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Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane with the “Michael Jackson Was My Lover” Photo Album

April 20, 2012

There were several pages of photos found inside the book “Michael Jackson Was My Lover” by Victor Gutierrez that would at least verify that he was inside both Evan and June’s respective houses. Some of these photos, when you first see them and read the documents, will make you laugh. The stories that go with them are full of magic cameras that can remove makeup, theories about Vitiligo and circumcision, and question marks in the wrong places.

I have been keeping track now of all of the different descriptions out there of what they claim Michael’s genitalia looked like or what the identifying features were. I think I can safely say after today that there is no less than six. None of them are the same and the one that should be included and isn’t (if it were truly a match) is suspiciously missing from the book “All That Glitters“. The book “All That Glitters” includes a lot of information in it but only a single sentence says that Jordan’s description given to Larry Feldman on December 14th, 1993 was a match to the photos. What is interesting is the fact that they acknowledge that this is in fact the second description that Jordan Chandler gave. The first one was on September 1st, 1993 to ADA Lauren Weiss for law enforcement purposes. That would have been the one that was used by Detective Deborah Linden of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Why would they need to give two descriptions? Well one was for Law Enforcement and the second one was for the Civil Case! That’s right in order to use that description and the ensuing photos they would have to attach it as part of Jordan’s Declaration or Statement of Facts as proof of his claim, and oddly enough when they filed his December 28th, 1993 Declaration there was no description! The reason that Michael didn’t have to give them his photos when they had that multiple choice question in their brief before the court is because they were taken for Michael’s defense and were exculpatory!

Probably the most amusing one that I have read is the one from Ernie Rizzo, a Private Investigator from Chicago that claimed that Evan Chandler had hired him. His version was that Michael was striped like a Barber Pole. No, I’m not kidding!

HighBeam Research

Title: PRIVATES DETECTIVE SHOCK FOR JACKO; Star has striped manhood, abuse trial will be told.(News)

Date: February 19, 2005 Publication: Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)

Byline: By Anthony Harwood

JURORS at Michael Jackson’s trial will be told the pop megastar’s manhood looks ‘like a barber’s pole’.

Private investigator Ernie Rizzo yesterday said the star’s latest alleged victim could provide damning evidence about Jackson’s unusually marked penis.

Rizzo was hired by the family of Jordan Chandler, who accused Jackson of molestation in 1993.

He claims he saw police photos of a naked Jackson taken more than 10 years ago. And he said distinctive brown rings were visible around the star’s penis as the singer bleached his body twice a week.

Legal experts claim the distinctive ‘two tone’ markings on Jackson’s manhood could play a key role in the prosecution’s case.

Rizzo claimed: ‘It looks like a barber’s pole – that is exactly what it looks like.

‘The first kid and all the other kids who have seen his penis know there are brown circles around it.’

Rizzo dismissed claims Jackson, 46, suffered the skin-whitening disease vitiligo.

He said the singer lightened his skin chemically – and Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe got him the bleach when she worked for a dermatologist.


ALLEGATIONS: Ernie Rizzo; ACCUSED: Michael Jackson COPYRIGHT 2009 Scottish Daily Record & SundayThis material is published under license from the publisher through the Gale Group, Farmington Hills, Michigan.  All inquiries regarding rights should be directed to the Gale Group.

This document provided by HighBeam Research at

Poor Debbie! She got blamed for everything! Like she could get medications without a prescription! Then there is the one from Christopher Andersen, the Author of “Michael Jackson: Unauthorized Biography“. He said they were looking for a Winnie the Pooh tattoo! You can also read where some people in the media got a copy of that search warrant and knew that Sneddon had an addendum added to the warrant that said that Michael had no right to refuse the photographing of his body and if he did it would be seen as a sign of consciousness of guilt and he would be arrested which is a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment right to silence and self incrimination.That is why Johnny Cochran and Howard Weitzman fought to have the photos and the warrant sealed! Still, Michael went through with the search, was not arrested because of a consciousness of guilt and was not arrested because the evidence sought through the search warrant was not found.

We can then look at Diane Dimond’s version that says he was mottled pink and brown and had a dark spot on his butt that miraculously moved forward to the underside of his penis, and no one could remember if it was light or dark now that it moved forward like that? In her book there isn’t actually a photo of the dark spot on his man parts, just a maybe that it was there because someone said it was. There are varying sources to that one too! It might be Detective Gary Speigel, Detective Russ Birchim or, if you believe her, it might even be Dr. Richard Strick. Face it guys, those spots meant nothing and Michael walked away because he wasn’t circumcised! That is the only constant in the whole thing, and here is the complete drawing included in the book MJWML.

This is funny because this is why I decided to buy the book in the first place. We “borrowed” this picture from another blog and were threatened with prosecution and a $100,000 fine or both if we did not remove it due to their copyright on it. I found that email today. So we had to use the second version that was made available on the website of Ray Chandler that was opened in 1996.

So you can see that the most revealing information was removed from their version. I don’t know about anyone else but when I see the words “My theory” for an ideal or hypothetical situation (esp. in the phrase in theory) about a description I have to ask why anyone would even have a theory if it was something they had actually seen? Wouldn’t you think they would know? Then there is the rest that is in that box that says “ass blotched shade of brown so how is MJ p. V be selective Orietta bleach” Then there is the rest of it where they say “Mike circumcised short public, Brett not circumcised, Brett pulled out head and say “look look but not all the way back or it hurts” Brett masturbates by twisting skin a different way. Body oil stink, Brown patch on ass left glut. Bleaching cream Orietta, Vaseline in Brett’s ass because bleeds when shitting, Brett eats a lot and takes big shits, Brett so cute like little, get med exam of Brett, Brett baby bottle like when sick”.

By the way the baby bottle drinking is covered in the book and it was reported to have been told by Adrian McManus in the now defunct British Tabloid News Of The World. I think the whole thing is suspicious when you consider that this was written in 1993 and that story about the baby bottles appeared in 1996. Needless to say I think we all know that this is not what was given to the police, but was in fact notes being taken by someone on how to instruct Jordan in giving his description. There you go, that is my theory and my theory is that it was Evan taking notes from Victor (like V is for Victor). There are several examples of Evans handwriting in here, especially the page from his chronology which we will look at in a minute.

Now the next group of photos: This is of some of the documents that were available in there. I think the first one we should look at is the letter from the Chandler’s and Larry Feldman firing Gloria Allred. She never has to wonder again why she was no longer on the case and couldn’t talk about it anymore. It says right in there she was being fired. That mystery has been solved for Gloria now and I am as relieved as she is, I’m sure. We also have a retainer agreement or two, one for Gloria and one for Larry,


just like the one on The Smoking Gun, and an inter-office memorandum where Feldman is helping Evan brainstorm his own injuries due to his son allegedly being molested. What a great dad this guy was!

There are a couple of letters from Rothman to Pellicano and Pellicano to Rothman. We also have a couple of bank statements and of course the emancipation of Jordan Chandler along with letters from his lawyers for his trust fund. Of course someone needs to point out that the retainer agreement means just what it says, and Feldman and his costs were taken from the settlement because the settlement does not specify anywhere that Michael pays more. It has that word total and in a legal document that means total. The retainer also preceded the settlement agreement so if Larry would have been paid by Michael’s insurance separately he would have been guilty of double billing. That is a legal no- no, with fines, and everything.

For those who question the insurance settlement I have one word for you: subrogation. Insurance, just like medicine, has its own set of laws and rules. Now, knowing what we know about how much the Chandlers wanted “the truth” to get out, why didn’t they just show us the parts of the documents that prove Michael gave more than what the total was? You can grab and nitpick that Settlement Agreement all you want, but unless you know about a little thing called Case management in a civil case, I don’t think those people should be taken seriously in the analysis of that Settlement agreement.

First, according to this, the two sides have to have a face to face and agree how the case will be managed, and because of the caseload in California courts all of them are automatically set up for ADR ( Alternative Dispute Resolution), that would be ALL of them. Then, depending on the face to face, it goes first to one of the 3 choices mentioned in that law and one of those choices is Judicial Arbitration.

Then again, according to the letter from Jordan’s attorney about his emancipation, they are urging him to keep the trust set up by Judge Rothman as it is. Judge Rothman was the judge that set up the trust settlement and he was also the judge that ordered the civil trial to go before the criminal trial. Now we already know that this was settled in arbitration by a three judge panel. We found that out from the Frozen in Time seminar from Carl Douglas so that would have been done through an entity called JAMS. It seems that arbitration is where things go against a defendant, and it can be mandated by the court (the judge), in a civil trial. Once it went to arbitration it seems like the defendant (in this case, Michael) they can settle without his consent and he has no legal standing to object or file suit against them. The term arbitration should make one pause and think for a minute because something in it is going to be arbitrary, the root word of the word Arbitration. No wonder Tony Pellicano quit!

I think too that some of the people that were involved and seem to give that pat answer of “but I wasn’t there” should be cut some slack. That answer coming from multiple mouths saying almost the identical thing sounds like it might have been part of that confidentiality agreement.

I also want to point out a couple of little pictures to everyone. One is the page from Evan and Natalie’s divorce saying how she gets half the money, but the line above says that only Evan gets to commercially exploit said literary works. Once again, what a wonderful guy, a real gem!  There are also a couple of bank statements of Jordan’s trust and his new bank account. There is a photo of the letter from Mathis Abrams on dated July 16th,1993. That would not have been delivered until the day after Evan supposedly pulled out Jordan’s tooth, but this is what they presented to Michael and Anthony Pellicano at the Westwood Marquis Hotel on August 4th,1993 as some kind of proof that Michael allegedly broke the law. The emancipation proves that when his dad and Natalie divorced, he stayed with her. There is also a photo of a Consent to Administer Anesthesia form, along with some photos of Jordan without his shirt, which look like he just woke up or something, and he is in a bathroom somewhere. Who took these pictures and how did they allow Victor to put them in his book or why would they want them in a book? Now does anyone wonder why we think Victor is in fact a pe*******? Maybe Jordan didn’t think his dad was such a great guy after all?

Now let’s look at the pages of Evan’s chronology. I won’t add too much commentary on that but you will see there are a couple of things that speak for themselves, like little reminders to check dates, and a question mark on page five behind the statement “Jordan masturbated Michael” (page 26). I don’t know about you but whenever I see a question mark in a place like that I have a tendency to question the rest of the story too, how about you? Be sure to pay attention to the writing on the last page that is not Jordan’s signature but the part where they call Michael’s fans crazy. Now is that a match to the writing on that drawing posted above or isn’t it?


There is a picture of Michael sitting in a chair in Jordan’s room at June’s house. According to this book, Evan gave this to the cops as proof that Michael was getting ready to sleep in the same bed as Jordan. There are other photos of his room so I will just say this about that: I think if he was getting ready to sleep in the bed with Jordan, I would be more convinced if a pillow wasn’t in the chair like he had slept in the chair all night!

Then of course there are the gratuitous photos of Jordan with his little brother Nicky in the tub together (added for Victor’s target audience of his friends from NAMBLA) which will not be added to this post. We also won’t add the page with a photo of 4 pairs of underwear. But we will add the page with a page from Orietta Murdoch to Michael and the Page from a NAMBLAPublication so you know where he get the idea that this guy had the same agenda! You know that P*** know that they are criminals don’t you?We have Blanca Francia with Victor’s arm around her back, and Orietta Murdoch, not to be confused with Orietta bleach? There is also a photo of Victor shaking hands with a man he claims to be Judge Hugo Alvarez from the Dominican Republic, who married Michael and Lisa. His claim is that this man told him right away that the marriage was a sham and because Michael and Lisa eventually got a divorce, Diane Dimond trusted Victor as a source when she told the story about the non- existent tape on the radio and TV.

Now let’s look at the photos of Evan’s plan of attack, his arsenal of weapons, and his surveillance equipment that was necessary due to the multitude of death threats from us crazy Michael Jackson fans. They have knives and guns and mace and a bullet proof vest all in readiness for our attack! Speaking of attack, they even have a photo of a white board with Evan’s plan of attack against Michael and Pellicano. It looks from what I can make out that Evan was going to “call Lee on Wed. about dinner”. Who was Lee and how was he/she going to attack Michael when he/she was out to dinner with Evan? That perplexes me.  I think Victor says things just to say them, just like Ralph Chacon.

It was a good thing that Ray Chandler didn’t chase down Denise Pfeiffer with that short barrel shotgun hanging there, instead of a .38 caliber pistol stuck in the back of the waistband of his jogging pants!  That police surveillance equipment only worked if Evan or Natalie turned it on, so unfortunately they didn’t catch that multitude of obscene and crazy phone calls from MJ fans. It’s a pity because if they had I would have been more believing of that story, though I do have to admit that someone called in a bomb threat to Larry Feldman’s building, whether or not it had to do with this case or not I don’t know, so he got Federal Protection for a while. The book doesn’t specify how long. Maybe it was until the Federal Marshall’s got him down the elevator and in his car because that was about how long Mark Geragos got their protection when a bomb was found in the port a potty out in front of his house in 2003.

Here is a photo of Miko Brando and Norma Staikos. Norma, according to this, fled the country in order to not testify in front of the Grand Jury. She did come back and did testify though, after settling her father’s affairs, since the reason she went to Greece in the first place was because he died, without advanced notice to Victor Gutierrez or Evan Chandler. Miko was one of Michael’s best friends, but according to court documents about the 1108 evidence he made a statement that said he would never leave his kids alone with Michael Jackson. Miko would have been a man really planning for the future because he wasn’t married and did not have children in 1993! He married his wife Karen at Neverland on August 27th, 1994, the same day that Delores “Dee Dee” Jackson, Tito‘s former wife, was found dead, murdered by her boyfriend Donald Bohana. Miko also seemed to rethink that “statement”considering that his daughter was called by the defense in the 2003 trial!

In a little side note, it took Dee Dee’s boys, Taj, Tarryl, and TJ,( the youngest one was 16 at the time) two and a half years to convince the DA in Los Angeles county that they should investigate  Bohana for the murder of their beloved Mother. So if people wonder why the Jackson family has a slight mistrust of the justice system maybe it was because they had always had to fight for equality in it!

Anyway that was why Michael had to leave the reception early after being best man, to go to his family when they needed him. And he seemed to have let his kids alone with Michael too once they were born so I have to question the prosecution’s sources about that one. But of course a better question is who did Miko make this supposed statement to? It certainly wasn’t the Grand Jury, so I wonder of it might just be the over active imagination of Victor Gutierrez at play here? What do you guys think?

Well let’s end this lovely stroll down memory lane with Victor’s MJWML photo album on a happy and uplifting note shall we? There are photos in the book of a young and younger Michael with and without friends.

Here are the photos of a young Jordan and his first serious girlfriend Sonnet. There is even a love note from Sonnet to Jordan written in January after his 14th birthday. Photos of the young and happy teens on an amusement park ride after the settlement, and it must be post “extensive therapy” because Jordan appears to be all smiles.

So what do you guys think? Is this the story of a crime? It is, but the crime is the extortion of Michael Jackson by an over the top greedy father and a man that I would classify, not as any kind of journalist, but as the most effective and dangerous celebrity stalkers of all time!

The saddest part of all is the remark by one person on the inside that said that all the Grand Jury ever saw was evidence of Michael Jackson’s poor judgment!


Posted: Mon., Apr. 11, 1994, 11:00pm PT



D.A. Garcetti denies Jackson probe ended


Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti denied reports Monday that the investigation into child molestation charges against singer Michael Jackson is concluded, and that a decision not to file criminal charges has been reached.

“The matter is still under investigation,” Garcetti said. “I’m reasonably confident that the investigation will be completed by the end of the month.”

Addressing a claim made by the syndicated tabloid TV show “Hard Copy” that the case will be labeled a “D.A. reject”– a term used to describe the decision not to file charges in a criminal investigation — Garcetti said, “No decision has been made.”

Sources note it is unlikely a determination as to whether charges will be filed could be made while the molestation probe is still ongoing.

The grand jury session in Santa Barbara was extended Monday for an additional 90-day term to allow S.B. District Attorney Thomas Sneddon to gather additional evidence.

Sneddon also dismissed reports that the probe was concluded, and said that it is premature to decide whether charges against Jackson will be filed.

“When we reach a time where we are prepared to make a statement about our conclusions, we will do that in fairness to everybody at one time,” Sneddon said, referring to the joint S.B. and Los Angeles County probes.

The two grand juries continue to hear testimony into allegations the pop star molested a 13-year-old boy. Sneddon said the boy is scheduled to meet with prosecutors this week.

Although prosecution sources admit to being frustrated in their grand jury probe, failing to get direct evidence linking the singer to the molestation charges, privately they concede that their case would be stronger if the boy would agree to testify.

Jackson has been under investigation since last August, when the boy claimed he was sexually molested by the entertainer. The grand juries began hearing testimony last month.

Several Jackson camp insiders have appeared before either the L.A. or Santa Barbara County grand jury, including former security consultant Anthony Pellicano, Jackson’s mother Katherine and several housekeepers. Miko Brando, a driver for the singer, and Norma Staikos, Jackson’s executive assistant, have also testified.

The charges were initially labeled by Jackson handlers as an extortion attempt by the boy’s father, who allegedly sought financing for a film deal.

When negotiations broke down between the father, a Beverly Hills dentist with ties to the film industry, and Pellicano, a lawsuit against Jackson was filed by the boy.

The lawsuit was settled in January, with Jackson agreeing to pay the boy an undisclosed sum. Sources put the settlement figure at $ 15 million.

The boy’s father was cleared of extortion charges by LAPD investigators a week before the settlement was announced. (It was actually part of the settlement agreement, read it again; it says Michael Jackson publicly withdraws the claim of extortion)

While grand jury testimony is sealed, sources said that none of the witnesses so far have offered anything that would directly implicate the singer. “The only thing Jackson could be convicted of at this point is bad judgment,” said an investigation source.

Contact the Variety newsroom at

What was his act of poor judgment? He was there, that’s all it takes, if you don’t believe me look up the legal definition of negligence, which is what settled a global claim of negligence and allowed an extortionist to go free. Some people are just willing to do anything for MONEY!

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  1. shellywebstere permalink
    April 20, 2012 3:32 pm

    I really feel sorry for Jordan. I mean who would like to have their half naked pictures in a pro pedophilia book, then later be attacked by their father?


  2. lynande51 permalink
    April 20, 2012 4:34 pm

    I added a couple more photos to it.Jordan went along with it for one reason he was afraid of his father and what he was doing to him and had threatened to do to the rest of his family. For Evan it was about nothing but getting rich.


  3. Suzy permalink
    April 20, 2012 4:58 pm

    Thanks, Lynette!

    Can there be any doubt of a contact and a close collaboration between VG and the Chandlers? Can there be any doubt of where Evan got his ideas that child molestation can be considered as a legitimate, loving relationship? Can there be any doubt about where he got his ideas from to graphic descriptions of sex between an adult and a child? I suspect the so called diary of Evan was written in a collaboration between VG and Evan. The screenplay of his life, I guess. I also think the book that the Chandlers were shopping right after the settlement would have been one ghost-written by VG based on their collaboration. Only then they had a falling out and each went with their own version.


  4. lynande51 permalink
    April 20, 2012 7:02 pm

    I also added the link to the web archived page of Court TV where they released the supposed transcript of the interview from Dr. Richard Gardner up in the paragraph about Evans chronology. You will notice that on October 6th, 1993 interview Jordan says he did. Then in the December 28th,1993 declaration it changed so that he twisted Michael’s nipples while he masturbated. That way he would have been too close to see his genitals and would explain why the description wasn’t accurate.They had their story change a few times too didn’t they?For those that don’t believe that a kid would know that something like that had happened just ask Corey Feldman.


  5. April 20, 2012 8:00 pm

    I have to ask why anyone would even have a theory if it was something they had actually seen? Wouldn’t you think they would know?

    Yes, absolutely!

    “Needless to say I think we all know that this is not what was given to the police, but was in fact notes being taken by someone on how to instruct Jordan in giving his description. There you go, that is my theory and my theory is that it was Evan taking notes from Victor (like V is for Victor).”

    Lynande, the point you’ve made here is very interesting. The picture is not clear enough to see V. but since you have the book and if it is indeed there then it is the direct proof that this “V” (Victor) was involved in the Chandler affair and was Evan’s source and inspiration (just as we always thought). The drawing was not made by Jordan as this isn’t his handwriting, and as far as I remember Gutierrez even says in his book that it was Evan’s drawing that followed Jordan’s description.

    But then Jordan didn’t have much to say if besides the mushroom in the middle most of the notes either have question marks or refer to Brett and his problems with vaseline? (what a nightmare we are discussing here!). So this picture was the best Evan could come up with after listening to Jordan? And this is all???

    “Face it guys, those spots meant nothing and Michael walked away because he wasn’t circumcised! That is the only constant in the whole thing”

    Over here I absolutely disagree (but we agreed to disagree, didn’t we?), because the very fact that all these people are so confused by the “spots” show that the description and the photos did not match in this respect either. Jordan said a totally definite thing (that the penis had a “light splotch the color of his face”) and when the photos showed nothing of the kind all the people who gave six different explanations started muddying waters and telling extremely vague stories about it. This is exactly the proof that Jordan’s story was all wrong and all of them were just trying to confuse the public by their “interpretations”.

    We can compare it with moles on another people’s body. If a liar says that there is a big mole on someone’s genitalia and provides it as the only proof of his horrible “molestation” stories, and then the photos show not a single mole – then it proves that the liar is a liar, doesn’t it? The liar will of course say that he talked of the buttocks and simply forgot on which side it was and will continue fantasizing about the left or right buttock until he accidentally hits the point and the police exclaim “This is where it is!” – in the same way Tom Sneddon did it when he spoke of some “dark spot” which then turned into a “discoloration” which was found at a “relatively same location” as described by the “victim”, LOL.

    Unfortunately when no one remembers what the original story of the “victim” was this crazy description can pass for the truth.


  6. shellywebstere permalink
    April 20, 2012 8:28 pm

    Are we sure that the drawing isn’t something made up by Gutierrez? I always believed that his book was the only source for that drawing.


  7. Suzy permalink
    April 20, 2012 9:46 pm

    About Evan’s handwritten letter to Barry Rothman:

    So he says so far he was trying to avoid court because of the devastating effect it would have on Michael? Your son is molested and you worry about what effect a trial would have on his molester? You are too kind, Evan, too kind.
    He also says: “I believed that Michael was a kind, sensitive, compassionate person who made a mistake in judgement born out of an honest love for Jordie.”


    And then he goes on to describe what changed his mind. Apparently it was that when Jordan “acknowledged in front of them that I had evidence that Michael had sexually assaulted him Michael responded with a cold, mocking smile that you so often see on the face of criminals who proclaim their innocence even in the face of irrefutable proof of their guilt. It was a chilling sight. He showed no sign of remorse for his actions and he was completely indifferent to Jordie’s suffering.”

    So from this he derived that Michael was a pedophile. Okkay.

    He further says: “I believe he should be incarcerated in order to protect any children on whom he may otherwise perpetrate his harmful behavior.”

    Evan’s concern for potential other victims is very touching, but unfortunately that he really had this concern isn’t supported by his actions. You know, how they were trying to delay the criminal to get the civil trial ahead, and then, although the settlement didn’t forbade them to testify in a criminal court they never did. Not in 1993, not in 2005. He then says Jordie will take the lie detector. Not surprisingly he never did.

    Then at the end he instructs Rothman to further negotiate with Pellicano and IF those negotiations are unsuccessful THEN they will file a complaint against MJ for sexual assault. So much about his concern for other children…

    Then he dramatically notes at the end that when he woke up that morning he found a picture next to Jordan’s bed on the floor that worried him. This was a picture that allegedly Jordan drew and it depicted him jumping off from a building. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boy felt suicidal with all this going on, however I wouldn’t be surprised either if it’s just another element of the story Evan made up in order to make it more dramatic.

    One thing is for sure though, the same story is featured in All That Glittes too:

    “Frustrated by Pellicano’s attitude, and Michael’s apparent condoning of it, Evan turned to Michael. “You’re the only one who can help me now,” he said. “I know what you’ve done to Jordie. He told me everything.” Evan then asked his son to confirm that he had, and after the boy nodded affirmatively, Evan waited for Michael’s response.
    The King of Pop leaned in close, looked Jordie squarely in the eye, and calmly said in a little-boy voice, “I didn’t do anything.”
    For Evan, it was the defining moment. “I knew Michael was screwed up, but until that point I wasn’t sure where he was coming from. Part of me still believed he was genuinely in love with Jordie and was acting innocently out of a warped mind, without any forethought or cunning.
    “But his smile was chilling, like the smile you see on a serial killer or rapist who continually declares his innocence despite mountains of evidence against him. I knew it immediately; Michael Jackson was a child molester! It was suddenly so obvious, June had been fooled, Jordie had been fooled, and I had been fooled. The entire world had been fooled by this pitiful creature with a brilliant but criminal mind.”
    In the face of Michael’s denial, Evan began to read Dr. Abrams letter. “I wanted to show him that it wasn’t just me saying it, that a professional psychiatrist had come to the conclusion that sex or no sex Jordie was being harmed by their relationship.”
    When Evan got to the section of the letter where Dr. Abrams listed the child protective laws that might have been violated, Pellicano cut him off. “Don’t bother, I know them by heart,” the P.I. said.
    Why would you know these?” Evan asked, not grasping the full significance of Pellicano’s answer.
    I’ve know them for a long time,” Pellicano claimed. “So you can stop reading.
    “Okay,” Evan said, turning to Michael, “then I’ll tell you what. If you and
    Jordie take lie detector tests and it turns out you didn’t do anything to him,
    then I’ll get out of your life forever and you can take him on tour.”
    Michael remained silent, but Pellicano came on like gangbusters.
    “Michael will never take a lie detector test!” he shouted, jabbing his finger at Evan’s face and spitting as he yelled.
    “Look,” Evan explained. “It’s an easy way out. Take the test and …”
    “I was in army intelligence. I could teach him to beat it in a second!”
    “Fine, just take the test and I’m out of your life forever. No one will know anything about it.”
    “I told you,” the investigator screamed, his jugular veins engorging blood, “he’s not taking no damn test!”
    Jordie huddled in closer to his dad.
    “Okay, okay, I heard you. But I don’t get it. Why doesn’t he just take it? You’ll get rid of me like that,” Evan proposed, with a snap of his fingers.
    A look of indignation appeared on Pellicano’s face. He leaned back in his chair, calmed himself, and in a haughty tone said, “It would be insulting,”
    Ah-ha! Evan thought, the classic response. The one you see in movie when the guilty party refuses the he detector because it’s beneath his dignity. Michael’s guilty as hell, and Pellicano knew it all along.
    “Then I guess there’s nothing more to talk about,” Evan announced, protectively wrapping his arm around Jordie as they rose to leave.
    Pellicano and Jackson jerked to their feet, amazed that someone would actually have the balls to kiss them off. Evan brought himself and his son face-to-face with the star. “I’ll see you in court,” he declared, and walked out-
    Evan felt victorious. Not because he had won anything, but because he had finally solved the puzzle. Not only had there been sex between his son and Michael, but he now understood Michael’s true feelings. He had glimpse into the man’s heart, and it was not a pretty sight.”

    Okay. Does this make any sense to you? That Michael denying he did anything to Jordan was THE defining moment for Evan in believing he was a pedophile? This is obviously a crazy man talking.

    There’s one thing this shows however. And that is that VG indeed collaborated with the Chandlers. Whether Evan truly sent that letter to Rothman on August 5 or it was made up later doesn’t matter, what matters that VG knew about it long before All That Glitters was published (his book was published 7 years before ATG), so he was very much in the inner circle of the Chandlers to know all about this and having all these documents and pictures!


  8. Suzy permalink
    April 20, 2012 10:06 pm

    Interestingly Brett Barnes is not even mentioned in All That Glitters. So I don’t know if he was just VG’s obsession or they omitted him from their story later realizing it won’t do any good to their story to include a kid who denies abuse. Though in the Gardner interview other kids (among them presumably Brett, though the names are changed there) masturbating in front of Michael is mentioned, but neither in the declaration, nor in the Gardner interview is this graphic anal sex thing mentioned. So I wonder if this was originally part of the Chandler’s story which they later changed, or it’s something VG added to the story.


  9. nannorris permalink
    April 20, 2012 10:58 pm

    This is really amazing …What a horrible father Jordan had..Looks like VG double crossed Evan.Because , where would he have gotten those pictures of Jordan with out his shirt on.
    Also the picture of MJ sitting in a chair is supposed to mean something?
    I am with you , I think he slept in the chair or there would have been a picture of him sleeping in the bed..
    So Evan had to give his wife half the money he got…LOL
    and she kept Jordy, so looks like he really didnt want the quality time with his son after all..Just the cash..
    I wonder how much time JC really spent with Evan after the lawsuit….
    And if this was out there , then Mesereau knew June was estranged from Jordy when he asked her how long it had been since she talked to him..
    I know the prosecutor tried to make it seem like JC was angry with her regarding her allowing MJ around him,…and he distanced himself from his mother, but I think he was angry that she told him to go along with this thing….
    And this is the blueprint the prosecutors used ..How stupid…I dont know whether to laugh or cry..
    Sonnet is still friendly with JC half siblings and I would imagine JC is also , so they stayed in touch, i believe…


  10. kaarin22 permalink
    April 21, 2012 2:00 am

    Well now we know who got sprayed with the maze..I am glad Michael finally took VG to court and won,though VG fled. VG thanked so many people for help in this book,,wonder if those people even exist in reality. It seems that he must have had access to the Evan Chandlers home and that there was collaboration at some point.What is incredible is that VG`s writings are used as reference material for people calling themselves academic. They should be stripped of all “academic”.And then there is good uncle Ray.


  11. shellywebstere permalink
    April 21, 2012 2:43 am

    The half naked pictures of Jordan make me think about what Carrie Fisher said about Evan when he described his son. I think she was truly shocked by the way he said his son was “good looking”.


  12. lynande51 permalink
    April 21, 2012 7:46 am

    @ Shelly
    It isn’t just that his shirt is off. Jordan looks like he has been drugged! He is looking at his arms in the first picture then look at his eyes in the second picture. It’s like he is confused like he is trying to figure out where he is and how he got like that. My question is is this the day that they supposedly took out the tooth, because if it isn’t exactly how many times did Evan Chandler drug his son to get what he wanted from him? He had Jordan in the house with him for 7 days before he says he took out that tooth. He said he did that at his office. Look at the background of that photo. It is a bathroom! and it looks alot like the bathroom in his house.How many nights or days did this man do this to his son?There is an even worse possibilty and that is that he said it happened one time? What if he did this to him every night for a month to get him to say what he wanted him to. Then there is the real possibility that Victor Gutierrez was in the house and took that picture himself!
    I found a link to a synoposis of an article where Ardian McManus was quoted and it says that she talked about Michael being interested in the occult. Every single lie that has been told about Michael since 1993 can be directly traced back to people with ties to Victor Gutierrez! Every single one!
    Some of those people listed on the second page of the authors notes are actually from Splash News.The ones that he thanks in there like Wayne Safechuck and Jonathan Spence he even admits never confirmed anything but denied it to him and the police. Jack Gonterman was the police detective that took over after Rosibel Ferrufino.
    Victor Gutierrez is a stalkerazzi with his own sick agenda and many many many people used this man as a source.Nothing he has ever written has ever been taken for the truth and yet he destroyed Michael with his lies with a little help from his friends.My question is have people like Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth ever actually seen or heard anything apart from what this man conjured up? NO!


  13. Suzy permalink
    April 21, 2012 8:13 am

    @ Nan

    “I know the prosecutor tried to make it seem like JC was angry with her regarding her allowing MJ around him,…and he distanced himself from his mother, but I think he was angry that she told him to go along with this thing….”

    Nan, if you think the Gardner interview is authentic, in that Jordan is specially asked by Dr. Gardner if he is angry with his mother for “allowning this to happen” and he says no, his mother has been fooled just like him. When he is asked why he wants to stay with his father rather than his mother the first thing he says is: “because there are less rules in my father’s house” and because his father is less strict. Later he realizes that he should say something about Michael and he says he doesn’t like there because “Michael’s presence” is still in the house, but this is not the first thought he had, which is very telling IMO. Here it is:

    “It’s my understanding that your mother kind of facilitated things here.”
    “What’s that mean?”
    “Facilitate means, she made it easy for him. Another mother might not have believed him with this stuff about ‘It’s okay.’ You know, some mothers would say ‘You’re not sleeping in bed with my kid, I don’t care what you say.’ She got herself talked into it.”
    “Is it correct she understands now what was going on?”
    “It seems to me that your mother went along with him. She equally got fooled. Is that correct?”
    “What are your feelings about your mother at this point?”
    “She was fooled, just like you said.”
    “Any feelings about that?”
    “That I’m sure if she knew what was going on, that she would say there’s no way.”
    “Have you discussed this with her?”
    “Wait, discussed?”
    “This whole thing. About her being fooled.”
    “No, ’cause, I mean, I personally don’t like talking about it more than I have to.”
    “Do you have any other feelings besides she was fooled?”
    “I understand from your parents that you’re not spending that much time at your mother’s
    house. Is that correct?”
    “And at your age and at your intelligence they are basically letting you make that decision
    yourself. But there are reasons for everything, and what I want to know from you is, what are
    your reasons why you want to spend so little time at your mother’s house?”
    “It’s not really that I don’t want to spend time at my mother’s house. It’s, there’s, I don’t
    “There’s always a reason for everything. Guess.”
    “I would say it’s because there’s not so many rules at my father’s house.”
    “And what is the reason for that?”
    “I don’t know. I guess their values, maybe.”
    “What about their values?”
    “My father doesn’t believe, for example, in eating the right food every night. You can have
    “Your mother is kind of a stickler?”
    “What does that mean?”
    “Stickler? Your mother’s fussy and your father’s less fussy about the food. Is that what
    you’re going to say?”
    “Any other reasons?”
    “It’s not the food specifically, it’s her rules in general.”
    “What about her rules?”
    “My mom’s rules are more strict. Like, go to bed this time, do homework right when you
    come home from school.”
    “Any other reasons why?”
    “Well, also, at my mom’s house – – the house specifically, or her?”
    “Well, I don’t want to spend time at that house because Michael’s presence is still there.”
    “It’s like his ghost is still in the house, his aura?”
    “Any other reasons with your mother?”
    “You see, because I’m trying to find out what psychological problems or reactions, if any,
    you had to this experience – which was a mind-blowing experience. I’m sure you agree on
    that. When you think of all the kids in the world, to have had this experience with that guy,
    you know, it’s reasonable to say that if you lived to be a thousand you wouldn’t forget it. Am I
    “Okay. And it’s got to have some effects on people: you’re not immune to it. It’s probably
    the case that it’s not going to affect your sex life. You know it could, but it can have more subtle
    effects. They’re not as obvious but they are nevertheless effects. I’m trying to find out – – like
    one of them is, now you have a — you can’t walk into your mother’s house feeling relaxation
    and comfort because the aura of Michael is there. It’s not a sexual effect but it’s an effect. And
    it compromises your relationship with your mother. And I’m just wondering about other
    things, of those effects. That’s why I’m asking you these questions. Do you think it has
    anything to do with your mother having facilitated. Do you know what I mean by
    “Your father thinks, and I’m in agreement with him, that she didn’t show enough – although
    he was such a convincing and seductive guy – that she should have earlier seen that there was
    some hokey-pokey stuff going on here and pulled you out of there quicker. Do you agree with
    “Well, he had me under his spell. So, you know – – ”
    “His spell? Do you think she was under his spell?”
    “Well, he got me under it, so I imagine he could get other people under it.”
    “I’m wondering whether you do feel some resentment toward her, and that may be a factor why you’re not seeing her.”
    “No. I don’t think so.”


  14. nannorris permalink
    April 21, 2012 8:58 am

    from the Adrian Mcmanus article..
    McManus said Jackson was a fan of the occult, having a Ouija board and voodoo dolls. Jackson had books on midgets, the elephant man, aliens, manipulation and mind control. McManus claimed Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley for Elvis Presley’s back catalog. McManus said she saw Jackson’s note in his bedroom which was a reminder for him to acquire Elvis’ back catalog.

    note to self::.. acquire Elvis catalog..LOL

    This stuff is at times absolutely ridiculous…
    but it is just so twisted and sinister..
    Who would take pictures like that of JC..and I agree it looks like the bathroom, that is supposed to be Jordans bathroom.
    so it does look like he is doped up in his own home…
    Makes you wonder if someone in his own family was molesting him..It is so creepy
    Who purposely takes a picture of Junes jewelry , that the prosecution thought was so damning to MJ…..
    How did they get that picture without Junes permission ?
    Do you think that picture was in some way , for the court case?
    and VG got a hold of it?

    There is something so bizarre about the way VG weaseled his way into conversations with people around MJ..
    I find it hard to believe he was working on his own..
    He isnt like a Bashir where he is a snake and moves on to a position at Nightline., other stories….
    This whole thing with MJ seems to be his only assignment..
    And then he surfaces again in 2003 to be a consultant for Dateline regarding the MJ stuff..
    I wonder who was bankrolling this guy..,
    I find it hard to believe he accomplished this all on his own..



  15. TatumMarie permalink
    April 21, 2012 9:15 am

    For all we know Evan could have been sexually abusing Jordan himself. Any man who would expose their child to such perversion (verbally) and try to kill him later is sick in the head and there’s no telling what happened between those two.


  16. nannorris permalink
    April 21, 2012 9:42 am


    i noticed that too in the doctors interview that he said he had no resentment toward his mother..As a matter of fact , I believe she is the one that went with him to see the doctor..
    The Chandlers are all on the same page, at that time…. and then June doesnt get to speak to him for years..
    The only thing I can figure is he resented her putting him in this position.., of going along with this trash..
    When Evan was taped talking to Schwartz, he said June wasnt going to be able to see JC anymore, but then he ended up living with his step mother , not Evan…if I have that right..
    I doubt the stepmother would not permit her to see her own son , unless Jordan didnt want to see her.
    And I dont see how Evan could have prevented her from seeing him either….
    Would it follow that he didnt have contact with his half sister Lily as well for all that time..too?
    Hard to figure..
    And then too, all his half siblings , emanuelle , nick and his sister Lily are on on Sonnets fb page , so I would assume they are all in touch with each other these days.
    At any rate , I dont think this doctor is buying what JC is saying…
    Whether or not Feldman actually let this guy do a report ..I dont know..
    I get the feeling he wanted to make him unavailable to the defense..
    Like when people are planning a divorce, sometimes they have a meeting with a high powered atty they are NOTt intending to use , just so it would be a conflict of interest for the lawyer to represent the other side..
    That was my impression of why Feldman did that and then used his side kick Katz, to rubberstamp it…


  17. Suzy permalink
    April 21, 2012 9:43 am

    @ Nan

    I have an idea about who was bankrolling his “mission”, I think we all have.
    In the Tageszeitung article (the interview he gave in 2005) it’s claimed that after that NAMBLA conference in 1986 he quit his job and it seems like then pursuing Michael’s employees and families around him was his full time job.

    I also find it very disturbing that no one who has used him as a source or who employed him in the media ever background checked him and saw what he’s about. Can you believe that? Can you believe that you would employ a guy to make a documentary on MJ without taking a look in the book he has written about MJ? And if they took a look in that book how didn’t they see the red flags? The blatant p-le propaganda? The thanks to NAMBLA? You either have to be stupid to not to see that or perhaps there are others in high positions in the media who perfectly knew what this was all about and they were knowingly supportive of that.

    And what about law enforcement? They say the prosecution took this book as a blueprint in their “investigation” and there are signs of that in some of the questions they asked from witnesses. Have they not once asked themselves: well, what if it’s just not true what this guy writes? He wrote Brett Barnes was molested, then Brett Barnes goes on the stand and says it never happened. He claimed there’s a video of Michael molesting his nephew but then the boy’s mother says it’s not true and no such video is ever presented. He says Wade Robson, Mac Culkin, this and that were molested, but those boys say no, they weren’t. Despite of so many obvious lies, somehow the prosecution and the media still believes this guy is telling the truth? Can’t they connect the dots when they see that so many of their witnesses had contact with this guy who helped them to prepare for newspaper interviews and lawsuits against MJ? (Adrian McManus said on the stand that VG helped them with their lawsuit.) Can’t they connect the dots when they see that at least two of Michael’s accusers (Chandler, Francia) of the three were in direct contact and in collaboration with this guy? And the third case (Arvizo) might have been indirectly triggered by him if it’s true he worked with Bashir.

    What kind of investigators are these? Instead of having 100+ house searches at Michael’s and his people’s, perhaps they should have searched VG’s house and his computers just once. They might have found more interesting stuff…


  18. nannorris permalink
    April 21, 2012 10:48 am

    Suzy..I find it hard to believe the prosecutors could not see that he was connected to all this stuff too..
    It all starts with him.
    Corey Feldman said he was going to do a book or something about the blatant pedo stuff with in the industry and that it starts at the top…
    I hope he names names…
    Because I would be very interested to see who knows VG..
    How do you get a job at Dateline as an consultant on MJ, and this is supposed to be a news show , and they dont know about the civil suit he lost to MJ regarding all this stuff..
    And he is hired anyway….
    Either he is very connected or they have no scruples what so ever..Could be either…

    It really bothers me that when the FBI and Zonen spoke to JC, he said ” I did my part”, and yet there is no follow up question from Zonen asking ” his part in what”
    I have never spoken to anyone who hasnt had that as the next thing to pop out of anyones head, in response to that remark…
    And really it is a strange remark for JC to make to a prosecutor..
    I suppose Zonen could have not asked because perhaps he felt he wouldnt like the answer..

    But it is almost something you would say to someone you were working with on the same side…
    Like there was an unspoken agreement..
    Same way as Gavin Arvizo story was complete BS, and they went forward ..
    he did his part too, both for his family and the prosecutors..
    And Francia testimony , which was ridiculous…I think the last thing he said on the stand is “He needs to move away”..
    You might think he would say he belongs in jail, instead he needs to get out of this town,,
    It is like everybody knows subconsciously that MJ is getting railroaded, but they all had a stake in it., …..


  19. Suzy permalink
    April 21, 2012 11:06 am

    Again about Evan’s handwritten letter. Notice how Evan keeps contradicting himself even within the same letter!

    Besides saying that he wanted MJ in jail and protect other potential “victims” and then only a couple of paragraphs later instructing his lawyer to continue negotiations with Pellicano, besides that he says he had irrefutable evidence against Michael (something he never presented), yet he then says the thing that convinced him that Michael was a pedophile was his “mocking smile” that he claimed to discover on his face when telling Jordan “I didn’t do anything”. Evan says “this was the defining moment”, the moment when he finally knew his suspicions were right. How was this the defining moment, when earlier he claimed he had irrefutable evidence? And when he claims that his son confessed to him on July 16, two weeks before the meeting? Despite of all that he still seems very insecure about his “suspicions”…


  20. Jovana permalink
    April 21, 2012 2:43 pm

    I just want to say something in regard to this post and also touch on the Arvizos too. Michael was attacked constantly since these extortion charges about his lifestyle, why he spends time with children, why he lived the way he did, his looks, things he did, and everything else there was about him, i cant think of anything about Michael that wasnt put under a spotlight.
    I dont know how molested children would act but to me Jordan and Gavin dont look like they have been molested at all. I wish these children and their parents were investigated more at the time , their behaviour, the motives, the truth , as much as Michael has been, that would have been fair. They should have been put under expert care , followed around all the time with recorded behaviour and daily activities to really see if they display behaviour of molested children. If they wanted to be the victims so bad in this case it should have been given to them and they would uncover that they are nothing but liars.


  21. sanemjfan permalink
    April 21, 2012 5:32 pm

    Lynette, can you provide an excerpt from the book where Andersen says the police were looking for a Winnie The Pooh tattoo? Do you have the actual book?


  22. lynande51 permalink
    April 21, 2012 6:12 pm

    Yes David I have the book. I just scanned it in and will add some more to the post. It seems after reading it a little bit more that Ernie Rizzo was Christopher Anderson’s cource for a lot of it and I think we can bet who was Rizzo’s source once you read the description because Gutierrez book says the same thing. That Michael was half black and half white the top being white.I’m teeling you guys no matter who writes it the source is always the same along with some information from Rodney Allen.


  23. lynande51 permalink
    April 21, 2012 6:28 pm

    Okay I added it and a little bit more to the paragraph.


  24. lynande51 permalink
    April 21, 2012 6:39 pm

    There is something else on that page that is in all other accounts of that day too. All of them say that Michael turned to Bill Bray, his head of security and said “don’t ever let this happen to me again” and everyone assumes he was talking about the photos.Well, why would he blame Bill for that? That was Sneddon’s fault not Bill’s. I think he meant the situation as a whole meaning that Bill not telling him about someone like Victor being after him left him vulnerable to what happened and Bill was told by Joy Robson that Victor was asking her those questions on the beach that day.
    Rizzo’s part in all of it was actually to discredit Anthony Pellicano. He had a hate on for Pellicano because Pellicano had his Investigators license pulled back in Chicago for violations of ethical practices. What was Rizzo’s violation? He apparently altered a tape from an investigation and Pellicano analyzed it and the authorities confirmed it and turned him in to the licensing board.
    I think if you go and read the transcipts of Dave and Evan’s conversation he says “I have certain people ready in certain places”. That is plural! More than one! Next why would Dave, who was supposedly mad at Michael because of the way the tabloids interpreted June, Jordan and Lily’s accopmanying him to Monanco, have agreed to make that tape? It is in his declaration when he sued Michael that Evan actually threatened to kill the whole family the day before if he didn’t get them to talk to him! What people don’t realize is that the original extortion threat happened before that tape and it was directly to Michael and not on tape however part of the threat was heard at the very beginning when Evan threatens to go talk to Lisa.


  25. April 22, 2012 12:12 am

    “It isn’t just that his shirt is off. Jordan looks like he has been drugged! He is looking at his arms in the first picture then look at his eyes in the second picture. It’s like he is confused like he is trying to figure out where he is and how he got like that. He had Jordan in the house with him for 7 days before he says he took out that tooth. He said he did that at his office. Look at the background of that photo. It is a bathroom! How many nights or days did this man do this to his son? What if he did this to him every night for a month to get him to say what he wanted him to. Then there is the real possibility that Victor Gutierrez was in the house and took that picture himself!”

    Lynande, it is a very good point! I was also struck by these two photos of Jordan and agree with you that they do look strange. It is impossible to imagine in what circumstances these pictures could be taken other than the ones you described.

    So Jordan is standing there half-naked looking at his arm and with a strange, somewhat lost expression on this face? Having his shirt off is nothing strange – he is probably getting ready to take a shower, but what is strange is why someone takes a picture of him at this moment? When someone is getting undressed do we take pictures of him or her? And what’s the point?

    It looks like a staged photo which was meant to say something sinister. You may be right in thinking that Jordan was drugged and drugged at home. The picture could be taken by Evan himself, and the question is – why did he do it? Is it because Evan didn’t have any proof of “molestation” and was compensating for it by making dubious pictures of his son under dubious circumstances?

    By the way Gutierrez accompanies the pictures with an incredible text which could originate only in his sick mind:

    Jackson’s taste
    For the King of Pop, the boy’s body was “very sexy”. He couldn’t keep his hands from the boy’s body.

    Why are the words “very sexy” in quotes and in italics? Is it supposed to be a quotation? But Michael never said it because if he had it would have been in all newspapers for 20 years by now and would have also been repeated every day at the 2005 trial!

    The second sentence (about not being able to “keep his hands from the boy’s body”) is coming from Gutierrez’s own mind and is the expression of his own feelings – because neither Jordan, nor Evan ever said that! How could Evan say that if he didn’t have a single fact and was only guessing by his own admission?

    Small things like this note are spread all over Victor Gutierrez’s book in hundreds and speak volumes about him as the author of it. Actually the book is a pedophilia manual from Gutierrez which is presented to be about MJ while it is actually about Gutierrez himself!


  26. April 22, 2012 12:14 am

    “Victor Gutierrez is a stalkerazzi with his own sick agenda and many many many people used this man as a source. Nothing he has ever written has ever been taken for the truth and yet he destroyed Michael with his lies with a little help from his friends.My question is have people like Diane Dimond and Maureen Orth ever actually seen or heard anything apart from what this man conjured up? NO!”

    As regards the article you provided a link to (where Adrian McManus was quoted) I read it several times trying to remember where Adrian could say all these things attributed to her and cannot recall most of them! You are right in implying that what “journalist” Clarencia Cynrae says a week after Michael’s death is coming directly from Gutierrez’s book which describes things that never happened (please compare these lies with McManus’s testimony at the 2005 trial), but which nevertheless continues to be the media’s bible.

    No wonder Gutierrez complained that his contribution to bringing Michael down was underestimated – everyone uses his book but no one mentions his name as the source evidently makes them feel uncomfortable. If you ask the general public who Gutierrez is no one will know – however everyone knows and repeats his lies. Of course Gutierrez is offended!

    BY CLARENCIA CYNRAE | JULY 5, 2009 • 6:24 PM

    Adrian McManus claimed she saw Michael Jackson abuse young boys. News of the World reported on an interview with Adrian McManus that cast Jackson in a negative light. NOTW has been accused of running controversial or fake material before and this comes as no surprise.
    McManus was Michael Jackson’s former housekeeper at Neverland Ranch. McManus claimed she felt sick about what she saw but had to keep quiet to keep her job. McManus claimed Jackson made a veiled threat to her to warn her against snitching on him.
    McManus claimed Jackson slipped wine into soft drinks which he fed boys. McManus claimed Jackson took photos and videotaped the boys. Jackson lost his hair and used weaves every two months to maintain his crown.
    McManus said she saw Michael Jackson kiss and touch Jordan Chandler inappropriately.
    McManus said Jackson was a fan of the occult, having a Ouija board and voodoo dolls. Jackson had books on midgets, the elephant man, aliens, manipulation and mind control. McManus claimed Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley for Elvis Presley’s back catalog. McManus said she saw Jackson’s note in his bedroom which was a reminder for him to acquire Elvis’ back catalog.
    In all her 4 years working at Neverland Ranch, McManus could only mention Jordan Chandler being one of the so called molested boys. What does this say about McManus?
    Adrian McManus is one of Neverland Five, the five former employees who are suing Jackson for wrongful dismissal. It is unclear what will happen to their lawsuits since Jackson has died.


  27. April 22, 2012 12:41 am

    There is something so bizarre about the way VG weaseled his way into conversations with people around MJ..I find it hard to believe he was working on his own..He isnt like a Bashir where he is a snake and moves on to a position at Nightline., other stories…. This whole thing with MJ seems to be his only assignment.. And then he surfaces again in 2003 to be a consultant for Dateline regarding the MJ stuff..I wonder who was bankrolling this guy..I find it hard to believe he accomplished this all on his own..

    Nannorris, so you ALSO have this impression?


  28. April 22, 2012 1:11 am

    “For all we know Evan could have been sexually abusing Jordan himself. Any man who would expose their child to such perversion (verbally) and try to kill him later is sick in the head and there’s no telling what happened between those two”.

    Tatum, I don’t think we should fall into another extreme and say that Jordan’s father “molested” his son. Evan didn’t have to molest anyone – he was impossible to live with the way he was. He was nasty, uncontrollable, suspicious to the point of total craziness, extremely nervous and he physically attacked everyone who didn’t agree with him (both his wives, David Schwartz with whom he had a fight and Jordan whom Evan tried to kill. Taraborrelli also said he feared he would strike him when he disagreed with Evan on some issue).

    The fact that even his brother Ray Chandler didn’t attend Evan’s funeral and there were neither relatives, nor friends there (even his children) shows that Evan had an exceptionally nasty character which could be the result of his bipolar condition.

    Evan instilled fear in people and Jordan could simply be afraid of him (or worrying for him). He definitely felt sorry for his father because he knew he was sick and was capable of unspeakable things. He was a sort of a guardian to him. As far as I remember Geraldine Hughes writes about it in her book – Evan looked a nervous wreck while the boy was calm and tried to calm Evan down too.

    Even when Evan tried to kill Jordan, he more or less forgave him for it (as Evan did not go to jail though the case was proven). This shows how far Jordan was ready to forgive his father – he forgave him even the attempt to murder him! These things generally happen when the son knows that his father is gravely ill and simply cannot control himself. What else could he expect of an ill person?


  29. TatumMarie permalink
    April 22, 2012 1:38 am

    True, but I didn’t make that statement an edict; I basically was saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Whether he drugged the kid, or just said him down and rehearsed the words- it’s still sexual exploitation, regardless. This is a guy who was truly sick in the head and I wouldn’t put it past him. People are crazy enough to forgive their parents for many things.


  30. Suzy permalink
    April 22, 2012 9:09 am

    “Even when Evan tried to kill Jordan, he more or less forgave him for it (as Evan did not go to jail though the case was proven). This shows how far Jordan was ready to forgive his father – he forgave him even the attempt to murder him!

    The document from which we know about that attempt by Evan to kill Jordan also says that Jordan got a temporary restraining order against his father but what he wanted was a final restraining order. But the Judge turned him down saying there wasn’t a pattern and so he cannot grant him a final restraining order. Can you believe that? There WAS a pattern! The agression against Schwartz, both of his wives, etc. What’s that if not a pattern that shows he’s a dangerous man? Though we don’t know if those past facts were presented to this judge.


  31. nannorris permalink
    April 22, 2012 2:16 pm

    among other things ….what is really sad and I guess it is because mj was so famous everyone was looking at him,,,instead of evan and vg
    Is …if the prosecution team was so disturbed by this book,,,
    and they searched mj house and found no pictures of Jordan….. nothing in mj handwriting saying this kid was sexy etc…
    it is all coming from VG hand….his own book..

    why didnt it click that the actual pervert was the guy writing the book…who actually had these disturbing pictures where the kid looks drugged.
    here they are searching MJ house for kiddie porn and this guy is writing captions like he did under pictures of a young boy and they dont consider the source..
    he is the one that had the pictures in his possession..not mj


  32. TatumMarie permalink
    April 22, 2012 10:39 pm

    I agree, to me it looks like pedophilia elsewhere.

    I forgot about that your right. But I think what the judge meant was it wasn’t a pattern with him assaulting Jordan – but then again, he had a restraining order against Evan prior.


  33. nannorris permalink
    May 5, 2012 12:37 am

    You know I was just looking at that picture of MJ in Jordans room and the caption under it..
    He is sitting in a chair next to the bed , not on the bed and it says he has very little make up on ..
    But didnt another caption, say, that you could see that he had black skin under his makeup??
    When you really look at this stuff..none of it is believable..
    I also look at that picture and wonder who really took it..
    MJ looks to me like he is wondering why someone is taking his picture.uncomfortable.
    He isnt smiling, there isnt anyone else in the picture..
    If his friend Jordy was taking the picture , I would think he would be smiling ..
    I just wonder if this is really Junes house or if it is Evans house and they are saying it is Junes..
    And Evan just happen to take a picture of MJ in the room..
    The son looking so out of it in some pictures too.

    It isnt like the Chandlers went into court and MJ could explain where he was and possible what Evan was up to..because it was already settled..
    Maybe this was part of Evans plan , before Guiterrez cut him out of the make June look like a really irresponsible mother also..
    I wonder how long Evan was setting MJ up for this.
    Also the fact that Nathalia didnt ask for her own settlement money , like June , Evan and Junes husband..
    She only took half of Evans settlement..I am sure so much money was being passed out , she could have got her own million and a half..but she didnt…and then the divorce..makes me think she didnt want any part of this.


  34. shellywebstere permalink
    May 5, 2012 2:27 am

    “I just wonder if this is really Junes house or if it is Evans house and they are saying it is Junes..”

    I don’t think so unless it’s not Jordan’s bedroom. At Evan’s house, jordan slept in a bunk bed.


  35. lynande51 permalink
    May 5, 2012 2:37 am

    Yes it is the same room. If you look at the page with the photo of the drawing you can see that it is the same chair and the same bedspread. There is an everlast puching bag in the corner too so it is the same room and with the puching bag and the posters that are shown it probably is Jordan’s.


  36. nannorris permalink
    May 5, 2012 3:47 am

    I just cant imagine who would take an awkward picture of that in Junes house…Why would someone take a picture of MJ just sitting there like that ..nobody else in the picture?…When he was hanging with June and her kids , they were all still on the same side…. It just seems like he was already getting set up..


  37. October 7, 2012 9:30 pm

    All this and now that the Sandursky and Saville case have come out there is much to compare. Salient are the emotional reactions of victims (real) and the ones broght forth against Michael.


  38. October 7, 2012 9:56 pm

    And the pic. of Victor G. and Blanca. Victor G. looks so young, when was this photo taken?
    He ,Victor became one of the main sources for sc journalists and others ,like M.B.I think
    comparing the 2 cases come to light recently to the one Michael was subjected to will
    open the eyes of any sensible person.


  39. Rodrigo permalink
    October 7, 2012 9:57 pm


    Exactly right. I’m writing an article about Jimmy Savile, and it should be up by Friday.

    I think with Helena’s personal life she will be too busy with Jerry Sandusky, but I’ll handle that as well.


  40. October 7, 2012 10:16 pm

    Re Qualifiers..My radar always goes on alert when qualifiers are attatched to facts (Gen.
    Collin Powell,on Reliable sources)Just read up on Jordans declaration.And sorry for typos,consider them part of my signature.I can assure you that my spoken English is better.


  41. Susannerb permalink
    October 8, 2012 9:30 pm

    @Rodrigo: I am looking forward to your post. That will be very interesting. Thank you so much for your commitment.


  42. Rodrigo permalink
    October 8, 2012 9:35 pm

    It’s no problem, Susanne. Glad I can help out.


  43. October 9, 2012 12:35 am

    Take a Stroll.. roll down to Syzy´s comment on this post on April 21:st 2012 at 9:43 am,
    It beutifully wraps up the central point of what much of this is about.


  44. April 13, 2013 1:21 pm

    I will take this opportunity to remind fans and haters too to see the exellent movie,a Danish
    movie called :Jagten, in English it would be I guess:The Hunt,actor Mads Mickelsen.I mentioned it before but that site got extremely active so the post dropped down. Sina , also has seen it .You will not regret seing it.


  45. shellywebstere permalink
    April 13, 2013 11:27 pm

    “I will take this opportunity to remind fans and haters too to see the exellent movie,a Danish
    movie called :Jagten, in English it would be I guess:The Hunt,actor Mads Mickelsen.”

    Agreed, it’s a very good movie about someone who is falsely accused and about the witchhunt which follows the allegations.


  46. shellywebstere permalink
    April 13, 2013 11:37 pm


  47. lynande51 permalink
    April 14, 2013 6:47 am

    You know what I just realized something, there is a picture of Jordan’s bathroom at his fathers house in that book. That means that Gutierrez was in the house and he took several photos of it because people don’t take pictures of their empty bathrooms for their photo albums do they?


  48. elizabeth pamela walker permalink
    April 16, 2020 1:08 am

    amen x



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