

Though he has handled his share of prominent patients, Hurvitz’s specialty is pediatric surgery. “He has a very kind heart,” says Tad Fujiwara, a family practitioner who has known Hurvitz for more than 20 years. “But in business, he’s naive.”

In the spring of 1995, Hurvitz began to develop a friendship with Michael Jackson, after being summoned to the singer’s Neverland ranch to handle minor medical problems. Hurvitz sees this as the beginning of the end of the two doctors’ relationship.

Then, that August, Hurvitz hired one of Hoefflin’s operating room assistants to work at his other office. Suddenly, he says, their friendship shattered.

Hurvitz says he was locked out of the Hoefflin Building and denied access to patient charts and financial records. Last year he filed a breach-of-contract suit against Hoefflin, seeking more than $4 million in damages. Hurvitz accuses Hoefflin of cutting his business by 50 percent, defrauding and slandering him.

In a counterclaim, Hoefflin accuses his former associate of conspiring to steal away celebrity clients and besmirching his good name. In legal papers, Hoefflin’s attorneys question Hurvitz’s ethics and talents. They also say that Hurvitz’s wife, a nurse who assisted his practice, once abused Demerol.

So it’s gotten very personal. And dirty. And now, public.

In the court papers seeking the testimony of Hoefflin’s former employees, medical board investigator Rykoff disclosed that she had received a complaint from a confidential source alleging that “Dr. Hoefflin had fondled” anesthetized patients. “The complainant alleged that the patients’ private parts were exposed while they were being operated on for a facelift. The complainant made other allegations regarding drug abuse . . . on the part of Dr. Hoefflin.”

A phalanx of cardboard boxes lines a wall near Hurvitz’s kitchen. They are filled with office files, legal pleadings, depositions. Among them is a lengthy document that Hurvitz says elaborates on the charges the medical board is investigating.

“Defendant [Hoefflin] would continually engage in vulgar and sexually offensive behavior in the operating room with male and female patients,” the document reads. “This was especially so when the patient was a VIP.”

No patients’ names are given — only pseudonyms. To wit:

“While patient John Roe 1 was under general anesthesia . . . defendant [Hoefflin] pulled his gown up and exposed his genitals. He then stated to plaintiff . . . `I bet you wouldn’t know what to do with that.’ “

The document continues: “While patient John Roe 2 was under general anesthesia for a surgical procedure to his face, defendant pulled his blanket off, disrobed him below the waist and exposed his genitals,” it reads. “He then stated, `You know he has never used it.’ “

And: “While patient Jane Roe 3 was under general anesthesia, defendant pulled off her blanket and spread and lifted her legs in a vulgar manner.”

These lurid allegations are connected to a sex-harassment suit filed against Hoefflin by four of his longtime female employees. Part of a staff of about 25 nurses, technicians and secretaries in theHoefflinBuilding, the women left the practice in the fall of 1995.

(John Bornstein, who is Hoefflin’s usual anesthesiologist, disputes such claims. He said in an interview he never witnessed any conduct by Hoefflin that was unseemly or compromised the dignity of patients.)

The women did not immediately go to the police or any other investigating authorities with their charges of patient abuse. Instead they filed formal complaints with a state anti-discrimination agency, alleging that Hoefflin subjected them to a “sexually charged hostile work environment” that included improper advances and lewd remarks. It was a routine first step before suing Hoefflin. In one complaint, filed in October 1995, Kim Moore-Mestas, an operating room staffer, states that she witnessed Hoefflin’s “touching of patients in a sexual manner.”

By April 1996, she and three others — Lidia Benjamin, Barbara Maywood and Donna Burton — sued Hoefflin in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging sexual harassment (Burton also alleged that Hoefflin beat her). The suit was settled and withdrawn during 20 hours of out-of-court mediation, but it remained in an open court file for several weeks.

As part of the settlement, each woman reportedly accepted several thousand dollars from Hoefflin. Their attorneys persuaded a judge to seal all public records connected to the suit. Under the settlement, the parties were forbidden to talk with anyone — especially the news media — about their dispute.

But Hurvitz has obtained copies of various documents connected with the dispute — including a version of the complaint that was never filed. Hurvitz never observed any of the alleged activity himself, but says he felt morally obliged to alert the authorities. He first phoned in a complaint about Hoefflin to the medical board in July 1996. He says he later sent a copy of this document to theLos Angelesdistrict attorney’s office and the Medical Board of California.

Court records show that the investigation of Hoefflin bogged down because the four women refused subpoenas from the medical board earlier this year. That forced the state to seek a judicial order to make them appear. (A hearing is set for Nov. 6.)

Other doctors say Hoefflin is often the focus of anger because he is a demanding perfectionist who sometimes alienates his own employees; staff purges are routine. Moreover, because of Hoefflin’s prominence, they say, jealous lesser surgeons may want to destroy his reputation.

A plastic surgeon who’s known Hoefflin more than 20 years but asked that his name not be revealed says he has never seen him impaired, or even take a drink at social gatherings.

What about hitting on women?

“I’ve worked over in his office, seen him day in and day out, and I’ve never seen anything that I would have called sexual harassment,” this doctor says.

Anesthesiologist Bornstein, who has worked with Hoefflin for years, describes the plastic surgeon as “one of the finest physicians I’ve ever had the privilege of being in contact with or knowing. The finest in every aspect: morally, ethically, and in terms of his medical ability.

“He’s one of the brightest, most capable, most morally upright persons I’ve ever known in the medical profession — or in any profession,” Bornstein says. “I have nothing but the utmost esteem and respect for him.”


Wallace A. Goodstein has been inHollywoodlong enough — more than 20 years — to have developed an aloof, intellectual appreciation of the culture here. “I have become an expert on Jungian duality,” he says in his office tower onWilshire Boulevard. “You know, inL.A., nothing is what it appears to be. It’s all an image, a facade.”

Goodstein is a good example. His many diplomas, his monogrammed shirts, his professorial demeanor — he drops allusions to Marx, Malthus, Proust, Thoreau — make him appear to be a trustworthy, esteemed, perfectly stable physician.

In fact, he’s been sued for malpractice repeatedly, was dropped by his insurance carrier, denied hospital privileges and is facing the ultimate penalty of his profession: loss of his medical license.

A few weeks ago, Goodstein had his head examined by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists working for the Medical Board of California. A petition by the board alleges that he’s a chronic cocaine abuser who has had sexual relations with patients, threatened people with guns and employed a “questionable liposuction technique” that resulted in serious complications.

From Goodstein’s point of view, he is a persecuted visionary, the inventor of an inexpensive, revolutionary fat-carving instrument that threatens to cut into the profits of his peers. He also considers himself the victim of a hate campaign masterminded by his former friend Steve Hoefflin, whom he has known since they trained as residents two decades ago.

He still considers Hoefflin “an extremely gifted and talented man.” He just happens to dislike him intensely. “Hate” is too strong a word, Goodstein says, but upon reflection, he decides:

“You can use `seething hatred,’ but it’s more contempt. Hoefflin represents Jung’s dark shadow. He is irredeemable. Anything that would eliminate his power from the Earth should be celebrated, including his death.”

Goodstein joined Hoefflin’s practice in early 1991 and spent 20 months working there part time. He was hired as the “below-the-neck man,” handling breast surgeries and fat-suctioning duties.

He never operated on the most famous patient to visit the Hoefflin Building — Michael Jackson — but says he saw him there “four or five times,” having nose work done.

[ When  Goodstein spoke in an NBC “Dateline” he alleged that MJ had undergone “well over 50 operations” on his face. Please compare it with what he says here to the correspondent of the Washington Post].

Both he and Jim Hurvitz say they picked up on the nicknames bandied about. They say Hoefflin’s moniker for Jackson was “Meat.” The star’s pet name for the surgeon was “Meat Hooks.”

Goodstein believes Hoefflin should not have acquiesced to Jackson’s requests for surgery.

“You can’t say no to that kind of person in Hollywood. If he turned him down, Jackson would just get somebody else to placate him.”

The son of a Bronx butcher, Goodstein, 51, salts his rapid discourse with psychiatry references. “Steve’s character disorder is etched on Michael Jackson’s face,” he says. “He’s literally the prototype malignant narcissist.”

Michael Jackson resorted to plastic surgery after he was taunted about his “big nose”, says surgeon

No less has been said of Goodstein. “I was very concerned about his mental condition,” Hoefflin testified in a 1994 deposition that has become part of the medical board’s investigative file on Goodstein. “Extreme defensiveness, a paranoia, misrepresentation of facts, jitteriness, hyperactivity to the point that we canceled his surgeries. . . . I discovered that he was using drugs.”

Patients, according to Hoefflin, “represented to me that Dr. Goodstein was carrying a weapon here in the office . . . that he had had five guns . . . that he wanted to kill me and one of my other employees, also.”

In an interview last year with medical board investigators, Hoefflin mentioned Goodstein’s arrest in 1981 for cocaine possession (the police found a vial in his pants during a traffic stop, but he ultimately wasn’t charged). Hoefflin also told of patients “complaining to him about sexual relationships with Goodstein.”

“I’m not an angel,” Goodstein admits. But he says he hasn’t taken illegal drugs in 15 years and denies everything else in the board’s voluminous file, calling it a case of “transference” by Hoefflin.

Hoefflin and Goodstein have publicly lunged at each other’s throats since an April 1993 conference of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Boston, where they debated the “subdermal liposculpture” (SDL) technique championed by Goodstein.

Then, as now, Hoefflin characterized SDL — which trims fat closer to the skin than normal liposuction — as dangerously aggressive. But earlier the doctors had co-authored a letter in a plastic surgery journal describing the method.

Goodstein says Hoefflin at first enthusiastically embraced the technique. (During his tenure, they divided more than $1.5 million in surgical fees, he says.)

Four years later, Goodstein offers another explanation for their falling-out. He says he performed SDL on two globally famous women, with good results, and Hoefflin resented his success.

“He needs control,” Goodstein insists. “I left him. And any time you end a relationship with Hoefflin, he will destroy you.”

The Jackson Factor

Hurvitz, who practiced at theHoefflinBuildingfor more than five years, knows Goodstein only casually. But they have shared the same bankruptcy attorney — and share the same view of Hoefflin’s motivations: More than anything, Doc Hollywood feared losing his rich and famous patients.

“He has perceived that we have stolen something from him,” Goodstein says. “He saw Hurvitz taking Michael Jackson away. He saw me taking other celebrities away.”

Yes, Hurvitz says, this all goes back to Michael Jackson. He says he has never performed a major procedure on the star but has accompanied him on trips, and has been available in emergencies.

© 1997 The Washington Post Company


To balance the above here is some positive stuff about Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Among other things the article cites the fact that he saved the life of a man who attempted a suicide:

Hoefflin’s office supplied The Associated Press with a letter signed by two anesthesiologists, Drs. John B. Bornstein and Martin Gordon, who wrote: “We have never witnessed any impropriety or unethical conduct of any sort” during a 16-year association with Hoefflin.

Hoefflin was the reconstructive surgeon who treated Jackson when he suffered burns during the making of a Pepsi commercial. He also has operated repeatedly on Jackson’s nose.

In 1995, Hoefflin was cited for heroism when he dived into chilly water to save a suicidal man who had jumped off the Santa Monica Pier.

“FACE OFF” read the headline on the front page of the Washington Post’s popular Sunday Style section on October 26, 1997. Plastic surgeon Steven Hoefflin, the Post reported, was embroiled in a battle with two of his former associates, Dr. James S. Hurvitz and Dr. Wallace A.Goodstein, who had accused him of drug use and of masterminding a campaign to ruin their reputations and practices.

The newspaper also reported the outrageous, explosive allegation that would light up the tabloids for the better part of a year: that Hoefflin exposed and fondled VIP patients while they lay unconscious on the operating table. The article seemed especially weighty thanks in part to one of its bylines: Watergate legend Bob Woodward.

Prompted by the charges, the Medical Board of California is conducting an investigation but has thus far taken no action against Hoefflin. (Hoefflin has made available hundreds of copies of laboratory results of routine drug tests he has taken over the years for insurance purposes–all negative–and his present OR staff unanimously proclaims him innocent of dallying with patients.)

Hoefflin has filed defamation suits against Hurvitz and Goodstein (who cross-complained in response), and his lawyers have put the Post on notice for a potential libel action. To the celebrity clients who still stand by him, Hoefflin is “simply a genius–a man totally dedicated to his metier,” says Joan Rivers. “They’re incredibly bad jokes, these accusations–considering the buffoons they came from.” Adds Tony Curtis, “He is my friend as well as my doctor, and I am proud to say so.”

To be sure, Hoefflin is also the compleat celebrity physician, with a stack of glowing profiles in publications ranging from Allure to scandal Muscle & Fitness (for the latter, he posed flexing dumbbells dressed in a Tony Robbins Mastery University tank top), He hands out a black dossier containing his curriculum vitae, press clippings and an oblique essay, “The Raping of a Professional Reputation”–apparently an allusion to his recent troubles.

However the rumors persist as the BBC reports:

Star surgeon ‘mocked patients’

A Hollywood plastic surgeon is alleged to have crudely mocked celebrity patients – including Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor – while they were under anesthetic.

Dr Steven Hoefflin is accused of fondling and photographing his patients while they were on the operating table and of cocaine use and tax fraud.

The allegations about the doctor are contained in papers deposited with a Los Angeles court. They relate to the testimony of four of his former assistants, which was taken as part of an investigation by the California Medical Board into the doctor.

The four assistants had originally sued the doctor for sexual harrassment, but settled out of court.

String of big-name clients

Dr Hoefflin, 52, is a celebrity in his own right in Hollywood, with a string of big-name clients. He was a consultant on the film Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J Fox.

It is alleged Sylvester Stallone walked into the surgery when Dr Hoefflin was operating on his then girlfriend, Angie Everhart, and demanded she be given bigger breasts. He is said to have told the doctor he wanted them to be “big but perky, kinda like a 17-year-old”, and the doctor complied against Everhart’s wishes.

In papers lodged with Los Angeles Superior Court, former operating room co-ordinator Barbara Maywood alleges Michael Jackson – one of the doctor’s best customers – was tricked into paying for surgery which didn’t take place.

She testified: “On multiple occasions Mr Jackson would be anaesthetised and the clocks in the operating room would be turned ahead by hours. Mr Jackson would then be revived, look around the room, and settle back to sleep, at which time the clocks would be reset to reflect the correct time.

“This scheme gave Mr Jackson the perception that he had just undergone a nasal surgery of several hours, when in fact he was only unconscious for several minutes.”

Ms Maywood also said Dr Hoefflin examined the singer’s genitals on another occasion – when he was supposed to be operating on his face.

‘Insulted Taylor and Johnson’

She also alleged Dr Hoefflin sneered at 66-year-old screen legend Elizabeth Taylor – then married to Larry Fortensky, 20 years her junior – while he was operating on her. He is said to have commented: “What’s a young guy doing with this old stuff?” She said he had stripped her naked – even though she was in for facial surgery.

Actor Don Johnson – then married to Bonfire of the Vanities star Melanie Griffith – came in for the same treatment, it is alleged. After having surgery on his eyelid and liposuction on his abdomen, Dr Hoefflin is said to have looked at his genitals and said: “Why would a beauty like Melanie Griffith settle for that?”

Ms Maywood said of Sylvester Stallone that he entered the operating theatre while Angie Everhart was under anaesthetic, and was ushered out for “not wearing proper surgical attire”.

She said Ms Everhart – who starred in Another 9 ½ Weeks with Mickey Rourke – has insisted she wanted a small breast size as she “needed to maintain the lithe appearance that accounted for her success”.

‘Involved in tax dodge’

But Stallone allegedly returned to the theatre to tell Dr Hoefflin to make her breasts bigger. Ms Everhart had a difficult recovery from the surgery, and four months later it was reversed. The couple later split.

Assistant Kim Moore-Mestas backed Ms Maywood’s allegations – adding Dr Hoefflin would mislead patients into believing he would be carrying out all surgeries when junior assistants performed the operations.

Another assistant, Lydia Benjamin, said Dr Hoefflin would offer cash discounts to patients to avoid paying tax.

He is also alleged to have encouraged receptionist Donna Burton to have surgery so she could show off the results to customers.

She said: “I was used by Dr Hoefflin as a flesh and blood example of the female form. He required me to disrobe before potential breast implant patients and on multiple occasions their male companions. It was dehumanising and humiliating.”

Dr Hoefflin has called the accusations “slanderous and inaccurate, to the point of being disgusting,” and claims the allegations were invented by two former partners who were bitter about being sacked.

Here is the official bulletin in reply to all those allegations from the The Hoefflin Center for Plastic Surgery:


Former employees and physicians who made accusations agree to pay settlements and offer apologies to world famous doctor.

After several years of litigation involving what Dr. Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., FACS has always contended were baseless claims, Dr. Hoefflin has won apologies and agreements to make substantial monetary payments from the former employees and physicians who had made false public allegations against him and his patients.

These false allegations first were made public in 1996, after four ex-employees filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment.  At that time, their attorneys made a statement that the lawsuit had been mistakenly filed and issued a letter of apology to Dr. Hoefflin stating that “the allegations contained in the mistakenly filed complaint were without sufficient factual or legal basis.”  The lawsuit was dismissed.

Thereafter, in 1997, Dr. James Hurvitz, a disgruntled former associate of Dr. Hoefflin, obtained documents containing the former employees’ false claims made in 1996, and forwarded those documents to The Washington Post and The Medical Board of California.  This generated worldwide attention involving Dr. Hoefflin fueled by repeated media appearances by Dr. Hurvitz and Dr. Wallace Goodstein.  As a result, Dr. Hoefflin immediately filed legal action against the doctors and the former employees and their attorneys, seeking damages for defamation due to the false statement and other alleged wrongful acts.

Dr. Hoefflin successfully prosecuted all actions, and he has been vindicated of all false claims:

In May 1999, after a complete investigation, The Medical Board of California, as expected, found no grounds to substantiate any of the claims and brought no disciplinary action against Dr. Hoefflin.

In April of 2000, Dr. Hoefflin was paid a substantial sum of money to settle his claims resulting from Dr. Hurvitz’ release of scurrilous and untrue information to The Washington Post.

In August 2001, the four former employees who originally made the false allegations issued apology letters to Dr. Hoefflin and agreed to pay a large amount of money to Dr. Hoefflin in settlement of his claims against them.

In January 2002, Dr. Wallace Goodstein, the final remaining defendant in the litigation brought by Dr. Hoefflin, also issued an apology letter to Dr. Hoefflin and his patients and agreed to pay Dr. Hoefflin an undisclosed sum of money.

Dr. Hoefflin has expressed his gratitude for the support of his family, patients, colleagues and friends from around the world throughout this ordeal.  Dr. Hoefflin has stated that he will continue to uphold the highest standards of care and safety for his patients while vigorously protecting their right of privacy and confidentiality.

Plastic Surgeon Denies Responsibility For Jacko Nose

November 15, 2002

The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson looked so scary during his Santa Barbaracourt testimony that his former plastic surgeon denied any responsibility. “Dr. Steven Hoefflin has not done any of Michael Jackson’s nasal surgery since 1998, and had advised him against any further surgery,” said Karen Cotton, lawyer for theSanta Monica doctor. “We have no information or knowledge about anything that Michael has done recently.”

Michael Jackson’s Plastic Surgeon On ‘VH1 All Access’

January 24, 2003 at 7:23 pm

Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon of over 20 years, Dr. Steven Hoefflin, is speaking out about the pop star’s dramatic transformation. VH1′s ‘All Access: Skin Deep,’ airing Monday, scored an exclusive interview withthe doctor who gave Michael his first nose job. He reveals what other work he performed on Michael in the following two decades and why Jackson may have taken the surgeries so far. According to Dr. Hoefflin, the last surgery he did on the King of Pop was in 1998. Jackson’s dermatologist is also interviewed and discloses what he told Michael when he wanted even more work done.

Four days later the same source said the documentary was reworked removing Michael Jackson from the broadcast:

VH1 Backs Off Featuring Jacko’s Skin Condition

January 28, 2003

Insiders tell Entertainment Tonight that VH1′s ‘All Access: Skin Deep,’ which debuted Monday night, was reworked to remove the section dealing with Michael Jackson from the broadcast. In the special, the King of Pop’s former doctors spoke out for the first time about Michael’s skin condition and startling transformation over the years. It is not clear what prompted the last minute editing of the show. When contacted by ET, a spokesperson for VH1 had no comment.

Klein tells some details on the above in his interview with Harvey Levin (Nov. 6, 2009). He speaks of the surgeon but doesn’t mention that he also took part in the documentary:

Arnold Klein’s INTERVIEW:

“…he [Michael] had a cease and desist against this plastic surgeon in 2003 because this plastic surgeon did a television show about Michael Jackson, and I bring up this plastic surgeon for many good reasons and I’ll explain to you, that he would not want anything to do with him. He issued a cease and desist order against Hoefflin because Hoefflin’s the one who’s gone down to the police…just remember that with me, and he’s told the police and the medical examiner that I taught Murray how to give propofol, which I never have given”.

And though the video was ‘reworked’ to remove the section dealing with Michael Jackson, six years later another article is able to give an account of what Dr. Hoefllin said about Jackson. It is even accompanied by the respective video:

Michael Jackson’s Plastic Surgeon Tell All (Video)

August 16, 2009

By Jen Ellyson

In 2003, Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon sat down with VH1 To talk about Michael’s dramatic transformation over his life time.

The interview ‘All Access: Skin Deep,’ went into detail about the several surgeries Michael underwent, including his first nose job.

According to Dr. Hoefflin, the last surgery he did on Michael was in 1998. Also in the interview,Jackson’s dermatologist reveals what he told Michael when he wanted even more work done.

Here is a look at what the show unveiled about Michael’s obsession with surgery.

It all began in 1979 whenJacksonfell and broke his nose. This incident gave him an opportunity to change the feature he hated most, thanks to cruel teasing.

In 1990 we noticedJackson’s skin tone was is much lighter, as the result of skin-bleaching creams, pale makeup, or both. The tip of Michael’s nose also seems narrower, more pointed, and upturned.

In 2009 the physical proof of multiple surgeries is evident. Klein has said he was using injections of Restylane, a temporary tissue filler, to build up some areas and even out others.

Also, previous steroid injections in the nose seem to have made the skin so thin that the tissue-filling gel injected by Klein appears visible underneath.

And here comes our old friend Daphne Barak with her own piece of a story – which naturally has a lot of controversy about it:

Michael Jackson’s Nose Includes Cartilage From His Ear

August 22, 2004

The New York Daily News reports that at Dr. Werner Mang’s famous clinic in Germany, he told celebrity interviewer Daphne Barak how he stole a sliver of cartilage from Michael Jackson’s ear and transplanted it in the tip of his nose. And he issued a stern warning to his former patient: “Michael Jackson should never again have aesthetic surgery for the face. It’s dangerous.” While Mang said the work done on Jacko early in his career turned out fine, in the following years, Jackson underwent another half-dozen operations in the Santa Monica, California clinic of Dr. Stephen Hoefflin.

If we are to believe Daphne Barak Dr. Mang allowed himself totally non-professional comment and behavior. He openly gossiped about his patient saying that he thought “Michael Jackson wanted to change from a black man to a white woman”. Something tells me that all this is Daphne Barak’s doing and fruit of her vivid imagination again:

Sunday, August 22, 2004
At his famous clinic in Germany, Mang told celebrity interviewer Daphne Barak how he stole a sliver of cartilage from Jackson’s ear and transplanted it in the tip of his nose.
And he issued a stern warning to his former patient: “Michael Jackson should never again have aesthetic surgery for the face. It’s dangerous.”
“I think Michael Jackson wants to change from a black man to a white woman. He always came to Stephen Hoefflin and told him, ‘Could I have a tattoo? Could I have the nose thinner?’
“Stephen Hoefflin told me that after each album [Jackson] has an aesthetic plastic surgery,” Mang told Barak.
The back-to-back procedures, along with cortisone injections and the skin condition vitiligo, laid waste to Jackson’s face, Mang said.
Jackson, 45, may need to have another operation in the future – but only to correct any damage.
And fortunately, Mang said, “he has another ear for ear cartilage transplantation.”

Dr. Steven Hoefflin does not confirm Dr. Mang’s (or Daphne Barak’s?) statements. However we know by now that Daphne Barak never admits a lie:

Jax Doc Sniffy On Nose Claim

Monday, August 30, 2004

TWO TOP plastic surgeons are at odds over who did what to Michael Jackson’s nose.
Last week, Dr. Werner Mang said in an interview from his clinic in Germany that he had helped Dr. Stephen Hoefflin of Santa Monica, Calif., rebuild Jacko’s nose in the late 1990s.

The singer’s nose was ravaged by so many plastic surgeries over the years that a piece of his ear had to be used to make it look better, Mang told celebrity journalist Daphne Barak.

But Hoefflin now says that’s not true.

“Despite Dr. Mang’s recent interview statements, I have not performed surgery on the patient he discussed for many years,” Hoefflin said in a statement released after the Mang comments appeared in media here and around the world.

“At the time, I advised him [Jackson] against any further surgery. I have no firsthand knowledge about anything he has done more recently.

“In addition, I have never asked Dr. Mang to consult, operate or assist me in the care of any of my patients. He has never operated in my Santa Monica clinic.”

Mang told Barak in a followup interview that he stood by everything he said about helping Hoefflin with Jacko’s nose operation.

“I have advised him regarding Michael Jackson!” Mang said when told of Hoefflin’s statement. “He sought my advice because I [specialize] on noses. “We also discussed the vitiligo disease [a skin condition] that Michael has . . . I have been in his clinic at least three times.”

Below is the Sun article which triggered off Dr. Klein’s lawsuit. Please mind the question marks in this story which Dr.Hoefflin thinks to be so well-researched. In his opinion the Sun is studying their facts “under a microscope” before publishing them, however the number of inaccuracies and blatant fabrications in their article produce a different impression:

Jacko ‘dead 47 mins’ as doc made 3 calls

inLos Angeles

 26 Aug 2009

Panicking Murray rang fellow doc Arnold Klein for advice on what to do as Jacko lay dying.

He also allegedly called a LAWYER before finally telling a security guard to dial 911 and summon paramedics to the star’sLos Angeleshome.

Both Murray and Klein are being investigated by police over their role in Jacko’s death, which is being treated as homicide.

Murrayhas claimed he tried to revive the star, but leaked court papers reveal he spent 47 minutes making three separate phone calls around the time Jacko died.

And last night Dr Steven Hoefflin who treated Jacko for 25 years ? said: “Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer propofol.

“There were two in-state calls then one out-of-state. He was calling an attorney ? he had to because Michael was dead.

“He tried to cover it up by telling everyone Michael had a weak pulse, but Michael was dead.”


Dr Hoefflin, 63, arespected plastic surgeon who is carrying out his own probe into Jacko’s death, added:“Murray would have counted on Klein to be the source of propofol and guide him in its use.”

Skin specialist Klein is being probed for giving potentially lethal prescription drugs to addict Jacko.

Murrayhas admitted giving the star FOUR different painkillers, including propofol, on the night he died. But he never told paramedics he had administered the knock-out dose of propofol, drastically undermining their attempt to save Jacko.

The leaked warrant also reveals Klein has ignored a subpoena demanding he hand over his records.

Murray’s lawyer last night claimed much of the affidavit was “police theory” and contained inaccuracies.

Court papers show Jacko, 50, had “lethal levels” of propofol when he died in June. The drug is used to anaesthetise patients for major ops. Authorities have demanded records from at least five doctors, but onlyMurrayis named as the target of a manslaughter probe.

Michael Jackson Doc Sues

Posted Sep 15th 2009 2:32PM by TMZ Staff

Dr. Arnold Klein has sued Dr. Steven Hoefflin in the Michael Jackson prescription drug saga — sued him for defamation of character.

According to the suit, Dr. Klein claims Dr. Hoefflin told The Sun in the minutes following Jackson’s death, “[Dr. Conrad] Murray definitely called Klein because Klein taught him how to administer Propofol … Murray would have counted on Klein to be the source of Propofol and guide him on its use.”

Klein claims Hoefflin’s conduct was “willful, fraudulent, malicious, oppressive and reckless” and was done “with the intent to injure and harm Dr. Klein.”

UPDATE: Hoefflin tells TMZ: “They [The Sun] check their facts with an electronic microscope. There is factual evidence that the statements that I made are true. They have in their possession phone records, recordings, documents and other evidence that confirms facts in their stories before they’re published.”


15 September 2009 – 08:42 PM

Hoefflin has already proven that he knows little to nothing about this case despite having stacks of so-called confidential medical documents and despite claiming to speak for the family. He seems to have a vendetta-driven angst against Klein and Rowe.

Hoefflin was the first to formally go on the record as saying that Michael had “lethal amounts of Demerol” in his system, which was categorically false as the coroner’s report would later confirm. He also tried to paint Debbie Rowe as someone who administered Michael unheard of amounts of Demerol on a near hourly basis just to feed his addiction at Klein’s request–not once mentioning that the log he was showing was from the early 1990s when Michael had painful scalp reduction surgery stemming from the fire incident and required Demerol as a proper form of pain medication.

Having said that, I still believe Klein is the worst of the two evils.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Says He Has Evidence To Put People In Prison

Posted on Sep 18, 2009

Dr Steven Hoefflin, Michael Jackson’s former plastic surgeon, has released a statement in response to the lawsuit being brought against him by Dr. Arnold Klein for defamation of character, claiming it’s part of a larger conspiracy.  In addition, has obtained secret documents revealing the behind-the-scenes war between Hoefflin, various lawyers and Klein.

The documents include nasty email exchanges between Hoefflin and lawyers and also what purports to be a handwritten note from Katherine Jackson authorizing Hoefflin to talk to the press and correct false information. Other documents from Katherine’s people say she never gave that permission.

Click here to read the documents

There’s even a  handwritten note from Michael Jackson in 1999 authorizing Hoefflin to use the pop star’s medical records to dispel misinformation.

Click here to read Hoefflin’s letter filled with outrageous charges

Hoefflin claims to have had his life threatened because “members of law enforcement know that I possess abundant incriminating evidence [regarding theJacksondeath] that is going to put a lot of people in prison.”

In his lengthy statement Hoefflin claims people are colluding, with the police “to use false documents to threaten me, obstruct my independent investigation into Michael’s death and to stop me from providing evidence to the proper authorities.”

He claims Colin Powell is a friend of his, and that he has called and left messages at the house of the retired General and former Secretary of State, asking him to “engage a congressional investigation into all of the LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff Department Law Enforcement Corruption in Los Angeles that is taking place in the Michael Jackson and other important investigations that is ruining our city.”

Hoefflin says that he is an established Government Witness in theJacksondeath investigation and that Dr. Arnold Klein and his attorneys are “attempting to prevent me from discussing incriminating evidence that I possess on Dr. Klein.”

Hoefflin claims that Klein’s lawsuit against him is frivolous and that he expects the Attorney General of California himself, Jerry Brown, to end the lawsuit.

Statement from Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.

I am personally going to put a stop to all of the threats on my life and the threats against my family.

I am now bringing out to the public all of the credible evidence in my possession on the corruption in Los Angeles Law Enforcement pertaining to the Michael Jackson Investigation.

I am going to personally stop all of the threats from the LAPD on my life and the threats against my family. These are occurring because those members of law enforcement know that I possess abundant incriminating evidence that is going to put a lot of people in prison.

I am not going to allow and will expose those people who are colluding together, such as Diane Dimond of Entertainment Tonight, with the police to use false documents to threaten me, obstruct my independent investigation into Michael’s death and to stop me from providing evidence to the proper authorities.

All of the people that have been threatening my family and I that I have incriminating evidence on are going to be exposed with this evidence in the public eye so they will stop their attempts on my life that I have been experiencing for too long. For me to wait for the slow wheels of government investigations to catch on and bring these people to justice is no longer feasible.

Colin Powell is a friend of mine. I have already called his house and left a message for him. I am asking him to engage a congressional investigation into all of the LAPD and Los Angeles Sherriff Department Law Enforcement Corruption inLos Angelesthat is taking place in the Michael Jackson and other important investigations that is ruining our city. I want a Congressional Committee to subpoena these people, put them under oath, gather credible evidence for a good District Attorney, and bring them to proper justice. I have already asked Bob Woodward to report on this matter in the Washington Post.

I am going to put an end to these threats now. I owe it to my family. I owe it to myself. But, most of all, I owe it to the public who always wants to know the truth and especially the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson.  In reference to yesterday’s lawsuit filed against me by Dr. Arnold Klein, I am established Government Witness in the Michael Jackson Death Investigation. It is my clear opinion that Dr. Arnold Klein and his attorneys are attempting to prevent me from discussing incriminating evidence that I possess on Dr. Klein.

They know that I have provided this evidence to the authorities.  They also know that credible, incriminating evidence is going to be shortly released in my book.  In my opinion and that of others, they desperately want me to stop any further investigation and to stop providing the public and the authorities the evidence that I acquire.   It is my opinion that Dr. Klein is using a letter with falsified information sent to him by Howard Weitzman, Esq. In July 2009, I was asked to have a privileged meeting with Mr. Weitzman and another attorney.

I shared incriminating evidence that I possessed on Dr. Klein and that he was under investigation by multiple agencies of the Department of Justice.  Mr. Weitzman told me that he would neither talk with Dr. Klein, would not provide him any defense, nor would he assist his defense attorneys.   On August 1st, 2009, after that privileged legal meeting, Mr. Weitzman prepared a letter with false information to Dr. Klein’s defense attorney, Mr. Charnley, in an attempt to discredit me. The false information in his letter was known to be false by both he and Mr. John Branca.

Mr. Weitzman had told me he had discussed it with Mr. Branca. Mr. Weitzman falsely stated that I had no permission nor right to talk about Michael or his mother. H also stated that he and Mr. Branca did not condone me providing evidence to the public about Dr. Klein’s criminal activities, that may have actually contributed to Michael’s death, the very person who’s estate they now represent.  Shortly after the publication of his letter containing false information, I had left Katherine Jackson’s home, and Mr. Weitzman, my wife and I had a telephone conversation.

We requested that he provide a corrected letter to Mr. Charnley, to the media who requested a correction, and to send a copy to me.  He already had the hand-written and signed consents from both Michael Jackson in March 1999 giving me permission to publically discuss his medical records and from Katherine and Rebbie Jackson from July 18, 2009 giving me permission to talk with the media about Michael.  He told me that he had discussed the issue with Mr. Branca and that both of them agreed to provide me, Mr. Charnley and the media with a corrected letter.  Both of them failed to do this despite having documents proving the information in Mr. Weitzman’s letter was false.

On July 24th, 2009, had corresponded about the issue of slander and defamation with one of Dr. Klein’s lawyers, Mr. Boyer.  I invited Dr. Klein and Mr. Boyer to sit down with me and go over all of the evidence that I had on Dr. Klein’s criminal activities and that I would delete anything that they proved to be false.  I never heard back from them. His client, Dr. Klein, also had knowledge of my being given consents by Michael Jackson and by Katherine and Rebbie Jackson to discuss Michael and his medical records.  Dr. Klein, all of his attorneys Richard Charnley, Bradley Boyer, Susan Wootton and the firm “Ropers, Majestic, Kohn, and Bentley” together with Howard Weitzman and now apparently John Branca knew of the falsity of Weitzman’s letter, yet are attempting to use it in their attempts to bring a frivolous lawsuit against me, obstruct my testimony, and to discredit me.

With this evidence, I have contacted the Attorney General of California, Jerry Brown. I expect that he will put a stay on this lawsuit because he would never allow a court to proceed in an action that would obstruct one of their primarywitnesses (myself) in a federal investigation. In addition, I expect that he will now open an additional investigation into probable felonies that all of these individuals have committed in attempting to obstruct justice, intimidating a government witness with a document that is known to be false, and possibly other crimes. I believe that with this evidence, I now have a legal standing to bring a lawsuit against all of them, which I certainly will, for possible felonies committed against me.

I am going to start providing the media and Michael Jackson’s fans all of the evidence that I have involving the Michael Jackson Death Investigation, the Corrupt Los Angeles Law Enforcement, and others colluding together to obstruct Justice.  If anyone wants to file another slander and defamation suit, I suggest that they send a copy directly to the Attorney General of California Jerry Brown.    Those trying to hurt my family and I should stop because all of the evidence that we possess will not be with us but with the public.

Steven M. Hoefflin, M.D., F.I.C.S., F.A.C.S.


Steven M. Hoefflin, MD, FACS

Immediate Past President

Los AngelesSociety of Plastic Surgeons

Since I am totally unable to understand what this mess is all about let me refer you to the short and excellent study of Dr. Hoefllin’s declarations made by the administrator of the following site :

Truths, Lies and Propofol                           

Written by Administrator

Sunday, 20 February 2011 23:31

While Murray may have been the cause of death what got Jackson addicted to Propofol.  Certainly Murray is not the responsible person for that.  For clues we have to look back into Jackson’s timeline.

We previously reported that Dr. Steven Hoefflin may be a stone that has not yet been turned over to point to culpability in the death of Michael Jackson.

In his letters back and forth to Geraldo Rivera he stated that Howard Weisman (sp) was preparing an authorization to speak:

“From: Steven Hoefflin, MD, FACS

Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2009 4:43 PM

To: Rivera, Craig

Subject: my statement.

Dear Craig:

Howard Weisman is preparing a new letter to you re: my authorization to speak. He will  call you and email you a copy. I am on my way out to see the children, Katherine and the family.”

When Howard Weitzman was contacted to ask about this claim that Hoefflin made:

“I DO NOT REPRESENT HOEFFLIN. I only represent the Estate and the Special Administrators in the Jackson matter.


Howard Weitzman, Esq.

808 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Furthermore, Arnold Klein’s attorney asked Weitzman and Londell McMillan (Katherine Jackson’s attorney) the same question on whether Hoefflin had the right to speak. published the emailed statements:

Both Law Firms responded that they do not know about Dr. Hoefflin’s authority to speak on behalf of the Estate or Mrs. Jackson.

It’s Getting Even Weirder

Aug 5, 2009 8:12 PM EDT

by Diane Dimond

The plastic surgeon who built Michael’s noses may be the most dubious character in the entire Jackson saga. Diane Dimond on the doctor whose bizarre behavior—like providing goodie bags of syringes filled with Demerol for celebrity patients; climbing a tree with a pellet gun; claiming to work undercover for the DEA and the Secret Service; and filing as a candidate for president—has attracted police attention, including a mental evaluation by the LAPD last year. But that hasn’t stopped him from serving as the Jackson family’s authorized medical representative, advising them on how to handle lawsuits, doctors, insurance, and the singer’s promoter, AEG.

Dr. Steven Hoefflin seems perfectly suited to his role as the authorized medical representative for Michael Jackson’s grieving family, assisting them as they contemplate wrongful-death lawsuits against several doctors, insurance companies, and maybe even the singer’s promoter, AEG. The King of Pop’s personal plastic surgeon says he is making media appearances on behalf of the family and co-writing a book with Michael’s mother Katherine, tentatively titled1,000 Wonderful Things About Michael Jackson That the Public Doesn’t Know About. Hoefflin also says he helped the family plan and carry out a drug intervention for his “good friend” in 2002.

“Were some of those things a little nutsy? Yeah. But my wife was being threatened, I was being threatened.”

But recent history has shown that in theJacksondrama, nothing is what it appears, and that seems true in the case of Hoefflin. Since last year, and continuing through Jackson’s death, Hoefflin, the immediate past president of the Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons, has engaged in a pattern of behavior so “delusional,” as a Los Angeles Police Department report terms it, that the LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit has been monitoring him. Two police sources familiar with Hoefflin say the LAPD took him into custody for a mental evaluation following a 2008 incident in which officers observed him in a tree, clutching a pellet gun and babbling about assassination attempts.

Other incidents include various written statements from Hoefflin that he’s either an agent for, or a target of, the FBI, the CIA, the KGB and the Secret Service. He says he has received death threats from those tied to John McCain’s presidential campaign, apparently due to Hoefflin’s decision to run for president, a campaign that he thought he would win.

Michael Jackson began seeing Hoefflin in1978. A“plastic surgeon to the stars,” Hoefflin told me that he’s treated 700 celebrity patients. His client roster has reportedly included Elizabeth Taylor, Donald and Ivana Trump, Joan Rivers, Don Johnson, Nancy Sinatra, Phyllis Diller, Sly Stallone, and Angie Everhart. The doctor began the work that would create the most infamous nose in the world, admitting to the first two ofJackson’s nose jobs.

But it was in 1984, after a pyrotechnic display set Michael Jackson’s hair on fire during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, that the world fully met a dynamic young surgeon named Steven Hoefflin. After the emergency surgery, Hoefflin stepped before the cameras, still wearing his blue surgical scrubs, to explain how he’d rebuilt the King of Pop’s scalded scalp. With his mop of trendy curly brown hair, moustache, and one rakishly raised eyebrow, Hoefflin seemed to relish the news-conference spotlight and to delight in his own momentary importance.

Hoefflin said he continued to be Jackson’s plastic surgeon until 2002, when he refused to treat him after a failed drug intervention. They remained personal friends, he said, right up to the end.

In a 90-minute interview Tuesday, Hoefflin, 63, said he was one of the few people near theJacksonfamily who have their interests at heart. When I asked him about his recent bizarre behavior, however, his response at three different points was: “I have a genius IQ.”

Perhaps, but looking back through last spring, when he filed his federal Statement of Candidacy to run for president, writing to a colleague that a commissioned study gave him a 90 percent chance of winning, I’ve chronicled about a dozen incidents that point to serious issues for the man the Jackson family is apparently leaning on:

• In April of last year, a letter on “Dr. Hoefflin for President” stationery, addressed to the U.S. ambassador to Mexico, pronounced that the candidate had prepared a manuscript of a “very important new technique to significantly reduce consumption and trade of illegal drugs” with Mexico. The letter, obtained by The Daily Beast, claimed that Hoefflin had presented his plan to a top security agent for Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Dr. Hoefflin said he got a threatening phone call at 7 the next morning demanding he stop the drug talk or he would be killed.

• In May2008, areport from the Los Angeles Police Department shows an officer responded to a call from Dr. Hoefflin’sL.A.home complaining of “criminal threats.” The officer’s report dryly states that, “Vict-Hoefflin, Steven stated that he is involved as an undercover agent for the FBI, DEA, CIA, Secret Service, and many other agencies. Vict is also an independent presidential candidate for2008.”This time Hoefflin claimed the death threats he’d been receiving were coming from convicted stock manipulator Barclay Davis. When I asked Hoefflin about this, he told me it was correct, except he didn’t say he was an undercover agent for those agencies, merely a witness.

• On June 12, 2008, another police report obtained by The Daily Beast shows officers were alerted that Dr. Hoefflin had been sending threatening letters to his down-the-street neighbor, L.A. real-estate mogul Fred Sands. Officers made two trips to the doctor’s residence to speak to him about it. After a 90-minute conversation, the officer made this notation: “At time of interview suspect did not meet the 72-hour-hold criteria. No hold requested.” That note seems a clear reference to what’s called a 5150 hold, a mandatory commitment for a person considered to be a danger to himself or others. The last paragraph of the report reads, chillingly: “It should be noted that the suspect is in need of mental-health evaluation via personal doctor. Subject is delusional and thinks he’s being followed by KGB, CIA, FBI and CORRUPT LAPD.”

• In the letter from Hoefflin to Sands, dated June 6, 2008, which I have obtained, the doctor gave a five-page rambling account of the death threats he’d been receiving and grandly declared that after the threats, “a very extensive investigation took place with about a dozen different Department of Justice agencies, my Israeli security, and one of my patient’s Saudi Arabian security services.” The threats were traced back, Hoefflin claimed, to the rival presidential campaign of Senator John McCain. Since Fred Sands had publically endorsed McCain over Hoefflin, the doctor wanted the immediate return of a $1.6 million investment he’d made with Sands.

When asked whether he’d written the five-page letter to Sands, Hoefflin told me, “Absolutely. I was under threats that I didn’t know where they were coming from. Were some of those things a little nutsy? Yeah. But my wife was being threatened, I was being threatened.”

• On June 13, 2008, Hoefflin sent an email to the LAPD, which I’ve also obtained. He wrote to warn them about organized crime’s infiltration of the LAPD, LAX Police, and the Sheriff’s Department and the dirty cops he’d identified during his “undercover cases that I was working on…” He elaborated on six of those cases. Hoefflin complained bitterly in the letter about theU.S.government’s refusal to provide him with personal security. He mentions the “37 attempts to get the attention of Governor Schwarzenegger” and tells of attempting to get in to see Daniel McMullen, the Special Agent in Charge of of the FBI, to discuss his case. “He was in his office but refused to see me… despite my working with the FBI on several investigations…”

When I asked the doctor about this email, he went into a minutes-long tirade about Gov. Schwarzenegger’s refusal to take seriously a document he’d sent him entitled, “100 Points on Improving California.” He did tell me that governor’s wife, Maria Shriver, called him and asked him for another copy.

• Less than a week after firing off the long-winded email to the LAPD, the department’s special Threat Assessment Unit responded to a call in Hoefflin’s neighborhood. According to two officers with knowledge of the incident, unit officers found a man up in a tree, clutching a pellet gun and babbling incoherently to invisible people. It was Steven Hoefflin, according to police reports. Sources knowledgeable about the incident say he kept repeating there was a conspiracy to assassinate him. He was taken into custody on a 5150 mental-evaluation hold, and the discussion at the scene with police centered around whether the doctor was “off his meds,” these sources said.

“That gun looked just like our standard-issue Berettas,” one officer told me, “Right down to the texture on the gun handle. He’s lucky because if he’d pointed it at any of the responding officers they would have shot him dead.” Two LAPD sources tell me Dr. Hoefflin was held atUCLAMedicalCenterfor at least 72 hours. In his car, police found a stack of disjointed and disturbing handwritten notes, including one in which he claimed “…a police helicopter is following me. Call my wife. I am a witness due to dirty cops inL.A.” In others he writes about foreign governments, nuclear bombs, and al Qaeda.

Dr. Hoefflin categorically denied to me that he had ever been held under a 5150 procedure. “Absolutely did not happen,” he said.

In one of many phone messages he left me after our long discussion, Hoefflin warned me that he’d learned that I had received falsified police records, and in an eight-page threatening letter he sent the next day, he claimed the district attorney’s office had been alerted that I’d engaged in “obstruction of justice” and witness intimidation by asking him questions.

FollowingJackson’s death, Hoefflin again began exhibiting erratic behavior in conjunction with his work on behalf of theJacksonfamily. Specifically, last week, after Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Londell McMillan, apparently didn’t take his advice and try to banJackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe from ever seeing the children during the recent custody hearing, Hoefflin blasted out a three-page confrontational letter to McMillan. He expressed his displeasure that his phone calls were not being returned, he accused the attorney of grandstanding and conflicts of interest. He ominously warns McMillan, “If you don’t take me seriously in my desire to protect the best interests of Katherine and the children, then please immediately step into the ring with me.” He again mentions his “well-known genius IQ” and says, “I would just love to litigate with you, both in court and in the public media.”

Hoefflin has previously been on the receiving end of serious allegations. In a lawsuit filed in 1996, four of Hoefflin’s administrative and medical staff from his Santa Monica, California-based surgical center sued for sexual harassment. The women claimed the doctor fondled and made disparaging remarks about the genitals of several of his celebrity patients while they were under anesthesia, that he anesthetized patients and then billed them for procedures he didn’t perform, and that he sent some of his favorites home with goodie bags of syringes filled with Demerol. The suit also said that the DEA also investigated Hoefflin—if true, no charges were ever filed—and alleged that Hoefflin “began to exhibit huge character and mood swings because of drug abuse and the effects of his lifestyle choices.”

During our lengthy interview, Hoefflin told me that the case ended with him receiving “a substantial amount of money.” However, court papers filed in a related case maintain the women each received $42,500 in compensation.

And did Hoefflin,Jackson’s first plastic surgeon, ever give Michael Jackson Demerol, or narcotics? “Well, yes, but only in the hospital,” he said, and only after surgeries. He firmly maintained he never overprescribed drugs to Michael Jackson.

As for his recent allegations about McMillan, the attorney for his co-author, Katherine Jackson, Hoefflin upped the ante in his eight-page letter to me, claiming that McMillan “extracted, without approval, $6.5 million to pay himself for apparent fabricated legal billings” and thus “attempting to intimidate me into seclusion.”

The letter also had some direct threats for me, suggesting that I should “stop having telephone conversations or emails with anyone until you hire a good criminal-defense attorney.”

“My investigational (sic) team will use an electron microscope to examine every second and every millimeter of your life,” Hoefflin’s letter continued. “When something tangible, important, involving torts, or criminal activities is found, it will be reported to the authorities investigating you and will then be added to my book.”

The book Hoefflin should probably be worried about is the LAPD’s. According to an LAPD source familiar with the incidents involving Hoefflin, investigators have taken notice of the plastic surgeon’s recent missives, including the comments about McMillan. “Next time he goes off the deep end,” a police source told me, “he won’t be on a 72-hour [psychiatric] hold. We’ll make sure he’s held for a significant period of time.”

In the article below Dr. Steven Hoefflin claims that there were lethal amounts of Demerol in Michael’s blood. He assumed it as previously he had reviewed Dr. Klein’s records and seen the amounts of Demerol given to Michael (as a result of Hoefllin’s surgery). It turned out that he jumped to erroneous conclusions – Demerol was not found in Michael’s system according to the autopsy report. Evidently the doses administered by Arnold Klein were indeed very small.

It is interesting to note that though Dr. Klein was the doctor who treated Michael’s lupus condition and insisted on Dr. Hoefflin stopping plastic surgery to avoid further lupus scarring, it is Dr.Hoefllin who thinks that the collagen and cortisone treatment provided by Dr. Klein damaged Michael’s nose as these two substances are not recommended for lupus patients. On the other hand Dr. Klein says in that interview with Harvey Levin that cortisone was given to Michael in another clinic:

  • “You know how terrible his acne was, that he wouldn’t go to school? You know, he used go to this clinic out in the Valley, near Grenada Hills. He used to have cortisone injections in his face”. 

Below Dr. Hoefflin also speaks of some mysterious mistakes allegedly made by the coroner, for example his taking Michael’s tape on the nose for a prosthetic, but none of this was stated in the autopsy report:

Former Jackson Doctor Claims Michael ‘Had Lethal Amounts Of Demerol & Propofol’

July 23, 2009


Dr. Steven Hoefflin, a longtime friend and doctor Michael Jackson, has claimed that the King of Pop “had lethal amounts of Demerol and Propofol in his body” at the time of his death.

In an interview on Thursday with Access Hollywood, Hoefflin, who performed surgery on Jackson after he sustained second and third degree burns while filming his 1984 Pepsi commercial, claimed he was speaking out on the authorization of his late friend’s mother, Katherine Jackson, to put rumors to rest.

Hoefflin claimed he last provided care for Michael in 1998, and participated in a 2002 intervention for the star.

Hoefflin claimed to Access that according to a reliable source of his,Jackson’s toxicology report indicated Michael “had lethal amounts of Demerol and Propofol in his body” when he died on June 25. Results from theLA Coroner’s official autopsy ofJackson have yet to be publicly released.

Hoefflin claimed that the Demerol came from Dr. Arnold Klein – Michael’s dermatologist – and the Propofol came from Dr. Conrad Murray,Jackson’s personal physician in the weeks before his death.

Further, Hoefflin claimed it was Jackson himself who told him about his heavy drug intake — at the time of his intervention.

“Michael told me Dr. Klein was injecting him with massive amounts of Demerol” in 2002, Hoefflin claimed.

And authorities searchedMurray’sHoustonoffice on Wednesday as they looked for what aMurraylawyer described as “evidence… of manslaughter.”

On July 6,Murray’s lawyer stated on his firm’s Web site, “Dr. Murray didn’t prescribe or administer anything that should have killed Michael Jackson.”

When asked by Access if the family planned to “go after” those they believed were involved inJackson’s death, Hoefflin said they would.

“Of course they are,” he said, adding an additional claim that Klein had givenJacksona number of drugs over the years.

“Dr. Klein is the one who made his face white by using Benoquin, a permanent bleaching agent,” Hoefflin claimed. “[Michael] had Lupus and it was made worse by Dr. Klein’s massive injections of collagen.

Patients who have lupus should not have collagen… For many years, Dr. Klein was using the very powerful cortisone Celestine to inject into the deep pimples on Michael’s face and nose – cortisone injections can thin out tissue in the face. I told him that he should not have any further injections… as it was thinning out his face and nose… [And Klein] was prescribing him narcotics under an alias name, Omar Arnold.”

When reached for comment by Access, a spokesperson for Klein released a statement on Thursday, which did not directly address the allegations.

“The Coroner’s Office again confirmed that Dr. Klein is not the subject of the death investigation,” the spokesperson said in Thursday’s statement. “Dr. Klein should not to be cast with the lot of other physicians who may or may not have anything to do with any investigation into the death of Mr. Jackson. The Coroner’s Office has a security hold on the investigation and will not further comment. Dr. Klein is doing the same so as not to jeopardize the integrity of the Coroner’s investigation.

“Dr. Klein has been maligned in the press by sources who have profit making agendas and/or have been paid by media companies who have given them an unfettered public forum in which to spout fiction and innuendo for cash,” the spokesperson continued.

On Friday, a rep for Klein released an additional statement.

“Certain personalities, including those with medical credentials, one of which who we believe has not treated Michael Jackson in ten years, continue to provide self-serving and/or potentially libelous comments to the media about Dr. Klein and his history with Michael Jackson. In profiling Dr. Klein’s role as it relates to Mr. Jackson, we ask the media to refrain from speculation and innuendo regarding Dr. Klein and his medical care and personal relationship with Mr. Jackson,” the rep said in the statement.

Hoefflin maintained to Access he has not been paid for his interviews — including one inBritain’s The Sun, which ran on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Murrayalso responded with a statement to Access on Thursday.

“Until we get tangible results, we are not going to respond to someone’s theory about how Michael Jackson died. We don’t know how Michael Jackson died,” the spokesperson stated.

During his interview with Access, Hoefflin said theJackson family would also go after unofficial biographer Ian Halperin, who just released his new book, “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson,” earlier this month. Halperin has claimed in his book that the pop star was gay and that greed led to his death. Hoefflin said fans should “boycott the book and burn it on the street.”

A rep for Halperin declined to comment when contacted by Access.

Denying the gay allegation, Hoefflin, who Michael lived with the doctor during the time surrounding his 1987 album “Bad,” also said he previously took the singer to the Playboy mansion.

“All the time, Michael was commenting on the beautiful women,” he said.

Hoefflin also put down a number of stories circulating about the pop star, including one report that Michael had a hole where his nose should have been.

The LA coroner made an “involuntary error,” Hoefflin said of the report, noting Jackson wore a compressive tape that he used to shape his nose on a nightly basis — not a prosthetic, which he thought may have confused the coroner.

“I believe that the coroner’s office is profoundly competent and did a commendable job in their postmortem examination of Michael Jackson,” he said. “It is my belief that the Los Angeles Coroner has made involuntary errors in their description of the anatomical findings.”

Hoefflin said he has not been questioned by the police, but he’s “sure [he] will be a witness.”

Finally, Hoefflin denied doing the last plastic surgery on Jackson, which he claimed was done by another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and attended by Klein.

A spokesperson for Jacksonfamily attorney Londell McMillan was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Access.

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Dr. Hoefllin was indeed vehement in refuting gay allegations against Michael.  See this lovely article where he says Michael loved beautiful women and in passing also mentions that he went on tour (tours) with Michael Jackson:

Hoefflin takes Michael to the Playboy Mansion, after Thriller 82-

Dr Hoefflin also said he took the singer to the Playboy mansion, adding: “I know Michael Jackson was not gay. The truth is he lusted after beautiful women.

“I knew he was not gay because in all the time that I knew him that we were best friends – and I was his confidante and doctor – I never had any information that he was anything but straight.

“We would also spend time together over the years going through books and magazines. Michael would always look at magazines of pretty girls, never boys.

“And finally, I know factually he had sexually relationships with women.”

Dr Hoefflin, 63, said: “Michael loved beautiful women.

“After Thriller came out he asked me to take him to the Playboy mansion to see the stunning girls.

“I was friends with Hugh Heffner, made those arrangments and was with him when he decribed how beautiful and desirable all the women were.

“All the time I was ever with him – whether it was on tour or off tour – he would always comment to me and others about pretty girls he would see.”

Klein also says that Michael was straight and loved women, and in his interview with Harvey Levin also mentions that Dr. Hoefflin went on tours with Michael, implying that Dr. Hoefflin administered him Propofol there. He refers us to the first operations and says we should look at the beginning of how Propofol started.

This makes us finally realize that while Dr. Hoefllin accuses Dr. Klein of excessive use of Demerol, Dr. Klein accuses the plastic surgeon of subjecting Michael to too many procedures under Propofol.  Some of those surgeries were totally unnecessary and even fictional – which evidently stemmed from the doctor’s well-meaning desire to bring Michael’s surgery to a minimum but simultaneously exposed him to more and more Propofol (as well as additional financial expense):

Harvey Levin interviews Arnold Klein, November 6, 2009

Klein       Okay. According to Associated Press, Steve Hoefflin, when he operated on Michael Jackson, did close to…it doesn’t say there but he did close to twenty nose procedures. He put him under anaesthesia and according to the article in Associated Press, he would put the time of the clocks forward and wake him up and say he did a nose job. You understand? He was also accused of playing with the genitalia of patients and also he used so much anesthesia…

Levin      I know but I would rather not get into…

Klein       We’re not going to get into…

Levin      …blind accusations.

Klein       No, this is not an accusation. I’m just quoting an article, okay? In the article the doctors were frightened about the amount of anesthesia he used. That’s in the article.

Levin      And that’s the issue. Were you frightened about the propofol when he came to you four years ago and said, “I need propofol to sleep”?

Klein       I wouldn’t want to give him propofol because I knew that this very doctor had gone on tours with him.

Klein thinks that Hoefflin’s animosity towards him resulted from him interfering with further surgeries on Michael’s face and alienating him from Hoefflin. The plastic surgeon does not deny the animosity but explains it by the shock he experienced when he reviewed Michael Jackson’s records in 1993 and saw the amount of Demerol administered to him in Klein’s office:



Story Created: Jun 16, 2011 at 5:44 PM PDT

Lawyers for Michael Jackson’s former dermatologist — who alleges a plastic surgeon falsely implied in a media interview that the skin specialist had a hand in the singer’s death — are firing back at their opponents’ bid for dismissal of the suit.

Dr. Arnold Klein sued Dr. Steven Hoefflin in September2009 inLos Angeles Superior Court, alleging slander, trade libel, false light, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress and unfair competition. Both once provided medical services to the late pop star.

Attorneys for Hoefflin maintain that Judge Amy D. Hogue erred when she decided in February 2010 that Klein’s lawsuit could move forward.

Hogue rejected claims that the suit infringed on Hoefflin’s right to free speech. She also said Hoefflin knew he could be sued because Klein’s attorneys had warned him that statements in an email he sent to a CBS producer in July 2009 also allegedly were false.

In that email, Hoefflin said Klein had “ruined [Jackson’s] health” and appearance and “helped take his life,”according to court papers.

Hoefflin’s lawyers appealed Hogue’s ruling to the 2nd District Court of Appeal, arguing that Klein is a “limited public figure” known as the “Dermatologist to the Stars.” They argue he cannot prove Hoefflin said anything malicious about Klein.

But in a 19-page brief filed June 9, Klein’s legal team argues Hogue’s decision should stand and that Hoefflin has long disliked their client.

“Dr. Hoefflin harbors animosity toward Dr. Klein because he blames Dr. Klein for Michael Jackson’s decision years ago to stop using Dr. Hoefflin’s cosmetic surgery services,” Klein’s court papers state.

Klein claims Hoefflin made false statements in an interview hinting that Klein might be implicated inJackson’s death. According to the lawsuit, Hoefflin told reporters for the British tabloid The Sun in August 2009 that Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, would have asked Klein to tell him how to administer propofol and would have counted on him to be his source of the drug and to guide him in its use.

“Dr. Klein did not teach Dr. Murray how to administer propofol,” Klein’s appellate court papers state. “Dr. Klein did not speak with Dr. Murray in the months following Michael Jackson’s death.”

Klein also was not in contact with Murray on June 25, 2009, the day the singer died of what was later determined to be acute propofol intoxication, his court papers state.

“Dr. Klein was treating a patient that morning and learned of Michael Jackson’s death indirectly through a patient call to his office,” according to his court papers.

But in a sworn declaration, Hoefflin says The Sun reporters told him that Klein showed Murray how to administer propofol and that he had “no reason to doubt the veracity of what they said …”

Hoefflin goes further and says his belief Klein was involved in giving propofol and other narcotics to Jackson is based on a review of Jackson’s medical records he conducted in 1993 at the entertainer’s request.

“I was shocked to see the huge amount of narcotics … and other medications that both Dr. Klein and [Jackson’s former wife] Debbie Rowe were injecting into Michael,” Hoefflin states.

For example, Klein and Rowe, who worked as a nurse for Klein, injected as much as 1,850 mg of Demerol into Jackson during a three-day period in August 1993, according to Hoefflin’s declaration.

“It is my understanding that this dangerous trend did not end until Michael’s death,” Hoefflin states.

Hoefflin additionally says he believes, based on media reports, that while treatingJackson, Klein “or someone else at his direction, used Demerol, propofol and tranquilizers on Michael Jackson.”

Hoefflin also says the singer’s mother, Katherine Jackson, wanted him to try and find out what happened to her famous offspring .

“Jackson’s mother asked Hoefflin to privately investigate her son’s death,” according to court papers filed on behalf of Hoefflin with the Court of Appeal.

But Klein’s lawyers dispute the claim. They state in their appellate court papers that Hoefflin “misrepresented his authority to make statements on behalf of theJacksonfamily and the estate of Michael Jackson.”

The plastic surgeon says he and Klein had a falling-out in 2002 when the dermatologist “advised Michael Jackson not to go into a planned drug rehabilitation program.”

Wallas Goodstein, plastic surgeon, former Dr.Hoefflin's associate

Wallace Goodstein is the former associate of Steven Hoefflin, who according to a petition to the Medical Board of California cited in the Washington Post is alleged to be a chronic cocaine abuser who has had sexual relations with patients, threatened people with guns and employed a “questionable liposuction technique” and who used to lie on TV about MJ’s “50 operations”. Now he is teaching us ethical behavior.

These days he calls his irresponsible and false talk about Michael’s 50 surgeries an attempt to “bring to light” some important ethical issues in the field of plastic surgery per se.

What is top important is that he admits that the surgical and reconstructive treatment Michael had to undergo (mostly due to all those accidents) was accompanied by doctors giving him narcotics and this, he says, destroyed his stamina, spirit and health – which is ‘too common a tragedy’.  He says the surgeon was ‘possessive’ of his patient:

Posted: April 2, 2010 04:24 PM

Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray and the Need For Regulatory Reform

Nineteen years ago, I was in my twelfth year of practice in plastic surgery where I shared a surgical suite with Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon. Though I never personally treated Jackson, I observed his possessiveness over his patient.

In my opinion, the accompanying prescription of narcotics destroyed his stamina, spirit and health.After every plastic surgery, there is a recovery and with every recovery there are pain relieving drugs. In Michael’s case, these drugs became an escape from the disappearing man in the mirror.

Eighteen years ago when I suspected that this was the beginning of Michael Jackson’s path to destruction, my colleagues, as well as many on the California Medical Board, and even the media shied away from accepting this as a reality.

Instead, my relationship ended on less than cordial terms with my colleague and I received a menacing letter from a high profile attorney who warned me about discussing any aspects of Michael’s care. It was not until 2002, when I was asked to do an analysis of Michael’s facial photographs for “Dateline, NBC” that I was able to bring some of these issues to light. Even then, I was brought before a committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (where I had been a member for approximately 25 years) because of a complaint filed by an anonymous member alleging that I had violated my privacy oath. This charge was dismissed on a number of grounds.

The most pressing dilemma for doctors, medical regulatory agencies and politicians is how to distinguish between those who serve the needs of patients truly benefiting from medication and those who engage in overprescription and the enabling of individuals on the path to addiction. There must be a middle ground between overzealous prosecutors and regulatory agencies and the “blind eye” approach that was taken in Michael Jackson’s case. Accommodating Michael’s desire for relief from his emotional pain with drugs and surgery did him no service.

The failure to investigate the physicians who contributed to Michael’s demise along the way is a disservice to society and to my profession. Attorney General Jerry Brown’s decision to investigate the trail of prescription narcotics in the Anna Nicole Smith case is a step in the right direction.

Convicting Dr. Conrad Murray may appease the public’s anger and sadness over his role in a beloved icon’s death. But unless there is true and effective regulation and oversight, not from government officials, but amongst doctors themselves, such a conviction will not help prevent history from repeating this all too common tragedy.

Regulatory reform is needed in several areas. State government regulation of physicians is currently wasteful and ineffective. Investigations should be carried out by individuals with medical knowledge and training. The solution lies in early and impartial investigation.

Most importantly, we must conquer the selfish aspect of human nature that distances us from concern for the common good. If we do not, statistics from drug related deaths will continue to mount, hospitals will continue to shut down en masse, and the quality of medical care in this country — once the best in the world — will continue to decline.

As a closure to this truly crazy medical circus here is the opinion of a good friend of Michael Jackson, his security chief Mike La Perruque, who worked for Michael in the years 2000/04 and 2007/08.  The man is perfectly normal and doesn’t throw wild accusations to the left and right.

He says that Michael had an terribly hard time trying to beat the addiction forced on him by his doctors. While they were fighting each other he had to fight all the consequences of their poor decisions trying to overcome the disaster they forced him into and which was none of his doing:

Dr. Drew: MJ`s Security Chief: My Life With The King Of Pop

Aired August 23, 2011  

PINSKY: Impacting to that response, though, I suspect, is you did see him doing drugs or you were aware he was doing drugs.

LA PERRUQUE: I was aware that he was doing drugs.

PINSKY: Were you aware of the magnitude of the problem?


PINSKY: And so, when you say you hope for the best, you hoped he didn`t die of it?

LA PERRUQUE: Of course.

PINSKY: Were you aware of his use of propofol?

LA PERRUQUE: No. I had never — I never heard of the word propofol before. It came out after his passing.

PINSKY: In terms — again, in speaking about his use of medication, the producers told me that you actually — he would be so, I guess, intoxicated or affected by medication that, sometimes, you`d actually have to carry him out of meetings?

LA PERRUQUE: Yes. There were a few meeting a few times where he seemed to be under the influence of some kind of stimulant, and he would basically sit there and just pass out. So, I would have to walk in and stop the meeting. And then, basically, try to wake him up and then carry him into his room. And, I would unzip his boots, put him in bed, and then, for the next couple hours, I would just sit there and watch him just to make sure he was breathing.

PINSKY: Was there a doctor that you would call to come and to attend at that point?


PINSKY: That seems strange to me.

LA PERRUQUE: He was being seen by physicians. And, I guess, because I had seen it so many times that I felt comfortable in just being able to watch him. And then, of course, if he has stopped breathing or if it did take a turn for the worse, then, of course, I would have called the 911.

LA PERRUQUE: Michael worked very hard to try to get away from the drugs. I knew about him using certain prescription drugs, but he wanted to be clean. He did not like taking the medications. And, he was strongly against any kind of illegal narcotics. So, I know of two times that he worked hard working with doctors to try to get himself clean, sober, and away from the hard narcotics.

PINSKY: I tell you one of the most heartbreaking things I hear my peers tell patients sometimes is I know what`s good for you. I`m your doctor. Listen to me. You need these medicines. Did he ever hear that kind of stuff? 

LA PERRUQUE: Yes. Unfortunately, yes.

LA PERRUQUE: He was an excellent father. You would not believe the extent that he would go to just to make sure that he provided a very normal life for his children.

PINSKY: So, they weren`t spoiled that they weren`t sent away to nannies? I understand each one had their own little team, isn`t that right?


PINSKY: That`s what the rumor. Well, this is the part, you know, I`m trying to imagine what it`d be like to be a child and have Michael Jackson as your father. It`d be kind of peculiar.

LA PERRUQUE: I don`t think that there was that much of a — the children never expressed like my daddy is Michael Jackson. It was just my daddy is daddy.

PINSKY: Now, again, I get that. That`s what I keep hearing is that they loved him as dad, and he was dad like anyone is just dad, but he was an unusual person. He didn`t seem like the kind of person to easily get close to. That that ever affect or was that a more natural role for him?

LA PERRUQUE: I think that was the role for him. I mean, his role as a father was probably more natural than his dancing and that was a God- given talent. So, I think that, you know, his raising the children and trying to just give them that unconditional love and gave that unconditional love back.

Michael wanted to be clean and wished to do what God gave him numerous talents for. But due to  his accidents, lupus and someone else’s poor decisions he was caught up in a game he never wanted to be in.

Poor Michael – what a terrible mess you had to deal with….

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  1. August 27, 2011 9:49 pm

    On Dr.Arnold Klein and Micheal’s supposedly cosmetic surgeries, and Vitiligo. Check this out.
    Here’s a link with a picture of a very famous black man who has had no cosmetic surgery done to change any his features. The only difference is that this picture was photo shopped to make his skin white. The picture shows how skin color can completely change a person looks. I posted this on Facebook, so if you have seen it please bare with me.


  2. Truth Teller permalink
    August 27, 2011 11:19 pm

    Keep digging… this is good but you still don’t have the complete connection between Hoefflin and Propofol. What did Hoefflin use to put MJJ to sleep to do the operations?


    Also find the case file Hurvitz v. Hoefflin. It’s a publicly available case file and you’ll see the terror that Hoefflin inflicted on his patients.

    Also remember that Hoefflin accompanied MJJ on several of his tours. Why would a plastic surgeon need to go on tour unless he was administering something medical that only a doctor could do? He was administering Propofol to MJJ and this was long before Klein came into the picture.

    Also go back to popdirt and find the other story on the VH1 special from August 23

    Hoefflin was all ready to talk about MJJ’s operations and then 5 days later they edited the program to take MJJ out? Could it be that this was Klein’s doing; getting MJJ and his legal team to put a stop to this?

    That’s probably why Hoefflin went crazy after MJJ died; he knew it would just be a matter of time before they started looking at how he got addicted to Propofol so find someone elseto blame and who but his old nemesis Klein!

    Klein may be no angel but there’s more to this story that needs to be uncovered.


  3. shelly permalink
    August 27, 2011 11:53 pm

    How do you know that Truthteller?


  4. August 28, 2011 4:47 am

    What a mass of info.For now I´ll limit myself to DD.
    She exposes herself as a fool and reveals her complete ignorance,talking about things she has no clue about.Had she keept her mouth shut one could have thought she has somekind of brainfunction.
    Stating that Michael wanted stronger meds than Demerol and therefore he asked for Proopfol.I guess she cannot figure out how foolish this statment is.Next blunder of the same sort;The defence will find that
    Michaels death from a lethal dose of Propofol was tragic and unavoidable.


  5. August 28, 2011 10:02 am

    Thank you – so much information about the battle between the two doctors in one place. The back-biting between the two could be considered par for the course where Michael was concerned.

    It seems Michael was always at the center of a battle between opposing parties. What a nightmare for Michael to have to deal with – having to make a decision about who of those opposing parties genuinely had his best interests at heart and who was the ‘best’ person for the job. But not only that – having to weigh up the possible flack from those parties whenever any decision was made, whether it was to seek advice and assistance from someone else or to terminate services. Because of who he was and what he meant to people, no decision ever made could have been taken lightly, even the simplest ones. What a nightmare. And any decision made was, literally, his every right to make, yet his decisions were/are still questioned. Where do people get off? I mean, really? What a nightmare to have to deal with all the many possible consequences of every decision made. It’s true that sometimes the consequences may not have been able to be foreseen and sometimes the consequences were terrible. (Hindsight is a wonderful thing that no one has the benefit of in the moment.) But what a nightmare!

    Anyway, in regard to the two doctors – who is to be believed? Or should we ask: who is to be believed the most? Or should we be asking what decision did Michael make? Because, regardless of whether or not Michael had a relationship with the two men as friends, it appears he did make a decision in relation to each of them as doctors.

    The doctors were specialists in two different (though related) fields and one field of expertise might have been required more than another, but we should perhaps look, not at what Klein has said about Hoefflin but what Hoefflin himself has said. Hoefflin says that he did not perform any plastic surgeries on Michael after 1998. Hoefflin also says that after 1998 Michael had a couple of procedures that were carried out by another plastic surgeon. Without looking at anything else, those things alone are very telling.


  6. monica permalink
    August 28, 2011 10:34 am

    For some reason I am unable to access this post; only the comments are visible. Rats…is anyone else having trouble?


  7. August 28, 2011 12:22 pm

    “For some reason I am unable to access this post; only the comments are visible. Rats…is anyone else having trouble?’

    Monica, it is me trying to edit it a bit. But the mobile Internet I am currently using is playing tricks and is making things impossible. I’ll try to restore the post – at least the way it was.


  8. August 28, 2011 12:46 pm

    BG,hindsight is a wonderful thing when applied in time.The chain of medical treatment and disasters started with the burn of the scalp.The extraaordinary measures to extend his scalp only led to more problems and endless pain ,not to mention cost.The measures on the scalp led in
    fact to more hairloss than the original injury.
    All those people feuding and suing each other,his doctors .Their lawyers and MJ`s own lawyers.Collegues in the music indusrty , music companies suing ;MJ,his adopted families between themselves and against MJ.
    There is no end. And now maybe 2 ohter wills being hidden by someone.
    His own family, Joe calling on a fathers day ro ask for 7 mln$$.Joe
    paddling 3 different some Jackson or Michael perfumes on the Cannes
    Filmfestival.His own family, esp. Jermaine and all his kids, how

    many arew they now? The last info I got was 8 and two more to come, named
    Medina and Messina. Now my computer is acting bad, as it does on long posts.–This is post 1.Will write more on post 2


  9. August 28, 2011 1:51 pm

    It is no wonder he suffered from Body Dysmorhic Disorder, dg 300.7 on page 507,DSM-IV-TR, though in his case it involved his face.Then the nose and Joe´s bullying about it.It is well known that severe acne can cause psychological scarring.There is an effective medication for severe acne: Accutane.It has more stringent restrictions than Propofol.
    In females pregnancy must be excluded, with certainty ,before starting this.It is realated to natural vitamin A that controls embryonic development.Also in adults up to age 23 years it can reduce the long bone growth in legs.There are other side effects too, but it really can be very effective. The son of a friend of mine got it and his skin cleared uo beutifully with no scarring.This is hindsight , so good.

    In above article Klein comes off better than Hoefflin.But what is the
    right timeline for treatment by Klein. He said ha did not see mj in May nor June 2009.–now my computer has gone bad again. This was part 2 of post.


  10. August 28, 2011 2:10 pm

    There must be some normal people in LA. The city would not be able to
    exist otherwise.What about DA´s and the courts? –Michael did complain often about Joe. Still how could a mother see it and not do more?
    She was a bit of a martyr I guess. Was it that religion oh hers that caused it? Then Michael marries a scientologist! No wonder he kept searching for spiritual guidacne.At least Chopra can be thrown into the garbage.I don´t know enough about Schmuley.
    Then he ends up with murray who kills him with neglignce or otherwise.
    Tis is 3part of post and last for now.


  11. August 28, 2011 2:17 pm

    Sorry guys if you still cannot see the post.

    I repeated Dr. Hoefflin’s mistake – wanted to make it better and turned it into a disaster instead.

    Still trying to revive it. If I fail I hope my co-eds will be able to as the draft is still there but stubbornly resists posting.


  12. August 28, 2011 3:44 pm

    Deborah has revived it. Thank you so much!

    The formats are all wrong because my own words are given in quotes now, but let us leave it the way it is for fear of graver consequences.
    I hope you will be able to understand what’s what there.


  13. Alison permalink
    August 28, 2011 7:25 pm

    Wow, lots to digest in this. on initial reading i am not sure who to believe, the only one i can hear, feel and know the truth from is Mike Perruque, lovely words at the end saying Michael’s role as a father was even more natural than his singing and dancing. i would like to hear more from this gentleman. and he worked with him between 2000 and 2004 so must have some relevant important things to say.

    now hoefflin – seems to have some information about 1993, would be useful to know what he knows, dates et.c.

    the other thing is, hoefflin has joan rivers as a patient! – if MJ had 50 procedures ( i don’t believe this tho ) then how many has SHE had – 150? what about william shatner? has he done his surgery too? and the woman i can’t remember the name of that played the lead female role in South Pacific, she was on uk tv the other day, a nice enough lady, she must be quite elderly now, she’s plainly had tons of surgery, and hosts of others that Do look strange – but Michael Jackson who didn’t look strange is the one who is ridiculed and held up as the poster boy of weird surgery and of wanting to change his appearance.

    its interesting tho, hoefflin says that medication destroys stamina and health. we know MJ changed after 1993 because of the emotional and spiritual battering and attacks on his identity and he seemed to lose a lot (not all!) of that smile but he still had his energy and stamina. it wasn’t until the end of 90’s and turn of the century that he seemed to start losing some of that – although This Is It shows he hadn’t lost all of it. he did start to seem frailer, iller so was that due to his illnesses and just getting older or because of medications. that fall and the back injury, that was late 90’s, the pain from such a thing must have been immense. he must have needed treatment for that and back problems just don’t go away. so if hoefflin stopped treating him in 1998 and if he had more surgery, then who was doing it? that person needs to be highlighted, the timing of everything says this is very relevant.
    but if he didn’t have much or any further surgery, then klein has more responsibility than he’s saying.
    and why is klein saying MJ looked so bad? he didn’t! is he just trying to justify his procedures? if his cheeks needed filling out then he needed to eat some more calories and have someone to actually LOOK AFTER HIM not have stuff injected into his face!
    saying he looked like he was out of Auschwitz, thats a terrible and disrespectful thing to say, both to MJ and to the real victims of concentration camps. he looked nothing of the sort.

    i just don’t know what to believe about all this. i’m glad tho hoefflin commented on the gay rubbish.
    sorry for long comment. i feel very depressed now. and i went on itunes yesterday to buy smooth criminal, also got a couple of videos for my ipod. first time i’ve downloaded anything. but have you read the biography they have there?. bad enough if it was a tabloid but i felt outraged by it when they must be making a fortune off Michael. i will post it on the celebrate MJ thread later, not just now tho.

    i.m just watching Mr Angel Sexy legs in Come Together vid, so full of life, still just can’t believe he’s gone.


  14. lynande51 permalink
    August 28, 2011 8:01 pm

    I have 2 advanced practice nursing degrees. One is in Critical Care and the other is in Psychiatric Nursing. I am a prescriber, meaning I write prescriptions and a diagnostician, meaning I can diagnose certain conditions based on my area of expertise, and can have a private practice of my own with a Doctor. I see opiate addiction every day of my life in nursing and I can tell you without a doubt that Michael Jackson was not addicted to an opiate when he died. He was what we call a recovered addict. The last documented and provable use of opiates by Michael was in early 2002 when Dr. Alex Farshachian wrote a letter to Michael indicting that he wanted to withdraw from the use of opiates with the substitute Suboxone, a perfectly legitimate and recommended way to stop the use of opiates. Dr. Farshachian also saw Michael for something that required him to use crutches. If you look him up he is world renowned for his use of stem cell treatment in the reconstruction of joints.
    I cannot begin to know what Dr. Klein’s motives were when giving the interview with Levin but if you watch his Tweets and read his Facebook it shows that he has an agenda. Let’s take into context that Klein gave that interview before the autopsy report became public. That agenda appears to be to tear down the Jackson family and Michael’s Estate. It would seem that he would like the will thrown out, at which time Michael’s Estate would be completely picked apart by every vulture in the world. Does Arnie need money this bad? Did he think that Michael was going to leave him money? I think Michael paid him more than enough when he was alive judging by the last bill he presented to the estate. The thing that people seem to forget is that The Michael Jackson Estate was set up the way it was set up to protect the children and his money from the people that think that they are somehow entitled to it.
    That said let me correct a couple of things that are wrong in most of these Doctors statements about each other to the press. I know that there is a different take on the use of opiates from country to country and outside the medical field.Contrary to what Dr. Klein said Demerol is not widely used in surgical procedures and is not used in a dermatology office.A minor sedation requirement like that would be an oral Ativan 20 minutes before the proceedure.
    1. Dr Hoefflin used Propofol for sedation during the Rhinoplasties:
    A. A surgeon is never the one that decides what anesthesia to give. That is determined by the Nurse Anesthetist or an Anesthesiologist. Here in the United States a surgeon does surgery and that is all they do. I don’t have the time right now to get into the particulars of what that means but just suffice it to say that there is not just one person in an operating room and each one has a particular function. Here a surgeon cuts that what they do. The Nurse Anesthetist administers the anesthesia that is what they do.
    B. Propofol could not be used during a Rhinoplasty because it requires mechanical ventilation. To be on mechanical ventilation one has to be intubated. When you are intubated a tube is inserted into the mouth, through the vocal apparatus and into the trachea to maintain an open airway. The protruding end is attached to the mechanical ventilator and taped to the nose to hold the tube in place. It would be incredibly difficult if not impossible to perform a Rhinoplasty over and around such an apparatus.
    C. Michael had to have skin grafts. These were autologous meaning that they came from his own body. Those would be the scars that were found on his shoulders. The other scars behind his ears were from the insertion of the balloon device that was used to stretch his scalp. He had small surgical scars around his umbilicus and in the lower right quadrant of his abdomen. One implies that he had an umbilical hernia at one time and one implies that he had an appendectomy. He had a crescent shaped scar around his right knee with smaller scars proximal to it. That indicates some kind of reconstructive knee surgery.
    2. Dr Klein’s inept interview; I don’t care what paper he wrote in medical school I work this every day of my life. Show me your publication Doctor because until Michael died no one ever knew you were so well versed in addiction and the paper can’t be found.
    A. Michael Jackson’s body was not “riddled with needle marks”. What he had inserted into his neck was a central IV catheter that goes in under the clavicle into the superior vena cava for rapid infusion of IV fluids. It was placed there by the emergency room team when they were attempting to save Michael’s life. He had femoral ( in the groin) punctures bilaterally from the insertion of an intra aortic balloon pump a device inserted by catheter into the femoral artery up through the aorta and into the heart in an attempt to restart the heart by mimicking the contractions of the heart. He also had 3-4 peripheral needle punctures in his arms. That may have been from unsuccessful attempts by the ambulance team to access a vein or by Murray when he was attempting insertion before he had finally accessed the one he used for the administration of the propofol which was in the popliteal fossa ( behind the knee).
    B. Michael had liver mortis when he arrived at the hospital which is what accounts for the “blue hands and feet”. That meant that Michael was dead a minimum of 20 minutes before arriving at the hospital. Liver mortis is when the blood stops circulating it stops (stasis) where it is and you have the darkening of the skin from blood pooling. Michael was obviously on his back when he died as all of the pooling is to the posterior (the back side of the body) of the liver. Liver Mortis is the most effective way for the coroner to determine the time of death.
    C. The area of hyper pigmentation on the right shin that is mentioned on the autopsy is what the scarring from DISCOID LUPUS looks like when it is healed. In May of 2001 Michael showed the world that he had a spider bite and this is what it did to him. That would not be entirely out of the question because I have seen autoimmune reactions to poison ivy that lead to the destruction of the melanocytes in the skin that left areas of Vitiligo. In someone with Vitiligo this is what would happen.
    D. If Michael Jackson had been addicted to opiates, which is what Demerol is, at the time of his death it would have been evident and found in his tissues. If a person addicted to opiates does not have those opiates within 24 hours they go into a process of physical withdrawal. That is not conjecture that is a physical fact. It happens to each and every opiate addict that there is. The body cannot help it. That would include: elevated respirations, elevated blood pressure, elevated pulse, profuse sweating, tremors, nausea, vommiting, rebound pain, and behavioral changes like hyper irritability, and akesthesia (pacing). None of which were noted in the weeks if not months prior to his death.
    3. Dependence versus addiction:
    A. I know that in other countries there is a different take on addiction versus dependence on opiates. Here in the United States it is not that simple. There are people out there that have legitimate prescribed indications for the use of opiates in pain management. They are prescribed to them and they are given precise parameters for their use of the prescribed medications. Even with those guidelines the prolonged use of opiates will produce a physical addiction to opiates because of how they work on the pain receptors in the brain.
    B. Our bodies have a natural reaction to pain. The brain itself also produces substances known as endorphins that activate the opiate receptors. When you have pain the body produces natural endorphins to combat the pain. In the case of severe pain there are not enough of these endorphins produced to naturally ease the pain. That is when opiates are introduced.
    C. Opiates elicit their powerful effects by activating opiate receptors that are widely distributed throughout the brain and body. Once an opiate reaches the brain, it quickly activates the opiate receptors that are found in many brain regions and produces an effect that correlates with the area of the brain involved. Two important effects produced by opiates, such as morphine, are pleasure (or reward) and pain relief.
    D. After prolonged use the brain adapts ( restructuring) and the opiate receptors become “full” of the outside source of the opiate and these receptors “grow” or become larger and in order to reduce the pain the brain requires more opiates. That is when it becomes a physical addiction.
    E. Dependence is related more to the euphoric effects that an opiate produces. Not all of the pain is blocked by the opiate, but the way that an opiate works is sort of a reward meaning that the pain is not gone, the person feels it but the euphoria makes them not care. This is what many laypeople regard as an addiction to the feel good effect of an opiate.
    Now according to the letter from Dr. Farshachian and Mike LaPerruque it would seem that Michael did not like or want the euphoric effects but wanted to stop the use of opiates but could not because his body required them to avoid the withdrawal which, if you do it without medical intervention can lead to seizure and death. Considering that the last available documented usage of opiates was in 2002 I would have to say that Michael was a well recovered former addict and it would have had no effect whatsoever on the use of Propofol which is what killed him.
    I don’t know what is going on in the press and with the Doctors in Michaels life but it looks llike a pissing contest. And now we have the ever so “in the know” expert Diane Dimond weighing in on Michaels Doctors and an area of expertise that she knows nothing about. Her agenda is clear: She wants Murray found not guilty, it would define her hopeless life.


  15. August 28, 2011 10:11 pm

    “i just don’t know what to believe about all this”

    Alison, there is no need to believe any of them. The guilt of each doctor (if there was any) will be determined in court. The point of my post was a little different – I was trying to show that Michael was in no way responsible for the addiction either to Demerol or Propofol. He never wanted drugs in his life, was strongly against them and was absolutely not to blame that they were given to him on a regular basis which resulted in the addiction.

    Klein says that the scalp hurts like hell when injections, procedures, etc. are made on it. It was simply impossible for Michael to live through all those torturous months without painkillers and it doesn’t matter who gave them to him. If Klein did, then Hoefflin shouldn’t have gone on with all those surgeries which gave Michael so much pain.

    A patient cannot be made responsible for the course of treatment doctors select! Neither can a patient be responsible for the drugs prescribed to him! And in Michael’s case everything is upside down – the doctors were busy wit their medical and personal dispute while the patient had to face all the consequences of it and was accused of things which were none of his doing.

    Klein says that Michael never asked him for Demerol – the doctor selected that treatment himself. This is what is important here.

    And the difficulty for us as non-professionals to decide which of the doctors is right shows how difficult the same decision should have been for Michael.


  16. August 28, 2011 10:11 pm

    “i just don’t know what to believe about all this”

    Alison, there is no need to believe any of them. The guilt of each doctor (if there was any) will be determined in court. The point of my post was a little different – I was trying to show that Michael was in no way responsible for the addiction either to Demerol or Propofol. He never wanted drugs in his life, was strongly against them and was absolutely not to blame that they were given to him on a regular basis which resulted in the addiction.

    Klein says that the scalp hurts like hell when injections, procedures, etc. are made on it. It was simply impossible for Michael to live through all those torturous months without painkillers and it doesn’t matter who gave them to him. If Klein did, then Hoefflin shouldn’t have gone on with all those surgeries which gave Michael so much pain.

    A patient cannot be made responsible for the course of treatment doctors select! Neither can a patient be responsible for the drugs prescribed to him! And in Michael’s case everything is upside down – the doctors were involved in their medical and personal dispute while the patient had to face all the consequences of it.


  17. August 28, 2011 10:27 pm

    The rivalry between Dr.Hoefflin and Dr. Klein is unprofessional. It is customary (with the patients permission ) to confer with other physicians.Instead these 2 sue each other and much that should be confidential has thus come out.And it must have been disconcerting to Michael.
    — –Well now everybody agrees MJ died from a lethal o.d., who wouldn´t.
    And accidents happen when doctors do not pay attention in highly critical situations.And then don´t call 911 in time and then lie to paramedics and then lie to hospital emergency physicians.And don´t know CRP, never had required monitoring equiupment and gave it at home. Never was trained in anestesiology.What more do you need to know?


  18. August 28, 2011 10:54 pm

    BG, my big thanks to you for the perfect transcript! It does indeed give a lot of food for thought. Only part of it has been covered and there might be a need to return to it again.

    “What a nightmare for Michael to have to deal with – having to make a decision about who of those opposing parties genuinely had his best interests at heart and who was the ‘best’ person for the job. But not only that – having to weigh up the possible flack from those parties whenever any decision was made, whether it was to seek advice and assistance from someone else or to terminate services. Because of who he was and what he meant to people, no decision ever made could have been taken lightly, even the simplest ones. What a nightmare’

    An absolute nightmare! Imagine having a burn as big as a palm and the need to go on stage and do a show. The best plastic surgeon (trained in burns) suggests a painful treatment to help the situation and is sure it will work. You agree, half-enduring the pain and half-dulling it with painkillers and wait for the never-ending several weeks to be over. Then comes the surgery and the period of recovery which also needs medication – and after all those sufferings the bald spot only becomes bigger due to your lupus. And then doctors start it all over again.

    It was then that the dispute between the doctors must have started – Klein wanted to stop surgery but did not offer any other alternative. Would we have risked in Michael’s place if the only alternative was a wig? What is wearing a wig for a dancer who moves like lighting on stage? A disaster and at the age of 26 years old too! Of course Michael went for the scalp surgery again and again hoping that the next operation would be successful.

    Some medication was needed and it is even probable that the choice of Demerol was correct, but in situations like that no one can blame a person if he eventually becomes addicted to it. He didn’t do it for recreation – he was a victim of it.


  19. August 28, 2011 11:25 pm

    Anyway, in regard to the two doctors – who is to be believed? Or should we ask: who is to be believed the most? Or should we be asking what decision did Michael make? Because, regardless of whether or not Michael had a relationship with the two men as friends, it appears he did make a decision in relation to each of them as doctors.
    The doctors were specialists in two different (though related) fields and one field of expertise might have been required more than another, but we should perhaps look, not at what Klein has said about Hoefflin but what Hoefflin himself has said. Hoefflin says that he did not perform any plastic surgeries on Michael after 1998. Hoefflin also says that after 1998 Michael had a couple of procedures that were carried out by another plastic surgeon. Without looking at anything else, those things alone are very telling.

    BG, I’ve also been thinking in this direction – if the last surgery Hoefflin made was indeed in 1998 it means Michael never returned to that plastic surgeon but still kept contact with Klein. Hoefllin assumes that there were some plastic surgeries after that but the fact that Michael didn’t go back to him is indeed tale-telling.

    At one point he says that Klein attended the surgery made by a different doctor which I doubt very much – if Klein was so much against plastic surgery he couldn’t have given his okay to those operations, unless they were reconstructive and a must.

    The fact that Michael dropped his plastic surgeon and stayed by Klein (at least for some time) shows not only which doctor he eventually chose but also shows he didn’t consider any more plastic surgery at that time.

    The dates are also very interesting:

    1979 – the year when Michael broke his nose. The first operation is not successful, is followed by another one to improve his breathing and is accompanied by some cosmetic surgery.

    1984 – the year of the burn. Klein diagnoses lupus. Hoefflin starts his post-burn sculp treatment and all those cut-out scars operations.

    1984 – 1993. These are the dates of the medical records turned over by Klein to Dr. Strick who worked for the government in the Chandler case. The records were examined in 1993 and Dr. Strick said that in all those 9 years Michael had only reconstructive surgery connected with the side-effects of his lupus (on his nose and most probably on his scalp too).

    And on 1998 Dr. Hoefflin made his last operation on Michael’s nose which leaves us with only 5 years for cosmetic surgery done by Hoefflin. Whether any other cosmetic surgery was made after that we don’t know. But if Michael stuck to Klein, the chances that he agreed to more cosmetic surgery are not too big.


  20. August 28, 2011 11:59 pm

    “That’s probably why Hoefflin went crazy after MJJ died; he knew it would just be a matter of time before they started looking at how he got addicted to Propofol so find someone elseto blame and who but his old nemesis Klein! Klein may be no angel but there’s more to this story that needs to be uncovered’

    Truthteller, thanks, I’ll look up your links when I am at a better computer. The only thing I want to say now is that the whole story will most probably be uncovered during the trial. I agree that Klein is no angel, but Dr. Hoefflin behaves like someone who is extremely afraid of something. He suddenly became so active! And this is strange for a plastic surgeon who wasn’t in Michael’s life for quite a long time.

    There is much more to say here of course. According to Klein, Hoefllin made an intervention on Michael in 2002 (why he? for what drug?) but according to Hoefllin – if I remember it right – he didn’t make it because Klein interfered with it. This episode alone shows that there is a loooot more to look into. Only I don’t know whether we should as all these details will be disclosed during the coming trial anyway.

    I am not even too much interested as firstly, this doesn’t release Conrad Murray of his guilt and secondly, Michael was not to blame for all the hell these people brought into his life. And this is all I wanted to know.


  21. August 29, 2011 12:17 am

    “And then don´t call 911 in time and then lie to paramedics and then lie to hospital emergency physicians.And don´t know CRP, never had required monitoring equiupment and gave it at home. Never was trained in anestesiology.What more do you need to know?’

    Nothing, Kaarin. The above is quite enough to find Conrad Murray guilty. I really don’t know why they are still so much undecided. No matter what other evidence they dig out, nothing will change the basic fact that Murray was criminally negligent. Him talking on the phone while his patient was dying!


  22. shelly permalink
    August 29, 2011 12:29 am

    Thank you for your posts Lynande and Vindicate.


  23. August 29, 2011 7:18 am

    @ Lynande Great information. You make excellent points, including that about rhinoplasty and ventilation. How would sedation be carried out in that circumstance? It’s also interesting that you say Demerol is not normally used in minor surgical procedures or a dermatolgist’s office. In this case it definitely was. Klein does say that although the procedures were minor, there were many done and they took a long time. In the interview Klein states that Demerol is ‘good’ because of its non-toxic properties and it doesn’t have a narcotising effect, which may be why he preferred to use it over Lorazepam. Who knows.

    The two doctors have a history between them obviously. One blames the other for Demerol use. The other blames the first for Propofol use. They both like to ‘talk’. Maybe Hoefflin had his heart in the right place when he began investigating what happened but it was Hoefflin’s claims in ‘The Sun’ that seemed to spark the latest row between the two doctors. And it seems Klein is not the only one who has criticised Hoefflin for over-use of anesthesia. Klein’s records have been investigated and some of the information in those records has been released without Klein’s approval, according to him. Klein has not been charged in connection with what happened to Michael, Conrad Murray is on trial, as we know.

    Klein does appear to have an agenda and he is being very defensive. Perhaps it’s because he has been and continues to be implicated, and not only by Hoefflin. Klein is having a lot of mud thrown at him and he is throwing a lot of mud back in all directions. He was also involved in the outrageous Pfeiffer thing and his retraction of that hasn’t done anything for him. He is certainly a high-priced doctor and I’m sure he would have made money off of Michael over the years. The same is probably true with Hoefflin though, or anyone who came in contact with Michael. Klein wasn’t the only person to submit a creditor’s claim and if he did the work he should be paid – just how much he is due or whether it was over-priced may be debatable.

    Klein is insistent that Michael was not ever addicted to narcotics and differentiates between dependence/tolerance and addiction, whereas Hoefflin appeared to believe the opposite was the case in the early days after June ’09 and blamed several doctors for this perception, Klein in particular. The articles here do tend to back up Klein’s view in a way by referring to Michael not wanting to be addicted to narcotics, or anything, and fighting against dependency.

    The use of the word ‘Demerol’ seems to cause a lot of concern and maybe that has something to do with Michael’s song, maybe not. The media certainly spread the news of Demerol, enforcing the view that Demerol is something shocking. Some even prematurely claimed that it was an overdose of this that was the cause of Michael’s death. They were wrong. Levin seemed to want to continue the drama over the drug. He seemed to be more interested in that and things in the past rather than propofol. But if we must be forced to consider Demerol, perhaps we should know more about it. Klein has pointed out two or three reasons in support of the drug and on the other side, as with many drugs, it can be addictive. Perhaps the shock value of Demerol has been overdone?

    There are a number of things involved in the argument between the two doctors and who is 100% right or wrong is not clear – perhaps they’re both partially right and partially wrong. It may all be moot because as you say, Demerol was not related to what happened on that day. Propofol, on the other hand, was. Klein was not there, Murray was.

    As for Dimond…at least her intentions are a lot clearer than either of the two doctors. In my opinion she is out to further her own ends, using any controversy over Michael Jackson she can. Her sympathy for Murray is laughable.


  24. shelly permalink
    August 29, 2011 10:25 am

    Klein said he didn’t see MJ in June but his creditor claim said he did procedures in June.


  25. August 29, 2011 1:41 pm

    @ shelley That’s true. His timing makes no sense. He did say “we didn’t see him in May, we didn’t see him in June.” But he also says the last time he came to the office was about five days before June 25 and we know MJ saw him on June 22. There seems to be a two-week period in May when MJ saw others at Klein’s office (according to the creditor’s claim). And at one point Klein says something about not speaking with him since 2003 but then he also says he saw him when he came back from Las Vegas. Timing makes no sense.


  26. August 29, 2011 11:19 pm

    “Considering that the last available documented usage of opiates was in 2002 I would have to say that Michael was a well recovered former addict “

    Lynette, a recovered addict is a very good and correct word for it. When Klein said that an addict is always an addict he wasn’t meaning any harm – he just pronounced the official view on this matter which means that there is no road back to the way you were before. But if the addict is recovered he is able to keep the situation under control. However recovered addicts – as far as I understand – should not be given even minimal dozes of the old drug as it might spark off a new wave of addiction.

    Irrespective of which doctor is to blame for Demerol the only thing that matters is that it wasn’t Michael’f fault. He never sought drugs for recreation like other stars do – however they get away with it, while the same problem, only forced on Michael, is turned into something huge. This is ruthless and totally unfair.


  27. August 29, 2011 11:51 pm

    “He did say “we didn’t see him in May, we didn’t see him in June.” But he also says the last time he came to the office was about five days before June 25 and we know MJ saw him on June 22.”

    BG, this remarkable document: says that Klein “evidently saw Michael Jackson five times in June 2009 with the last appointment being June 22, 2009”.

    This document also says that the defense is planning to do an absolutely outrageous thing – they want to summon as a witness Steve Robel, “a law enforcement officer who was involved in the investigation of child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson in 2003” !!!

    The Plaintiff says, “The people seek an exclusion of such testimony as irrelevant and highly inflammatory. The current case should focus on the events surrounding the medical care provided to Michael Jackson by Conrad Murray. The case should not be allowed to deteriorate into an unfair, unwarranted and irrelevant attack on the deceased victim”.



  28. August 30, 2011 12:16 am

    “As for Dimond…at least her intentions are a lot clearer than either of the two doctors. In my opinion she is out to further her own ends, using any controversy over Michael Jackson she can. Her sympathy for Murray is laughable.”

    Guys, let us not underestimate what Dimond is doing. Finding fault with Klein or Hoefflin will in no way release Conrad Murray of his guilt. This is ruled out as there is simply no excuse for his gross negligence.

    BUT what Dimond is saying now can excuse another party in this tragedy – those who demanded that Klein should stop rendering his services to Michael and be fully replaced by Conrad Murray. If Klein’s actions are found improper or non-professional, the demand to exclude Klein would be justified. And then the riot act would be justified too.

    And vice virsa – if Klein was not doing any harm to Michael, then the demand to drop the dermatologist would be unjustified and would cast a shadow of doubt on this other party.

    Justification of this party seems to be Dimond’s primary purpose though on the surface it looks like she is defending Conrad Murray only.


  29. August 30, 2011 2:45 am

    Defence is going to claim(stated on another post) that Michael died because he was in such poor condition..On 6/25 he rehearsed til past midnight, and what about all those tapes the defence insisted on?Was Michael in such a poor condition that he needed a lethal dose of Propofol? And now blaming 2 other dr:s for his poor condition.Did not cardiac specialist notice that before?I don´t understand the logic of this kind of thinking.


  30. lynande51 permalink
    August 30, 2011 6:40 am

    The judge has denied the defenses request for just about everything. There will be no Dr. Klein, Dr. Allen Metzger was never involved and 2 of Klein’s office employee’s will not be called as witnesses. The prosecution will not allow testimony from medications found in 2003. Propofol was never one of them as I wrote in a post here. The prosecution is also prepared to call several experts witnesses to prove that Michael was not addicted to Demerol at the time of his death.That is a small win for the good guys. Happy Bday MJ.


  31. Suzy permalink
    August 30, 2011 7:51 am

    So the judge won’t allow any attempts of distraction and blaming the victim by Murray’s team! Great news!


  32. August 30, 2011 8:08 am

    It is good news about the Klein and demerol being ruled out.

    @ vmj Yes, I see what DD and other media is trying to do – helping the defense in its quest to get Murray off as lightly as it can by shifting some, if not all, the responsibility to the only other person available – everyone and everything else has been ruled irrevelant.


  33. August 30, 2011 10:07 am

    There is no doubt that it was the lethal massive dose of Propofol that did iit. Midazolam is a drug to be careful with also,can cause apnea,ie stop respiration,and the PDR here states it advisable that it be given by an anestesiologist.Though the massive,lethal dose of Propofol was the main reason for death. It is under the right conditions considered safe
    enough for babies. As given by murray it´s lethal. And one can only wonder why cardiologist murray thought ,as he claims, such a frail person needed a lethal dose.He may do better as a veterinarian.


  34. August 30, 2011 10:11 am

    lynande51, thank you for describing the scars on Michaels body.They just say the he was scarred all over without a thought what those scars were from.Also the ones, or 2 really on the knee indicating he had had surgery on the knee joint.


  35. August 30, 2011 2:26 pm

    “The judge has denied the defenses request for just about everything. There will be no Dr. Klein, Dr. Allen Metzger was never involved and 2 of Klein’s office employee’s will not be called as witnesses. The prosecution will not allow testimony from medications found in 2003.

    Lynette, this is good news! Judge Pastor is right:

    “Anything having to do with the year 2003, any incident with Neverland, Santa Barbara, medical doctors, fundamentally is irrelevant,” Pastor said. “It proves absolutely nothing with regard to the year 2009.”

    Pastor ruled that Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein could not be called to testify about giving Jackson Demerol shots. Testimony about Jackson’s visits to Klein’s office in the days before his death could lead the jury “down the path of prescribing to Dr. Klein some sort of criminal culpability in the death of Mr. Jackson.”However, Klein’s medical records can be used in the trial, he ruled.Two of Klein’s office employees also cannot be called as witnesses, he ruled.

    Pastor has indicated he would keep the trial limited to what happened the last several days of Jackson’s life. His decisions on the prosecution’s request to limit witnesses indicate how tightly the judge will limit the defense arguments.

    Other witnesses the judge said the defense could not call include John Branca, the lawyer who became executor of Jackson’s estate after his death. Nothing about Jackson’s finances can be considered, he said.

    The Los Angeles coroner has ruled that Jackson’s death was caused by an overdose of the surgical anesthetic propofol, combined with other drugs.
    Prosecutors have accused Murray of having a role in the overdose. Jury selection is scheduled to begin on September 8, with opening statements expected to be heard on September 27. Lawyers estimate the trial will conclude in early November.”


  36. shelly permalink
    August 30, 2011 2:42 pm

    I think that judge is very fair.


  37. August 30, 2011 4:23 pm

    “I see what DD and other media is trying to do – helping the defense in its quest to get Murray off as lightly as it can by shifting some, if not all, the responsibility to the only other person available – everyone and everything else has been ruled irrevelant.”

    BG, you mean they want to shift all the responsibility onto Michael? Yes, they do. This is a very strange (and totally ridiculous) case when the blame for a victim’s death is put on the victim himself.

    It is like blaming a person for walking the street late at night and being killed by someone who wanted to rob him. It is like saying that the man took the risk himself and should answer for it – while the killer is not responsible as the passerby should not have walked the street so late (!). He probably shouldn’t have, but it doesn’t justify the killer either.

    However when I said that Diane Dimond may be aiming at justifying another party I meant someone different – AEG.

    Didn’ t AEG confront Michael with a “riot act” after he missed a rehearsal? And he missed it because he didn’t feel well and they claimed he was being drugged by Klein? And this is why their riot act demanded that all contacts with Klein should be severed and only Conrad Murray should attend to Michael’s needs? Leaving Michael one to one with Conrad Murray?

    And this “doctor” even said to Kenny Ortega (who the day before had seen Michael unwell and sent him home from the rehearsal ) that no one should interfere with him, as he knew better whether his patient was ok or not? And several days later the patient accidentally died in his hands?

    Let us suppose that Klein was indeed drugging Michael. Then the demand to stop seeing him was justified.

    But what if Klein wasn’t drugging him? Then the demand was unjustified and this poses questions about AEG’s motives for keeping only one doctor by Michael’s side. It also means that they made ridiculous demands of Michael, subjected him to unnecessary stress and aggravated his sleeplessness – thus probably indirectly bringing him to the tragic end. All this introduced into the situation the unnecessary tension which for an insomniac is a killer factor.

    So in whose interests is it to prove that Klein was drugging Michael and doing him harm?

    Please remember that we are dealing with an unnatural death, and every little fact or possibility should be looked into.

    P.S. Even if Randy Phillips was genuinely worried about Michael’s health and thought that his riot act was justified by his worries, the current media desire to name Klein a guilty party works for the benefit of AEG.


  38. Chris permalink
    August 30, 2011 7:40 pm

    Well done Judge Pastor!

    I have hope 4 justice in the court house at least. He seen right through the blatant smear campaign and blame any1 but Murray defence.

    Very good.


  39. August 30, 2011 8:14 pm

    @vmj I get what you’re saying about the media spin on Klein (and MJ) effectively justifying AEG and I agree that every little thing should be looked into but apart from the media effectively justifying AEG, the judge has also said the trial will only be looking at the last few days and Murray is the only one charged with the crime. Even if the defense brings up Demerol from Klein’s records, the prosecution says it will bring expert witnesses to say MJ was not addicted to it. Still, it’s interesting that Klein’s records will be available but Klein himself has been ruled irrelevant.


  40. August 30, 2011 10:12 pm

    “Even if the defense brings up Demerol from Klein’s records, the prosecution says it will bring expert witnesses to say MJ was not addicted to it.”

    BG, this is the main point. Klein also said that Michael was no longer addicted to Demerol and that is why he gave him those doses. However I don’t know whether he was right in doing so.

    “the judge has also said the trial will only be looking at the last few days and Murray is the only one charged with the crime.”

    The last few days are crucial because this is when the “riot act” was read to Michael and when the situation began to develop into a tragedy.

    Guys, let me tell you what I think.

    Besides Murray there is a share of AEG’s guilt in Michael’s death. It might not be too big and it might also be an indirect one.

    They might be to blame only for bringing in the unnecessary tension into the rehearsal process, creating too much stress for Michael, increasing his nervousness and making him unable to sleep.

    Even a non-insomniac will have a difficulty to fall asleep if he is feels nervous. And for insomniacs stress is a killing factor.

    They subjected Michael to a riot act and demanded he should drop Klein and the work he was doing on his face (which was top important for Michael). The riot act also demanded that he should never miss a single rehearsal – otherwise AEG would walk out. Both these demands were a huge stress factor for Michael which aggravated his sleeplessness.

    Now AEG wants to wash themselves of any responsibility for the demands they made. Therefore they feel it necessary to prove that they were right in firing Klein.

    I repeat that I am absolutely no fan of Klein (for various reasons) but numerous attacks against him seem to me quite intentional and just a little bit too overdone.

    Why am I saying that? Firstly, because Klein was involved in a series of scandals where it is not clear whether he said or didn’t say certain negative things. Secondly, because his 96min. interview with Harvey Levin I’ve listened to was totally misrepresented in the press.

    Klein had reasons for being angry with TMZ – out of his hour and a half interview the only thing TMZ reported was Klein’s supposition that a boy could have seen his genitalia when he peed in a cup (I hear he sometimes did it during the show to save time). Klein does like too much talking about this and that, but he also said many positive things about Michael – but none of them made it to the press.

    They didn’t quote Klein saying that he never saw any withdrawal symptoms in Michael and that Michael was not a narcotic addict. They didn’t say that Klein inspected full Michael’s body two months before his death and there were no needle marks there whatsoever. TMZ didn’t even report the fact that it was Joe Jackson who brought Dr. Murray into Michael’s life.

    They didn’t mention that he didn’t consider himself father to Michael’s children or that if Michael had gone to a trial in 1993 he would have won it (and it was “greedy” Cochran who was in the way to that outcome). Neither did they report many interesting things about Michael’s life – for example, the reason why Michael was afraid of dogs – Klein said that when Michael knocked on people’s doors as a Jehovah’s Witness dogs would always bite him.

    No, they didn’t report any of that but made a huge scandal out of that “pee story”. Is this objective and unbiased journalism? And is it journalism at all? Or is it selective reporting done to fit someone’s agenda? Whose agenda is it?

    And this is when “who is interested in it” point comes in again. Diane Dimond’s recent effort to release Murray of his guilt and shift it onto Klein’s shoulders is very tale-telling and is probably the last touch we needed to finish the picture – she cannot be serious thinking that she can justify Murray this way, but she is being quite serious in explaining to the public that AEG was absolutely right in demanding this horrible man out of Michael’s life.


  41. August 31, 2011 12:00 am

    Hello @lynande51 as a professional I find your remarks very accurate, specially on opiates, how they work and how you have explained the difference between dependence and addiction. I agree with you that most people do not understand why it is so important to understand these terms and the context in which they develop in such situations.For professionals who deal with patients and handle, manage and know the medication we use is very important to know exactly the context because at the presence of a dependency or addiction we do not use the same protocols of action. Every patient is different. I worked as a critical care nurse for most of my career and now work as a surgical nurse and a anesthetist nurse ,for me it was like starting over, I had to learn how to manage medication that I had used in the ICU in a different way and how to treat and prevent pain during different surgeries we ¿carry out?.
    In the units I have worked Meperidine ( Demerol=Dolantina in Spain) is the first choice in cases of postoperative acute pain, but it is not at the first level of the pain scale adopted by the OMS, before using tramadol or meperidine there are plenty of painkillers that can be used and can be effective . So I see logical use it for interventions as painful as those that Michael Jackson suffered on the scalp, but I see very illogical (a priori without knowing the medical history) use it in dermatological interventions such as those described by Dr . Klein.
    About the use of propofol in interventions such as rhinoplasty, I have seen it used at the time of anesthetic induction, and although this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and deep sedation, most surgeons still work more safely (and therefore the outcome is more predictable) if it is performed under general anesthesia.And for general anesthesia the patient has to be intubated, to prevent head movement during mechanical ventilation we use some brackets that hold and immobilize the head.
    But this issue is not important when we are talking about propofol dependance. I have never seen any patient that suffered propofol addiction or dependance, nor even in a ICU; and in my opinion such patients may be more vulnerable because many of them are kept sedated due to the continuous infusion of propofol.
    And about the spider bite, OMG! I´ve readen a lot of bull***t about it, anyone who has treated different ulcers could refute the so called “theory” of puncture mark.
    Thank you all for this post, especially to you for explaining in a simple way something so complicated.


  42. lynande51 permalink
    August 31, 2011 4:07 am

    Hello Meigadas. I have used Propofol in Critical Care too and have never seen a patient become addicted to it. I was wondering if you had seen the autopsy report about the IV rig that was set up in MJ’s bedroom. Here is what they found at the scene and tested for drugs.

    Medical Evidence #1 (collected by Coroner Investigator E. Fleak on 6/26/09)
    • Propofol and Lidocaine were detected in approximately 0.19g of white fluid from a 10cc syringe barrel with plunger.
    Medical Evidence #2 (collected by Coroner Investigator E. Fleak on 6/29/09)
    • 4 components of an IV system tested.
    o Propofol, Lidocaine, and Flumazenil were detected in approximately 0,17g of white tinted fluid from a 10cc syringe.
    o Propofol, Lidocaine, and Flumazenil were detected in approximately 0.47g of yellow tinted fluid from a short section of IV tubing attached to a Y connector.
    • No drugs were detected in approximately 17g of clear liquid from a long
    section of IV tubing attached to an IV bag plug.
    o No drugs were detected in approximately 0.38g of clear fluid from a 1000cc IV bag.

    Now that indicates to me that he did not have it in a drip but was pushing it in at the distal Yport. Then if you know the empty vials of propfol that were found at the scene were one 100ml,one empty 20 ml vial and another 3/4 empty 20 ml vial adds up to about 1350 mg of propofol not 25 mg of propofol like Murray said.For you guys that read this 25 mg of propofol is 2.5 ml or a half a teaspoon,from arm to brain it does nothing and from leg to brain even less.The other thing is why did he put the flumazenil in the same syringe with the propofol and lidocaine? It looks like he was trying to reverse the Benzo’s at some point which looks like he knew Michael was having trouble breathing from them. And explain how he would have had time to push in at a decent rate the amount that is indicated by the empty vials. He was doing it a lot sooner than 10:40 AM or way too fast is my opinion.I almost forgot about the cut open bag of NS with an empty 100ml vial of propofol inside that was found in the trash.Was that to make it look like he had been hanging it? A staged crime scene? The only people that stage a crime scene are criminals in an attempt to avoid detection.


  43. nan permalink
    August 31, 2011 4:22 am

    As far as Diane Dimond..You could see the knives coming out for klien because she had said she and jason pfieffer had gone to spago together and had a wonderful duck dinner , so you know he is ripping on klien ..and lo and behold here comes her article..
    at any rate , of course she had this article on her page and i had said that kenny ortega had said he had been told by murray, that he was the only one who could send mj home from rehearsal so it doesnt seem to me that murray was taking orders from mj ,but from somebody else. i also mention to everyone and anyone , that not one reporter seems to be interested in who is paying this deadbeat dads legal team as well as public relations team, security, travel and somebody managed to get his house out of foreclosure also..
    i doubt if it is mj estate paying to defend this guy,although everyone likes to say murray was being paid by mj………. but nobody seems to be willing to follow the money trail on this,……….
    A very wealthy man dies under very unusual circumstances , alone with a lying doctor and nobody is even willing to consider foul play may have been involved..?Look at the money his death has generated…that should have at least been considered…
    i also think it is strange how harvey seems to put out there that the propful thing was an open secret in that town, he was doctor shopping for it , and yet everybody forgot to mention it to the police when they started investigating this thing??……….. little strange to me..

    Wasnt Murray busy assuring the insurance company that mj was not doing drugs and was in fine shape while mj was probably lying there already dead?this sounds like murray was working for aeg, and they are afraid of a civil suit or paying an insurance policy..

    i just think the double standard is hard to take when it comes to murray and mj..
    mj never ran away like murray did but when he voluntary came in they handcuffed him for the cameras, the outrageous bail ,the leaked grand jury testimony and j chandler garbage..lets not even go into the 70 sherifs with d dimond outside his house for the surprise raid..
    who is taking care of this guy as if he were a visiting dignatry instead of a loser doctor?..not one person in the press seems interested ..i just think it has to be aeg..very powerful people..


  44. lynande51 permalink
    August 31, 2011 4:35 am

    @ nan, If you read my comment below there is something else that i would like to add. Sade Andling said that she heard muffled voices in the background. That is either a lie or someone else was in that room when he was on the phone with her. Anybody want to guess who it was.


  45. Teva permalink
    August 31, 2011 5:05 am

    Question: Vinnie Politan’s HLN team is throwing it out there that the defense may say MJ drank the propofol. Is this possible? I heard it burns at the injection site so the lidocaine is used as a numbing agent. Therefore, would drinking it not cause a burning sensation as well? Making it painful to swallow having some redness in the mouth or throat?

    I also wonder about using the same syringe for all those drugs. Isn’t that contamination? I mean putting the syringe in one bottle, then inserting it into another seems unsanitary.


  46. nan permalink
    August 31, 2011 5:25 am

    well if murray was on the phone with someone and supposedly came upon a dead mj ..then who is the other person in the background unless it is someone setting a timeline., because this person would have been hanging out in a room with a dead body…if murray just happened to walk in…and wasnt everybody else supposed to stay downstairs…?

    iI thought murray called two women in texas to clean something out of his office or something also..mj was dead for a lot longer then they are admitting too.
    .this murray doesnt seem bright enough to come up with insisting to paramedics that a dead man is still alive so he wont call it at the house as it would have been investigated right away..

    And thanks to the tabloid press….it was an inevitable thing to take place because he had such a drug problem according to them..
    that was all over the news as soon as he died with brian oxman standing outside the hospital…so i dont think it got the normal scrutiny because people had a predisposed opinion of him due to negative press…
    i dont know if this was intentional, but it certainly is like the perfect crime..
    if this happened in england it would be more serious charge and perhaps the big shots in ca would not have been able to control the situation so well..
    i get that klien thinks the estate is in cahoots with levin to destroy his career…but branca is a very smart guy.i dont know much about the contract mj signed with this company but if he was getting the shaft iam sure branca would have noticed it…


  47. lynande51 permalink
    August 31, 2011 6:17 am

    I haven’t looked up the syringe compatibility of Flumazenil,propofol and Lidocaine. I will and be right back. It is not contamination if they are compatible but why would a benzodiazepine antagonist go in with a powerful sedative/anesthsia.I just checked they are not Ysite compatible which means they shouldn’t be in the same syringe
    @nan you’re right. If they had called it at the house the cops would have been there right away and he would not have had the time to cover his tracks.


  48. Chris permalink
    August 31, 2011 6:45 am

    @ Lynande

    Well this is just a complete speculated guess but there was a video on youtube that showed MJs bodyguards fist pumping each other.
    Now it was claimed that the 2 guards were there to let ambulance in/out of the gates. Yet i wonder if some1 took the footage from another day and said it was on june 25th.

    Reason i bring it up is that is a strange thing to do when your boss just died. Security footage gone missing. That just a complete out of the box guess tho. I think it is just mst likely a misunderstanding. Maybe murray pannicing talking out loud.


  49. August 31, 2011 11:45 am

    “Now that indicates to me that he did not have it in a drip but was pushing it in at the distal Yport. Then if you know the empty vials of propfol that were found at the scene were one 100ml,one empty 20 ml vial and another 3/4 empty 20 ml vial adds up to about 1350 mg of propofol not 25 mg of propofol like Murray said.”

    Lynette, thank you for clarifying these things. Can you explain to us, who are not in the medical profession, what “pushing it at the distal Yport” means? What is the difference between having it in a drip (via IV?) and the distal Yport? And is it possible to have intramuscular injections of propofol as Klein claims Murray made?


  50. August 31, 2011 1:07 pm

    it doesnt seem to me that murray was taking orders from mj ,but from somebody else.

    Kenny Ortega said in his testimony:

    “Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist … and leave Michael’s health to him,” he said.

    Kenny Ortega, a non-medical person sent Michael home when he saw him too weak to perform and Murray, his doctor (!), insisted that he was fit for the job, though his bad condition was seen with a naked eye even to a layman? Murray should have known that he was giving criminal orders, and the fact that he still made them means that he was pushed into making that decision. And the pressure could come only from his employers arranging the show.

    A certain “close confidant of Michael Jackson” confided in The Daily Beast’s Gerald Posner on June 30, 2009 and said that AEG Live never believed that something could be really wrong with Michael Jackson. AEG thought Michael was feigning his weak condition and this was one of the reasons why they forced the doctor they employed to disregard any complaints on Michael’s part:

    “like a child who doesn’t want to go to school, he could get away from his obligations if he had a ‘note from the doctor.’”


  51. August 31, 2011 1:23 pm

    i also mention to everyone and anyone , that not one reporter seems to be interested in who is paying this deadbeat dads legal team as well as public relations team, security, travel and somebody managed to get his house out of foreclosure also..

    – I wonder if all doctors who sent their patients to death and cannot pay their legal bill themselves are provided with well-paid lawyers free of charge and these lawyers work for them for two years running and employ a public relations team at that?

    i doubt if it is mj estate paying to defend this guy,although everyone likes to say murray was being paid by mj

    – Are these people in their right mind to say such a crazy thing ?

    but nobody seems to be willing to follow the money trail on this

    – The media’s silence about the money trail is deafening. Who is paying for the whole thing?

    who is taking care of this guy as if he were a visiting dignitary instead of a loser doctor? not one person in the press seems interested ..i just think it has to be aeg..very powerful people..

    – You know, I will be willing to look into other alternatives if someone showed to me who else could be interested in justifying Murray and keeping all that story a closely guarded secret. Just name this other party, please.


  52. August 31, 2011 1:34 pm

    i dont know much about the contract mj signed with this company but if he was getting the shaft iam sure branca would have noticed it…

    Nan, the papers AEG had with Michael were never properly signed by Michael and were not checked by Branca when Michael was alive (Branca was hired a week or so before Michael’s death).

    The papers are extremely suspicios-looking. I’ve made 5 posts about them:


  53. August 31, 2011 1:52 pm

    @lynande @meigadas Murray lied to paramedics, he lied to doctors at UCLA, he attempted to clean up at the scene. He wanted someone to take him back to the Carolwood house from the hospital. He left the hospital and it was two days before LAPD intervewed him. His personal background is very shady – a wife, a mistress with a new baby, calling yet another girlfriend just before midday that day. It isn’t a stretch to believe he lied about administering only 25mg of propofol. But if Murray was administering via the Y-site, or even intra-muscularly, how could he administer the amount of propofol found in Michael’s system slowly, timing it as is the norm (Murray said he timed it) without noticing that his patient had passed away?

    @vmj AEG were in direct contact with Murray regarding his travel arrangements and also Murray’s ‘contract’. AEG were to pay Murray direct (AEG would supposedly recoup that later). Murray even requested payment from them after his ‘period of service’ began. And Phillips from AEG was right there when Murray chastised Kenny Ortega. AEG was involved directly with Murray. AEG should be investigated. Murray tried to get Phillips as a witness but the judge hasn’t allowed that. The trial is about Murray only.

    You’re right though, no one seems to want to look into AEG’s role, they only want to talk about MJ. So much for balanced, investigative journalism. Shouldn’t the media be investigating the background of the man charged with the crime and his direct relationship with AEG? You’d think they would be interested in that. Would it be too difficult for them to take a look at the AEG contract with Michael? Ask lawyers, etc, whether it’s standard or too one-sided or whatever? There’s hardly anything been reported about the Lloyd’s of London v AEG law suit. Yes, it is odd that DD seems to want to concentrate on doctors that were not even there that day. Her investigative technique, if she has one, is off the mark as usual. Are you suggesting that because she’s been a stooge in the past, perhaps it’s possible she’s being a stooge again – for AEG? Or the defense? Is Murray’s PR team using her perhaps? Or is she just anti anyone who was a friend of Michael? It’s not just her though, the media in general is pretty much silent on AEG. Is AEG too powerful an organisation for anyone in the media to question?


  54. August 31, 2011 9:02 pm

    – – “how could he administer the amount of propofol found in Michael’s system slowly, timing it as is the norm (Murray said he timed it) without noticing that his patient had passed away?”

    BG, if I remember it right the police documents said that Murray had no watch, so how could he time it? Or is my memory failing me?

    – – AEG were in direct contact with Murray regarding his travel arrangements and also Murray’s ‘contract’. AEG were to pay Murray direct (AEG would supposedly recoup that later). Murray even requested payment from them after his ‘period of service’ began. And Phillips from AEG was right there when Murray chastised Kenny Ortega. AEG was involved directly with Murray. AEG should be investigated. Murray tried to get Phillips as a witness but the judge hasn’t allowed that. The trial is about Murray only.

    When the judge said that the trial would be about Murray only it struck me by its double meaning.

    On the one hand they are not allowing a police officer from the 2003 case to testify which is good as his appearance in court could have been a perfect pretext for the media to resurrect the ghost of molestation allegations, but on the other hand they won’t touch upon AEG and Randy Phillips – which is a total shame as they played a crucial part in the whole thing. In fact I cannot even imagine how and what they are going to discuss at the trial if they do not intend to mention AEG.

    AEG hired Murray, they promised the equipment and never provided it, they promised him payment and never paid, they made a contract with Murray and never signed it, they demanded Murray should be alone to attend to Michael and should accompany him to rehearsals, and Murray was reporting directly to them (not Michael) – and now it turns out they have nothing to do with the whole thing? Randy Phillips is not even a witness? It isn’t even funny!

    – – You’re right though, no one seems to want to look into AEG’s role, they only want to talk about MJ. So much for balanced, investigative journalism. Would it be too difficult for them to take a look at the AEG contract with Michael? Ask lawyers, etc, whether it’s standard or too one-sided or whatever?

    The contract is absolutely not standard. Moreover it is probably not valid because of its numerous faults and Michael’s signature which looks forged.

    – – “There’s hardly anything been reported about the Lloyd’s of London v AEG law suit. Yes, it is odd that DD seems to want to concentrate on doctors that were not even there that day. Her investigative technique, if she has one, is off the mark as usual. Are you suggesting that because she’s been a stooge in the past, perhaps it’s possible she’s being a stooge again – for AEG? Or the defense? Is Murray’s PR team using her perhaps? Or is she just anti anyone who was a friend of Michael? It’s not just her though, the media in general is pretty much silent on AEG. Is AEG too powerful an organisation for anyone in the media to question?”

    Yes, it is.

    Short information about AEG, its owner Philip Anschutz and Michael Jackson from Wiki:


    The Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) is a sporting and music entertainment presenter and a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation. It is the world’s largest owner of sports teams and sports events, the owner of the world’s most profitable sports and entertainment venues, and under AEG Live the world’s second largest presenter of live music and entertainment events after Live Nation.

    It owns and operates the Staples Center and the Home Depot Center, and manages the XL Center, the Rose Garden, and Rentschler Field. In England, it owns the Manchester Evening News Arena,[1] and currently operates the The O2 which includes a 20,000 capacity arena. In Turkey, AEG will operate Turk Telekom Arena which includes a 52,695 capacity arena.[2]

    The company owns the Los Angeles Galaxy, Houston Dynamo (50%), Los Angeles Kings, Ontario Reign, Manchester Monarchs, Eisbären Berlin with Berlin O2 World Ice-Arena,, Hamburg Freezers, 49% of Hammarby IF Fotboll, as well as interests in the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Sparks, Hartford Colonials and Reading Royals. The company also purchased the Champions on Ice figure skating tour in 2006, and own 12 % of Djurgårdens IF Hockey. The company makes a significant amount of its money by leveraging its sports interests, already significant earners, by using the stadia in which these teams play to host various other entertainment events, most notably concerts. Indeed, Philip Anschutz created the company by buying up several small local promoters in Los Angeles including ConcertsWest and Goldenvoice, promoter of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in order to fill up the schedule for his new sports venue, Staples Center. It is now the second-largest event promoter in the United States.


    AEG benefited from global interest in the death of Michael Jackson by hosting a public memorial service at Staples Center, a prominent music venue in Los Angeles and home of the Grammy Museum. The event included security and logistical support by the City of Los Angeles totaling $4 million. City Council members and local media have called for the cost of the memorial incurred by the City to be paid for by the Jackson family and/or AEG, instead of the city taxpayer.

    AEG has also been accused of attempting to profit from the death of Michael Jackson, who was due to perform at London’s O2 Arena in 2009/2010. While refunds of the approximately 750,000 tickets (at £55–£75 each plus £9 booking fee per ticket) are available to customers that request it, the promoter has offered to send out “souvenir” tickets providing fans of the singer waive their right to the refund.[19]

    Many fans believe this is an unfair proposal as customers were already due to receive the tickets, and had paid to attend the concerts. They therefore feel that a souvenir tickets is an unsuitable and expensive substitute for the live performance, and that a partial refund should also be offered, or that the monies raised donated to a charity.

    The company estimates that between 40–50% of its customers will request the original tickets in lieu of the refund, which will save the company $40 million in refunds. This is in addition to future profits from any material that forms a part of the “This Is It” concerts -the intellectual property of AEG.[20]

    This has led to a sense of betrayal and exploitation by the company whose president, Randy Phillips, was quoted as saying: “Since he [Jackson] loved his fans in life, it is incumbent upon us to treat them with the same reverence and respect after his death.”


    Philip Anschutz, owner of AEG, is #19 media mogul

    In 2009 he was #37 richest American (the same #37th place was taken by Rupert Murdoch):

    And he is #89 world billionaire according to Forbes. Diameter of disc in this map reflects size of fortune – the red disc indicates Philip Anschutz:


  55. nan permalink
    August 31, 2011 9:07 pm

    thats why i wonder if aeg was alittle apprehensive when mj decided to bring back branca who is nobodys fool…


  56. August 31, 2011 9:56 pm

    Thank you lynande for the post re the substances found in Y port and syringes,He probably threw in the Flumazenil, to counteract the Midazolam as a benzodiazepam antidote.Midazolam can depress and stop breathing too.And the amounts of Propofol calculated based on syringes , present and the huge amount found in the body fit.
    The riot Act was a terrible thing to do,they were rude and acc, K.O. murray said awful things to Michael. No better way to totally demoloish dr-pt realtionship.Also K.O. knowing Michael for a long time and throughout the rehearsals had a much better concept of Michaels wellbeing than murray.Why they insist on excluding the huge currents of money that run through all this one can only guess at.Re the noise heard during the Anding call goes counter to murraay´s claim that he was 2 min. in bathroom and then found Michael nonresponsive, that is dead.


  57. August 31, 2011 10:26 pm

    To add a bit of DD nonsense and ignorance,;DD:Michael wanted something stronger than Demerol,that´s why he asked for Propofol.


  58. August 31, 2011 10:42 pm

    “thats why i wonder if aeg was alittle apprehensive when mj decided to bring back branca who is nobodys fool…”

    A little apprehensive? Branca is a brilliant lawyer who could have spotted all those inconsistencies in the AEG-MJ “contract” within a few minutes. However at the time he was hired he was still on holiday (as far as I remember) and was to get down to Michael’s business in a week or so. Unfortunately Michael died by then.

    In the meantime here is some information about Philip Anschutz:

    Philip Frederick Anschutz (born 28 December 1939 in Russell, Kansas) is an American businessman and supporter of conservative Christian causes. With an estimated current net worth of around $7.8 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 31st richest person in the USA.

    Here is a photo of Philip Anschutz with Fox chairman Peter Chernin watching a soccer game together in 2007:

    Rupert Murdoch is selling to Philip Anschutz a conservative magazine:

    Information on the inventive way Philip Anschutz started his business and his present day interests:

    Philip Anschutz
    AKA Philip Frederick Anschutz
    Born: 28-Dec-1939
    Birthplace: Great Bend, KS
    Gender: Male
    Religion: Presbyterian [1]
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Business
    Party Affiliation: Republican
    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: Qwest billionaire

    His fortune started when, as a wildcatter, he hit a large oil deposit in Gillette, Wyoming. Unfortunately, it caught fire. Universal was then filming a biopic on Red Adair, and he convinced the company to pay $100,000 for the privilege of putting out his fire. Another wildcat find in Utah — one billion barrels — put him and his father in the $500M bracket. This money he invested in railroads, and out of their cross-country rights-of-way he formed Qwest Communications.
    Since then, Anschutz has pulled back from Qwest, and he is presently investing in entertainment ventures. He owns a handful of American professional soccer teams, the San Francisco Examiner (though now a mere shell of what the great paper once was), and most importantly, is now dabbling in moralistic filmmaking. He made Holes which quickly grossed $67M, and Because of Winn-Dixie, which grossed over $30M. A Sound of Thunder bucked this trend, making only $6M despite a budget some ten times that. Additionally he purchased the rights to C. S. Lewis’ highly-allegoric Narnia works, and has great hopes for the first film from that series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which will be made with Disney’s help. None of these films receive “R” ratings, and some of them have strong religious undertones. Anschutz thinks this is exactly what the “red states” want right now.
    [1] Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
    Father: Fred “Fritz” Anschutz
    Mother: Marian Pfister Anschutz
    Sister: Sue Anschutz-Rogers (older)
    Wife: Nancy (two daughters, one son)
    Son: Christian Anschutz
    High School: (Wichita, KS)
    University: BS Economics, University of Kansas, Lawrence (1961)
    Law School: University of Virginia Law School (dropped out)
    Qwest Founder (1996-2010)
    Union Pacific Vice Chairman
    Member of the Board of Union Pacific (1996-2006)
    Member of the Board of Southern Pacific (1988-96, as Chairman, -1996)
    Member of the Board of Qwest (as Chairman, 1993-2002)
    Academy of Achievement Patron
    American Petroleum Institute Board of Directors
    Americans for Truth in Politics
    America’s Foundation
    Bush-Quayle ’92
    Discovery Institute
    Elizabeth Dole Committee
    Elizabeth Dole for President
    Ensign for Senate
    Friends of Senator D’Amato 1998 Committee
    George W. Bush for President
    Kennedy Center Trustee Emeritus
    McCain 2000
    McCain for Senate ’98
    National Petroleum Council
    National Republican Senatorial Committee
    Pete Coors for Senate
    Reagan-Bush ’84
    Romney for President
    Santorum 2006
    The Western Way PAC
    American Museum of Natural History Honorary trustee


  59. August 31, 2011 11:17 pm

    Hello Lynande:
    Yes, I have read it. And I was discussing all those matters with gatogirl277 ( I think you all know her, she´s doing a great job on her blog and on twitter).
    Well, excuse me for my poor english, I would try to discuss with you point by point to make sure that I´m writting what i would like to mean.

    “Medical Evidence #1 (collected by Coroner Investigator E. Fleak on 6/26/09)
    • Propofol and Lidocaine were detected in approximately 0.19g of white fluid from a 10cc syringe barrel with plunger.”

    Here´s my first doubt: if a vial of 20 ml of propofol 1% contains 200 mg of propofol in 20 ml ( 10 mg= 1ml in propofol )0.19 gr of propofol 1% is 190mg= 19 ml. Well you can see without calculating such amount of propofol couldn´t be in a 10ml syringe. So the propofol used was 1% or 2%? Because if it was 2% it means that the concentration of mg of propofol in 1ml is twice the concentration of a 1% vial of propofol, isn´t it? So if Murrays knew how professionals mix lidocaine and propofol in this 10cc syringe could be mixed:
    – Propofol 1%+ Lidocaine= 90mg Propofol+1cc of lidocaine 1% ( 1ml lidocaine 1%=10mg of lidocaine)= 90mg of P+10mg of L=100mg=0.10g .That means that the syringe is full. As you can see the total amount in grams found was 0.19g, which is not specified is whether the syringe was half empty or completely full.
    -Propofol 2%+Lidocaine= 180mg of P+10mg of L= 190 mg=0.19mg. That means the syringe was almost full. Only 1 cc of syringe could have been used that would correspond to 9 mg of propofol and 1 mg of lidocaine, that amount of propofol is not enough to induce sleep in an adult who weighed the same as Michael Jackson, and I doubt whether it would be enough to keep him asleep once sleep is induced.

    “Medical Evidence #2 (collected by Coroner Investigator E. Fleak on 6/29/09)
    • 4 components of an IV system tested.
    o Propofol, Lidocaine, and Flumazenil were detected in approximately 0,17g of white tinted fluid from a 10cc syringe.”

    I haven´t see nothing like this mixture, a very strange mixture without a logical purpose!!!Flumazenil to reverse the benzo…ok, but was he using the same syringe to administer propofol and flumazenil?I don´t have any doubt that he´s a completely idiot, but this? you want to reverse the benzo effect and for that you push a bolus of propofol with flumazenil!! although flumazenil had reversed the action of benzodiazepine,the bolus of propofol would have nullified the action of it, causing respiratory failure in a patient with total breathing problems. And 0.17 g of fluid?It´s a lot of fluid, don´t you think?

    “• No drugs were detected in approximately 17g of clear liquid from a long section of IV tubing attached to an IV bag plug.
    o No drugs were detected in approximately 0.38g of clear fluid from a 1000cc IV bag.”

    “I almost forgot about the cut open bag of NS with an empty 100ml vial of propofol inside that was found in the trash.Was that to make it look like he had been hanging it? A staged crime scene? The only people that stage a crime scene are criminals in an attempt to avoid detection.”

    In my opinion, maybe he was using the”Y” at the beginning, but to push with a syringe 1300mg of propofol and using the phone is a very tedious thing to do, faster if you use a drip connected to a vial, and then push the propofol into the vein with a saline fluid from the IV bag plug to clear the IV system. And the cut open bag, If you don´t have this system:

    to hang the vial of propofol you can make a hole in one side of the IV bag, put inside the vial, make a smaller hole in the opposite side and through the latter connect the drip system, outrageous but possible ( I have seen it, not with propofol vials of course).
    But propofol is very dense and would need a needle to puncture the vial and get it to fall by gravity, and still is so surreal …
    Too long, sorry!!!


  60. Alison permalink
    September 1, 2011 1:09 am

    There is an item on sale on ebay at present which says its representative of a tour agreement. i don’t know if its truly realistic at alll but it is interesting to see. its starting bid is £29 so i’ve not bid for it but i will if you think it would be useful. it will end fairly soon i think.

    “Mega Rare tour and concert documentation from the “European Tour 1992″.
    Very nice and well made ring bound folder with Laminated Cover. Size: A4, approx. 215 x 295mm.
    We have put this wonderful piece of memorabilia together to give all fans out there a chance to get their hands on some previously unreleased and hardly ever seen documents. You can here follow your favourites to Scandinavia to find out what they were up to many years ago.
    This particular folder consists of the following:
    1. Promoter agreement, 28 pages.
    This agreement, with amendments, is the part where the artist(s) lay out the requirements (demands) for their visit to different venues. This is sent to the promoter well in advance of the tour and will have to be agreed upon by both parties before a contract is signed and a concert is booked. The Rider will list what the artist(s) want and need to be able to do a good performance. The payment, dressing rooms, security, travel and parking, stage requirements, power, rigging, etc. etc. A RIDER will also often list what the artist(s) would like to have to drink and eat in their dressing rooms or backstage after the show. However, not in this one I’m afraid.”

    i read somthing about the Jackson’s requirements for every venue for the Victory tour and its very detailed and extensive.

    you said before that Michael would have known that agreement wasn’t good enough so hadn’t signed it, you have to be right, there’s no way he would have thought it was in any sense comparable to what he should have.


  61. Alison permalink
    September 1, 2011 1:11 am

    i forgot to say , this item is advertised as a Michael item, a reproduction, and it has his name on the front, but it might not actually be that specific.


  62. September 1, 2011 1:23 am

    “Promoter agreement, 28 pages”.

    Alison, does ebay provide the full text? It would be interesting to compare it with what we have from AEG.

    “Michael would have known that agreement wasn’t good enough so hadn’t signed it, you have to be right, there’s no way he would have thought it was in any sense comparable to what he should have”.

    Alison, that paper does not resemble a proper contract even remotely. We will probably need to make a review of it once again.


  63. September 1, 2011 2:18 am

    Meigadas,I think in the US Propofol comes only in 1%. Here we have it in 0.5%, 1% and 2% solutions. I read that the room where Michel was treated looked like the garbage room of an anestesiology dept,murray was very messy and all sorts of tubes,syringes etc could be seen,also don´t forget that he hid and ? tidied up before he even left to join the paramedics, who waited for him in the ambulance or that van we all have seen pics of.
    He tried to return there for further cleaning up after Michael had officially been declared dead,Murray refused to sign any death certificate as you know.


  64. September 1, 2011 2:21 am

    BTW how can you contact Gatorgirl on Twitter? Is she posting somewhere else too?


  65. Teva permalink
    September 1, 2011 2:51 am

    Can someone please clear this up for me:

    “Question: Vinnie Politan’s HLN team is throwing it out there that the defense may say MJ drank the propofol. Is this possible? I heard it burns at the injection site so the lidocaine is used as a numbing agent. Therefore, would drinking it not cause a burning sensation as well? Making it painful to swallow having some redness in the mouth or throat?”


  66. lynande51 permalink
    September 1, 2011 3:54 am

    @meigadas and kaarin: The thing is by the time line when he give the last dose of Versed was about 7:30 AM.Then does nothing until 10:40 AM when Michael still isn’t asleep that is when he says that he gave the 25 mg of Propofol. I think he started pushing that a lot earlier than 10:40 and was pushing it in until 10:40 or 10:50. And the benzo that is most prevalent in his blood is Ativan not Versed?That is the only thing that I can think of and then the coroner and the consulting Anesthesiologist say the blood levels indicated those found in general anesthesia. As for the flumazenil I can’t begin to know what he was thinking with that but you’re right the propofol in the same syringe would nullify the flumazenil. Why would you start that unless you knew that the benzos had depressed his respiration? None of what is in that statement or the coroners report makes sense if he was supposedly giving Michael this stuff every night and knew how to do it. None of what he says makes sense.
    Michael was dead when the paramedics arrived, he was asystoloic,no respiration, no circulation and his pupils were fixed and dialated.You don’t get more dead than that and he was supposedly doing CPR within the first 2 minutes of finding him in respiratory arrest.I don’t think so.
    Michael could not have drank propofol. first he was a little more than sedated when he says that he did it. Thenit comes in a vial. A vial is a precise size glass bottle with a crimpedon aluminum cover with a soft rubber stopper in the center. To drink it he would have had to break the vial and pour it into another cup or whatever and drink it or he would have had to drawn up the contents of a vial 10 cc’s at a time with a needle on a syringe and then empty that syringe into a cup or whatever to drink it. Also there is no supporting pharmacology that it would even worl that way when you consider the gastric juices.


  67. September 1, 2011 4:36 am

    Drinking the Propofol is the most stupid idea murray has put forward, It is esyly calculated from the toxicology. The amount in stomahc was in mgs for 70 grams od stomach conent .Sense and logic,knowledge of the pharamscokinetics or pharmacology of what he was using was not his strong point.


  68. shelly permalink
    September 1, 2011 5:31 am

    Just a question, the Demerol stays in the body for how many days? It’s effective for how many hours?


  69. Alison permalink
    September 1, 2011 9:53 am

    i;ve put a bid in for £30.99 but could people please have a look at it and say if you think its worth it cos it might just be money making junk, as a lot of people are making a packet out of Michael on ebay and a lot of it is counterfeit crap or just plain old rubbish – not all tho, just have to be careful..
    bidding ends on 2nd sept just after 6pm British time. someone else has bodded and i can;t afford to go really high unless its worth it and useful.



  70. September 1, 2011 12:37 pm

    “i;ve put a bid in for £30.99 but could people please have a look at it and say if you think its worth it cos it might just be money making junk”

    Alison, thank you so much for doing it, but I would like to ask you not to go for that any further. I was hoping they were giving more text on ebay, but if you have to pay for it and we still don’t know whether it is genuine, there is no reason to do any more bidding. Even if you obtain it this way and quote it as a sample of what a contract should be like someone will always say it cannot be used as reference material as there is no proof that it is real. So if someone else outbid you it would probably be the best outcome.

    However if no one else bids and you have to buy it we will be happy to look into it. So, please don’t regret you’ve entered the bidding – this or that way we will fish out something useful out of it.


  71. September 1, 2011 1:56 pm

    Thanks to Shelly we have Klein’s lawsuit against Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji –

    An impressive document. In many ways it outshines even Diane Dimond’s story about all those alleged gay activities. This document is reason enough to doubt everything Pfeiffer ever said about Klein or Michael Jackson.

    I wonder why Diane Dimond has chosen to bring so much mud into Klein’s life by focusing on him being gay and exactly before the trial too. I don’t know what her motivation is but no action is taken without a purpose. Everything has a reason for it, so her siding with this crook Pfeiffer should have an explanation.

    It is also extremely interesting to learn how easy it is to forge someone’s signature, make deals without proper authorization and fool people even if they are quite street smart. This has a direct bearing to the so-called contract ‘signed’ between Michael Jackson and AEG.

    In fact a similar lawsuit should be filed in respect of the documents submitted by Randy Phillips. I wonder what lawyers would say about the AEG papers if they saw them. Practically everything they say in Klein’s lawsuit is applicable to the MJ/AEG papers – the terms are atypical, many documents go unsigned, the signatures vary and at least one of them (the crucial one) is forged.

    Having said that let me note that Pfeiffer’s deeds and his hurry to deplete Klein’s funds by “March 2011” do not release Klein of his responsibility for giving Michael Demerol. It still remains to be seen whether he was the one who started administering it to Michael, whether the choice of this medicine was correct and whether the dosages in the months prior to Michael’s death were not dangerous for the patient in terms of him developing an addiction.


  72. shelly permalink
    September 1, 2011 2:36 pm

    Vindicate, we don’t know if what Klein said is true, remember Pfeiffer cannot sue him for what is in the lawsuit.


  73. September 1, 2011 2:58 pm

    “we don’t know if what Klein said is true, remember Pfeiffer cannot sue him for what is in the lawsuit.”

    Shelly, why can’t he? Please explain.

    At the moment I see that Pfeiffer denies everything, even the fact that he worked for Klein. Please compare:

    Klein’s lawsuit:
    27. “Jason Roger Pfeiffer began working for Dr. Klein in 2007 as a personal assistant and a research assistant. Pfeiffer progressively spent more time in Dr. Klein’s medical office and assisted office staff. By early 2009, Pfeiffer became office manager’

    Pfeiffer’s answer: “Defendant denies the allegations of Paragraphs 27, …..”

    Click to access 8-3-11-Jason-Pfeiffer-Answer-Affirmative-Defenses-Klein.pdf


  74. September 1, 2011 3:17 pm

    Lynande:”I just checked they are not Ysite compatible which means they shouldn’t be in the same syringe”

    In Spain we do not have this kind of medication in a prefilled syringe, he may have used vials instead of prefilled syringe? He could had done the mixture aspirating those differents vials with using a needle attached on the same syringe, could it be possible? Here we still don´t use the prefilled syringe, hospitals and clinics don´t get them because their costs.

    Lynande:”Sade Andling said that she heard muffled voices in the background. That is either a lie or someone else was in that room when he was on the phone with her. Anybody want to guess who it was.” “Also there is no supporting pharmacology that it would even worl that way when you consider the gastric juices.”

    I quote Lynande because I think this is very interesting, if I remember correctly (I don´t have here the AR) AR refers to propofol in stomach in its active formula. There are studies proving the existence of metabolites of propofol that can be found in stomach after administered it via IV. But AR does not refer to these metabolites, It says, If I can recall, Propofol. Am I right?. Well, on the other hand I think I remember that propofol was not found in his esophagus, mouth …. so how did the propofol in its active formula go there? And could it be possible to found it active when the stomach is secreting acid juices, as Lynande says? The stomach is secreting acid juices when the person is alive.

    Please, don´t misinterpret me for I´m going to say, I´m only doing hypothesis based on what we scientifically know, but, propofol could be there if someone had used a nasogastric tube,this hypothesis could explain why the AR didn´t find propofol in his esophagus and maybe someone was helping Murray to do it. Correct me please if I´m wrong, if propofol was found in his esophagus, then I shut up.


  75. September 1, 2011 5:16 pm

    Meigadas, look up the toxicology on the Smoking Gun. The Proppfol concentration was given in micrograms for every organ exept for the stomach.That was given in milligrams,it was 0.13 mg in the total stomach content of 70 grams.In the eyes,the liqor it was 0.40 micrograms, and there you don´t have any bloodvessels.It can be found on page 22/23 in the report.Just count and convert 70.0 grams to microgrsms,anf 0.13 milligrams to micrograms.A grain of sand or so.


  76. lynande51 permalink
    September 1, 2011 8:06 pm

    The amount of propofol found in the stomach was microscopic and was probably from bleeding into the stomach from the incorrect CPR that Murray preformed. Here in the US only 1% propofol is used that means that it is 10 mg per ml. However I read in one court document that there were vials found of 2%x25 found in the house.
    On another topic about Mark Torbiner and the SA story I said that it was common knowledge that all it took was a day trip to Tijuana and just about any drug could be obtained especially if one was an MD. There are many drugs available across the border that would require prescriptions here that do not there. All he would have had to do was go to a pharmacy outlet and purchase it or in Murray’s case order it on line from Mexico. There is no DEA in Mexico so the laws are a less stringent. As for in his stomach I don’t think so as for drinking it I don’t believe that for one minute. As to someone else being in that room with him yes I am starting to think that was a possibility . The house was large and someone unknown could easily have gotten in there and out without notice especially when you consider that a considerable amount of time is missing from the security tapes.The thing is the amount found in his femoral blood and throughout his body suggests that he was overdosed on it. The reason it is given IV is so that it hits the brain in it’s true form, it is not metabolized until it has done its job and is on the way out of the body which is when it is turned into metabolites. The onset is approximately 40 seconds arm to brain.
    I have other thoughts about the whole concept of the propofol and the benzos. Suppose Michael wasn’t supposed to die. Suppose he was to be brought back but to be incapacitated. When you read gigi’s post on her blog about the testimony of the consulting cardiology fellow from UCLA that was brought in to preform the IABP. She says that Murray kept telling her “don’t give up on Mr. Jackson” and she had to tell him that if the IABP did not work he had to agree to stop. Michael was dead when Murray “found” him like I said no circulation, no respiration, no pulse and pupils fixed and dialated. He then started CPR thinking he could get him back but had to call the EMT’s because he needed an AED ( Automated external defibrillator to shock his heart) but Michael was in asystole and that one would not work, they have to have some heart function in order to shock. When they got there they reported to the center and the ER Doc said to call it but Murray would not allow. I hate to tell anyone this but if that IABP would have worked Michael would have been worse than dead considering the elapsed time he was down. He would have come back with little or no brain function, a permanent vegetative state. Then AEG would have,according to the insurance policy and contract, gotten that catalogue and Michael Jackson would have had nothing.Now what kind of a motive do we have for this. Who would Murray have trusted to have in that rooom with him when he was giving this stuff to Michael. One name comes to mind for me and that is Thome Thome. The man that introduced them, one of the men with the most to gain from incapcitation.


  77. meigadas permalink
    September 1, 2011 8:38 pm

    Thanks for correct me, I thought the amount of Propofol found was higher,0,13mg is not enough to consider the hipothesis.And of course is enough to take on account Lynande’s theory.I’m waiting for see how the defence is going to try to handle this.


  78. September 2, 2011 6:05 pm

    lynande,good idea,that what you said about dropping in to Mexico!


  79. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 8:25 pm

    I was writing an article about the evidence found in Michael’s bedroom the day that he died when I found this article.
    It seems that prosecutors want to block some of the evidence from the coroner and EMT evidence that was taken that day. It is currently being sought for the lawsuit brought by Lloyds of London against AEG. The prosecution is afraid of leaks and money that is being offered for them. The documents that I have are from a long time ago before the investigation was even complete and they do contain more information than what is currently available to the public. I was going to use what was found and how it does not support Murray’s statement to the police (of which I have a copy attached to the search warrant affadavit).Due to the prosecutions concerns that some of this might be leaked or may not be in the trial I will not be posting that article.I think if we expect other media types to report responsibly prior to the trial we should also do the same. I will how ever comment when necessary during the trial to explain some of the medical jargon that you will hear because this trial will be full of medical terms that are in fact another language.I will also add that in the event that supposed evidence is leaked or surfaces I will respond if that evidence is given any kind of inaccurate report.


  80. Alison permalink
    September 2, 2011 9:35 pm

    Well I didn’t get outbidded! so now i gotta pay up! Oh Well! will let you know when it arrives and we will see what it’s like. probably other people know better than me on ebay! or else they just want things to resell for more money!


  81. September 2, 2011 9:59 pm

    @lynande Will be interested to read your comments during the trial. Does AEG have a law suit against Lloyd’s? I’ve seen the Estate’s counter claim against Lloyd’s insurers but not an AEG law suit. Has AEG sought Michael’s medical records? TMZ released some medical records which were in Klein’s creditor’s claim to the Estate and from what Levin said in the Klein interview he seems to have other information too but it isn’t clear where he got that information from, whether it was from paramedics, someone at the hospital, LAPD or the Coroner.


  82. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:07 pm

    Actually it is Lloyds that has one against AEG and they are the ones seeking coroners and EMT reports. I am not sure what further evidence they could hope to obtain because when you file for an insurance claim on someones life it has to be accompanied by a death certificate with a cause of death on it. Some of the legal things that are happening just don’t make any sense.And it was their independent examiner that cleared Michael medically so they should first go to that independent Medical examiner and ask for their toxicology reports.If those don’t support their theory then they will have no case. Am I wrong in stating that they say now that Michael was abusing drugs? What are they basing their assumptions on Murray’s defense statements to the media?


  83. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:21 pm

    If you read the article it says that Lloyds is asking for coroners photos? Are they for real? What is a photo going to prove other than Michael is dead and his body was autopsied. It is really getting ridiculous. I think somebody put someone at Lloyds up to something. What photos are they really after? Let’s think about which ones are not being seen in the trial.The ones that the prosecution asked to be left out. Oh yeah that’s right, the genitalia pictures? How long will it take for someone at News Of The World or The Sun to doctor those up with photo shop?
    You know what I am half way to asking Tom Mesereau to petition the court to open those photos and the supporting affadavit with the description myself and release them to the public so everybody can see for themselves that they don’t match.


  84. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:36 pm

    He could file a Memorandum In Support of Stopping All This Bullshit or what ever the legal term is for it.


  85. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:43 pm

    Therefore ending the sorry careers of Diane Dimond, Harvey Levin and their ilk.


  86. shelly permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:47 pm

    I hope you are joking about the penis pictures.


  87. lynande51 permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:50 pm

    Do I need to tell you that? Of course It was a joke.However they are something that the tabloids have been after for years. In the grand scheme of things their being produced to the public would be better done in an official capacity rather than waiting until someone needs money and sells them to the tabloids where they can do what they want with them.
    Oh and the defense and the prosecution in Murray’s trial went around about which ones should be shown to the jury and which ones shouldn’t before the Preliminary hearing. I think the tabloid were waiting for them to be leaked at that time and they were disappointed when the judge said just certain ones pertaining to the evidence would be allowed in, not all of them.
    It is just like the person that posted a comment here the other day saying that without the affadavit he was not going to believe that the time honored hater schpeel about a match said what it had said for years now that the evidence points decidedly to the contrary. All of a sudden the description is not what they have been quoting for nearly 2 decades, now the description is something different. Talk about contradictory theories, a hater can’t even justify their own beliefs or hang on to their evidence.


  88. September 2, 2011 11:44 pm

    @ Lynande I missed the article where insurers were asking for photos but from the insurers claim, it seems they were concerned about media reports prior to June ’09 – weren’t there emails between Murray and insurers about medical records on the last day? Yes, the insurers have a suit against AEG and The Estate has a counter-claim against the insurers.


  89. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 12:04 am

    They are asking for records. Here is the article.
    Does their claim include which media reports they are refering too?


  90. September 3, 2011 1:02 am

    @ Lynande Thanks, I did read that article. In its court filing the insurers claim that they’d been asking for medical info before June 25, ’09. The court document says that in their investigation of AEG’s claim, the insurers continued to ask AEG for information to back up it’s insurance claim and they’d had no response, which is one of the reasons they are asking the court to consider whether AEG’s claim should be denied. Is this what the prosecutors were alluding to in that AP article?

    It seems that everybody is jumping the gun a bit because Murray’s trial hasn’t even begun. The only thing is though, that Murray is on trial on an “involuntary” charge which basically says it was an accident. When the trial is over and Murray is found guilty of the “accident” (or not), and whether the insurers eventually get records they require or not, the points the insurers raised in the court document (and there wasn’t just one) will still stand really, at least as far as the insurers are concerned.

    Maybe AEG should sue those reporters who gave the insurers cause for concern before and since that last day. As far as I’m aware, AEG haven’t sued anybody yet. The Estate has sued the insurers though and in its law suit the Estate claims it is the legal “holder” of MJ’s medical records.


  91. September 3, 2011 1:16 am

    “The Estate has sued the insurers though”

    BG, why is the Estate suing the insurers? I don’t understand.


  92. September 3, 2011 1:19 am

    “Well I didn’t get outbidded! so now i gotta pay up!”

    Alison, sorry to hear that. But on the other hand it might turn out to be something useful after all. If you provide it to us I promise to look into it in full earnest.


  93. September 3, 2011 1:21 am

    “I will how ever comment when necessary during the trial to explain some of the medical jargon that you will hear because this trial will be full of medical terms that are in fact another language”

    Lynette, we’ll be looking forward to your comments! My personal request to you – please explain things in as simple a language as it is only possible, okay? Many of us are not only non-medics but are also foreigners which makes it even more difficult. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch the trial and will be evidently the last to learn the news.


  94. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 1:35 am

    @ Helena, I will try to break down the information as best as I can as it comes in.


  95. September 3, 2011 1:37 am

    “Murray is on trial on an “involuntary” charge which basically says it was an accident.”

    This is something outrageous. How can it be ‘involuntary’ if he wilfully neglected all his duties? If this is what they are charging Murray with they had better never started it as it will be a total farce.

    I’ve jsut begun reading Conrad Murray’s contract with AEG and it has a point called “Indemnification”. It says:

    “Dr. Murray agrees to indemnify… Producer, Artist and their respective principals, partners, …, from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, demands, costs, expenses, obligations, …, arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with any negligence or wilful misconduct by Dr. Murray or the failure of Dr. Murray to perform the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agremeent, except from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Producer or Artist”.

    The way I understand it if Conrad Murray were found negligent he would have to pay all the costs, expenses, etc. arising from such negligence? Am I right?


  96. September 3, 2011 1:49 am

    @vmj Murray is charged with “involuntary manslaughter.”


  97. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 2:16 am

    Actually the law is more complicated than that. Involuntary manslaughter means that he killed someone while acting outside what a responsible person would. Meaning it happened when he was doing something he or anyone else would not have reasonably done. I think the public has agreed that no one else would have acted in such a manner which is why we have all those ridiculous claims about who did what to him in the weeks before he died.
    That is a link that better defines it. One of the defense tactics is of course to say it was an accident. In Murray’s case we can take into account or at least shoul that he was a Doctor and therefore had the responsibility to act accordingly. It is also determined by his own admission that he did indeed administer the propofol and the benzodiazepines which are the cause of death.
    As for the indemnification clause that is right if he is found negligent he is responsible for all costs incurred due to his negiligence. His own contradictory timeline and phone calls looses that one for him. Sure hope he has some mighty big malpractice insurance and if he is found not guilty in a criminal case the Estate and AEG can still go after him in civil court where there is only a preponderance of the evidence and a majority of jury agreement to find him guilty of negligence. Whoever his malpractice company is must be sweating bullets. After this is over he will not be insurable and therefore cannot practice medicine.


  98. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 2:29 am

    I bet that answers who is bankrolling his defense and his PR firm. His Malpractice Insurance carrier. And it also answers why they are going after Michael like they are.Malpractice Insurance carriers have very deep pockets, these are the guys that help Doctors get away with killing their patients everyday.


  99. September 3, 2011 2:34 am

    @ Lynande The law is complicated but which of those under #2 in your link applies to Murray? “Involuntary” means he didn’t mean to do it but it is debatable whether “involuntary” is correct because of the very fact that Murray is a doctor and knows, or should very well have known, that what he did and didn’t do was not correct.


  100. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 2:47 am

    On a personal note if I were the Insurance company I would cut him loose now before I had to pay what could amount to more than a billion in legal fees and damages by the time AEG and The Estate get done with him. Once one patient wins out come all the others that think he didn’t do his job right. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason that settlement agreements are always confidential. That means all settlement agreements. Once people started taking money for their loved ones lives or injuries real or imagined in malpractice suits this has snowballed into a chaotic mess that has threatened health care delivery to its very core.
    @ BG that is what gigi and I have been saying all along the charge should be upped to voluntary or second degree murder or at least add with special circumstances so that he has to do more jail time.With all due respect to the Prosecution and the Police investigators in this case I don’t think they knew what they had on their hands. This is the first time it has ever happened.


  101. September 3, 2011 2:51 am

    @ I agree with you and gigi.


  102. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 3:02 am

    Thank you BG. I think the public needs an education in standard of care and how Conrad Murray IS guilty just for breeching that Standard. Maybe gigi and I should get together and educate the public on that one rule of law alone. Murray is guilty of more than involuntary manslaughter just because he has an MD after his name. You can bet if I was doing or had done what he had my backside would be bloggin from a jail cell right now.And being stupid is not a defense for his actions. He was a doctor therefore his education alone exempts him from any kind of stupidity defense.


  103. September 3, 2011 3:15 am

    @ lynande I agee with you and gigi. First time or not, “leaving the room” should have been a big clue for the prosecution.


  104. September 3, 2011 4:07 am

    Murrays malpractce insurer will not pay.He did malpractice all through out and was grossly neglgligent in just about every way possible, I think his malpractice insuerer was called Medicus something.


  105. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 5:55 am

    Yes kaarin but they will provide the best and most expensive defense their money can buy to avoid paying what those lawsuits would cost.


  106. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 6:58 am

    As far as I’m concerned Conrad Murray has no defense for this.
    Now let’s just take a little look at the contrast of Murray’s trial and Michael’s. Here they are saying that unless they sequester the jury they might be more impressed by Nancy Grace than the evidence. Since when was Grace on Michael’s side ever? Haven’t they been told yet that she and Diane Dimond are on their side and Michael Jackson was guilty of dying when poor Conrad tried to save him. How much more ridiculous will this get?What’s next a change of venue?


  107. Alison permalink
    September 3, 2011 6:32 pm

    Surely malpractice insurance only covers being sued for malpractice, and they pay if you are proved innocent, but surely if its proved you did actually Do malpractice / crime they wouldn’t pay?? i don’t know but thats what i thought.

    on another note, does anyone from UK know if we will be able to wach the trial here and on which channel? i was going to get Sky if they were going to show it and i emailed them to ask but they’ve not replied.


  108. lynande51 permalink
    September 3, 2011 8:53 pm

    I am trying to think how to explain malpractice in the US as compared to other countries without making it too long. First here in the US healthcare is privatized meaning that it is a business with most providers gaining profit. Here it is an industry that shows profit in the upper hundreds of billions of dollars which makes it and the providers very vulnerable targets when the receivers of care are dissatisfied.Here when a person is uhappy with their care or the outcome many of them seek out lawyers that specialize in medical malpractice suits. Those lawyers too have become an industry onto themselves and is another multibillion dollar business. Here the entire dynamic encourages filling suit for dissatisfaction for every real or imagined “wrong” that occurs.
    Just like in Michael’s case malpractice insurance is a liability insurance.Over 95% of malpractice is settled out of court for undisclosed amounts just like Michael. The plaintiff does not have to prove malpractice or that a provider has actually done something wrong just that they were in a postition to have something happen and were negligent in not keeping it from happening. That is what Malpractice insurance covers. A claim does not have to be factual it can be fabricated and still be settled for something called nuisance value. An example of this would be JC Penneys settling with the Arvizos because giving them $152000 was less than it would have cost to defend the case in court and the damage to their public relations if the allegations were to become public.In other words if the plaintiff is asking for something more than is realistic it would go to court if they declined settlement offers.It is always a plaintiff that has to accept a settlement offer or that plaintiffs representative in the case of a child.
    Let me give you an example of what a claim to malpractice can be. Suppose you are a young woman that is pregnant. You go to the hospital in labor and because you lacked prenatal care because you were in fact doing meth, coke or heroin you child was born with disabilities or still born. Even if you did not tell the hospital that you were a current drug abuser and they did not prepare for a high risk birth that could cause these neo natal problems you are not responsible because the hospital should have known that it was a possibility. You are then despondant over the problems that your child faces and you get an attorney who then files malpractice against the hospital and the providers that did not deliver adequate care. Now even though the world at large would say that the mother is responsible there are laws that say otherwise because it is now general policy to run a drug tox screen on every woman that comes into the hospital in labor and there are no laws with exceptions to that rule. It does not matter if the labor went to fast and there was not time to perform a drug tox screen if one is not done because it was supposed to be that is the law and the policy of the hospital. Why because any resonable practitioner would know or reasonably should have known that it was a possibility. That is just one example of what is or can be considered malpractice in the US.
    Now the outcome is probably going to be that the majority of the settlement is going into a trust for the child to provide the additional care that will be necessary throught their life and what is called punitive payment to the mother for the emotional distress that she has had because of the problems that her child faces. The maplractice insurance would offer the lowest possible amount in a case like this and the mother would be encouraged by her attorneys to settle rather than risk not getting anything if it were to go to trial.In the end though the hospital empoyees and the hospital were liable because the policy does not provide for exceptions. That does not mean that they in fact were “guilty” of malpractice just that they were negligent in some way that created the outcome that was created.
    In case you are wondering that scenario I just told you about is one that has happened all over the US which is why all hospitals do drug tox screens on every woman that comes in that is in labor. In emergency departments across the country it is also policy to do a preganacy test on every woman that comes in addicted to or under the influence of a drug or alcohol to avoid future problems with a birth scenario.


  109. Alison permalink
    September 3, 2011 9:16 pm

    Thanks Lynande, i think my brain was a bit confused when i asked that question! for some reason i was thinking of the insurers HELPING MURRAY! by paying his bills et.c! but of course its the other party they pay regardless of the guilt or not of the one sued. like 3rd party car insurance.
    we got some of what you described here but less so, tho its growing i think.

    i had thought maybe i might come to USA for a bit and work but maybe i won’t now!


  110. claudia permalink
    September 22, 2011 10:26 am

    A year and a half later:
    Michael was totally not himself the last two weeks of his life. He said it was benadryl but it seemed more than that. I guess it was Murray injecting Propofol into his muscle because…


    because what ?
    Klein not saie total.

    on the oher hand
    who said he was given benadryl?
    michael told Klein that he was given benadryl?

    My understand is right?

    If sure,Maybe explain
    why Murray to MJ FLOMAX (for urinary retention and dysuria ) in June 3, 2009. And Even, why Michael always wear sunglasses indoors.

    Benadryl Side Effects

    Side Effects by Body System – for Healthcare Professionals

    Ocular side effects have included blurred vision, diplopia, and dry eyes due to anticholinergic effects.

    Genitourinary side effects have included urinary retention and dysuria as a result of the anticholinergic effects of diphenhydramine.
    ( )


  111. October 2, 2011 3:03 am

    Guys, I’ve just added to the post Alberto Alvarez’s testimony using my notes. Have to go to bed now – it is 3 am here! We must think of a way to survive by the end of the trial…


  112. Jovana permalink
    November 7, 2011 1:08 pm

    Michael was not an addict. Propofol is not addictive. What kind of doctors are these when they are discussing their patient treatments so publicly, isnt there a law that states about patient/doctor confidentiality?
    And i just cant see Michael the way they are describing him, i can not imagine him like that at all, not even for a minute.


  113. November 7, 2011 1:34 pm

    “Michael was not an addict. Propofol is not addictive.”

    Of course he wasn’t. And of course propofol is not addictive. When the media calls Michael a addict due to propofol they are again distorting facts.

    And Klein is not helping the situation either. His talk of propofol in the context of addictive drugs is only confusing everyone. He is settling his problems with Hoefflin and in doing so somewhat forgets about Michael.

    However I think that Hoefflin was the one whose harm to Michael is gravely underestimated.

    He probably did want to help Michael to get rid of a burn scar on the top of his head – but he totally overlooked Michael’s lupus in the first place (and that his surgery would only expand the scarred area due to this disease) and secondly, he applied a totally inhuman method of stretching his skin by inserting balloons under his scalp.

    He was interested in the result and what nightmarish pains Michael was going through round the clock and for months too simply did not bother him.

    I do not rule out that it was Klein or even Debbie Rowe who could not stand seeing Michael suffer so much and who gave him a painkiller (Demerol) to survive the pain. So ultimately it could be them who got Michael addicted to it – but the starting point for all that was still Hoefflin!

    Doctors are not allowed to make experiments on people and then expect them to tolerate excruciating pain day and night without rendering them help. It was Hoefflin who suggested this treatment and when Michael was agreeing to it he of course could not imagine what a hell it would be.

    And Hoefflin did it to Michael not just once – he did it several times! Each new operation of stitching the skin together made things even worse – due to lupus the scar would become only bigger, but he still went on!


  114. jm51 permalink
    November 28, 2011 4:26 am

    Is anyone else concerned about the garbage Arnold Klein is saying and putting out on his facebook and twitter? The minute he is looked at during the investigation into Michael’s death – here comes the “he liked to pee in front of people,” “everyone in my office had could describe his genitals,” “he was having an affair with my office manager and was proud of being gay, etc.” Then later he recants about Michael being gay claming Pfeiffer and his accountant stole from him throwing him into bankruptcy.

    During the trial, when the testimony came out about the excessive use of demoral by Klein or someone in Klein’s office — all of the sudden Klein starts mouthing about the fact that Michael was addicted to propofol and names Hoefflin as the one who got him addicted.

    He is now posting stories on his facebook about the Jackson family and the fact that they are broke. He posted an unsubstantiated story that was written in 2008 claiming Randy was working as an auto mechanic and Marlon was stocking groceries.

    He’s an embarrassment in my opinion and I really feel that he is trying so hard to cover his own butt that he can’t shut his own mouth. He’s the one who gave the ambiguous answer when asked if he was the father of Michael’s children. He’s the one spouting out what procedures he had done on Michael and what he had given Michael for pain, yet he’s the one throwing a fit that the release of his records violates HIPAA.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I really wish that he would just flat shut up about Michael Jackson period! Every time he opens his mouth he says something ridiculous that to me is inflammatory about Michael.

    Just wondering if anyone else felt the same?


  115. sanemjfan permalink
    November 28, 2011 5:59 am

    He is now posting stories on his facebook about the Jackson family and the fact that they are broke. He posted an unsubstantiated story that was written in 2008 claiming Randy was working as an auto mechanic and Marlon was stocking groceries.

    Here is the original article that Klein quoted in his FB post. It was written in 2008 by -guess who?- Stacy Brown! What a surprise, huh? LOL!

    I personally wish that he would shut his mouth as well! I’ve never liked him from day 1, and when he said MJ was gay and was Jason Pfeiffer’s lover, I was officially done with him!


  116. Teva permalink
    November 28, 2011 6:35 am

    I think he is on his way to a nervous breakdown.


  117. November 28, 2011 12:32 pm

    “Just wondering if anyone else felt the same?”

    @JM, I am afraid everyone else, except me, feels the same about Klein. I see him as a very harassed old man who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to his bankruptsy, ruining of his career and name, and the amount of hate he is facing. Much of this hate was instigated by the press and many of the things you cited were absolutely not the way they were described in the media.

    What he needs now is a good neurologist or psychologist who will take care of him.


  118. November 28, 2011 1:01 pm

    “when he said MJ was gay and was Jason Pfeiffer’s lover, I was officially done with him!”

    David, where did you see Klein saying that MJ was gay? I’ve studied a hundred articles and a dozen videos but could not find him saying that. It is always reported by someone else.

    Even when Klein was supposedly calling Harvey Levin when he was on air, Levin talked to him on a cell phone and just repeated his words – as if there was no speakerphone in their studio! So who called Levin and what this person said is a thing totally unknown to us.

    If you find an interview or a video with first-hand information about it (direct from Klein’s mouth) please post it here. I really need it.

    What I am trying to say to all people around here is that it is very nice of course that many of us have realized our mistakes towards Michael Jackson. But it would also be nice if we learned to never make similar mistakes as regards other people as well.

    Frank Cascio is an excellent example.

    What’s the good of our glorifying Michael if we behave in the same way is the tabloid media in respect of other people? Anger may be justified only if we know for sure who did and what (like Dimond, Gutierrez, Orth or Sneddon) – but in Klein’s case there are still very many questions.

    Learning from Michael is in the first place learning to be like Michael. We must learn from him to give the benefit of the doubt to every person until we find one hundred per cent proof that the person is the scum of the earth.

    The example of unjustified Michael’s harassment is teaching us to be more patient and more thorough in making decisions about people.


  119. sanemjfan permalink
    November 28, 2011 1:31 pm

    @ Helena
    In the interview that aired with Jason Pfeiffer, Klein didn’t explicitly say that MJ was gay, but he told TMZ that MJ was gay!

    Klein and office manager Jason Pfeiffer were featured on “Extra” a few days ago — during the interview Pfeiffer claimed to have had a romantic relationship with MJ.

    Klein called in during TMZ Live last Friday, and said Michael was gay and Jason was “the love of his life.”

    On Saturday, Klein told TMZ he does not believe he betrayed Jackson because Jackson never tried to hide his sexuality. We called Klein out on his statement, because it seems to us MJ went to extreme lengths to keep his sexuality a secret.

    Klein told us Saturday, “Was he gay? Yes.” He then went on to say his declaration is meant to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. And, Klein says, as far as he knows, Jason’s alleged two-month relationship is the only gay relationship Jackson ever had.

    Pfeiffer says, “Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality.”

    Based on what you said, it’s possible that those quotes could have been fabricated by TMZ. But to me, the fact that he went along with the story for the tabloid show “Extra” is unforgivable, no matter what good intentions he had. If he wanted to refute the allegations, then he should have stated the facts about the cases, instead accepting blood money to stab MJ in the back!

    And if those quotes were indeed fabricated, then why didn’t Klein take legal action against them? He could have filed a defamation and slander lawsuit, even with his financial problems. Or he could have issued a statement repudiating TMZ, but he didn’t do that either. Like I said, whether or not he explicitly said MJ was gay isn’t the issue to me; it’s the fact that he went along with the story, and fooled many impressionable people into believing Jason’s lies. The fact that he was so close to MJ gave and went along with the story gave Jason’s lies credibility, the same way the fact that Latoya is MJ’s sister gave her lies at the 1993 press conference credibility.


  120. November 28, 2011 3:43 pm

    “he told TMZ that MJ was gay!”

    This was exactly on the TV program I was talking about. HE DIDN’T SAY IT. I have already posted 4 parts of that video with Harvey Levin.

    ALL I saw was a call by a cell phone taken by Levin. He said to the viewers that it was Klein and then retold what Klein allegedly said and this sounded to me extremely strange – in modern day TV studios all callers are put on speakerphone. Frankly I have never heard TV hosts retelling a caller’s words! And if you cannot hear the voice it may easily be a fabrication.

    “the fact that he went along with the story for the tabloid show “Extra” is unforgivable”

    What proof do you have that he went along that story? I looked for it but didn’t find any. I think I will probably compile all the information I’ve found by now about Klein (this work is not finished yet as I got distracted by other things) if you promise to look at it with an unbiased eye.

    “he could have issued a statement repudiating TMZ”

    He did issue such a statement. I think it was somewhere on Facebook:

    TMZ torture. by Arnold W. Klein, April 18, 2011, 08:30
    “One of the most difficult things over the last few years has been Harvey Levin, and TMZ. He is guilty of slander, defamation of character, preventing fair business trade and endangering my life”.

    I am not sure that Levin “endangered Klein’s life”. This statement shows that Klein is overreacting, is extremely nervous and suspects everyone to be his enemy. But from the several things I’ve learned about how the media misrepresented him, any person would start being paranoid if treated that way, let alone an old and ill guy like Klein.

    “And if those quotes were indeed fabricated, then why didn’t Klein take legal action against them?”

    And why didn’t Michael take legal action against all his detractors? At a certain point all these suits only wash you out of the remaining strength (and money), and this is why Michael did not sue them all. The fact that Klein didn’t take legal action against TMZ is no proof that he really said those words to Levin.

    David, you know yourself that over here at VMJ we need to be patient, thorough and efficient. We cannot afford to fall for lies which are imposed on us by the media. We need to check up everything and cannot jump to conclusions like everyone else. We need to keep an open mind until the very last moment.

    It is better to do less but be sure of our results. I will try to make a post about Klein. If Klein turns out to be a fraudster I will be the first to say it. But not until it is a proven fact.


  121. sanemjfan permalink
    November 28, 2011 6:42 pm

    I apologize. I realize that it’s very possible that Klein’s portion of the interview was added to Jason’s portion of the interview in order to give the impression that they were interviewed together. I jumped to conclusions, and I initially believed that Klein was in on it because I remember how upset I was when it aired. Please disregard everything I just said about Klein.

    I found this website which has the transcript of the Extra interview, and you can use it for your research purposes.


  122. jm51 permalink
    November 28, 2011 7:38 pm

    @vindicatemj – I totally agree with you regarding Klein’s need for medical attention of some sort. I, too, felt sorry for him in the beginning although I truly did not like the fact that he muddied the waters regarding the paternity of Michael’s children. Even if it were true, which I do not believe it to be, he should have said in no uncertain terms that those are the biological children of Michael Jackson. When he tried to intervene in the guardianship — he again made it appear as though he had a biological connection to them and the media pounced all over it. However, once again, I had no real problem with him until he began to use TMZ of all sites to attempt to explain himself. Stories were coming out about his liberal use of demerol on Michael and he tried to deflect the attention away from himself and in the process made things worse. It is almost like what Murray did in the MSNBC interview where he changed his story in order to make the lies fit what he had told (i.e., he told the police that he left the room for 2 minutes, but in the interview aired after the verdict he then stated that he had to leave the room to make phone calls and comes up with a completely different story than the one he told the police because he had been found out). Klein’s “peeing” story was completely absurd, but he too seems to move to whatever takes the light off of himself when he gives interviews. When he originally began speaking, he said Michael was in great shape 3 days prior to his death; he says that he gave very little demerol to Michael when working on him and then the medical records hit and tell a completely different story — so then he had to do damage control and that’s where it began to get ridiculous. In his April, 2011 post on facebook he states that Michael was not well the last few weeks of his life. So, which is it? Then when the Jason Pfeiffer story came out and I remember him (although I cannot find it now) concurring by saying that he had walked in on Pfeffer and Michael with his shirt off and he could tell something was happening between the two and he thought (in his words) “good for them.” At that time, I felt that he was allowing this absurdity from Pfeiffer to be put out in the public as a means to explain the fact that Michael was in his office almost every day prior to his death. Hoefflin then came out and stated that Klein had gotten Michael hooked on demerol so Klein began to point fingers back at Hoefflin. Klein sued Hoefflin and lost his lawsuit and was ordered to pay Hoefflin’s attorney’s fees. He may be a fabulous dermatologist but he makes a fool of himself and of Michael every time he speaks about him. As far as Hoefflin and his treatment of the burns on Michael’s scalp — maybe what he did at the time was what was the accepted treatment and if he had no knowledge of Michael’s lupus condition — that’s where he and Klein should have conferred. They seem to have complete disdain for each other so once again, who knows what the true story is. In the beginning of the interviews he was giving, Klein stated he knew that Michael had mentioned propofol and Klein stated he had strongly admonished him about using that — now in his latest interview suddenly Michael was addicted to it and it was Hoefflin who got him addicted and he even went on to state that Hoefflin had MJ under and Klein burst into the room and unhooked everything.

    In any event, Klein is a sad character. What I further don’t care for is what I had posted earlier in the fact that he is now trashing Michael’s family for some reason. When each was approached and told things Klein was saying — Jermaine and Jackie both made strong comments against what Klein had said so maybe that’s his motivation, who knows? Whether he is to blame for giving Michael too much demerol or not, he has so far not been targeted by the authorities. He just needs to sit back and shut up. He’s no better in my opinion that Deepak Chopra and some of the other people who won’t shut up about Michael’s drug use.

    On another note, when Karen Faye, Michael Bush and the other designer were interviewed in 2010, it was Faye who stated that Michael did not begin abusing medication until the allegations hit and she stated that Jackson had gone through a surgery on his scalp that was painful and there was not enough time for it to heal prior to the Dangerous tour so Michael began taking pain medicine to get through the shows — but then when the allegations hit he was using them for emotional pain as well. I was glad that she said that because the media seems to want to focus on the 1984 accident as being the beginning of the addiction.

    I was not able to watch the trial live, but sat down t his weekend and watched Walgren’s closing arguments on youtube, which was awesome. When they would show Chernoff, you could tell that he knew what Walgren was saying was true and by the rebuttal closing where Walgren is saying “poor Conrad Murray,” Chernoff has his head in his hands. Very telling.


  123. November 28, 2011 8:15 pm

    “I apologize.”

    Oh dear, you needn’t to! All I am asking is to keep your mind open and discuss Klein with no bias. And thank you for the transcript – I need it very much indeed!

    P.S. David, now that I’ve read it I see that the interview was exclusively with Pfeiffer. It is laughable, he can’t even properly lie, the only interesting part is where he speaks of his conversations with Michael.

    Klein did not take part in the interview which I suspected as he was not on the video. So what Klein said and how he reacted to this story should be looked into separately.


  124. November 28, 2011 10:19 pm

    “At that time, I felt that he was allowing this absurdity from Pfeiffer to be put out in the public as a means to explain the fact that Michael was in his office almost every day prior to his death.”

    @JM, I also thought that way. That is why I am interested in finding out what it really was.

    “They seem to have complete disdain for each other so once again, who knows what the true story is”

    In the dispute between Hoefflin and Klein after that “balloon treatment” the tale-telling sign is that Michael stayed with Klein but stopped all contact with Hoefflin. So Michael eventually chose Klein out of the two and stayed with him until his last day. This is a very important point which cannot be disregarded.

    “In his April, 2011 post on facebook he states that Michael was not well the last few weeks of his life. So, which is it?”

    In his November 2009 interview he also said something like Michael was not quite himself in the past few weeks. Klein said he couldn’t place it but something was wrong.

    What was wrong? This is one of the reasons why this whole Klein business is interesting to me and why I am listening to him.

    Now I’ve read Jason Pfeiffer’s laughable “love story” and paid attention to other things no one seems to be talking about. Jason evidently did have conversations with Michael when he was in Klein’s office (which was a totally natural thing to do) and says Michael’s mood changed sometime in May. Michael told him he didn’t know how to get rid of Dr. Tohme Tohme – “he kept firing him but he would not go away”. And that there were many people around him whom he wanted to get rid of but couldn’t. Very interesting.

    Another interesting point is why Pfeiffer lied about Michael and why he is now friends with Diane Dimond. As regards Klein I promise to look into all the questions you raised about him and report back.


  125. November 29, 2011 6:46 am

    and says Michael’s mood changed sometime in May.

    Klein and Pfeiffer were on holiday in May.


  126. November 29, 2011 6:53 am

    I jumped to conclusions, and I initially believed that Klein was in on it because I remember how upset I was when it aired. Please disregard everything I just said about Klein.

    He was in on it. He was retweeting messages from Pfeiffer in August after their interview was released about how close Pfeiffer/MJ were, and it was his friends Paul Camuso and Alicia Jacobs who reported on the story. He never once tried to deny he’d said it, not even when he had TMZ following he and Pfeiffer to work with security guards because they’d been allegedly getting death threats. It was him on the phone to Harvey Levin, remember, Harvey challenged Klein and said MJ would not have wanted something so private discussed, not even Harvey Levin believed it. He didn’t deny it when Elizabeth Taylor challenged him about it on twitter.

    When he finally admitted it was a lie he claims that he had only found himself it was a lie 6 months previously, when Pfeiffer had moved out of his apartment. He never denied his part in the story and I’m not going to seek to be naive about his behavior, exploiting MJ’s personal life and his children for his own gain.


  127. JM51 permalink
    November 29, 2011 7:48 am

    @rockforeveron — that’s what I mean. There is something not right about Klein. His story changes constantly and he’s always putting his foot in his mouth and his words do nothing but flame the fire. Frank Casio mentioned what a good doctor Dr. Farschian was to Michael. You haven’t heard or seen that man plastered all over the news saying anything. Dr. Metzger didn’t either and he actually helped the prosecution during his testimony. Klein is just as slimy as Brian Oxman in my opinion.


  128. November 29, 2011 9:30 am

    Dr. Farschian was to Michael. You haven’t heard or seen that man plastered all over the news saying anything. Dr. Metzger didn’t either and he actually helped the prosecution during his testimony. Klein is just as slimy as Brian Oxman in my opinion.

    Jermaine and his ghost writer also had a lot of respect for Metzger. Metzger’s name was brought up first because Murray said he’d given MJ meds to help him sleep in the past, people assumed this meant Metzger had given MJ Propofol. Turned out to be Trazodone and other sleeping aids like that.


    That website is run by Klein’s friend, Paul Camuso.


  129. monica permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:05 am

    During the time that JP was telling everybody about his “relationship” with Michael I did a search on his name and came across a blog that was supposedly his. Has anyone stumbled upon it? Possibly I’ll see if it still exists. It was mainly “his story” in much detail with the flippant attitude that he didn’t care what people thought of him and his justifications for exposing this info. There were some people who were disbelieving and others who were simply muddling in the gossipy slop. Just wanted to know if anyone had any insight on this since we’re on the subject and Helena is going to do a post on this “person”.

    Also, in the interview David posted the link to, (I had a difficult time accessing it on my device) there is a notable inconsistency (probably more too)…JP states in the beginning the relationship happened slowly with time, and by the end of the interview he states that it all happened so fast…whatever JP.

    One more thing…in so many of the stories people have about friendships or relationships with MJ, they rarely say anything beyond what people already know about Michael; for example, the problems with his father/being physically abused and his lack of happy childhood. Most of these things can be learned by watching that mini series on the Jackson’s or reading Moonwalk. That is the trouble I have with so many people’s claims of relationships with Michael, they just want to steal some of his “shine”,and the biggest thing that all these claims “do” for these people is (they think) it elevates them. (Carrie Fisher’s insights).


  130. lynande51 permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:17 am

    “When he finally admitted it was a lie he claims that he had only found himself it was a lie 6 months previously, when Pfeiffer had moved out of his apartment. He never denied his part in the story and I’m not going to seek to be naive about his behavior, exploiting MJ’s personal life and his children for his own gain.”

    @ rockon I found this interview with Klein from November of 2009 on TMZ before the autopsy report is made public. He talks for a long time. In it they are discussing the “needle marks” that were on Mj’s body. He can be heard saying that he walked in on them when he did not have a shirt on and he had talked to Harvey about that story earlier. Are we going to be naive enough to think that he was not referring to the JP story. They had already tried to get it going in August right about the time he tried to sue for custody of the kids but the judge said get out that the kids were MJ’s and Debbie’s there is also an article that has the run down of that hearing.


  131. November 29, 2011 2:51 pm

    “there is a notable inconsistency (probably more too)…JP states in the beginning the relationship happened slowly with time, and by the end of the interview he states that it all happened so fast….”

    Monica, I think that Jason’s story is so laughable that it is not even worth discussing it. He talks of Michael hugging him – but Michael hugged everyone, he says he gave him gifts – but Michael gave gifts to everyone, he says they talked for hours – so what, Michael was staying at the office for hours during those procedures, so why couldn’t they talk? He says there was some exceptional understanding between them – but almost everyone who met Michael noticed it too.

    And as regards how “it started” – as far as I remember he supposedly “gave him a kiss” in the car? So that every paparazzi takes a picture of it???Not to mention the fact that kissing such a mountain of fat was surely the most cherished of Michael’s dreams?

    If Klein and Pfeiffer wanted someone to believe that story they could have at least selected someone more suitable for the role. The way I see it either Klein wanted a pretext for explaining why Michael attended his office so often and this means they made up that story together, or he simply believed his own boyfriend’s fantasies that “Michael had an attachment for him too”.

    If Klein found this fat guy attractive, he could have probably believed Jason that he was similarly attractive to Michael. Jason could have told him stories and Klein could have easily swallowed them. It is difficult for me to perceive the thinking of gay men – probably they think that every man is a latent gay and only needs this potential to be “opened”.


  132. November 29, 2011 3:00 pm

    “I found this interview with Klein from November of 2009 on TMZ before the autopsy report is made public. He talks for a long time. In it they are discussing the “needle marks” that were on Mj’s body. He can be heard saying that he walked in when he did not have a shirt on and he had talked to Harvey about that story earlier.”

    Lynette, we have the full transcript of that 90min. interview due to our reader Bev. who has sent it here. As regards the shirt the transcript did not have anything of the kind. I think the first thing I’ll do as soon as we hear Murray’s sentence is posting that transcript in full.


  133. November 29, 2011 10:40 pm


    Remember that Pfeiffer had originally been set to do the 90min interview with him originally, they were both going to give it together and they had given the interview beforehand together at Klein’s place. Klein’s quote in the Pfeiffer article and story sold to the press was about how he’d walked in on MJ topless with Pfeiffer and he knew there was something going on between them, so I believe you’re exactly right, that’s what Klein had told Levin about in that November interview and had wanted to get spread out. Klein was only seeking a guardianship order with regards to Prince and Paris, not Blanket. Klein recently singled out Prince to say how good looking he was. His intentions are blatant and disgusting.


    Jason still insists he and MJ had some kind of a relationship on that blog, but claims he exaggerated it to benefit Klein (why would this benefit Klein??? if you read the transcript however you can see how hard Pfeiffer defends his then boyfriend Klein, says he’s coming out to speak in defense of Klein and not his supposed boyfriend MJ). His goal right now is in trashing Klein. He’s a lover scorned. He has to keep insisting the MJ affair is real because otherwise nobody will pay any attention to anything he says, not that they do at the moment anyway. He had an interview done with InsideEdition but they never used it because Klein and all testimony related to him was inadmissible in court.


  134. Suzy permalink
    November 29, 2011 11:28 pm

    Pfeiffer still insists he had a relationship with MJ because he knows that’s his ticket to some kind of relevance and a possible book deal in the future. If he admitted there was nothing between them none would care any more – not even his handful of remaining fans such as Desiree and co. That’s why he has to keep insisting on the story.

    On the other hand, it’s interesting to read that civil lawsuit he brought against Klein. In that he doesn’t claim to have been the lover of MJ, in fact the relationship he describes there was a rather distant, formal one (which was most probably the case). For example, he says he got to know from Klein at the beginning of June that MJ had sleep problems. How come Klein had to inform him about this if MJ was his lover and intimate soulmate? Also the way he describes when MJ called him that he is looking for an anaesthesiologist and he says he refused to help him and forwarded him to Klein. To me it again looks like a rather formal type of relationship, certainly not a conversation between lovers. Also in the Extra interview when asked about Murray he said he didn’t even hear about Murray until after Michael’s death. How come? He was allegedly his lover and Murray was at Michael’s bedside every night for months. How come that not only they never ran into each other but Michael never even told him about Murray? Seems like Michael had this kink to have sex with his lover in his doctor’s office rather than take him home. All of us know how typical this is of Michael: having sex in public places (so that Klein can walk in on them) where you have herds of fans and paparazzi lurking around.

    Frankly, the story is utterly ridiculous.


  135. Suzy permalink
    November 29, 2011 11:40 pm

    And I believe the story was originally fabricated to explain Michael’s visits to Klein’s office.


  136. November 30, 2011 12:12 am

    “Klein’s quote in the Pfeiffer article and story sold to the press was about how he’d walked in on MJ topless with Pfeiffer and he knew there was something going on between them, so I believe you’re exactly right, that’s what Klein had told Levin about in that November interview and had wanted to get spread out”.

    Rockforeveron, what November interview are you talking about? I have the transcript of November 5, 2009 interview and there is not a single word about it there. I hope to post it soon to at least have something substantial to start with.


  137. November 30, 2011 12:36 am

    The November 5th interview came after Pfeiffer and Klein both had a long dinner with Harvey Levin for 3 hours at Klein’s place on November 1st, they were both due to give an on air interview with Harvey on November 3rd. This didn’t come about, they both cancelled at the last minute giving Harvey a phonecall about 15 mins before they were due in, so Harvey instead relayed their conversation from the dinner they’d had. In that interview Harvey said pretty much the same thing Klein said on the November 5th interview: how MJ loved peeing in public, MJ’s health, drugs, his claims that it was Debbie who leaked that he was the supposed father of MJ’s kids, etc. He said specifically that Klein and Pfeiffer had told him something that he would allow them to say if they so wanted.

    Klein then gave that solo interview on November 5th and went over the same things Harvey said he had previously and Harvey made that mention about what Klein had told him about walking in on him without a shirt, as Lyn said.


  138. November 30, 2011 12:39 am

    It’s also true that Michael’s children want nothing to do with Klein and dislike him for all the lies he has told on their father. They confirmed this to fans.


  139. lynande51 permalink
    November 30, 2011 1:45 am

    Helena in the November 5th interview Klein talks about it beginning at 23:20 minutes. He says “You remember I saw him without a shirt I walked in on him with a person from my office,I told you about this we talked about this”. Maybe someone can transcribe those few minutes for us.
    I also agree with rockon about the kids. There is a reason that they want nothing what so ever to do with this man and a large part of it is this interview. I think we should take a cue from Prince, Paris and Blanket.



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