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Michael Jackson and David Geffen, THE OPERATOR

June 25, 2018

We are coming to the end of the road where most of the questions still pending will have to be answered.

And considering that today is nine years since Michael Jackson is gone, the first most natural question to ask is whose guilt is the biggest in contributing to his death.

Well, technically it was Conrad Murray working for AEG Live (and not for MJ as they told us) while the overall atmosphere of unbearable pressure, humiliation and primitive exploitation that finally killed Michael was created by the company itself and specifically its Randy Phillips, whose monstrous methods of work deprived Michael of the last chance to sleep in an natural way.

These methods included arranging for MJ a huge number of concerts he never agreed to and creating for him a harsh schedule of performances he could not follow even when young. There was also shouting at the artist, slapping him and humiliating him in front of others, threatening to leave him on skid row and even take away his children – all of it in case Michael didn’t fulfill Randy Phillips’s willful orders he never had the right to make in the first place.

The only thing that more or less reconciles me with AEG Live is that they fired Randy Phillips, though not until after he gave his pro-AEG testimony in Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit against the company.

But horrible as they are, they are certainly not to blame for the false stories of child molestation about Michael Jackson that were killing him slowly, and most probably not for the introduction of Wade Robson into the scene at the beginning of the Jacksons vs. AEG Live trial (May 2013), as well as supporting Robson in his slander campaign against Jackson for the past five years.

The co-occurrence of Robson’s allegations and the beginning of that trial was indeed too striking not to notice it and the suspicion that AEG Live was involved was the first thing that came to our minds (even Thomas Mesereau thought that there was a connection).

The only factor that restrained me from making a definitive conclusion was the fact that a smart entity like AEG Live wouldn’t have done it so blatantly and wouldn’t have made itself so obvious a target. So even at that time connecting Robson’s allegations with AEG looked like too easy an assumption and the thought that someone else took advantage of the situation to smear Michael’s name did cross my mind, however looking in that direction seemed like over-complicating things, so the thought was brushed aside then.

However now it is probably time to return to this matter. Was there a third party and who was it? Who was so determined to ruin Michael Jackson’s name and legacy that he encouraged a new liar to tell his fake story and supported the accuser (or accusers, if we also include Safechuck) for several years, paying their two consecutive teams of lawyers and carrying out a dirty publicity campaign with the help of tabloids like RadarOnline? And do the main actors of the game know who is orchestrating the whole thing?  Read more…

Project M for Michael Jackson and HOLLYWOOD POWER PLAYERS. Part 4

March 23, 2018

When you encounter the same people again and again and in most unexpected places too you react to this amazing fact by saying “it’s a small world”.

But if the world is a small place, the top tier of Hollywood executives must be the tiniest place possible, because over there you constantly stumble across the same handful of people who move from one film studio to another, take each other posts, leave and come back, join and break up, and much more of it.

Well, at least this is what it was like in the 1980-90s when Michael Jackson was trying to start a film career in Hollywood. Going into the movies was Michael’s lifelong dream and a kind of a passion as he thought that not his concerts or even records, but only the movies could secure him a solid place in human memory.  Read more…

Project M and REAL MOVIE PROJECTS for Michael Jackson. Part 3

March 3, 2018

Now that we know that Project M, devised by Disney executives in 1990 for the trusting Michael Jackson was a sham and was not intended to be realized from its very beginning, we can have a look at other episodes in Darlene Craviotto’s book.

An important episode worth our attention took place in March 1990 during the author’s first visit to Neverland where she was supposed to discuss with Michael the concept of their so-called Peter Pan movie.


The problem was that when the author arrived on a pre-arranged meeting with Michael, he was not available to her for half a day because of another visitor there. This other visitor was Jon Peters of Sony studios who had already spent there the whole weekend and was supposed to leave early in the morning, but “wouldn’t go away” though a small red helicopter was already waiting for him.

Ms. Craviotto put much emotion into the scene to show how much Michael Jackson was exasperated by the long-staying and possibly unwelcome guest.  Read more…

FAKE Project M for Michael Jackson. Part 2

February 23, 2018

Now that I’ve done some research in and around Darlene Craviotto’s book let me warn those who are ready to repeat this journey together with me: the search for answers to questions arising from this book will be like travelling into a black hole in space. Its gravity force will draw you deeper and deeper inside until you find yourself in a totally different reality – dark and incredible, and totally unknown to those who stay outside and never look in.

A turn at its every corner will open up vast new fields to explore and every new door will have a revelation behind it. The doors and corners will be many, so let us be patient and not surprised if the journey takes us to the vistas and people we have never even imagined to explore.

The subject we are looking into is the movie projects that were supposed to involve Michael Jackson in the 1990s. The question to always keep in mind while looking is whether these projects were real or fictional and meant to only create the impression that something was being done for Michael Jackson in terms of movie projects, following his agreements with various people to the effect.

This somewhat unexpected turn in our research started with Darlene Craviotto’s book who in 2011 claimed that in the year 1990 she wrote a movie script for the top-secret “Project M” – a plan to make a Peter Pan movie with Michael Jackson in the title role. Read more…


February 3, 2018

You never know what can give you the necessary clue to help unravel the foul play around Michael Jackson. In my case the guiding light came from Michael’s haters who suggested a book by Darlene Craviotto An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood: How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House. They recommended it as a “pleasant surprise” for people of their kind and as a “shock” – evidently for Michael’s supporters.

Darlene Craviotto is a former actress-turned screenwriter who in 1990 had a contract with Disney films to write a script for what was supposed to be Steven Spielberg’s Peter Pan musical with Michael Jackson in the title role.  The plan was called “Project M” and for some reason was shrouded in top secrecy. The news of it was revealed only recently, in Craviotto’s book published in November 2011.

The author was hired to write a script by then Disney top executive Jeffrey Katzenberg – the Katzenberg who left Disney four years later to found the Dreamworks studio together with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. The concept of the Peter Pan musical was to be worked out together with Michael Jackson.

The author had several meetings with Michael where he shared his ideas about the movie. The meetings were recorded at Michael’s suggestion and are now supposed to be the basis for the author’s story, at least that part of it that has to do with Jackson. Read more…

COREY FELDMAN’S TAPES about Michael Jackson, Jon Grissom, Sergeant Deborah Linden and other characters

January 13, 2018

Corey Feldman and family in March 1990 (age 19)

Last month Corey Feldman discovered in his garage the copies of tapes made during his interview at the Santa Barbara Sheriff department in December 1993.

Corey was 22 years old then and was interviewed by Sergeant Deborah Linden and Detective Russell Birchim during their investigation of Michael Jackson.

As soon as Corey revealed that he had the recordings containing the names of his abusers, the Santa Barbara Sheriff department immediately acknowledged that they had also found them and were ready to pass them over to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Previously they denied they ever had them and made the following comment:

“We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects.”

So they did have some written records, but there was no word there about Corey naming his abusers. Interesting, but in the light of the events that followed this wording may sound even formally correct because it wasn’t actually Corey who did it.

Apparently, Corey Feldman had not listened to those tapes for a long time himself. When he recently heard them again, besides the proof that he had told the police about his molester Jon Grissom and they completely ignored his complaint, he also found something there that made him sure that Michael Jackson had been framed up.

We haven’t heard the full tape and Corey Feldman is yet to unravel the whole mystery, but even at this stage we can try and look for the tips that brought Corey to the conclusion about a set-up – the conclusion we also share irrespective of what he found. Read more…


January 3, 2018

On December 19th the judge finally threw out Robson’s case. It took him four and half years to rule on the matter clear to most of us from day one – Michael Jackson’s companies could not be held liable for Robson’s “exposure” to him as the media puts it. If there was anyone really responsible for it, it was Robson’s own mother who pursued Michael Jackson for years with dogged perseverance and determination even amid the scandals and media frenzy around Jackson.

But this is not the point. The point is that though the judge’s ruling is good news, it is still absolutely no Michael Jackson’s vindication. When a lawsuit is dismissed due to a technicality it always leaves doubt about the accused, especially when the media hammers it home in each of their papers that judge Beckloff “didn’t rule on the credibility of the allegations themselves”.

The latter is true of course, but only half true. The untold half is that the judge was not even supposed to look into the allegations. Moreover, at that stage the judge was even required by the law to take the complaint as given because it was necessary to determine if the case could go forward at all – without any look at the allegations proper.

But the general public doesn’t know about this law requirement, and by withholding this crucial detail the media gravely misleads the public, leaving the story open to all sorts of speculations. See how this web of speculations is woven right in front of our eyes. Read more…

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