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Summer 2017 events in the Michael Jackson history – a brief insight

August 9, 2017

The time between June and August this year was not without excitement in the MJ world, and the fact that we didn’t address here everything that happened doesn’t mean we are not interested or don’t regard it as significant. However, since we are not in the position to write extensively about all developments in our current lives, we decided to make a summary post on a few interesting developments and otherwise refer you to our fellow MJ bloggers who addressed the latest events in more detail. Read more…

Another round of Michael Jackson FAKE NEWS to be expected this month

June 7, 2017

As the 8th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death lies ahead of us, we can expect another round of fake news to be spread in tabloids, as is usual on this kind of Michael Jackson key dates. One of them was already announced some weeks ago in an article on the Daily Mail Online site about Michael Jacobshagen who apparently was interviewed by Daphne Barak for an Australian TV show.

The article told that the interview would be aired around Michael Jackson’s death anniversary this year, which is June 25.

For those who don’t know these two names, let me tell you that Daphne Barak calls herself an “international interviewer” and has a long history of harassing Michael Jackson and trying to interview him. Michael even once fled from her in a Las Vegas hotel when his father reportedly had promised Barak an interview with Michael which he didn’t want to do.

Michael Jacobshagen is a German young man who once met Michael as a boy, spent at most a few weeks with him during the History Tour and now claims to have been a friend of Michael Jackson over two decades and tries to make money with interviews about Jackson, most of them peppered with untruths or stories he cannot know. Read more…

Hollywood and Michael Egan, Wade Robson and Michael Jackson – THE GUILTY and THE INNOCENT

February 15, 2017

Imagine yourself in a big hall full of people where you can see only one person. Where are you?

You are at a show where someone is placed in the spotlight and all the others are in the dark – both the spectators and the production team all the more so. The show organizers are actually behind the curtain or elsewhere and there is little chance that you will ever see them at all.



This picture is what sex-abuse allegations against one person familiar to us are all about. The organizers forced him into the limelight – all the time staying behind the scenes – and the audience is watching the show from the semi-darkness they are in. The show has been on since it started in 1993 if not earlier.

All the time while this man was kept in this torturous spotlight he was examined on a daily basis and was scrutinized from every possible side by the media and every law enforcement body existing in the country, including the FBI. This went on for at least sixteen years until his death and is still going on until today, for more than two decades now.

During this time the public heard nothing but he-said-she-said stories from various con artists, all of which crashed with a big bang during the 2005 trial when the jury looked into everything the prosecution had collected against him for the previous years but still acquitted him on all counts.

Now another pair of con artists made their appearance, one of whom is not even shy to call himself ‘a master of deception’. Twelve years ago, when being under oath to tell the truth and nothing but the truth he told his innocent story with an easy and unaffected smile, and now with the same easy smile he is shrugging his shoulders and proclaiming the opposite – and we are still sitting in the semi-darkness and are still watching the show. Read more…

„Nobody fact-checks anything anymore“ – Michael Jackson as an early model for the fake news industry

February 7, 2017

This blog is like an encyclopedia of all the wrong stories, misrepresentations, half-truths and outright lies on Michael Jackson. We (along with a few other MJ blogs) have tried to address and examine all fake stories and never proven allegations, which lead to a completely misrepresented caricature and distorted personality of Jackson in the media.

We do this research and vindication work since Michael’s death in 2009, but the year 2016 for the first time suddenly brought a “new” global phenomenon to the consciousness of our societies which is well-known to MJ advocates for decades: fake news.

Michael Jackson as the ultimate testing ground for fake news

There are numerous examples of fake news on Michael Jackson, beginning in the early 1980ies with the stories of the hyperbaric chamber he allegedly slept in, or buying the bones of the “Elephant Man”. One of the most absurd stories was the voodoo piece of Maureen Orth in Vanity Fair in 2003, in which she claimed MJ had sacrificed 42 cows to put a voodoo curse on his enemies.

It’s incredible this false story is still online today, but let’s see it as a proof for actually existing fake stories with which the media make a fool of themselves.

The first stories were mainly spread in gossip tabloids and the yellow press, but later the fake stories entered the mainstream media, and a zealous copy-and-paste business became common all over the mass media. When the claims of sexual abuse began, salacious stories promised high ratings and millions of dollars, and journalists and editors didn’t care about lies. Fact-checking was out, especially in the case of a celebrity who many readers or viewers believed to have lived a “bizarre” life.  Read more…


January 31, 2017

When Wade Robson made his early visits to America he was only seven-eight years old, and his emails to Mom make it clear that he cannot and doesn’t remember any of those events – except those which suddenly begun to ‘evolve’ in his mind only recently.

So the real story will have to be restored by us, same as we need to find an explanation why his memory is working in so strange a way. And for the restoration to be true every single detail should be find its place and each fragment should fit in leaving no baffling questions behind.

From this point of view the fact that he was probably left by his family in Neverland between the two weekends on their first visit there should have an explanation. If his memory is indeed correct, dropping him all alone there due to sheer negligence was ruled out, so the only other explanation would be that the boy pleaded with his parents and grandparents so much that they finally gave in and let him stay (again, this is only in case his memory of it is indeed correct).

However this could be possible only if he was absolutely happy with what he was experiencing in Neverland and there was not a single thing to disturb him there. And if there was nothing to confuse his little mind, this in its turn means only one thing – that what he is describing now never happened.

Read more…

Wade Robson’s Emails: ‘A MASTER OF DECEPTION’

January 26, 2017

What Wade Robson doesn’t understand is that the version he is currently promoting (“I always remembered the ‘abuse’, but didn’t see it as such and thought it was consensual love”) is a totally impossible one.

This theory is devised by real pedophiles, and Robson is unfortunately giving it certain veracity by passing it off as truth – and the worst that could happen to all of us would be believing that this is indeed possible.

If applied to 14-year old teenagers the theory could at least look more or less plausible because of the teenagers’ own stormy sexual issues, confusion and turmoil of emotions. They can imagine that they are in love when it is only curiosity and the adventurous spirit that is driving them into some dubious relationships. At their awkward age adolescents don’t often understand what they themselves want and certainly don’t realize what their escapades into the luring world of adults may result in.

But what may be confusion for a teenager is no longer confusion for a 23-year old man, who is grown up enough to realize that a heinous thing like ‘anal penetration’ of a child, for example, cannot be ‘consensual love’ and can be nothing else but abuse. In fact thinking different at so mature an age is actually another way of supporting pedophilia, only from the opposite end of the spectrum.

In other words if the 23-year old Robson who testified in the defense of Jackson at the 2005 trial had really been a victim, he had the option to say that he hated or loved it, or choose not to testify at all, but the option of defending the alleged perpetrator thinking that there could be ‘consensual love’ between a seven-year old boy and a grown up man was simply not open to him. When you are an adult, believing theories like that is not only ridiculous but is actually a crime. Read more…


January 17, 2017

Before we move any further let me urge everyone to read the December 20th 2016 article by Raven Woods in the Huffington Post.

There is no chance to reblog from there, so I’ve taken the liberty to reproduce a big part of it here as it is a splendid overview of the Robson case (prior to the recent news about his emails) and a must read for latecomers like myself. The article is a great way to catch up and learn more.

This is not the full text of the article, so for the original please go to the above link and leave your comment there.

Media Accountability and Celebrity Trials: Recent Proof Why We Still Have a Long Way To Go

12/20/2016 03:10 pm ET | Updated Dec 22, 2016

Raven Woods is an author, educator, pop culture journalist and author of Allforloveblog

Why have the last six months seen such an increase in negative publicity against the late Michael Jackson?

It would certainly seem that if there was going to be a rush of posthumous claims against his estate for sexual abuse that those would have occurred within the first year of his passing. But that didn’t happen.

Indeed, the history of allegations made against the late singer has an interesting and almost predictable pattern. The first two allegations made against him – those which occurred in his lifetime – were made at exactly ten year intervals. Both occurred at just the time when Jackson was planning a major project or, as in the case of the Arvizo allegations in 2003, when a major comeback plan was in the works. Both occurred as a direct result of the same attorneys and the same prosecuting district attorney being involved in both cases. And both cases were simultaneously egged on and cheered from the sidelines by the same cast of media players. If we connect the dots, it doesn’t take much detective work to determine that there remains a direct correlation between the players in those cases and what is happening now – and that the pattern continues.  Read more…

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