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Wade Robson’s Emails: ‘A MASTER OF DECEPTION’

January 26, 2017

What Wade Robson doesn’t understand is that the version he is currently promoting (“I always remembered the ‘abuse’, but didn’t see it as such and thought it was consensual love”) is a totally impossible one.

This theory is devised by real pedophiles, and Robson is unfortunately giving it certain veracity by passing it off as truth – and the worst that could happen to all of us would be believing that this is indeed possible.

If applied to 14-year old teenagers the theory could at least look more or less plausible because of the teenagers’ own stormy sexual issues, confusion and turmoil of emotions. They can imagine that they are in love when it is only curiosity and the adventurous spirit that is driving them into some dubious relationships. At their awkward age adolescents don’t often understand what they themselves want and certainly don’t realize what their escapades into the luring world of adults may result in.

But what may be confusion for a teenager is no longer confusion for a 23-year old man, who is grown up enough to realize that a heinous thing like ‘anal penetration’ of a child, for example, cannot be ‘consensual love’ and can be nothing else but abuse. In fact thinking different at so mature an age is actually another way of supporting pedophilia, only from the opposite end of the spectrum.

In other words if the 23-year old Robson who testified in the defense of Jackson at the 2005 trial had really been a victim, he had the option to say that he hated or loved it, or choose not to testify at all, but the option of defending the alleged perpetrator thinking that there could be ‘consensual love’ between a seven-year old boy and a grown up man was simply not open to him. When you are an adult, believing theories like that is not only ridiculous but is actually a crime. Read more…


January 17, 2017

Before we move any further let me urge everyone to read the December 20th 2016 article by Raven Woods in the Huffington Post.

There is no chance to reblog from there, so I’ve taken the liberty to reproduce a big part of it here as it is a splendid overview of the Robson case (prior to the recent news about his emails) and a must read for latecomers like myself. The article is a great way to catch up and learn more.

This is not the full text of the article, so for the original please go to the above link and leave your comment there.

Media Accountability and Celebrity Trials: Recent Proof Why We Still Have a Long Way To Go

12/20/2016 03:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 22, 2016

Raven Woods is an author, educator, pop culture journalist and author of Allforloveblog

Why have the last six months seen such an increase in negative publicity against the late Michael Jackson?

It would certainly seem that if there was going to be a rush of posthumous claims against his estate for sexual abuse that those would have occurred within the first year of his passing. But that didn’t happen.

Indeed, the history of allegations made against the late singer has an interesting and almost predictable pattern. The first two allegations made against him – those which occurred in his lifetime – were made at exactly ten year intervals. Both occurred at just the time when Jackson was planning a major project or, as in the case of the Arvizo allegations in 2003, when a major comeback plan was in the works. Both occurred as a direct result of the same attorneys and the same prosecuting district attorney being involved in both cases. And both cases were simultaneously egged on and cheered from the sidelines by the same cast of media players. If we connect the dots, it doesn’t take much detective work to determine that there remains a direct correlation between the players in those cases and what is happening now – and that the pattern continues.  Read more…

Victor Gutierrez’s Narrative about Michael Jackson Revisited

January 14, 2017

It seems that the subject of Victor Gutierrez is far from being exhausted and certain things need to be put down just as a memo.

The May 24th 1994 issue of the Globe provided to us by MJJ critic quoted Gutierrez’s book which at that moment had a draft title ‘In the Closet: Inside the Michael Jackson Criminal Investigation’.

This product was copyrighted in 1995 under a much more salacious title – ‘Michael Jackson was my lover. The secret diary of Jordy Chandler!’ and was published in English in March 1996 (the Spanish version came out earlier).

gutierrezs-book-coverA short note about the specifics of the book.

Jordan Chandler didn’t have a lover and didn’t keep a diary, and in addition to these and a thousand more lies Gutierrez told in his book he also revealed that at the very least he is a pedophilia sympathizer and that his detailed descriptions of ‘love scenes’ could be based on his own experience or the fantasies of his sick mind.

This was evidently the reason why Evan Chandler’s brother Ray didn’t endorse Gutierrez’s book and called him a sleazebag (a sleazebag is defined by the dictionary as someone bad and repulsive, a person who has low standards of honesty and morals).gutierrezs-book-copyrighted-in-1995

However in 1994 the Chandlers were still collaborating with Gutierrez as the photos printed by the Globe could be produced only by the family. On May 9th and 10th Gutierrez went on a Hard Copy show to present whole chapters from his book together with the photos, and this couldn’t be done without the Chandlers’ consent either.

So the May 24th publication of Gutierrez’s text and the photos was absolutely not the first time he made his writings public. However it is the first time we see them and in color too.  Read more…

Michael Jackson’s strip search depicted by Gutierrez, Dimond and Taraborrelli. WHO IS THE WORST LIAR?

January 2, 2017

Here we are again discussing the old lie about Michael Jackson which his foes seem to be totally incapable of leaving alone.

It has been 23 years since Jordan Chandler gave a wrong description of Michael Jackson’s genitalia, but they are still trying to prove the impossible and claim all sorts of things – first it was a ‘match’, then the boy ‘didn’t say’ it and now the poor boy ‘made a mistake because it just appeared that way to him’.

So, hateful as the subject is, we still need to review it again, this time drawing information from such unusual sources like Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez.  Read more…

A surprising case of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER telling the truth about MICHAEL JACKSON

December 24, 2016

Thanks to our reader (mjjcritic) we now have the National Enquirer issue which was the first to introduce to the public June Chandler and her two children as a family ‘adopted’ by Michael Jackson. The article was published in May 1993 and came before the allegations broke out.

By now most of us are probably under the impression that there is nothing new to learn about that old story, especially from a source like the National Enquirer. But surprise-surprise, their article provided us with details that put a lot of things in their right perspective and once again reminded us that there is no such thing as an unimportant detail. Read more…


December 15, 2016

If you follow the game played at the 2005 trial by the Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon and Ralph Chacon, the Neverland security guard, you will feel like watching the hands of a cardsharp in an effort to try and understand how he cheats. In fact, you may not even know that the player is cheating, unless you are extremely attentive or notice his trick quite by chance.

And Ralph Chacon’s testimony is very much like it – if we hadn’t thought of comparing it with Russell Birchim testimony we wouldn’t have even guessed how big a cheat it really is.

You don’t know who Russell Birchim is? He is a detective who worked for the Santa Barbara Sheriff department in 1993/94 when the district attorneys and sheriffs of two counties were investigating Jordan Chandler’s allegations against Michael Jackson. Read more…

Neverland Helps to Tell The Innocent Truth about Michael Jackson

December 6, 2016

Hi guys and welcome to the new season of searching for the truth. This post will be about Neverland and the way this favorite Michael Jackson’s place can debunk false stories and tell the innocent truth about the person who really cared for it.

The splendid photos taken by the real property agents for Tom Barrack, who is now making a (hopefully futile) attempt to sell the ranch, are opening to us vast opportunities to fact-check up all sorts of lies told about Michael by various people.

But before looking into these stories we first need to study the Neverland pictures and make ourselves familiar with the place  or at least some of its corners to the degree of being able to almost ‘see’ it with our own eyes. The task is enormous, so for a start I suggest scrutinizing only a small piece of Neverland which is marked yellow on this map: Read more…

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