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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW before watching ‘Leaving Neverland’

February 19, 2019

When you hear reviews of the “Leaving Neverland” film all they tell you is that the two guys are “incredibly credible”, the film is “powerful”, and their only reply to your questions about its objectivity is “watch the film first.” This makes you realize that this movie relies solely on people’s emotions meant to outweigh the voice of reason and inconvenient questions like “Where is the evidence?” and “Why should we believe their current and not previous opposite version?”

Indeed, when emotions are involved it doesn’t really matter that it is a one-sided story and the film is no real journalism. It doesn’t matter that the filmmaker Dan Reed didn’t attempt to hear the other side or do even minimal research, and that it is the twelveth version of their story that you currently hear. When you see someone’s tears and emotions what other evidence do you need? The struggles of those guys look so real, that it will not even occur to viewers to doubt them.

No one will recall that Michael Jackson was also friends with an AIDS victim Ryan White for whom Michael bought a car and with whom he purposefully took a jacuzzi in order to boost the boy’s self-esteem and reassure him that at least Michael Jackson didn’t consider him a pariah.

Ryan White and Michael Jackson

No one will recall his other friend, a heavily scarred boy Dave Dave burnt be kerosene by his own father and whose face was so painful a sight that only Michael was capable of kissing and hugging the boy.

Michael Jackson and Dave Dave, a burn victim

The problem is that when you watch a four-hour fantasy saga, say The Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings, you forget everything else. The powerful story takes you away into its imaginary world, after which its scenes and characters imprint in your memory so hard that they look almost real. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson will be forever remembered as Harry Potter and Hermione though some may forget their real names and some will think they never had any.

The movies hypnotic ability to grip your mind greatly assisted Robson and Safechuck in playing their role of “victims” which was also enhanced by the film non-conventional presentation at the Sundance festival. I hear there was a violin playing when the two characters came on stage… A violin, guys, which accompanied their story from a so-called documentary though even the name of this genre suggests that it should be based solely on document and fact.

However it is exactly fact which this documentary lacks. What it presents is the tales of two guys who changed their stories into their opposites and who are now shedding tears worth a hundred million each (the sums wanted by them from the MJ Estate) as well as complex emotions of their relatives who initially believed their first version and now no longer know what to believe.

In 2011 Wade Robson was still imploring Cirque du Soleil to give him the job of directing the Michael Jackson tribute show, saying: ”I am passionate to do this show. I want to make it amazing for me, for you, for Cirque and of course, for MichaelRead more…

The Michael Jackson Estate Slams HBO and Radar Online for Breach of Journalistic Ethics

February 13, 2019

These days something new regarding the “Leaving Neverland” mockumentary arrives by the hour, so Howard Weitzman’s superb letter to HBO made on February 7, 2019 is already ‘old news.’

HBO in the US, same as Channel 4 in the UK refused to make any changes in their programme, but there are no surprises here – what else could you expect from those who ordered the show and paid for it in the first place?

The very least their reply did was opening the eyes of many to the true worth of these channels.

But our job is to collect facts and from this point of view Howard Weitzman’s letter is another big step towards getting the real picture. It provides details that were previously unknown or were overlooked by us, so before we examine them let me just reprint the letter in its entirety with an addition of a couple of Brett Barnes’ tweets.

For the sake of history, so to say.

The only comment I will allow myself at the moment is drawing your attention to a point in Mr. Weiztman’s letter where he says that both guys were seeking hundreds of millions of dollars against the Estate, at least at the initial stage of their lawsuits.

Hundreds of millions each.

  • “Given that they were both seeking hundreds of millions of dollars against the Estate, they had hundreds of millions of reasons for aligning their stories.”

These figures are not in the claimants’ civil lawsuits and are not to be found there at all as the sum is usually pronounced by the lawyers for the Plaintiffs. This is just information for those who are wondering why the lawsuits don’t name the sum of $1,5 billion, earlier reported by some media.

The lawsuits don’t mention the hundreds of millions demanded by each guy either.

Please don’t overlook this important point while you are reading the letter from Howard Weitzman, Michael Jackson’s Estate laywer.

Read more…

Sundance Festival Co-founder Admits to Child Molestation in Early 90s

February 10, 2019

His name is Sterling Van Wagenen, and in the avalanche of information snowballing since the Sudance festival announced a fake documentary about Michael Jackson, we are amazed to learn that back in the 90s the co-founder of the Sundance festival admitted to the police and his religious leader that he had molested a 10-year old boy.

The boy, now a grown-up, comes from a family belonging to the Mormon community in Utah where Sterling Van Wagenen is still playing a prominent role. Currently he is a professor and lecturer at Utah University and is a film producer who also makes videos for the LDS endowment ceremony (LDS is the short for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

The amazing news comes from Ryan McKnight, who just several days ago (on February 4, 2019) published his story on The Truth & Transparency Foundation, a website authored by two ex-Mormons who also founded Mormon Leaks.

A short summary of Ryan McKnight’s research is reported by Here are some excerpts from it

Read more…

Episode 095 – MJCast Leaving Neverland Roundtable TRANSCRIPT, part 2

February 9, 2019

This is the second part of episode 095 on the MJCast regarding Dan Reed’s fake documentary and is the continuation of the previous post. The co-hosts of the show are Q and Jamon Bull, and their guests are Charles Thomson and Samar Habib (both speaking from London).

The participants share their stories and give some advice to younger MJ fans on how to cope with the current situation and what’s the best way to deal with the nastiness of it.

The text has been slightly shortened and some ideas of the participants are emphasized. This is a draft copy only, so if there any inaccuracies please don’t hesitate to correct me.

The original tape is here.


1:15:15 SAMAR: We have to deal with stupidity on a daily basis.

In the conversation I had on the radio that lady referred to the accusers as “incredibly credible”. With everything you know about the allegations, and the timings, and the 25-30 years of defending Michael Jackson, for them to turn around years after he has been killed for a massive civil suit payout and accuse him of things that he can’t defend himself against? It is the complete antithesis of a credible accusation.

Back in 1993 we’ve been through it all before, and the court found Michael Jackson not guilty fourteen times. He was investigated by the biggest, most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. Listening to your telephone calls, having your telephones recorded, the computers searched, video library searched, having your paintings ripped to shreds, having your safes gone through – he’d have to be Batman to get away with what was allegedly going on there.

And then to pull someone who he had apparently been “abusing,” viciously and aggressively, as your first witness against prosecution lawyers who have 10-20 years of experience of prosecuting cases, and putting yourself under that scrutiny and being one of the strongest witnesses for the defense?

It’s preposterous. Honestly, are they doing it deliberately to be as preposterous as possible?


1:17:40 Q: I think there is definitely an element of shock and awe – that is the ammunition. It is shock and awe. They just lull everyone into the false security and believability, and then shock them all. Read more…

Episode 095 – MJCast Leaving Neverland Roundtable TRANSCRIPT

February 6, 2019

The recent MJCast episode 095 that several days ago brought together experts to discuss the recent Leaving Neverland so-called documentary is so profound and informative that it inspired me to make a partial transcript of it. The idea is to give a chance to those readers whose ear is not trained enough to understand an English-language radio podcast to get familiar with the discussion and take the word about it further.

MJCast episode 095 Feb.3, 2019One of the participants is Marcos Cabotá, a film director from Spain who has seen the film and is sharing his impression of it. As a professional filmmaker he explains the way it was deliberately structured to first gain the viewers’ trust and then do maximal damage to Michael’s name.

The other participants are Q and Jamon who lead the discussion. They are joined by Taj Jackson (member of 3T and son of Tito Jackson, who is currently raising funds to produce his own docu-series), Charles Thomson (The MJCast’s Legal Correspondent and award-winning investigative journalist who has exposed a range of actual child abusers and cover-ups for The Yellow Advertiser in the UK) and Samar Habib (of the Michael Jackson Academia Project, who has been a leading figure in the online movement against the film).

Here is part 1 of the transcript (I did my best but if you find some irregularities, please advise).

* * *

HOST: This is episode 95 Leaving Neverland roundable. It’s a bit of an emergency episode. The record date is February the 2nd, 2019. Welcome to the roundtable.

I am Q and I am joined by my co-host Jamon of the MJCast. And we have also got a number of other people seated around this audio roundtable today.

We have a very sick Charles Thomson who may not contribute as much as previous contributions. Can you please get well soon.

In London as well we have got Samar Habib, thank you for joining us. You’ve just come off an interview with the BBC regarding this very topic.

And calling in from Spain we have a first-time voice – his name is Marcos Cabotá, he is a film director, he is currently working on a Bruce Swedien documentary about his life and career. He has also made a very well known Star Wars documentary “I Am Your Father” (2015). Marcos, thank you for joining us. You’ve actually seen the ‘Leaving Neverland” film and you are one of its earliest critics. And we are very happy to have you on the show to hear about what you saw and your reaction to it. We can’t wait to hear your insight.

And we have Taj Jackson on the line, thank you so much for your time. We’ve seen you in 3T, the eldest son of Tito and nephew to Michael Jackson, and currently raising funds on the GoFundMe project for a counter documentary series. Thank you so much for joining us and welcome back to the MJCast.  Read more…

Michael Jacobshagen as The Key to Robson and Safechuck Experiment

January 30, 2019

The viewers of the “Leaving Neverland” film recently shown at the Sundance festival cite as one of the reasons why they believe Robson and Safechuck is that “their stories are so surprisingly similar!”

These good and unsuspecting people evidently don’t realize how easy it is to cook a “similar” Michael Jackson story nowadays, especially when the two so-called victims share one lawyer (to be more precise, two consecutive lawyers) and for six years too.

A good example of how these stories arise is a third sudden “victim” who made a similar U-turn a couple of days ago. It is Michael Jacobshagen from Germany who used to be a lifetime fan of Michael Jackson and who suddenly also realized that he was “abused” as a child.

Jacobshagen 'father of three'When the Sun speaks of Jacobshagen as a father of a three-year old (and the Daily Mail calls him a father of three, lol) and we look into the sad honest face of a man holding a photo album allegedly shown to him by MJ when he was a boy, your first reaction is – “oh, here is another victim who has finally come forward because he is no longer “afraid.”

But Michael Jacobshagen is nothing else but an example of the fantastic somersaults which yesterday’s MJ friends are capable of doing once they sniff which side their bread is buttered on.

With a little study of their own and some help from the outside these people are capable of creating stories that will grip the minds of many and will take the trusting audience into these ‘victims’ make-believe world.

Jacobshagen’s story is astoundingly similar to that of Robson and Safechuck.

‘Michael Jackson called me Rubba Rubba boy in bed and I now realise he abused me’ 
EXCLUSIVE Michael Jacobs-hagen was just 14 when he joined the singer on a string of tours but now he’s a dad himsef he realises he was abused

He shared a bed with Michael Jackson and was nicknamed “Rubba Rubba” boy by the superstar. When he was a baby-faced 14-year-old Michael Jacobs-hagen joined Jackson on a string of tours – smiling for the world’s media as he posed happily with the singer.

But today he reveals for the first time the full, horrific details of his bizarre relationship with the star who took him into his bed.

And he admits that only now, as the father of a three-year-old himself, does he realise the twisted and serious nature of the abuse he suffered at the Jackson’s hands.

At this point it won’t hurt to mention that Jacobshagen met Michael Jackson on ONE occasion only – when Michael was in Munich in 1998. Michael took him and other children to Circus Krone and after that all of them went to the Hotel “Bayrischer Hof” where they spent time together (where Anton and Franziska Schleiter and one more boy were also present). In the evening Jacobshagen left the hotel with some autographs of MJ ….. and this was the end of their ‘long’ friendship.

We know it for a fact from numerous witnesses some of whom were friends of Jacobshagen when he was still a MJ fan and who were horrified to read in his recent 100-page book that he had been a close friend of Michael Jackson and had even gone on tours with him.

These witnesses are totally above suspicion as the book was a pro-Jackson one, but despite that the reviewers still warned others not to read it and implored not to believe a single word of this liar.

Today Jacobshagen is not yet done with his lies, only now he is suddenly saying the opposite and is sharing with the “Sun” a heart-breaking story of his alleged molestation. Read more…

A Lesson To Be Learned: … In The End Lies Don’t Pay Off

January 28, 2019

Dear readers, the following post was already written in October 2017, but was not published at that time due to more important events. Now that the German scammer Michael Jacobshagen changed his plans to earn money from stories in favor of Michael into plans to benefit from anti-Jackson stories, it is necessary to make this post public for our readers.

I don’t want to provide another link to the Mirror article which tells Jacobshagen’s new lies, but the text was already posted by Helena in her comment of January 27.

Please consider that the following post was written in 2017 and relates to the events in 2017 when Jacobshagen told several lies about meetings with Michael and was unmasked in a German TV program as somebody who falsified MJ memorabilia to sell them to fans by presenting himself as one of Michael’s best friends. After he was exposed we hoped he would disappear into oblivion.

But now the situation is different, and I will explain it again in an update at the end of the post.


This post is meant as a completion of my post of June 7, 2017, on the lies Michael Jacobshagen and Daphne Barak spread earlier this year and Jacobshagen’s following threat to sue us unless we remove this post.

Most of our readers are probably aware by now that Jacobshagen has been exposed as a fraudster in a German TV report on September 12, 2017. He not only told tall tales about alleged meetings with Michael Jackson in the 2000s, but he also sold faked MJ memorabilia to fans for thousands of dollars.

This gives us the opportunity to complete and finally close this chapter of lies – one of many scammers who used Michael Jackson’s name to make money.

We decided to do this in a separate post because first of all we would like to take this opportunity to add more facts – as an example – disproving Jacobshagen’s lies regarding his alleged meeting with Michael in April 2009, and secondly because despite the successful unmasking of this person there is also a downside to the whole story and its end. Read more…


January 16, 2019

In the face of a new slander campaign against Michael Jackson that is still going strong even ten years after his death, let us at least find out who is most probably behind it, who started it in the first place and who was so much intent on ruining Michael Jackson’s career according to Michael himself.

And if we are to listen to what Michael said about it, the person who ruined Michael was David Geffen.

Let me repeat:

Michael Jackson believed that the person who sank his career was David Geffen.


The information that Michael Jackson ‘hated’ Geffen is still available on the web, however nothing is said about Geffen’s hatred for Michael. But even if the required information is not easily accessible to us, there can’t be any doubt that Geffen was Michael Jackson’s foe.

This conclusion simply follows from David Geffen’s notorious reputation of a person horrendously vindictive towards anyone who ever crossed his path. And there needn’t to be a valid reason for turning Geffen into your most implacable foe  – an ugly feud may start with no reason at all, just after a chance remark or a joke perceived by Geffen as a slight. Even his friends refuse to speak about Geffen for fear that they may accidentally drop something that may not be to his liking.

‘The Daily Beast’ reporter Nicole LaPorte says about it:

“Geffen is famous for his decades-long, and very ugly, feuds. … When I called a friend of Geffen’s and asked him if he’d speak to me, I was met with a heavy silence on the other end of the line. And then a deep-throated growl: ‘The last person who wrote a book about David Geffen is dead! And he was young. And healthy. And now he’s dead!’ Click.”

It seems that Geffen’s friends are so afraid of their ‘friend’ that they even think that he is capable of killing. Whether true or not, this unique vindictiveness allows us to read the statement about MJ’s hate for Geffen the other way around – if even the amiable Michael hated Geffen, the vindictive Geffen hated Michael even more, like no other person on the planet could, though he certainly never showed it in public as was his usual custom (Geffen usually shrugs off any unwelcome truth about himself as ‘Hollywood silliness’).

Many of you have probably heard of the so-called enemy list of Michael Jackson’s which was mentioned in the media with a sneer and chuckle, but no one ever explained why David Geffen was said to be on the top of that list.

Indeed, why on earth would Michael hate Geffen if the latter had been ‘advising him on his career’ for more than a decade and was his so-called ‘friend’ all along? Without at least some explanation of this rumor any information about Michael’s hate looked like an absurd and preposterous whim on the part of a ‘weirdo’ star.

And it was meant to look that way, which is why all traces about the reason for a falling out between Michael and Geffen were thoroughly erased from the web.

However despite all the effort some traces of it still remain and these traces explain to us that Michael Jackson hated David Geffen because a closely-knit group of people at Hollywood headed by Geffen had sunk his career, and Michael was perfectly aware of it.

Here is one of the pieces that contains this truly priceless information:

“… Jackson reportedly hates Geffen for being a part of what he calls Hollywood’s “Gay Mafia,” which he believes sank his career.”



Hollywood Gay Mafia? And this was said by Michael Jackson? The focus in this statement should of course be not on the word ‘gay’ as Michael never had anything against gays and was life-long friends with many of them (like Arnold Klein, for example).

The focus in this statement should be on the word ‘mafia’ because this is how Michael perceived the closely-knit group of extremely powerful people in Hollywood who were relentless in pursuing their goals and were not above destroying other people’s careers, reputation and even lives. Specifically, Michael pointed at David Geffen and his Hollywood friends, many of whom were non-gays but were very close to him and shared his ways and means.

So now that we’ve learned that Michael considered Geffen and his people to be directly responsible for sinking his career, there is another question – where does the above statement come from and can we believe it? Read more…

SANDY GALLIN and DAVID GEFFEN as Michael Jackson’s management team. Part 2

January 4, 2019

This is the continuation of the post about the so-called partnership between Sandy Gallin, David Geffen and Michael Jackson and the way it came to an end (see the first part here). We pick up from where we left off and where the story got somewhat complicated.

Look at Bernard Weinraub, for example.

Weinraub was the Los Angeles correspondent of the New York Times who set off the public outcry against Michael Jackson’s new HIStory album several days prior to the album release – when everything about it was still a guarded secret.

Weinraub suddenly announced that they had got hold of the album and introduced it to the public as “profane, obscure, angry and filled with rage” and its song They Don’t Care About Us as “pointedly critical of Jews”. This immediately sparked off an outrage though no one had yet seen or heard the album.

The name of Bernard Weinraub doesn’t mean anything to us, but not until we learn that he is married to Amy Pascal, who for many years was President of Sony/Columbia pictures.

Bernard Weinraub and Amy Pascal got married in 1997

Could Amy Pascal tip-off her husband with insider information for a sensational pre-release story?

Hardly so. Even if we disregard Sony’s total unwillingness to ruin their own album, Weinraub and Pascal got married in 1997 and started dating only in 1996.

And in the summer of 1995 when the scandal over the album broke out Amy Pascal was working for another company and didn’t have access to Sony music – she was head of Turner Pictures (1994-1996) and became president of Sony’sColumbia Pictures in December 1996.

Well, the lead to Amy Pascal was promising, but it took us nowhere, so we will have to give it another try starting from Bernard Weinraub again. Read more…

SANDY GALLIN and DAVID GEFFEN as Michael Jackson’s management team

December 26, 2018

We know who David Geffen is. But who is Sandy Gallin?

Sandy Gallin

The late Sandy Gallin was Geffen’s friend who worked for Michael Jackson for 6 years and replaced Frank Dileo as Michael’s personal manager. The most interesting thing about Gallin is that we know next to nothing about him though he managed Michael’s career during the crucial period of August 1990 to mid or end of 1996.

The end point of Gallin’s tenure is unclear and is somewhat shrouded in mystery, while the time he started on the job is absolutely definite – Gallin was hired by Michael Jackson on August 18, 1990 during a monumental power shift at Sony engineered by David Geffen.

You can see this post for details of that power grab. The very short of it is that as a result of Geffen’s behind-the-scene manipulations the old team of Walter Yetnikoff/Frank Dileo/John Branca was ousted after the many years of successful cooperation with MJ and was replaced by Geffen’s people.

Some of them were Geffen’s lawyers (like Bert Fields, for example) or bosom friends (like Sandy Gallin), and some were his new allies at Sony (like Tommy Mottola and lawyer Allen Grubman) who were initially on Yetnikoff’s side, but went over to Geffen as a winner in the battle between the relatively vegetarian old boss and the new shark in the lagoon. This moniker was given to Geffen by Paul Rothchild who was an early victim of his ruthlessness and warned others some time in the 80s: “When David Geffen enters the California waters as a manager, the sharks have entered the lagoon.”

Geffen was involved in an ugly feud with Yetnikoff and had a personal grudge against him, however the 1990 purge also harmed people like Frank Dileo and John Branca whose only guilt was that they were on good terms with Yetnikoff.

After some whispering in Michael’s ear the first to go was Frank Dileo – to be later replaced by Sandy Gallin who was supposed to create a stellar film career for Michael in Hollywood.

A little more whispering – and John Branca had to go too, replaced by three lawyers of Geffen’s choice, one of whom was Allen Grubman who took care of Michael’s new and notorious contract with Sony.

However a simple dismissal of those who were not to his liking was not enough for David Geffen. According to Geffen’s authorized biography by Tom King, after Branca’s dismissal Geffen “went on a rampage” to ruin Branca and his career. With this in view he made calls to others in the industry instructing them to fire him too. Read more…

WADE ROBSON and JIM MORET Mark the Ninth Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death

October 10, 2018

A reader wondered why Wade Robson restarted his ‘molestation’ story this May though his frivolous lawsuits against the Estate and MJ companies were tossed out at the end of last year.

The question doesn’t even require an answer – Robson has nothing else to do but sit on his old bag of lies and has nowhere to go but the media which is always willing to listen to a Michael Jackson detractor even when his lies are so obvious.

So what’s really interesting is why this failed liar is still being invited there and why Robson’s renewed speech occurred at the time it occurred.

As to the timing of the event it is no mystery whatsoever – it has become a time honored tradition to restart allegations about Michael Jackson exactly a month before the anniversary of his death.

This period is a strategic check point in a continued war against Jackson and each year it pursues the same goals – the stories fabricated at this time are meant to obscure Michael Jackson’s full acquittal on June 13th (2005) unwelcome to some people, and overshadow his untimely death on June 25th (2009) still mourned by almost everyone in the world.

These bogus stories are meant to direct public attention elsewhere, refresh old lies about Jackson and add a couple of new ones in order to solidify the image of an ‘abuser’ long created for the poor Michael, and leave it there until the next anniversary arrives – a simple but effective propaganda technique that takes people on a smooth path from the initial rejection of a lie to its complete acceptance and ‘everyone knows it’ stage.

We’ve long noticed the ugly trend of this regular mud-slinging as had to regularly debunk new fakes about Michael Jackson at this time of the year, and now the history of those fabrications can be easily traced back by the posts made on those occasions.

And before we talk about this year’s venture let me remind everyone of previous attempts. Read more…

The Sad Story of MOVIE PROJECTS and WINDOW DRESSING for Michael Jackson

September 20, 2018

So much time has passed since the previous post (about the power grab in 1990) that all of us need to refresh our memories about the key changes that took place around Michael Jackson at the time.

The setting of the scene remained unchanged – it was the same old Sony with whom Michael Jackson had a recording contract, initially signed with CBS Records and its head Walter Yetnikoff and inherited by the Japanese company when it acquired CBS in 1988.

However the Japanese bosses were far away and out of touch with the local landscape, and it was the US scene where a monumental shift of power was taking place. As a result of it the Sony before and the Sony after the event were two different companies, at least for Michael Jackson.

Before that tectonic shift Michael’s team included Walter Yetnikoff, the CBS Records President under whose wing the Jackson 5 were since 1975 (when they signed with the CBS subsidiary Epic Records) and with whom Michael Jackson collaborated until 1990, Frank Dileo, initially the head promoter at Epic and Michael’s personal manager since 1984, and John Branca, Michael’s attorney and sort of his chief executive officer of more than a decade.

“Midknight” movie: A shy young man was to turn into a knight

Quite by chance, via a little-known book about a certain “Project M” (for details see this series, please) we learned that another man who grew close to Michael at the newly formed Columbia/Sony Pictures was its co-president Jon Peters, who in 1990 was tirelessly promoting a musical called “Midknight” the idea of which was suggested by Michael himself. MJ was to star in the role of a shy young man who turned into a knight at midnight, so hence the title.

But the person who had the most influence on Michael Jackson in the year 1990 was surely David Geffen.
Read more…

MICHAEL JACKSON 1958–2018 – what does his 60th birthday mean to us?

August 28, 2018

MJ age 10Today, on August 29th 2018, we celebrate Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday. It could have been a day for him to celebrate this special birthday with a huge party like the one he had on his 40th birthday at Neverland – with a lot of music and many guests. Sadly, he is no longer here to be part of his own birthday celebrations.

Read more…

Michael Jackson, Yetnikoff, Geffen and THE 1990 POWER GRAB

July 19, 2018

For the majority of us the most important periods in Michael Jackson’s life are 1993 and 2005 (for obvious reasons), while the year 1990 is always mentioned in passing, usually as the time when Michael finished his Bad tour and began working on the new songs for his next, Dangerous album.

My attention to the year 1990 was drawn quite by chance too, through Darlene Craviotto’s book, but after a good look it turned into a pivotal point in Michael Jackson’s life – a kind of a “before” and “after it” matter, the moment of crucial changes in the power play around Jackson which in its turn determined the course of the events that followed.

Everything that happened at the time is of importance, to a degree that some of the episodes require analysis on a day by day basis. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that this post will abound in quotes, documents and various characters acting in those days – it will be an effort to restore the real picture and fit each detail into its right place. Read more…

Michael Jackson and David Geffen, THE OPERATOR

June 25, 2018

We are coming to the end of the road where most of the questions still pending will have to be answered.

And considering that today is nine years since Michael Jackson is gone, the first most natural question to ask is whose guilt is the biggest in contributing to his death.

Well, technically it was Conrad Murray working for AEG Live (and not for MJ as they told us) while the overall atmosphere of unbearable pressure, humiliation and primitive exploitation that finally killed Michael was created by the company itself and specifically its Randy Phillips, whose monstrous methods of work deprived Michael of the last chance to sleep in an natural way.

These methods included arranging for MJ a huge number of concerts he never agreed to and creating for him a harsh schedule of performances he could not follow even when young. There was also shouting at the artist, slapping him and humiliating him in front of others, threatening to leave him on skid row and even take away his children – all of it in case Michael didn’t fulfill Randy Phillips’s willful orders he never had the right to make in the first place.

The only thing that more or less reconciles me with AEG Live is that they fired Randy Phillips, though not until after he gave his pro-AEG testimony in Katherine Jackson’s lawsuit against the company.

But horrible as they are, they are certainly not to blame for the false stories of child molestation about Michael Jackson that were killing him slowly, and most probably not for the introduction of Wade Robson into the scene at the beginning of the Jacksons vs. AEG Live trial (May 2013), as well as supporting Robson in his slander campaign against Jackson for the past five years.

The co-occurrence of Robson’s allegations and the beginning of that trial was indeed too striking not to notice it and the suspicion that AEG Live was involved was the first thing that came to our minds (even Thomas Mesereau thought that there was a connection).

The only factor that restrained me from making a definitive conclusion was the fact that a smart entity like AEG Live wouldn’t have done it so blatantly and wouldn’t have made itself so obvious a target. So even at that time connecting Robson’s allegations with AEG looked like too easy an assumption and the thought that someone else took advantage of the situation to smear Michael’s name did cross my mind, however looking in that direction seemed like over-complicating things, so the thought was brushed aside then.

However now it is probably time to return to this matter. Was there a third party and who was it? Who was so determined to ruin Michael Jackson’s name and legacy that he encouraged a new liar to tell his fake story and supported the accuser (or accusers, if we also include Safechuck) for several years, paying their two consecutive teams of lawyers and carrying out a dirty publicity campaign with the help of tabloids like RadarOnline? And do the main actors of the game know who is orchestrating the whole thing?  Read more…

Project M for Michael Jackson and HOLLYWOOD POWER PLAYERS. Part 4

March 23, 2018

When you encounter the same people again and again and in most unexpected places too you react to this amazing fact by saying “it’s a small world”.

But if the world is a small place, the top tier of Hollywood executives must be the tiniest place possible, because over there you constantly stumble across the same handful of people who move from one film studio to another, take each other posts, leave and come back, join and break up, and much more of it.

Well, at least this is what it was like in the 1980-90s when Michael Jackson was trying to start a film career in Hollywood. Going into the movies was Michael’s lifelong dream and a kind of a passion as he thought that not his concerts or even records, but only the movies could secure him a solid place in human memory.  Read more…

Project M and REAL MOVIE PROJECTS for Michael Jackson. Part 3

March 3, 2018

Now that we know that Project M, devised by Disney executives in 1990 for the trusting Michael Jackson was a sham and was not intended to be realized from its very beginning, we can have a look at other episodes in Darlene Craviotto’s book.

An important episode worth our attention took place in March 1990 during the author’s first visit to Neverland where she was supposed to discuss with Michael the concept of their so-called Peter Pan movie.


The problem was that when the author arrived on a pre-arranged meeting with Michael, he was not available to her for half a day because of another visitor there. This other visitor was Jon Peters of Sony studios who had already spent there the whole weekend and was supposed to leave early in the morning, but “wouldn’t go away” though a small red helicopter was already waiting for him.

Ms. Craviotto put much emotion into the scene to show how much Michael Jackson was exasperated by the long-staying and possibly unwelcome guest.  Read more…

FAKE Project M for Michael Jackson. Part 2

February 23, 2018

Now that I’ve done some research in and around Darlene Craviotto’s book let me warn those who are ready to repeat this journey together with me: the search for answers to questions arising from this book will be like travelling into a black hole in space. Its gravity force will draw you deeper and deeper inside until you find yourself in a totally different reality – dark and incredible, and totally unknown to those who stay outside and never look in.

A turn at its every corner will open up vast new fields to explore and every new door will have a revelation behind it. The doors and corners will be many, so let us be patient and not surprised if the journey takes us to the vistas and people we have never even imagined to explore.

The subject we are looking into is the movie projects that were supposed to involve Michael Jackson in the 1990s. The question to always keep in mind while looking is whether these projects were real or fictional and meant to only create the impression that something was being done for Michael Jackson in terms of movie projects, following his agreements with various people to the effect.

This somewhat unexpected turn in our research started with Darlene Craviotto’s book who in 2011 claimed that in the year 1990 she wrote a movie script for the top-secret “Project M” – a plan to make a Peter Pan movie with Michael Jackson in the title role. Read more…


February 3, 2018

You never know what can give you the necessary clue to help unravel the foul play around Michael Jackson. In my case the guiding light came from Michael’s haters who suggested a book by Darlene Craviotto An Agoraphobic’s Guide to Hollywood: How Michael Jackson Got Me Out of the House. They recommended it as a “pleasant surprise” for people of their kind and as a “shock” – evidently for Michael’s supporters.

Darlene Craviotto is a former actress-turned screenwriter who in 1990 had a contract with Disney films to write a script for what was supposed to be Steven Spielberg’s Peter Pan musical with Michael Jackson in the title role.  The plan was called “Project M” and for some reason was shrouded in top secrecy. The news of it was revealed only recently, in Craviotto’s book published in November 2011.

The author was hired to write a script by then Disney top executive Jeffrey Katzenberg – the Katzenberg who left Disney four years later to found the Dreamworks studio together with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. The concept of the Peter Pan musical was to be worked out together with Michael Jackson.

The author had several meetings with Michael where he shared his ideas about the movie. The meetings were recorded at Michael’s suggestion and are now supposed to be the basis for the author’s story, at least that part of it that has to do with Jackson. Read more…

COREY FELDMAN’S TAPES about Michael Jackson, Jon Grissom, Sergeant Deborah Linden and other characters

January 13, 2018

Corey Feldman and family in March 1990 (age 19)

Last month Corey Feldman discovered in his garage the copies of tapes made during his interview at the Santa Barbara Sheriff department in December 1993.

Corey was 22 years old then and was interviewed by Sergeant Deborah Linden and Detective Russell Birchim during their investigation of Michael Jackson.

As soon as Corey revealed that he had the recordings containing the names of his abusers, the Santa Barbara Sheriff department immediately acknowledged that they had also found them and were ready to pass them over to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Previously they denied they ever had them and made the following comment:

“We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects.”

So they did have some written records, but there was no word there about Corey naming his abusers. Interesting, but in the light of the events that followed this wording may sound even formally correct because it wasn’t actually Corey who did it.

Apparently, Corey Feldman had not listened to those tapes for a long time himself. When he recently heard them again, besides the proof that he had told the police about his molester Jon Grissom and they completely ignored his complaint, he also found something there that made him sure that Michael Jackson had been framed up.

We haven’t heard the full tape and Corey Feldman is yet to unravel the whole mystery, but even at this stage we can try and look for the tips that brought Corey to the conclusion about a set-up – the conclusion we also share irrespective of what he found. Read more…


January 3, 2018

On December 19th the judge finally threw out Robson’s case. It took him four and half years to rule on the matter clear to most of us from day one – Michael Jackson’s companies could not be held liable for Robson’s “exposure” to him as the media puts it. If there was anyone really responsible for it, it was Robson’s own mother who pursued Michael Jackson for years with dogged perseverance and determination even amid the scandals and media frenzy around Jackson.

But this is not the point. The point is that though the judge’s ruling is good news, it is still absolutely no Michael Jackson’s vindication. When a lawsuit is dismissed due to a technicality it always leaves doubt about the accused, especially when the media hammers it home in each of their papers that judge Beckloff “didn’t rule on the credibility of the allegations themselves”.

The latter is true of course, but only half true. The untold half is that the judge was not even supposed to look into the allegations. Moreover, at that stage the judge was even required by the law to take the complaint as given because it was necessary to determine if the case could go forward at all – without any look at the allegations proper.

But the general public doesn’t know about this law requirement, and by withholding this crucial detail the media gravely misleads the public, leaving the story open to all sorts of speculations. See how this web of speculations is woven right in front of our eyes. Read more…

DIANE DIMOND, a Shark That Swims in Safe Waters Only

December 6, 2017

Recently we were astonished to see that Diane Dimond, known for her relentless dogging of Michael Jackson for the things he never did, suddenly struck a warm note and asked for a ‘pause in the sex talk’ championing for the rights of the accused.

Our Susannerb noticed Diane Dimond’s sudden transformation and wrote the following comment reposted here:

It’s stunning how all those who created “Michael Jackson the Monster” and fought against him to the death now prove themselves what we always said: That they were/are on a crusade against Michael Jackson, and only him, and not against pedophilia and sexual abuse in itself.
They are more than ready to downplay the Hollywood situation and even defend those accused powerful men, while they fed Michael to the lions.

Another example of it is Diane Dimond:

In a new post of November 20, 2017, on her blog, Diane Dimond shows a completely different attitude towards sexual predators and demands “a pause in the sex talk”. She puts the following questions:

“Question: by bringing up an episode from ten, twenty or even thirty years ago don’t we inevitably erase the possibility that the guilty party has grown as a person over the years and learned the error of their ways? I know I did things decades ago that I’m not proud of, things I would never do again.

Question: how do we handle the man who delivers a seemingly heartfelt apology for their past bad acts? If we continue to vilify him aren’t we guilty of the very act of shaming we condemn? If the woman’s goal is a big money settlement couldn’t that be seen as a predatory act too?

And, final question: by automatically accepting an accuser’s version of events and immediately heaping scorn on the suspect haven’t we forgotten to give the accused an opportunity to defend himself?

That said, if multiple victims step forward to point the finger of blame at one person, well, that’s pretty telling. But let’s make sure we don’t robotically accept each and every complaint as true. False reports are more common than you think and once exposed they can dilute the power of legitimate complaints.”

Can you believe it? Just think about her words for a moment and compare them with her behavior towards Michael!
DD suddenly shows understanding for the situation of abusers, giving them the benefit of the doubt.
Suddenly she claims to be a voice of reason who “reflects for a moment”, stating that people shouldn’t “go overboard” and requiring “A Pause, please, in the sex talk”.

This is another proof that all of them had an explicit agenda against Michael Jackson and only Michael Jackson, whom Dimond prejudged without evidence and before a trial took place and never gave “an opportunity to defend himself”, and whose accusers’ enforced settlement she never saw “as a predatory act too”.

The proverb says that “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, and by asking for sympathy and understanding for the big shots in Hollywood accused of sexual crimes Diane Dimond is definitely throwing stones in her own glass. Indeed, how can she restrain the public from expressing indignation for these people while all the time heaping scorn on poor Michael Jackson’s head?

Read more…


November 27, 2017

Amid the avalanche of sex abuse accusations shattering Hollywood many people are wondering what is going on and why now. The scandal is indeed huge and the latest attempt of RadarOnline and National Enquirer to channel this process in the direction desirable for them, by implicating Michael Jackson in other people’s actions, makes me express my views which I refrained from voicing for quite a long time. If one day we manage to get to the bottom of it you will probably understand why I hesitated for so long.

However first we need to look into the new fake story smearing Michael Jackson that was published by RadarOnline and National Enquirer under the guidance of a certain Dylan Howard, their editing director and editor-in-chief respectively.

The story alleges that in 2008 a certain producer was told by Corey Haim that he had been assaulted by Michael Jackson. No exact moment of the ‘assault’ is specified, so the general public assumed what was meant to be assumed – that not only Michael Jackson was Haim’s abuser, but that the whole thing took place when Corey was a child.

Read more…

Corey Feldman Needs SUPPORT of Michael Jackson’s Fans

November 18, 2017


Above is a link to Corey Feldman’s truth campaign.

Does Corey need our support?

Absolutely. He needs the support of all honest people and of Michael Jackson’s fans in particular.

Besides a planned movie about sex abusers in Hollywood Corey Feldman’s other dream is to open a shelter for children to protect them from abuse.

And Michael Jackson, even when drugged by Murray and being in a half-conscious state, spoke of his dream to build a children’s hospital with the money due to him for his last tour. So no matter what MJ’s haters say, Michael and Corey were completely at one when it came to the protection of the most innocent and young – and Michael Jackson’s supporters are the first people to know it.

Fans also owe Corey Feldman a separate thank-you for telling the truth about Jackson and standing up for him even despite their difference of opinion over other matters. He always spoke of Michael Jackson’s innocence – in 1993 when he was grilled by the Santa Barbara police who did nothing to follow on Corey’s own molesters as they were after Jackson only, in 2013 when he spoke of pedophilia as Hollywood’s biggest problem, and in his current interviews again.

Each time Corey was adamant that Michael Jackson was innocent and that Michael was his safe haven after the ordeal he had experienced at the hands of real abusers. Read more…

Michael Jackson’s Difference

August 29, 2017

Today Michael Jackson would have turned 59. It is more than eight years since his untimely death and yet the saga of his character assassination is far from being over.

Michael Jackson’s Estate has a very clear case against Robson and Safechuck and their slow but sure battle against these liars will one day put a stop to the profitable business of various rogues trying to make millions just by making false allegations against Michael.

This will be a welcome change as it will at least prevent the future fortune seekers from trying to make their living by accusing Michael Jackson of anything they want.


However even if the Estate’s legal battle is a success, the main problem will still remain there – Michael’s name will still be tarnished and the public will still be undecided as to who is right here.

Haters will claim that Robson’s and Safechuck’s case is legitimate and that they lost it due to a mere technicality – MJ’s companies had no control over their boss and cannot be found liable for the acts he might or might not have committed.

And as regards this latter point haters will be correct– the fact of non-responsibility has been perfectly clear from the start of it and one can only wonder why it is taking so long to prove so obvious a point.

Read more…

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